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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 19, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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"chasing news" check out this video investigating the patterson air using public employees to do were cad his home. so i headed to patterson myself and he avoided me at all cost. >> is the mayor available? >> what do these have in common? they have been working together 20 years.
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news. seven check out the shocking the video obtained by channel for investigating that patterson mayor using public employees to do work at his home on his motorcycle and party pressures. i tried to find out what he had to say the heat of voided me at all cost. >> i called and asked if he could schedule an interview with no call. and in fact, i stood there so long they handed me a statement and i even went to his house and land a knock down the door. >> the mayor? day you know, when you are
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>> these allegations are not a surprise. i spoke to as a council member from the last election. >> a couple of people noticed there were irregularities of overtime spending and we pointed that out is cecily's to read these allegations are serious including using city workers for private use and they were paid overtime while the mayor claims that is false it he paid an added his pocket and they did it voluntarily. >> it is unethical at the bare minimum because he exerts a great deal of influence. he can promote or devote to increase or decrease salaries other could be retaliate -- retaliation if they don't cooperate. >> these allegations fourth
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politically motivated. they were not by the council man but nbc who founded a private investigator at no time has any city employee were paid with taxpayer dollars ever performed work for me at my home. we contacted the state attorney general's office to see what they're going to do about these allegations. they said they cannot confirm or deny. >> they reported one worker lois c-net the mayor's house at least five times and he billed the city for overtime >> that is the issue. >> why put yourself in that position? if he was paying at of his
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>> the director of the cia be a rare public appearance today at the al lin security conference because he is a jersey boy from hudson county. >> but what i see with a public-private partnership this allows us to stop the next attacks to read his family still lives in new jersey and says new jersey safety is a personal interest for him. >> #blue friday on my show i honor a new jersey police officer. jonathan reagan his shift ends gets a call me from his mother that with we have a kid who wants to meet a real-life police officer know what is your case you
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>> he goes down and says he made the kids' day and the reason is an officer inspired hip-hop:dash inspired him. >> the crisis continues to escalate into our investigation. 30 at a 75 schools tested elevated bubbles of lead. when they found out they immediately acted and turned off the water of the contaminated schools with thousands of gallons of bottled water. but lead in the drinking water is not a new saying.
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public schools to help them with this problem so i, of with the governor today to know what he knew about this problem in the 2003 revolution. >> that epa offered to cut in and the school district -- will you be accepting their help now? >> i have no idea. i was a u.s. attorney at the time. we will not turn down help from anybody. >> what did cory booker no? here is a guy who put his
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said it and i have to believe the municipal government knew this bill lecter very quick to jump fallen what happened. >> we are following up and we want to know who'd do what the newark is a state-controlled school districts of the problem is the bureaucracy. >> 70,000 kids fail the test is volunteer -- volunteer. said you could be impacted. >> cannot all of these have been tested. >> in reaction to governor christie's response that is not good enough. there are 21 other new jersey schools and day care center after the of the fountain water system
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lead. >> what do these three characters have in common? there were all created by a woman named bonnie erickson. in into working in theater. >> awarded something to offer. none other than muppets creator jim henson. >> i think he had that effect on a lot of people. he was very positive.
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not only miss piggy. >> we had the skills which are considerable. >> then be replaced it isn't a traditional looking mascot. the best place for the fanatic fan is is eight dash and. so we were a little daunted by that. so to become a smart-alecs. >> now she is also working on a collection that is set
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>> it is so entertaining and fun. i thoroughly enjoyed it. >> des she do all that herself? >> right now she is heavily involved with the legacy. >> the date is kansas city chiefs? [laughter] >> trump marches to the republican nomination to be a supporter of governor christie and governor kasich. to get his plan to defeat trump. on to break it down with the "new jersey now". our executive producer has said "chasing" news what
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>> what is a mountain of kittens? performing as dress factory but giving away tickets to the radio shows. >> that was just go weird joke. sitting in a pan in the oven >> then they say talking muffin? >>. >> sergio we have their own
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>> i want to the chase a news rap song. [laughter] so i hid my friends and i had my brother and my friend who was on the hit show the voice he wrote the score is and we made it pop. >> you have to watch it first? >> he was trying to break hands. >> it away was doing something totally different.
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thank you. what do you think? >> it is awesome. you get a feel let the show was about. >> this is the first i have
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>>. [cheers and applause] >> donald trump says the bible is his favorite book. >> my second favorite? not even close. people were shocked. >> we spoke to though world renowned author from the credentials center from the
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>> i think most of those candidates it is hard to separate your faith. >> he also what he hopes people weren't -- will keep in mind. >> politics aside? >> getting to meet the people every time a levi paved -- and indeed i feel inspired. >> we also decided to thank jim -- gm's. >> it is obvious n.j.-based is the heroin epidemic but over the past two weeks is
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80 percent success rate. the vote has been ringing off -- off the hook. that is when you had them on >> i probably can because i have to keep deleting them because it is full. >> but they can treat everyone. but those volunteers that can keep up and so to raise some funds the organization and holds to a big fund-raisers per year. so it is urging people to give up starbucks. >> while he is on the air with three the phones
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-- 30. >> day number four of my beach party challenge. i feel great i am pretty sore. crossed it in the aerial yoda and now you and joining the israeli army. >> stick your legs are holding you back. and did you sure legs. >> it is in sports tournament where competition but to develop techniques if you are faced with the situation and somebody is coming at you with an armed
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situation to get home safe and. >> don't give up. >> she has to get me off of her hips she will do something to disrupt my balance. in what she does is take over. >> a lot of students have told me that party was better because you were losing pounds. >> it is repetition. causally to put in the time with the response to the workout and warm-up you can get stronger and leaner and tighter with the all-around
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>> tweet me your workout routine. >> imagine finding the animal bones in your trail mix. the actual flight. a type of rodent. >> i will never buy their trail i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar.
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welcome to dish nation. today we're chatting with big stars tyler perry and then the latest contestant voted off american idol. >> what if i told you that you could spend a night with george clooney and his wife. >> spend the night. >> what if if i told you that hillary clinton is going to be there. >> there's always one ugly one. >> frank! hillary clinton raffling off to the meet her and clooney. >> it's submitted by one b clinton. [ laughter ] >> if i am going to spend the


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