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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> no, say is ain't snow spring arriving in hours but tristate is bracing for winter with-like weather. good evening everyone i'm antwan lewis christina is off. warmer than normal temperatures conspiracying is cooling to an end. let's check out o upper east side temperatures are mild but thingings will change in a hurry as a snowstorm is heading our way. audrey we can call it a storm? >> technically a nor'easter but anticipating snowfall off on east end of long island and expecting greatest snowfall amounts. right now no snow on our radar but rain showers passing through southern portion of new jerseying and continueses into the evening. as we look at a wider scope here we'll see that much of the system is sitting off towards our wetion here and area eve low pressure will be passing just to our souts south off towards our east.
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we earlier anticipated so significantly lighter or amounts and less than an finch of e snow. across east end of long island that's where we're expecting highest snowfall totals. temperatures below freezing mark overnight. cold north and west and lows in the teens. expecting higher snowfall amounts and wirnts storm watch for suffolk county as well as southeastern portion of connecticut. there's a winter weather advisory for nassau county heading further westward towards knox but everyone else is out of any advisory or watches through overnight and into the day tomorrow. again lighter amount sphrs city on eastward around city on westward around new york city. one to two inches but towards east end with over three inches. some high as 4 to 5. antwan over to you. prchg now to race for the white house more protest against gop front runner donald trump including one here in the city that drew hundreds of demonstrators.
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jessica has had details on them both. >> drew about 130,000 people and lasted a few hours. three arrests overall but it was a peaceful rally overall. people gathered in columbus circle near trump international hotel and tower. with anti-trump science and chanting trump go away and inured his home, trump tower on fifth avenue. >> i'm here because donald trump is spreading message of fascism and racism. showing that not everyone supports him hoping their message was heard. : >> to speak louder a message of love and pages and equality. >> to organize protest.
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keep going up? >> coming to his senses. >> one moment where demonstrators try to break a barricade. small group of donald trump supporters heckled but large protest remains peaceful with less than a handful of arrests. >> for or far too long we need to have a secure board we are a legally enoorceable, and immigration laws. meanwhile in arizona hundreds block a main highway leading into phoenix, where the republican front runner was staging a campaign rally. [chanting] during an interview with shawn he he this morning trump had this to say about anti-trump supporters. >> they don't know where they're there. >> why are you here? they say i don't know, i don't
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i don't have any comments. you have to see these interviews -- they don't know why they're there. but you have professional disrupt force. >> organize oars of today rally here in the city say as long as donald trump stays in the race, they will continue to protest and march. they will have a rally when donald trump returns here new york city. antwan back to you. >> jessica we will take it. ted cruz hitting campaign trail in utah joined by carly fiorina in a rally in draper. three he was at today and he faces career politician who is no longer listen. utah holds its republican caucus on tuesday night. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders visiting the u.s.-mexican border today the vermont senator stomping in arizona and vowed to keep them together. hillary clinton took the day off
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over her rally. for the president obama hispanic visit tomorrow first sitting president in almost 90 years to visit cuba. but some want the president to use this visit to seek the fugitives hiding in the communist nation opinion >> when air force one touches down in havana tomorrow, there will be plenty of pomp and circumstance celebrating normal relations between two countries who vice president had them in 50 years but tomorrow isn't a day to celebrate. >> not serious about fighting terrorism. >> in 1975 his father frank killed when new york tavern was bombed. man responsible wem moralez caught, convicted, and in prison and then escaped from bellevue hospital and wound up in cuba where connor say he is continues to live as a guest at the castro regime. connor working for 25 years to have morales sent back to the u.s. to face justice. >> low hanging to bring back. what i think obama needs to do and not hopeful that he'll do it
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further anything more cuba without the rurch these terrorists. period. >> morales isn't only legal convicted criminal walking streets of cuba. in 1973 joann who now calls her herself acur killed wariner forrester after a traffic stop in east brunswick like morales he was found guilty, put in prison, escaped and lived underground until fleeing to cuba in 1985. troopers haven't forgotten. >> i believe all of those fl trag to cuba need to be aware that four dangerous piewj tifers live free and protected on island. >> they tweeted this sign featuring them and two others wanted by the fbi. all of this as white house says they're working with a cuban government to bring these fugitives back. >> we've raised concern repeatedly that there are piewj tuffs from american justice that have sought safe haven in cuba. there's already been a dialogue
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countries to seek the return of these fugitives so they can be brought to justice. >> now one thing missing from president schedule a meeting with fidel castro and no face time with the 89-year-old instead deal with current president raul. joe, fox "fox 5 news." >> so much on the eve of the president hisks e-hispanic trip a qarng from the cdc a travel warning to cuba saying that zika virus is transmitted from mosquito to people there. rolling stones concert has been postponed until friday to, of course, due tote president's arrival. in russia final seconds of a deadly camera caught by a plane down an a steep anger that exploded on impacts killing 62 people onboard. most of them from russia. officials were covered flight recorders. the cause of the crash is under investigation. top suspect in last year attack fighting extradition from
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a european arrest warrant against salah but a warrant with new charges including participation in terrorist murtd and being part of a terrorist group. the paris prosecutor says that the suspect plan to be a suicide bomber at francis main stadium and backed out after driving other attackers on to paris. lady testing of the public water school testing were done. 30 newark cities tested for elevated levels of lady and cooking from outside sources. department of environmental protection has confirmed lead hasn't been found. >> subway up and running. mta expects first phase of the $billion project to 96th street to be open by december. however ho the second phase which goes up to 126th street is the shining.
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what it looked leak. one times square dark turning off the billboard where the new year's eve ball drops. celebrating earth hour that's why iconic landmarks around the world go dark for about 60 minutes to raise awareness about energy conservation. we're going to take you to a popup shop and lining up for merchandise troated his release. one day away from the passion. coming up a preview of the big show. pope francis breaking new ground. how he's expanding his presence on social media. >> coming up after the news we're talking about quality of
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>> we're going back in time tomorrow night for a two-hour live musical event the passion life that tells 2,000-year-old story jesus christ last hours on earth. fox 5 has the preview. >> foxes's sunday live broadcast of the passion will be an epic two who have hour live event taking place on the streets of new orleans. mixing modern pop songs with a con tmp rare story of jesus last few hours, the cast an narrator tyler perry believes this is a perfect combination for those looking for some inspiration. >> this country needs hope. we need something positive. we need faith. we need god. we need something to lift us. i was so surprised to find how many millennials don't know the story of jesus christ don'ts know the story of the
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so to have this told and set in modern daytime before music it opens up to everyone. >> modern retelling of the 2,000 plus-year-old story to hear a story two doesen years old told by songs of our time where we've heard them 100,000 times. >> i think that songs that were chosen -- certainly take on a completely new meaning when you see the visuals that go along with it in the scenes and how they work in the context. >> 16 song sound track is out this week featuring cast members chris daughtry jim, seal and trisha yearwood. >> well, thousands expected to watch a cross across the city tyler is proud it's being broadcast from his hometown. >> for e me it was a yes when i found out it was being performed here. because new orleans being my
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but also literally rose again from a liquid grave. it became a city again. there was a resurrection here. so what better place totem this story than new orleans. >> in hollywood, fox news. >> and fashion live airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. right here on fox 5. and incase dwrownt know pope francis on instagram uploaded today showing pontiff kneeling in prayer saying pray for me in nine languages. pontiff has 1 million followers and sure to grow if you take a look at the twitter following more than 27 million followers. kanye kanye west ohm for one more day. fans line up for just abouts and tshes shirts. this weekend now and tomorrow go there between 12 and 8 p.m. the not first time you've had popup shops that did so or for 2011
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watch is an interesting word as we segue into weather. what are we watching for? >> we're watching radar closely and anticipating rain and snow to come across the tristate jerre. not the case right now, relatively quiet. temperatures were a little bit below average today with our high number of 46 drags. we hit that at about 3:00 earlier this afternoon. area wide we're mostly into the 40s although we did hit 50s up to poughkeepsie and right now cool down to 50 in poughkeepsie and 20s monticello. 40s in new york city and islip and montauk at the moment. needs numbers are running slielgtly colder than this thriems night and winds have been relatively light picking up in speed so getting breezy through overnight and tomorrow we l should have a gusty winds at about 25 miles per hour. so the yairp area of low pressure is making its way towards mid-atlantic. a lot of rain has been kind of across southern portion of new jersey through the day.
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few hours but not seeing that much of a punch with the system yet. but intensifying as it moves offshore and cross over mid-atlantic region and then billion off our shore point through overnight and we anticipate snow with colder air that is moving in rather moisture combining with cold ire air resulting in snow during overnight hours tomorrow night into monday. so in the meantime it's going to quiet evening. tomorrow i think we'll wake up and see sunshine across the area. morning where you'll think where we anticipating snowstorm around here. but yes we are especially across east end of loild and into eastern connecticut. by middle part of the day again lots of clouds moving in. and i think just a couple of scattered showers start approaching "jersey shore" and it's not until this time tomorrow night where things ramp up. precipitation clash with colder air from the north an start to see snow develop across central portion of new jersey and eventually overspread into long
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with a most intensifying snowfall rates happen hadding that look like during predawn hours on monday morning. and you can see that darker shaded tones out to east end of long island that is where whiler amounts with isolated spots of four, five, possibly six inches across the twin forks. but bulk of the system is affecting new england so further west you go across new york city into new jersey, very light amounts are expected if anything at all across western new jersey. and in and around city i think it is a lot of wet roadways being that we haven't had a really cold air mass in place for a long period of time. that is going to be tough to get snow to stick to roadway surfaces and proanl be on colder surfaces see some accumulation happening. everything clears out quickly by 9:00, 10:00 sun will break through and dry for the rest of the day. so for tonight partly cloudy and cold in suburbs. teens in some spots. bringing in spring season at 12:30 believe it or not. and as we do so we're anticipating snow for next evening.
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showers by the afternoon. snow developing into the eefnl and temperatures about average for high numbers. into the beginning of the week snow showers will be tapering off during predawn hours. drier, and windier on monday. through the rest of the week temperatures slowly climb back up. in the 60s which is above average for this time of the year. next chance of precipitation bit end of the week in the form of rain and snot snow because temperatures are warm. after a snowy start to the season but a first nice week of spring. >> is this rare or common for it to happen? >> march is typical roller coaster ride with precipitation this is normal. : you text us back -- cute dog adorable cats found a nice home today. animal cat center here in new york had a successful adoption erchght on upper west side animals were seniors between ages of 7 and 14 years old a
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two cats and four dogs. this was a boss bruce springsteen with a hard fan went to a concert with his father. sold out in los angeles on tuesday night. he knew he'd be late for school and asking bruce to sign his note end loyal fan brought backstage and he wrote it and it said he's been out rocking and roling very is late. excuse him if he is, in fact, tardy how cool is that? >> very cool. >> dancing going on in clij level don't you? >> coming up next in sports march madness second round action. taking you to providence so see if they can take down the
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duke, highlights >> we start in the nba tonight next down in d.c. taking on wizards finishing off a long six game road trip. kept this game close through the third quarter at christoph takes pass down low. goes in for the two-happened slam. had 20 up 5-22 but went out a run.
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markieff morris one hand jam. washington up 74-63 wizards win it 99-89 the final score new york. 2-4 on the road trip. the rangers ending their west coast trip in san jose this tied one in the third and sharks exploded three goals it in less than four minutes by joe that put san jose up good. islanders in dallas right now trailing 2-0 in the third period. and devils lost to columbus 6-3. college hoops now second round tournament action today. number 12 seed yale and duke. defending national champs. off that big upset over baylor on thursday. down by 27 point at one point in this game they made a huge comeback in the second half. they did a great game but brandon cher there for the dunk. they would pull within three at one point. but duke never gives up the lead. brandon hits three pointer off
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up 65-53 duke withins it. they advance to sweet 16 now pictured at 29 points. earlier game in miami taking on the 11th see the. and blowing a big lead. beat sheldon for the long alley-oop slam. up 44-43 closing minutes. rodriguez puts on nice most move here banging into 92 point. headed to sweet 16, and it was one of the reasons why tournament is so great. may have gone to bed before this happened last night. beg upset 11 seat northern iowa beating six seed texas. and half court buzzer beater on northern iowa's local radio broadcast. >> three seconds to play half court -- he scores, it is good. it is good.
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i love this game. and the giant -- played another one. down goes texas. >> l wow. what a call. with a prayer that wins 11th seed northern iowa advancing the tournament 75-72 at the buzzer that's why we lot love this time of the year. >> final look at the weather. >> spend much of the day quiet weather wise tomorrow. scattered showers will start to roll in toward afternoon. snow arrives tomorrow evening. it will pileup overnight and see it when you wake up monday morning but clear out quickly during the morning commute. temperatures into the 60s and feel like spring this week that will start tonight at 12:30 a.m. >> all right we will take that. that is it for us tonight we want to say happy birthday to christina park. thank you for watching us see
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>> a secret in the criminal justice system for a long time thousands of people going to jail for minor offenses, like sitting or drinking in public. but now a new policy in manhattan will let police officers decide on the spot if you get handcuffed a summons or duty. >> i did not belong there for something that was minor and penalties are very hard especially on the minority. >> gonzalez says cost him his job. and e believes police officers should have options when dealing with urinating in public or riding bike on sidewalk that is decided by vance and police commissioner pratten.


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