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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this is "good day early call." >> good morning, everyone. it is going to be a semislushy ride to work. kind of depends where you live. mainly long island. especially eastern part. spring snow moved through our area. not too bad. mike has the full forecast. >> police make a arrest today. machete attack in queens. three men injured in restaurant slashings. we'll have more coming up. >> president obama getting ready to visit with cuban president raul castro on the first full day of his historic trip to cuba. >> all righty. >> i love all the images from cuba. so beautiful. >> yeah. >> i can't wait to go down there. >> you want to go? >> oh, yeah. as soon as i possibly can. i love to get down there. >> i will wait until everything
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>> really? aim an adventurous person. >> i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy. >> you shouldn't be driving. >> i another i shouldn't be driving because nobody can see it. >> city not at all. really just wet streets. it is snow but just not stick on the streets is the deal. i see some snowplows out there. not having much to do. because hitting the street and meltings on contact. places out to the east you may be seeing some accumulation colder. that area of low pressure is little closer to you and going to be producing snow for a little while longer. mainly this morning's commute, we have a coastal storm pulling by to the south, as expect last friday, look like we would be in the neighborhood of one to three inches of snow. that's about right. looks like already come to a close for the extreme western sections, northwestern sections of new jersey but we're not quite in the clear just yet. this will go on a little while
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see what is going on with the temperatures? 32 degrees or above? that is part of the reason the snow is not sticking. you're at 32 in islip and 32 in montauk. out in the east, es special i let pine barons, that is likely where you see the snow sticking on. that would be impressive to what we have in the city which again should be a about a coating to an inch for most of us. winds are coming from the northeast and turning more north and turn more northwest as time goes on. most in and around six to 12 miles per hour. a decent little storm. again a little too far to the south to bring us a really good punch. if it sat off the coast and wound up and pull ad lot more cold air it would be a more significant winter storm. this is the first full day of spring and we're still talking about snow. what happens is this area of low pressure continues to head offshore but it will leave some snow behind. as far as how much you get?
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shaded areas. coating about an inch in the gray shaded areas that bisects five boroughs. suffolk county and eastern sections of connecticut you could see three plus inches of snow in localized places this is going on for the morning commute. things dry out in the afternoon. we'll get back to sunshine. it is not a huge deal for storms to come later this week. looks like it will be producing rainfall for us, both friday as well as sunday. things definitely quiet down after this one. all right. let's bring in ines rosanna and get you going out the door. so we know we have wet roadways but white roadways only a few spots. >> we have street leaning rules suspended citywide. perth amboy is closed at new brunswick avenue. there is activity going on there. westchester county between rockland and tappan zee bridge you're okay. let's go to our cameras look at the commute on the lie.
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traffic a little slows 56 westbound. minor delay you have to slow down when you see flashing lights. lie in queens look at that by the grand central parkway. trains are running on or close. juliet. >> it is beautiful out this morning. >> i like it. >> not exactly spring but -- birds are chirping, flowers are popping up and snow falling. that is pretty much what we're dealing with. >> we could get, isolated pocket of us could see a couple inches of snow on eastern long island. let's go to fox 5's robert moses in babylon. >> great town. >> robert has anything accumulated on the ground? >> reporter: there is a good couple inches on some of these cars parked in the parking lot. if you were expecting to see today dills and tulips on first
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i'm sorry we can't deliver. we can deliver a little bit of snow. up to six inches in expected in extreme eastern suffolk county. we don't have near that here in babylon. on our journey this morning we saw large flakes that were falling making roads mostly wet. i will say some overpasses were a bit slick as we were driving. the timing of this storm really isn't that great considering it comes right snack dab in the middle of the morning rush hour as people are hoping to get to work without incident. nowless you -- lest think spring snow is rare occurrence i want to dispel the numbers. last time central park had snow on the first day of spring, you have to go back to last year, 2015. four inches on first day of spring last year. biggest snowstorm off march 20th. that was 10 inches.
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april 3rd. 1915. april 3rd of 1875. we're not expecting nearly that much. snowfall that came in central park april 14th, 1950. we saw exactly one inch. couple inches expected. three to four inches. extreme cases maybe six inches, you have to go way out east in suffolk county. we're not seeing anywhere near that. we'll speak to commuters here this morning as they make their way to work and everyone is hoping that perhaps this is the last gasp. that is the latest. live from babylon, suffolk county, ben and juliet. back to you. >> not too bad. doesn't look too bad. >> i went through babylon the first time recently. meeting robert for dinner. beautiful place. >> mexican food on st. patrick's day. >> you want to go out to long island that's fine. you're invited. open invitation.
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>> and good friendship. this morning. >> sitting u.s. president has century. mr. obama hopes to forge a relationship with the communist country. raul castro seems to be lightening things up a bit. not everybody supports the visit. story. >> reporter: first family waking up in cuba, something that hasn't happened in 90 years. >> last lime a visiting president was battleship. took president calvin coolidge three days to arrive from washington. took president obama just three hours. >> this is historic visit. it is historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people to forge new agreements and commercial deals to form ties between our peoples for me to lay out a vision that is
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>> reporter: cheers could be heard over the rain as cubans tried to get a view of first family as they walked in cuba. the first official meeting between the two governments in over 50 years. this historic trip is intendedded to help normalize relations between the two countries but some like new jersey senator bob menendez, the son of cuban refugees is criticizing the president for visiting while the cat slows are still in power. >> millions of europeans, canadians, mexicans, latin americans have visited cuba over last several years. made investments. the system has become more repressive. not formore freeport port there is criticism sheltering u.s. fugitives likes joanne chess marred who midded a new jersey state trooper. they are say it is discussion of talks. he will address the cuban people and make time for a little baseball.
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"good day new york." >> thanks, teresa. republican front-runner donald trump will meet with inflew wing republicans trying to smooth things over. it has been a rough ride for him and the go. he will be in the policy conference for the israel public affairs committee, a major pro-israel group. "the washington post" reports he will meet with party leaders and hopes with improving relations with the establishment. it will be his first major talk with them since last fall. >> more of his family members are getting threat. threatens letter sent to his sister, a federal judge in philadelphia. marianne trump berry sits on philadelphia third circuit court of appeals. that is powerful position. fbi is investigating. a white substance and threatening letter sent to son eric's central park south apartments. >> other candidates continue their campaign. senator ted cruz in arizona,
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sunday talk shows. on democratic side hillary clinton took weaken off. left campaigning to former president bill: to in. bernie sanders made stops in washington state, arizona, utah and idaho. >> in queens police arrested a man who say flashed three other men with a machete. this happened in jackson heights. they got into argument inside a restaurant. 20-year-old guillermo torrez left and got a machete and attacked when three men went outside. all three men were cut by the blade. none of the injuries were light threatening. that is good news. he was charged with assault. >> a crash on the hudson last weekend a 1000-ton crain will arrive from virginia lift the 90-foot vessel specialist, to the surface. it crashed into a barge near the tappan zee bridge killing three crew members. one man's body is inside the
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if you see some snow, it will be over this morning. >> it will be pretty warm this afternoon, to, i believe. >> ben. >> juliet. this is your hood. >> i used to go to the newport mall all the time. >> easter bunny brawl at the mall in new jersey.
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happy monday morning, first full day of spring, but doesn't really feel like it. we got a little last gasp came in yesterday in the evening. little night snow going. it is going on parts of tri-state. this is what it looks like tempwise. this is part of reason we don't have bigger snow situation. our temps are at minimal range. we're sitting at freezing point at montauk and islip. even though snow may be falling from the cloud base, by the time it hits the ground it pretty much melts on contact t tend to stick on car tops and surfaces, things of that sort, that's about it. heavier snow has been for central and eastern long island and parts of connecticut. winds coming in from the north-northeast at around seven to two miles an hour. it will be fairly breeze did i if not windy day today with area of low pressure passing by. folks on the radar and satellite as the see blue shades are
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the extreme northwestern sections of new jersey. the snow won't be around for long we do have. even when it does come down in most situations it is melting on contact. making it a little slippery with some parts, places seeing some of that snow stick on the roadways out there to the east but most of us are actually doing quite well with the snow bomb coming on by. it is melting on contact for the most part. there is the area of low pressure continuing to head out on to the atlantic waters. it is not enough to bring us anything major in the tri-state t goes on for a few more hours through the morning commute, especially eastern long island. things clear out later on. 8:00 in the evening. everything is gone. it is thing of the past. if you do get accumulation, temps come up in mid to upper 40s. not much else will keep that snow on the ground with temps like that. it won't be a big deal at all. this is what we expect to see in the end. most of us less than an inch. looks like something changed as
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most of us look at coating to about an inch or some you get more to the east where you see three inches plus or some as woe go through the next day here today, gradual clearing. high temp up to 43. another shot at rain coming through on friday but your highs are going back to the 6s at that time. warmer temps are around the corner. download the fox5ny weather app. itunes store, google play store. interactive radar. let's bring in ines rosanna. one of the residual affects from weather like this, would is going on out there, ines. >> connecticut doing fine. no problems, 95 and merit parkway. things good in morris county and 287. go to the cameras see how things are doing on staten island. expressway on victory boulevard. you're find westbound and eastbound. lincoln tunnel driving into the
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ben and juliet. >> easter bunny in new jersey not in the holiday spirit. check out the video posted on twitter. i can't believe this. at a mall, bunny brawling with somebody at newport center mall. the bunny at video was separated by a man with brown shirt. hard to see what is going on. >> the bunny had his head off. clearly not real easter bunny. >> seconds after they were taken away from each other. bunny throws the gloves and approaches mall goer again. no word how the fight started or if anybody is -- trying to ascertain here where exactly the bunny is. maybe my ice are going. i don't see the bunny. the white, i see him there. black jacket on. threw me off. >> i didn't expect the easter bunny wearing a tuxedo. >> he is leaving? >> he have comes back. there he is. >> oh, boy.
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>> newport mall had stuff over the years. i always like going over there, curtis sliwa. >> you used to go slumming at newport mall. beneath you. >> they have a nice store. >> mentioned a whole series of problems. eating hot dog eating contest there at the newport mall many, many years ago. very low budget crowd. i did lose unfortunately by one dirt water hot dog. >> low budget crowd. that is rude thing to say. >> low budget crowd, pickpockets. >> i never had one single problem. >> painting with a broad brush. >> excuse me. isn't that what i always do? >> exactly. insult everyone. >> the little kiddie poos watching easter bunny duke it out. >> did you see any kids? >> looked like all adult. >> we were at the mall week 1/2 ago. >> really? >> not at jersey city.
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>> anyway, i saw the easter bunny. we kind of just steered molina clear, because -- creepy about the easter bunny i think. right? maybe it is just me. >> paramus mall. >> we were actual in paramus. >> i figured it out. >> you accused me of being in short hills. >> i'm one with the people. >> with the peeps. >> with the peeps literally. >> likes to insult. >> yes. donald trump going to be meeting with some powerful israeli supporters tonight. >> some who will not be there and some will boo. >> some outside boycotting. >> he said there should be parody between the palestinians and israeli. >> has a lot of those folks have him nervous. >> it will have him nervous how
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humice and unleavened bread, to figure out things over olives. he will be booed and praised and also backdooring as you know trying to pete with the big mukkety mucks of rnc to move over problems. good luck with that. they try to stab him in the back and run a third party candidate. >> would love to be a fly on the wall at this meeting. i don't know how long it will go. >> president obama arrives in cuba. state meeting with raul castro. you excited? >> i will not get out of shape, like bobby menendez, you can write to us from a federal camp. ted cruz, what are we talking about, we want to normalize relations with cuba. diva girl, wants to go to cuba. >> obviously people feel
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on flip side of this. it has been 50 years. embargo clearly not driven the castros from power. >> really hurt the people. >> that is what people say. it really hurt the cubans. >> normalize trade with red china has a gulag with millions of people. they harvested body parts. >> why are we watching you play baseball? >> i introduced stick ball in havana, cuba many years ago. >> you introduced it? >> yes. yes. the kids are baseball crazy. if you hit cans, you hit rags, you hit a spaulding, kids having a great time. i helped normalize relationships with cuba over stick ball. i bet you didn't know i'm the self-appointed commissioner of stick ball are to the city of new york. >> self-appointed -- >> i'm self-appointed for everything. >> that is the correct term. >> cubans admired that. they said this guy -- i was advocating death of castro and chavez. >> it would be fun to go down
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knows the whole scene. in five seconds he would be gone trying to hit on women down there. i wouldn't have anybody to hang out with. >> and hookers are everywhere. >> excuse me. >> don't have to talk about that part. >> hooker heaven. >> she is offering to go on a date with you. >> no, no, no, no. >> late nightclubs. 770, abc noon, monday through friday. we haven't been invited on yet by curtis. >> we say that every single time we do this. >> and you won't. >> fantastic finishes during march madness. there were buzzer peters t was crazy.
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>> welcome back. it is monday morning. we do have wintry precip still hanging with us on the first full day of spring. not producing a whole heck of a lot which is a good thing. 32 out at central park. light snow is falling. it is still melting on contact with most roadways in the city. across some of the tri-state, maybe bridges and overpasses eastern long island and parts of connecticut seeing more of that snow sticking. it is going on for the morning commute. it is shutting down already for
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new jersey. it will not be a big storm really for anyone. out to the east you have minor accumulation as folks get a few inches of accumulation there. we'll see clearing later on. high temp in the city gets to 48 degrees. we're dry a few days not none friday. we get a some rain. >> thank you, michael. >> this is why they call it march madness. >> really exciting. one of my favorite times of the year. biggest comeback in tournament history ends in heart pounding overtime finish. time running out in, 11 seed northern iowa about to blow a 12-point seed. he makes the costly turnover. and aggies gilder gets the ball and ties the game. double ot. they beat northern iowa. whoever heard of northern iowa, 92-88. aggies move on to the sweet six teen.
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face two-seeded oklahoma. >> go to the east. dramatic finish. two seconds, dramatic. two section on the clock, 7th seed wisconsin with the inbound pass against number 2 xavier. bronson koenig at the three-point line. as the buzzer sounds. 66-63 bill murray watches. they move on to sweet 16 to play the fighting irish. >> barclay center in villanova has the sam. he led nova with 19 points. game was never close. villanova shows dominance advancing to the sweet six teen, 87-68. coach of nova, jay wright always mack lately dressed.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day wake up." >> is the snow still falling? hard to tell from our monitors here in the studio. here is the deal. i'm being told it is. it is really nothing especially here in the city. in long island, saw a little bit on my car. it was easy. >> maybe last gasp of winter. >> kind of although on the eastern part of the island it's a little rough. mike gives us the lowdown on weather coming up. >> historic trip for president obama. he wakes up in cuba. he is the first president to visit the country in almost 90 years since calvin coolidge went in 1928. >> donald trump is expected to meet with influential republicans. we hope we could be at that meeting. it will be hilarious. he is trying to improve his relationships with the gop establishment. >> a lot of work to do with that


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