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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now we aren't in mosquito season. it's too cold. but it's right around the corner. as you know, here in new york city, we've been dealing with mosquito-borne illnesses for a long time. we have a very robust program that tackles west nile virus. we're going to build on that. we have a very good infrastructure. we know the mosquito that's driving this outbreak in latin america and the caribbean, we don't have it here. but we have a cousin. ernie: i knew that. tell me about the cousin. >> it's the common name asian tiger mosquito. ernie: should we be worried about that? >> we don't know. we know we need to keep track of it and learn about how it's distributed around the city. we're doubling the number of traps we'll be putting out so we have a more robust surveillance program. >> what's going on right now? >> we haven't started. it's not mosquito season.
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we've got plans in place to have a much more robust surveillance system, more testing. ernie: what should people do to protect themselves? i know there are basic things you can do. run down them for us. >> i'm glad you asked that we. we need everybody's help on this. the first thing is that you should use insect repellent and you should remember to wear long sleeves and avoid mosquito bites. you should have screens up on your windows. also, we need people to help us with removing standing water. this cousin, it breeds in tiny things. things like this. ernie: like a cup of water. >> yes. we need people to be mindful of standing water and, of course, right now, our advice is mainly for people who are traveling. ernie: and pregnant women. that's very important. >> it is very important. this is a mild disease.
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terrible, even if unusual, consequences in pregnant women with babies, some babies getting small heads, small brains. ernie: we'll be careful. >> don't travel to areas where there's ongoing transmission. make another plan this year. ernie: that's it. >> if you're pregnant or thinking of being pregnant, don't go. ernie: just don't go. good advice on zika. you're involved in so many projects. the health of our new york city neighborhoods is very important. you have health centers that will be active. tell us about that. >> you know, i mentioned in new york city, everything is getting better for our city as a whole. when we look across the city in terms of our neighborhoods, we see a lot of variability. between brownsville and the financial district, there's an 11-year gap in terms of life expect 18 about brownsville having a lower life expectancy.
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so neighborhood by neighborhood, in every community district, which is our smallest unit of governance, people can learn more. ernie: a great idea. get into each neighborhood and make effective changes there to help people out. >> that's the goal. ernie: there's so many other things. i know hiv/aids epidemic is very important to the city and to the state. and there are many projects that are underway. your department is doing a lot, too. you have this play sure campaign which is really interesting. it's everywhere. talk about that. it's a little different. it's changed a bit. >> it's what we call sex positive positive. we know no matter how you're playing, that people need to be safe. no matter what your status is, there's a way to be safe. so this play sure campaign acknowledges that people are living in the fullest sense but also they need to be sure about what they're doing.
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>> we are. it's been retweeted by big celebrities and the most important thing is that we want to see fewer h.i.v. infections. in fact, i started in medicine when the epidemic was first declaring itself. i believe it's possible by the time i wind up my working life that we can end this epidemic. we have the tools now. ernie: hope so. absolutely. if people want more information, go to which is on the screen. doctor, thank you so much. commissioner, you're doing a great job. keep us healthy and safe. i know you're doing good work with your team. >> i've got a great team. we've got a great city. ernie: we sure do. the best. thank you, doctor. thanks for coming on. see you again sometime. >> there's more to tell you about. twitter is celebrating a big milestone today. coming up next, a look how it has revolutionized communications.
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today? chances are it was more than that. we want to know why we work so much. an expert will join us live tomorrow with what's happening and very helpful advice. we're coming back with the news headlines after the break on fox
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ernie: 47 in new york city. audrey will be here with the forecast in just a few minutes. here's what's happening. president obama and raul castro met the media in havana in a rare display of diplomacy between the two countries. there were some tense moments, but president obama is confident relations will improve. >> a sayreville police officer was found shot to death in a car this morning. according to investigators, the officer was in his personal car at the time, not a police cruiser. >> a new deal between the state and daily fantasy sports sites, fanduel and draftkings acknowledge their games are gambling and have stopped operations here.
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accepting bets if albany legalizes the games. >> apple rolled out new products, including a fancier 4 inch iphone se to replace a similar model in 2013. it announced a smaller ipad pro and the smartwatch. happy spring. >> isn't it nice? ernie: i love it. it's wonderful. we had interesting weather. >> it didn't look like spring across parts of the tri-state this morning. some of you woke up with snow, especially across the east end of long island. the sun came out and did its job. we'll feel like spring. ernie: tell me more. >> let's take a look at our temperatures. the highs were around 50 around the city. a little cooler towards the northwest and portions of new jersey where temperatures were in the upper 40s in sussex. 39 in monticello. bridgeport, 51.
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area-wide, we're in the 40s right now with the exception of monticello checking in at 36. the winds have been blustery. they're sustained between 10 and 20 miles an hour on average. they'll continue to be brisk out of the northwest through the overnight hours. the windchill factors, factoring the winds with the current temperature is making it feel like the low 40s to the mid 20s to the northwest like monticello with a windchill of 26. the area of low pressure that brought us the snowfall last night into early today has pushed off towards the canadian maritimes. we're left with a northwest wind flow, which is picking up moisture off the great lakes. this is kind of picking up some snow and depositing it right over the central portion of new jersey -- excuse me -- new york and pennsylvania. it's weakening or dissipating before it gets to the tri-state area. we're not expecting any more snow or rain. we'll see the clouds across the area clear out and go clear through the overnight hours. we're watching two areas of low
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the first one is located right around idaho into montana right now. then we have another one sitting off the west coast here. both will be making their way across the nation over the next couple of days. the first one will pass to our north on wednesday, which could spill clouds over the hudson valley towards the afternoon. we'll stay dry. the second area of low pressure will affect us on thursday. this is going to bring a chance of rain. before that happens, there's a nice warm air mass sitting to our southwest. that's going to make its way into the area over the next couple of days. we'll see temperatures rising to above average readings wednesday. tomorrow's highs will be in the 60s from raleigh to atlanta. 70s around texas and out to albuquerque. the high will be about 75 tomorrow. a look at futurecast shows we'll go clear tonight. tomorrow, we'll wake up with plenty of sunshine. we'll see clouds filtering in towards the afternoon. on wednesday, we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. we'll see the disturbance pass off to the north.
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over the northern tier of new york state. i think we'll see clouds spilling into the hudson valley. everyone should stay dry until late thursday. that's when we'll see the next chance of rain. tonight it will be clear. it will be dry and cold. overnight lows will drop down into the 20s north and west. factor in the gusty wind and it will feel cold this evening. you want to be bundled up if you'll be heading out. tomorrow, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds across the area. temperatures will be similar to today. i don't think it will feel as cold because the winds will slacken off a bit. a lot of the high readings will be around 50, which is about normal for this time of year. check out wednesday. we're going for highs in the mid 60s. we get a little wetter on thursday. temperatures remain at or above average for the next several days. it's going to be feeling a lot more like spring. this is nice. it's officially the new season. ernie: it is official. it's going to be a good spring. i can feel it in my bones. thank you.
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public message launched a platform that would change our lives. the tweet was just setting up my tweet. it gave birth to a tool that's broken news, taken away fame and started cultural revolution. baruch shemtov has more on twitter's impact over the past tech -- decade. >> this is the tweet that started it and twitter was born connecting millions of voices in a global conversation. how is your use of twitter evolved? >> i feel like you grow with twitter. you mature. >> as more celebrities got on, it started blowing up. >> reporter: the reach of the platform is astounding. with 320 million users, generating 200 billion tweets a year. the most mentioned person is justin bieber, popping up 943 million times. the most popular emoji, this
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been used 14-1/2 billion times. the most popular hashtag is ff for follow friday with 539 million mentions. reigning over the twitter verse, katy perry is the most popular person on the platform with 85 million followers. despite all of that activity, twitter's growth has been plateauing and a staff writer at tom's guide says that means twitter will need to expand its scope even as it continues to limit us to 140 characters. >> i think periscope is helping lead the way. facebook has taken notice. there's something about direct streaming your life people are interested in. >> what's the impact been on society? >> i would say twitter changed the way news works. with the u.s. airways plane crash and the arab spring uprising, twitter was the forefront of it with people tweeting from the scene. >> reporter: twitter itself used the platform as a vehicle of
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and tweets into the future. ernie: i'm checking my e-mails but talking about twitter. i love this. it's so easy. >> reporter: speaking of your tweets, i found your first tweet from march 2011. we think about how twitter has grown. it's incredible to look at how we've grown on the platform. from the first moment you tweeted out. you said hi. this is my first tweet. love it. you said check out my new web site ernie anastos and my fox ny. lots of good information and fun. stay tuned. ernie: what did you send out? >> i was promoting my first interview with senator chuck schumer. this was in 2010. this was my first interview ever in my life. six years later, now we're talking. ernie: it's really evolving. millennials are going into different things. >> a lot have been attracted to snapchat and instagram.
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to get them hooked into twitter. ernie: happy birthday to tweeter. thank you, buddy. it's an exciting, ever changing world. things are happening every day to us. i have an interesting question about that. check this out. which one do you believe in, destiny or choice? ernie: and you are answers are coming up. we're going to take a look at how supermarkets are changing to meet the demands of their customers. first, russ is going to talk about real march madness. it's unbelievable. we're coming right back after
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>> lays it in. time game 71! . 1.9 seconds left. ernie: how do you like that? wild finish last night. just one of many as march madness lives up to its name. russ is joining us. that was some game. they've all been exciting. russ: let me tell you something, i've been watching march madness for a very, very long time. this weekend, for an opening weekend, i don't ever remember it being any better. it was absolutely chilling. it was just tremendous. the game last night that you just saw, northern iowa, northern iowa had a 12-point lead with 44 seconds left in the game. 12 point lead with 44 seconds left in the game. you saw the tying shot. then they go to overtime. they tie it in overtime.
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and win the game. ernie: what do you think? texas a & m just took control? what was it? they did a great job. russ: i think it was a combination of a perfect storm going wrong for northern iowa and right for a & m. in fairness to a & m, you're down 14 points -- excuse me -- 12 points, 44 seconds. a lot of teams will pack it in. heads down. they stayed in it. but northern iowa just made bad, bad turnovers. what could have -- that had to be the worst 44 seconds those kids played in their lives. ernie: what you were saying, typical, an example of how compelling this is. it's like you've got to win it. it's not like coming back tomorrow. russ: i compare the march madness to pro football. because the tournaments are one and you're done.
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basketball or baseball where it it's a series. last night the game between xavier and wisconsin, xavier's winning, they're winning by three. the kid ties it. this kid, bronson, tied it. and with two seconds left, he wins the game. ist -- it was mind-boggling shots. ernie: you can see the fans going crazy. russ: you get the davids up against the goliaths. ernie: the notre dame game was exciting. russ: tremendous. the whole first weekend of march madness was absolutely off the charts. i couldn't wait to watch one game after another. ernie: i tell you this story. this is terrific. florida panther fans got a real surprise when the team threw a
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yesterday. fans got cardboard cutouts of kevin spacey's head. one of the fans was actually kevin spacey. the whole thing started as a joke months ago when the team gave the star of the game a goofy sweatshirt with kevin spacey's head floating in space. he wore one for the game. you never know. russ: we need a shot of your head. ernie: thank you. can always count on you. what do you think when something happens to you?
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ernie: here's something to think about. do you believe in destiny or choice? >> destiny is out there. but you have a choice in everything. you have a choice in how you pursue your destiny. >> i believe the choice you make leads to your destiny. so it's kind of a two-part -- it's an even thing. you can't say i'll late fate decide what i do. it's more about the decisions you make, the choices you make, lead to your destiny that is playing out for you. ernie: you have that control. >> destiny. ernie: you believe in destiny. >> yes. ernie: tell me why. >> i believe that whatever is meant to be is controlled by the man upstairs. ernie: that's how you live your life? >> i try. >> we make choices every day. and, you know, we become who we are. ernie: how about you? what do you think? >> i think it's choices. you know, you're in control of
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so it's just -- you decide, you know. >> things are meant to be, and they always happen for the right reason. if it's the wrong reason, you have to deal with it. choices. you make your choices. >> some people believe in choices. ernie: choice. >> you can make the right choice, then you could go to your destiny. ernie: you think well. >> well, thank you very much. ernie: good choices. >> all right. ernie: take care. bye-bye. >> all right. destiny or choice. tell me what you think. join me on facebook. that's it for now. i thank you very much for joining us in studio 5. i'm ernie anastos. have a wonderful evening and we'll see you again tomorrow. what do you think? destiny or choice?
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block. >> they're up on the roof at the chicken and waffles place. the whole block is singing after it ended at like nighttime and it's like trapped. >> was there chicken everywhere, like chicken bones? >> no, we use trash cans. don't just eat chicken and throw the bones. >> hulk hogan got a huge sex damages award. the punitive phase of his trial is starting. if he gets two times the damages awarded, he could end up with half a million. harvey: didn't he use the n word in the tape and that got him fired from the wwe? >> you're telling me he can get half a billion dollars for saying the n word? [laughter] >> rihanna gave a fan a once in a lifetime opportunity during her concert in cincinnati. and he nailed it. he said if anything were to come from this, he hopes to get a spot on broadway. harvey: it's sweet but it's not going to happen.


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