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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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today - at >> good morning rch. it is 6:00 on a wednesday. hump day. it's warming up again today. the highs will be in the 60s lovely out. will it be sunny? will it rain? will it snow? no mike has the full forecast coming up. >> big news out of belgium belgian media saying a man on the right there has just been captured in brussels. he has a connection to attacks in paris. other suspects on the left believe to have been suicide bollers they were identified as brothers khalid and abraham the latest coming up. >> you decide 2016 front runneller donald trump and
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delegate count with victories in arizona. major problems voting in arizona by the way. we'll tell you why also bernie sanders won caucus in utah and idaho. >> and couple of day before easter holiday fire tears through historic 100-year-old presbyterian church in new jersey. hear from that story in just a moment. >> good morning everyone i'm juliet huddy. >> i'm if ben simmoneau 6:00 thank you very much for starting your day with us. >> the headline here is that ben and mike think that women are mood your than men. >> anybody like to chime in? put that on that it shall i'll do one of those polls. >> oh, yeah. trouble. you know it is. >> especially with our audience -- >> let us know how you feel. >> let them know how you feel. guys. please. i can definitely attest for what goes on in here. anyway. see. see -- [laughter]
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>> what's going on? >> might want to just to the whre. >> show you what's happening. forecast good here. sunny, happy, nice. 67 your forecast high. spring because it is spring and we're 15 degrees warmer than normal high temp of 52. 76 is record high temp that is going to stand at least another year. look look quiet start to the day but we have clouds than what we had yesterday. 48 newark. 37 in al opinion town. 40 in poughkeepsie, and 44 in bridgeport. with winds coming in from the southwest at 7 to 16 miles per hour. so it's a little bit breezy but not too bad. a decent amount of cloud cover around i-from state region but showers they're up to our northwest and not a bug problem for us here because that front boundary is outside of the reach, scope to bring us much when it comes to showers but a
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see a tiny bit but that's it. okay, so we have kind of a mixed bag coming up for you today. high temp up to 67 degrees as we go through next sen days high of 63 tomorrow. 64 on friday that's what we're expecting showers to come through especially early friday and over the easter weekend things are looking goods. high temps are a little bit above normal. all right let's bring in ines and take a peek with big backups. >> check on new jersey things are fiend north no problems, 78 and 280 staten island expressway go to cameras. a stall is on verrazano bridge upper level there. and that stall cleared away. no problem heading towards lowe level. for cross bronx that camera shot earlier problems over by jerome avenue has been cleared away. there was a stalled tractor trailerrer eastbound and traffic moving fine. but westbound on cross bronx before exit or for major deegan an accident blocking a plan. trains fine this morning. street cleaning rules are in effect.
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>> we have brdz in the attacks in brussels yesterday. we're learning that a suspect has just been capture which had in those terror attacks. >> belgian police are getting a lot of criticism for the way they've handled this, however, this is looking good and learning how suspect could be connected to isis our robert moses has been following this story from the gipping and joining us now in connection with ferris terror attacks. >> we have learned of the arrest according to reuters of a man nam believerred to be one of the bombers who carried outs those attacks at the airport yesterday. he's believed to be the only one who survived those attacks. the other two men apparently died in those bombings. but again, we're learning in the last few means that niam has been intay expwiews did i in brussels. >> a belgian broadcaster identified suicide bombers in
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brothers named khalid and abraham -- khalid rented an apartment that police raided last week. there no, sir found fingerprints belonging to salah abdeslam arrested. a belgian newspaper identified a third man in white as nijim believed to have built bombs used in the paris attacks. notice that the two accused suicide bomb rs each wore a tblof on the left hand perhaps to conceal debt nay stores. three men are believed to have carried bombs in suitcases on luggage carts they were pushing. [inaudible] >> we feared a terror attack would happen and this is what happened. >> 8 a.m. local time two explosion heard at the airport. videos shows that cloud of dust,
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in fear. a lot of people neither train headquarters in the european union. they stream through a tunnel that looked apocalyptic president obama in kubel at the time of the attacks and he was briefed by phone o. >> we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against discouraged terrorism. >> in addition to nearly three dozen killed more than 200 were hurt including three mormon missionaries from utah. s police conducted raids throughout the day in belgium in a statement prosecutors office a found a bomb packed with nails along with chemical and islamic state flag in one home searched. this morning we're beginning to see the faces of the dead. adela mother of twin three-year-old daughters on her way to new york to visit her mother.
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one of her daughters was injured by slam shrapnel but breaking knew in last couple of minutes we've learned the arrest of niam believed to be the only surviving bomber at the airport yesterday. his two alleged coconspirators apantly died in those suicide attacks yesterday but him himself what is now been taken into custody in brussels. we dn't know anything about circumstances surrounding his arrest. uh-uh but we know there was a great sense urgency he was most wanted man in the world by fare. and now it appears as though he's in custody and we're following that for you as we move through the morning. >> interesting just to why he was at airport if he was not inside one of the suicide bombers details to come out on that. >> unexplodedded device at the
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perhaps here but -- something didn't work out at the last minute. that, of course -- he's keblghted to bombs used in the paris attacks. >> a lot more still to come on this. good news, though, 6:08 the impact ons race for president here. >> kerry drew with that part of connection. >> nypd stepped up security here in times square and in response to attacks in brussels. bill bratton says that department assigned cops to subway system and to city landmarks. presidential candidates are are also responding to the attacks. in the wake of the terror attacks in brussels presidential candidates here at home were quick to react. >> i would close up borders to people until we figure out what
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last thing we need or more friends are leaders who incite for fear . we don't have strength in human intelligence that we need and that is exactly why we cannot afford to alienate all of the muslims in the world. democratic candidate bernie sanders tweeted, quote, it's important we not succumb to bigotry. we're fighting a terrorist organization killing innocent people. we are not fighting a religion. republican candidate ted cruz is making headlines for his response to the attacks. kriewrs it was in new york city tuesday where he spoke at an event on upper east side and called to law enforcement to step up their policing of muslim neighborhoods in the the u.s. he later appeared on the o'o'reilly factor. >> we should use law enforcement to prevent radicalization and target terrorism. >> those comments prompting strong reaction from mayor bill de blasio and bill bratton. >> basically really out of line with his comments in the statements he made today is why he's not going to become
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>> i have to say his comments are not about safety and security. it'ses demagogue. >> another look in times square this morning it is important to note authorities say there's no known cell threats here in new york. meanwhile some others are condemning comments made by senator ted cruz a counsel on american islamic relations saying that comments, quote, send an alarming message to american muslims who increasingly fear for their future in this nation . reporting live from times square this morning. kerry drew back to you guys in the studio. >> i was out there yesterday increased police presence that is continuing this morning right a couple of suvs parked there behind use. >> there's always a lot of police in times square but seeing officers patrolling this area on 43rd and broadway you can see some of these cop cars out here this morning so it does seem like security has been had
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>> all right -- you know, that's what they usually do after situations unfold joafertion. thanks kerr. >> a big prize yesterday arizona and it went to the two front runners. >> trump padded leefortd rest of the republican field all two of them picking up arizona delegates senator ted cruz won contest in utah feeling hope it is among some that trump's momentum can be slowed do you. well raising a lot of eyebrows from critics of that near prip thts meantime hillary clinton huge vurkt nays adds 75 delegates to her grow until total. but bernie sanders overall. >> mike swatching the weather. we're talking rain on the way? >> no. sprinkle way up north tbhowt a
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okay so today it's sun and clouds that will be warmer outside today. 50 degrees and it will be breezy at times. southwest wind that is going to help warm you up into a really comfortable range later on this afternoon. if you want to know what it's like hour by hour daily forecast on the itunes and google play store it is free. check it out o. we're back in a little bit. with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
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>> all right we're back. found out when birn was in college health department take handful of pennys. >> coin basket in the poke knows they would take the change back the would take pennies. 35 cents an i would tack a handful and you throw them because they accumulate a great way to get rid of pennies what else do you use them for? >> brilliant, wish i had thought of that. rng throwing pennies -- one more handful honey. what's happening in the weather world? >> i think this is pretty good for us. warm temps come with that and
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but it is warmer out there today with high temps into the 60s and maybe a few spots approaching 70 in the interior section. chance had of shower is coming back to you later tomorrow night into friday. wet for you friday and then over the weekend looks like it is nice and sunny both saturday and sunday pretty much a picture perfect easter sunday coming up for you. but right now we're waiting for sun to come up. got about another half hour to 45 minutes anyway. we've got 50 out at central park with clear sky right now. southwest winds moving through 9 miles per hour. checking regional temps you've got 38 williams port. 56 in pittsburgh and 54 in d.c. see warmer temps down to our southwest they work into the tristate region as time goes on and that southwest wind helicopters. now again we've got a partly cloudy mainly cloudy sky here in the tristate but we're dwong to see a decent amount of cloud cover out there. but it's not really the rain making clouds that we have here with with us.
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of us and keep it dry for you during the day and warm. high temp up to 67 later this afternoon. 65 for evening ride home. nice and mild out there. high of 63 tomorrow. 64 on friday. there's showers big orer rain inday drier over the weekend but shower it monday into tuesday. all right let's bring it on to ines rosales and see what's going on. a typical wednesday. >> we have problems out there. start off with cross bronx an accident involving two tractor trailers down on westbound cross bronx. accident happen haded right by major deegan so traffic backed up there to bronx river parkway already. cameras take a look at the l. l.i.e. traffic fine eastbound and westbound. no issue there. george washington bridge already has delays this morning. into the city 20 to 30 opinion holland tunnel a 5 to 10 minute
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>> new jersey girl a congregation in inglewood new jersey is devastated this morning. it's a moving fire destroyed before good friday. easter sunday. >> claimed out of the first presbyterian church on palisades avenue. heavy smoke blank ed the the area as they balings that fire. no events scmged for last night and no one believed to be in that building whether the fire broke out. >> working with firefighters and praying they remain safe and no injurieses. remped said he's not sure where easter services will be held this coming sunday. a new york city student busted for bringing a gun to school. 14-year-old was arrested it yesterday after bringing this nine millimeter gun and two loaded magazines in gladstone
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they told administrator he was having problems with kids in the neighborhood. he's been charged now as a juvenile. last thursday police say a 15-year-old caught with a gun at the york early college academy in jamaica queens. two days before that an 11-year-old boy brought his grandfather's loaded gun into ps40 also many jamaica. after historic visit to cuba president obama and first family are in argentina today. awe -- so nice. >> especially traveling on air force one. great. arrive inside buenos aires. i love that first official visit by a u.s. president to south american country in lem two decades. mr. obama will meet with the president and attend a state dinner in his honor. >> former toronto mayor rob ford made international headlines we talked about him a lot in 2014.
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and driving drunk are while he was mayor. he was also well loved for -- by some for helping it constituents with minor matters like simple thing such as getting their garbage picked up and had lyrics ipo sarcoma and hoping to crack down on widely used pain pill on the market.
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>> all right. u 6:23 in today's "health watch" stronger warning labels will u now be placed on wide prescribed painkillers including vicodin and most serious type of warning required by food and drug administration will specify that those drugs should only be used when other medication or therapies do not work. the warning replaced on all opioid pain can can killers and those tied to drugs. smokeless tobacco products about to be banned at both citi field
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>> they ban product at all stadium and sports regular ration areas. they support the restriction. legislators hope they sign the bill before opening day. and a supply run has begun to international space station. >> have a look. >> four, three, two -- one. mission and liftoff. atlas 5 rocket. >>atlas 5 rocket. >> to blast away. >> it has to build up some steam. it took off yesterday despite juliet criticism from cape canaveral carrying need car go for the crew if 8,000 pounds of food and equipment as well as scientific experiment. the the capsule will dock on saturday. coolest thing they know where to go.
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>> guy smiley sure is. >> take a look at the twitter photo. >> thinks he's so clever. we have your top story when is we come back 6:25. more on the arrest in brussels terror attacks when we come back. when 61,000 sets of eyes look at health care differently, a hospital curtain can be more than just a curtain. so we invented a new one, that reduces the spread of infection. in every one of our 21 hospitals
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internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> all right back to the warmup. we love it. highs in the 60s maybe even a little 70s. mike has the full forecast coming up. >> breaking news belgian media now saying missing terror suspect man on the right there has been captured. recently just in the last hour in brussels. two other bombing suspects two on the left they are brothers. they have a connection to salah abdeslam behind paris attacks a lot of breaking development this is morning.
6:29 am
>> meanwhile family and friends worried about siblings from new york in airport talking on the phone with their family when bombs went off. line went deeds and they are now missing. >> you decide 20167 front runner donald trump and hillary clinton add to their delegate count last night and president and bernie sanders won caucus in utah and idaho. ted cruz also won in utah. all right it's 6:30 good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy thank you for joining us on 23rd of march. march 23rd. one week to go. >> it is wednesday, hump day woody is getting ready for action. >> all set -- i messed up my tweet coming out in a second. >> i see it.
6:30 am
mike is just now tweeting them out. afnlgt a similarity. technology afghanistan technology thing. remember when you didn't know how to use iewb u ber. >> 64 for a high impressive 15 warmer than average high of 52 degrees. but we're not hitting that record high for today which is 76. anyhow 50 central park. 48 newark. 40 in poughkeepsie and 44 bridgeport with the southwest coming through pup southwest wind that is through at 3 to as much as 16 miles per hour. so it's geng to be a nice, warm southwest witness stand that we have here in the tristate but we have more clouds out there keeping an eye on rain and radar but not a big problem. maybe near polk knows near catskills sprinkles but that should be about it.
6:31 am
but that's not here until some time it looks like not until some time later on tomorrow night into friday. but today it's dry with a mixed sky. high temp up to 67 degrees. a little breezy. showers tomorrow high temp 64 over the holiday weekend with easter saturday and sunday but showers mog a come back monday and tuesday. now over to ines rosales see if there's anything to cause a big headache. >> problem on cross bronx pictures from skyfox hd live over the scene where two tractor trailers involved in an accident. maybe we don't have those pictures. cross bronx by major deegan involved in that accident before there westbound. so you have traffic backed up to bronx river parkway there. you can see one lane of traffic getting there on right side with tracialght trailer accident. and that other lane that center lane there's cars getting
6:32 am
there be prepared as you zoom out there that left lane blocked in traffic e slow there trying to get around that . let's go back to our maps tell you what had else we have going on new jersey your commute fine 80 and 28things this morning on l.i.e. by terry road things are fine eastbound and westbound. trains everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect today. ben and juliet. >> thanks vetch ines. a suspect captured in the brussels terrorist attack. how the suspect could be kebtsed to isis and attacks in paris notably. robert moses following this story all morning. what do we knowsome >> breaking news in the last half hour or so -- reuters reporting that najim laachraoui has been taken into custody. he is the won on the right of this surveillance photo that was taken from the brussels airpght he's believed to be the only bomber at the airport who did not die. other two men next to him are
6:33 am
those suicide attacks. now, there is speakinglation this morning that najim laachraoui's brother was the suicide bomber who blew up a train after the attack at the airport. that is not confirmed. but there's some discussion about that. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for all of the bloodshed. >> a belgian state broadcaster identified two black clad suicide bombers named khalid. there authorities found frirnts belonging to salah abdeslam who carried out the attacks. abdeslam arzted. a belgian newspaper arrested the one in white as najim laachraoui believe of to have built bombs used in paris attack. notice that the two accused suicide bombers each wore a tblof on left hand had perhaps
6:34 am
three men are believed to have carried bombs in suitcases on luggage carts they were pushing. two explosions heard at airport. video shows cloud of dust, rubble, and survivors cowering in fear. >> used to running -- blood. >> a little more than an hour later another explosion on a train in heart of downtown brussels near headquarters of the european union. survivors streamed through a apocalyptic. president obama was in cuba at the time of the attacks, he was briefed by phone. >> we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against discouraged terrorism. >> three dozen killed more than
6:35 am
missionaries from utah. police conducted raids throughout the day in belgium in a statement state prosecutors office said police found a bomb packed with nail and chemical and islamic state flag this one home that was searched and now we see the face of those dead. mother of twin three-year-old daughters was at the brussels airport on her way to new york to visit her mother. she was killed. one of her daughters was injured by sha sh rap -- not clear if najim laachraoui intentd to the blow himself up and die like the others or if he somehow backed out at the last minute. the airport remains shutdown today. ben and juliet. >> thanks very much robert. >> thank you. a brother and sister among those
6:36 am
brussels airport bombings. >> they were there and then the line went debt. a friend posted about them on facebook asking for help finding them. alexander's girlfriend also posted on twitter asking for help as well. sasha lives in manhattan and her had linkedin page said she graduated from marymount manhattan college and worked as an intern and some of their friends are saying if you know who works at hospital over there send out the name. i'm guessing that -- those names have been sent over. : we hope they are found safe. last night one world trade center lit off fire of the belgian flag black, red around the world. ling >> but folks were looking at it and appears that they were red, white, and blue instead. building officials haven't responded but those on social yeetdz saying it i have cowas
6:37 am
did appear to be black and yellow instead of blue and white -- supposed to be a faint white light. >> all right here in new york nypd stepped up security after attacks. and it has having an impact on the presidential race. ted cruz was in moshings yesterday and made headlines when he called for law enforcement to step up their policing of muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. those prochted a strong reaction from bill gleash owe new york city may or your and bill bratton. >> is really out of line with his comments in the statements he made today is why he's not going to become president of this country. >> i had to say it's reprehensible his commence are not about safety and security. it's demagogue. >> democrat candidate hillary clinton said last thing we need is leaders with who sight more fear.
6:38 am
dell gots. p bernie sanders won over hillary clinton, however, clinton took arizona with the most delegates. on the republican side a split decision. ted cruz won utah. donald trump walked away with arizona and all of its delegates. fox means business. >> let's talking markets after attacks in brussels lauren simonetti joins us from the fox business studio. how's it looking? >> complete flat. a lot of european stock markets comploaz to the upside come to the end of the day. our nasdaq closed higher as well and dow is down only 40 points. what is going on? we've gone to the terror attacks -- folks who don't share ideology in the west attacks us we've seen it over and over again and yet says -- okay. sad but true. you it see a big reaction in the travel related stocks that cruiseline. royal caribbean down 3%.
6:39 am
line down 2.5%. marriott down 2 act and, of course, airline lower as well. because people quite honestly you see the travel alert be careful in europe. for americans there, et cetera. my brother said he's not going to go on his european vacation because of this. so you have americans fearful and that's the trouble with the stocks. >> people start to book a summer vacation to europe. i have to think it gives a lot of people pause to go to these big cities in europe. >> yep. people are definitely thinking it be maybe switching up where they're going to be going rather than taking a european vacation instance. island that type of thing. all right it's the reality of thank you very much. >> lauren simonetti be sure to business network. >> let's get over to mike for a quick check of the weather. >> good morning to you both. we have a little bit of warmer weather coming up or for us here today not exactly island weather
6:40 am
anyhow warm we we are in 60s and mid to up or 60s and low 70s possible in some of the inland locations. chance of showers it's out there. especially thursday night into friday. and then over the weekend a picture perfect easter sunday is on tap so get ready for that. all right let's bring in ines and get a snapshot of what's happening with your commute now that we're yondz 6:30 got to be beside e-busy. >> delay and problems soy show you you cross bronx and delays incase missed it by deegan westbound backing things up to hutch and new throughway. washington bridge into the city this morning on upper level you have your standard 40 minute delay. lower level 30 minutes. 4 a heading to lincoln tunnel about 45, 30 to 45 into the city. holland 10 to 15 from each approach. duke is here with sports. >> municipal in sports mixed marshal arts one giant step
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
we'll be >> all right 6:43 on a wednesday morning checking headline the
6:44 am
destroyed the historic first presbyterian church in inglewood, new jersey. nobody was injured. churk's pass or to says had he's not sure where easter services will be held this coming easter sunday. new york city food for bringing gun to school. the 14-year-old was arrested yesterday after bringing the gun and two load magazineses into gladstone h middle school in crown heights. last week two students in jamaica queens were also found with guns in their school. yahoo! is defend iting daily fantasy sports program for users in new york. draft king and fan fuel us spended theirs. they say it is skill based and not illegal gambling but lawmakers work on drafting sol regulation. they've been sued by the state attorney general. >> and in the sports realm let's get over to mr. duke castiglione developments in the mma world.
6:45 am
new york is only state left to do so. all that had it needs now is governor cuomo signature and you know you put it in his budget according to the bill state could collect 3% of the receipt sales. they pass the bill eve year for last seven years but assembly had deemed the support too violent. much more to that than you know -- a lot of politics involved as well. i talked with mma fighters in tribeck ya yesterday at the and per son marshal arts academy. here's what they had to say. >> why do you think it's so popular? rmts sport is fun, you sneak it gives you a chance to self-express in a lot of different ways with punching, kicking, grappling a total body workout. >> people who say you know maa is violent or you know maa promotes violence are mostly people who don't practice mixed
6:46 am
politics behind this very interesting sheldon silver out of office and passes bill with flying colors yesterday with 113-25 regardless this will will also regulate mma on amateur level making sport safer for amateur fighters here in new york and that is important. >> a lot of money in mma. >> there is. but other i thing it is safer on amateur level so that's good. meantime president obama taking to a baseball game to the end of his historic trip to cuba. it was tampa bay ray ares facing cuban national team. president in the crowd with raul castro and first family first inning. brad miller license one to center field and santos diving catch. and obamas can't believe it. crowd lost it, though. second inning for rays line drive here rbi, kevin safe at the plating and first family
6:47 am
and a rays go on to win it -- 4-1 the final score. president obama big chicago white socks fan. basketball nets hosting horn teats down three. and drives the brooklyn within one. down three, don vich misses three to tie the game. 105-100. football now time prl your daily fitzpatrick update at the nfl league meet and he told the post it's a business. he wants it become but jets have plan in place incase it doesn't happen. so why is this news? furs time we've really heard from jets head coach publicly on a situation. sounds like it is 60 million a year and offering around 7 that's a big divides. what if they can't sign -- they have a serious interest in robert griffin the third. jets med with him for two days
6:48 am
with those meetings. so -- very interesting. jerry jones doesn't believe there's a link between football and ct. >> but league said as much. >> reading the story like what? >> say he's trying to protect his investments. >> that is completely -- all right. let's get over to mike how about that duke, thank you so much. hello michael. >> good morning. giveout almanac average for today. 5 it is average high. we're at 59. 37 is average low and dropped it down to 49 at one point of point. sun in six minutes here and a pretty warm day outside even though there's cloud cover out there. doesn't matter that southwe 50 right now out at central
6:49 am
in glen cove. 47 degrees in allentown. our terry tun and 44 in danbury and 47 in stony brook with a mixed sky around tristate renal with more clouds out there today than what we had yesterday. when it comes to rainmakers most is to the knot. not out of the question to get a sprinkle across rest of the tristate and any rain of significance is to the north. but anyhow we've got another warm day coming up for us because of that warmer southwesterly throw. keeps warmer temps pumps into tristate region but it does not gi us overall setup with rainfall. stalled out o frontal boundary far to the noters e-north and showers will focus there. but as we head into tomorrow, then things starts to change had up as a cold front starts to work its way through here. shierns later in the evening things clear out again. sun and clouds high temp up to about 67 drags.
6:50 am
stringing a sprinkle not out of the question. a high of 63 tomorrow. 64 on friday with shop some shower. out of here in time for the holiday weekend including easter itself and monday into tuesday more smaller shower chances out there with mild temps again. at the itunes and google play store that doesn't cost you anything. comes in manty here. thank you very much. >> entertainment coming up next. justin bieber making a change. he says no meet and greet. >> i met a guy who look like justin bieber -- named judd, why he doing this? kind of freaky, weal tell you
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>> good morning a couple of issues in the bronx this morning. start one with live pictures two tractor trailer involves in ab accident an accident one with a white cab in the back. all westbound heading to george washington bridge.
6:54 am
blocked delays back to the hutch and new england throughway. second is underneath overpass there. as far as the eastbound traffic you have some rubber necking delay buzz imex of your normal delays heading to bronx river parkway. back it our maps other problem in bronx. major deegan heard this one. accident by fordham road southbound backing up to newark state throughway an overturn eastbound by columbia turnpike and one lane blocked but delays back to 287. george washington bridge into the city. lower 30. lincoln tunnel 35 to 50. holland 10 to 15 preeach approach. ben and juliet. >> thank you, tynes. pop star i know is on a world tour but he said he's canceling with meet and greets effect immediately. >> he said on instagram he feels
6:55 am
with fans but according to tmz the real reason is a potentially dangerous fan got a little too close to him during a meet and greet on monday and fan who is bought special tickets cost there 2,000 set to performance in brooklyn coming up in may. hull hogan speaking out since he won that huge settlement in a lawsuit with gawker. they scared him after the two had a stare down in court. he called denton a puppet master and he published a videos of him after having relation with a friends' wife. hogan was offered a lot of money before the trial but decided to stand and fight. judge judy may myc a decision -- oh. favorite story of the morning. >> sarah palin --
6:56 am
yeah. former vice presidential candidate -- start a new courtroom reality show unlike judge judy she doesn't nave a law degree. her production company said she'd make a great tv judge because she has -- >> gnash and style and common sense. >> there you go. up. >> isn't that a great impression? the show. i would love it. expected to premier in the fall of 2017. >> we can only hope this is happened. >> joe giudice returns -- will serve 41 months. back in twowsh he and his wife pleaded guilty to fraud. he complotted 15 months behind bars. his legal problems may not be over.
6:57 am
illegally and deported could be reports of that. but not likely since he has the four little girls over when he was a child. joe posed for this picture with his daughter posted to her instagram. that is very saturday. all right that's it for us on this wednesday morning i'm headedded to that autoshow. >> great car show.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
steve luke everybody. how is it going. i am greatly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. it is going to get up into the 60s mike woods says. greg: lythgoe oversees to belgium. the two guys on the left. believed to have. brothers. concern is very, very high after what happened yesterday. rosanna: two siblings from new york are missing. they were reportedly at the airport. they were talking to the family


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