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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it's up to you, so tell us who will be star of the day [applause] >> it was a tempted robbery gone bad and now become the latest in a string of slashing incidents right here in our city. our top story tonight hello good evening everyone i'm christina park ant apt has the might off. new york citiers remain on high alert after a 19-year-old knifed multiple times near train station on up or west side. fox 5's dan bowens has the latest on the victim's condition. >> this slashing thing is getting out of hand. >> on the train and live in a city leak this, we're all vulnerable. it is scary this is coming. i guess everywhere. >> a visible police presence saturday morning after an overnight slashing in this busy upper west side neighborhood. >> seems unusual for this
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just after midnight the 19-year-old victim was waiting for a bus here at 96th street and brodz way when he says four men approached hep got nervous and tried to run across the street in a nearby subway station and altercation and he was slashed in the top of his head. >> it is getting bad. you know it's going all over, you know, and different boroughs up here. residents across the city conscience of the more than 900 assault this is year, a 22% increase over 2015. >> a terrifying copycat like bad guys read about and i should slash someone. >> nypd unveiling a new plan to contain the crimes earlier this week that is called operation cutting edge. the agency increasing personnel specific problem areas targeting spots close to nightclub and bars. this is mayor de blasio speaking tuesday. >> occur at a point in the week when unusual number of people are out and unfortunately many
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of alcohol and dpruption unclear if attack overnooght is tied to city nightlife an some say law enforcement simply can't stop everything. >> unless you post police officers in every subway station all of the time, it's scary. >> from upper welds dan bowens fox "fox 5 news." >> thousands gathering in brussels to lay messages of solidarity in honor of the week's deadly attack. meanwhile hunt continues for linked to deadly bombings. jessica joins fuss now with the ongoing investigation. jessica. >> three men charged with terrorist offenses linked to tuesday attacks in brussels. one of the men said to be the man wearing that hat in the white jacket. >> this morning belgian federal prosecutors charge this man -- the charges against him involvement in a terrorist group, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder. authorities say he was had arrested thursday in a car right
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police did raid his home but found no weapons or explosives. belgian media vorgt that he is the man identified as at the suspect wearing the light colored jacket and hat with a two suicide bombers at the airport on tuesday. two other suspects who were arrested on thursday were also charged with participation in the terrorist group. 31 people were killed in 270 wound in tuesday terrorist attacks in brussels. tourists say they're not letting the terrorists win. >> we want to live our life. we want to show the belgian people that -- of course we can come to brussels. engineers and technicians say that brussels airport building is stable. flights could resume as early as tuesday. meanwhile, tomorrow sol solidarity march has been canceled after request from authorities who say police are needed in the investigation. 24 of the 31 people killed in the attacks have now been
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justin schultz among them. his wife stephanie is still missing his company sending out this statement tonight which reads in part, quote, we e grief with his family and continue to offer our support as they mourn this pun imaginable loss. >> we now also know that forminger belgian ambassador to the eyes is among those killed in the attacks. 72-year-old andrej adams served as ambassador to washington during the clinton administration. christina. >> okay jessica thank you very much. mariah carey canceling her concert in bros pals in the wake with of tuesday attacks. she was supposed to perform tomorrow night her birthday but advised to cancel for the safety of her crew as well as or for her fans. there's concern that concert may be a target. it was no mention of a rescheduled show but she hopes to see her fans in belgian school and she's in luxembourg tonight. >> weather samantha is with the
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forward to the easter egg hunt. >> and a great day for it. it was beautiful. a lot of sunshine, yes, just a little bit cooler because we have the wind off the water. but it's seasonal for this time of the year. so we're looking pretty good. todays's high temperature was 55 at central park. we woke up to a temp of 38 so definitely a chilly start. but that sunshine through the day made it feel nice. normal high for this time of the year is 53 degrees. so we're right on target today's record high 76 back in 1922. we're not going to be quite that warm. right now a little bit of a south breeze is starting to pick up so temps dropped off a bit at 47 right now here in central park. 44 islip. a little bit of a chill in the air towards montauk but poughkeepsie you're still at 55. and sussex at 55 as well. there's that wind u right now, about ten to 15 miles per hour. sea breeze kicking in, keeping us cooler tomorrow night and sea breeze might bring extra clouds towards morning.
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nice as we head on into easter. scattered clouds right now. high pressure is in place that's going to keep us dry for your easter sunday. we have one storm system back off to the west and one to the south, and this moisture will be heading in our direction. it brings us our next chance of rain on monday. so partly cloudy tonight. call it chill late 32 to 40 degrees, and for your easter sunday you can get those easter egg hunts in the morning if you have brunch plans we look good with sunshine. temperatures will top out in the 50s. we'll take a look ahead in just a couple of minutes. christina. >> okay samantha thank you. today marks one year since deadly east village gas explosion. dozens gather at east 7th street to commemorate this tragedy. officials say that explosion was called by illegal gas tampering in the building. two people died, about more than 20 others were hurt. three buildings were also destroyed. five people are facing criminal charges in connection with the explosion. the pentagon is looking to increase number of american troops in iraq this announcement
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that u.s. forces killed the islamic state finance minister in syria and another top isis leader in iraq. they say they are systemically e limghting terrorist group cabinet. meantime chair chief of staff says redges on ways to increase u.s. support for iraq's ground fight will be discussed with president obama soon. a small start upcompany in nevada is making history. the startup called flirty beat amazon to become first company to deliver a package by drone to a residential area. flirty says drone flew about half a mile along a preprogrammed delivery route on march 10th lowered the package with bottled water, food, first aid kit outside reno. nevada governor hope it is this test leads to growth in the industry. >> a petition is circumstance the lating to allow the open carry of firearms at the republican national convention at quicken loans arena in cleveland this july. so far nearly 20,000 people have signed on.
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weapons of any kind from heavily attended events but supporters of the petition say that policies of venn jew do not supersede the second amendment. in the 2016 race for the democrats voting in alaska, washington today associated press reports bernie sanders has won the alaska caucus by a large margin of 7 to hillary clinton 21% of the vote. early reports show sanders with a commanding lead in washington and awaiting results from hawaii by the way . about 140 delegates up for grabs among those three states. >> only rock 'n' roll. but thousands of people in cuba really love the rolling stones. performed a free con oar is the in hannah yesterday. group is first ever british rock band to play in open air concert in cuba. just 15 years ago, the communist country banned most rock and
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performing back in 1962 which was the same year as the cuban missile crisis. coming up, this growing problem on the web. someone prengding to be to be you and anything to stop the online imposters. lisa evers takes look at the latest street soldiers preview and classical music is in here in new york city. meet the orchestra that is giving experts across the globe. that's next. [inaudible] >> to good superheros against each other gets bad. what we're hear about the new batman versus superman flick,
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>> musicians from around the world joined together in city they're part of the fill orchestra of new york also known as pony. members represent many of the greatest orchestras from around the world. >> we work together over the
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a pickup orchestra and collaboration with hand-in-hand project and japanese students that we've been bringing over o for concerts each year, and what we do is we kind of sort of like an u ber like molingsdz. we get together on as needed basis to perform concerts. >> you can see the orchestra in con srt this had coming tuesday and wednesday at lincoln center. tickets are just five dollars. after that long winter, it's so refreshing to enjoy a nice spring day that's what many new yorkers did enjoying a carousel ride or getting together for outdoor meal at bryant park so will this fantastic weather take us through the weekend? jerry is here with a forecast. >> if hi christina nice to see so many out enjoying. right well another good day for easter we're looking at sunshine, and temperatures will be similar to where we were today. now tonight it's cry, and chilly. couple of clouds around our coastal locations. with wind off the water. and low temperatures generally in the 30s. so bit of a chill in the air.
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we have lots of sunshine early on. clouds will creep in late in the day but keep it nice and dry for you are if you have plans to be out and it's seasonal with temps in low 50s. now, on monday that will be our next chance to sew some of that wet weather rain will be moving on in. but it's going to be mild many some spots might get close to 6 o degrees and certainly winter as whole will you heading into spring we have been overall warmer than normal. u right now down to 47. we were in the 50s earlier but southeast wind has picked up a little bit and that's bringing in sol cooler air off the wart. water temperatures are in the 40s that's where our air temperature is right now. we still have some sun shine out there. couple of clouds in the mix as we get a little bit closer to sunset which is now just after 7:00. so we're in the 40s to near 50s but there's that milder a from philadelphia to d.c. and pipts burg and then on our doorstep so we're going to continue to feel pretty good across the tristate and we'll be looking pretty good as we head
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right now, if you take a close look at satellite and radar you can see clouds over the ocean and some of those are creeping in as we head into tonight. we will be dry because high pressure is still overhead. endon't see that wet weather through hudson valley. northern new jersey and pennsylvania looks good as woman for the time being. there's our slot of dry air with high pressure. but off to the south through the gulf states and over towards florida we have a low pressure system developing. you can see through the past few hours creeping up to north heading in our direction and another storm system back out to the west. so these two will be merging on top of us with our next chance of wet weather on monday. so tonight just a couple of extra clouds. we do have some breaks this is tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. if you're heading to mass if you have and a easter egg hunt planned in the afternoon not bad. cut me and out of the clouds through the day there's that rain down to the south and head in our direction sunday nights into monday morning. on and off showers here comes
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and wipe withs away wet weather into tuesday and temperatures overall will still be on the mild side. want to with a wind off the water we'll call it chilly. 32 to 40 degrees. tomorrow, we have sunshine. mixed in with a k. clouds. but it is dry and overall 54 for your high temperature at night, clowsdz will start thoiken up and we'll see that rain start to move in on monday. not going to be downpour or washout. but we will have these on and off scattered showers. temperatures will get close to 60s. so at least it's mild maybe feeling a little bit humid as well. just spring-like and on tuesday clearing it out. it will be breezy, wednesday that looks nice. that will be the pick of the week with lots of sunshine and christina after that into the 60s. fantastic. waiting for it. >> feels great thank you it really does. ed hard to imagine our lives with no online identity. our social media profiles can be
6:17 pm
but sometimes that can all be exposed when someone makes fake profile to hurt or bully you getting back or you personal power can be a big problem. lisa evers shows us how some are trying to change all of that. profile page used real picture of former miss new york megyn shocked and hurt when she read x-rated description. >> i feel like i was at the loss over control and what was out there in social media. on the internet about who i am as a person. >> social media experts say woman are disproportionately perpetrator of online reputation attacks. facebook is testing the program, that would alert people when they're creating phony account in their name and get thumbs-up for use rs. >> why not if they're spreading
6:18 pm
your name, slandering your name. >> securing their identity. hncht to hire a lawyer to get the profile row move. because of that experience, she launched a campaign called in plain sight to combat online harassment and cyberbullying. we need to catch up with the times. we don't have adequate laws around things like this. for bronx city council member richie torres harassment came from a fake instagram account that contained derogatory anti-veteran, and racist comments he would never make. >> less than here is whether you're elected official or o everyday person, everyone can be a target of bully uinging on social media. anyone can have their identity casually stole it been and dragged into this of social media. >> right now penalties for phony posting are few and far between. but here in new york states, senate bill 5871 proposed by kevin parker could change all of that. >> this bill would essentially raise penalties and give judges
6:19 pm
class felony which would affect you know make it up to a year in jail penalty. >> lisa evers "fox 5 news." >> we're talking about this on street soldiers tonight at 10:30 this week's special guests are r&b singer audrey rose and hocus and english. a devastating fire is not stopping parishioners from attending easter mass. how they'll spend holy day after a fire their new jersey church. egg stream decorating year is nothing quite like this when kids decorate at home.
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>> easter service will go on for presbyterian church of inglewood at 11 a.m. after a fire tore through that historic 156-year-old church on tuesday night. the flames gutted the swank sanctuary and destroyed glass work and melted church's pipe organ. thankfully no one was injured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. timothy cardinal attend thed blessing of the food for easter sunday brk fast at east village and tonight at 8 he'll celebrate easter vigil mass at st. patrick's cathedral.
6:23 pm
easter traditions with their families tomorrow but as matt king shows us a custom involves making of the most incredible easter eggs you may ever see. raw egg -- >> surrounded by cases of egg shell it is dyed in patterns dating back almost a century. they have the practice to meet the deadline of a television story. >> a simple design could take an hour. pattern anna chose could take three hours to complete. fox 5 gave her 40 minutes. anna drops her egg into a series of different colored dyes. but her stylest draws pattern and hot beeswax protecting whatever color from future round of dye. >> so ukrainian work for our
6:24 pm
ukraine predates christianity. pagans likely wrote on eggs to celebrate coming of spring. vawrs designs symbol and colors signify different thing. disassociate eggs with region and time periods. >> a line around the egg has eternity with no beginning and no end. after removing from final dye exposing her dye with melting beeswax and eggs break often. >> sometimes you do it at the very end when you're taking the wax off. [laughter] i've done that more than once. i'll just drop out of my hands on to the table and flat. this survives while it may not meet standards of the other o dozen eggs anna completes every easter it could last forever, and anna who has a sense of color and moved from this country from a tiny village as a baby keeps eggs in her home she finished 30 years ago.
6:25 pm
ancestors. "fox 5 news." >> it's that time of the year. coney island park wonder world park are officially open for the season and today. deana wonder world park had the blessing of the ride ceremony. well at the cyclone annual egg cream christening of the roller coaster front car took place. we are hitting the road in ferrari newest muscle car goes for a spin in the lap of luxury latest and greatest cars are taking over at the javits center and which is drawing the most buzz at the new york autoshow. samantha an -- >> nice spring weather continues into easter sunday. not too much going on. scattered clouds and keep things temperature.
6:26 pm
>> definition of the board and say in hip-hop -- students write verses to popular beats using terminology of their science lesson. so many of these students nothing but potential for their lives in a whole new way. >> maybe universe started with a big bang. who started big bang. a question humans have been asking why are we here? did it just happen? or o was there something else involved? a higher power perhaps.
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>> today governor cuomo officially up in the 116 new york annual autoshow at the javits center. a million people expected to attend the 10-day event the learnlings in the country and features a thousand of the world's latest cars, trucks and motorcycle and concept vehicles as well. the show is expected to generate more than 300 million dollars to the state's economy.
6:30 pm
something for everyone at the new york autoshow and our baruch shemtov has highlights from the javits center. >> i lot love cars. here. definitely love them. >> definitely i'm a big sports fan. >> krowth are revving up engines at the autoshow. >> thousands of cars, trucks you can compare every single model. there's something here for everyone. like this fuel cell hydrogen hyrbid from toyota powered completely by hydrogen, only emitting water vapor. and there's plenty of luxly including 560,000 rolls phantom, fully loaded with everything you need including an umbrella. over at maserati they released a first suv, completely made in italy with an engine hand made by ferrari. and there's incredible technology wherever.
6:31 pm
the music up. go like this. roll it down. if you're not on the market for a new car there act activity and dodge vipir simulator. >> i don't have a license. autoshow is open through april 3 prd reporting live baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> very nice. well here's a car so exclusive you will not see it no mart how hard you look. but alison morris pulled a newest piece for a ride it's the lap of luxury. >> welcome to the lap of luxury i'm alison morris we visit italian automake hadder ferrari
6:32 pm
year. it has been in existence for 17 years in the pages of the spring. we bring in 200 judges. these are as close to normal people as you can get who come in. they spend the day driving 13 at the high performance cars that model year. this was the one that was the run away winner. >> a ferrari very easy. racing -- racing, racing. >> ferrari used to be a racer in 1947 he created it what we know now as a ferrari. but the ferrari of 1947 is not the same one of now. he was really purely racing him. but racing dreams had a cost and so ferrari dropped road cars to finance those dreams. >> he decided to produce same
6:33 pm
circuit and give to people that will be driving this car on the road. first road car to bare the ferrari logo. 125s. >> something is that you can it shall >> the ferrari logo is also something you can't miss. and it has a rich history. the flag of italy. the yellow shield. >> is the color of modern of the flag. it is of italy where ferrari was born. >> and franceing horse. the same horse on the fuselage of fran chess ka plane a fighter pilot in the first world war. his parents asked ferrari to use the horse in the rei logo for good luck. the ss for name of ferrari's racing division.
6:34 pm
one with a 3.0 leader zero to 60 in three seconds. 245,045 price. >> but the real reason for being -- for those cars to express is on the racetrack with this car. >> we didn't take it on the racetrack but he was kind enough to let us borrow to hit the main streets of jersey as they were driving a ferrari. >> you have the huge precincting on face of the people and it's very difficult to remove it. >> and go -- wow. [laughter] >> first party. thank you for the rear-view mirror. >> i'm talking about this being the car of the year. look at the 48 can really do.
6:35 pm
ferrari delivered an incredibly smooth ride. unbelievable strength. >> the safety only going 90. >> kilometer or miles? >> emotion ferrari is known for. >> whoa, outstanding thanks so much for joining us at ferrari i'm alison morris i'll see you next time on the lap of luxury. apparently no one is winner in batman versus superman negative reviews are pouring in to the new d.c. comic movie why online critics are under. the shop fest is slicing up
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thirst for the extraordinary.
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>> it is the sandwich so juicy you don't want to eat it with your hands, the secret behind the roast beef sandwich this in the edition of the dish. >> brennan and car a staple in cheaps heads bay famous or for top roast beef sandwiches. jog and edwin carr opened the restaurant in 1938. >> they opened up a small takeout place on a dining room. and it was a real neighborhood place and it was only place in the neighborhood. >> current owner edward sullivan
6:39 pm
an learning ropes from his grandmother alice. >> i remember coming here many years as a little kid on saturday help her out and then she sent me home because i didn't do something right. >> something restaurant always gets right, roast beef sandwich. the roast beef is thinly sliced to perfection. and each sandwich including the bread is dip ited in au jus. >> we call it our beef broth. this goes on the sandwich either single dip. double dip sometimes triple dip. >> brennan carr is a favorite for many. >> hey -- including russ salzberg been a regular since he was a kid. >> how long have been coming here to brendan and carr. >> 55 years. i think i started in the fourth grade. >> what had am i in for?
6:40 pm
get the guy a full order. >> all right richie. first i'm here slots make it happen. two rows please. rings. this is famous sandwich. >> this is heaven. but before you dig in, a little tip from the experts. >> this is one sandwich they don't pick up. they drip down your neck and it is not lady like. >> want to look lady like. it is a simple case of -- about fork cut into it. >> of course sandwich is just as delicious as russ said it would be. >> that is a good sandwich. so good russ makes the trip to brooklyn to new jersey for him
6:41 pm
>> my first grandson couldn't woof it down and new one he'll be like six months by the time the summer comes so we have to get a taste in his mouth. >> if you have to guess how many of these sandwiches have you had in your life? >> if you line them up, take me from here to china. [laughter] >> really? >> you can't count. >> if you have to guess -- it's 55 years of roast beef. what are you nuts? >> since we hear all of these years we have to see little kids and now we see them as grown tuts with little kids. >> while neighborhood has changed, this place has stayed the same. >> only problem thaw i ever have here is when to stop. [laughter] every time i come in i'm happier than when i came in. as for sullivan his grandmother said she would be proud. >> doing something wrong, you know --
6:42 pm
success that was here after all of these years. >> still serving roast beef sandwiches with a side of brooklyn charm. for the dish i'm kerry drew. >> reviews are in and critics hate superman versus batman. reaction from the superhero's true fans are next. plus here's samantha. >> hi christina dry weather continues for easter wind. we have a chilly start tomorrow in the 30s but up into the low
6:43 pm
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and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> train wreck. failure, and just plain bad. those are just some of the critique of the new batman v superman movie was it the writing, the directing or all ben affleck's fault we sent matt king to get reaction from the comic hero fans. >> it was kind of a blur. i think the the joke people were making dawn of justice is kind of appropriate for this movie. >> daily beef c entertainment reporter fallon did not enjoy batman v superman. that review sound gentle when reading what other critics wrote
6:46 pm
>> this one -- every critic hated it but batman projected to make 1890 million dollars this weekend. fifth highest opening weekend of all time. >> batman verse superman. but it's a long time coming because i'm a big d.c. fan. i'm overt whole marvel universe -- >> at st. marks college in the east village they lead and disagreed with her views of their 250 million dollar film. >> my friend saw it and he said it was great. so you can't really go by what everybody else is thinking. >> i thought it was good. i had a lot of fun. i enjoyed it. those issued no pronouncement of death for the franchise and claimed nothing but positive review of ben affleck depiction of the dark night that might brighten the face after an interview with yahoo! movie u.k. discussing it among critics. >> ben affleck is good he's the
6:47 pm
>> i loved it. i'm a huge batman fan, and it is true to the comic. i read critics none of that is true. it's not a grounded film like other batman. superman it is science fictiony like avengers but way darker. news." >> samantha is here with the forecast that does not hi, seam. >> i don't think it disappoints at all looks great getting ready for more sunshine tomorrow. maybe a little bit on cool side for that easter egg hunt you'll need a light jacket but good for this time of the year. let's look at easter records in previous years. these snowiest easter on record was back in 1970 with four inches of snow. that's not too fun. we department have a rough winter on lucky side so far.
6:48 pm
surprised by that in 1976 and coldest temperature on easter, 12 degrees in 1923. so tomorrow we're going to be tossing the in the 50s. just like today. and overall it looks to be pretty good. e today high central park was 55 degrees, and the normal is 5 . so it's really right where we should be for this time of the year record 76 back in 1922, and our low temperatures in upper 30s. feels chilly in the morning warmer than normal but looking at the same weather for your easter sunday. right now, southeast breeze has kicked in a little bit. so if you see darker shading of green from providence to bridgeport through southwestern connecticut for most of long island along "jersey shore," temperatures have fallen back a bit. we're at 44 islip. 47 here in central park. but away from the water. we still have some 50s. 56 in sussex here on warm side allentown 58. 55 in poughkeepsie right now. so we do have this southeast breeze that will weaken as we
6:49 pm
but if you do live on the water it is going to a little bit cooling and wind switched in that southeasterly direction and might even feel a little bit breezy here and there. no complaint, though, high pressure is overhead. we have that nice dry air in place. we have sunshine today with really just so nice if you got to spend some time outside. and high pressure this slot of dry air will stay on top of us tomorrow o. but we have change it is on the way. low pressure developing down south by florida and another system moving into wisconsin and michigan and these two will start to throw more clouds and some rain in our direction by monday. which means tomorrow looks good. so tonight in and out of the clouds should make for a pretty sunrise tomorrow morning and through the day. we'll keep it dry. but clouds come in and out of the picture. there's that rain down to the south that starts to develop and it gets here tomorrow night around midnight. and then for monday not a heavy rain. but there will be some showers around and also more clouds with
6:50 pm
we'll clear it out on tuesday, and wool be back to that nice sunshine. tonight cloudy. 42 to 40 degrees. a little bit of an early breeze through times tomorrow. but it looks good. sunshine mixed in with more clowsdz for the afternoon but keep it dry. temperatures will top out near 54. your sunday looks good. i hope everyone has a lovely holiday on monday the rain will come in on and off. i think it will clear up pretty quickly the afternoon should get dry. temps upper 50s. tuesday we have sunshine, but breezy, and we kind of continue to luck out here in the weather department wednesday looks great. back up into the 60s. thursday, friday maybe a couple of showers. but no real big storms coming our way and happy to see tonight into tomorrow. what are you laughing at? what happened? >> looking at house service easter now the number one candy holiday for retailer it beat out halloween can you believe that? >> bunnies. went to the store -- you know you have to wait until
6:51 pm
you can get everything on sale. first? >> the tail. [inaudible] or maybe the feet -- >> how about you? > ears. break it throughout the day -- >> all right tina is here with a look at sports. >> coming up christina not only are syracuse all of the rage right now as they continue to advance in the tournament but a couple of their famous alumni
6:52 pm
cheer and cues i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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>> the yankees home opener is just a week from monday. and as the count town and bronx is on to hang the budgeting and warm peanuts, guy in pinstripes fine tune their game at spring training. on the road to face toronto blue jay and alex rodriguez made the trip and it paid off. he tied the game with a run scores single to center only ahead of the became but that did make it 2-2 now other taboos for yankees, the pitching of brian mitchell. he threw four scoreless inning striking out o four giving up one hit and yankees beat blue jays 4-3. wild unpredictable basketball tournament. some are home and some thought what syracuse selected they
6:55 pm
but they prove that it is wrong. last night in the sweet 16 taking on gonzaga up syracuse senior rebounds and puts it back for the lead after a controversial call that gave the ball to gonzaga watch here for a chance for gonzaga to win in closing second but syracuse freshman tyler blocks shot and orange survive and advance with a 63-60 win over gonzaga. now famous syracuse vice president joe biden sent out this tweet trevor koon he did force a turnover from one delaware man to another. all the of the rage pure orange great game hashtag elite eight. another syracuse alum national champion with the orange, and new york knicks carmelo anthony was a bit more emotional after
6:56 pm
his wife l.a. posted a message referring to a khalid song. [inaudible] >> now from exciting basketball to predictable basketball but still really good. yukon women they continue to roll. coach by geno the last 30 seasons. they won ten national championships and are currently trying to win their fourth straight title. at the sweet 16 today taking on number five seed mississippi state they don't just take them on, but they took them out. the final score in this game 98-38. that's a 60-point win margin. you think huskies can dominate yukon women basketball has won 118 of their last 119 games by
6:57 pm
that is pure domination and yukon next victim is texas in the elite eight and that game will be monday. safe bet i think that yukon women -- >> wow. impressive. very impressive tina thanks. samantha has a final check of our fabulous forecast. >> it does look fabulous. great day for family easter fun tomorrow. we're looking at sunshine couple of more clouds late but we're in the 50s and we'll keep it dry.
6:58 pm
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