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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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while it may be donald trump's hometown, he expects to do well here. >> we love new york. i don't consider it anybody's domain. i think it's the people's domain. >> his visit comes on the heels of a gop town hall in wisconsin where donald trump said he no longer stands by a pledge to support the gop nominee, whoever that may be. a pledge all of the republican candidates signed last year. kasich today suggested that pledge is irrelevant. >> would you support trump? >> i don't believe he's going to be the nominee. let me explain how this is going to work. nobody is going to have enough delegates going into the convention. >> reporter: howard beach residents wants kasich to stick around for the convention. >> i like what he has to say. i want to see him stay in the race until the end. >> reporter: in harlem, a more robust crowd. >> hillary all the way. >> it is a thrill to be live at the apollo with all of you. >> reporter: democratic frontrunner and former new york senator hillary clinton back in
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she minced no words, attacking the gop candidates. >> when a candidate for president says we can solve america's problems by building walls, discriminating against people based on religion and turning against each other, well, new yorkers know better. >> all in for hillary. she's a smart, strong woman that's going to be able to get her point across and she won't let that trump play his trump card. >> reporter: well, hillary acknowledged she has a big delegate lead over her opponent, bernie sanders, but she said she's not taking anything for granted and will fight for every vote. senator sanders will hold a rally in the bronx tomorrow. live in howard beach, queens, i'm stacey delikat. back to you. steve: thank you. the other republican presidential candidate, senator ted cruz, campaigned in wisconsin today. he held an event in madison he dubbed a celebration of women. he was joined by his 81-year-old
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the poll shows him with a 10 point lead over donald trump ahead of next tuesday's state primary. >> prosecutors in paris charged a man with planning a failed terror attack. he is accused of working with a terrorist group with plans for at least one attack. authorities say he possessed and transported explosives and had fake documents when he was arrested last week. prosecutors say he traveled to syria in 2014 and 2015 and made several trips between france and belgium. steve: today egypt officials asked -- officials in cyprus asked to extradite the man that hijacked a plane. this after a court ordered the 59-year-old to eight days of detention. he's accused of averting a flight to cyprus and threatening to blow it up. he surrendered without incident. passengers and crew were released unharmed. >> new york's police department is getting an overhaul after a
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illegal stops. steve: dan bowens explains the changes aimed at keeping officers in line. >> community trust has deteriorated. that has compromised effectiveness of the police department. today we are taking a major step toward breaking that cycle. >> reporter: the justice department intended to fix problems in the police department, systemic problems including excessive force. >> officers understand when they are permitted to stop, search and arrest and when they are not. it requires that officers perform their duties without bias and fully respectful of the rights of the community members. >> reporter: the federal government and city reaching an agreement on reforms stemming from a 2011 investigation. it found 75 percent of the time, police in newark did not have a good reason to stop people and often targeted african-american residents. lax oversight led to officers not being disciplined when
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>> our agreement holds the potential to make policing in newark more effective for the officers, more just for residents and more accountable to the entire community. >> reporter: the agreement requires a monitor for five years. former state attorney general peter harvey is being recommended. >> to make sure that our police department is policing in a constitutional manner, is respecting the rights and the liberties of the civilians, of the residents in our town and city and enforcing the laws of the state, of the municipality, of the country. >> reporter: the department must now equip all patrol cars. and officers will wear body cameras. >> we have a new department. we have new officers being hired. habits. a culture can be changed. we welcome it. we welcome the monitor. >> reporter: this decision comes as controversial police
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debates across the country. the agreement is similar to the settlement the federal government reached with the town of ferguson, missouri. jennifer: thank you. several workers were hurt during a gas line explosion in bayonne, new jersey. police say contractors were doing a pressure test on new gas lines when the line failed, causing it to explode. two of the victims are in serious condition. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. steve: a massive fire tore through five buildings in bushwick, brooklyn. it quickly spread to other buildings. 11 people were hurt. now 30 are displaced. it is unclear what started the fire. >> mayor de blasio remembered nicholas skapetta today. he died of cancer last week at the age of 83. he is credited with rebuilding
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terror attacks, serving as commissioner. michael bloomberg, who appointed him as the chief, spoke about his legacy. >> he made the world's greatest city a better place in so many ways. he saved so many people's lives. among the legendary public servants in new york's history, it would be hard to fight a record to beat his. >> during his career, he was also head of the administration for children's services. he served as deputy mayor and commissioner of investigations. steve: costumed characters in times square were fighting for their livelihood at city hall today. jennifer: liz dahlem was there as lawmakers considered a plan to regulate the performers. >> reporter: batman, superman and the penguin were all present at city hall to testify before the city council. they're against a proposal that calls for regulation of the time squares pedestrian plaza which
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so people can avoid being approached for pictures and tips. the dark knight, who has been arrested for disorderly conduct, said the city is out to get him and the rest of the characters. >> it's not my fault the people tell me i want to take a picture with you. it's not my fault. so i'm going to walk in times square even today. >> reporter: we saw mickey mouse walk up to a family with his hands out waiting for a tip. >> mickey mouse goes crazy when you don't give him a 5 or $10 tip. we do everything big in texas. but that's wrong. >> reporter: the legislation would give the department of transportation the authority to manage and regulate the pedestrian plazas. not just in times square, but all 53 of them throughout the city. there would be different zones. first, a flow zone marked with reflective white tape for continuous pedestrian traffic. second, a designated activity zone. >> that will be defined, highly
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space for commercial activity, entertainment, vending and solicitation without impeding those passing through or who wish to enjoy times square. >> naked cowboy is all for performing in a designated spot. >> in my opinion, it just organizes everything that's already going on. >> reporter: the city council is supposed to vote on the proposal on april 7th. if it goes through, the department of transportation says it will have to reconfigure the area, but that should be done and the rules in place by the end of may or early june. liz dahlem, fox 5 news. >> the coliseum is getting a major makeover. steve: see how the construction is coming along and what officials are saying about the islanders coming home. >> and the new start-up that's teaching kids about helping others. >> new york is more than fires
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it's the greatest city in the world. world. >> we have arrived. >> people come from all over to climb here. >> i can't look backwards. >> in the beginning you have the fear factor. >> that's so far down. i did it. whoo! >> i can't believe this view is in our backyard, two hours from new york city. >> we'll need to give you a fedora. >> how's that for attitude? >> the perfect fit is when you look back at a picture of yourself and say i look really good. >> i've got a challenge for you. can you get me beach ready? what do you think? >> all right. >> who makes the most decisions in your relationship? >> my wife. >> she does. because? >> because she has better judgment. >> without a doubt it's my woman. >> i'm a hands-on kind of person.
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that might be why i'm single. steve: a father and son are using clothing to bring families together and help out those in need. jennifer: alison morris is here to tell us how a start-up is separating itself from the other clothing subscription services. steve: everything is a subscription service. >> reporter: that's where they stand apart. they're a box service, but not a subscription.
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most of them are and you get locked into something. this isn't. they've been in the fashion business for over 30 years. most recently he's been working as a venture capitalist. his son runs the company that licenses kids clothing. they thought why not bring the two worlds together and create a box service for kids. >> i'm finding happiness with the kids. >> that's the motto of kid box, a start-up that launched yesterday in midtown, manhattan. they're designed to make clothing kids easier for parents and fun for the kids while helping a family in need. >> basically it is a box of cool clothes and fun surprises. think of it as a gift box addressed to your kid. >> reporter: parents go on kid, answer questions and wait for the first box in the mail. >> all they do is fill out this minute and a half quiz and we do the work and we deliver them a shopping experience. we address the box to the child.
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the box is filled like a gift. we like the element of surprise. >> reporter: every kid box includes six to eight pieces of clothing, crayons and stickers and a surprise ball for the kids to unravel. parents have seven days to decide what they want to keep, take the whole box for $98 or pay for individual pieces allah allah -- >> what's the most sought after sweatshirt and short or watch. those are the type of things we'll put in the box. >> reporter: while families open the box together, they can have a conversation about helping children who don't have new clothing. for every kid box purchased, the company will donate another to a family in need. they've teamed up with kids fashion delivers to let customers choose who they want to help. >> the family will have an opportunity to have a conversation about needs and be able to designate that kids in their area or around the country
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>> reporter: kids fashion started over 30 years ago and has donated over a billion of dollars in clothing to families in need. kid box is hoping to help in a big way. >> our mission, and we put our mission as we want to clothe one million needy kids, and that's part of our dna. >> reporter: kid box is available for toddlers through age 14. the clothing from popular brands like butter, diesel, 7 for all mankind. if you keep everything in the box, it works out to 14 to $16 per item. parents will love this isn't a subscription service. there's zero obligation. free shipping in returns. your credit card is not charged until you decide what you want to keep. a lot of them do the opposite. they take your card and refund you. they say if you don't want it, you don't have to pay. steve: they build in the incentive to keep the stuff. it's cheaper per piece to keep it. >> if you buy a la carte, you'll spend 40, $50 more. it makes shopping easier.
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of how fashionable kids are now. steve: social media. got to look good. >> reporter: and they're adorable. i wanted half the stuff in there. it was incredible. jennifer: thank you. yeah. we're going to have nice days coming up the next two days. steve: warmed up nicely today. nick: and the wind went away. not as much wind yesterday. we broke past 65. stopping at 56. chilly out the door, but the warming trend will continue tomorrow tomorrow, the exception being along the coastline as was the case today and now. 82 and 16 in the records. 6:40 sunrise. down at 7:19. in new york city, we have some pretty nice weather at 48. the air is dry. dew point, 28. the wind has come to the south-southeast. that's keeping it cool along the coast. nothing still on fox 5 sky guardian even though we have a few high clouds that have moved in. we'll keep a few of the clouds
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here are the highs for the day. away from the coast, it wasn't touching 60 at poughkeepsie. allentown, 59. 59 at sussex. around the coastal area, you can see the difference. islip, 49. 48 at montauk. 51 to bridgeport. tomorrow, cooler near the coast and much warmer as we head inland. we've come back to 48 here in midtown. again, 50 as you get towards bridgeport. 46 at islip to montauk. a little chill out there. but still high 50s north jersey into the hudson valley with the wind out of the south and continues to be out of the southerly direction. temperature change, a little cooler along the coast from yesterday. inland is warmer. there's the south wind, 10, 15 miles an hour. that will continue out of the same direction and speed as the night goes along. you see some of the high clouds on our satellite photograph. we'll see those as the night goes on. that will be it. high pressure is sliding off the east coast. that will set up a southwesterly
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look at the rain and thunderstorms in the midsection of the country. that storm system eventually is going to be coming our way. we'll see some of the showers thursday night and showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as we head into friday. look at the highs again for today. while we were in the 50s, just to the south and west of us jumping to 62. washington, d.c. 71 cincinnati. it's upper 60s here tomorrow. somebody might touch 70, particularly in interior new jersey. 70 in the city on friday. 40s to 50 out the door in town. closer to 40 north and west. 62 as you get lunchtime tomorrow. 68 in the afternoon. that's when more of the clouds will appear. again at the coast, it will be 10 degrees cooler. the futurecast shows sunshine giving in to clouds. we're into the mild air. tomorrow night, there are showers and storms as we head into friday. near 70, but cool air starts coming in. the front will cross the area, gradually cooler, an afternoon
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behind the next system, it's colder for sunday into next week. tonight we're talking a few clouds and about 46 in town. closer to 40 in the northern and western spots. a few 30 will be found. chilly. sun and clouds tomorrow. a touch breezy in the afternoon. look at the high. 68 in the city. closer to 60 along the coast. 70 friday. showers and thunderstorms around. and a gusty breeze. sun and clouds saturday. an afternoon shower not out of the question at 59. showers saturday night. maybe a snow shower. why? a cold front comes through. by sunday, a windy day, sunshine, 29. 29 monday morning. monday is opening day for the yankees. steve: oh, yeah. nick: it will be dry, but chilly. it's 43. definitely want to dress appropriately. steve: interesting when it's colds because the sun is so bright. we've had a lot of that lately. nick: in the shade, it's cold. jennifer: hopefully one day
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nick: this will happen. jennifer: thank you. here's your chance to own one of the two fiats pope francis used last year. it is being auctioned off on charity the latest bid $250,000. the proceeds go towards catholic schools and charities. the cardinal dolan will bless the car at the auction. steve: fun watching him zip up and down. take a look at this. greg and rosanna in for a surprise this morning. david hasselhoff, a special mystery guest, tackled a bunch of topics, including his role in the baywatch reboot with duane the rock johnson. >> i said you've got to get me on the beach. we took that shot and went around the world. i think they know i should be more a part of the film. steve: he also promoted his
5:21 pm
six-episode that spoofs his life and career. no one cooler than david hasselhoff. >> the wait is almost over for "empire" fans. jennifer: the hit show returns tonight at 9:00. jussie smollett gives us a sneak peek at the drama on the way. steve: and lamar odom struggling with addiction again. how since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier.
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jennifer:" empire"'s jussie smollett is keeping busy. he's starring in a new project with his sister. steve: simone boyce caught up with him to talk about his very busy career. >> reporter: jussie smollett. so good to see you. where's jamaal? where's his head at when we meet him again? >> we sort of broke up in that first part of the season. but now this part of the season, it comes back to center. it centers on the family. >> i hated running empire. it takes away from the music. it turned me into someone i
5:25 pm
>> i didn't like jamaal running the empire. he stopped making music. he stopped doing all of the things that made him jamaal. >> reporter: he finds out it's not what he thought it would be. is there any aspect of your career that reflects that? >> oh, my god, yeah. of course. the thing is i get to sit down with really wonderful journalists like you -- no. it's true. keeping it 100. people like you that every time i see you, it's a joy to see you because i know you're not going to come with the shady stuff. that's the only bad thing is the scrutiny of certain -- just the questions they ask. >> reporter: i'm going to risk you taking back that amazing compliment with this next question. >> oh, damn. i knew it. i tried to say all that to butter you up so you wouldn't ask the question. >> reporter: we're about to get shady, jamaal and sky, does he like the womens or do he like the mens or do he like a little
5:26 pm
>> he likes the mens, but he loves some sky. walk into a room and make you question everything about your life. >> reporter: on top of the new "empire" episodes, he's in the hit show underground tonight on wgn wgn. >> it's phenomenal work. everybody in the cast is. my main episode is airing right after "empire" premiers. >> reporter: simone boyce, fox 5 news. steve: tonight at 9:00. jennifer: the big night. steve: stay tuned. lamar odom has reportedly slipped back into his partying ways. jennifer: tmz will join us to talk about how khloe kardashian is trying to get him to clean up his act. steve: and safety concerns at
5:27 pm
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wh jennifer: we're a year away from the reopening of the nassau coliseum, but there's a lot to be excited about. steve: lidia curanaj shows us how the renovations are coming
5:30 pm
>> the key feature of the entry portal is really about the beer garden. >> reporter: as reporters were taken on a tour of the nassau coliseum, neither ed mangano or the developer would answer the big question. will the professional hockey team, the islanders, make the coliseum home again? >> the answer is we're playing six games here and, therefore, it's got to be able to accommodate a professional team. >> reporter: officials did tout the arena now scheduled for completion by next march will have 13,000 seats. it's going to take its darker color scheme and other design ideas from the barclays center in brooklyn. despite the facade and new seats not coming until winter, the arena is on schedule. >> it is a great product, which is making perfect progress. we're on time. we're on schedule. we're on budget. just where we wanted to be. >> reporter: mangano is calling the arena historic because for
5:31 pm
will now be subsidized by taxpayers. the utility bill was $2 million. mangano says residents will reap the rewards of this renovation. >> in return, the taxpayers will receive a minimum $4 million payment or 8% of the gross revenue. on the entertainment portion, they'll receive 400,000 a year or 8% of the gross revenue, whichever is largest. >> reporter: when asked about a minor league hockey team coming to the arena, officials said it would have to be discussed with the islanders new ownership. officials are leaving the door open to having a professional team make the coliseum their home, but they have not made any promises. jennifer: thank you. more troubles at the indian nuclear power plant. hundreds of faulty and missing bolts were discovered during a scheduled inspection. this does not pose a safety
5:32 pm
to be shut down for several weeks. governor cuomo says this latest incident raises new concerns regarding equipment standards at the plant. steve: president obama announcing today he's commuting the sentences for 61 drug offenders. more than a third were sentenced to life in prison. most of them are set to be released july 28th. the president has called for an end to strict sentences for drug offenses, which he says leads to excessive punishment and high incarceration rates. jennifer: months after an apparent overdose at a brothel, lamar odom is apparently drinking again. steve: here is how khloe is trying to stop the downward spiral. not good news after he made a comeback from being in a coma. >> that's right. we were shocked when we got the photos of lamar out on saturday night. we've found out khloe is
5:33 pm
khloe, but several other of lamar's family members, very concerned, that he is bringing again. they're worried this is going to be a back slide, he's going to do drugs again. five months ago, he was on his death bed. khloe is desperately trying to get him into a rehab program. he's currently doing physical rehab as part of his recovery, but refuses to go into a drug treatment program, we're told. she wants him to get a 30-day program or outpatient, but he is refusing, and we're told at some point, khloe is -- you know, she's going to run out of patience. even though they're still technically married, there's a chance she could refile their divorce and just say i've got to walk away. steve: that's awful tenuous. it's not hard to see how this could unravel quickly. scary stuff. >> a tough situation for khloe and lamar. steve: charles, we appreciate it. tmz, good stuff.
5:34 pm
calling on a local hip-hop star to raise awareness of the lead crisis in newark and flint, michigan. the fundraiser will feature performances from the lords of the underground and others. it will provide 250 flint families with portable water filters. it is saturday in newark. steve: a group of nuns in harlem celebrating a century of service. jennifer: their commitment to the community that's carried the order for the past 100 years. steve: having fun and staying fit. the health benefits of latin dancing. jennifer: first, here's tonight's new york minute. [applause] >> reporter: more than 100 emergency medical technicians graduated today in brooklyn.
5:35 pm
units across the city after completing an intense 10-week certification at the ems academy. >> the training was rigorous. i feel completely prepared for the field after finishing my training. >> reporter: graduation wasn't the only thing to celebrate. one of the new emt's took a moment to drop to a knee to propose to his now fiancee. the mets showed off everything new at citi field. in addition to new sponsored seating areas, there will be new new activities and several themed weekends. >> we're branding as free shirt fridays. saturdays as super saturdays. and sundays as family sundays. >> reporter: those weekends will include a tribute to the 1986 world champion mets and hall of fame inductee mike piazza. and that's your new york minute. >> breaking the mold of local news, particularly in this market. it's a brand new era.
5:36 pm
of it. >> we are celebrating everything "empire". >> the legendary d.j. is with us. he's in the house. >> we were there for the birth of hip-hop. you never know what's going to be a hit. >> when the public gets it, you know where it's going >> reporter: in a city where every time you turn around there are new places to eat i ask what are the hottest in town? >> a little -- >> what's the secret to a neapolitan pizza? >> it's all about the oven. it's old-fashioned. it goes to 900. it has enough heat to cook the flour from italy. >> reporter: this week we visit lamborghini. we're going to take you inside and for a ride. ahh...
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jennifer: there are three orders of african-american nuns in the united states and one is in harlem harlem, celebrating 100 years of service. steve: zachary shows us their ongoing labor of love. >> meet sister gertrude, the leader of an order of black
5:40 pm
they're unique. >> predominantly black. only franciscans. >> reporter: sister gertrude, a native nigerian and physician, has been congregation minister at the mother house of the franciscan handmades of the most pure heart. the order was birthed in 1916 in the face of segregation in the south. >> the goal was to continue the education of the black community. >> hello. >> sister! >> reporter: their roots are in social justice work. that's never changed. but times are changing. in 2014, they almost closed the doors. not enough nuns. i caught up with them at their school program. 40 youngsters are here. there's a roomful of smiles today. then it's time to go. there's something special happening, so i say a quick goodbye.
5:41 pm
of particular significance because they're celebrating 100 years. it's been a labor of love, and it hasn't been easy. at the gala celebrating the anniversary, i spoke with cardinal dolan. >> they've gone through tough times. one of the ways is a decrease in the number of sisters. the vocations have gone down. god provides in other ways. now we've got wonderful, deeply committed, professional women from africa who say we'll go help. >> reporter: 100 years a fixture in the community. resilient and open arms to all backgrounds. if there's a message, maybe that's it. being open to help everyone. that's what saved them when times were tough. in harlem, i'm zachary keisch, fox 5 news. jennifer: a dance group is
5:42 pm
steve: how latin dancing is helping these seniors feel young
5:43 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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jennifer: in fox 5 health news, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in yonkers today as the second marijuana dispensary is set to open. the latest dispensary is located in the city's downtown business district.
5:45 pm
marijuana-based drugs on friday. there are currently 20 total dispensary sites across new york state. steve: a new poll finds many americans do not have a clue about the dangers of the zika virus. people don't have enough information to protect themselves during the upcoming mosquito season. jennifer: joining us, dr. michael smith, chief medical editor for web md. i have this conversation with people all the time. it's true. they don't know how it's transmitted and how serious it is. >> most people are now finally getting the basics. we've heard so much about it. about 25 percent, there's a huge gamut that people don't realize it can transmit from the mother to the baby, that it can cause microcephaly. it gets into the baby's brain very early in development. one of the first signs of proof that we have this is truly due to the zika virus. 25 percent of people don't know
5:46 pm
there's no vaccine. steve: people assume all the things get sorted out by public health officials. >> the virus has been around for years. we've never paid much attention to it because people don't get sick. now as it's associated with microcephaly, a huge problem, especially in puerto rico, where they stopped all blood donations because it can be transmitted and sexual transmission. in puerto rico, they're expecting 700,000 cases by the end of the year. a huge problem there. and they stopped blood donations. now the new screening test will allow them to restart that. thankfully, because there was going to be a huge shortage. jennifer: this is happening in areas where people are traveling for spring break. >> if you're a pregnant woman, you don't want to go to central america, south america or the caribbean. you don't want to get pregnant shortly after getting back. we've seen the virus live in sperm for up to two months after
5:47 pm
you've got to be careful. we expect it to spread, especially into the southern united states. but the mosquito that carries zika is found in all states. there's no reason not to expect some level of spread across the nation. but nothing like we're seeing in the caribbean. jennifer: things we're learning about this new almost every day. >> to keep your muscles strong as you head into your senior years, researchers say start working out more now. to some people, that could be common sense. >> you've heard use it or lose it. what we're finding is that use it or lose it possibly permanently. so they looked at people who were competitive runners in their 80s, compared to otherwise healthy but inactive people. the runners had more muscle mass. they had stronger muscles. what we found is that the nerves that go from the spinal cord to those muscles, at a certain age, they degenerate and don't come back. if your muscles have already
5:48 pm
be able to regain that strength. so i always like the saying that getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional. the cellular changes of those active similar to people decades younger. start now. keep yourself healthy. there's no reason why you -- steve: psychologically the odds of you becoming an active athlete at 60 are lower to begin with. >> sounds overwhelming. steve: all makes sense to me. good news there. jennifer: the other good news is it's going to be warm enough over the next couple of days for us to all get outside and maybe get some fresh air and do exercise. nick: sounds like a good idea to me the next few days. temperatures are going to be taking off into the 60s and 70 degree weather isn't out of the question in the next few days across the area. this is away from the coast. today, it was mid 50s in the
5:49 pm
it made it to 60 as you see by albany away from the coast and 62 at washington, d.c. buffalo, 68. the same from buffalo. the south wind made it cooler coastal long island. nothing happening tonight here. don't expect anything until later tomorrow night or tomorrow evening and beyond. that's when the first showers will arrive. they're likely to stick around into friday. we will see some of these high clouds that are coming across the sky. we'll see a few of those tonight and more tomorrow. tomorrow, a pretty decent day. sunshine and clouds. temperatures will respond with the south wind that will be breezy, particularly as we get into the afternoon. it has cooled down in midtown. 48. it's 46 at islip to montauk. mid 40s. 50s to bridgeport. away from the coast, you see that difference that we are so accustomed to this time of year. we're pushing high 50s. hudson valley to northern sections of new jersey. here's the reason why. the wind coming out of the south. 10, 15 miles an hour. the ocean temperature is chilly.
5:50 pm
temperature near the coast. wind gusts have been up there this afternoon. we're gusting in the 22, 23-mile-an-hour range. it will turn breezy as we head into tomorrow afternoon. let's look at the weather map. we have high pressure sliding off the eastern seaboard. that will allow the southerly wind to continue into tomorrow. look at the rain. with the storm center moving to the west and a cold front associated with that, showers and strong thunderstorms coming through here. we might see a couple of thunderstorms around our area by the time we get towards friday as the system approaches from the west. doesn't look like it could be any severe, but there might be a couple of strong storms to keep in mind as we head in towards friday. we're going to get close to 70. 70s in atlanta down to new orleans and 81 along the gulf coast. 90 in miami tomorrow. chilly in denver, 41. minneapolis, 46. back to 60s for the west coast until you get to vegas and l.a. they'll be in the 70s. look at futurecast.
5:51 pm
in the upper 40s in the city. tomorrow we push 70 from the city north and west. look at the coast. cooler. montauk, 50, 55 or so tomorrow. we move forward in towards temperatures for friday and friday could be the low 70s in parts of the area ahead of the cold front. notice 50s at the coast. that will trend towards much cooler weather as we move through the weekend. let's look at the futurecast and show you we have these high clouds scattered about today or tonight and sunshine and clouds tomorrow. more of the clouds in the afternoon. here come the showers tomorrow night. there's friday. showers, a couple of thunderstorms may be around. not a lot of rain at this point. there's a line coming through by late in the day. that's the actual cold front that will start chilling us down over the weekend. tomorrow, the south wind gets going. the temperatures take off with sun and clouds. again, close to 70 in the city and 60 at the coast. showers and thunderstorms friday. around 70.
5:52 pm
shower on saturday as we trend colder. 59 saturday. saturday night another front comes along with scattered rain and/or snow showers. sunday morning, 34 in the city. opening day for the yanks, not pretty. weather should be okay, but only 43. 29 in the morning. could be 20 in some of the suburbs. watch your gardens. and showers on tuesday at 46. back to 49. steve: hard to believe it's early april because we've had so much warm weather. that's what you see. nick: the trees were budding. steve: way ahead of schedule. nick: exactly. jennifer: thank you. traditional latin dances are helping people like myself who don't like to work out stay in shape. steve: jessica formoso went to corona queens for salsa. >> i'm here where they teach salsa and cha-cha. there's people of all ages and they're pretty intense.
5:53 pm
>> oh, boy. the dance studio opened four years ago. >> we cater to everybody, from our four-year-old that takes the basic class in the kids program to our, you know, just hitting that 60 aka 21. >> not only do you find dancers young and not so young, but of all backgrounds. >> this is diversity at its best. >> reporter: natasha has been dancing for over a year. she's a lawyer in france, but after a visit to new york city, she decided to pack her bags and move here to learn what she calls new york city style salsa. >> i fell in love with it at first glance. >> reporter: now she does dance competitions. >> at my advanced age, decided that i was going to go for it. >> reporter: she has found a passion, one that makes her feel young and healthy. >> and it's incredibly important to teach your brain and to keep your body in shape so that you
5:54 pm
>> a study conducted by researchers at the university of illinois suggests dance programs catering to seniors can improve physical and mental health. a four-month dance program helps older latinos improve their overall activity like walking faster, better balance and a reduced risk of heart disease. according to the american heart association, this type of regular physical activity has shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. >> salsa helps you emotionally? >> it does. here i forget about all the problems i have. this is my therapy every day. >> reporter: you can get a real workout, no matter if you're in the advanced or the beginners class, like myself. i can see why many opt to come here instead of going to the gym. >> since i've been here, i've lost 25 pounds. >> does it keep you young? >> yes. makes me feel like i'm 20.
5:55 pm
for me, it was more than just dancing. >> reporter: in corona, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: she's actually 62 years old. that's how she looks so youthful. jennifer: a lot of dance going on. steve: get out there. we'll see you at 10:00. jennifer: here's ernie anastos with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. tonight, we have stories that will get your attention. trouble driving at night? your car's headlights are the first line of safety. so why do so many headlights get bad safety ratings? what you need to know. and we'll talk about why women have to work so much later in life. a live guest will join us on that. it's all next just for you at 6:00.
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: here we are. wednesday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos.
5:59 pm
we always look for stories that affect your life. we start tonight with your safety as you drive. did you know that the fatality rate on our nation's roads is three times higher at night? that makes a new study showing most headlights subpar very disturbing. linda schmidt is joining us with more information on this very interesting story. >> reporter: it's really fascinating. i think one of the things people will be surprised about is that the cars that did the worst are the expensive luxury cars. there is a test you're about to learn about, but basically the bottom line here is from this testing, they found that cars, most of them, just don't have good headlights. >> whenever i'm driving more north or upstate, i have to put on the high beam. my regular lights aren't bright enough. >> reporter: if you're having trouble seeing behind the wheel, it could be your headlights and not your eyes. the insurance institute for highway safety tested the
6:00 pm
>> turns out that headlights aren't perform is as well as they could. >> it is an independent non-profit scientific organization. out of the 31 cars tested, only one earned a good rating. the toyota prius v. an acceptable rating went to the honda accord four-door with halogen lights. some of the poorest performing headlights were on the cadillac ats, kia and the mercedes-benz c class. the worst went to the bmw 3 series with halogen lights. >> that's very surprising. i would have never thought that. >> good headlights that help drivers see well far down the crashes. >> robert sinclair with aaa northeast says nearly half of all crashes happen at night. >> we know from a study with did driving during the wintertime that overnight is dangerous because of poor visibility. >> reporter: he says if your car model did poorly in the testing, there's nothing that you can do


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