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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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clinton did very well. she was beating donald trump by 12 points. we were beating him by 20 points points. points. >> i know the bernie people came to say that. sorry. you're leaving. >> reporter: former new york senator hillary clinton looking to avoid an upset on her home turf, campaigning in the empire state for a second consecutive day where she was interrupted by sanders' supporters. >> you may not be supporting me, but i'm supporting you. i will work for you. i will fight for you. >> reporter: husband bill also stumping in midtown urging a strong turnout in the april primary. >> we have to work to make people understand that this is an important race. and we cannot do that. she cannot do that without you. >> reporter: a recent poll showing clinton with a 12-point lead over sanders. political analysts saying for the first time in a long time, new york matters in the primaries. >> i don't remember new york's primary ever being this
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it's great for new yorkers. >> reporter: that poll showed no matter who wins, they holds a significant lead over republican frontrunner donald trump. now, bernie sanders has called for a debate with hillary clinton before that primary in late april. no word yet on if that will happen. we expect they'll bring it up this afternoon. back to you. jen: on the republican side, donald trump is doing damage control after making shocking comments about women and abortion last night. steve: linda schmidt live in columbus circle where protestors are speaking out against the presidential hopeful. >> reporter: good evening. tonight, donald trump continues to get slammed for the statements. some of the criticism from conservatives. there was a demonstration from a fairly large group of people. they held the demonstration right across the street from one
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>> it's clear he hasn't thought very deeply about this issue. >> reporter: mallory is with susan b. anthony list in washington, d.c. >> there has to be a form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> has to be some form. >> most mainstream pro life activists and politicians strongly disagree with trump. they have, instead, supported punishment for doctors and clinics who provide abortions. >> it's never been the position that women should be punished for undergoing an abortion. >> reporter: after getting pummelled with criticism, his campaign released a statement reversing his position. it says in part that if abortion would become illegal, the doctor
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responsible, not the woman. his national campaign spokesperson is doing damage control. >> the simple misspeak. it should have been the physician should have been punished, not the woman. >> when i say dump, you say trump. i can't hear you. dump >> trump >> dump >> trump >> reporter: officials and women rights activists rallied in the city in response to trump's comments. >> no self-respecting woman or man should support a presidential candidate that would punish a woman's right, a woman for exercising their constitutional right. >> reporter: eric enquist says it will not have any impact on the voters. >> the reason he's not prepared is because it doesn't matter. his voters don't really care if
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issue, if he has fully thought out his positions. that's not why they're voting for him. he doesn't put a lot of effort into thinking these things through. >> reporter: in other news about donald trump, he tweeted out that he had met with the chair of the republican national committee and he did this just two days after reneging on his pledge that he made several months ago that he would support the republican nominee, no matter who the person is. however, he said just a couple of days ago he felt he was being treated unfairly by the rnc. after he met with the chair, he did say he had a very nice meeting and he was looking forward to bringing the party together and that it would happen. we'll have to wait and see. that's the latest from here. back to you. steve: thanks, linda. the other republican presidential hopefuls condemned the comment. john kasich questioned his presidential qualifications. >> donald trump is clearly not prepared to be president of the
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steve: he criticized what he called trump's casual comments on the use of nuclear weapons overseas saying it is not a way a potential president should speak. he defended using a fork while eating his pizza saying his wife told him she was glad he learned to use a utensil. >> ted cruz spoke about wanting to be an actor when he was growing up. listen to what he had to say when asked who he disliked more, president obama or donald trump? >> if i were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera -- i'm not confident which pedal i'd push. >> cruz said he was only joking and admitted to disliking the president's policies more. steve: brian park was a popular spot as temperatures climbed into the 70s. >> how long will the mild weather stick around? nick gregory has the answer. i don't think it will be that long.
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one more day. it's it's going to come with a price. we will be dealing with rain and thunderstorms and colder weather over the weekend. today was lovely. we had temperatures 60s into the lower 70s. that's where we're at, midtown to the hudson valley and interior new jersey. we talked about cooler readings at the shore. you can see islip at 59 and 53 as you get out to montauk. there are showers off to the west. you see them on fox 5 sky guardian. these will get here later tonight as they advance towards us. the wind has been gusty and breezy as we expected out of the south to southwest. 15 to 20 sustained, but some of the gusts are reaching over 30 miles an hour. they'll stay breezy and mild tonight as the showers come in. you can see them off to the west on the satellite radar. not a lot of rain overnight, but you can see some showers and then tomorrow, again, occasional rain and notice what lights up later on in the afternoon or into the afternoon. scattered thunderstorms may appear. back in the lower 70s tomorrow.
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evening. saturday, notice we're still clouds, breaks of sun. can't rule out a couple of showers and much colder towards sunday. 50s tonight with breezy conditions and showers will be arriving later on. steve: good deal. jen: thank you. three people were hurt when a gunman opened fire at a greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. two state troopers and a civilian were hospitalized. no details yet on their conditions. we got word the gunman has died. the whole incident remains under investigation. well, at least seven police officers were killed when a car bomb exploded near a bus terminal in southern turkey. authorities say kurdish militants targeted a vehicle transporting police personnel. it damaged several cars and buildings in the area. in addition to the dead, 27 people were hurt, but half of them police officers.
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the extradition of abdeslam. authorities say he has been one of europe's most wanted for his role in the paris attacks in november that left 130 dead. he was captured earlier this month during a massive police raids in brussels. jen: dozens of new jersey transit cops are in the crosshairs of isis. steve: how the group is encouraging lone wolf attacks against the officers. >> reporter: they've been at it for a here. usually they go for softer targets. what they've done is not considered a small breach. a self-described pro isis group posted personal information on 55 new jersey transit police officers, calling on supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks on cops. information sent out through tweets by accounts linked to the cca. in november, the group published the phone numbers of the heads of the c.i.a. and f.b.i. >> are they getting better at this? >> i think all across the world,
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sophisticated. the cyber war replaced the cold war. the breaches are the third certainty in life. >> reporter: twitter suspended the accounts which leaked the sheet which included the names, home addresses, phone numbers and working locations of the officers. investigators are looking into whether or not a uniformed laundry company might have been the source of the hack. third party vendor vulnerability is what it's called. right. but a subcontractor who has too much access into the systems of the organization can bring down another organization. and it could be because of a mistake made by one employee at a subcontractor where they click on the wrong link. >> reporter: new jersey transit confirmed it was a third party vendor who was compromised. they're looking into the breach. >> i don't think that means very much. just the information is out there.
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so -- i think the cops can take care of themselves. >> reporter: as for the breach, it took place on a wednesday a couple of weeks ago. by saturday, in that three days time, it had been downloaded 300 times. new jersey transit at penn news. >> frightening moments for this morning. they had to be evacuated from ps odor. it came from a gas leak. none of the kids or staff were injured. steve: a floating source of fresh produce for new yorkers. >> the technology that's allowing the garden to bear fruit. steve: and how chipotle is trying to expand its fast food
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jennifer: tesla is getting a jolt in sales thanks for its affordable electric car. steve: chipotle trying a new tactic to bounce back from food safety scares. alison morris here is the business headlines. >> reporter: we're going to start with the markets. today was a big day. this is the last day of the month and quarter. take a look at the close. you couldn't tell based on how the markets moved. the dow lost 31 points, trading in a tight range. that's because the march jobs report is due out tomorrow.
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on the sidelines to see what kind of numbers we get. this has been an outstanding month, the best of 2016. the dow is up a percent and a half year to date but up 7% for the month of march. we have our eyes on the 18,000 mark again. as we mentioned, big news out of chipotle. the chain, which has had a rough go, could be getting into the burger business. chipotle has filed a trademark application earlier this month for a burger chain called better burger. going from burritos to burger isn't a big stretch. they're invested in shop house, a southeast asian chain, and pizzeria locale in the midwest. the move to burgers is part of a diversification plan to help them recover from the recent food scare and the huge sales plunge it's been suffering from. >> tonight is a huge night for tesla. the electric car maker set to unveil the model 3 tonight at 8:30 pacific time in l.a.
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car and fans are already lining up to order it sight unseen. the model 3 is expected to have a range of 200 miles when fully charged. and a base price of $35,000 before tax credits. that's all we know so far. overnight in california, people were waiting outside the tesla store to make a thousand dollars deposit to get on the waiting list. >> i want to be a part of the transition from gasoline to electric cars. i think it will be a fast transition, like vinyl to digital music. everyone is going to switch when it. >> reporter: the first won't be rolled out until a year and a half from now, december 2017. i hope one of the people see the unveil and they like what they put a down payment on. your hands on one. the waiting list. tesla himself got the guy off the waiting list. >> no car for you. this is the hot car to have. i hope people are happy with
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steve: we know where the weather is going. we had a great day today. this is a weird week we're in the middle of. nick: through the next seven days, we'll see some strange changeable weather that's going to be moving through and, again, some big dips in temperatures coming our way and there is going to be some snow in the forecast. not a lot, but something we'll have to sort of keep an eye on for parts of the area as we get in towards the weekend and parts of early next week. 73, 49 today. no snow with that. beautiful day. sunshine. a couple of clouds. more of the clouds did appear this afternoon as we were expecting. the average, 55 for the high. 6:39 sunrise. the set is at 7:20. humidity, 45 percent. wind gusting over 25 miles an hour. clouds have been increasing and steady. tonight. that's going to lead to showers
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way off to the west, you see them west of binghamton to harrisburg. we've got some time. but soak in the highs. 73 at newark and poughkeepsie. we were in the same range. 65 at bridgeport. 65 at islip. back to 60 as you went towards montauk and the cooler wind keeping the coastal communities below the rest of the area. 73 at poughkeepsie. 61 at bridgeport. monticello, 64. 72 at newark. 69 allentown. we're up 15 to 20 degrees from 24 hours ago. the wind will continue out of the south as it's doing now. 10, gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour overnight. tomorrow we'll see the south-southwest wind. these are the latest gusts. we're seeing the gusts in the 25 to 30-mile-an-hour range happening now. here's satellite photo. you can see showers off to the west. notice not a lot. as the movie loop shows, a lot
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more in the way of showers further to the west. as the wind continues out of the southwest ahead of the storm center that's heading towards the great lakes region, and the cold front that will be coming through. so again, the lines of showers, first batch here. second batch here. that's what we'll be dealing with as we head into tomorrow. here's the day planner. 60 out the door in the morning with showers scattered about. showers. we'll hit 74. watch the futurecast temps take us into the 60s tomorrow morning and right into the low and middle 70s tomorrow afternoon. we cool it down into saturday basically into the upper 50s. and watch the surge of blue coming down. that's the cold as we head into sunday. 30s for sunday morning and lower 40s during the day. showers with a cold front moving through. here's the second front that will bring the colder air the second half of the weekend. breezy tonight.
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upper 50s in the city. 74 tomorrow. 60 at the coast. showers and thunderstorms and a gusty southwest breeze. saturday, clouds, breaks of sun. can't rule out a shower or two at 58. rain and snow showers saturday night. freezing. 43 on sunday. a windy day. the yankees may have a problem. the system is moving faster. rain monday afternoon which could end as snow tuesday morning. high tuesday with a gusty wind, 42. 46 wednesday. showery thursday. steve: it's only late march. the trees and everything, it seems later. nick: we'll be doing this for a while. jennifer: 32? unreal. steve: thank you, nick. jennifer: a floating garden is putting new york's waterways to work. steve: baruch shemtov shows us the science that could reshape the future of food. >> reporter: what is a concrete
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lush landscape thanks to an art art -- >> a swale will be in the east river. >> reporter: a forest full of edibles to pick and enjoy. throughout the summer, swale, named after a term for a low marshy stretch of land, will be floating from port to port, bringing the foliage from brooklyn to the bronx. what would a day look like? >> you can come on and tour it with somebody that knows about the edible and medicinal qualities of the plant and pick food, take a break, hang out, and come back. >> reporter: there will be a small structure featuring events likes dance performances and poetry readings. what's the message people will take from swale? >> i hope we can think about the future of food in the city and what it might look like to provide fresh free food as a public service. >> reporter: beyond the summer, she is hoping it will make a permanent impact on new york.
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permanent food for us in the places we stop. we're thinking about interdependency and not just resilience, but regeneration and how to co-create and live together in a way where we're providing for ourselves. >> reporter: swale will be free and open to the public starting june 28th. you can get more details and keep track of the location around new york by visiting swale in brooklyn bridge park, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. jennifer: we're always looking for that little piece of nature. steve: farm to table to the next level. why watch a movie in 3-d when you can see one in 4d? >> the movie theatre that wants to put you inside the action. steve: how a legendary dance company is introducing us to the
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steve: moviegoers may want to check out a theatre in union square. jennifer: a look at the first ever 4-d theatre. this is exciting. >> reporter: it has all the senses. you can smell stuff. your seat's rocking? >>
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remember when smell-a-vision was just a pipe dream? well, i don't have to be corny. it's actually happening. after receiving a positive response from audiences in japan and hollywood, 4-d has arrived in new york at one theatre only for now. that's the regal cinemas in union square. >> a night at the movies got more immersive. this is 4d x technology, designed to enhance the 3d movie experience. these chairs vibrate, pulsing back and forth, to reflect the action on screen. all right. this is my first 4d experience. we're going to watch the first 15 minutes of batman versus superman. here we go. >> reporter: air blasts from behind you and in front of you when you're watching an explosion. there's an option to turn on
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plus there are environmental effects like wind. that was awesome. i thought it was really fun. your chair moves back or forward so you're seeing it from the camera's perspective. i enjoyed the 15 minute preview. i'm concerned about the full film. is there going to be movement? is it going to be distracting the entire time? >> no. no. i think -- the cool thing about 4d x technology, there are spurts throughout the movie where there might be movement in an action scene. there's fog and lightning that will happen on the exterior of the auditorium. >> reporter: looking ahead to summer blockbuster season, what are movies you think this would be perfect for? >> upcoming films that have been announced in 4d x are jungle
5:27 pm
universal, and captain america civil war from disney as well. >> reporter: i definitely want to see jungle book in 4d. that should be awesome. there are smell effects. i didn't smell anything. the cost, 4d x comes with an $8 up charge on top of a regular ticket. it could put your total at around $30 a person. for families, that's going to be challenging. but -- jennifer: i heard it worked in l.a. because it put more people in the theatres when they did that. >> reporter: cinemas are doing anything they can. steve: going to the movies is a rarity. to make it an event makes sense. especially in new york, people aren't buying the massive soda and the massive popcorn the way they used to. they need to make more money on the tickets. you're getting a better experience. seems kind of fair. >> reporter: yes. one last thing, bring a jacket.
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effects, i was getting cold. so -- steve: always a good idea. it's too cold. all right. good deal. thank you, simone. jennifer: show them the money. some of soccer's biggest stars want a raise. steve: and they all happen to be women. how members of the u.s. women's soccer team are fighting to make as much as men. jennifer: rapping about getting high. it's been going on for a year. can anything be done to stop artists from promoting drug use? lisa evers tackles the issue in
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jennifer: five top players from the u.s. women's soccer team want to be paid what they're worth. steve: mac king shows us how they're trying to end the pay gap between men's and women's sports. >> the generation of players before us fought. now it's our job to keep on fighting. >> reporter: carli lloyd scored winning goals in last summer's world cup final. she was named player of the
5:32 pm
she was paid and her teammates 44 percent of what it paid the men for playing in the world cup. >> we're proven our worth over the years. >> they won three straight gold medals and three world cups. the men's teams never finish third. >> we continue to be told we can be grateful to have the opportunity to play professional soccer and to get paid for doing it. >> reporter: national team players, hope solo, carli lloyd, and others filed a complaint monday with the equal employment opportunity commission. >> when you win championships and gold medals, it helps your case. >> reporter: the co-director of the sports society expects to see the more impactful results of the filing occur outside of a courtroom. in the public discourse. spotlighting a gender pay gap present in every profession. >> sports is usually able to
5:33 pm
issues up to the foreand get enough people talking that there could be change. >> reporter: in a statement, the u.s. soccer federation wrote it had not seen the complaint but, quote, we're disappointed about the action. we've been a world leader in women's soccer and are proud of the commitment we've made to building the women's game in the united states over 30 years. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: atlantic city will be broke by the end of the week. jennifer: governor christie won't let them declare bankruptcy. lidia curanaj has the plans of what to do next. >> reporter: governor chris christie is emphasizing again that he will not allow atlantic city to file for bankruptcy if it runs out of money. this comes a little more than a week before atlantic city faces a possible three-week government shutdown because it cannot make payroll. right now atlantic city is more than $400 million in debt. christie says this is happening because the city's leaders
5:34 pm
when it comes to municipal salaries. the governor said a bankruptcy filing would hurt the credit ratings of towns all over new jersey. he reiterated he will only sign an aid package if it comes with legislation that would allow the state to take over a large part of the local government. he said if the bills are not passed, he will fight expansion of casino gambling to northern new jersey. >> i don't want this responsibility. i don't need the responsibility of running atlantic city on a micro basis on top of being the governor of the state of new jersey jersey. but it is my responsibility to make sure it gets done. and the senate president and i and 30 members of the senate have agreed that this is the only way to go. >> reporter: he added the city's mayor had once agreed to the
5:35 pm
out of it because they plan to run for the democratic nomination for governor. the mayor has asserted it's cut $25 million from the budget. christie's response? that's like one guy with a bucket trying to bail out water off the titanic. jennifer: thank you. steve: brutal. thanks. jennifer: the hip-hop world has glamorized drug use for decades. steve: with our nation battling an addiction epidemic, it's time for artists to change their tune. lisa evers is talking about that on "street soldiers." >> reporter: more than 125 a day are dying from drug overdoses in this country. now some are wondering if popular music is promoting a dangerous climate where drug use is considered normal. i've got to say
5:36 pm
the hot 100 chart with the single stay high. she wasn't the only mainstream mega star who captivated millions of fans and rose to the top of the charts. the video for the weekend's drug addiction wrapped up 500 million views. it. this pill addiction led to a fatal crash and a 5-1/2 year prison term. she says the wrong message is everywhere. >> for me, i can actually have a flashback of, you know, little wayne's song. and just feeling empowered that, like, oh, i'm doing this, and if
5:37 pm
promoted. >> reporter: this song is part of a growing genre hip-hop known as trap music. the beats and hooks are as addictive as crack. but there are negative consequences on the street. >> we get a front row view of this every day. it's getting to a younger age. it's fashionable because they put some many creative names on it. like the molly, the drank. you name it, they got it. they market it to the youth. they're dying from it. >> reporter: it's not just hip-hop. the drug themes run through many genres of music. no one is advocating 17 -- censorship. we talk about it saturday night.
5:38 pm
nurse, the addiction angel. steve: that's a tough one. thank you, lisa. a homecoming for a talented group of dancers. jennifer: the unique choreography that's been dazzling audiences across the country. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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jennifer: a legendary touring company featuring dancers has returned to new york. steve: christal young has it in the spotlight tonight. >> for more than 40 years, the junior ensemble of elle dance theatre has thrilled audiences with its performances. the company travels for most of the year but comes back to new york city for its two-week season every spring. >> i'm excited because we're back home with our friends, with our family, with our audience members who are familiar with that. >> reporter: most of the dances in ailey 2 were inspired to dance as young children. samantha was 10 when she saw her first ailey show. >> i saw these powerful women and ethnic and beautiful, but different. we don't see women that look
5:42 pm
i felt in love. from then on, it became something that i really wanted to pursue. >> ailey hand-picked children through a program called arts connection and his legacy lives on. >> he knew the plan. he knew what he wanted his company to be about. so i know he's smiling down. i know he's proud. >> reporter: ailey ii performances are moving and diverse. there's a something that's inspired. the day i stopped by, i caught them rehearsing the crowd pleaser i am the world set to house music.
5:43 pm
comes all the way across. >> reporter: lloyd boyd insists that anyone who comes to see ailey ii perform will leave feeling lifted. >> we start with hard hitting pieces. every time you see a piece. >> reporter: you can catch the 42nd season with the ailey march 30th. dance seasons aren't long. i'm christal young, fox 5 news. jennifer: a cancer survivor is bronx. >> one, two, three. steve: kind of cool. wait until you see the big surprise the coach gave the team this morning.
5:44 pm
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jennifer: are autism rates stabilizing? the number of children being diagnosed with the condition has been holding steady over the last several years. steve: joining us, dr. doris day, clinical associate professor at nyu medical center. that's good news. are you buying that the rates are stabilizing? >> well, on the good news front, it's nice to hear things aren't getting worse, but what it means is difficult to understand. the cdc monitor autism rates. in the 11 counties across the country where they're measuring rates in eight-year-olds, they don't see a difference.
5:47 pm
but the problem is what are they capturing? who are they missing and who's getting help? when you look at the groups getting autism, minority communities are not being diagnosed properly, early enough or getting the services they need. and the rates are still alarming at one in 68. so the cdc isn't saying this should make us feel comfortable that autism is on the decline and we should forget about it. they're not seeing a change in the counties where they're measuring it. but that may be because they're diagnosing it earlier, more kids are getting in the system in some way, but the kids in the system aren't getting all the help they could be or should be getting. we need to have autism awareness. we need to understand better and look broader than the 11 counties across the country and see what's really going on. jennifer: the screening isn't reaching all demographics. >> exactly. steve: autism speaks says they think the numbers are underestimated. >> i think that's true. i agree with them. i think the cdc might agree, but they have to measure something somewhere.
5:48 pm
attention to it. it's always great to keep the awareness high and aim to have greater measurements across greater counties in the country. steve: with a grain of salt for sure. a new study supports short course antibiotic treatment for lyme disease, but not all experts think this is the best option. >> i'm one of those experts. steve: that does not think that. >> exactly. this is a study out of the netherlands that was published in the new england journal of medicine, which is good. that's on the surface a good thing. it's a well done trial, looking at close to 300 people. here's a little bit of the glitch around it. this will set people who had a diagnosis for over two years. this isn't someone who's just diagnosed and determining how long to treat. these are people who have had it for a period of time, are in the chronic phase. in that phase, you don't know if it's still active chronic lyme disease or they have the infection. when we argue these things, all
5:49 pm
the three arms of the study, one group got nothing. doctors observed them over 12 weeks. they found there was no groups. in all groups, some did better, some did the same and some didn't do any better or worse. so then all this tells me is we need to better understand more about lyme disease. is it active infection? blood? what other measures can we use? is three months long enough? they may need longer treatments to see improvement. three months is a period of time, but it may not be long enough. jennifer: it almost shows us what we don't know. >> we have to ask the right questions. we need to know if there's destruction, if there's active disease, what made the people get better, what didn't help the other group. and hopefully this will lead to better testing. the problem with lyme disease, it's clinical judgment on so many levels.
5:50 pm
lyme titers. you may not be able to measure the infection. some people don't test positive. steve: dr. doris day, that's a big mystery still. thank you. >> a beautiful day today. kind of nice tomorrow and then we go downhill. nick: we'll be riding the roller coaster wave. when the dips happen, it's going to go down, particularly sunday and for a portion of early next week. 72, 73 in the area today. very nice weather. more clouds around this afternoon, but that was expected. it was cooler along the coast. boston, 70. they got in on the warmth. albany 70. 72 to pittsburgh. 74 to washington, d.c. everybody in the mild air. no rain nearby, but look at fox 5 sky guardian, you go off to the west, and there are the showers already moving through central pennsylvania. got a couple of hours before that happens. mostly later tonight. and again, we'll see them around as we head into tomorrow as the front comes in from the west. you can see the line of showers as we track it here.
5:51 pm
so it will be a while before we get any significant amounts of rainfall around here. we will potentially see a thunderstorm as we go into tomorrow. right now, still quite mild as you go from the city north and west. 73 up there poughkeepsie. and 70 as sussex. 72 in newark. looking at 60s in the city. 61 at bridgeport. 50s when you get from islip east towards montauk. our wind continues out of the south. it had been breezy this afternoon at 15 to 25-plus miles an hour. that will continue tonight and a southwest wind will be gusty as we head into tomorrow. in fact, you can hear the latest wind gusts over 25 to 30 miles an hour as you go across north jersey across long island. let's take a look at the big picture and show you what's happening. we have the wind coming out of the south. the system is heading towards the great lakes. the cold front off to the west here, there's been thunderstorms with it. nothing like yesterday's big severe weather outbreak, but seeing showers and storms. that front will slide towards us.
5:52 pm
to middle 70s. on the other side of the front, it starts to chill down. minneapolis into the 40s. there'll be a secondary front coming through. that's going to bring the colder air as we get into the forecast for the second half of the weekend. tomorrow's highs jump into the lower 70s. we cool down to 50s and 60 on saturday. then you'll see the real change. notice the blues appearing here. sunday morning we'll be in the 30s. during the afternoon, recovering to the lower 40s. here's the futurecast showing the showers around into tomorrow. even a couple of thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon into the first part of the evening. they go away. saturday, clouds, little sun. notice the front doesn't move that far. there could be a couple of showers around with a secondary night. that could bring rain and snow showers to the area early sunday morning before we turn windy and colder. 58 in the city with showers later on and the breeze gusty out of the south at 10 to 30 tomorrow, showers and
5:53 pm
about 60 to 65 there. 74 in the city. clouds, a little sun, a couple of showers saturday. most of them will be at night. 58. sunday, windy. we'll talk about 43 degrees with lots of sun. then the chance of showers does return unfortunately for the yankees opener by monday afternoon. 51. that could end as snow tuesday morning. tuesday morning, 32. wednesday morning, 28. in the 40s. then we recover more by thursday. steve: very well. thank you. it's a day early, but a softball coach in the bronx who has battled cancer twice played a great april fool's day joke on his friend. jennifer: how he surprised his players with a trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: it's 7:20 in the morning. every day the lady tigers show up at the gym for a two-hour softball practice before school. >> go, go, go. tagger. out. good. >> reporter: it starts with a daily affirmation from the coach. >> i do appreciate you coming every day. i really, really do.
5:54 pm
before you got on the team, i said listen, this is what i expect. great in school and great in the classroom and you'll be part of a family and i'm going to be your father. >> reporter: a father because many of the girls don't have their own. >> my father left at an early age. i have trust issues. >> he's like a father figure. my left me when i was five. >> reporter: the coach has had his troubles, too. the 37-year-old has been diagnosed with stomach cancer twice. last year he started documenting his battle with videos and posting them on youtube. >> when i'm not around -- >> it's hard to hear there's someone important to you you can't help. it was hard at first. he's always there for us. we should be there for him. he's always there for us. >> reporter: he has been cancer-free for the past year. but the team videos caught the attention of a youth softball
5:55 pm
the fireworks invited the lady tigers out to the windy city to play on a professional field at bandit stadium. >> we can't wait to see you at bandit stadium. >> reporter: but the team didn't think they raised enough money to go on the trip. the girls are about to watch a video. they have no idea the chicago team sent this in and they're about to get the surprise they've been waiting for. >> lady tigers, you're really coming to chicago. you will be picked up on the bus. [cheering] >> reporter: the lady tigers will play a double-header with their names on the jumbotron the last weekend in april, not with their teammates, but with their family. >> one, two, three! >> lady tigers >> reporter: from the bronx, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. jennifer: a great story. everyone is so excited. we'll see you back here at
5:56 pm
steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we have some good stories for you. space is a commodity in new york, and selling your stuff online, no matter what it is, could be the way to go. up next, all the new ways popping up to make that easier than ever. we'll have that story and the top headlines coming up right after a short break here on fox 5. join us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more,
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ernie: it's thursday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. it is a big political day in new york city. we get to the backlash against donald trump in a few minutes. first, democrat bernie sanders is in new york getting ready for a rally in the bronx. dan bowens is there for us right now to tell us more about what's going on. good evening, dan. >> reporter: yeah. you can hear this crowd behind me, this long line stretching three, four blocks deep.
6:00 pm
everyone before they go inside st. mary's park. it is a slow process. new york is one of the biggest contests left in this primary. nearly 300 delegates at stake. hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in westchester county and tonight senator sanders will speak before this big crowd in the south bronx. >> a candidate that's speaking for the people that represents the bronx is huge. >> for him to come to the south bronx, st. mary's park, is awesome. >> i'm here because i think it's important for new yorkers to show up. >> reporter: the energetic and diverse crowd in the south bronx where vermont senator bernie sanders is looking to boost support among minority voters. >> people live out here. this is where the soul of the people are. he's showing that he really cares and he knows that there's some people that's been deprived and treated horribly for years, and he cares. >> reporter: sanders, originally from brooklyn, needs to make this a close contest to keep his


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