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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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dari: cool rain, high winds, weather pattern making it feel like february, we begin with a fox 5 weather alert. steve: morning commute could be slippery. we get to nick for details, it has been a gloomy day. nick: sunny but chilly tomorrow, we'll stay chilly for this week. one day we'll get to coverage temperatures. you kind of whether or not knew this would happen with the winter weather we've had. temperatures are cold, we're talking temperatures in 30s and low 30s. north jersey to hudson valley, below freezing across long island, today.
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sections of new jersey, clearing trend will come in, gusty out of north, 15 or 20 plus miles per hour, we have a freeze warning, temperatures are at or below freezing that covers new york city through southern connecticut, long island most of new jersey, everyone is going to 20s tonight. the lower 20s north and west, future cast, clearing trend tomorrow, a beautiful day. but chilly. i don't think we get above 40. windchill values in upper 20s to 30s, wednesday, sun will give in to clouds, but it will be dry until nighttime, showers coming in. temperatures only in 40s on wednesday, milder thursday. 20s tonight, in city, 28 the low, showers out of the picture in clearing coming in, tomorrow, bright, sunny, 20 to 30 out the door, midtown 35 in middle of the day, no higher than 39 in the afternoon.
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thank you, nick. 128 delegates up for grabs in wisconsin tomorrow. hillary clinton and john kasich are campaigning here in new york tonight. linda schmidt cart -- caught up with kasich on long island. reporter: good evening to you. first of all, governor kasich held two town halls today on long island, although wisconsin is having its primary tomorrow, he is looking beyond that, here to new york, our primary is potential 19 -- april 19, he is here, he will be back later this week asking new yorkers to help him get to the convention this summer, john kasich held a town hall in huntington, long island. and responded to donald trump's call for him to fold up his campaign, that would make it a two-man race between trump and cruz.
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response to donald trump? >> he said, i was winning his voters, i'm going to win a lot of them. reporter: you are not backing out. >> oh, no, this was fantastic, he should have been here tonight, this was great crowd. reporter: trump was in wisconsin ahead of their premier there tomorrow -- primary their tomorrow, trump made his case for why kasich should bow out. saying he is only won a single primary, his home state of ohio. >> he is 1 and 30, he should get the hell out, he is stubborn. reporter: on democratic side, hillary clinton is in new york, she went after trump, at a rally we governor cuomo, it was celebrating new york new $15 minimum wage law. >> donald trump said that wages door high. -- are too high. >> he is fired, that is funny. reporter: what is not funny for clinton, is that bernie sanders
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with a the former new york senator, the empire state could become a watershed moment in the campaign. >> if he were to win here, beating hillary clinton, that would be a huge boone to his campaign, and a blow to her campaign. reporter: according to latest quinnipiac pole "quinnipiac poll," in new york. here are the numbers. it could be a battle here for second. back to you. steve: all right. thank you. >> we learned that bernie sanders and hillary clinton have agreed to a debate, 5 days ahead of new york primary, they will might april 14, on cnn, at brooklyn navy yard, that announcement ending days of jockeying about when and how they would debate. dari: a plan in new jersey, to
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of the drinking water there, newark mayor are pushing a i did -- deposit on recyckible cans, and bottles. >> we know that is a billion dollar problem. having establish with annual revenue, it a start, even if it covers a fraction but we're hear today, our children, who live in the state, deserve better. dari: ill vated lead lefts were found in the water in at dleeft 38 schools. thousands of kids are being tested for exposure to high levels of lead. steve: nypd cracking down on atv and dirt bike riders on city streets. 65 in last two weeks, coming up
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of arrests, mayor de blasio said that city is planning a crush in to destroy each confiscated vehicle. dari: 3 students were arrested today after a loaded gun was found at a school on upper east side, a 13-year-old boy brought the revolver to school, and threatened another student. school officials found the loaded weapon in a 15-year-old's pocket, and a box of ammunition was found on a 14-year-old, that is the fourth loaded gun carried into new york city schools in the last 3 weeks. >> call tonight to stop sale of a gun that looks like an iphone in its case. senator schumer said that gun is address, it should not be sold. asking feds to investigate, if it is legal. the maker of the gun said weapons just as easy to hide with more fire power are already on the market. dari: a charter bus headed to
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in upstate new york, it flipped over on a snowy highway. the bus was headed back to the bronx after a weekend retreat, it slid off the road. top toppling down an embankment, landing on its roof, 36 students, two staff members on the bus, 20 needed to be treated for injuries, none were life threat inning. dari: investigators are trying to figure out when construction equipment of the authorized to be on track at the time of yesterday's amtrak train derailment outside of philadelphia, the train ran into a backhoe, killing two amtrak workers, more than 30 people on the train suffered nonlife threatening injuries. steve: we know that repaired to l train tracks are going to cause headache, jen lamers lambers. reporter: mej not
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take the l train for more than a year, it could happen if they shut down the east river tunnel while they make repairs. closing both tracks is one of the option, the upside it would speed up the work to repair damage from superstorm sandy. the down side, it would cut off a main cross town route for hundreds of thousands of commuters. >> probably move choicer to manhattan. -- closer to manhattan, or further south, l train is main source of transportation. >> i feel like i am kind of screwed, i have to figure out what i'm going to do. reporter: in a statement, mta said it is committed to meet regularly with residents, and businesses and others, and consult with elected officials before making any decisions about the process, and service
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plan is to maintain limited l -train service. the line's 5 manhattan stops, riders align deputy director. >> good thing is that this not going to happen until 2016 or 18 -- 2017 or 18, there is a lot of time for the mta to get it right, only way that will happen is if the riders speak up and say this is what we need. dari: how about this, scoring a premium seat to a yankees game for a quarter, the offer, comedian john oliver is making to fans. steve: o.j. simpson trial on tv, fx series, will explore whether that is changes any minds about his guilt or innocence. dari: whatever happened to putting food on plates?
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pushed back the yankee's home opie, first pitch set for tomorrow afternoon. dari: some lucky fans may enjoy premium seats, thanks to comedian, tv host john oliver. steve: on the show he rip one team official for suggests that certain fans did not belong in high price session, mac king followed. >> the fan may be, someone who is never sat in a premier location this is a frustration to ourickiving existing fan base. >> wow, you are saying rich people could not bear to sit next to people who are not rich. reporter: john will very oliver played that, seeming toking is those who cannot afford to sit in expensive seats might it is during those -- disturbies to who can.
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will be riffraff in those seats. reporter: he purchased. two seats, he will sell them for a quarter each. >> you must dress like you have never sat in a premium location before. reporter: oliver implored his audience to tweet an image of themselves with the hash tag. >> experience is the product, i think that is what he is speaking to. reporter: we were not to take the words out the context, yankees believe that someone who pays less for a premium seat devalues that seat, and experience of sitting there. but also acknowledged that does not make it right. >> going to a game, is no longer something that you would do as much a matter of course, as it is tending to be a little bit closer to the family trip to
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reporter: by planting 6 fans he deems riffraff. oliver stick its to yankees in in the name of a good joke. >> there is a real evolution in what it means to go to ballpark, it used to be something that was much more accessible. >> enjoy the game, give a-rod or best. reporter: mac king, "fox 5 news." dari: for their part, yarnlgs yarchs yanks are taking the contest in stride. thank you thank you john oliver for buying the tickets. steve: facebook pulled out of bidding,less than a month after putting in a bid for thursday night football package. facebook was going up again amazon, and verizon and other streaming video outlets.
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rechefs whipping up amazing creations in manhattan for a good cause, . >> uniting unite baruch shemtov takes us around the world for tasty treats. >> it was magical. >> i never had this much chocolate in my life, amazing. >> i can not explain how stuffed i file right now, it was so good, the top of the top. reporter: hundreds of guests gather an array of sweet, crafted by member the of delay desserts. joined by some of the most recognizeable names in the business. >> idea, to just create an experience. reporter: what makes a perfect pastry? >> the perfect balance. balance of sugar.
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-- acidity, and texture and taste, contrast of currenty -- currenty and gooey and shot of, and hard. >> i think, a perfect pastry should break back childhood memories, the technique, and how they make it a wow. >> texture, everyone loves dessert. reporter: with dal delicacies and chocolate sculptures representing regions of the world, bite after bite after bite offering a fastonomic -- gastronomic tour. >> a nonprofit, $100% privately funded. organization that this year we'll give away 60 million
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>> this is the first year they brought their player to flair to the big apple. reporter: as they toast success of fellow pastry masters they lift new york city a little bit sweet or this wednesday night, baruch shemtov fox 5 news. steve: very happy. dari: secrets from the people versus o.j. simpson series revealed. how the cast feels about the verdict. steve: cuba has interesting takes on this. >> a baby shower but not called
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dari: millions are reliving one of the most famous trials in u.s. history. steve: peoples haves s vs o.j. simpson. >> simone talked with the cast of the case.
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tuned in to hear the o.j. simpson verdict in 1995, including a young actor cuba gooding jr. >> what did you make about it at the time. >> i was 45e7, happy, i didn't care if he did it or not. >> right now he is wrapping up a run as simpson. >> you want to make this a black thing? i am not black, i am oj . >> defense attorney johnny cochran. >> oj was a big hero of mine, i was in shock that it was going down like this. reporter: john travolta was fresh off a career changing role in pull pulp fiction. >> every week we not insight to what happened.
10:23 pm
twists and turns are based in fact. with scenes that would have otherwise gone unseen. >> i had what media said to me, i never thought to question about, about what marcia was or any of the main players were. >> what do you think about the case. >> interesting. >> a lot of black people think that ojdidn't do it. >> after living in oj's shoe, cuba gooding jr. sees things differently. >> shooting that seen when oj bends down and kisses nicole's corps, i felt ashamed, i never grieved for those families, some days i felt he was guilty, some days i felt he was innocent, right now it is overwhelming information, and i don't know, i still don't know how i feel about it. but, whatever i feel, i keep it to myself. reporter: tomorrow at 10 on fx we find out what happened
10:24 pm
was read, 20 years ago. steve: right back in the tv. >> the travel, endless interviews every morning, how rough the campaign schedule really is. dari: social media. steve: nonstop grind it is. dari: and princeton university answer to a racial controversy spreading across campus. >>
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. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. steve: no one out thes that running for president is a 24/7 job. >> there has been a lot of chatter about gaffes and campaign slip ups with the campaign season so long, and so devicive this year, sharon crowley takes a closer look. reporter: president obama played basketball and golf, president
10:28 pm
while in office. it a stamina needed before they move into the white house. >> few things are more taxing in politics in america than running for president of the united states, perhaps second to being president. reporter: it would be easy to make argument this primary season has been more grueling than most. political analysts say that idea that neither party has sewn up the nomination by now is adding to the so-called campaign fatigue. >> it is a very grueling process, if you can't get through the campaign process, it is unlikely to will be easy to get through the governing process. reporter: a news cycle means that everyone makes mistakes. donald trump found himself back peddling after this interview on mcircumstance mcircumstance nbc last -- msnbc
10:29 pm
>> there has to be some form of punishment. reporter: and hillary clinton admits it is tiring. >> lack of sleep, being fatigued is a big problem. in any stressful situation. >> the less chance your brain has to heal, people can develop other medical problem like high pressure, probably related to stress hor hormones that are released. reporter: one more thing, 4 of the 5 candidates left in the case are over the age of 60. competing for nation's top job, as senior citizens. >> sharon crowley, fox 5 news. dari: well. steve: a grind yeah, it is, i'm tired. >> a new round of common core testing begins tomorrow, new york state officials say they made major changes, but that does not mean their parents will not have their kids opt out, last year 1 in 5 students
10:30 pm
year the kids have more time to take thetivity, and tests and scores do not count against them or their teachers, they shortened english and math exams. >> common core is confusing. i went home i got upset. that made my parents upset. >> state also said that it replaced the test vendor, developing new questions for next year with more en computer from teachers. >> and infutfrom teachers. >> princeton university will keep woodrow wilson's name on the school. the president of the university said that they have an obligation to highlight wilson's towering achieverments. >> a green card can be a lifeline for any immigrant, lisa evers shows us how criminals are
10:31 pm
by peddling fake cards on the streets. reporter: you can buy a lot of items here, but now neighborhood position as forgery epicenter is being challenged by the internet could all types of businesses are booming on roosevelt avenue, it easy to get a green card from street corner hustlers, but, you get what you pay for. $300 version is not as organization add $3,000 version, we came here to find out more. special age said that fake green cards and documents are part of a bigger problem. >> our concern are those individuals that obtain the fake documents to done to perpetrate criminal activities. and pose a threat to national security.
10:32 pm
technology advances have enabled forgers to make realistic fakes, and they are not just used for work but cashing in on fraudulent welfare, and even veterans benefits. >> you can open bank accounts, you can be able to gain lawful. am. reporter:'s work closely with district attorney, last year vance indicted a english teacher who allegedly bilked foreign students for promising green cards. >> if you find a person that has a fake document, you need to report it to law enforcement. reporter: a new bill is being considered by state assembly to upgrade the charges for making or selling the counterfeit documents to a c- class felony, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." dari: mayor cuomo signed into law the bill that will gradually
10:33 pm
$15 an hour, phased in over 6 years, in most of the state. the law also established 12 weeks of paid family live for most workers. >> a small dog led police on a big chase on the bay bridge this oak in oakland and san francisco, the officers closed bridge, and followed the black chihuahua. he was too fast. they boxed him in. he was taken to a local shelter, waiting to be reunited with his owner. bad boy. dari: an exhausterring run. >> corn in a cup? fries in a basket, restaurants are serving food on everything but a plate. steve: tossing out a baby shower, why some moms to be are throwing what are known as baby sprinkles instead. >> here is tonight's new york
10:34 pm
>> a lot of free stuff at grand central vanderbilt hall. all part of annual taste of the terminal, every monday at lunch or dinnertime this month. >> right here at grand central. >> and eastern branch of the library reopened today. they showed off a number of high-tech upgrades. >> new shelf, better lighting, tabled wired for computers. we have wi-fi. reporter: you can find out more.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> americans are looking to drop their cell phone companies, 6 in
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getting disconnected. would consider switching characters. >> virgin america flying away with top spot for airline quality. the company was voted number one. study looking into on time performance to luggage, and customer. >> that high qualify, making it an easy pick for alaska airlines, abs announces they are snatching up the carrier but first the deal has to be approved. >> and buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, boston red sox have most expensive average ticket price to watch a game, $1 57 bucks a pop at fen a park, and l.a. angels cheapest, $48 a person. dari: a massive leak, financial
10:39 pm
panama to offer a glimpse to shadowy world where rich and powerful hide their money. steve: 12 million confidential documents from a law firm this week, world leaders use a network of offshore companies to hide taxes and moneys, among them vladimir putin, house say leak could help enforce u.s. sanctions in the world. >> greater transparency, lows to us get around, u.s. sanctions that have been put in place. steve: fascinating, many governments are promising investigation into hundreds of allegations of corruption, that law firm in panama denies any wrong doing. dari: something is disappearing from tables of from restaurants, it sparked a social media
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steve: once probationing a -- what is replacing traditional showers for parents expecting
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steve: eating out has become such an experience in trendy restaurants, your food doesn't come on a plate sometimes. dari: mac king with why it is about the presentation. woohoo i scream. reporter: when one orders ice cream at senior frogs in times square, dessert arrives in the ice cream truck on a dancing train with servers, with an mc. telling crowd thousand move to a senior frogs is cream truck song. >> everyone scream! everybody say, hey, hey, hey. reporter: every dish, every drink, every anything you can order at senior frogs arrives on
10:45 pm
>> coffee tastes differently depending on the color of the cup, i could not find research for sliders on a skateboard, or quesadilla on a mouse trap. >> if you want food to taste good it does not mean it will taste good. reporter: food editor, has watched new york city restaurants en vent their own serving dishes. >> restaurants set themselves apart, i think that people are a lot of people are purests they want food on a plate. reporter: that include a brit named ross maginnes who wanted we want plates. they have images of all types of food holders. begging restaurant community to bring back the plate.
10:46 pm
reporter: senorfrogs and other restaurants, in world, delight the customers who receive them making a dish memorable no matter the taste. >> always good, it is fun to look at the ice crime truck. >> mac king, "fox 5 news." steve: well. dari: we were talking about that. steve: a side tangents. >> who knew. >> in high school days, i was a champion bowler then. steve: mm-hmm. you could not just pick up that like how do you be right now if you played? >>, older now but in the day, my coach, i bowled in a saturday morning league. 5 days a week. and fi coach, they wanted me to turn semi pro but i was off to college to study meteorologist. dari: we need you. nick: it worked out.
10:47 pm
ago, i walked by motorcycles are blowing down from the wind. nick: winds were crazy yesterday, today, slow, sleet, and rain. and we have that icing that took place in northern suburbs, temperature is chilly, now we're below freezing in a lot of areas. we stopped at 45 this afternoon. it did not get above freezing in hudson valley, 80 record high, 21 record low, we had .34 inches of rain, a trace of snow in central park earlier. we have a north wind that is gusty at times, still crowdy, we're looking at that system moving along, to the east now, good news their. but cold, these are highs like i said barely getting to freezing. and yellow is 60 plus, from
10:48 pm
now we're cooling it to the freezing mark, then below that many areas here bridgeport 30, same in islip, 28 in hudson valley north jersey, 21 in monticello. wind out of the north, that will continue, be gusty on tomorrow, tonight, but of the 20 degree plus, we'll be in freezing conditions, freeze warning issued again tomorrow night, tomorrow might will be colder, with less wind. we have a freeze warning for the city, long island, southern connecticut, to parts of new jersey. whole north east, everyone is cold, except washington d.c. at 54, 20s in buffalo, albany, and boston and williamsport, that system sliding east, drying air coming in. that will clear out sky. but highs tomorrow, warm in blaine states in 80s. 60 in atlanta, and 80 south
10:49 pm
below freezing in morning. bright and sunny day, future cast temperatures with same deal, tomorrow night cold, teens, 20s, mid to upper 40s to width, but -- wednesday, the clouds will increase, this dry weather for tomorrow to tomorrow night sunshine, this system comes in from west, showers arriving wednesday night, keeping them -- thursday. tonight, clearing coil, -- cold, 28. sun is out tomorrow, we'll strug told get to about 40 in the area. 7 day, sun to clouds wednesday issue freight, shower at night, showers thursday. friday morning sun in afternoon, 53, then 40s for weekend, maybe 50 sunday. steve: really have to find good news there. nick: yes 92 coming up late,
10:50 pm
dari: find out who is headed to basketball hall of fame. >> traffic tracker brought to you by toyota. sawmill southbound, newcastle from 9 until 3, right lane will be closed this week for
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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russ: it is awfully 8:30 this morning, i am fixing my tie, head to the bronx for yankee season opener when i checked my phone, to see an be mail, said this ad's game is postponed with the weather. it will be made up tomorrow. same time, same place, it is a disappointment for all parties. any time a season opener is postponed it not the end of the world for joe girardi. the 9th season as yankees skipper. >> it kind of messes up your schedule a little bit, but it is part of what we go through. we do not play in controlled
10:54 pm
these things can happen. but you look forward to it, you build up to it we have to wait a day. russ: you know so many times you hear complaints people say, we had to go to stayed 50 stadium, pay for parking, wait, and have game called off, to me, yankees did the right thing. >> mitts will be -- mets in act tomorrow afternoon 4:15 in kansas city. >> in in a -- naismith memorial today. shaquille o'neal.
10:55 pm
he would win 4 scores titles, and all-star 11 times. entering the hall am hall of fame was not in his plans. >> i wanted to play forever. you know what i mean. you know, you can't do that forever. you know what i mean? it is here, like i said, i just thank everybody that helped my, man. you what know what i mean? you can't do this by yourself, you need so many people, you need your teammates, you need the coaches to put you in positions. to draw up the plays for you. three other notable names,. whether or yao ming.
10:56 pm
5-2, on hardwood, ncaa finals villanova leading north carolina with less than 8 min yous to minutes to play, 60-55. >> wow. a baby sprinkle is a new trend for moms expecting a second or third baby, instead of showering them with gifts, you sprinkle them with a new necessities like diapers or bath supplies. >> this a toned down affair, but this is an occasion to celebrate the birth of a child. >> that a great idea. >> yes, the suggests sticking with diapers or onesies for your registry, is there a big age gap, stroller should probably make the list too
10:57 pm
features, the same with car
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oh, dear. penny, have you been recording shows on our dvr again? no. answer honestly. this is not a trial. that'll come later. absolutely not. help me out here. i can't afford another demerit. yeah. uh... maybe we were hacked. you know, the chinese have been hacking everything lately. why would the chinese make our dvr record paul blart: mall cop? i don't know. it's a fat guy on a segway. that's funny everywhere. i'm deleting it. well, hang on. maybe the chinese haven't finished watching it yet. you know, if you're trying to make space on the dvr, why don't you just get rid of some of the stuff you've already watched? like, um... alphas. no, that's the season two finale. that was quite the cliffhanger. i'm going to re-watch it before season three starts. there is no season three.


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