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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone. happy chilly, chilly tuesday. >> manhattan bridge. >> what is this -- triburro. >> you got that. >> how do you know that? >> she said it. ines said triborough. >> ben knew it. he's got this freakish -- like knowledge of bridgings and roadways. anyway spring show continues near 40s today. when will we see warm temperatures? hike will tell us, coming up. >> weeks away. bernie sanders and hillary clinton agree to can't debate in brooklyn. heading to polls today in wisconsin's primary. >> another subway slashing, this time in the bronx as the city's
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slashings are one of the few crimes going up. >> another round much common core morning. students are growning i'm sure as they head to school. new york state education officials say they have made major changes to the controversial exam. do you remember all in elementary school they brought in extra pooted those days. they tbaif us treats. >> we department have food in olden days. >> they wanted us to be on a sugar high or -- >> nothing not at all. >> i liked standardized testing days because no home wok with no other lessons. >> only child. test day, yay. >> there's no homework. >> no homework. they couldn't assign other work. >> still you're taking a test.
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>> i'm juliet huddy. >> do you see my logic but it doesn't surprise me. >> i'm excited about the no home wok. >> i would over the entire day of testing. stress. out to the bus stop this is not only cold but windy at the same time. we have warnings in effect for you this morning and later tonight. temps into the 20s for purple shaded areas so it's a cold start is for this time of year for sure. 27 central park. from the north, 10 miles per hour. maybe higher. other regional temps albany has had 16 that is 22 in williams port and 19 in buffalo. sky is breaking up for us here so still here in coastal connecticut, parts of new
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but clouds are basically breaking up as time goes on, and rain is clearly out of here nice and dry, however, there are quite a few places with some icy conditions out there. especially some of the car services they've been iced up as well. rain out to sea and a clearing sky and windier condition too. up to 40 for a high later on todays and next seven days high of 48 tomorrow. 59 on thursday that's the rain coming through but it is on warmer sides. a little bit of that goes into friday morning. all right let'sing bring in ines and check it out. weather is getting quieter but u seems cold. >> very cold meek good morning. and we have a problem in the bronx. new england throughway northbound accident involving tractor trail or or but tremont and country club road subject to closure there. putnam county an accident on tay conic streets.
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route 80. lincoln tunnel driving into the city nots much of an issue. volume 10 to 15 a there. a five minute delay. trains are running on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> you decide 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have set a date for next debate what is in brooklyn. >> as wisconsin presidential primaries get underway. fox 5's robert moses is here with the story. >> good morning to you polls in wisconsin open in less than two hours. can ted cruz win another primary in a big state like in texas and donald trump regain a mow joe after misstepping and can hillary clinton basically clinch the nomination we'll know answers in near hours. s >> i'd like to introduce smi wife -- >>enlisted his wife as a character of witnesses at milwaukee theater with a surprising number of empty seats.
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week perhaps worst of the campaign standing his approach with women. >> fight back ten times harder no matter who you are, a man or a woman -- about he treats everyone equal. >>less about that 20 miles away ted cruz energized supporters in waukesha. >> the entire country its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. wisconsin has a national platform. ahead of trump in badger state although trump doesn't sound like he believes them. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. cruz and trump called on john kasich to drop out o. he's one in 30. he ought to get the hell out. kasich who campaigned in huntington yesterday told our
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trump demands new york will see more of the presidential candidates. announced at the brook navy yard five days before the state primary. clin about ton who was in the city yesterday touted governor andrew cuomo plan to raise the minimum wage. >> donald trump has said that wages are too high. [booing] he's fired. s that's funny. clin about ton isn't latching what she sees polls tight. >> we've won six of the last seven caucus if there's a record-breaking turnout here in wisconsin, we are going to win here as well. >> it's really sad that they just hit me he sounds like howard stern's dad.
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my god -- enunciating even more. kawnts have to get the amplification down. the microphone. >> enough -- bernie sanders. that will do it for you. before you interjected much more interesting material far more interesting but i did want to mention that beshes had to cancel that planned rally in washington square park for april 14th instead of doing that he's going to have this debate with hillary clinton. >> i saw mayor de blasio got a reschedule to make the debate happen. >> likely it will happen. how much of that was posturing and how much of it is genuine -- the hardship getting had this permit i'm not sure. >> thank robert sorry to interject
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>> thanks robert. 6:07 now and bad news another e subway slashing. police say two men many their 20s slash and robbed a man on the southbound 2 train. had happened this morning very early this morning in melrose section of the bronx. man ran off at the jackson avenue stop. the victim injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. >> latest in a state of slashings terrorizing the city. they've increased 20 nngt in the first quarter of this year january, february, and march compared to first quarter of last year. they were 746 in 2015 those three months to 8first three of this year. murders and shootings, though, have dropped fewest number of those in any three month in history were 68 murders that is town from 86 a year ago. >> ben. with joyous -- put these standardized tests because you didn't have to do homework but a lot of kids are not happy it be. because these common core tests
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state says there are major changes to common core this year, and students and parents again going to once again be able to opt out of these tests. >> let's go to fox 5 teresa priolo see if she agrees with me on the days that we have these standardized tests but wasn't common core no homework due and no new homework assigned i think that made -- >> not true for everyone. >> a great day at school. >> ukd not disagree with you more. number one, the day of testing was followed by a sleepless night for me. palms sweaty, heart beating, hated sitting down to take theses tests. and then i went there, pencils down, did i second guess i made the right choice and always got homework been so i don't know where you went to school but when i have kids i'm sending my kids to your school district.
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i guess even though i'm old not much as changed. the way they view these state tests makes them incredibly nervous. they are changed but we don't know how many kids are going to sit for it. this after the state had to make these changes to these tests. shorter untimed vetted by 22 educators across the state when the school bell rings today that's the common corps. test your child will sit down to take. that is if he or she hasn't opted out. >> i never was out of the room when we discussed testing and what's going on and somebody said i'm -- [inaudible] for years parents, teachers and students have complained about common core. they've said that tests doesn't match grade level an assumes all students learn the same and disproportionately affects teacher performance.
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home i got upset and that made my parents upset. >> last year 240,000 children are about 20% of new york states opted out and of those that took the test between 30 and 34% passed. state had no choice but to revamp it and implement major changes that address these issues the question is that enough toe get students to sit per per the exam? >> for common core it shall no child left behind has widened gap between nonwhite and poor students. >> hoping we can get together and say no, opt out. you know be the advocate for the kids. >> those believe in common core and can fulfill intended purpose of making kid college or career ready they they believe it is important to have a national set
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>> to be able to compete with the work force that's what common core and higher standard are all about. >> now new york is one of the four dozen states that participates in common core, and the state has to participate in it it in order to receive a good chunk of some education funding. that is the latest from brooklyn this morning. ben, i envy you and the way that you -- made it through these it'ses. back to both of you in the studio. >> no homework at least teresa priolo. >> thank you to the ancient teresa priolo. >> all of 31. i'm old. >> we love you teresa. 6:12 let's get over to -- mike. >> a little look at the weather we have a cold start to the day. sunny skies. 27 degree that's the bottom line for you today. lots of sunshine. breezy and cold, an not much you can do about it . feels like winter but if you want weather information headlines, alerts on fox 5 weather app apple itunes and
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>> good tuesday morning everyone here are headlines for the day here first of all it is icy narts of the tristate especially to the north. so it's cold out. may have to do defrosting to give yourself extra time for that. sunny, with breezy and cold high temp 40 degrees that wind makes difference too.
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you want to with lows into the teens and 20s like we have this morning, in fact, that's exactly what we have. 27 for you central park as well as bridgeport and newark and our sky is clearing out. look at the window coming from the north, northeast as much as 20 miles per hour make it is feel colder than it actually is. windchill factor down it into the teens had this morning. again the sky coverage it's all breaking u up. clouds out to sea and rain is gone and flakings of snow up around polk knows earlier but thing its are quieter for you and looks like a quieter day altogether but feel that chill in air so doapght go out there unprepared. gloves not out of the question today. maybe even a hat especially if you can't handle it. 40 degrees your high temp later on this afternoon. tomorrow it is beginning to be a little bit better once we start to get into the day. starts off at 26 but ends up at 48. 59 is your high on thursday with rain coming through that goes into friday as well. cooler, drier as we head in toward the weekend.
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don't forget the weather texting campaign, text word whre to 7307 and text the forecast in 15 minutes at 6:30 when we send it out. it's free and cost you a text many your text plan and see what's up with getting around town. it is drying out. got to be a little bit better morning. >> we have a problem spot this morning, though, new england throughway northbound there's aning involving tractor trailer lanes subject to closure between fremont and putnam county southbound by putting industry blocking lane there. take a look at l.i.e. by 106, 107 westbound good as well as eastbound. 59th street bridge into the city different story from yesterday. fine upper and lower level. manhattan bound no problem on bqe normal delays approaching the brooklyn bridge. >> tesla as you've been hear hadding unveiled molds three
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around $43,000 that probably will go up byes at few adding. but company received over a quarter of a million preorders. >> it is wort the price joining us now tech expert shelly palmer far cheaper than previous models. >> model accident is that car startses at 100,000 dollars. ben you know close to 600 mile range. this car, though, is the one that is transition car to tell us without question is america are the to drive -- ready to drive all electric car. not only tesla but chevy will put out the chevy bolt b.o. l.t. will we see america in pure electric vehicles by 2017 middle of 2017? >> key point here is in all
6:19 am
trip because you have a 200 mile range. a great commuter or car. but after that you have to stop and plug it in. j how long does it take to charge? >> now about 200,000 charging stations around america. 80% charge in about 30 minutes x e-which is pretty good. average commute is under 40 miles back an forth so 100 mile car will do it for you. 200 should solve range anxiety and superlong road trip. >> drive to d.c. -- you see not 200 -- not a distance car. now good news is that we are seeing cheap per battery, dual motor models which is more battery efficient. the question we ask is at $35,000 which is around the stirk price and with the government subsidies as long as they last for about 7500 is the rooght for time your to put down a thousand dollars and get at deposit down on your electric videocassette.
6:20 am
lifestyle choice with a second car this is a perfect second car about time. right let's get off of oil. so i don't know if it's really beginning to happen but a quarter of a million deposits after announcing the car and this is the one to watch. i think we might see tesla and chevy be the year from gas to electric. >> she will isly palmer very excited about that. i see. thank you. freerkt it. shelly a lot of great information and article there is. >> how a deposit on recyclable cans and bottles could fix the lead problem in city schools.
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>> welcome back members of the work crew involved in that deadly amtrak crash scheduled to be interviewed today. nfts say train was going 106 miles an hour. sound pretty frays are but that's below the speed limit for this section of track ows of philadelphia . officials say that engineer hit the emergency brake and that speed limit there was 110. within the limb there. backhoe operator and track supervise killed. more than 30 on the train injured. those injuries not life-threatening.
6:24 am
diesed in 1981 you might remember this story over the years. this man abdul maheed army member then non as anthony and another man in a van in queens. they were stopped by two police officers who thought that their truck that van matched the description of one that had been seen in rentes robberies. this man and his accomplice jumped out of the van with their guns blazing. and nypd officer john who was a father of three very young children was shot twice in the head pep he died. his had parter in was shot in tore show and legs he did survive but sworely wownsded and forced to quit the department. he was sentenced to 25 years to life and he died at a medical facility actually on sunday. he was actually serving time at five upon the correction facility and got sick while he was in prison so sentenced to a medical facility. 62 years old. by the way new york state assemblyman charles is calling
6:25 am
death which he calls suspicious. he feels that the cop killer is a viblght victim of political prosecution calling him a freedom fighter. accomplice died in prison in 2009. >> now, you know the family. >> i know smflt children. >> does this provide -- any relief for them? >> i'm looking on facebook right now and i'm sure it will never provide relief for them. they lost their father so young. mother vivian had to live her life without this man. but yeah, i think, you know i'm going to say it a lot of folks like this guy should rot in hell and i'm one of those people. these children were left fatherless one went on to be a police officer himself. yeah. it's a wonderful family, and my best goes out to that family. not to the victim according to charles faron. >> inteed. our thoughts are with them this
6:26 am
6:26 a plan in new jersey to get the lead out of drinking quarter. ross and others pushing a 20 cent deposit to pay for cost of updating city water infrastructure fixing lead crisis in newark schools. elevated lead levels found in the water at 38 newark school buildings leaving it officials to call for testing in all schools across new jersey. top stories, weather an traffic when we return. >> including race for bernie sanders and hillary clinton agreed to a debate that cools to terms on that dates.
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don't you just love it >> good morning everyone. so dark outside. looghts by now? >> clocks change -- warm by now. dark and dreary yesterday. >> spring chill continues high upper 30s near 40s today. will when it be sunny and warm? mike has the full forecast
6:30 am
>> berps and hillary clinton agree on a debate in brooklyn as voters head to polls today in wisconsin's primary. >> three teenage boys have been arrested. police say one of them threatened a young girl with a load gun at a school on upper east side. we'll bring you the store. >> common core testing begins this morning. new york state education officials say they've made big change hads to those controversial exams. >> sound like they're talking about changes with the length of time and not the actual content of it. like. >> they are not timed some are not soless pressure. to finish because watching the clock. >> i thought you enjoyed these standardized tests because you didn't have to do homework. snacks. >> no home work and snacks. where did you go to school? >> public school.
6:31 am
>> where? >> outside philly. >> where was this school? >>detailed information. >> people starts stalking that school. >> benjamin franklin elementary school. >> that says everything doesn't it? >> i don't remember taking standardized tests. number two pencil. >> the bubbles, like that -- yeah. >> fine with that. whatever. i probably just didn't care. anyway, let's what's going on out there. chilly start to the day. talking about temps starts off in teens and 26 degrees that's your current temperature. hearthard to believe but that's it monticello. 27 central park as well as brink port and nuke 29 degrees for you in allentown. these temps are more reflective of about january not right now.
6:32 am
windchill factor is down to 19 in central park 15 at newark and u.s. sussex and 17 in bridgeport. but you do talk about it today. these are not record lo temperature but cold and clouds are woarg on getting out of town and radar satellite is picking up what had looks like snow over the city. but we have to go there by whether or not that's trying to pop back up. not likely but if you do that's how far here. but we're going to see a sunny day. breeze, cold 40 in the city. 48 for you tomorrow. 59 on thursday but that comes with rainfall to that bleeds into friday morning. all right let's get over to ines right now, and take a peek at what's going on when it comes to hitting roads today better than yesterday. >> so or far beaters than yesterdays but a problem spot, of course, bronx you have accident involving tractor trailer lanes subject to closure northbound. this is between tremont avenue
6:33 am
cross bronx normal delay westbound heading to bronx river parkway. queens you have a crash ons cross island parkway by 14th avenue. southbound side police activity and l.i.e. normal delays head to queens boulevard. cameras with fdr drive by -79dth street. southbound traffic with a slowdown there. construction thech to clear that away by 61st. lanes open easing this delay out right now. northbound side looks good as for trains everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. benl. >> thank you. you decide 2016 another being day in the race per the white house. bernie sanders and hillary clinton set a debate for their next debate that is beginning to be in brooklyn. >> as the wisconsin presidential primaries are underway. let's go to fox five's robert moses here to tell us all about this. good morning. >> gorping to -- good morning to you wisconsin is a big state and big news for
6:34 am
of derailing front runner good news is they have a lead all be it narrow along side wife consider her a character witness of sorts by his own admission with raff week last week. his appeal among female voters took a hit and called finish punishment of abortion or and not a good week. in a tight race with cruz and called for him to drop out. kay success had a message for trump basically say he's not going anywhere. >> you're not backing out. >> should have been here tonight this was fantastic. on democratic site hillary clinton had and bernie sanders have announced plans for a debate on april 14 9 at the
6:35 am
days before new's primary on april 19th now ben and juliet it is clear that after wisconsin, noshing becomes the big battleground state. bill clinton is making several stops today all across the state morning he'll be in elmont and then he's going to be upstate later on campaigning for his wife if so clearly hillary clinton not taking any chance hads here in new york. she wants to make sure she's got this locked up. >> polls have tightened here in new york she was way ahead 30, 40 points a month ago. >> qi is so important. wisconsin -- can bernie sanders demonstrate that he will carry that into new york? >> one that has him way ahead in wisconsin. see what happens. going to be interesting. thank you very much. a heart heartbreaking story out of brooklyn where a man owned a iron works company died trying to tick a truck back from a thief.
6:36 am
truck in greenwood heights. owner 63-year-old saw it and chased him in another car. he caught up with him and tried to get into the cab. he fell and he ran him over killing him. then ka loan is charged with murder, robbery and grand larceny. three teenage boys arrested after wifn them reportedly threatened a 12-year-old girl with a loaded gun. >> a 13-year-old boy brought the revolver to ps69 and handed it over to a 15-year-old who had the gun in his jacket. a box of ammunition found on the 14-year-old. no word on what sparked confrontation between kids. this fourth tile that a loaded gun rather was carried into a city school. >> now round of common core testing begins this morning and new york officials say they've made major changes to those controversial exams. so that does not mean that parents, of course, won't have their kids opt out.
6:37 am
that kids don't have to take the test. last year one in five students refused to take those exams. it this year, kids have more time to finish the tests and scores will not count against them or their teachers. 9 state also shortened both dplish and a math had exams and removed one reading passage and one math problem. state also says it replace test vender developing new questions next year with more input from teachers. >> mta kiering a plan to shutdown l-train to mac repair from superstorm sandy if approved no l tran service between brooklyn and manhattan and mean no l-train service at all in manhattan for 18 months. no decision is expected until next year. >> fox means business. >> all right let's get to lauren simonetti at the fox business network and chase making a big bold move for its noncustomers. >> okay some of these atms
6:38 am
dollar bills convenient for peel who didn't want a lot of 20s when they went to atm. some when they could get 100 take tens of thousands but now jpmorgan chase biggest bank in u.s. is saying yep, no, we're limiting those withdraws for noncustomers to there are 1,000 day so you can take out $1,000 but that's it if you're not a customer of jpmorgan chase. >> that sound fine. >> who is taking out thousands of dollars from atm go to teller? >> they wanted to cutback on fraudulent activity or shady business that could be going. explain why some people were taking out large sums. >> anybody have been problem other than shady transactions? >> well i needed a good deal of many unfrom atm this weekend and i couldn't get it i'm not shady or maybe had i am --
6:39 am
about on a sunday so -- >> l we're peeling layers onion back. let's ponder this now rest of the day. >> not exciting at all. >> do you want to know why? >> a christening for the baby. so yeah -- donation for the church and tip or for the restaurant. >> you got it. should have thought about that on saturday you knew about that. >> way to not plan ahead, lauren. >> thanks see you guys later. [laughter] >> we get thrown had many the bus. in that mood today. >> i can tell you are. >> i'm bothered happy about this cop killer story because i think that you know he's where he should be. but it's just upsetting to me. i think about his family. the cop family. >> yeah. >> god love him. sm talk about weather outside today. first of all it is icy out there
6:40 am
is going to be sunnier but on the cold side also windy at the same time. so high temps up to 40 degrees and freezing temperatures guess what, they're not going away because tonight we're doing it all over again with lows dropping into teen and 20s around the tristate and relief after that. but man it's oughts cold one. bring this ines and see what else is going on. got to hit the road and out to school, work whatever. good morning. >> and heard about a problem on harlem river drive northbound all closed between george washington bridge and amsterdam aver because of an accident. let's go to bqe camera shot normal delays there is. as you head to brooklyn bring of course delays back to belt merge on gowanus. duke with a look at sports. hi, duke. sk try it get today yankees, astros season opener we'll have
6:41 am
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the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >> all right checking your hell on a tuesday morning there's been another subway slashing this happened just before 1:30 this morning in the melrose section of the bronx. no arrests yet and victim will sure viewf. it came just hours after police
6:44 am
slashings and stabbings up 20% in first quarter of 2016 compared to same time a year ago. >> winston mostly convicted of murdering genevieve has died in prison at age 81. genevieve's murder became a case study and witnesses did nothing. case credited with speeding donation of the 9-1-1 system. >> a serious scare in the air on delta flight from south carolina to laguardia airport. the plain cabin lost pressure yesterday morning forcing prmingseses to wear dread oxygen mans. with with an emergency landing in north carolina there were no reports of injuries. the new members of the basketball hall of fame have been announced. topping list shaquille o'neal in the league top ten in all time score. excuse me. also joining him alan philadelphia team gave l.a. lakers only loss during that you
6:45 am
run. rock 'n' roll hall of fame by the way recording the concert on friday night smaflt. erand we're gong to have a sneak peek by the way. >> that's cool. take two. >> duke castiglione is at the yankees stadium once again and no snow today. >> no snow but i have my gloves on today so chilly out hire. right now they say it's about 28 degrees. the wind picks up here if you're coming out here dress warm. good news is drier than it was yesterday. hey, we got a thrilling game to tell you about last night men's championship game villanova, north carolina pick it up. marcus panel goes for the shot and in the air and land the game tieing 3-pointer tied 74. 4.7 seconds left. gives it to chris for the win,
6:46 am
finish that is a wild cats first title since 19 85 and never forget that great ending. on the ice rangers were in columbus. going to lock up a playoff spot. first period not good news. captain, ryan, blocks the shot here. he would have to leave the game. no word on how bad he's hurts. but the team likely have another defense ofman take his place and did not rush. return. 2-1 rangeers 26 of the season. rangers win 4-2 in the clinching playoff spot. aisles score three goals over five minute span in the second period. john with a goal and two assists. aisles two points behind rangers for third place in metro division .
6:47 am
city today looking for first win of season. game two of the 162 game season. noah syndergaard on the mound for the the amazing. here at yankees stadium they'll do it again. yes, season opener you know what happened yesterday. it was wet, it was rainy, snowing tarp was on the field around 8:37, i know because right beef we went on the air or for 8:40 hit they postponed it until today. today season opener. yesterday joe girardi asked whether or not he's disappointed that the game was called off yesterday. >> messes up your schedule andier planses. but you know, again it's part of what we go through.
6:48 am
build up it and we have to wait a day. >> all right and one lineup vote brick will not be in starting lineup aaron hicks will be at right-handed bat against dallas. so tanaka on the mounds for yankees. rematch of last year wild card gail as i said, it's a lot colder out here today and drier, but it's colder. and gates open at 11:00 so if you're coming up here and get here early if you want to see pregame festivities and longer security lines like at the end of last year. see youd in in a couple of minutes. >> thanks duke. let's go yankees. what is 40% of 50? >> answer that? >> go ahead. >> common core math question. mike -- 40% of 50? >> i just said 20 --
6:49 am
dig ding least common muts pl multiple of 8 and 12? >> i failed math. >> 8, 16, 24 -- >> grade six and they're hard. grade six math questions on common core it's 24. because oh so okay we're going the the wrong way. i missed that. how did you do in standardized testing juliet? >> you don't remember them. >> social studies but not math. terrible at math. >> make pattern on that little thing. >> scan. show you what's up out there.
6:50 am
sun n skies as duke mentioned it is a lot sunnier. but it's also colder and witness stand did at the same time butting at times so be prepared for that. you have to budget bundle it up but check out esp radar on snow shower here over the city. over brooklyn, queens into nassau county over toward islip flurries reported sod a quick blast of snow. light snow showers that come in and out of the area. not out of the area but does it accumulate but that is something for frocks to freak out about. that's happening. 27 degrees. central park as well as newark, and bridgeport 22 poughkeepsie. and moving on. winds from the north and more northwesterly now. but the front from yesterday that brought us rain and even the snow well that's now leaving the area still a little leftover moisture.
6:51 am
bring us qk snow showers that should be about it. clearing sky, and windy, cold one too. high temp up to 48 tomorrow. more rain on thursday into friday. but by the weekend out of here but also cooler at the same time at the apple and itunes store and it's for free.
6:52 am
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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>> good morning. welcome back problems in queens, and this is going to affect your morning commute. first hudson river crossings 20 minute upper level. 45 at the lincoln. to 2025 at the holland problem. several prawn problems by 14th avenue all lanes are closed because of an active investigation backing to l. i.e. chopper because there's a flip ped over car affecting white stone bridge. a car flipped over o there it is they uprighted it damage there, an went into that accident with a pickup truck there. suv that is what is looks like anyway left lane blocked queens bound on white stone brimming leaving right lane open. traffic backed up all the way into the bronx.
6:55 am
that delay is bumper to bumper. if you want the throgs neck bridge good idea. long island cameras here. an accident here left side rights by hov lanes. this is approaching sagtikos everything close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> rumor mill is working overtime trying to figure out if rob kardashian is engaged hashing this all over twitter. . posted this photo on instagram that looks leak she has a massive diamond reasoning on her finger but ines did and it was phony. she put one word that said yes. yes to what had. >> was this taken april first? inseparable since they began dating in january so verdict is
6:56 am
>> nice he's gone through weight issues everything. >> that stock company for a while. the grandfather of rock 'n' roll rolling stones don't plan to retire any time soon. >> why they? they issue ifed a touser latin america apparently working on new album. guitarist said they're back in studio working on new songs but recorded blue covers. kind of where it all again. and first ?artd started in 196 and new recording could be out some time this year. [laughter] >> all right j.lo. superstar on "american idol" judge lopez most stunning woman on planet get ready she's about to drop a new single. i ain't your momma lip sync and post it to instagram.
6:57 am
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it is april 5. greg: so cool they called off the ballgame yesterday. michael wood has the details. bernie sanders should win on the democratic side. ted cruz on the republican side. rosanna: bernie sanders and hillary clinton agreed to debate proclaimed. greg: two weeks to train now and then. greg: three teenagers in trouble.


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