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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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it is april 5. greg: so cool they called off the ballgame yesterday. michael wood has the details. bernie sanders should win on the democratic side. ted cruz on the republican side. rosanna: bernie sanders and hillary clinton agreed to debate proclaimed. greg: two weeks to train now and then. greg: three teenagers in trouble.
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custody. a lot of parents are urging their kids to not take the test. doubtless a problem at some point. greg: still controversial. my sons played on the lenovo this year. i'm sure he was on the court at
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greg: not too far from new york city. rosanna: it is a good idea that they called it off. greg: a big yard sale scheduled. con ed tearing up the street on friday. we will be out there on friday. this coming friday. mike: who was that asked that you hard on yesterday? greg: raising proceeds for awareness. rosanna: that is too ambiguous. greg: flushed it was a great
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we are going to try to out do it this year. rosanna: breezy outside. greg: exactly. you also have some snow that you are still talking about. it has been happening. take a look at the radar here. pop-up snow showers trying to good going. western long island. all the way out to isolate. you will see a quick little plastic snow. then it gets in another here. the entire trough tries to swing through. that is not going to be a major
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temperatures will be dropping down into the 20s again. windchill factors down into the teens. twenty-nine and isolate them on talk. they are are the windchill factors. it feels like 15 out of birch port. over the five rows. a few light showers trying to get going. that will pretty much be the call for the rest of the day.
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forty-eight is your hike tomorrow. fifty-nine. nearly a 20-degree jump up. there is also rain coming through at that time. it is also cold this called this weekend, but not as cold as we have today. tunesmith is in skyfoxhd. reporter: we have the cross island parkway.
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into the bronx. ines: this is a delay. we have eight crash. one lame blog with that. let's take a look at that l.i.e. plucking the hov lane. that is affecting the commute. fifty-ninth street bridge looks good. greg and rosanna. greg: politics. what is going on in wisconsin.
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screen. greg: una mas with her. greg: the message to donald. i think that this is appropriate that we are having wisconsin like weather. " rob regained his footing after what he described as a rough week. sealing up the nomination. we will know soon enough. >> i would like to introduce my wife.
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it had a surprising number of empty seats. trump is attempting to improve his standing among women. >> 10 times harder. no matter who you are. a man or a woman. he keeps everyone equal. >> the entire country, his eyes are on the state of wisconsin. >> trump does not sound like he believes them.
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is over. bernie sanders and hillary clinton announced plans to debate on april 14 it touting governor andrew cuomo's plan to raise the minimum wage. seeing polls that see her trailing sanders and wisconsin. the race is tight. we have won six out of the last seven caucuses. a breaking turnout here in wisconsin. we will win. >> i think that we have mentioned this.
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he will be in hell this morning. greg and rosanna. q5 thanks a lot. yesterday seemed like the thought. it looks like it is going to happen. the trump campaign has been arranging and that page on long island. rosanna: let's talk about other news right now. another subway slashing. police say two men slashed and robbed a man on the southbound to train.
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teresa priolo has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. another slashing to tell you about. more details in just a moment. this incident, just the latest in a series of slashings. police say night related crimes have increased 20% in the first quarter of 2016. 899. up from 746 in the same time period last year. murders and shootings dropped from that same time. at a news conference yesterday, bill bratton addressed this uptick in flashings. take a listen. >> you will always have this. one of the few crimes that is
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at a level that is concerning to us. i am comfortable that it will go down. >> reporter: increased subway control to try to deal with issues shoe. police say it happened just before 2:00 a.m. a man was flashing this phase and his back pack was stolen. non-life-threatening injuries. that is the latest. back to you. greg: think you very much. rosanna: three teenage boys were arrested after one of them threatened a 12-year-old girl with a loaded gun.
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then handed it over to a kid that put it in his jacket. nobody was hurt here. they are not sure what led to this compensation. the fourth time a loaded gun was carried into a new york city school that we know about. greg: they had to put on the oxygen masks. >> the plane lost pressure. the plane had to make an emergency landing in north carolina. one person posted these photos on social media. thanks for getting us on the ground safely. there were no reports of any injuries, thank goodness. greg: a big tunnel in brooklyn and manhattan may be going out of service for a long time.
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if approved, no old train service between brooklyn and manhattan. that could be a catastrophe. >> i will probably move closer to manhattan. the only main source of transportation. >> i have to figure out what to do when my lease is up in a few months. >> the mta says it is committed to meet regularly with the people that live around there and visit. officials before making any process. greg: we have to wait. villanova.
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they wanted at the buzzer, rosanna. rosanna: north carolina tied it with less than six points to play. a three-point shot at the buzzer. it was good. a massive celebration. the first title since 1985. one of the most memorable finishes ever. greg: afterwards, the celebration, of course, got a little out of hand. our team won. let's riot. did you see the fire? at least they did not topple any cars. things got a little bit out of hand. rosanna: everything seemed to be minor. our rate.
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rosanna: livestock about the weather. did you feel it when you walked out of the house? i know sometimes you are oblivious to the weather. it is freezing. it is freezing, mike. those temperatures took a hit here. not only that, a little windy at the same time. first pitch about 1:05 p.m. 39 degrees. wind is coming through around 10-20 miles an hour. affecting the homeowner. take a look at the radar here. a few little light showers. a little bit of that is making it to the ground. it should eat out of here.
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get the accumulation. maybe some icy patches on the roadways, two. fifteen in monticello. we have a colder conditions. wind coming in from the north and northeast. generally speaking, skies will be clearing out as time goes on. highs go up to 40 today. fifty-nine. the weekend the blokes drive. on the cool side, two. let's get a look at the could mute situation. ines: a block owing on. the gwb. fifteen-20. the holland tunnel, 35 from the turnpike. a car flipped over. queens bound.
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getting through. ninety-five north island in connecticut you have traffic slow because of the crash there. on long island, let's go to our cameras. westbound, a bit of a slowdown. you have traffic slow northbound. accident blocking the right lane. northbound just letting a lane of traffic through. you have police that to be there. greg: want to show you something at yankee stadium. jim, do me a favor. behind home plate. get a shot at the legends club. they have all you can eat
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>> we should be there about 11. >> one row back from the field in the middle there. >> free cracker jacks. today is a good day. don't you think? >> we do not serve the cracker jacks. >> a little crazy. that is where you make a beeline. >> make a connection. >> by the way, i would not be encouraging that on tv. i have n
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enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. come seek the royal caribbean. rosanna: opening day was yesterday. i am glad that they called it off. it really was a steady downpour yesterday. greg: usually they make an attempt at the game. these days, there are so many other costs associated with the game. rosanna: people would be angry if they got there and realized there was no chance.
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thought about it. you will be there. rosanna: a lot of fun. meanwhile, let's talk about what is happening. twenty people hurt with this bus full of students. that bus overturned on the road. it was a snow-covered road out there. take a look at these pictures. 75 miles north of albany. fortunately, the students on board, only minor injuries. a conference in syracuse. right under the frogs next page.
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rosanna: a site seeing helicopter. >> 3 miles from dolly parton. the crash sparked a wild fire. no homes or damage. five people on board. >> a united airlines flight attendant. pulled in emergencies jet in houston. greg: jetblue. rosanna: the airline did not identify her. they said she has been removed from flight duty. she removed the slide just after flight. they were on the ground when she deployed this. >> she threw her back down it. the flight had just arrived from
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>> so frustrated he did the same thing. it was a national sensation, for whatever reason. >> do you remember when we were crated the incident? we came up with a scenario. you played snooki. you jumped off the plane. his goal was to become famous like you. snooki in the situation were on board. >> this is my favorite part. >> this is a silent movie, by the way. greg: whatever happened to that guy? >> i am not sure. we will see what happens there. aren't you fascinated with that? i do not recommend anything.
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too? >> we are looking to get at yankee stadium. greg: what time are you kidding to the ballpark? rosanna: 11 . that is where i am needed. good day is coming right back.
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rosanna: yankee stadium is looking good this morning. sometime to speed things up with the home opener. greg: i only made it to one game last year. rosanna: you have a choice, greg. greg: i asked this yesterday. is it me, or is the game getting longer? it seems like it is getting longer. i cannot last nine innings. rosanna: of course you are not going to last nine innings. greg: stop trying to undermine me. rosanna: we live in a world
7:30 am
i get what you are saying. it is baseball. it is america's favorite pastime. a nice place to go with the family. i played it growing up. i was a catcher. not that. greg: last year i got a home run. a personal shrine to me. rosanna: by the way, i wanted to tell you who is going to be part of our charity softball game. it is happening. a little bit more involved in who is on my team. [laughter]
7:31 am
about? rosanna: and inside the park home run. good luck with tryouts. >> you got all messed up last year. rosanna: he was in a collision with the guy on the radio. >> it looks like your leg. [laughter] any other jerome and you want to show us? >> i'm going to do my weather like this. >> okay. can you tell us what is happening outside? >> it is one of those days where
7:32 am
here we go. we have some snow showing up for us here. it looks like it is are ready pricking up. the last gap of that front trying to cross five. what do we have temperature wise? cold outside. a cloudy sky reported right now. coming through around 16 miles per hour. it is cold out the northeast. twenty in buffalo. 31 degrees in dc. a storm from yesterday clearing the area. now we are left with the cold and breezy conditions. be ready for it. we are going to want a few extra layers. high temperature only goes up to 40 in the city. all right.
7:33 am
what is going on. we have a lot of issues up there. ines: a lot of problems. you still have problems heading eastbound. northbound, all lanes reopened. westchester, coming in from rockland county. westchester, expect delays. let's go to our cameras. slower than normal. because of our other cameras, there is an accident. the harlem river drive. you have that one lame blog. all lanes are subject to closure.
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greg and rosanna. rosanna: big day in new york city today, i nest. greg: not everyone is taking it. there is a lot of controversy about this test. this year, the kids who take the test, it will not be held against them if they do poorly. it will not be held against the teacher. the test has been improved adequately enough. let's go to teresa priolo. hello there. >> good morning. a big question hangs over today. how many kids will sit for this test? when they do, how will it be received?
7:35 am
will take since the state was forced to redo it. twenty-two educators across the state. the school bell rings today, that is the common core test your child will sit down to take. that is if you are she has not opted out. the maximum says i am done. >> parents, teachers and students have complained about common core. they say that the test does not match grade levels. it disproportionately affects a teacher's performance. >> common core is very confusing. when i got home i got really upset. >> 20% of new york state students opted out. of those that took the test,
7:36 am
the state had no choice but to revamp it. the question is, will that be enough to get students to sit for the exam. >> common core. no child left behind. it has done nothing but why did. >> i am hoping that we get together. >> there are those that are leaving, gore. making kids college or career ready. standards were kids can be judged. >> that is what, in court and higher standards are all about. >> the district of columbia participating in common core.
7:37 am
these tests. legally, you do not have to sit for it. parents have the option. their kids can opt out of this. >> reporter: in inter 11th grade decided to boycott this test. in other places, the kid show up. they do not write even one answer down. back to both of you in the studio. greg: what do we think? not taking the test. the core curriculum. one of donald trump's promises. rosanna: the problem is this. a lot of people feel that they have to teach to the common core. the bottom line is, they need to
7:38 am
you need to learn how to take a test. greg: a kid in the fifth grade. that was my homework in the fifth grade. i would opt out. rosanna: of course you would opt out. we have a problem in the city. we know that there are are a number of kids at graduate school in new york city that are not ready for college. greg: we do not know, however, that common core is the issue. rosanna: i am glad that my kids are past that. i am kind of old-school. i would have them take the test. my parents would've said, i do not care if you have a stomach ache, you are taking the test today. greg: wow.
7:39 am
was with my kids in school. greg: i thought that you were so cool. let's take a live look out side, please. rosanna: your mother's was one of those parents? >> she was cool. she would have understood the issue. i do not think i would have taken that test. rosanna: teachers in the pen support were always right. greg: well, you never met mrs. mitt. she moved away.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: from the bronx straight down manhattan.
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>> if you say wisconsin, you are right. >> you've got it. fifth avenue. madison park. greg: they used to have an elevated train. rosanna: really? we're going to have a trained by the end of the year. 93% done. by the end of the year, it is going to happen. >> they are working on the extension part of it. one block. >> it is going to be nice. lots of people weighing in on our facebook page on common core. these kids have so much testing going on.
7:44 am
he is right. you were crazy. rosanna: thank you so much for writing in. we appreciate it. mike, what is going on with the weather? >> it is cold outside. it is not good. we have to freeze warnings happening. they do not typically see this this time of year. 40 degrees. normal high as 57 degrees. 17 degrees below normal there. the record high is 48 degrees. we have wind on top of that. twenty-seven right now. you can see the sunshine making a come back here. not everyone is in on that action just yet here it the windchill back errors make it feel like we're down into the teens.
7:45 am
thirteen in poughkeepsie. some pretty cool stuff for this time of year, in particular. they are heading out to see. kind of a last gasp. that is what brought us that sunny skies and colder temperatures to. forty-eight tomorrow. there is the rain coming through thursday into friday. that is apple itunes and google play store. let's bring in ines into what is going on.
7:46 am
whitestone bridge, left with a delay. the cross island parkway. in normal slowdown. on the l.i.e., there was an accident that has been cleared away. accident upper-level. right lane is blocked. these two vehicles. 495, that is back to. the exclusive bus lanes, they were dealing with taste untrimmed untrimmed -- with a stall. greg: baseball today.
7:47 am
we have remained closed. rosanna: the yankees have a great radar system. >> 1:00 o'clock against the astros. the blanket has been moved. >> that is right. the tarp that was covering the infield has been removed. 1051st pitch. the astros are the reason why they gain keys were knocked out of the postseason. >> during a test. >> it was authorized.
7:48 am
championships. the astros, remember their old school uniforms. >> i kind of do. rosanna: tv host john oliver. >> what does he do? suggesting certain fans not in the high-priced section. greg: watch this. >> maybe someone that does not done this. and artistic families. >> wow. >> the most recent episode.
7:49 am
chief operating officer. suggesting those that cannot afford to sit in the expensive seats may disturb those that can. >> there will be rift raft in your seats. >> each of the first yankees games in the season. >> on one condition. you must dress like you have never sat in a premium before. >> i have never sat in a premium location. >> nyu society encouraged us not to take the words out of contest .
7:50 am
knowledge that does not make it right. >> going to a game is something that you would no longer do. it is depending on being a little bit closer to a family trip to disney world. >> the muckety-mucks that sit there not quite every day. leveling the economic playing field. >> there is a real evolution to go to the ballpark. >> i am not seeing. fox5 news. >> that shot of all of her is a real rebel. greg: i like going in a costume.
7:51 am
>> not doing it. greg: we can do better than that. let's talk about the championship game. greg: villanova one. they won at the buzzer. >> north carolina had tied with seconds on the clock. villanova wins 57-54. what a finish. the first national title. >> arrangers are going to the playoffs. that is great. they won four-two. now they are in the postseason. >> islanders scored three goals in just over five minutes. >> take a look outside. john oliver.
7:52 am
guide. >> that his is eyes on the outfield of yankee stadium. >> that is a hard make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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rosanna: "american idol." tonight, by the way. one of the creators of "american idol." we think this is the last three days of it. there is no word on when that will happen. ryan seacrest will host tonight. they will share their memories. >> i hope that clay aiken shows up. >> the winner will be crowned. >> anyway, maybe it could come back.
7:56 am
>> i ain't your mama. backstage "american idol" yesterday. >> downloading the entire track. >> i prefer waiting for tonight. i know it goes back a few days. [laughter] greg: she shakes it with her movie star boyfriend / husband. >> let's talk about our facebook page.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> hello, everybody, welcome to the program. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. it is april fifth, it feels like january 5th. it is cold outside. where is that groundhog. let me at the groundhog. >> what are you going to do? leave the baseball bat under the desk. the groundhog predicted what, by the way?
8:00 am
>> let me at the groundhog. get out of the way, rosanna. >> 27 degrees. >> again with the politics. this is huge. we have a primary in wisconsin. within two weeks we have ours in new york. polls indicate in wisconsin that ted cruz will win own republican side and bernie sanders on democratic side. if bernie sanders wins, that is like five or six in a row. six in a row. hillary has to be sweating it. new york, we choose on april 19th. >> very exciting. meanwhile another slashing in the subway, this time in the bronx as the city's top cop admits stabbings and slashings are one of the few crimes going up. >> common core, testing regime in new york city and new york state. a lot of kids taking the test. a lot of kids will not take the test with the full approval and support of their parent and teachers too. this is controversial.
8:01 am
>> in fact you can weigh in on our facebook page. we'll read some of your comments coming up. it is opening day part deux for the yankees. they will take on astros. maybe the astros won't be used to the cold weather. maybe we can beat them. >> houston plays indoors. don't they have the astrodome? >> they will be freezing. baseball is off. >> so are we, rosanna. our baseball is off. >> anyway, nice to have you with us this morning. how are you feeling? are you okay. >> we're great. it is cold outside. take a quick peek as jim brings it in for a landing. jim you were on vacation last week. really what did you do? >> i went to the bahamas where it was a little warmer than it is here. >> no kidding? good for you. did you go -- >> the atlantis. >> that is the big resort in the boo hamas, apparently. did you stay there. >> that is correct. we stayed there. we had a terrific time.
8:02 am
>> yes i did. >> that is a death wish. >> there is a big slide at atlantis in bahamas? >> oh, yeah. it is 40-foot drop. >> better than than it is here. >> better in the bahamas. thank you so much. let's talk about the weather. mike. focus on things around us. >> that poor groundhog you want to make a coat out of him. >> a little ring or something. >> a little ground hog stew. >> like a little garlic and olive oil. >> are you guys talking about eating that animal. leave it alone. >> it is not afray of you too by the way. leave it alone. we're in spring but definitely a step back stars the weather. our thames reflecting what we see typically early to mid-january. man what happened? well, mother nature has a few
8:03 am
gave us this. freeze warning not only this morning but will be in effect for tomorrow morning. if you have done the early spring planting you have to protect it on a morning like this. also tomorrow morning. folks upset for tulips and plants. not a good situation. you've been warned. if you got lucky this go round maybe not tonight. protect everything out tonight. this is what we see on the radar. snow showers on parts of the city and long island. still appear to be heading out. that is it. in and out before you know it. maybe a quick flury hopefully that is it. 26 in bridgeport and 28 degrees in islip. the winds from the north. 22 mile-an-hour sustained winds out of newark. that makes it feel colder. even though the rain clearing
8:04 am
win combo makes it feel like 19 degrees in central park and 14 in bridgeport. very chilly for opening day, the game. it will be sunny and breezy but also quite chilly at same time. on radar and satellite, high pressure building in from the north. it is doing so. even the snow with the storm yesterday is heading out to the atlantic water. we're dry for a couple days. high temp up to 40 but breezy too. we make it up to 48 and 59 on thursday. that is the rain coming on buy going into early friday and drieses out and cools down for us this weekend. let's bring in ines rosales, what son the docket when it comes to hitting roads and rails. >> thank you, mike. whitestone bridge dealing with delays from earlier accident. this accident also affected the cross island parkway. you have traffic jam back to the
8:05 am
look at commuters on lie on terry road. westbound traffic really slow. eastbound really good. fdr northbound accident in the 80s right underneath gracie mansion. that right lane is blocked. backed up to the 59th street bridge. gwb accident on upper level. cleared away. leaving 45 to 50 minute delay on the upper level. 30 on the lower. by rout 17 there is an accident. there is accident by meadowlands parkway blocking a lane. heading towards the lincoln tunnel you're dealing with that. holland tunnel 30 from each approach. metro-north, holland line, mechanical problems. expect a 15 minutes delay into grand central terminal pgh gregg: and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. we're starting with politics.
8:06 am
>> ted cruz leads donald trump and john kasich in the latest wisconsin poll. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton. could he make it six times in a row? >> anything can happen in politics. let's get more details from robert moses. >> reporter: good morning, greg and rosanna. polls opened ten minutes and six seconds. today is more than just about the delegates. it's about whether bernie sanders and ted cruz can win. and on the republican side, a cruz win make as contested convention a whole lot more likely. >> i'd like to introduce my wife, melania. >> reporter: donald trump enlisted his wife as character witness of sorts last night at the milwaukee theater which had surprising number of empty seats after what he admitted was a bad week, perhaps the worst of the campaign, trump is attempting to improve his standing among women as wisconsinites vote today.
8:07 am
fight back 10 times harder. no matter who you are, a man or a woman he treats everyone equal. >> reporter: less than 20 miles away ted cruz energized his supporters in waukesha. >> the entire country, its eyes are on the state of which is. report or. >> reporter: report polls show cruz ahead of trump but trump doesn't sound like he believes them. >> if we do well here, folks, it is over. >> reporter: they both called on john kasich to get out. >> he is 1-30. he ought to get the hell out. >> reporter: he told our linda schmidt he will not bow to trump's demands. >> he said i was winning his voters. he better get ready. i will win a lot more of them. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton announced plans to debate on april 14th at brooklyn navy yard, just five
8:08 am
clinton who was in the city yesterday touted governor andrew como's plan to raise the minimum wage. >> donald trump said wages are too high. >> he's fired. that's funny. >> reporter: clinton probably isn't laughing when she sees polls that shower trailing sanders in wisconsin. the race is tight. >> we have won six out of the last seven caucuses and primaries. [cheers and applause] if there is a record-breaking turnout here in wisconsin we are going to win here as well. [cheering] >> reporter: settling on a date for that democratic debate in brooklyn was easier said than done. bernie sanders scheduled a rally in washington square park for that day, april 14th. that has been canceled to accommodate the debate. however mayor de blasio tweeted sanders he will help him secure any permits so he can still hold the rally, just at another time. greg and rosanna.
8:09 am
it is exciting time. is anybody more into politics than last time. >> no matter where you go people want to know your opinion on the race for the presidency. everybody is, looking at debates. >> yeah. >> how many people watch the debates. >> like him or not, people are still talking about donald trump in a huge way. all right, again it's our turn, two weeks from today. primary day is april 19th in new york state and it counts. >> let's take about what happened in brooklyn yesterday because it was very, very sad. a man who own as iron worker company was basically run down after some guy tried to steal one of his truck. >> phillip delgrassia, sunset park, business owner loading a truck. when 24-year-old joshua cologne got into the trick allegedly and drove off. the business owner pursued him in another car. caught up to him, got out.
8:10 am
he fell and ultimately was run over. >> mr. cole loan was saying he was run over by mr. cole loan. >> mr. cole loan is charged cologne was charged with murder and lars sy. there is a subway attack in the bronx. two men slashed and rob ad man on the southbound two train. mayor and police commissioner reported shootings in the city i are down. slashings those are on the right. >> kerry drew is in the bronx. kerry. >> reporter: greg and rosanna good morning to both of you. this latest subway slashing happened on southbound two lane here in the bronx. we'll get into details exactly what happened in moment. this is series of incidents of slashings across the city. we have new figures. police zarnich-related crimes increased 20% in the first quarter of 2016 compared to same
8:11 am
new crime stats show there have been 899 of these crimes so far this year, up from 746 last year. murders and shootings dropped to that same time period to the lowest level of any three-month period in history. in a police conference, commissioner bill bratton addressed the increase in slashings. >> let make no moist tick. stabbings and slashings are not going away. we live in new york city and they will never go away. one. few crimes going up and going up at a level is of concern to us. so that is the additional effort that we're putting into it. and i'm comfortable that over time, just like about everything else we focus on here it will go down. >> reporter: the nypd increased subway patrols to deal with the issue the as for the incident in bronx it happened before 1:30 a.m. on southbound two train. man in his 20s was slashed in the head and face and his
8:12 am
they are looking for two suspects that ran off here from the station. wick vim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. that is the latest live from the bronx. rosanna and greg, back to you. >> kerry drew reporting. >> upper east side. two teenage boys were arrested. one reportedly threaten ad 12-year-old girl with a loaded gun. he brought to the revolver to ps 159. he waved it at the girl. handed it over to a boy that was 15 years old. he supposedly hit the gun in his jacket. box of ammunition was reportedly found on 14-year-old boy. thank goodness no one was hurt. no word what sparked the confirmation. this fourth time a loaded gun was carried into a city school. >> who remembers the case or
8:13 am
lived in queens in 1950s. savagely raped and beaten. reported by "the new york times" and she was screaming. the attack took half hour to 40 minutes, nobody in the neighborhood made a phone call to police. that is how it was initially reported. that story grabbed ahold. a few days of at attack winston mostly was captured and confessed. he was sent to prison for a very long time. he escaped in the late '60s. did more crime and recaptured. >> we found out he died in prison. 81 years old. died march 28th at clinton correctional facility in dannemora. >> kitty was killed in forest hills in the 1960s. it was watershed event. they pointed to it as case of urban indifference. turned out over the years, "new york times" took a look at this, perhaps those initial reports of some people hearing the calls and screams might have
8:14 am
but, a wild case for a long time people would say the name kitty genovese and it was talking about people didn't say something or do something. >> a former black liberation army member and another man were in a van in the st. al bense section of queens. they were stopped by two police officers who thought their trick matched the description of one in recent robberies. the men in the van jumped out with guns blazing. officer john scarangello, the father of three young children was shot twice in the head. he died. his partner was shot 14 times in the torso and legs. he survived but was severely wounded and forced to quit the department.r 3 mr. majid was sentenced to 25 years to life. he died at medical facility sunday. he was serving time at five
8:15 am
he was 62 years old. new york state assemblyman charles fair ron is calling for an investigation. >> this report with the l train in manhattan, big problems, the tunnel between brooklyn and queens. superstorm sandy, remember? we're still fixing damage done by that storm. >> yeah. if it proves this means there could be no l train service between brooklyn and manhattan and possibly no service in manhattan at all. it was cut off a main route for hundreds of thousands of people who rely on the l train t would happen for about 18 months. >> i will probably move closer to manhattan or move further south in brooklyn because, l train is the only main source of transportation. >> i'm kind of screwed. i have to figure out what i'm going to do what my lease is up in two months. whether i renew it or month. >> the mta says they will meet regularly with the people who live around there and work around there. they will consult with elected
8:16 am
construction. >> we have problems with the subway. the subway is very old, more than a century, our subway system. washington, d.c. has much newer system and they have got major, major problems. look at this picture this goes back to 1976 when they were creating the d.c. metro system which is still not a 24 hours a day. >> it is not. it is not all over that area, so. >> if you think we have problems, their problems are much more severe. apparently they shutting down multiple lines. if they don't, they could lose the whole system. big story in yesterday's "times." >> just so we know, make sure the l train is not closing down anytime soon. they will not make a decision until next year or the year after. so don't move from williamsburg just yet. stop the presses. anyway. >> all right. tell you what, we have more cold weather to contend with here today. it will be cooler than normal
8:17 am
57 degrees. should be getting nicer this time of year. it is spring after all. that not the case just yet. 80 is the record high. that was back in 1928. central park still with clouds in the area but for the most part skies are clearing up. 31 in philly and 25 in williamsport pa. we had quick snow showers come space. no showers or light fluries in the area. it is getting back out to sea and moisture and instability in the in the atmosphere starts to move out of the tri-state. clearing sky taking over from this point forward. you are going to see sunnier sky coming to you. it will be breezy and cold. winds from the north-northwest. high temp up to 44 for you here in the city. clear and cold tonight with another freeze warning in effect. lows between 16 and 26. ouch.
8:18 am
in january. anyhow, tomorrow you will make it back up to 48 for a high with partly cloudy skies. showers coming through early thursday into friday. cooling down into the weekend and early next work week things are looking okay for us. the fox five weather app has headlines and alerts on it and let you know about free warnings in effect and tomorrow morning. you're all set to go. let's bring in ines see what is going on where you're not going to go. >> got to go to work but you will encounter problems. staten island expressway towards brooklyn and verrazano bridge. fdr drive northbound here by 79th street, traffic jams because of accident underneath gracie mansion. southbound side, not too bad. police activity affecting m&r trains. no service on the m trains both directions between chambers street and 71st avenue.
8:19 am
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>> where is everybody here? what have we got? >> kids going to school. >> the school bus, man, oh, man, the school bus was tough for me. >> it was? i didn't have to take the school bus. >> big boys, sixth graders were in the back. as a third-grader i sat in the front, close to the driver. >> well you know, bigger kids kind of instigate the younger kids to do something bad or they pick on them too.
8:23 am
they picked on me. now what did i do when i became a sixth-grader? >> what happened, did you pick on them. >> a little bit. that is what bullying leads to. minor league stuff. >> that is what you thought you did, you know what i mean? >> now there is bullying awareness. i think it's a good thing. >> let's get down to business. 8:23, fox means business. hello lauren simonetti. >> good morning. >> what is going on, lauren? >> you know about this massive data dump, leak about criminal activity. 11 1/2 million records on dozens and dozens of politicians and celebrities, basically the rich and famous. mostly european and international people. but now the justice department here at home and the treasury department are investigating if there is any u.s. links, any u.s. politicians or figures perhaps that had their money parked in these offshore accounts. fancy vehicles where you can
8:24 am
of the time legally in the seychelles and brittish virgin islands and fancy places where we love to go on vacation. this is where rich people park their money. to see if there is any criminal activity here at home. >> thank you, lauren. guess who is trouble. the head of iceland. i'm guessing this might be rolf. he was asked about in the during interview. he stormed out. >> really? >> uncovered his name is in the documents. might have had big money offshore. and he is in hot water now in iceland. >> greg, 8,000 people showed up yesterday in reykjavik in the capital of iceland demands him to resign. >> we have anymore details on what he is alleged to have done? >> reporter: he deliberately hid a lot of money in the ice lannic banks, remember the big implosion a couple years ago? he hid his money in those banks, calling it a web of deceit from him and his wife. the timing was terrible.
8:25 am
imploding rather, and he was hiding mon. >> i would like to visit the country one day. >> reporter: i went in january, dark all day. so much fun. they drink a lot. i believe iceland people drink like the most in europe or one of the most in europe because it is so cold and they don't have much to do and they drink. >> i think we might be painting with a broad brush but you said you were there. >> she went there in. >> reporter: i thought it would be cool. mineral spa. >> the drinking was -- >> reporter: i saw green flash the northern lights. >> drinking is out of hand? >> reporter: it is out of hand and a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties in reykjavik are known. >> she speaks from experience. >> coming up on "good day new york," "days of
8:26 am
watched the show? sami is coming on. host of the "the biggest loser." alison sweeney. called opportunity knocks. >> i watched "days of our lives" when i was home sick when i was a kid. >> of course you did. >> was that one with -- >> that one. >> you know who i am talking about, susan lucci. that is only one i know. >> she was in general hospital?
8:27 am
>> i wil after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
8:28 am
alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually
8:29 am
. >> construction workers are out there no matter what the weather. yesterday, this construction site by me, it was pouring all day. they were still working. it was cold yesterday. >> hats off to you but don't take your hat off, it's a hard-hat. >> they need it there for a reason. it is so cold you notice their faces are covered up today. they have the hats on and a like a little scarf around their mouth. just about 8:30 in the morning. nice to have you with us on
8:30 am
what are they working on over, can we tell anybody? just working. >> everybody is working. >> they're working outside. >> residential. >> a new building? >> looks like it is going to be nice, right? >> i guess. let's see. great big decks. >> boy, oh, boy, expensive to live in new york city. >> a rental or a condo? look at all that -- ask your realtor. >> doesn't say. 2017 they will be ready, greg. are you looking to buy? >> sometimes i feel like a chump renting all these years. then i don't because i can move like that. >> move like that. you doesn't have to deal with the maintenance and assessment and taxes and stuff like that. a lot of extra dough. >> anything goes wrong, i call up joan, my land lady, it is broken again. she sends somebody.
8:31 am
>> are you high maintenance. >> joan, no, what do you think? >> i betcha you are not. >> exactly. it has been broken what, a year? likeky, what's up? mikey is a homeowner. >> nothing in the refrigerator. just like socks. >> you can use refrigerator for storage for anything actually but what's up? >> we another cold day out there. we were -- talking about the rain and snow. had a little left over yesterday morning but getting out to sea. 27 degrees, central park as well as newark. 25 in sussex. winds from the interior secretary gale north-northwest as much as 22 miles an hour. it makes a difference. feels like 19. feels like 15 in islip. we have a freeze warning in effect and another one coming tomorrow morning. precip and clouds heading out of town.
8:32 am
over but it will be a little bit cold outside be ready for that especially if you're going out to the game. temps in higher 30s. wet weather coming from thursday into friday. we have a cooler dryer weekend coming up for you then. all right, let's bring in ines another look, last look what is happening in the roads and rails. where is the backups, ines? >> mostly everywhere. route 17 rose bound, henry road, accident blocking a lane. route 3, slow med low dan parkway because of a accident. staten island normal delays heading towards the verrazano bridge. nassau road, jammed because of a crash in the area. there is accident westbound by exit 24. george washington bridge, 25 minutes on upper level, there was earlier accident. lower level is about 30 minutes.
8:33 am
don't forget about the route 3 accident i told you about. police activity on m&r trains. no service on m lane between chambers street and 71st street. and r trains, between 711st and first avenue. harlem line having mechanical problems. expect 10 or 15 minute delay. greg and rosanna. >> baseball begins today in new york we think. >> yesterday they post poppedded it was very unusual. they have very good radar. they knew the rain was coming down all this afternoon. >> stayed in this footage is dormant. duke castiglione live at the homeowner. >> yankees astros, rematch of last year's wildcard game. yankee stadium after 1:00. the good news is, the sun is out and there is no rain. this is the scene yesterday. the tarp was on the field at yankee stadium. there was a rain-snows mix and it was pretty miserable up here
8:34 am
nonetheless they postponed it around 8:37 right before we went on the air for a hit yesterday. asked joe giradi around 10:00 a.m. if he is disappointed his guys get to play? >> it messes up your schedule a bit, your plans but again, it's part of what we go through. we do not play in controlled conditions. we don't play inside. so you know these things can happen and, but you look forward to it, you build up to it. you hope you get to play it but we have to wait a day. >> reporter: all right, so, real cool theme this year all around major league baseball. you come here to yankee stadium there is a lot of new things. store. caught up with dan smith, the president of legends and showed me the new "star wars" themed yankee merchandise. >> we have our "star wars" collection here. initiative.
8:35 am
luke skywalker cap and we have pins, lanyards and coozies. >> really cool. "star wars" here at yankee stadium and around major league baseball. if you come around here, gates open at 11:00 a.m., pregame festivities, looking to take part in that. make sure you get here early. we saw last year, extra security lines are long. they expect them long again once again today. take mass transit. traffic up here is already, you know, pretty thick. so if you're coming up to the stadium, yankees are advising take mass transit. give yourself plenty of time around really dress warm. as mike said, winds are about 22 miles per hour. it feels about 20 degrees. bundle up. sun is out. it is dry. they will play baseball. greg and rosanna back to you. >> duke, thank you.
8:36 am
i herd coozy. >> sounded like that. >> cozy keeps it cold which is ironic. coast cozy usually means warm. >> who is right-hand man. david will be here. know him from shows like "the wire" and "breaking bad."
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>> hello. >> crisp and clean out there and bloody cold too. >> it is cold but we can deal with it. we're intrepid new yorkers, greg. >> new angle, that looks to be the lower man half tan region. there is the frank gary building we like in the middle. >> talk about what is happening in schools all across the state. schools 3 to eight are taking common core test. >> common core, very controversial, donald trump promised to get rid of it if he is president. leaving him aside, right here in new york citynew york state there is a debate, even though the test is given today, thousands of kids are not taking it, not only by some teachers
8:40 am
teresa priolo has more from -- >> ps 133. hello, tressa. >> reporter: good morning greg and rosanna, good morning, everyone. we'll see how many people decided not to show up for school and sit for exam or others who decided not to show up at all. a lot of parents didn't like results of these tests. they basically staged a resole and state had to stage them. shorter untimed, vetted by 22 educators across the state. when the school bell rings today that is the common core test your child will sit down to take. that is if he or she hasn't opted out. for years parents, teachers and students have complained about common core. they have said the test doesn't match grade level it assumes all students learn the same, and it disproportionately affects a teacher's performance. last year 240,000 children or about 20% of new york state
8:41 am
and of those that took the test, between 30 and 34% passed. the state had no choice but to revamp it and implement major changes that addressed these issues. the question is, will that be enough to get students to sit for the exam? common core is intended to set a national standard of aptitude from grades k through 12, students are assessed on english language, arts and malt skills to see if they meet the acceptable standard or if they're college or career ready. new york is one of 42 states plus the district of columbia to adopt common core. while students have a legal right to opt out here in new york, the state must administer the tests in order to be eligible for a piece of a 696 million-dollar federal education grant. now there are different ways out. not only here in new york but also across the country in places like seattle where entire 11th grade decided to show up to school but forgo the test.
8:42 am
stare at the teacher. they don't write one answer down. therefore they can't fail it. that is the latest from brooklyn, greg and rosanna. back to both of you. >> we have two experts who weigh in on the issue. we have the president of democrats for education reform. he is pro-common core. he thinks kids should take the test today. also lisa ruddily from as link, new york. allies for public education. she has a little boy sitting there who wouldn't take the test. >> okay. what's the problem with common core testing? you go first. >> we don't see a problem. we believe it is critical for our young people to be prepared for global economy. we're out to compete with not only ,ids in new york and but throughout this country and throughout this world. if we don't have good data how the young people are performing we don't even know if they are ready for the economy let alone without information teachers can use toe improve their practice.
8:43 am
critical, particularly young children of color and low income families who often behind the curve and without that information we wouldn't know that. >> lisa, why is your kid not taking the test today. >> well the common core standards have not been research-based, they have not been vetted. the state tests that we have are not diagnostic. we do not get information as he has shared. we do not get information on the tests. they're not -- >> you're not going to know the results of the tests? >> we'll not know the results. even when we know the results there is score of one, two, three, and four. 70% of the children were deemed non-proficient or failed. >> let me ask you something, when you take regents or s.a.t.s you don't get back to see what you did wrong? >> well that is different story. these tests are not iced to drive instruction in our classrooms. we're told this data will be iced improve instruction. we know it hasn't and we have seven days, six days of testing. >> one of the reasons why the common core test has a bad rap
8:44 am
based on the results and that in some people's eyes put a heck of a lot of pressure on teachers an students and they were just teaching to the test. >> we don't support just teaching to the test nor do we support an overwrought focus on educators. entire school community and leadership at a is responsible for making sure our young people and parents as well. at same time if young people are not learning, if reasonable assessments show young people are not prepared for global economy there has to be some response. >> wasn't it a big mistake to link teach every performance evaluations and pay to the results of this test which was the case i think up until last year? >> well until they really have been validated to be aligned with student achievement that can be a problem but we do believe that should be part of the valuation. shouldn't be entire part. if in fact young people are not learning that has to be part of how we evaluate -- >> you have a problem with that? >> yeah, our teachers know exactly where our kids are and linking teacher valuations to test scores is invalid.
8:45 am
valid. >> that is not true. that is not true at all. >> thousands of kids graduate our schools, it is documented we all know about it, they can't read or write. they can't even get themselves together for a cuny school. >> without the assessments our schools become a black holt. our babies go in and don't know whether they come out for global economy. without good assessment data we don't know they're learning. >> what we do know is that the achievement gap has not been closing since no child left behind. >> that is not true. >> we know common core test something that actually last three years the gap has been widening especially for people of color. and i think that, until the equity, until the playing field is fair, where there are small classrooms across all schools -- >> that is, where are they going to get small classrooms? they're overcrowded as it is. what buildings will they use? >> interventions we need this school there can be live debate
8:46 am
there shouldn't be debate you need information in the first place to know whether the kids are learning and which kids are not. >> lisa we heard from the schools chancellor, said look we made changes. number one, no time limit on this test. you can take all day. number two, teacher valuations are not linked to result of today's and this week's testing. is that a step in the right direction? how do you feel about those modifications? >> well i feel very happy that the state tests are not linked to teacher valuations. there are the local tests that are still linked to teacher valuations but in terms of the tests being shorter, there are still six days of testing that is going to happen in new york. >> right. they dumped a lot of questions. >> they didn't dump a lot of questions. one passage and a couple of multiple choice questions. >> we got a lot of reaction on our facebook. read two things. amber says the common core is not just a set of standards. in order for the standards to be achieved children must adhere to all the books and materials. it curriculum. lizette says i'm old school.
8:47 am
there is no opting out. real world is tough. are you going to opt out of that? >> common core are set of standards. states and districts have flexibility what curriculum means they use to achieve standards. second participant is accurate. we have a participation trophy culture. take the test whenever you want to be finished you want to be finished. these kids have to compete in global economy with young people all over the planet. the idea we have black box for schools makes no sense. cripples our people. >> lisa, tells me you're no push over or testing when it comes to education for your kids. address that. this is new age thing, letting kids skip the tests. being too easy on the kids. i don't think that is where you're coming from. >> as a parent i want my child to be challenged. i want a strong quality education. common core in fact it has been driving instruction. we have narrowed cure lick rum. we are not getting best of education topics in our classrooms. the statistics show that, you
8:48 am
and by having a test and punish culture we're not improving and education. in fact i get emails all the time, i have charter school parents saying i want to opt out of the test as well as public school parents. >> we have to leave it there. lisa ruddily, founder of new york allies for public education. what is your website. >> >> jeffries, presidents of education reform. how can people reach you. >> >> we can leave off the www. >> thank you so much for your perspectives. hopeful you found that interesting and beneficial for your kids. all right, that's that. "good day" will take a quick little break. you around i will go out and duke it out over there. >> and discuss. mine would be a great adventure right now.
8:49 am
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>> very exciting day in a few hours. the yankees take to the field. i believe, i'm going to predict they will whip the astros. i think they send the astros home with tears in their eye. >> tell me about the starting lineup of the astros? >> i have no idea. >> how about the yankees for that matter? rosanna, i'm with you. i don't follow baseball like i used to. i don't know what it is. the game got longer. i don't know if i left the game or the game left me but it feels different. we want a successful home opener. >> talk about hbo. they're stirring up controversy with a new documentary about the life of artist robert mapplethorpe. >> robert mapplethorpe we lost him in 1989, aides related illness. >> he was only 42. >> controversial and his artwork was quite provocative t offended some people. his life with the controversy
8:53 am
new documentary which debuted last night on hbo. watch in on demand throughout the month. >> good. i would like to see that. godfathers of rock and roll, the "rolling stone" don't like to move. they finish ad tour of latin america. they are working on new album. ronnie woods said the band is back in the studio. they're working on new songs. >> we need new video. this is from 1981 i believe. >> that is old one. the ban started in six at this two. new recording could be out this year. --' 62. >> to be admired. they were in cuba. what else? >> back street boys are back and headed to sin city. >> i don't know.
8:54 am
which one is with justin timberlake? >> inn sync. >> who are these guys? the back street boys. taking a page from britney spears and doing short stage in vegas. isn't that nice? >> break a leg, guys. be right back. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains
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>> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> ah, what a day! the sun is shining, 9:00 in the morning, but it is brisk out there this morning. you feel it the minute you step outside your door. >> so give me the night. >> before the night we need to enjoy the day. today's going to be a big day at yankee stadium. it's homeowner part deux. yesterday, as you know, we were supposed to have our home opener here, but the rain was constant. hats9 off to the yankees for calling the game off early so people didn't schlepp out there only to find out that the game was actually put off until tomorrow. >> at first i thought it was weird. you know, we're accustomed to waiting it out for an hour and a half while it rains x the umpires, they have a conversation, and then maybe they call the game.


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