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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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day wake-up". rosanna: the rain should taper off about lunchtime. you will need an umbrella until then. to wash your car yesterday, i am sorry. the good news is after today the rest of the week looks pretty nice. mike has the full forecast. ben: the school district voted students use bathroom and locker rooms based on their gender identity, not necessarily the gender they were born with. the district said this is in keeping with antidiscrimination laws. rosanna: the zika virus is more dangerous than they thought,
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funding to fight the spread of the disease. ben: thieves made off with 2 $80,000. the bank absalom never went off and now it is quite a mystery to solve. rosanna: perhaps an inside job. cameras going. good morning. ben: juliet huddy, ben simmoneau. >> meteorologist: some wet weather coming through the tri-state region again. looks like it will be more significant than we had yesterday which wasn't a big deal at all. first of the passing showers into western long island, up the lower hudson into connecticut but a much more substantial line of showers and storms to the west of us through the poconos to the catskills and that will have to work its way through the
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it will take time to get here. temperatures still pretty mild, 57 at central park, 58 at newark, 56 in allentown, not because of the sunshine obviously, the sun is not out there but the warm southerly flow, southwest wind is bringing up warmer temperatures, the cold for coming through and that line of storms is holding together pretty solid, that means heavy showers, gusty winds along with that line as it passes through, and a wet commute depends on where you are and what time but most of us dealing with showers and thunderstorms until we get get better. beyond numb 1:00 most of that it takes a little longer in eastern long island. high temperature 60, breezy as the line of heavy rain comes through and it will dry up later this evening into tonight, cold night with lows near 40 in the city, 20s to the northwest.
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you have as you hit the roads. it is wet everywhere. ines: we have some problems, 280 eastbound, problems as you approach exit 4, accident blocking alain, jersey commute doing fine, no problems on route 3 or route 80, staten island same thing, expressly moving time toward the verrazano bridge. let's see how things are moving on the lie by little neck parkway. wet roadways you can see on cameras, lincoln tunnel inbound picking up some volume but minor delays at the cash toll plasma, same for the holland and gwb, northbound express from grand central station to 125th st. the rest of the trains on or close, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. ben: thank you very much, a
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jersey has approved a policy and at protecting the rights of transgender kids. ben: the new rules will have kids use restrooms and locker rooms based on gender identity. teresa priolo has more on this story in hillsdale, new jersey. >> reporter: good morning. this impacts six students specifically but if you were at the board meeting last night and heard the debate you know this does apply throughout the entire district and affect a lot of people. there are some who believe this is an issue of rights, others say it violates their privacy concerns and is a security issue. >> i am glad to see our school taking the right steps and affirming the lives of people like myself and implement a policy that will save those lives in the future. >> what about the mental distress on all our children, my child? nothing is getting addressed for that. >> reporter: contentious issue on a topic debated nationally. now students who are transgender can use the bathroom which
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>> i feel it is great for all of our kids that we are teaching them about the kind of people they should be, the kind of community we should have and the kind of society they should be part of. >> reporter: monday's vote marks the second time the board has allowed public comment on this but in the past some parents have been so vocal about this proposed change the issue was tabled. the district said this policy is in keeping with antidiscrimination laws, not only opening the bathrooms and locker rooms to transgender students but requires the school staff to address those students by the names and pronouns they associate with. those on both sides of this issue believe it will take time to adjust to the new policy. >> and affirmation the transgender people exist in our community, the we are great people, we are human beings and not some type of tentacle people like to portray as predators or immoral or perverse.
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possibly getting into fights or things like that so i am worried about that. >> i speak for the majority that a lot of people don't know how to feel about their certain situation and it is a touchy situation. >> this extends beyond bathrooms. it applies to the sports teams and the gym classes. transgender students will be able to take this class and participate in those activities that correspond with the gender they associate with. this in the first school district put this plan into place, dozens and dozens of others around the state have also implemented similar measures. we encourage our viewers to communicate with us on twitter, share their thoughts. hopefully their intellectual and well thought out. there is a lot of vitriol i am seeing coming through, quickly posing the question. hopefully they can share their thoughts in a respectful way.
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arrested in the brussels terror attack investigation. ben: the men were involved in renting the apartment used as a hideout by the bomber and an accomplice who blow up a subway train on march 22nd. 16 victim died in that attack and another 16 were killed in the twin bombings at the brussels airport shortly before the train left. ben: a bank in brooklyn was robbed of a fortune through its roof. police a 2 $80,000 was taken by thieves who cut a hole right down directly into the vault. guy fix hd on 13th ave. as police investigated, the bank was closed over the weekend and employs only discover the whole monday morning. the daily news says the alarm was never tripped. no word yet how many thieves took part. the bank says the money is insured but some valuables were also taken out of safety deposit boxes.
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customers key also? interesting. all right. much more still to come this morning. ben: juliet: we are seeing their umbrellas and raingear. >> meteorologist: patty later showers is what they are dealing with now, have your stuff isn't even here yet so be prepared for that, make sure you bring your wet umbrella that can deal with them wins, 57 , showers are coming in the early part of the day, later in the afternoon you gets in sunshine so it will be clearing out. it is not all they rain, mainly the first half of the day you deal with the rain. if you want to see where the rain is relative to you, whether apps has a live interactive radar which goes all the way to the street level to see where it is and where it is moving and when you might be getting west anytime soon. the itunes store and google play store for free. we are back in a little bit. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar,
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rosanna: this is not in our area, severe weather hitting texas yesterday, hail, some golfball sized, some softball sized destroyed windows and blinds in the town of wiley just outside dallas was so much pileup on the ground it looked like snow in some areas. people living in the area had to rush inside to avoid getting
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other counties in the area reported similar hail and injuries to residents. wins and hail, very underrated in terms of scare factor. look at that. that is crazy. ben: i went through a hailstorm like that once, it was baseball sized, hit the house so hard you thought the house was going to come down. >> meteorologist: a line of showers and storms coming and but nothing like that but there will be heavy rain and gusty winds coming along with it. here is what we see on esp radar, first of the showers across the city, a dry spot coming through now but a solid line you can see moving quickly to the east, looks like it will hold together at this point over the mountains and down as it comes toward us, probably back
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amount of rain in a short time and move through quick, we have 58 at newark, 57 central park, 52 in bridgeport, a messy tuesday morning commute, radar and satellite that line will hold together pretty solid as the cold front forces its way through the tri-state region but high-pressure will be building an afterword so light to moderate rainfall with that one round of storms that looks like it could be on the stronger side. future gases at all gets out of your pretty quickly. once we get beyond 1:00 in the afternoon everything starts to clear the tri-state region so no one:00 in the city, could take a little longer in long island and connecticut because you are farther east. after goes by we have to deal with the next thing, the cold temperatures coming tonight, watch the blue shaded counties from 2:00 tomorrow morning until 8:00, that is when temperatures
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freezing, cloudy and mild with showers early and clearing later in the day, high getting to 60, clearing skies, cool and dry, lows from 29 to 40 and as we go through the next several days, 60, 56 tomorrow, a lot of sunshine through this upcoming weekend, highs around 67 sunday into monday and don't forget we have the weather texts set up, we will send you a text free, it will cost you your text plan. let's see what is going on, wet weather taking over the entire tri-state. ines: dealing with that and a couple accidents, 280 eastbound as your project is 4, accident blocking alain, 95 off the george washington bridge, southbound exit 71, stick with local lanes, inbound you are fine, let's go to our cameras and see how things are moving on the lie i washington, without eastbound looks good.
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little slower than normal, we had something slowing everyone down, inching along inbound, normally it moves a little better. as for the trains, northbound, because of police activity from grand central station to 125th st.. ines: imagine experiencing scaling mount everest for taking white water rafting rider riding a wood ridden roller coaster or looking at a whale in the eye, not actually doing this but virtual reality and all these head sets are out. they can take you there. ben: a lot of these gaming devices will soon be on the market. shelly palmer shows as a couple options we will have as early as the next month or so. ben: this is what one of these
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>> the most famous of all these is the oculus rift. you are having so much trouble. ben: a little creepy i have 2 say. >> imagine a bunch of people in the living room instead of looking at their phones doing that. the most popular version is the oculus rift, around $600. you think that is expensive, you have to have a killer pc in the $1500 range, not a mac but a real live pc as high as $5000, a real gaming pc. oculus run some discount so you can get the package together but you are looking at 15, $1800 to get into this to begin with. ben: why not a mac? >> they don't have the software available yet. you need a heavy graphics process. the next is the acc vibe which is supposed to be the best one in the world, it is $800 before you put the pc on it. they say it is the best of the best of the best and has a thing
6:17 am
walk around in a room which is often. i don't recommend getting it for walking around ever when you are not wearing these because you are not really in a place, you are virtually in a place and sitting down a safer. if the pc thing is scaring you sony has playstation where you use your actual playstation so you don't need a pc and sony allows you to have a head set and game controller and the same game controller you use with your regular playstation and all the games you would normally play the you already have are playable through the head set so that is supercold. ines: i don't know there's something like this out there but if i'm sitting there i can't travel to places far across the world. i would love to go to venice every day but i can't. is there any kind of -- >> plenty of travel. this is different, it is $99 and you use your samsung galaxy phone or note or f7.
6:18 am
ben: you insert it in their. >> it goes here. this is a galaxy note and this is how it works. what is cool about this is $99, powered by oculus and you have a lot of opportunities, you can go anywhere, you can scale everest, watch 3-d trailers of any movies or three -- 3-d movies, and incredibly clearance, plug-in head phones, the audio is outstanding. ben: have you tried oculus rift? compare -- this is much less expensive. >> put a $700 phone in a $99 head set, much less expensive. real oculus when you put it on has the seamless experience. it really takes you to another place. this is fantastic and affordable and a great way because samsung added these 360 cameras and you can take your own pictures but when you put on oculus or
6:19 am
gamers are going to go crazy, tourists are going to love it, all kinds of things you can do with video and you know what they are that are awesome. ben: just by -- there are all kinds of things you can do on video that are awesome. not that i have any personal knowledge and this is the future of gaming. ben: sitting around virtue and reality. >> if you can't travel or don't want to travel or don't want to travel or experience things you could never experience like climbing mount everest this is as close as you will ever get. ben: all right, obviously a big fan, shelly palmer, thank you very much. we have much more this morning. what is he doing in virtual reality? ines: i don't want to know.
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unproductive time and absenteeism. you can read more in the journal of the american medical association. ben: goldman sachs list of banks that have reached a multibillion-dollar settlement with the justice department. rosanna: the bank has agreed to pay $5 billion. prosecutors accused the bank of lying to investors about mortgages in the years leading up to the financial collapse. $2.4 billion in civil penalties, additional 1 $.8 billion will go to people whose mortgages are underwater. similar deals have been reached with bank of america, citigroup and wells fargo. ben: us officials say the zika virus is scarier and more widespread than they first thought. rosanna: the cdc delivered a bombshell report, what it says is hundreds of americans contracted zika after traveling to areas where it is prevalent
6:24 am
getting infected and this is the key, in more states than previously thought. >> 12 states where the mosquito is present, 30 states have the mosquito present. rosanna: most people experience mild symptoms or no symptoms. for others the symptoms can mimic those of multiple sclerosis or julian bar syndrome but the most common complication his birth defects. so far there is not a treatment or vaccine. ben: it was thought that it was spread sexually so if someone contracted and doesn't know they have it and spreading it that causes more concern. 6:24 on a tuesday morning, pretty mild this morning. ben: rosanna: thousands of verizon workers can walk off the job tomorrow morning.
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this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
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>> from "good day" wake-up. rosanna: the rest of the week will look pretty decent but this morning starts rainy. we will dry off this afternoon. some lattes outside on the street. ben: you always talk about this but never actually do it. rosanna: i would rather drink iced tea. ben: why not turn to that? rosanna: not as fun. ben: a 20-year-old man stepped repeatedly on the upper east side, the incident happened early this morning off of third avenue and police have not made any arrests. rosanna: hillary clinton is one of several presidential candidates holding events today in the empire state. ben: 40% of living former nfl
6:29 am
the nfl has denied a connection between its sports and traumatic brain injuries. it is tuesday morning april 12th. i am ben simmoneau. rosanna: i am juliet huddy. let's get a check of the weather. when will we see the nice warm temperatures where people can step outside? >> it depends how thick your skin is. >> consistently in the 60s. you say 60s to 75. it was only 50. tougher. .
6:30 am
54 in poughkeepsie. when it comes to rain our first few showers came through earlier in the city and that heavier line of showers to the west just coming out of the poconos going to the border of new jersey, pennsylvania and will head to the southeast. there is a good chance it will lose its intensity but it will still hold together to the point you see some solid rain, downpours and gusty winds but that cold front will work its way once we get beyond midday, the rain tapers off and in the city, probably right around lunchtime or so, rain for the first part of the day, temperatures stay pretty mild, up to a high of 60 later today, the clouds break up more so tonight and it is pretty chilly for lows dropping to 44 in the city and upper 20s in outlying areas including possibility of freezing conditions in parts of the tri-state.
6:31 am
let's bring in ines and see what she has to say with our commute which is a little soggy. ines: we have some accidents, 280 eastbound, blocking the lane, cleared away so you will deal with the you may ask farther east bound by exit 16, one lane blocked with an george washington bridge, watch out for an accident by exit 71, use local lanes and staten island the expressway by cloves road an accident so traffic towards the verrazano bridge, let's see how things are moving on the lie in suffolk county, washington no problems, don't have to worry about rain. in other parts of the area you do the traffic moving fine westbound and police activity by 72nd st..
6:32 am
st. and express trains making local stops between park chester and third avenue. ben: another stabbing in the city. >> a man is dead. it happened near the intersection of these 94th st. 95th area, they blocked that area off, they tell us the victim was walking on the street when he got into an argument with another man, that man stabbed him in the chest. someone drove the victim to metropolitan hospital where he died two hours later. no arrests have been made. ben: presidential hopefuls crisscrossed the state in advance of next tuesday's new york primary. rosanna: robert moses is live in midtown where one of the
6:33 am
hours. >> reporter: lobby of the times center on 41st st. is buzzing, hillary clinton is doing three hours for a panel discussion. she will be advocating equal pay for women. all of these candidates using every possible minute to meet every possible voter. this morning hillary clinton will be in midtown for a roundtable discussion, she popped up all over new york yesterday. and in port washington attended a dinner in holbrook. all the while she challenged bernie sanders who she says she looks forward to debating on thursday in brooklyn. >> bernie sanders has trouble answering questions, about his core issue, namely dealing with the banks. he had trouble answering foreign-policy questions. >> reporter: sanders who campaigned upstate and will do so today remains steadfast in
6:34 am
equipped to win in november. >> in national poll after national poll defeating donald trump by double digits. >> reporter: clinton is looking ahead to trump. >> the only one tough enough to stop trump. >> reporter: clinton released a new ad slamming trump for his rhetoric. and in albany criticized the political process that awarded all of colorado's 34 delegates to ted cruz. >> the system is rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> reporter: for his part ted cruz says this is sour grapes. >> the latest thing he sees upon is people vote against him, they are stealing the election. >> reporter: trump is voting on every vote possible when they hold the primary a week from today. two votes he will not be getting a those of his children who
6:35 am
john kasich who will campaign in the city remains a longshot candidate yet he says his opponents have no chance. >> i am the only one who beats hillary in the fall consistently. >> reporter: banking on the brokered convention, he has only won one state, his home state of ohio. in new york trump has a commanding lead over john kasich and ted cruz and clinton has a comfortable lead over sanders. ben and juliet, back to you. rosanna: police made an arrest in an israeli tourist. ben: marvin taylor used a sharp object to cut open the pockets of the 55-year-old man who was sitting on a blend at the bleecker street station. and on his hands and face, the
6:36 am
hospital for his injury. taylor is charged with robbery, assault and weapons position. rosanna: the benevolent association is asking mayor bill diblasio to end pay any quality for police officers. it says 53% of the latest academy class are minorities making the department more diverse but on average, 34% cut of cops locally and nationwide. it is being sent to 35,000 households in brooklyn, manhattan and queens. pat lynch says new york city officers used to be the highest paid in the nation but are falling behind other officers in the area. the mayor's office has not commented on the mailer yet. let's talk about business. ben: verizon workers will go on strike tomorrow if they don't get a new contract, the strike deadline 25 hours away. joining us in the foxbusiness network studio is lauren
6:37 am
we are talking about the old landline. >> reporter: this time tomorrow morning we could have a strike by 40,000 union workers at verizon communication. this is not the wireless business. most of us have wireless phones, we cut the cord and don't have the land lined anymore. it has declined. this is one of these is the union versus verizon are facing. these contract negotiations are stalled. they have been without a contract since august, sticking points, verizon wants to cut back on pension benefits, retirement costs, the union wents higher pay. they are talking. as for your landline if you have a problem tomorrow will verizon help you? yes. they have trained many nonunion workers to step in should the union workers walk out. should be okay. they can man the telephone and fix them and pick up the phone
6:38 am
can verizon stay staffed without the union workers should they walk off the job tomorrow? ben: you have a landline? >> yes and i'm not giving it up. ben: the old-fashioned verizon landline? or the one through the cable company? >> reporter: through the cable company. >> you have a rotary phone? >> reporter: i have a cordless phone. ben: how the quality? >> it is wonderful. that is why i have it. usually don't have to charge a phone. ben: another option for people to get in touch with you. it is just -- >> reporter: it is true. ben: everyone likes to be left alone. >> reporter: their are so many ways to get in touch with us and some take advantage of all those way like my mother, she called me at home coming in the office,
6:39 am
called me back. rosanna: mine is like she is talking to me. ben: annual developers congress takes off in california. rosanna: it is more ways to get in touch. on messenger, aimed at helping customers get in touch with businesses and services. and artificial intelligence like offering service to the blind where a tool will describe what photos are showing. other projects, the virtual assistant m and oculus virtual-reality. ben: how will the artificial intelligence describe you in a photo? rosanna: just adorable. ben: lovely, young and attractive. rosanna: now you are pushing it. let's get to mike.
6:40 am
you said you were going to. >> meteorologist: if you say so. let's show you what is going on. some changes coming up, cloudy skies, will be out there, the ratings on the early part of the day, and drying out this afternoon. pretty cold out there dropping to 40 in the city but upper 20s happening to the north of town so freeze conditions, a freeze watch, and a lot of wet roadways. >> some accident, staten island expressway by clove road, and
6:41 am
southbound by 2 30th st. and the george washington bridge a 30 minute delay, with the lower level, 495 picking up in volumes going in bown, holland tunnel 15 to 20 minutes from each approach. duke: coming up in forts, mets and oilers in city field, 2 and 4 in the season, time to hit the panic button? more when we come up. the latest entertainment news.
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ben: a 22-year-old man has died after being stabbed on the east side, this happened after 1:00 in the morning near the intersection of 94th st. and third avenue. the victim died and no arrests have been made. >> in the 30s states not
6:45 am
students and restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity, not necessarily the gender on their birth certificate. this is in keeping with antidiscrimination laws. and the. it up in toronto, the yanks first pitch just after 7:00 pm. mets, marlins opening a three game series and city field, marlins jumped all over stephen matson in the second inning. and and he is a great play. and the barry bonds, the hitting coach. and every marlins starting position player had a hit and a
6:46 am
we were just talking here. the marlins have some good players, the mets bought two and four on the season, i am not ready to push the panic button. washington is numfour-numone. no way will they be as bad or as dysfunctional as they were last year. ben: never underestimate -- duke: they have a lot of talent. what is -- duke: dusty baker is a good manager and he will have his team. ben: time will tell. duke: i can't wait for the pitching matchup at city field, jose fernandez, they are making fun of me on twitter. he is going to be a great pitcher, cy young award winner. nets and wizards at berkeley
6:47 am
7, take another painkiller and down 5, the free-throw. wizards in transition, jj hicks gets the ball through 120-numone 11. 40% of living former nfl players have signs of traumatic brain injury. the study was small, the nfl has long denied a connection between traumatic brain injury that is precursor to the more severe brain disorder cte. 45% on subjects have memory problems, 42% have attention or concentration problems and 24% had spatial or perception problems. more football news, jason p air paul speaking about the
6:48 am
finger and part of the film. here he is talking to sports illustrated. >> facing this way, i lit it and as soon as i did i heard a boom. duke: more of the story on sports illustrated later today. back to baseball, pirates beat 7-numfour in detroit, one detroit fan or tigers fan did something incredible in this game. he fought five foul balls and one game. how is that possible? they didn't have a sellout crowd. and just to the right of home plate. and the gave them all to little kids, and he had 200 or 300 he
6:49 am
it is, don't read the script. all the games i have been to, i sit in the press box which is higher up, i have caught one. ben: i came close to catching one. rosanna: do you bring your glove? ben: no. rock hands. that is it. let's move on. check the weather forecast. juliet: much more about these rock hand situations. ben: mostly related. rosanna: juliet huddy throw. >> meteorologist: let's get your weather forecast and show you what is happening.
6:50 am
we have rain coming into the tri-state, new jersey has a lot of it. western long island into connecticut but look at that line of showers and storms holding together pretty good as it comes through putting down a lot of rain and gusty winds, wouldn't be surprised to see wind gusts over 40 miles an hour, 58 temperaturewise at newark, 52 in bridgeport, cloudy sky and just inspected we are getting a match for the morning commute. in northwestern new jersey and go through it and that is what we contend with as the cold front presses on by. once we get beyond noon most of us are done with the majority of the rainfall and it wraps up in the early afternoon hours in eastern long island and it is dry but also quite cold. we have another freeze watch going into effect for blue
6:51 am
the first part of the day it is wet and soggy, some clearing in the afternoon and tomorrow starts off cold with a low of 40, 56 is your high wednesday, 60s for a few days, temperatures are a little above normal but the whether apps has live interactive radar, downloaded at the apple itunes store and google play story did won't cost you a thing. over to you. ben: thank you. the latest entertainment news, disney's new version of the jungle book, live-action, not animated, one of the biggest family movies of the year.
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today. america runs on dunkin'. >> problems in staten island, expressway moving slow, an accident has a lane blocked and delays continue past that
6:55 am
harlem river dr. south by 125th st.. there is a problem with police activity by 77th st.. and grand central station and 125th st. and southbound making local stops from park chester and third avenue. ben: time for entertainment. it is arguably the most requested song in rock 'n roll. would you say to the most requested song in rock 'n roll? led zeppelin's stairway to heaven but did they steal those famous opening notes. have a listen. >> a los angeles judge ruled the notes a similar to a song called taurus that was written four years before stairway to heaven by randy wolf of the band spirit. he drowned in 1997, trying to rescue his son.
6:56 am
ben: it sounds more similar to me than that marvin gaye robin thick kerfuffle. rosanna: a descending scale but the two bands toward together in the 60s and led zeppelin owes millions of dollars in royalties, the trial is set for may 10th. led zeppelin has been sued before for four other side, i'm going to leave you and a whole lot of love and it lost both times. ben: the new season of the real housewives of new york about to take off and the ladies are angry with bethany frankel. rosanna: she refuses to do interviews with other test makers and is more important than anyone else. a spokesman said she is perfect,
6:57 am
production company and much more compelling according to her publicist. you should be -- noxious people are entertaining to watch. ben: i was thinking about the jungle book. rosanna: it hasn't hit theaters but there is a sequel in the worst. ben: the director and producer, live-action version is expected to be the top earning movie when it debuts (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. rdinner is absolutely ourrfavorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of
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(mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she fought in the senate to end racial profiling and discriminatory sentencing. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
7:00 am
>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: i am rosanna coto. greg: i am greg kelly. it is warm. rosanna: a school district in new jersey to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on the gender they identify with. many parents have concerns. ben: a bank robbery in brooklyn. somebody made a whole in the roof and got away with several hundred thousand dollars. they did it so skillfully the alarm bell didn't even go off. these guys are good. ben: hillary clinton is talking equal pay, candidates continued to drum up support before the


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