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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jury no. 9, michael vargas? was he lying? >> if you look at the interchange between him and the court during the jury selection process, he was pretty cagey with the judge. he was asked if anybody close to him had been accused of a crime. he said something like none that made the papers. the judge asked him to clarify. he said, well, friends do silly things. the judge honed in on the issue and said what about any close family members, which he's saying his father wasn't close. he responded no. christina: yet he remembers this suddenly a couple of months later. >> a short time later. christina: he volunteers the information information. if you take that -- christina: the facebook post in which he said police officers are not being held accountable for violence. that's a nail in the coffin. >> put them together and they seem to indicate that he had an agenda in not disclosing one thing and disclosing it later. let me tell you, these claims
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not often successful. the issue is even if you find the misconduct, whether or not there's prejudice, which means would the result have been different. and the interesting part of this is that it cannot involve an inquiry into the actual jury deliberations, which are very, very protected. the sanctity of what goes on in the rooms is very protected so as not to have a chilling effect on deliberations by juries in the future. so the judge has his work cut out for him. christina: let's talk about him. there's -- can we talk about race? he's under pressure from all sides and the asian american community is up in arms saying this is the first nypd officer to be charged for a line of duty shooting in more than a decade and he's chinese american. if he had been white, would it have been the case? you have the justice, the first korean american judge in the city. he's facing a great deal of pressure. how do you think he's going to handle this?
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the same way he handles other cases. i've known him a long time. i've practiced before him. he is an honorable, honest, dedicated judge. he is under a lot of pressure. he's not going to let that pressure get to him. he presided over this case. he questioned this juror. he was right there. my sense is he will question this juror during the upcoming hearing and he will approach this with blinders on. he's not going to look at this as a race issue. he is not going to be affected by any of that. he is going to call it as he sees it. he's thoughtful, honest and he's going to do his job. whatever he gets for it, he's going to do his job. christina: glad to have you here. thank you so much. >> thank you. christina: a former nypd officer has been sentenced to nine years in prison. he was charged with attempted murder for a shooting back in 2014.
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drunk when he fired 14 shots at a car in pellham. both men survived. he said he was truly sorry for nearly killing the two men. hundreds of east new york residents protested outside city council and arrests were made. they're demanding he vote no on a zoning plan for the area unless it includes affordable housing. without changes, they believe it will leave thousands homeless. and thousands of verizon workers walked off the job today after contract talks failed. the workers say verizon wants to freeze pensions, make layoffs easier and rely on contract workers. they're saying they're prepared for a long fight. >> we have to brace ourselves for any impact this causes, and there's going to be more game plans along the way. once we get a fair contract, we'll be back at work. for now, we've got to take what it is. we have to fight. christina: fight they will. verizon says it has trained thousands of non-union employees
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i'm not going to strike about the forecast. very nice, audrey. >> a lot of people are excited about the change we're seeing across the tri-state area. christina: is it going to last? >> let's start with today. it was chilly in the shade. that's because numbers were a little below average for this time of year but much nicer than over the weekend. that's for sure. 57 is what we hit in central park today. that's the same number for the high in newark and belmar came in in the 50s as well as the tri-state area. temperatures right now, we're sitting at the 57 in central park, if we can -- there we go. 57 in central park. 55 in newark. it's 52 in islip. we cooled it down to the 40s towards montauk at the moment. these numbers are running slightly cooler than they were this time last night. and fortunately, we have light winds at the moment.
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monticello will be in the 20s. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for the counties shaded to the north here. it looks like a frost advisory for interior new jersey. this starts at midnight in some locations and goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. area-wide, things are quiet. over the northeast here, we have high pressure in control. there is a weak disturbance that's passing over western portions of new york as well as over towards central pennsylvania. that's going to pass through the area tonight. it will provide us with cloud cover. overall we should stay dry. the clouds will be out of here by tomorrow morning. elsewhere across the nation, it's pretty quiet as far as the great lakes in the northeast but there are two systems. one is located towards the gulf coast where they're seeing strong storms across the panhandle of florida. and another one is a big storm system that's developing out towards the pacific northwest. this is probably going to make news across that part of the nation over the next couple of days. we're protected by high pressure. that's going to keep us nice and dry with a very nice stretch of weather over the next several
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mild weather across the midsection of the nation will make its way into the region. we'll see readings in the 70s by the end of the weekend. for now we're under the influence of the high. looks like tonight's lows will be chilly. tomorrow we'll have another day filled with sunshine and temperatures about where we were yesterday. mostly in the 50s. a northeast wind will give us a bit of a chill in the shade. it will feel good on the sunny side of the street through thursday. friday, more of the same in the way of cloud cover. we'll have none of it. we'll have plenty of sunshine. temperatures slowly climb up into the 60s. as i mentioned, we'll be in the 70s further on into the second half of the weekend. moving ahead, tonight will be time. the clouds will move out by the morning hours. temperatures will drop into the 20s north and west of the city. in manhattan, we'll be in the lower 40s. everyone will be into the 30s. tomorrow, we should have plenty of sunshine coming into the
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that will keep us nice and dry. looks like temperatures will be rising into the 50s once again much like today. further on towards the end of the week, temperatures will rise into the 60s. we have a nice dry stretch of weather into the weekend. temperatures will soar to above average readings. we should be at 60. we'll be above that through the next couple of days. temperatures will be moving into the 60s. these are not advancing. okay. temperatures will be moving into the 60s in the next couple of days. 70s into sunday and the beginning of next week. we'll take a drop back into the 60s by tuesday and wednesday. you can see it's going to be nice and dry for the next five to seven days. that's good news. enjoy it while it lasts. christina: that works for us. thanks a lot. williamsburg has essentially become the new capital of a general tri
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we look back at what it was and where it has come. >> and we learn true strengths from young children who have fought and beaten cancer. how their stories are helping other kids in the middle of the fight. we'll be right back. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ]
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our feature story tonight takes us back into williamsburg's past before it became the face of brooklyn's hipster movement. it's had its rough years and as stacey delikat shows us, a new documentary is highlighting the neighborhood's gritty history. >> my parents brought me here in 1941. i know everybody that walks down the street. everybody says hello. >> reporter: the year was 1984 in south williamsburg. fast forward to 2016 and not too much has changed for soto. he may be a familiar sight around here, but the neighborhood itself, well, that's a different story. >> oh, my god, there's been so many changes. >> reporter: for 75 years, he's lived in south williamsburg, known to residents like him as lo sures. he was followed for a documentary film that reveals slices of life in the neighborhood.
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can you give me a day? do you have a date for me? can you give me a job? it's depressing. >> reporter: he has had work as a carpenter, but in the '80s, he struggled in other ways. >> i was a heroin addict from the age of 14. in the eighth grade, 14 years old, i started snorting dope. >> reporter: is that the norm around here? >> yes. 80 percent of the young people my age, we're using. >> they're tough. if you can survive, you can survive anything. >> reporter: the streets of south williamsburg were flooded with drugs and crime. today you'll find glimmering new construction, sky high rents and trendy restaurants. many of the new arrivals have no idea about the neighborhood's pregentrification past. >> we have to think of it as required viewing for new residents of the community. because hopefully what it shows them is the way in which the community was, but the way it is today.
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found out about the original living documentary almost a decade ago and his team has spent five years meticulously restoring the film and creating new interactive features out of its components. >> this documentary is very rare. if you tried to find the history of williamsburg, there's not that many places you can look, not many texts. >> soto who is painted outside of union dock's office to promote the film says while he's seen friends priced out over the years, he doesn't mind most of the change. >> i love it. it's nothing wrong with it. i think it's beautiful. there are new people coming in. they're friendly. they're nice people. >> reporter: the theatrical review is on friday. it will show for a week. tickets are selling out. in williamsburg, i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. christina: all right. we're lucky to be joined by
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and artistic director of union docks docs. tell us why people should see this. >> this is a beautiful film. it's an amazing piece of new york city history. it's the story of williamsburg, brooklyn, that not a lot of people understand. for those who experience those memories, for those who haven't, it's required viewing for being a brooklynite. christina: the history is incredible. in the early '80s, that south side williamsburg area, it had poverty, violence, drugs. when you watch the film, there's a lot of love and family and feels safe and happy. >> absolutely. it's the story of five people who struggled to make their lives better in one of the poorest neighborhoods in america at the time. at the same time, they had so much struggle and you see the things like the culture in the
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hip-hop, so many aspects of activism and community that brought people together. it's a really strong community then and it's a really strong community today. christina: a lot of culture, puerto ricans and dominicans. >> that's there and the organizations that have served them a part of the community. my organization, union docs, is proud to be part of it and contributing through the restoration of this film. christina: it's an important piece of history. you look at what it was like then. you look at it now. you hear the word williamsburg and what word pops into your head? >> people think hipsters. christina: there's a whole foods coming soon. there's a j. crew there. artisanal coffees. is that a compliment because people want to move in and it's expensive, or is it a blight to the culture that's been so rich for decades? >> i think that part of the thing is just about everybody in the community being able to be part of that change and benefitting from it. there certainly is a whole
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there's the continuity of an incredible organization, organizations like el puente, many organizations that are the fabric of the community for a long time. they're there to stay and not going anywhere as are the residents who are owners. they organized in the '80s to take over buildings that negligent landlords weren't paying attention to. and hopefully the flavor of that community will be a part of williamsburg for many, many years. christina: have you seen a pushback as it gets gentrified and people are getting priced out of the neighborhood and that rich culture and history? >> we're trying to tell the story with the community. using this film, we tell the then and now. christina: are they still in williamsburg? >> many are. kuso has been in the neighborhood since the '80s and
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he has 27 grandchildren, great grandchildren. christina: some of them were struggling to survive and debating whether or not to stay. >> absolutely. one of the stories we tell tells the story of someone who did move out. she owned her apartment but was ready to leave. other people were forced out. there's no denying that. this project is about honoring the history and legacy of this community and talking that the importance of place is really in its history. christina: who are we without our history. it's a gem. thank you so much. >> still ahead, mets fans get the win they were looking for. but it almost didn't matter. russ joins me next with sports to explain what they were thinking. >> and friday, we look at the state of new york's airport. some people call it a nightmare. what can be done to fix it? we'll try to figure it out for you friday at 6:00.
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christina: okay. time for sports with russ. it's april. man, did the mets need that win. russ: you know, today's the eighth game of the season. christina: a long road ahead. russ: 154 more to go. that being said, they had a four-game losing streak.
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to start off with jacob degram's gave wife to a baby boy. he's not with the team. his replacement gave them six shutout inning. in the 7th inning, they had the bases loaded, nobody out. rovers struck out two guys. then jerry blevins came over. he ended up getting the third out. and subsequently, they go on to win the game. but you're going to look back at this -- with bases loaded and nobody out. there was no score in the game. that was a crucial, crucial point for them to get it. now the offense, as we know, has not been doing much. the whole mets team is based on their great pitching staff. they got more of it today. christina: not up to par? russ: in the previous four
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kevin today, the backup catcher, decided to get his first hit of the season at just the right time and knocked in a pair of runs that made it 2-nothing mets. they went on to beat the marlins 2 to 1. but everybody was holding their collective breaths in the 8th inning. he was cavalier in the outfield. get a load of this play. it's a foul ball. watch him. christina: why? russ: that is a super effort. but while it's a super effort, you've got to say sometimes it's wise to be a little careful because, listen -- christina: he stopped his momentum. he was sailing. russ: you bring out a good point. it's kind of hard to stop your momentum. we've seen derek jeter and other people go into the stands.
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and you're talking about a $25 million a year ball player. i'm sure the mets and their fans were saying my goodness. christina: thank god when he got up. russ: mets win. they stopped the losing streak at four. christina: they like to keep us on the edge of their seat. russ: the yankees play tonight and the rangers and penguins. christina: ever wonder if a dog would remember his owner after a new york.
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christina: welcome back. here's a live look at washington
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gathering for a bernie sanders rally. this event starts at 7:00 and sanders is expected to take the stage around 8:00. we'll have a live report for you tonight on the fox 5 news at 10:00. oh, this is the type of reaction a dog gives an owner he hasn't seen in two years. zeus got loose a couple of years ago and disappeared. someone found him, kept him and moved to michigan where zeus got loose again. this time his microchip was scanned and his owner was found. >> i prayed that the right people would get involved and they did. so i have the dog back. >> it's the miracle of getting your animals microchipped. if it hadn't been for the microchipped, zeus would never go back to his mom. christina: incredible story. his mom drove from florida to get him. she was so excited, she got pulled over twice for speeding.
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other cop let her go. a great ending. that does it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm christina park for ernie anastos. all of us in studio 5, have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there are multiple reasons why it appears iggy azalea is saying sayonara to nick young. >> what was nick's reaction when you said he would cut off his penis. >> i don't know. i didn't see his face. >> not wearing her wedding ring yesterday leaving iheart radio and when we got her out, her hand was in her pocket. >> if she's sigle, there's going to be a run on iggy azalea. harvey: no, you don't want to put your penis on a tight rope. [laughter] >> marlon wayans, he's very funny in this clip. we asked him -- >> are you going to the lakers game tomorrow? >> obviously, big game. today is sad. >> you're sad, huh? >> yeah, man, it's tough. and he's saying good-bye tonight. [laughter]


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