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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 16, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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for more skin tones. >> now on chasing news. >> us by shop and brooklyn where refugees are welcome. >> it may surprise you. >> we have been working in new york and around the country to stand up out of the jewish community against islam a phobia in the country. >> most people suffer from terrace phobia. >> coastal living magazine has found the best beach in america. >> i don't think ocean city is the best beach. >> there's no alcohol leverage ever go there. >> i love jersey girls. >> our new favorite website the
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of men for rent. >> i want to take you home later >> your chasing a story to a bike shop in brooklyn where according to the sign refugees are welcome. >> refugees are welcome here, the signs are popping up over brooklyn. you can can see a sign in the window of a bike shop. on the sign is an image of a refugee cradling a young child. the organizers of the campaign was started by jewish voices for peace as part of their campaign to end of islam a phobia. i met with the assistant director for the organization. >> we been working in new york and around the country to stand up out of the jewish community against the tide of islamic phobia.
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american policies on immigration and border control. we have donald trump calling to and muslims from entering the country altogether. we have ted cruz in new york city needs to restart their surveillance against muslim communities at mosques in school. >> i think the islamic phobia has a longer history in this country. we we see it in the post- 911 climate but really the idea is that it's easy and acceptable in society today to demonize muslims up or anything and everything. >> most people suffer from terrorist phobia. you see the issue with immigrants in europe and the idea of refugees and unfortunately campaigns like this take way from a legitimate discussion of keeping your borders protected in your country safe. >> what's surprising is that we
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that say well refugees are welcome. we don't realize is a lot immigrants aren't coming here to do a terrorist attack, some are escaping gangs, and running for their lives. >> what bothers me most is about this is its islam a phobia. people leading the campaign is from outside that faith. why don't enough people who are practicing islam why don't they stand up and lead the campaign. >> is can ask it's only a matter of time before bernie sanders gets hold of this. not only are we refugee friendly but we should be subsidizing to buy these bike. >> i think the important thing to look at, you're looking at the small businesses who are willing to stand up and support an issue they believe in. you have a dog food supply store, these are grassroots people who are saying what they believe. bill you should support that for someone who doesn't want government appearance. let let the people decide. >> high-speed chase.
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police, use a vehicle that is faster than a police car, not a moped. check. check out the-camera footage of a dude who did not have his registration sticker on correctly he went to elude the police is swerving and out of residential neighborhood. police are on his trail. he jumped jumped the curb rights on the sidewalk into a backyard and then tries to cross the railroad track. i it did not work out, he flipped head over heels, the cops get them and end of story. great video. >> check out the road rage video. a driver got out of his car and got heated with a group of motorcyclists. then the drivers steps in front says do not move. that's when the motorcyclist punch the man and a female got out pulled the gun. no one is identify. >> the area where the gop gala
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street in manhattan at the grand area. it was turned upside down on thursday because trump was going to be there and speaking. half. the side of the hotel was all service and barricades. on the other side were tons of protesters shouting out. >> run the other side of the hotel where there's protesters. >> it was literally the no-trump zone. it said new york city is a no-trump zone. it was really heated speemac's step step up to my face again. >> there is a woman who is saying trump is the one who
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the son of immigrants. >> trump's mother was an immigrant him as all get deported with her. >> i saw a woman with what look like a doll with needles in it, in the midst of all of the shouting i found one lonely supporter. after all that craziness i headed inside because secret service was going to be checking all of the press equipment. we are lined up killing time outside the ballroom and protesters were not even allowed on that side of the street. yet they found a way to sneak in where the press was and started shouting. the secret service and the cops pounced on them. they pushed us aside and put their hands out and started arresting these protesters who
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>> and admits of the cast was time for candidates to take the stage. trump had a lot of supporters there there taking pictures and sulfates, trump made a joke that had a huge reaction take a look outside. >> once trump was done they said they were going to introduce kate john kasich, three women started walking out of the room and other people follow. there started to be an exit from her room when governor case it was going to start speaking. he had some supported but when he was done speaking and cruise was coming and more people left and i was looking at a lot of empty tables. trump basically stole the show and he was talking about new york values, new yorkers are
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now on my nine on sunday. >> best speech in the world baby. right here in jersey europe beach for yourself and you know that i expect opinions from you. >> go to the boardwalk in ocean city and you'll hear the ocean you'll hear the south south call a saxophone. >> i'm usually here on the weekend. the acoustic is great, the beach and people are awesome. >> he's been at a lot of places and he says some maybe not so friendly but ocean city, especially the music here is very friendly. >> i play till midnight, i've been here all day i rest my fingers and then i come back out but it's therapy to me. >> that's just just one guy's
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has a very special title one of the best beaches in america. the mayor is giddy about it. >> it's hard to argue with the man hold on a minute. best beach. that's a heavy claim to a state. the mayor told me that hard work is what earned ocean city the title. he said the places a lot a lot of fun. there places like schreiber's which is like a magnet and are selling candy on the boardwalk since 1988. >> we have chocolate. >> as the general manager sold me a box of salt water tap instead a lot of people loyalty but if you haven't been to ocean city, come and see.
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is great in the summer, there's a reason we won, all the people that come here love it. if you haven't been here, experience it. >> i was impressed, even if just -- they do a great job stating their case and they did when the title. >> i don't think ocean city is the best beach in new jersey. there's no alcohol alcohol sold in the town so there's no drunken democracy going on. >> the water in new jersey doesn't even warm up until august i don't understand why you would even go there. >> i love jersey girls, that's it he got the title, he can
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>> every friday on my morning show we do something called # friday to honor police officers that do the hard work of keeping our community safe today. a special guest, k-9 officer, achilles with his handler, the dog was quite adept to the microphone. he he helped cohost a little bit. >> they have a wide assortment of sophisticated sexy men for rent for $200 per hour.
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>> i did some research i was thrilled to find a service that offers men on demand. my new favorite website, rent a gent. the site has exclusive assortment of sexy, smart and sophisticated member rent. i headed to bryant park to test off the service to promises to deliver and while. >> obviously, there he is, of course. high.
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for the two hour block a client is a little lot it but i could to stay there forever. >> this rented gent has modeling, and acting on his non- gent our agenda. although while running his own production company. >> they did an extensive interview process and betting man seen how i would react to different circumstances. if you encounter someone who is actually rude to you how would you handle it, how would you go through that scenario not offend the more. >> where they get upset or got needier try to come on to you how would you do that. >> aaron was my date for the $200 per hour rate. the site offers gents for all occasions, they can run your aaron's, wash your dishes, iron your, iron your pants be the perfect wedding date complete with a perfect wedding dance. anything a woman wants to do the ball is in our court, she
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>> the woman is actually hiring me, she can be however she wants. and you have to like me. >> exactly the website cautions clients not to expect any form of emotional and physical bond because it is not part of the deal. >> i'm just here as a friend and talk will have a good time. >> you show up to the situation knowing what's entailed, it's all in writing. so there are no expectations any just act like yourself. >> why is this so modern, empowering and cue. when older
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younger women it's a cheap escort service. but when the roles are flipped, oh it's delightful. >> delightful. >> is it okay or not okay despite the sex. >> it sexist your sexist are a. >> guilty. >> just like an escort service service if you can go $200 an hour with a date you can go a little extra. >> this doesn't get a better than this, the sun is out, i have a refreshing view but if you're like me your allergies may be stopping you from having a lot of fun. doctors are treating more people for allergies. they say 30% of adults have allergies and 40% of children. two thirds of the population is allergic to ragweed. if you you check out the pollen count this week it's high. i purchased a few cleaning products and went on in our allergy chase to the home of another person who is an allergy
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>> very bad allergies. today for instance i felt like i was sick just nasally, sore throat, trouble sleeping at night. every year at this time it's like clockwork. speemac's i's i gave him a hand and chase down the hill hidden allergens. there's pollen pollen outside but there's so many right under your roof. i went out with the brand in, he led the way and showed me some of the spots they forget about in your own. >> any higher flat surfaces, cabinets and kitchens, anything in bedrooms, most people to check up there and forget about it. a lot of dust and pollen are up there. >> a list of the sneaky is places for allergens, your windows, bedsheets, pillows, fireplaces are really filthy but what we did, we actually took an
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vents and you just saw a lot of dust flying. >> i can personally attest to the fact that allergies are so bad right now. i think getting allergy shots for 12 years and they are significantly helping me and even i am suffering blonde beyond belief. what's the point of whining and complaining about your can have a life. >> because you can get treatment. >> also scientists are showing that they believe some of the rise of the super allergies this call related to climate change. spring comes -- [inaudible] >> anyway, excellent.
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listener. >> if you want to see him peraigorm live he will be at the stress factory new brunswick all weekend long. >> they sniff for drugs, search for bedbugs, and, and now they can even detect cancer. this is why it's, the 8-year-old responsible for saving hundreds if not thousands of lives. even his new jersey orner janet thanks him daily. >> wyatt found a cancer about six years ago that i went to the dr. and he said no it's nothing. i've been doing this 32 years. it's nothing. thursday morning nothing. thursday morning i get a phone call about 9:10 a.him and he said, i'm so sorry you have adenoid carcinoma.
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>> now resead lhers say docs can sniff the difference between healthy and cancer tissues. some studies say they are accurate as much is 95% of the time. >> imagine you have a way of saving people but you cannot tell them because if you tell them they're either going to recount, yell at you or not want to know. i'm in an airport and he hits on somebody who is from korea and does not speak english. it's heartbreaking. you know it's something but how do you communicated. >> believe it or not why it is not the only star in the family. his sister savannah also has a stellar sniff. she runs a foundation, merlin's kids where she treats service docs for the disabled. >> you cannot train a dog to find every kind of cancer. so what i did was i decided instead of training a dog on individual smells i wasecaoing to trade my dog to find anything
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not a normal hd alan smell. >> you don't know what that is i know what it is. whoever is stocking the shelves and touch that and put it in or someone who came in and touched it. >> interested in learning more westmark go to merlin's follow me follow me on twitter to follow my updates and the show at chasing news. >> cotton balls, feeding tubes,
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from our studios in atlanta -- >> check me out. >> -- and dallas. >> i would be fine going to bed with either one. >> we cover the hottest entertainment news you need to know. this is "dish nation." dish nation >> welcome to "dish nation." we got a big show for you today. later on in the show we'll talk with selena gomez. plus we'll see if you can guess who these celebrities are. but first, there's an epidemic going on, you guys. >> what's up? >> it's the ryan baby boom. >> ryan babies? >> yeah, looks like little ryans are taking over the world. blake lively and ryan reynolds are expecting baby numero dos. they already have 15-month-old james and they're absolutely thrilled to be pregnant again. >> okay. >> they also say she'll debut her baby bump at the upcoming met gala on may 2nd.


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