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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 18, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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where i hear it's about 100. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in new york city on this final day before the big new york primary tomorrow. mrs. clinton holds an event this afternoon in midtown with senator gillibrand while mr. sanders is set for a big rally in long island city this evening. >> okay what's going on with the republicans? all of whom appeared on good day new york last week. there were events in the weekend in the city, upstate. so tomorrow is the big day, primary day. >> sunni purchase was locked down last night after reports that a gunman was on campus. no arrests were made. >> all right. usually april 15th is the deadline for getting in your paperwork, taxes, but it's april 18th. today is actually the kidline, even tonight at -- deadline,
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some sort of holiday in washington, d.c. has given us a couple of more days to take care of business. >> that's fantastic. i miss the days where you actually had to mail in the tax form, you know? there was big ceremonies outside the post office, people would have bands, giving away cookies and free things, and now it's so impersonal. you just hit send. >> sorry it's such a bust for you, rosanna. i'm getting a big, fat refund this year. at least that's the expectation. [laughter] rosanna and i went on a fantastic outing friday night. a boat cruise. it was a dinner cruise really, i should say. >> it was a lot of fun. oh, there's our captain. >> scott. they leave from the chelsea piers, and it's a beautiful vessel. it's like an observatory that floats. hi, carrie. good. [laughter] she does. anyway --
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>> it's all glass, you know, enclosed. so it's very nice, very row -- romantic. >> great food, great views. >> oh, by the way, in case anybody thought i was on a date with greg, i was not. my husband was there. >> we all had chaperones. spectacular. >> and you lost your mind when we passed the statue of liberty. >> i thought it was worthy for us to go outside and toast her and each other. i think you're going to see that. anyway, you've never been that close to the statue of liberty before. >> it was nice. >> she was right on top of us. and one more time, shout out to scott, the captain. that guy had a very steady hand at the steering wheel. would not let me steer, by the way. >> yes. and don't forget our server. he was incredible, right? >> all of them were fantastic, and really it's one very unique way to see the city.
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from out of town or maybe -- >> look at the captain! >> yeah, yeah, he's setting the -- >> he goes right on the top. it almost looks like he's walking on water. >> he knows what he's doing. we're going to have the staff in in a little bit and learn more about what they do. >> we did it friday night, audrey. >> i heard. >> it was a nice sunset that night. i wish it was like today, the weather, you know, today's so nice and warm. we could have been outside the whole time. >> is it going to be that warm, audreysome. >> yes, yes, yes. you'll get a chance today, hopefully, because we are expecting temperatures well above average across the tristate area, folks. let's start off with the numbers this morn, it feels decent as you head out the door. later this afternoon you'll shed a light jacket. right now we're at 52 in central park, in 40s in islip and out towards montauk point.
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in at 48, newark is now back at 50. you were there a couple hours ago and then dropped into the upper 40s. westchester it's 40 in bedford, white plains you're waking up with 50, same number in hudson, new rochelle. the bronx is now at 51 and so is throgs neck at this hour. nice and clear skies across the region. just a couple of high, thin clouds to the north, but overall sunny skies ea cross the ream finish across the region. plenty of clear skies, and that's going to help warm up our temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. we're going for middle to upper 70s across much of the tristate area, new jersey could squeeze out an 80-degree reading. now, a back door cold front will cool us down tomorrow, mostly in the 60s across the region with a little bit of a breeze, same thing through wednesday. thursday evening i anticipate
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friday we'll have to break out our umbrellas again. scattered showers throughout the day on friday with high temperatures in the low 70s. that's a check of your weather, let's see what's on the roads this morning with ines rosales. >> good morning, audrey. it's okay for a monday morning. starting off with the van wyck northbound traffic jam because of a stall, cross island parkway, there was an accident by hillside avenue northbound, that's been cleared away, but delays remain back to the southern state parkway, and route 84 in orange county, all lanes cleared just in time if you're heading towards the beacon bridge. there was an accident closing all lanes, then two lanes by exit 5, just cleared away. on the lie by patrick holbrook road, no problems eastbound/westbound, as for the bqe, normal delays. nice and sunny with the brooklyn bridge in the fore ground. the traffic's moving okay
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as for the 59th street bridge, upper, lower level your choice, and trains are running on or close to schedule. >> we've got some type of situation in bayonne, new jersey. >> fox 5's jim smith is overheld, what's going on? >> rosanna, this is along west 26th street near avenue b, a fire that started just about an hour ago, and for some time there were heavy flames going through the roof of the building. you can see where much of the roof has been burned out. you can see right into the top story of this home. it's not known how many people were inside the building, we believe everybody has been evacuated, and so far no reports of injuries, the fire not officially under control, but it does appear the fire department is getting the situation under control at this point or close to being under control. much of the fire has been knocked down. there were concerns about the fire spreading to the a adjacent
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firefighters were spraying water into those homes or onto the homes. at this point one of the homes does appear to have some damage, it does not appear to have the left. again, no injuries have been reported, and the cause of the fire still not known. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> and in that fire truck we see water dribbling out a little to the let's, jim -- to the left, jim. >> that tower ladder earlier was spraying water into the building. at times firefighters will stop and assess the situation to see where they need to -- the firefighters that are actually inside the building handle it. >> by the way, carolina from, on twitter said that they see the smoke on the north shore of staten island from this fire. so just so you know what you're looking at on staten island. >> tough job for the firefighters, hope everybody makes it out okay.
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day in new york state. democrats and republicans making a big push. let's start with the republicans. >> donald trump has a huge lead over ted cruz and john kasich in the latest poll. ted cruz is not even campaigning in new york. do you think it had anything to do with what we said? [laughter] >> so we had a little meeting with ted cruz. we met with all these guys last week. >> yeah. we're hoping to meet some of the democratic nominees this week too. >> teresa priolos has more. >> good morning, everyone. the billionaire businessman is due in buffalo today, later tonight actually around 7:00 for a major campaign event there. who knows what might happen throughout the morning and the early afternoon here in movement after all, there is a push on to get as many votes as possible ahead of tomorrow's primary. and a new cbs news poll shows that, in fact, tomorrow's primary really is donald trump's to lose, 54% of republicans here in new york back him.
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concerned, cruz and kasich are neck and neck. >> we're going to have a big day, hopefully, in new york, because i love new york, and a guy like cruz, you heard his statement on values, new york values, and i can't imagine any new yorker voting for cruz. >> the push is on for every last vote in the empire state. donald trump and john kasich have been crisscrossing new york, addressing issues big and small. >> i'm not a neutral party when it comes to israel. you count me four square in their corner. >> the infrastructure in new york state is considered by all to be a total and complete disaster. one-third of the state's major highways and 45% of its major roads -- i know that, i hit a lot of potholes -- are in very bad condition. >> trump and kasich have spent a considerable amount of resources here hoping to score big with the gop's 95 delegates up for grabs. and ted cruz?
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>> god bless the great state of idaho -- >> winning that state's gop convention on saturday, picking up 14 delegates by appealing to the party's conservative base. >> in just a couple of years, everyone here is going to be able to fill out taxes -- [inaudible] [applause] >> and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [cheers and applause] >> the latest victory comes as a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows six in ten republican voters believe that if no candidate wins a majority of delegates before the convention, that person with the most votes should gain the nomination. a major sticking point in this campaign, especially with front-runner donald trump. rnc chair reince priebus addressed that on sunday's "meet the press." >> if donald trump, if he was winning the majority of votes,
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delegates, but that's not actually what's happening. >> and staying on that poll for just one second, speaking about a white knight nominee possibly at this brokered convention if it happens? only 20% of those surveyed believe it would be acceptable to nominate somebody who wasn't vetted through the primary process. we also want to update our viewers, we are hearing there's going to be a noon rally here at the trump tower, so another event on the calendar today. back to both of you. >> teresa, thanks a lot. all right, time to check in with the democrats. >> all right. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in the latest poll. mrs. clinton has a telephone-point lead as -- ten-point lead, but senator sanders says his campaign has the momentum. he's had lots of people turn out for his rallies. >> both of them are in the city today. by the way, he somehow fit in that trip to meet the pope. >> i know, and he kid get to meet the pope concern he did get to meet the pope.
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>> although the pope says he's not endorsing everybody. >> good thing. >> he made it clear. >> carrie drew, hi there. >> good morning. another set of campaign events for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton will be here behind me this afternoon at the hilton in midtown while sanders will be holding a rally at a park in long island city, queens, and over the weekend both with making a last minute push for votes. hillary clinton kept up her busy campaign schedule in new york. on sunday mayor bill de blasio stumped with the former secretary of state in brooklyn. clinton spoke about republican front-runner donald trump. >> i was just up in washington heights, and i said to trump last summer, enough! you stop with the hate-filled rhetoric. you are not going to divide this country, we are coming together, we're going to be unified. >> clinton also visited grace
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can county and addressed hundreds of supporters. >> i think staten island values are new york values and new york values are american values. [cheers and applause] >> meanwhile, bernie sanders visited the first corinthian baptist church in harlem. >> i'm born in brooklyn, new york. [applause] >> and later thousands gathered at a rally for the vermont senator in prospect park, brooklyn, where sanders was introduced by actor danny devito. >> i wanna hear it, bernie! >> bernie! bernie! >> this is a campaign that is on the move. [cheers and applause] this is a campaign that a year
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candidacy, 90 points behind -- 70 points behind secretary clinton. well, they don't consider us fringe enough! [cheers and applause] >> there's a lot at stake here in new york, 247 delegates up for grabs tomorrow. a new cbs poll shows clinton leading 53-43 percent for clinton, but other polls show race could be tighter. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> okay, thanks a lot. so george clooney is a prominent hillary clinton supporter. he went on "meet the press" yesterday just after a major fundraiser was held for hillary clinton at his home. more than $300,000 you had to pay to go there. there were lots of protesters who showed up, by the way. >> he says he doesn't like how much money is in politics, so that's kind of interesting he would that -- >> yeah with, i'm not sure if he did any fairs for hillary clinton or even himself, but
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>> i think it's an obscene about of money. we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco, and they're right to protest, they're absolutely right. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign, when they talk about it, is absolutely right. it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics, i agree completely. >> all right. you know? [laughter] you can agree with it, but then you've got to change the election law, right? i mean, that's the bottom line. >> you watch the whole interview, he was kind of being kind of cute and eyeballing the room in a weird way, and some might say he wasn't as support i of hillary as he probably should have been. some murmurings about that on on social media. >> oh, really? >> what else? >> let's talk about the campus of sunni purchase after reports of a person with a gun. it was lifted late last night,
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university says the campus is safe and secure. and all classes will go on as normal this morning. nobody really knows what exactly caused this situation. some reports say it was a man who flashed a gun at a party on the westchester campus, but he ran off before police arrived. police say no shots were fired, no arrests, obviously, they're still looking into all this. >> some salacious details emerging from that corruption friends. there they are. what kind of, what kind of arrangements were they making for top nypd brass in "the new york post" has a report. >> yeah. they're saying that officers being investigated joined the mile high club thanks to these guys. the post says that jonah and jeremy both are the subjects of a joint fdny-nypd probe provided a plane to vegas for some cops
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a prostitute dressed as a stewardess. deputy inspector james grant and detective michael malici took at least one of those wild cross-country trips. officer grant has already been stripped of his badge. >> so what does the mayor say about the corruption probe? he's been asked numerous times. he has a new show on channel 4, ask the mayor. it came on this weekend. previous mayors had these kinds of forums every week, the mayor will have it once every three months, but here's the mayor on probe. >> we haven't been contacted in any way, shape or form by any federal agency, so i instructed a lawyer from my campaign to reach out to the u.s. attorney's office and say we're happy to help in any way we can. we still have not been asked any questions. but the donors in question provided contributions to my campaign, and what's very clear is they did not get anything back.
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were supposedly involved in that mile high club are denying that they were part of, part of it, each onboard. so just so you know. >> all right. so it's getting warm, and that cicadas. they make that interesting noise -- >> oh, it's a loud noise. >> listen to this. the sound of summer. but these are one of those special cicadas that emerge only once in every 17 years. >> supposedly, we are going to be invaded by billions of them. the sound is part of the insects' mating ritual. did you know that? that means they're very busy, i guess. [laughter] think of it, the cicadas are having fun, what are you doing? >> you just want to close the window. [laughter] >> anyway, more on that in a little bit. audrey, what's going on? >> does that get you in the mood, audrey? >> i lived in mississippi.
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it's kind of a noise i'm used to hearing. they do get a little loud, so when that comes, be aware that they get into all kinds of things. anyway, right now we're experiencing nice temperatures to start off our monday. 40 in poughkeepsie. newark at 50, and these numbers are milder than this time yesterday. plenty of clear skies this morn, it was a beautiful sunrise, and we're expecting another spectacular sunset across the region. high pressure in control which is going to bring a nice dry day not only for us, but for much of the northeast, from new england all the way down to the mid atlantic. as you sends the kids off this morning, have them wearing a right jacket. make sure they're also in short sleeves because temperatures are going to warm up into the 70s later this afternoon.
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80-degree day across interior new jersey. mostly in the 40s tonight, mid 50s in the city, and tomorrow a back door cold front will have pushed through, and that's going to drop down our temperatures into the upper 60s. the 60s again on wednesday, our next chance of rain is late thursday night which will leave us with a wet friday. we're expecting scattered showers which will actually be out of here just in time for the weekend. saturday and sunday mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 60s. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning with ines. >> a couple of innocent ises. let's start out with the new jersey turnpike, southbound car lanes by interchange 9, there's an accident. stick with the truck lanes. rockland, westchester county, those are normal delays onto the tappan zee bridge. things are fine on the saw mill. this red is just telling you about long-term construction during the overnight, but right now traffic's moving fine northbound.
7:21 am
morning, over on the lie, this is by powells lane, eastbound side looks good. reports of an accident on the jericho turnpike, exit 40, blocking a lane. lincoln tunnel, 495 backed up, so between a 45-50 minute delay. as for the holland tunnel from each approach, 15-20. >> thanks a lot, ines. peek outside. did you hear what she said, almost 80 degrees? >> i think it's going to be great. it's like june weather in april. >> god bless you, rosanna. >> thank you.
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new york. what makes it think bigger? go bolder? push for a living wage that's higher. for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders
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they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark it is the small stuff... biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> okay. hi, everybody. take a lock at this video. two guys robbed a grocery store at gunpoint in brock lin and shot the worker. -- brooklyn. we see one guy taking the money
7:25 am
avenue in east new york. >> yeah. the other suspect had the gun and is holding the arm of the worker. at one point the worker goes for the gun, that's when the suspect shoots him. be you have any information, please call 1-80-577-tips, crimestoppers. >> all right. so the president of israel was impeached -- >> you mean brazil. >> did i say israel? pardon me, goodness gracious. israel, i think that would have been our top story. >> she's been in controversy for weeks, many brazilians accuse her of being responsible for the worst recession in decades and belief she was involved in a a mass e bribery and corruption scandal. there have been weeks of protests and debates and last week after five hours of more debate, the chamber of deputies voted to impeach her. if a majority of the senate votes to impeach, she'll have to step down for 180 days while she
7:26 am
by the way, she claims this kind of business in her government has been going on for many, many years. >> all right. so here is the deal. if you asked somebody else to swipe you into the subway, it's technically a crime, and technically you can get arrested, but they've easing the rules. the new policy is don't arrest somebody, just give them a ticket or a summons. >> okay. that makes perfect sense. the nypd is issuing a ticket or court summons. police made more than 10,000 arrests of people asking for a free swipe. this year alone there were 800 before the policy was changed. department officials said they made the change after the manhattan district attorney decided to no longer prosecute people for these minor infractions. >> i didn't know you could get arrested -- >> i had no idea, but it doesn't make sense because somebody's still paying for your ride. what's the big deal? >> number one, it's considered a form of begging and, number two, blocking.
7:27 am
>> look at you with your knowledge of law. >> i just read that in "the new york times." they have some pretty good stuff in that paper. >> they do. >> sometimes. >> i. >> it's a big day in all of our lives, the it's a deadline to file income taxes. coming up, we're going to find someplace where people are actually filing or in the process of. >> usually it's april 15th, but because of that holiday in d.c., it's today. midnight.
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american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
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>> hey. donald trump. now this is beginning to be a big rally there later today. were you invited? >> no, rosanna, were you? >> no i wasn't either. >> these days, you know what? i don't know i hear that people in new york are a little bit conflicted -- >> about what had to do. >> when it comes to drumple people like him personally. rnl tomorrow will be a good indication. you know, i think. >> he's supposed to win this state by a lot. trump tower remember losers from apprentice used to come out the front door after fired. >> you're fired. >> it's a big day and several of my friends' houses roseanne is celebrating a birthday.
7:31 am
>> her single name maiden is santo i was on 83rd and 11th. since first grade we were friends. >> happy birthday. >> and then sister-in-law janet celebrating a birthday today too. >> ladies have at it. >> kourtney kardashian's as well. >> i leak the old man mr. kardashian watching o. j. simpson special played by -- >> robert. >> ethical decent man. >> he seems to conflicted to all of that stuff. >> people versus o.j. simple son. >> late to the party. but party to e-but you're still there. so that's good. >> what's going on audrey? >> how are you? >> had a good weekend? >> she wants to know about the boat ride. >> it was fine. we had a good time. you want to see footage we might
7:32 am
rosanna and i and friends hit the floating restaurants on hudson river and this is in new york. i think it's how much was it by the way? >> a fern? person. >> 100 -- >> hundred dollar range. includes three hours checking out gorgeous skyline of new york and then a beautiful meal. >> it's worth it. by the way, if you have friends from out of town definitely. >> people from oif town on the boat but a few new yorkers. we took pictures with them. but they were showing their friends from out of town the the city and it is really a glorious way to -- >> your husband lew said i'm not xieded it be. but now that i'm here having a great time. he was captivated by the views. >> i was going to leave him on the boat. you like it so much, stay. going around and around in manhattan.
7:33 am
>> a three-hour tour but we made it back safely. >> audrey you missed it. >> meet the cam tan in a little bit. >> it was good they gave us that big power of tower seafood. very good. well you guys picked a wonderful night to be there. >> beautiful across the weekend an take it right into the start of your week here foxes. temperatures soaring well above average in tristate area. if you enjoy yesterday you're going to bring u up temperatures to 80s in many locations. prate nice morning in 40s islip and montauk. bridgeport 45 degrees. 40 in poughkeepsie. low 50s for central park. and down the shore in belmar checking in at 43 degrees. across northern new jersey, wantage at 38. 34 pine brook west field and hoboken at 52. so look at our satellite and ray
7:34 am
just a couple of high thin clouds out there. but plenty of sunshine for your mondays. we have high pressure in control. that's going to keep us dry not only for tristate area but the northeast from new england to mid-atlantic to great lakes we're expecting sun filled skies and temperatures above average. we have thin clouds off to our north they're part of a -- coming ahead of a cold front that's going to sag to our south tomorrow. fanfare happening with that. but a drop in temperatures in upper 60s by then. today soar in 70s by lunch time. mid-70s by 3:00 and we could see 80 degrees later this afternoon. tomorrow drop it down to 67 breezy and that breeze continues through wednesday. thursday will start to see clouds rolling in towards afternoon in the evening. we'll increase our chance or for some showers. friday looks to be wet with scattered showers on and off through the day and temperatures low 70s by then. that's a check of your weather. let's see how it looks on the roads. ines is here with your traffic update.
7:35 am
problem so right now new jersey turnpike stick to truck lane southbound. an accident in or car lane by accident 9 blocking a lane. van wyck slower than normal bit stroll. been out there half an hour. so traffic backed up to belt parkway. staten island expressway normal delays heading to verrazano bridge but belt parkway approaching flatbush avenue because of earlier crash by 106, 107 good both ways. watch out for an accident travel traveling by jericho turnpike tow truck hard to see the afnght. but there's tow truck and police approaching 6th street northbound. delayses underneath gracy mansion to 96. trains are running on or e close. greg and rosanna. >> decline is tonight at midnight. hopefully you've already filed.
7:36 am
don't like paying taxes but if you're eligible and do the math right it's great getting that refund >> meanwhile 150 million tax returns are going to be filed this year. around 5 million today -- >> so liz dahlem is outside in h&r block where you can get that rapid refund somewhat controversial. but man oh man it is nice to get that money right away. liz,s what's going on? >> i think that's a big appeal for a lot of people. we sort of have the new way of doing your taxes and old way. h and a r block open early about half an hour from now and staying open late until 11 p.m. and then you have old fashioned way which is, of course, o the farley post office, i'll just go over to your left to show you post office over here. it's the largest in new york city and postmark tax forms all the way until midnight tonight and that is the decline. normal it is tax delay last
7:37 am
holiday, washington, d.c. emancipation delay it was moved to tonight at midnight. more than 5 million tax returns expected to be filed and if you haven't done your taxes why yet file for an extension but it can't be in late but cause for penalty and interest and essentially forced to give more money to the government. 3 filing penalty is 5% portion of a month up to maximum of 25% of the amount owed. so that is a pretty stiff penalty. >> so who's paying and who's not? well tax policy center estimates 45.3% of american households will not pay federal tax this is year. it says some people might pay something, though, for example, sales tax or if they worked medicare and social security payroll taxes. and it seems like more and more people are filing electronically each year.
7:38 am
a total of 128 million electronic filers in the twirch tax season which is up about 2.4% from the year before. so fewer people doing things the old fashioned way more people coming to h&r block to file their taxings. and another thing that we can mention so we have a good reminder this is when scammers come out in full force through e-mail, over the phone asking people for important information prengding to be a government employee looking for all of that. so just a good reminder to know it seems it isn't ordinary. live greg and rose back over you pup >> what time is h and r open over there? >> 8 a.m. is the open. it's qiet right now. we're hoping to get some people to you in a little bit. >> this time of the year they're open late. 11:00 open till 11 at night this is crunch time. >> by the way if you live in
7:39 am
because today is the boston marathon. how about that. >> so the marathon is today and a whole lot of people are going to run. let's go to the videotape please and a lot of security because well we all remember what happened there three years ago. >> because of the recent terror attacks in brussels 5,000 officers along the route. some in uniform others in plain clothes. officials says there's no specific threat against the marathon. but you know what there was no specific threat three years ago either so anyway we wish them all the best in boston. >> so 26 states in america would like to have the authority actually l they would like to deport millions of undocumented residents. the obama administration is fighting that and whole debate heads to the supreme court. >> millions of illegal immigrants are living here right now. they are t they argue that president can't change had
7:40 am
at issue are two orders one that applies to parents of children who were born here and are citizens and another to people who were brought here illegally as children. it could affect about 4 million people in total. the court is expected to make a decision by late june. >> okay take a look at this research vessel l it's run by the government of britton and there it is a fine looking ship. just a goofy name apparently. rosanna they had a contest over there a public naming contest and leading candidate for this ship is boaty mcboat face. this is the country's natural environment research counsel. they asked for help in naming the ship. you know, maybe i don't know the lady diana princess diana, william something like that no boaty mcboat face. >> this is what happens when you
7:41 am
votes a distant second was puppy may in hon noser a girl with terminal cancer that received 34,000 votes. vote was -- only advisor and it's not a done deal yet but boaty mcboat face qowld show you have a sense of humor, don't you think? >> let's go to want coplease. helicopter please. what do we got here? a lone runner. good day to be outdoors that's for sure. it's already 52 degrees very nice. >> geography let's see where this thing is -- bath rei park there's the coast guard station. yep thanks jim smith looks kind of cool. be right back. seventy-five percent of the state's prison population came from seven neighborhoods in new york city. we saw this as a real crisis. so we created a school just for young men and primarily for young men of color, so that we could bring a level of hope back into those communities to say, "it doesn't have to be this
7:42 am
when a young man believes that one day he might be a senator or president of the united states. you don't have to tell him not to join a gang. he won't do it because he sees the possibilities for himself. my dreams are limitless and i got that from eagle. they make it seem like anything is possible. not let where you come from, where you were born at, your bank account size dictate your life. senator clinton got it from day one. she recognized how important it was to try a level of innovation in the public schools. 'cause were it not for senator clinton, the eagle academy would never have gotten off the ground. with her you get results. people talk about doing stuff and you never see the results. especially people like us. the neighborhoods people seem to forget about. the politicians can come through the neighborhood and they can shake our hands. but when it comes down to it, that stuff that they promised us they never come through with. hillary was one of the few that came through the neighborhoods, came into our schools and actually came through with
7:43 am
the country really needs is somebody who believes in people. cares about people. will fight for people. for me and what i've known about hillary clinton, she's as good as it gets. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. when a rear hatch remembers your height. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. your choice of the lincoln mkc or mkz for $289 a month, or get 0% apr for 60 months.
7:44 am
6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. [inaudible] remember that showa show us this city here. i loved that. the city. living in minneapolis she had this new york roommate, and the show is such a hit she was such a popular character that she got her own show. valerie harper. remember she had that health scare. >> and then sick again.
7:45 am
>> been a couple of years now. valerie a-ok been on this show couple of times. >> the weather looks nice outside audrey. >> from skyfox fantastic. seeing plenty of sunshine morning and starting off at 52 degrees in central park. 50 degrees out at newark liberty airport. 40 in islip is number for you. 45 in bridgeport and belmar checking in at 46 degrees at this early hour so elsewhere across the northeast it's nice in boston this morning checking in at 49 degrees. 43 is number in albany. same number in williams port with just under 50 in philly and nation capitol at 53. so high pressure we control here over northeasts that's going to set us up for a very nice start to our week and dominate the weather across eastern seaboard from great lakes to southeast a beautiful day and there's a cold front just off towards our north here this is going to sag southward to drop temperatures tomorrow been but it should come
7:46 am
squeeze in a sprinkling be but won't notice other than a change of temperatures. a weather maker to the west with here and work to east coast coast arrive late thursday night into friday with a wet ends to the week been but no need for an umbrella just sun grasses and expecting sunshine and warm temperatures. we're going for high numbers into upper 70s and squeeze out 80 degrees across your new jersey. normal high should be about of 2. mostly clear tonight. mostly nice and krvelg. a night to open up windows and let in fresh air. overnight lows in 40s to mid-50s in mitd town. tomorrow drop down into the 60s. breezy too. thursday clouds rollings in towards the afternoon. rain should hold off until thursday night and friday you nied your umbrella handy. scattered showers through the the day and clear out in time for the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the low 60s. track the weather along with us
7:47 am
our weather app and find it free at the google play store as well as itunes store. let's seat roads this morning. iensz ines is here with your traffic update. >> good morning, the commute been one of those mondays especially here and there. southbound right now there's an accident by chatsworth of a no problem on 287 just a slight delay there westbound approaching bronx river parkway. show you the commute this morning on l.i.e. this is by the lane an accident jericho turnpike and left traffic moving fine westbound. eastbound good. normal delays on bqe this morning to brooklyn bridge. nothing out of the ordinary. traffic to belt merge. upper level, lower 30. at lincoln tunnel about a 45 to 55 minute delay inbound. normal delays as for holland 15 to 20 from each approach. >> playoff time islanders -- >> what a game that was last
7:48 am
saw game winning goal. wow. last night playoff hockey first ever at barclays game three islander panther series. up 2-0 when aaron scores to make it 3-0. head coach challengeses saying television offsides that is like across the line like puck did. see that right there. lower left side of your screen. overturned and after that, flurry of score both sides. and that's a power play goal. tided at 3 in scores in the third. brock nelson throws it out in front. scores game winner it'ders win it 4-3, two game to lead at the barclays center. this is type of game they really needed . coming through at the plate and
7:49 am
mike mike conforto mets up 4-o doubles up the bag at first and and bounce back from that horrible outing monday. struck out nine batters and seven scoreless innings. mets win it. noah on the mowed for amazing to bronx to yankees and mariners. joe girardi dropped al welcomes rodriguez and comes through, with two run homer to left with a 19 stretch yankees up 1. now another good time tanaka becomes yankee pitcher first full six innings. yankees up they win it 4-3 the final score. turning to basketball search continues for new knicks head coach according to multiple
7:50 am
jackson spoken to assistant coach luke walton about the job. according to "the daily news," though, walton is not interested in the job at least at this time. he's a minnesota there on the left. jackson. thes what what we hear to be the coach next year. well walton played for jackson in l.a. and led golden state while they recovered from a back injury. >> sounds look a money thing. >> a money thing, what else? >> about rueingser too. other o nba news brooklyn nets have a new head coach. currently assistant coach with atlanta hacks. hawks assistant coach at one point with knicks in 2011, 2012 under mike d'antoni massive ball so bad that coaches threw punches. american hockey league -- i covered that for three years.
7:51 am
matchup and bridgeport found tigers and doubles two huge brawls on the ice. 248 penalty minutes. nine games and 11 majors and the chaos. coaches wanted to go at it. you can see water bottle throwing. yelling at each other. >> amazing you get into a fight like this in the parking lot they arrest you. on the ice they put you in the penalty box. >> they have covered this league for as i said over three years. [laughter] you know, it always is seen friday saturday night the guys that were known as fighters would go at it and put on a show. a little bit. they were -- >> so encouraged. >> guys get amped up friday or sad because it was bigger for that type of thing. some guys, it's way less now but only way nhl for the tough guy. >> yeah.
7:52 am
skills to play, play, you have to fight your way to the top. all right duke thanks a lot. >> 7:51 good day will take a quick little break. >> look at tbheet. jim where's that one? brooklyn? >> actually bayonne, new jersey one of the world's caribbean ships.
7:53 am
7:54 am
for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more
7:55 am
okay everybody hamilton. you can say you sawham had ill ton. >> awards keen coming in. pulitzer prize for drama announced today and everybody is thinking that hamilton is odds on favorite to win. >> good for them making a half million dollars week in profit i read. going to share it with the cast by the way. >> that sounds nice. lynn, gnat native new yorker riding high. >> first musical take home -- to take home coveted award since next to normal in 2010. it's a big deal. >> so johnny depp and wife amber they got into trouble when they
7:56 am
two dogs they wanted to take them with them because they working there. >> need tests and proof and didn't get it so the matter has been resolved. >> okay. by the way, the australians called it the war on terrier. because theiring do are terriers. they were back in australia today and acting very, very humble. truly sorry protecting os australia is important. [inaudible] >> what did johnny say? >> they were not being sincere but giggles. they were in court where amber pled guilty to illegal importing her dog. she could have gotten ten years behind bars but judge gave her one month good behavior bond so i guess that means nothing . a slap on the wrist. so they could have gone to jail for bringing in their dogs.
7:57 am
first, michelle thank you so much for saying nice things on our facebook page. >> johnny depp and wife there that was strange tape. >> remember when amber was on good day. a strange statement on [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn' t look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it' s like lugging this around... it' s dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i' ll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate...
7:58 am
it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks
7:59 am
millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
8:00 am
i am greg kelly. nice to have you with us. get ready for a great day. >> it's sunny and warm. it's mild. audrey , you have the stamina to be here. seriously, he is a part-time weatherman. >> look at the hotel but who remembers the honeymooners? >> guess what ? it's right here! they knocked down the theater to make way for the hotel long time ago. that's where ralph and jackie how. >> we are just one day away from the big primary here in new york all the candidates make their final approach across the sea.
8:01 am
upstate . donald trump is a big rally here new york city around noon. >> democrats are campaigning hard. hillary seems to have the advantage but boy bernie sanders has the momentum. >> it's a big rally over the weekend! the primary is tomorrow. >> several officers are investigated and supposedly there is a new story out that they were part of this mile high club . that's things to the rich donors. flying around with a alleged one it's april 18 and is tax day . usually it's the 15th but it's been delayed until tonight. hopefully you already filed. >> very nice. >> lovely weekend. we spent part of it together on friday night. >> i don't know if you have done this thought about doing it but at the dinner cruise along the hudson and east river. it's a beautiful thing here.
8:02 am
i think it will be too touristy. it's another way to fall in love with new york . things that you take for granted. >> is the floating observatory with a great meal. the company was really stupendous. it's over the tower of power. the view was spectacular . it's nothing that impresses you anymore. he is a little bit reluctant getting on the boat. once he got there, he was happy as a clam. >> it was really nice a three hour trip. we had a great time.
8:03 am
food. they are lovely people. we will meet them coming up at 9:00. it's a very steady hand. i gave him the warning before you got there. you have the cauliflower state. >> i could not decide what i wanted. was something that was on the menu. it is the menu they gave you. >> instead of breaking it
8:04 am
>> we all left the tip. [laughter] wielded. >> today is a great day to the outbuilding. i know it's monday but if you have taken today off today was the day to do it. we are expecting a very nice temperature. we will get a little taste of summer across the tri-state. we are already starting off nicely with readings in the 40s and 50s across the region. we are at 590 now at central park and we look at the temperature in the past hour with 490 in montauk. bridgeport, you're checking in at 430 and we are at 56 out of newark liberty airport . 45 in sussex. 42 is poughkeepsie. closer look into northern new jersey with 45 and 46
8:05 am
paramus has warmed up to 54 and we are just under 60 towards hoboken. westfield wake up to 560. >> it's nice and dry. we are mainly clear with some clouds picking up the radar. that's about it. we have a cold front sitting off to the north. showers are associated and we will not get any thing out of it other than the temperature change.this front will set through the area tomorrow and drop about 100. with all the sunshine we expect we will soar into the 70s. we are in the upper 70s across the region and we could possibly see 800 and internal new jersey. >> we cool down into the 60s and as above average. it will be breezy and it continues on thursday. on thursday night we see the chance of rain increase and friday looks to be the wet day here on the friday.
8:06 am
here and temperatures are in the low 70s. let's see how it looks on the roads. >> good morning. >> a couple of spots this morning with accidents starting in westchester. it's in the new england freeway approaching the avenue because of an accident blocking a lien. it's the bronx river parkway is the exit. van wyck is looking on the stall by the grand central. we have heavy delays with traffic very slow here northbound and it's backed up to the parkway. let's go to the cameras and take a look eastbound. you can see the traffic jam looking fine and on the eastbound side, the traffic jam is over by there and it's in the past drawing on her close. ecuador is digging out from a horrendous earthquake in many aftershocks over the weekend. >> a magnitude 7.8 quake
8:07 am
at least 272 people were killed . officials say more than 2500 people were injured. the government is reporting on hundreds of homes have been destroyed. the roads are closed in areas hit hardest. >> japan has suffered two powerful quakes in the past several days. the us military is helping out with relief. 4200 people were killed and 1000 injured in these earthquakes. >> they are not related. i was looking all over to see if they had anything to do with each other and they said , they are not related at all. >> let's talk about the primary here in new york. the candidate users are hillary clinton bernie sanders they are all over new york city. >> there they are on cnn. they made fun of it on saturday night live. hillary clinton is leading in the latest poll just so you know.
8:08 am
this one was momentum. >> hillary will be there in a little bit it's a busy one for bernie sanders. they will be here holding an event on midtown. sanders will hold the rally at a park in long island city. with time running out, they make a push for a last-minute boat . >> they kept up a busy schedule new york. >> they are stumped in brooklyn. clinton look on the primary and spoke about the republican front-runner, donald trump. >> i was just up in washington heights. stop with the hate filled rhetoric ! you will not divide this country!
8:09 am
we will be unified! >> clinton visited grace about this in westchester county and address hundreds of supporters at staten island snug harbor cultural center. bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie! >> it's a campaign that is on the move!
8:10 am
is a french candidacy they don't consider us friends anymore.>> there's lot online here in new york. latest poll shows hillary clinton being bernie sanders at 53% . there is a lot of other polls out there that show that things could be even closer. the latest from midtown as roseanna and greg. >> each was found in good day new york last week. >> all of them. they are all in manhattan except for ted cruz. i think he has given up new york . he has been campaigning elsewhere. >> the writing is on the role. he should've taken back to new york values remarks . >> maybe. let's go to donald trump
8:11 am
his house and office is the scene of a rally later today. teresa what's going on? >> good morning. today at noon donald trump will be joined by what they are calling a coalition of diverse groups including 25 muslim americans. this comes on the heels of word that new york is basically the donald . check out this new sport. they are surveyed for this support. you heard his statement of values. the push is on for every last vote in the empire state. john kasich and donald trump are crisscrossing new
8:12 am
>> i am not a neutral party when it comes to israel. you count me in their corner. >> the infrastructure in new york state is considered by all to be a total and complete disaster. one third of the states major highways and 45% i know that i hit the potholes. >> they had a considerable amount of resources here hoping to score big with the gop's 95 delegates up for grabs. ted cruz he spent his weekend out west. >> winning that states gop convention on saturday is taking up 14 delegates appealing to the party's
8:13 am
>> the person should gain the nomination. they address it on the meet the press.>> he was winning the majority of votes and he would likely
8:14 am
delegates. he doesn't think we have new york values but when the cash talks he was eating monsters in brooklyn. it was a hit in the neighborhood. i am not here to defend him. let's bring in brett . he is the host of the special. hi there brett . >> race previous he is a
8:15 am
and more. he is in charge of the entire deal, is for the convention in cleveland. it's how the party deals with things. each of the states, it's important to point out, has different rules of how they hold elections. some are primary and some are caucus. some his conventions. state and conventions with counties and they elected delegates. that's the process you saw and wyoming. those rules were set up months and months ago and all of the candidates new each state and how it would run. it is powerful. trump is on the stump talking about that the system is rigged. if it's not going to be true cruz or trump or john kasich, will there be any whitehorse candidates? >> listen the paul ryan
8:16 am
washington and he came out and said it's not going to be him. you saw on saturday night live he said, it's not me and then they ran this residential commercial for paul ryan saying , he did not want to be house speaker. >> i think he is the name everyone comes to eventually but i do believe it's getting to trump, crews or john kasich . >> thank you for narrowing that down
8:17 am
>> is one of the three. would you hear about a general getting into this thing. it's the comments about the military and what's happening there. the other general is james matus. watch at 6:00. think you. >> let's talk weather. audrey is standing by patiently. have you treated or tweeted our long lost friend?
8:18 am
>> i am guessing he is doing okay in costa rica, not missing as very much. he is missing a really good day. temperatures are well above average.they are across the tri-state and we will get a little taste of summer on the spring monday. right now, starting out at just under 600. 52 now in islip and 49 out towards montauk . it's the same number we find on the short in belmar. 50s out towards marcello and these numbers are well above where we were yesterday. we are not the only ones enjoying the nice mild trend. it's all across the northeast from new england to boston jackson at 55. 580 in philadelphia. we are in the 50s in down towards dc. high pressure is in control. it will bring us another dry and beautiful day across the region.
8:19 am
it will bring quite conditions down the seaboard. we are watching two elements. one is a cold front and you see the showers outlining the front . it sags southward and we won't see any rainfall, maybe sprinkle. what we will experience is the shift in temperature dropping 100. the next eye is watching this one out towards the west and the system making its way towards the east. it's our next chance of really good wet weather around here. sunshine today warming us up into the 70s. it's topping out to 800 in the city. is mostly clear with comfortable readings in the 40s and 50s. we will drop down to 67 and its thursday with rain in the area for friday. it clears out in time for the weekend and it's a mix of sun and clouds on saturday.temperatures are
8:20 am
track the weather with the weather app and get it free up the google play store and in the itunes store. ines, let us know how it's going. >> good morning. it's monday and it's going. let's start out in the staten island expressway. it's heading towards the verrazano and everyone is going to work. there is a residual delays by flatbush is the lie with the stop and go delay. here's a stall to the south past the highway. let's go to our camera where traffic jams because of the accident here on the left side. a heavy delay on the eastbound side in the westbound side you are fine. the gwb with normal delays. it's 20/30 from each approach. >> he was the best with a pointy ears.we will meet his son , adam.
8:21 am
his dad called for the love of spock. his dad started with his son helping him with the documentary about his life. he got sick and it was a fast ride to another universe. >> there is adam as a little kid with his dad. he made star trek the first time. >> we will be right back. >> make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities
8:22 am
out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
8:23 am
he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against
8:24 am
america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i see louis. >> what's so special? >> is one of those luxury items everyone covers. >> it says it on the side of the purse like 50 times. >> is not just once but all over the bag . >> show us one more time. those bags are probably worth more than anything you have in the bag . >> is a 3000. >> how about a knockoff? >> it's illegal, isn't it?
8:25 am
>> you can cancel whenever you want. >> this is a big one! amazon is stripping out the t.v., movie and service. april 8, 1999 a month, you could watch the prime video. netflix next month raises prices february 9, 1999. they undercut the chief competitor by one dollar. >> i feel like i'm being subscribed to death. i have all these little mini subscriptions. they are adding up into one big giant ball that will
8:26 am
>> they do add up into one giant ball but i don't financially. >> you never know. >> it is expensive. between that and streaming those and you have the cable bill it's crazy. >> thank you lauren. >> this weekend i went and saw a beautiful documentary. it's called a beautiful planet. it comes out next weekend its actual footage from inside the international space station. it's in 3-d. >> that sounds fantastic! it's a beautiful italian national. >> samantha will be here. she will be part of the filming.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> i think that's fantastic even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of new york is ready -- bernie. rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
8:30 am
you are reminding me that we are six weeks away from memorial day. shut your mouth when it comes to eating! >> there is so much delicious stuff out there. it was so good like it had ice cream on it. >> i was appalled by your behavior! there was people looking . >> i am only kidding ! we picked out all of that on friday night. >> why not? >> how many times have we taken a cruise around manhattan? >> we did a circle line. we are done with the cruise. >> okay, good. we might do some flyfishing this year. >> do you know those guys who fish in the hudson? they have always been fascinated. they will see if they are
8:31 am
too much? what's happening girl? >> it will feel like summer across much of the tri-state. let's take a look at the current temperatures. we are now closing in on 600 at this early hour. we are at 560 out at newark airport. it 64 down the shore in belmar. montauk is low bit cooler at 490. it's still pretty nice considering how early it is this morning. now we are looking at westchester. it's soaring into the 60s now in white plains and new rochelle. it's cooler up towards bedford at 420. in the bronx, your waking up at 580 in yonkers is
8:32 am
we have a nice sunny clear sky this morning and that's was helping to bring up temperatures quickly. we are watching a cold front heading towards the north. there is rain associated with as it moves the region, it will fizzle out. leadership in the top is tomorrow and it will drop 100 from today . with all the sunshine, we soar into the 70s and we could see 80 across new jersey and maybe in the hudson valley this afternoon. 67 tomorrow and it's a sunny. more of the same on wednesday. thursday has more clouds rolling in and thursday night was a chance of rain in the forecast. friday looks to be the wettest day as we expect showers by then and 70s. let's see how it looks on the roads. >> good morning. the queens has finally cleared on the van wyck. this is northbound but heavy delays there back to
8:33 am
new jersey on route 80 and it's a little bit slow on 287 eastbound. let's take a look at the lie. traffic slowing down westbound with an accident blocking in the eastbound is looking good. the holland tunnel heading and down. let's go to the camera shot affecting the approach. they are all stopped because of the red light. you have a 45 minute delay because of the stall. as for the lincoln tunnel 45 50 in the gwb 45 on the lower. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> the latest on the corruption scandal engulfing the diblasio scandal . the latest chapter sex on a private plane with a prostitute. it's been alleged in the post. >> that's what they are saying they are saying a prostitute dressed up as a
8:34 am
high club. there was a lot of denial on this one. >> let's get more from robert moses. to take twist and turns with each passing day . according to the new york post jonah richness , the subjects of a joint nypd probe provided a private plane to las vegas for some cops and there was a prostitute on the plane dressed as a flight attendant. they told the post the deputy inspector and the detective took at least one of those wild cross-country trips. grant has been stripped of his badge and was transferred this month after he was suspected from taking cash and diamonds. mayor diblasio was asked if the feds have contacted him about the ongoing investigation and he responded on his new quarterly show called ask the mayor.
8:35 am
contacted anyway , shape or form so i instructed a lawyer for my campaign to reach out to the attorneys office and say, we are happy to help we have not been asked any questions. the donors in question provide contributions to my campaign what's very clear that they did not get anything back . >> the mayor has taken heat for not answering weekly questions from constituents as his predecessors did on the radio show. keep in mind this one is quarterly. lawyers each said they denied the allegations about the married clients. >> who remembers in late february, a fishing ship became stranded just off the coast of the rockaways. it was a daring rescue mission by the coast guard that got seven fishermen off the boat safely. it was a windy night. >> the new york times wrote
8:36 am
the seven crewmembers were trying to make one last big scallop all . it brings in half $1 million and is one of the most dangerous industries. 425 deaths per 100 thousand workers. >> that's a lot! it usually four per 1000. it's dangerous but it's profitable. they can make $40,000 on a successful voyage. >> the coast guard rescue came all the way from atlantic plucked the men one by one and got the last one with four minutes of fuel left. >> they were thinking about swimming two shore within expert coast guard swimmer but they decided instead to use the helicopter. mayday! the carolina queen!
8:37 am
new york times. it's pretty powerful by mark santorini. >> the ship was saved and so are the scallops. >> sold to someone in brooklyn . >> meanwhile a huge sunni universally at the flow. emailed students telling them they were accepted. >> i heard the story before. >> officials say the email was sent wednesday to students whose application had not then fully reviewed . a couple of hours later it's another email saying , oops we made a mistake. >> you are looking at footage of suny buffalo. this is like the four days it was not snowing.>> they intended to send an email to remind them to apply for financial aid and another email went out . >> i feel sorry for those kids. >> applied to multiple
8:38 am
>> it was so long ago i don't know.>> it might've been and why you. >> back then it was a safety school but now it's hard to get in and it's so expensive. >> it's a documentary out there. it's called for the love of spock . last year. anyway his friend grew up the show . started to put it together and of course , leonard died. his son adam went to kick start and funded it . here you go ! we will meet adam, coming
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> the top 100 c.e.o.s have more wealth for retirement than the bottom 100 million americans. how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay
8:41 am
seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders,
8:42 am
using donald trump hasn't filed his taxes? >> we haven't seen those. >> one thing he has going for him is the music at the realities. they are awesome! i like the music . >> i like classic rock. >> i noticed that. >> let's talk about our taxes. we have to file. today is the midnight deadline. you could take an extension. the irs is expecting 150 million to be filed. 5 million is today. >> we are looking at the
8:43 am
for years i used h&r block. >> you are a blockhead! [laughter]. >> i was a very satisfied customer.i love the rapid refund. >> don't they take out of your rapid refund? >> it's technically a loan. >> a gets complicated but i love going in there and filing my taxes and getting a check right away. >> anyway, liz what's going on? it's quiet right now at the h&r block. the 9:00 appointments are fully booked . in a half an hour, you will see it looking really busy. we have the new way of filing taxes right next to the old way which is the post office.farley's post office is the largest in the city. they will post market tax forms all the way until midnight. that's the big deadline. normally it's april 15 , which was last friday.
8:44 am
holiday in washington, the deadline was moved to tonight. we caught up with the post office employee a while ago and they are preparing for a very had that day. >> i don't like to wait till the last minute because i will be online like everyone else. >> you are done. the people who are doing it today. >> people in my office are the coworkers and scrambling on friday to get things done. >> what you say to them? >> i laugh! >> i work in the post office and i know how it gets so i prepare myself. >> what will it be like? >> chaotic! it was chaotic last week. i imagine it will get even more intense. i know a lot of people came last week. taxes will be filed and if you will do so, you will file for an extension but of course there is a lot of fine print with it.
8:45 am
properly filed. you won't get jammed with more fees. it's a good time to remind people of the scams that seem to pop up . it's either through email or callers claiming to be the government employees asking for personal information. the experts say it's prime time for that. if it doesn't feel right, don't give out information. live in ninth avenue, i send things back over to you greg and roseanna . >> are they open late tonight? >> midnight! >> thanks, a lot. did you file yet? >> yes! >> . [laughter] she's not fooling around. coming up, we get a unique perspective of the earth from space. it's a new documentary called the beautiful planet and it's really an incredible thing. i saw the other day. it's only 40 minutes long but it's footage from inside the international space station. it's from italy.
8:46 am
christopher. anyway. [laughter] good day is coming right back. good day is coming right back . >> make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles
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america runs on dunkin'. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today. america runs on dunkin'. hello, is the world-famous warwick hotel . >> show us more . the beatles stayed there, roseanna. terry grant had an apartment there for 12 years. >> you are kidding me? how do you know all this? >> i just looked it up on google.'s also our friends who stay there. >> show us. >> is right across the street
8:50 am
it's classic old new york. >> i wonder what the rooms look like. it's a chance to see the jungle book . it did really really well at the box office! we had locally on. we had neil who is a kid from the upper east side. he did so well in this movie. he is so adorable. >> he is the only human in the movie. >> the movie exceeded all expectations and pulled in $103 million. it's the second largest april opening in history. furious seven holds the record. coming in, barbershop the next cut . ice cube and cedric the
8:51 am
regina hall was in our show. but boss came in third. zoo topia. , here years. he drop by and his parents are dentists. i got a kick out of that wax i need a new dentist. >> legal there? >> i got the information. up on it. >> both of his parents are dentists. >> they seem lovely. >> i watch saturday night this weekend and i hope you did too. there is a seinfeld reunion . >> there is larry david playing bernie sanders. >> he is so good! let's watch this. >> so, listen, you have been vague in the past. how exactly are you going to break up the big bank we . >> a big bank break up?
8:52 am
how? >> once i am elected president, i will have a white house gemini will go to the big banks and set them down and they will be broken up . [laughter] [applause] >> you can't do ya the yada at a debate . schmidt . >> you know larry david? >> he cocreated. >> a look like a great moment. anything else going on? >> i say that was it. new yorkers are hopping to see a new artist installation. check it out. >> giant bunny rabbits. this still works. it's down at brookfield place.
8:53 am
>> they are lit inside. that is cool. 2 feet tall . >> that looks big. >> bunny rabbits down there at brookfield place . it's very happening. they have a french restaurant in the store where i bought the sunglasses. >> it's gucci . >> a little bit on the pricey side. roseanna you are worth it. >> the jewelry is out . coming up we are cruising around manhattan and it was a really nice dinner cruise. we will talk with the captain and the director of sales. >> it's really a great feature. you can enjoy them even if you have let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
$200,000 an hour for speeches they oppose raising the living wage to fifteen dollars an hour. two hundred thousand dollars an hour for them. but not even fifteen bucks an hour for all americans. enough is enough. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. . [music] >> what is that? a pretty picture. something out of central part . is it? >> instagram with all those fancy filters. it's a bridge in from the plaza. >> this is from malan to ny. thank you. send us your instagram shots
8:57 am
the late great leonard. he played spock and we are about to meet his son . he created a beautiful film about his dad. he worked on it for a while. anyway we lost him last year. we will meet adam in a bit . >> we take a ride around manhattan aboard the bartow. here's to you, lady liberty. >> we are coming right back. >> american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of
8:58 am
a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
9:00 am
from fox 5 it's time for good day new york. what a way to start the week! it will be gorgeous. >> what you think about my house? >> is an angry or amazing? . >> we are going to make america so great it will be amazing. >> get him out . >> you really have his voice down. >> i am out of practice. >> will you do anybody else? n? >> i tried to eat a pizza


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