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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 19, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> angelo. >> angelo. >> i was doing the unloading in the back. bill: is he still working his job doing deliveries? >> cotton balls, feeding tubes. >> very often. bill: who is to blame? >> despite what many would have you believe there are latino immigrants who are for trump. >> wire we not supporting
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it's like asking jenkins why are you voting for colonel sanders. >> angelo. >> angelo. >> when i call today, i asked him how he was doing. not so good. >> work with me. >> a truck driver making a delivery right here in the bronx. stole the public from inside of the truck on thursday. >> i was doing unloading in the back. >> now, veto is a diabetic. started licking him at certain times when the
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testing machine. not just a dog, a little life-saving therapy dog. >> learn with me: my sugar level goes up. >> that's crazy. >> so he learned to see when my sugar is going high. >> of been out here all day to find a 14 -month-old chilean. chasing his tail. but been out here every day since thursday. a lot more important than just a dog to him.
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all day. don't even know if he can respond to you. he's a therapy dog. >> out here on most of the telephone poles. a been asking people that have been walking the dog. >> have you seen a dog anywhere? yes? the same dog. >> i don't know what's his name. >> he took my number down. that could be pretty awesome. >> kind of a genius dog. how do you know the dog is not just trying to get away from him? >> he is fully grown. further his education. bill: how are we going to
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>> angelo. bill: "high speed chase",. >> fired a warning shot. so after dirtbike riders. mayors keeping his word. check out this picture from the twitter feed showing cops going after. #use it or lose it. >> take a look at this photo of an overturned tractor-trailer. traffic on 295 near exit 67. monday morning around 6:30 a.m. the good news was there was no immediate report of injury. another reason not to go behind any vehicle.
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anything to lose weight. >> new jersey's very own snarky bragging about her success using the cookie diet. >> i love cookies, i do. these cookies, they fill you up. there really good. other angel diets letting you eat what you want. >> i lost 50 pounds on nutrisystem. it changed my life for the better. >> the diet trends of today are getting greener. in fact, some diets way to consume nothing at all. >> protein nutrients vitamins through a feeding tube. a small, pediatric size feeding tube through your nose in and your stomach. >> the controversial diet
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20 pounds in ten days. it was created a few years ago, and it has been growing in popularity ever sense. >> it is intended for those with a bmi above 27, which usually means people that are at least 20 pounds overweight. >> more extreme and accessible as doctor sign on. when is a diet a diet? >> very often, i think there is a fine line. dieting is premised on the idea that we are not good enough. >> specializes in the treatment of over eating and body image. becoming unsatisfied by the lack of success.
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forget all diets altogether and focus on what about -- what our bodies are telling us. >> just listen to that and stop this constant struggle. >> he writes a blog. she will be writing a book on the subject. you tell me. >> you actually have a dr. helping you. it is extremely stressful. you can zip it up if you have too much ice cream. so a diet that can help you lose that weight, a lot of women will go for it. bill: it doesn't sound healthy. >> food is not the enemy, but it is not the solution to happiness.
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>> chart a new diet. >> i have nothing to eat for three days. >> despite what many in the media would have you believe , there are latinos and immigrants who are for trump. i spoke to the chairman of the latino national coalition. now, while there are latinos person who is willing to speak about it on camera. >> the difference is that he is not a career politician. he's a businessman who knows
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>> if something happens to collapse the american dollar have enough lawyers in the house of representatives, the senate and the white house. and trust the economy to a business leader. >> he defended trump against the act was it -- accusations of bigotry. >> a been in new york city, way long line at the theater and supermarket. why is it big in a racist to say that it is not fair, get to the end of the line. >> tony mentioned that just because he is latino, he would vote for hillary. democrats have been doing a deplorable job. >> we are told incredulously
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democrats? that's like asking the chickens why they are voting for colonel sanders. >> this year more than any other. what story do you believe. that is why trump has registered with a lot of people. he started speaks to problems that people have been yelling about and no one seems to be doing anything about. is going to divide. >> more of a silent majority. 25 percent of the hispanic vote. >> tony is not the only one. always speak on camera because of repercussions. the bigger issue is not the attack on minorities. they are losing track in this country. people are afraid to say, i
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>> a houston drivers, the window of his car. >> got a get out. >> that's them right there. yeah. comes over, rushing water. then you see the guys car. bill: the best part is he held is my can do the interview. >> check out these hundreds meeting last weekend. runners were competing in costume of the favorite character. a 10-mile tough mutter complete with extreme obstacles, mud and ice. they had to cross the finish line in order to win, and
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movie marvel captain america civil war. >> going on in their lives. >> retired nypd lieutenant commander. evan trying to find out the
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>> if you haven't heard about him already, retired nypd lieutenant commander, consulted on 8,000 homicide investigations during his career. no one better to speak to to get advice on my ongoing investigation still shrouded in mystery over a year after officials declared a murder suicide. literally wrote the book, practical homicide investigation, textbook used by police departments worldwide. >> that is the principle of practical homicide. >> i headed out, headlining a one-day course. something that intrigues me, part of the investigation.
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homicide and you won't have a problem. by law enforcement and medical people. >> of an trying to find out the truth on the death of john sheridan, authorities say he stabbed his wife to death, let his house on fire and slashed himself in the neck. i wonder if the montgomery cops and the prosecutor's office had fallen and one of the traps which he calls assuming the suicide position. >> we cut corners you set yourself up for a bad day. if somebody like me comes in going to say the investigation was insufficient. >> told me about an investigation in the south bronx where he arrived at a construction site where man had apparently hung himself
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the man's pockets. >> as i look normal to you? how many people hang themselves with something hitting them in the head. >> out of that get there? >> he was transported here and strung up to make it look like a suicide. >> i asked, and he pointed out a mistake that i had made. >> that is the most important factor in the investigation. what was going on in their lives at the time of the event. i come to the surface. long-term plans and short term plans. no good.
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evidence provided think about the key question. who was john sheridan. >> anti- trump billboard seven popping up all over the state of new jersey. now, they say things like help and speak out against racism, sexism, and bigotry. came out right after donald trump's victory on super tuesday. the organization behind them is called bridges over policies for new jersey. the side of the new jersey turnpike. is going to tell me.
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rhetoric, whether it's sexist or racist. this really cannot be normal. >> what they want is for governor christie to renounce comments. i reached out to the administration and they brushed this off. the group is a not-for-profit. we don't really know who is driving this campaign. that is not going to stop until governor christie speaks up. tweet me your thoughts. >> 129-foot vessel protecting and serving new
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bill: let's do it again. >> defy gravity. check out his leap. cm jump over cars, people's heads. earning him the title human trampoline. bill: you are chasing a story. >> we are hearing a lot.
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the better. 129-foot vessel protecting and serving new york city. phibro came to the rescue of flight 1549, landing in the river after a bird strike cause the engine to fail. the most notable time was december 11. the world trade center tower >> why cannot? >> that is one of the new owners.
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possession. >> you can't on something like this. her custodians, take care of her. we are glad to see. i hope you are. >> plenty of lifejackets. bill: i am surprised it went so cheap. >> i know. a fresh coat of lipstick. >> restaurant owners. >> yes, it is. website to donate, a go fund me page. as of right now anybody can come by. that is going to be free of
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everything on their works. >> you can't just buy something like this. going to have to pay all kinds of different costs. keep it looking nice. >> they are back. what about why new yorkers a dropping their closed for this guy.
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from our studios in atlanta -- >> we're going there >> -- and dallas. >> are we in a therapy session or what? >> we cover the hottest entertainment news you need to know. this is "dish nation." dish nation >> >> welcome to "dish nation." first we need the say hey to our friends in atlanta, gary and de brat. and we have candy burris tucker. >> hey. >> canny crushing it. >> what's up, everybody. >> the stars are out at coachella this weekend. including leonardo decaprio and rihanna who are getting cozy with each other. later on in the show we talk to vanilla ice. first up, congratulations to chrissy tiegen and john legend


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