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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. >> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call". >> there is no place like home, ben. ben: there is no place like home! >> they both do. trumped is more mellow than hillary. they are celebrating maybe asleep. hillary clinton and donald trump win big in your primary . we will bring you the latest. ben: a problem with the polls. some voters were turned away when they went to cast
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presidential primary. former nypd officer, peter liang is sentenced to service in the shooting death of a kind girly which means he will not spend any time in jail. we have reactions to that . >> good morning. it's 4:31 am. juliet: how are you? ben: i am well. i'm rested. juliet: is but nice. don't you? ben: you take what you can get . lots of craziness going on. [laughter] ben: she is posing for photos on iphone. nevermind that the actual cameras on . : let's talk about yesterday's temperatures.
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tri-state. high temperatures at 730 and yesterday's high indoor cat 73 with a high-end walmart 670. 68 in bridgeport. 60 out towards montauk point. current temperatures are nice at 520. monticello is at 390. is doing good at the 50s and 520 at newark. the red flag warning has shifted to the east and we are seeing connecticut under the gun. we saw yesterday and will probably hear more about it this morning.
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clear skies and we were plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the wednesday here. expect your high to move into 60s across the tri-state area. let's check your weather with ines here . >> starting off the commute is a lot better than yesterday. let's look at connecticut on merit parkway. no issues this morning with things looking good along 287. but so that the cameras let's look outside. the commute on the lie. big accident with east and westbound looking good. let's go to the camera shot. no issues on the major deacon with trains running on close to schedule industry cleaning rules are in effect citywide. >> . juliet: thank you so much. back to the campaign trail. now, they can campaign someone else.
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juliet: donald trump at 60% and ted cruz, you man and little faith . >> fox fives robert moses is taking a look for us at the new york primary. today you proves once again, there is no place like home! >> home is where the heart and the votes are. polls show a lead over bernie sanders narrowing in her home state as the primary trade junior but she won a resounding victory. >> we have one in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the east to the west. this is personal. >> as if conceding new york early, she spent most of the day in pennsylvania
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one at penn state. he returned to vermont and sanders congratulated clinton but said he is not going anywhere. >> next week we will compete in pennsylvania , delaware. we look forward to winning a number of states. >> new yorkers held donald trump a huge victory. >> the economy and jobs is my wheelhouse. >> trump one every county except for manhattan . we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. santa cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> crews finished in third and that stinks things bag to differ. >> i am excited to share with you and has nothing to do with a politician winning his home state tonight. kasich maintains that trump
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for the job. you have high negatives no one votes for you. it's interesting because my positives are very high. highest in the field. ben: we are following special elections for the senate and assembly in new york . juliet: c is vacated one by democrat at 41% . cancel works in the office of the city controller. she was forced out of the seat after convicted in a $5 million corruption case. >> in the ninth senate district , this is a seat vacated by dean's gallows, scott kaminski carried declared victory. it could give democrats a leader in the senate. he lost the seat after a
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>> was watching you while you did that story. there was big problems at the polling places. if you experienced it , you are probably frustrated. the city comptroller wants to audit the board.he wants to know why so many democratic voters , more than 100 thousand were wiped off the voter polls in brooklyn. >> there was problem at the polls yesterday. >> delays, obstacles preventing voters from casting their ballot. it's been overwhelmed by voter complaints. 700 by phone and email. that's five times more than what they received during the general election.
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>> i am auditing the management of the new york city board of elections. we are going to go in and asked some tough questions. >> some polling places open two hours late or others, voting books went missing. why ballot scanners malfunctioned and some voters were stripped from the rolls. >> michael j ryan is executive director of the city board of elections. >> i would find that to be highly unusual. way . >> the hardest hit brooklyn the hardest hit borough is brooklyn. the city says it has to manage 30,000 workers and . the mayor says the perception that numerous voters may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process. juliet: a huge surprise at
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peter liang . the district attorney was found with no prison time even though he was found guilty pursuing a kind girly back in november 2014. the judge concluded that liang's intentions to protect the people who live there was legitimate to be downgraded to manslaughter from criminally negligent homicide.he set in 7 to 800 hours of community service. >> getting a gun and killing someone was lasting in his mind and probably never enter his mind at all . juliet: after the hearing,
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statement saying words cannot express how i feel about the fact that peter liang will serve no jail time for killing my son! it's clear that the lives of police officers are valued above justice. maybe we can get that screen for you . aubrey is here and she is watching the forecast.
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>> we are starting off with relatively nice conditions. currently waking up at 520 in the dew point is very comfortable at this hour. we have a northwest wind coming in at 13 mph and it won't be quite as breezy as it was yesterday. we start out in the 40s and 50s across the northeast 430. 39 in williamsport and 52 in philly and down towards the nation's capital at 550. we are nice and dry on the satellite and high pressures and control continuing to be that way for another day across the region. nice dry weather with plenty of sunshine. eyes will be focused on the
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us a chance of rain happening on friday. skies will be nice and dry with temperatures cooler than they were yesterday. going to thursday and we saw the clouds rolling in from the rain should hold off until scattered showers roll through lasting until friday evening before everything clears out . for today, seasonal with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow we will rise into the 70s. mostly science guys with temperatures by then. 24 hours a day by downloading the weather at . you can download it for free in the itunes store. now we will head over to idleness. he was an update on the traffic situation. >> wednesday morning is off to a good start. still some construction on
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as far as your commute , let's look at rockland county. no issues have been having northbound and you are doing fine in the upper and lower level. lincoln and holland are doing fine. >> the mta wants to expand the program to test train operations for sleep apnea. engineer fell asleep at the controls and the train derailed in the bronx killing four people. the mta says it will continue testing operators on the metro-north and expand to the subway system . sleep apnea is a chronic condition and health experts say is the leading cause of excessive daytime sleeping. >> how about not sleeping at night? >> right, do ? >> good morning! ranges are at the garden
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the first round matchup picking up with ryan mcdonough playing in the game. no score! rick nash turns and it's a shorthanded goal at 1/0. later in the second the penguins answer and kurt had a great series . he redirects it in with a power play. same score. >> it's a former ranger breaking through in scoring at 2/1 penguins. rangers with only 17 shots in this game. the intensity is fall different. only four in the fourth period. the captain is not happy in the msg postgame recap. >> we kept trying to tell ourselves that we have to lay in and shoot it ! i am sure we will look at some things. we will wish we put some more and the net . it was his first game in a while.
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i think there was more there to put on him to see what happens the rangers are back at game four on the garden. the islanders played tonight. 2/1 in the series. the mets announced that jacob will pick sunday against the braves in atlanta. 71 pitches during port st. lucie. rob has been on the emergency medical bereavement list after complications arose with his newborn son but his son is doing better and they brought him home from the hospital on monday. logan made a store score last night in place of the ground. the mets beat the phillies with six shutout innings. we like his game. he can pitch.
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pitching deep and gone. he pitched 300 feet and he made it 5/0 mets. 6/0 mets and he is gone. he makes it 8/0 taking two homeruns at 11/1. the yankees in the first inning at 2/1 for a ride. here is the single coming at four. 1/0 yankees. the second winning , market semi and with a single right there. 2/2 in the 11th with marcotte in oakland and he builds the single shot to the left. that is really a decision-maker in the game. they beat them 3/2.the announcement for ufc's most
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one of the most popular athletes. connor mcgregor removed from the ufc 200. the biggest event of the year. dana white says the decision was based on his refusal to promote the event in las vegas.the news follows a strange to earlier in the day by him announcing his retirement . he is the featherweight champion in his rematch against diaz was supposed to be the main event. back to baseball. a crazy scene. a fan messes up a play and this was in san francisco the other night. it was a very awkward moment on monday's game. it was against them in the second inning. that was a fair ball. >> it's his own team by the way. he picked up the ball and he smiles and for interfering , he had to
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he was ejected! the woman he was with his completely embarrassed. >> do you see that? she puts her hood up . she does not even want to be seen that is awful! get your head in the game. you lost your team. >> that's so terrible!i feel sorry for him. >> he is like a 30-year-old guy. >> maybe he doesn't know is baseball very much . >> not everyone is a pro. >> that was awkward. >> hood up . wow! >> she had a jersey on.
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dl. >> believe it or not. mta steps. maybe i should sue them. >> peter liang was sentenced with charges downgraded to criminally negligent will think it's a tragedy. the rookie cops decided to do things their own way. the supervisors said not to do verticals in the pink houses and they went and did verticals. you up and down the steps to reach the top floor. to do that. >> they were ready. experience. the pink housing projects
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they are on the very top floor and it started and peter takes his gun out and pushes the door open on the next level with his finger on the trigger. a shot bounces off and hits girly all the way down there with his girlfriend. instead of coming to the aid, they start texting their delegate. his girlfriend trying to save him and he never called an ambulance or told the supervisor. when he was in court , do you think one time he was on the stand he would've looked at the family and said , you can't believe how horrified i am that this accident happened. i am so sorry. he never said that! >> he did seem emotionless . >> he should've got seven years of hard time to set an example so would never happen again.>> not coming to immediate aid
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>> and never happened before. we want to make sure this never happens again. >> trump and clinton not surprisingly took respective primaries yesterday. commentary no place like home?>> it's a way to suburban america. even the lawn jockeys or white. hopefully it's trump and hillary. they don't deny trump at the convention in cleveland. >> it could happen. >> go, go! i can't stand you. i don't know what i would do it that guy but i can't
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>> i would have to impale myself. i don't know what to do. lies? i don't like either. >> what if there is a broker convention? >> trump takes his task of all and plays as an independent line and now end up with a republican that nobody wants. >> who's better? trump or ted cruz? >> ted cruz is a holy roller. i don't like a guy that gc. i don't like a guy that talks to gc. i think the devil might want to have a conversation with you. >> every time i have evil thoughts about you, diva girl. ben: curtis, your back feels better? you should refrain from any strenuous activity? curtis: maybe i should get
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girl a korean massage parlor?
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you in the facebook the beautiful shot.isn't it? >> look at the skyline. >> temperatures in the upper 70s. monday is sunshine and temperatures are right temperatures are right around where they should be. it's getting some major numbers and delegates in the near primary. donald trump did not win . >> there is some angry people today that went to the polls that were not able to vote. maybe it was their fault maybe it wasn't their fault


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