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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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on "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . >> 13 cab drivers in queens robbed. they are hoping new video leads to an arrest. you will hear what chris christie has to say about donald trump.we are remembering china she was so cool! she was found dead in her home and redondo beach california and there is speculation going on. good morning! i saw a video that she posted earlier this week
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it leads you to understand what's going on. she is a nice woman. bayside . >> it's thursday morning, april 21. look who is back! ben: was it awesome? mike: it was great! ben: costa rica is far. it's 4 and a half five hours. if you look at the map , itself of louisiana. a fun nice place. it's hot , like 1000. no joke! mike: i got the sun spewing ! i'm happy everyone here had
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everyone is happy. everybody wins. good morning. i want to show you what we had. it was a little bit cooler but not bad.69 is the high temperature and 72 in allentown. 66 in monticello and those are your high temperatures. temperatures are where they should be and maybe a little bit warmer than normal essential part. 47 in bridgeport and 46 in montauk . wins are fairly light from the southwest at 5 miles per hour. for now we have a sunny sky. let's have please see what's happening and we will bring some showers in
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tomorrow. high temperature going up to 720 and it's a little bit breezy. as we go throughout the next five days, and i've 760. we also have showers trying to pop through and a quick thunderstorm.that goes into saturday morning and we should be done. the rest of the week looks a little bit warmer and you come back. on saturday, it's raining. we can look good when audrey was here. >> it did ! there you go. >> welcome back , mike. matt parkway is off to a good start. it's 82 87. let's go to staten island. you are taking to the expressway and here is your approach. going fine is found and we took some problems in the six train. there is police act
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either direction between and ! avenue. the rest of the trains are running on or close to schedule. juliet: think you! i love that dress! . pink. 4:34 am. these men are responsible for a slew of taxied robberies. these are all in queens. in each of case the men approach the drivers as they get out of their cabs and they hold them up with a gun. made off $1100 in cash. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips . juliet: a man is on the run after he attacked a woman. a scheduler new surveillance video and attempt to catch the suspect .teresa has more .
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police have to work with. here is a closer look. this is a man who attempted to rape a 23-year-old while she was out jogging yesterday morning. police spent much of wednesday searching for crew clues as to who this man is and why she chose this victim . the young woman was running on garfield place after 5:00 am. man ran up behind her , threw her to the ground and brandished a knife.he tried to pin her down but the victim fought back. she was unharmed except for several cuts to her index finger. it's rippling through this tree-lined section of brooklyn. >> i am new to new york so i think i would definitely run when there's people out during the populated times. stay on the road. stay on the road. >> the brooklyn borough president is asking you to consider this especially before the break.
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outside the park. my advice would to be to run in groups. >> even that might not have stopped this criminal from attempting to do harm. >> the man expected of being in an engine burglar is something! robert costanzo committed 100 burglaries over the past decade. because of a five-year statute of limitations, he is only facing three charges. he has served time for a string of rape in florida and he wore dark clothing with his face covered. he could serve up to 15 years in prison.>> federal prosecutors are asking them to sentence him
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prison. the 72-year-old democrat was convicted on federal corruption charges after taking millions of dollars in illegal payments . he wrote a letter to the judge apologizing saying , he failed the people of new york.his lawyer says he deserves little or no time behind bars. juliet: public service? that is a good one!ben: he is scheduled to be sentenced on may 3. the one that is rich. my dad would say that. ben: it is pretty rich . robert moses joins us now with the ms. room with information about the presidential candidates . robert: tuesday is the next big day to mark on your calendars. that's when they hold primaries . it looks like hillary clinton will hold enough delegates to clinch her
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donald trump could come up short in that could make the convention in cleveland anything short of a circus. bernie sanders returns on the campaign trail . hillary clinton holds a campaign in the city in hartford and was in pennsylvania yesterday. >> here i am in pennsylvania because i really want to work as hard as we can for the next week to get a good result on april 26! donald trump had a extra spring in his step after rallying in pennsylvania. trump shows no sign of shelving nicknames.
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will not have a chance! penalize! oh he lies . ted cruz seem to insult new york again when he employed the people of pennsylvania to not follow new york's footsteps by handing trump another win. >> let me tell you pennsylvania is a suburb of manhattan. that's what thewould like to convince everyone. manhattan will file and pennsylvania will file into obedience. i've got a lot more faith in the pizza people of pennsylvania. he bristled when a reporter asked him if he would consider being a vice presidential nominee . >> i will be the nominee. chris christie does not
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>> new jersey will clinch the nomination for donald trump. that's your prediction. >> take it to the bank! new jersey will be the one to put him on . >> we returned to new york's primary. talk about a tale of two campaigns. bernie sanders spent $9.03. he spent $.13 for each book. john barely spent anything on and most of the time that he got was totally free. that's the latest. back upstairs to you ben and juliet.we prefer when candidates spend a lot. i thought you were going to say something about ted cruz. >> he made mention of manhattan with that sneering voice. i don't like the way he
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it's so insulting! shocking that a presidential nominee that wants to be the president of the united states would talk about people like that. he did not win! thank you for that!one of the best-known female wrestlers has passed away. china was a huge start from the wwe in the 90s. she was a beautiful woman and really tough. her name is jody moore. yesterday fran checked on her because she didn't answer the phone and hadn't heard from and china was founded inside her redondo beach apartment . the tall muscular rescuer calls herself the ninth wonder of the world and choose a native of rochester . there is no word on the cause of death. she struggled with pills and addiction . sigh videos you posted a few days ago and it was disturbing.
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intoxicated and it was unclear recording it. it's on the internet . it's sad. she was only 46 years old. still to come, we have a breezy and mild day with temperatures in the 70s. i have to agree with you. it's a little bit to wendy. the dust is flying all over
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we will get you out the door and headed to the bus stop. it's coming up. it's a little bit cool for starters but it's going to be nice and sunny later throughout the day. the morning temperatures should drop down to 480. we will be on our way out the door and down the street. looks like this could happen all the time. >> let's take a look. there it is. let's see if this starts working now.500 in central park and clear skies at this point . winds coming from the
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looks like another one of those days where we will have this one is not working at all. we will have other temperatures in the region. it's going to take a little bit of time . high temperatures go up to 720 in a day sunny easy afternoon. we increased the closets afternoon and we have shower chances out there. the high goes up to 72
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there is a morning shower and with friday and saturday, there is a shot of showers coming up on tuesday. there is a weather with daily and hourly forecast on the itunes store. let's look at the cameras with the lie. another pleasant ride here by return. no problems westbound by eastbound, and the upper and lower level , everything moving from lincoln and holland tunnel.yearly problems have moved in service is back to normal. andrew jackson was out . these kicked off the 20 and
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harriet tubman will be featured. it's not the only person that will be featured. harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill. >> want them to go into circulation as quickly as possible. the secretary had problem that a woman would be part on the face of the $10 bill replacing the face of alexander hamilton. >> the success of the broadway show and pressure from the created prompter the secretary to change his mind. >> there is an ongoing push to get a woman on currency. in your raised group called women on 20 called the push to put a woman on the $20
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they say we see announcement for today is a big commitment and a continuation of the now familiar message that women have to settle for less and wait for their fair share. you not only be the first woman but the first african-american on paper money in 100 years. >> i don't think it's a good idea. i think we should leave things the way they are. >> just because women have come up in the world doesn't mean we have to change the symbolic things. on a bill. it should be cool. >> is not just a $20 bill that will undergo changes. the $10 bill will have alexander hamilton's face on the front but on the
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other women in history. most changes will undergo in the five dollar bill on the back with an image of the lincoln memorial as a historical figure. that includes doctor martin luther king, marian anderson and eleanor roosevelt. interesting. >> i think it's good to move jackson off the 20 . >> i'm glad you approve. >> you probably did think about this a lot. >> calendars can take
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this will be a matter/unit seven. it's a single here. scoring one game and no scoring in eighth or ninth. they go up in the 11th. on borders again, david wright can't make the play across the diamond. freddie scores and it's a 5/4 with a file at 7/7. the yankees are at the stadium to face the a's.
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a soul homerun. it's his fourth of the year. 5/2 is as close as they get . sean doolittle closes out and he gets him to swing it and the yanks lose 5/2 in the drop record drops . it's sad news for new york city basketball fans with duane pearl washington at the age of 52 passed away due to renal cancer. hebrew up grew up in brooklyn. he was a playmaking point guard. people would form lines around the school to watch them play. he became one of the greatest ever at syracuse. i loved watching him! he was 52. the first round pick of the nets. it's the 13th overall.
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he wore the jersey in the first game after the terror attacks. it's 10 days after 9/11. he had that hung there in the eighth inning. in new jersey he was made up and they sold this to a private collector. it's directly from the auction house from $365,000 avoiding the auction's on permanent rotation between 9/11 and city field and cooperstown. i sat down with one of the buyers who is a founder and comanager of sky ridge partner. it's a host of wall street week . >> the idea is that we will have his jersey on public display. we strongly suggest that it
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new york is being defined as cooperstown. it will be here in new york city. certainly, it's a city field . we did not want them getting out of the public domain. it's internationally bought or something like that . >> it was on display at city field. it will be a cooperstown during the hall of fame induction on july 24. >> you can see my full interview sunday night on sports extra. 10:30 p.m.. it was great! >> back to the yankees game. something you have to see to believe. yankees field the ball and throw it on the play. they measure the outfield flow. that's 105.5 miles per hour. was the fastest ever
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this is "good day wake up" from "fox 5 news". >> good morning! ben: get ready for a sunny day. be prepared for the return be prepared for the return of april showers. mike has brought them back. thanks, mike. he is back! he has all the details. two men i wanted for robberies involving cabdrivers. they got away with more than thousand dollars. juliet: a woman was attacked while she drove in


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