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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 22, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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naturally beautiful results bill: now on "chasing news". >> you know you have problems. >> this is a look at america's roads, and it ain't pretty. road rage has taken over. that is escalating it. don't leave the car. >> it was just a nonstop thing. >> received a brutal be down because the year before he had the unfortunate distinction of giving killer ishmael grimsley directions.
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i'm going to make myself a little bit of a videotape. >> welcome, everybody. >> ladies and gentlemen, road rage has taken over. morere common than you think. 66 percent of traffic accidents are caused by aggressive driving, and 37 percent of aggressive driving involves a firearm. the question i have, why do we lose control behind the wheel, and what can be done about it? i went to jeff cardillo for some answers. >> there are a lot of tensions in the world. a lot of financial issues, a lot of people feel displaced, that there is no hope, that they are being screwed by the system, and
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in road rage where you have some sort of a vehicle that becomes a weapon. >> i asked them to come for a ride with me showing me something not easy when it is rush hour in harlem. >> okay. are you ready? >> yes. >> we got off to a rough start. bill: you got a ticket? >> a $60 parking ticket. bill: did it in rage you? >> yes, but i had to keep it in. >> there you go. >> which doesn't make sense because the truck is there. bill: i think that is the
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>> what i call the stiff neck, just look straight ahead, don't look at the other person, challenge them because they will take that. it is a reinforcements other bad behavior. >> they think it is only displayed by drivers, but pedestrians also showcase these aggressive behaviors. so what should you say or do to ease a road rage incident? saying sorry can go a long way. >> he told me to roll down my window. you got a problem? you wouldn't believe it. anxiety. it's making me crazy. >> pedestrians walking around the car. everybody give me a dirty look. >> at the mall, driving
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have your turn signal on and someone goes in. what happens in a situation like that. bill: give them a dirty look and move on. >> he said don't look them in the eye and keep moving. bill: do not engage. >> screaming and someone. >> what was that? >> just ran over somebody. bill: "high speed chase", go. >> since last august more than's 40 signs have been stolen from ridgewood. they offered amnesty just to get some back. thanks to social media and a not so smooth criminal, and arrest has been made. charged with theft after police found a picture of him on social media with some of the signs. also charged with receiving
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>> the former family lost there beloved dog. after a year they figured another family took the men. ended up going into a shelter in greenville and ran right to her good old pal. no idea where he went over what happened, but he is now happily back home with his family. >> i am chasing nypd misconduct caught on tape. two detectives indicted. a brutal be down by the nypd and says it is because one year before he had the unfortunate distinction of giving cop killer ishmael directions. he ended up ambushing, shooting, and killing two cops. i caught up with kareem at his attorney's office on
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asked him what led to the beat down. when the two enclosed officers came to your car? did you realize they were cops? >> i did not realize anything. >> he thought it was in his right to refuse to give the police officers his id. >> demanded identification over and over again. >> that led to a beat down. >> i was scared. i did not know what to think. >> i asked him to tell me more about his conversation. >> he asked me for directions. i gave him directions. >> ever since the incident where he gave directions he has been harassed for over a year. >> weeks after weeks, month
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>> now suing the nypd for a hundred million dollars. >> a hundred million dollars is a lot of money. are you just hoping to get rich off of this? i am going to keep chasing the story. follow me on twitter and the show. >> calling for the resignation of the elmwood park member who allegedly poses some racist and bigoted remarks on her facebook page. the latest name on that list , the only orthodox jewish member of the assembly. i met with him at his office to talk about why he joined this group of legislators. >> the commissioner made remarks which were at best unfortunate, and reality racist, discriminatory, and certainly not statements
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someone's mouth who is in charge of teaching children. >> i 1st started chasing this when students brought it to my attention. they saw the post and started calling for resignation.resignation. we cannot allow islam to take over. no one will come out of this alive. stay in your desert and follow your leverage and it -- your religion and your own country. they are taking other measures trying to get this woman to resign. however, she does not seem to be fazed by this. the lawyer says she has no intention of resigning and thinks there is a peaceful resolution if they can talk it out. as someone, he said this is more of a moral issue. he thought that he needs to take a stand from a historical perspective. >> this is america, a country founded upon principles of diversity, differences. those need to be respected.
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this is not the end of it. they will take other measures to try and force her to resign. >> the freedom to say whatever she wants, but she also gets to stand responsible for the things that she says. she is done, and she is the last one. she isone. she is lucky she can walk down the street without food getting thrown at her. bill: part of the problem with these politicians who have done nothing to solve the real problem and want to talk about someone's personal facebook page and make a huge issue out of it, the local voters can't decide. the boarddecide. the board members are frustrated that they want to fire her and can't. the facebook post came down. when can we get civil discourse in this country same man, i put up something offensive and i'm sorry.
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now she is saying, let's when you hold someone accountable and say don't lie, just face up to it. >> flash back to your childhood. last night my 90s kids dream came true. i headed over for their version of the hit show. i got team purple paris. scavenger hunts, challenges. my favorite is the inflatable house. pretty serious, but we won. it was totally worth it. >> a brutally honest conversation. spoke to media this morning, making fun of his wardrobe. >> he looked like an out of work bernie. >> a stress factor in new
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>> got into a little bit of a tiff with the audience. >> you will never get one
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>> so, we can't edit around that? >> if you have a problem, if
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screen or maybe you can hire governor chris christie. the mother called then on new jersey 101.5 last night to say she had washed the drivers permit over 17 -year-old son and a caps on. she was still trying to get a duplicate drivers permit from the department of motor vehicles, decided to the company the wife of former republican mayor. i went down to the south.field motor vehicle commission, waited, and there is the governor, probably waited on. after 20 minutes mom and son reemerged. >> it worked. >> he came out right afterwards and said he intended this to not only take care of their troubles but to be a larger message
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>> it is frustrating. these folks pay the salaries, other healthcare, and they are our customers. >> i had to bring up the idea of a possible christie trump ticket, there has been some speculation. looking for an endorsement. i asked him of today's appearance was some sort of proof he could be a good running mate. >> no. this is just me doing my job. nothing to do with anyone who is watching. this is what we do. >> bashing john corzine. canceled his radio show. whether someone is in their 70s and 30s, they can call residence. bill: it is true. the truth is, he has been doing it since he got
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he has been there every month. and this is maybe the 1st time is gone the motor vehicles, but he responds. >> my 1st question was, is this a publicity stunt and he said of course not. you realize this has to have an impact. i asked if he was putting them on notice and he said within a week we will hear more. bill: you may remember in the news a comic was on my radio show a few weeks ago and then performed at the stress factory. >> the stress factory coming up tonight. >> yes. to tomorrow into on saturday. i'm excited. bill: a little bit of a tiff with the audience. >> exactly what brought me here.
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sense of the money back. bill: she is coming back, but this time with comic icon jerry seinfeld. joining us is the owner of the stress factory comedienne his own right. >> in just a comic. bill: how did you get margaret and jerry seinfeld together to come back? how did that happen? >> they call me and said they wanted to do a show. she had about said. so very funny guy. i asked him. you never get a 2nd chance
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again. >> brad pitt has had a bunch of phones that work great but you still go see a brad pitt film. bill: tough crowd today. he went through the stratosphere. take courage a higher level. >> takes chances, does things that are outside the norm. that is what you want. you want to here airplane jokes if you can avoid it. >> when something went wrong and you don't know what it was, you get to have a conversation about exactly what you did wrong. i think it's incredible. >> her fans, they come see
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loveless she did. i think it is really about margaret cho. it will be awesome. bill: have fun tonight. >> thanks. bill: there is a new breakfast through that i could recommend, all inspired by the cleveland indians baseball team. >> congratulations. just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot . better together . look, i know you're
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bill: they already think i'm nuts. >> a new breakfast through that i can recommend. this morning i had a hot dog with macaroni and cheese. all inspired by the
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team. i heard about it. they showed up. i supply the froot loops. >> what can i say. it is the slap in the face. abc's host michael strahan announced on the show he would be leaving to join good morning america. the announcement from the old new york giants. >> i'm good. >> i hear that. >> some news. i'm leaving the show. >> now, had already been a part.
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mom is the word. the crowds continued together wednesday. no sign of kelly. reportedly a no-show because she was blindsided. so i took to the chase. >> there is one thing i need. please come on down. >> live. >> welcome, everybody. >> like we always do. this is awkward. kelly ripper formerly of
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today. >> the only thing i have to say is, somebody on that front cover. [laughter] >> and speaking of shade, one of the favorite things we like to do because it has been a tough winter. >> ea. >> am i right? and my life? >> gosh, all right. let's get somebody on the line. >> hello. >> marsha, is that you, sweetheart? >> my god. >> no, you didn't.
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>> hope you are a big fan of the show. diana blasted the story. how many are left in the borough of manhattan currently? >> three. >> two? i'm so sorry. cheers. bill: how did she do, everybody? [applause] >> came within seconds of
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actually >> from our studios in atlanta, we're going there. >> and los angeles. >> oh, my god, i wish i fathered that. >> we cover the hottest entertainment news you need to know. this is "dish nation." welcome to "dish nation." it's us in atlanta and our crew in l.a. as you learned some terrible things have happened today. we lost one of the pion ears of pop music. the legendary prince has left us. as we started the show we got this information and we'll give you more information as details, merge, but at the main time it's our job to make you smile and try to entertain. let's try to get to it, guys. >> seriously, when we heard the news everybody was just -- what? >> prince? not prince. >> it's heard to believe at 57


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