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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at ten. >> it was a tragedy for all of us. he was a celebrity. he was a good neighbor. >> as fans deal with the loss of an icon, the investigation into prince sudden death continues. >> authorities released new details about the days leading up to his death. here's what we've learned today. >> reporter: thursday morning paramedics arrived at princes a state in minnesota. they perform cpr but it was too late.
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by fans. >> it's a remarkable law. >> the commander in chief found a unique way to honor the artist. >> this morning we played purple rain and delirious just to get warmed up. >> reporter: the musical master who defined and redefined popular music and did it easily, a man who delighted audiences with thousands of shows, 40 albums over four decades. he died alone at the age of 57 in the elevator of his own home. >> staff members had been unable to contact him yesterday morning and went to check on him. >> reporter: the initial investigation shows no obvious sign of trauma on his body.
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>> this is a tragedy for all of us. prince was a celebrity. to us he's a friend and neighbor. >> reporter: last week his jet had to make an emergency landing where they gave him a save shot. >> that reduces the effect of opiates. they gave him a shot at the airport and took him to the hospital. >> he would give you the shirt off of his back. >> reporter: those of have the opportunity to play with him had great memories to share.
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is also speaking out. she said prince had issues with his hips and knees. years of touring was taking its toll. he took very good care of himself, ate well and exercise and she wasn't aware of any lingering illnesses. will know more when the autopsy is released in a few weeks. >> thank you. >> as fans continue to gather at his home in minnesota to pay their respect or look at that. they been leaving notes, purple flowers and balloons. that has been happening since the news of his death yesterday. >> they danced and celebrated in front of the apollo the utter too many of their favorite prince songs. >> a rare interview with the singer from the 20 cover and he talks about his favorite
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other things. the purple one has also been posted on the website. >> his untimely death has sent his album and song sales skyrocketing. people bought more than 1 million songs, including purple rain and little red corvette, yesterday, the day he died. on top of that he also rang up some 231,000 album sales. that's album sales. that's a huge leap from just 4300 sold over the five days prior to his death. the very best of prince album is expected to top the billboard 200 chart chart which would make it his fifth number one since 2006. >> for the latest on the investigation, his death and his life, go to our website fox >> at least eight people were found dead in ohio. people police are searching for their killer. all of them were shot execution style. they are part of the same family
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including a four -day-old infant who was sleeping next to its mother who was among those killed. the killer is believed to be on the run and is considered armed and dangerous. >> we could be headed for a contested republican convention per the gop won't just hand the nomination to any candidate who fails to claim the number of delegates needed. coming close to the majority is not good enough. >> donald trump takes the opposite view. while holding a rally in delaware he said he should be the nominee if he has the most delegates regardless of the number. he has a huge lead in all five states. he has a slight lead in indiana and a big lead in california.
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trump an uncontested nomination. >> john kasich held a town hall gathering in connecticut. the ohio governor has been making some gains there but it's still a distant second to trump ahead of tuesday's primary. >> hillary clinton campaigned in pittsburgh. she shook hands and took selfies with supporters. it's so hard to keep off the weight on the campaign trail. >> bernie sanders held a town hall event for college students. he trails clinton by double digits in that state. >> they signed a climate change agreement at the un. countries are going to aggressively fight to reduce carbon emissions.
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washington whether the president can do that without congressional approval. >> parts of the city when car free for earth day. organizers of the event say they wanted to raise awareness for what city streets might look like in a more eco-friendly future future. >> when you try to cross the street you realize those locking on their own 2 feet often feel like were in charge. >> city officials also promised to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. right. right now cars and trucks account for about one quarter of the missions throughout the city. >> pretty soon those plastic partitions in taxis will be gone. those will be an optional partition. here's what drivers and riders have to say about it. >> reporter: the partitions have been around for over 20 years but now you may start to see more taxis without them.
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were installed in 1994 to protect cabbies from being held up. starting next week all drivers will have the option to remove it and if so they can have an ink -- in vehicle camera instead >> you would rather have the partition? >> yes. >> i think a camera system is good. >> why? >> it's 6 inches more space for the customer. >> they say they have 318 cabs without a partition. passengers and drivers like each option for different reasons so we want to make both available. partitions shouldn't be illuminated except --
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they call it partition face. it has a word. it refers to when people smash their face into the partition. >> one board member believes getting rid of the partitions would help taxi drivers better compete with smart phone app services like uber. >> i think this is better for the drivers. i've heard drivers say they have problems competing with other aspects of the industry. there's no partition and the drivers can be social and the yellows are prevented from being social and it affects their tips. >> they are not trying to eliminate or phase out the partitions in any way nor is it trying to compete with uber. it's just giving its drivers more options. >> it was another picture-perfect day. temperatures in the 70s. it was a little humid but overall it was nice.
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the big question is will it last to the weekend? next? >> it will cool down for the weekend that we have great weather coming back. we have some showers in our forecast tonight. the highs were nice, in the 70s and low '80s away from the coast. the showers are getting widespread scattered to the hudson valley, columbia county, dutchess county and we have scattered showers moving through central new jersey. we'll see more of those as time goes on tonight. temperatures are quite mild. we are at 72 in the city. seventy-three at newark and 65 by the get see. i'll put this into motion and you can see the area showers sliding off to the east. there's the wide view. we still have a pretty good band of showers by pennsylvania and southern virginia. you can see from the future cast we will have to deal with this until about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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and east. sunshine comes back for a nice afternoon. high-pressure built-in and that will clear this guy completely for saturday night and a beautiful sunday is coming up. a. a little cooler each day but we should be closer to those middle 60s which is average for this time a year. fiftys tonight, showers and isolated storms in a few places. if the wind becomes stronger. >> i'd like to rush through april. we have plenty of warm weather ahead of us. >> sundown marked the beginning of the jewish holiday, passover. >> passover commemorates when
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from slavery in egypt. >> more on the app in the teenager who came up with the idea. >> wire parent so stressed out about finding the perfect, how far they willing to go to get one? this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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jeff: he's not your typical high school dropout. a 16-year-old is living life in new york city after launching his mobile app called flaw. >> he got some big-time backers to fund it. you sat down with the teen whiz. he really is remarkable. >> this guy is amazing. they say if you can make it in new york you can make it anywhere. younger and younger people are taking that mantra for a test drive. introducing the 16-year-old ceo. >> 16-year-old ben just moved
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after receiving funding for his third app. the first two weren't too shabby. >> i launched two games which was the number one trending app for a week and that got 1.3 million downloads. the second one was also the number one trending app for a couple days. >> after selling those apps, his latest app is changing the way we buy and sell things on my you can browse from your facebook friends and people who share friends in common with you. >> that allows you to sell to people you kind of know rather than total strangers. >> after one week on the market,
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is insane. we were were doing sign-ups every second. >> let's not forget that he is just 16 years old. that makes a difficult decision to drop out of high school and leave his friends and family behind in sydney. >> do you feel like you're missing out on anything? >> definitely. obviously my friends get to do teenager things like go to prominent just hang out in general. >> what did your friends think when you said i'm quitting high school and i'm moving to new york city? >> they thought it was crazy. >> so far he appears to be making it in the big city. >> his investors including venture capitalists who have previously backed companies like twitter, snapchat and instagram, it looks like he is going to see more growth. his app is flo gg.
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store. >> it's the real deal. he knows what he's doing. >> that is some runway success. >> you really do never know. it's crazy. thank you. president obama and the first lady had a dinner fit for a king. they wrapped up their political trip to the u.k. they had lunch with the queen at windsor castle and he also met with the british prime minister to discuss an important topic, britain's potential exit from the eu. >> the palace release these pictures of 3-year-old prince george with the obama's. look at him dressed up in his pjs and robe. another picture he is on a rocking horse. his mother kate is right by his side. >> he really fits the role of
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>> just days after his sudden death, china wrestling star body could be donated to science. they wanted to look for the degenerative disease in athletes due to head injuries. his manager is in the process of getting permission from the family. >> canadian high school basketball player is literally a man among boys on the court. he is exposed as a 29-year-old student. he's an imposter. he was acting as a 17-year-old. his real age was discovered when he attempted to cross the border into michigan.
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person born in 1986. >> figuring out what to name your newborn can be a challenge for any parent. now some are outsourcing the job for big bucks. >> everything is being outsourced nowadays. they take us to the world of baby naming. >> what is your son's name? >> we tried out three different name for a couple weeks at a time. this is the one that stuck. it means peaceful. >> if you believe names have power, then choosing the right name for a baby puts a lot of pressure on parents. it's easy to understand why some moms and dads undergo something called baby naming. >> we went through a spreadsheet and it was the one we both agreed on so we just went with it. >> are we going to name him after someone? we have a few names in the mix and we cannot decide. >> what's the name? >> not sharing that. >> a good baby name is a name that gives positive connotations. >> ucla professor wrote many books about naming.
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have a slider better edge in terms of helping the person be more successful. his father picked his name you can see it certainly fits. there are a lot of parents that are willing to pay strangers name. >> us with branding company charges parents $29,000 for every name it decide. >> some parents have regrets after they've named their baby. luckily these parents are satisfied they made the right call. do you pick a trendy popular name or one from the past? what's in a name? that which we
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>> if you knew someone who was not cool when you were growing up, he can't do that, you can't do that one and it gets really hard to pick the right name. >> yankees are the only reason. >> we take you on a new brewery
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beer lovers are raising a glass. there was a new brewery in the bronx. germany is celebrating the 500 anniversary of beer making. >> that may soon be changing at the bronx zoo. >> they just got a little more cooler with the grand opening of the bring company on east 173rd street. they explained why they moved up from manhattan. >> at first it was getting
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and we found this place. >> this brewery was opened along with two distilleries. she is with the bronx historical society. >> the name bronx came from a brewery. it was not until the 1970 that the tradition became so prominent in the bronx. that history lesson and many others will be part of the new saver the bronx breweries and distillery to her. you didn't think we were just going to drive around the bronx did you? all of board the bronx beer trolley. >> it will feature nine locations complete with a passport. one he plans to use himself. >> once you visit all of them you go to your favorite distillery and they will give
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libation. >> what would a brewery be without a little taste testing. of course you can't drink on an empty stomach, right. right now the tours will only be once a month to get your ticket just had to file of the reporting from the bronx, fox 5 news. >> news about the mayor's campaign friend razor. was it legit? >> the feds are taking a closer look at some donation to mayor diblasio. >> why is this falling out of the sky. see more of the video that had people falling on the ground, stunned.
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denial keeps coming from mayor diblasio as the feds look into how he raised his money for campaigning. carriage horses on city streets is also under the microscope. >> reporter: it seems that every few days new information emerges into the federal and state investigation involving mayor
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the latest is whether the mirror mayor accepted $100,000 in campaign donations from two donors who want to ban horse carriages in central park. the issue is did the mayor except the money in exchange for proposing and pushing so hard to ban horse carriages. the mayor spoke on wnyc radio today. >> i've said this before and all said it again, everything we've done from the beginning has been done with integrity. >> the fan and raising is in conjunction with separate federal investigations into alleged corruption at the nypd. investigators are also looking into whether fundraising for the mayor's are circumvented state laws. he said he played by the role. >> i believe everything we did was legal and appropriate and careful. look, we said from the beginning. if if there's an investigation going on, we will happily despite and supported. >> this is out tonight, multiple
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officials accusing mayor diblasio of violation of the law to raise money in favor of democratic candidates. a city hall spokesperson said the mayor is confident the actions were appropriate and in accordance with the law at all time. >> one community decided to take matters into its own hand. two high school teacher cofounded and anti- drug for so parents and kids can be trained on how to use a drug that reduces an opioid overdose. >> they put it into a syringe which you attached to a device and you put it up the patient's nose and you squirt half into one nostril and happen to the others. then it in a few minutes they should start come around. >> between 2009 in 2013, in
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from heroin overdoses in suffolk county. that's more than any other county in new york state. >> the smart phone program is turning into a smart investment. new data shows it trimmed a minute off response time compared to a year ago. they hope to have all officers equipped with them by the in the this month. >> drivers on the side will no longer have to stop or slow down at toll booths. instead told will be collected using easy pass. if you don't have easy pass it will be used by photographing license plate and registration information. >> they try to smuggle 10 pounds of cocaine from mexico stashed in containers of candy. it had a street value of $175,000. she $5000. she was arrested and turned over to the nypd. >> second confirmed case in
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virus. he tested positive here in new york city. he developed a rash a day after returning from the caribbean. no other symptoms reported. >> it's raining humvee after a u.s. exercise went terribly wrong. look at this video. the humvees are being dropped by a parachute and at least three of them broke free from the rigging and plummeted to the ground. luckily nobody was hurt. the video has already received over a million views. >> fans coming together online to mourn the loss of a music icon. >> how social media is changing the way. >> another major recall to tell you about. that's coming up. >> here's tonight's new york
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>> the city university of new york hosted a big apple job fair on the west side. more than 100 companies from apple to yelp interviewed students and graduates for full-time positions. recruiters were also looking to fill internships and part-time openings. >> this is a great place where they can meet recruiters, bring resumes and talk about opportunities in the city. jobs are on the rise. >> the eagle academy program join career day at the college. more than 400 teenagers from high school to across the city and newark learned about job opportunities in finance, healthcare, real estate and law. >> we wanted to bring the most successful executives hear from wall street and service organizations and show these young students the possibilities. >> the founders credit the success to parent involvement, and college prep classes. that's that's your new york
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>> people are renting the american dream. home rental prices are rising around $1400 a month with the biggest gain in places like boston and los angeles. the automaker is rick calling 1.1 million vehicles. most of them worry made here in the usa. the recall affects several models for the last two years. the automaker is bringing its f1 50 raptor truck to that country. it is the first time the drivers in china can officially by this very popular vehicle. it turns out that breakfast is the most important meal for mcdonald's. the fast food chain saw changes over the first three months of
10:40 pm
menu. >> there still struggling with sales. stores will be closing this summer. they will be closing kmart stores and sears stores this weekend. for locations in upstate new york and in connecticut but none around here. >> if you want to watch more movies at home you might want to get who lou instead of netflix. who lou is beefing up the movie catalog and netflix is increasing television shows. >> a new airline is joining long island. the flights run twice weekly on fridays and sunday and they are
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getaways. when something like that the death of a music i can't happens, we often turn to social media. >> is that social media all across america families are
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that's a love song called donald trump last version written back in 1990. some of the other lyrics say donald trump, maybe that's what you need, a man who man who fulfills your every wish, your every dream. today trump tweeted i met prince on numerous occasions. he was an amazing talent. he will be greatly missed. >> i wonder how many albums he's going to release. >> he had a ton of song. >> he did have a lot of songs that haven't come out yet. all you have to do is log onto
10:45 pm
find millions of messages. >> when some celebrities diet seems like people turn to social media. is it speeding up the grieving process? >> they signed a post. >> i tried at work and on the way home. >> the block party in brooklyn, they gather in the streets to sing song. >> it's profound, in terms of my own aging process. >> he died thursday and millions of people who never met him commiserate with people who felt the same way. >> they are larger-than-life people and they're so important, it seems like they will be with us always. when you lose them, it seems it seems always to be shut quite a shock.
10:46 pm
psychologists said the masses have grieved for strangers for centuries. but social media has heightened our attachment to these celebrities. >> we see them in movies and shows and other concerts. people can feel a greater sense of connection because of all the exposure. >> after 24 hours, hours, seemingly every person we know has heard of his passing on the internet. >> it does get to the point where you've heard enough and you need to turn to other things. >> you don't get tired of prints, you you get tired of your friends talking about prince. >> reporter: i actually think twitter did help me move through the grieving process. i know we talked about it so
10:47 pm
it's just been everywhere. >> it's like a communal thing and everybody's feeling the same way. it helps. >> then after 48 hours a move on to the next thing. that's how it goes. >> so it's warm and muggy and the whole thing. we will go back to a little more april weather. the humidity was ten or 12% the last few days. when it went up just a little bit you really felt it today. seventy-nine also being the high today, that was well above average by about 15 . will cool it down this weekend with nice weather. showers are coming in overnight. there's some in the area right now. it's average for this time a year. tomorrow it'll be a little above average. eighty-six and 33 in the records. more clouds in the morning and more son in the afternoon on saturday. seventy-two now. two now. community in the mid- 50s. we have a cloudy sky over the city. pressure is rising right now. the wind is from the southwest
10:48 pm
passed just yet. we can see some showers out there and the cluster that's been persistent off to the north in the last hour. it's now extending to the glenville area and extending out further east and scattered shower in connecticut. more off to the west. we have more these coming in during the overnight period. seventy-nine here in town we had 81 at the shore. mid- 60s to the north as you go from connecticut to the lower 70s back in toward bellmawr. southwest wind will come around to the north as we head into tomorrow. you can see cooler temperatures off to the northwest. we will cool down after this friend moves along.
10:49 pm
tomorrow morning. we'll be looking at more sunshine in the afternoon and stop at 70 for the high. that's still a bit above average. you can see our attempts will be around 70 tomorrow. there's your future cast showing the cold front. mid-to-late morning the showers should move out to the east. sunday looks beautiful. tomorrow we will for a few showers between nine and ten am. then we will have sunshine from midday on and about 70 degrees. sunday looks good. seventy-two monday. showers are are back on tuesday. sixty-three on wednesday. will look for showers to return on thursday and friday. not a lot of rain but tuesday will probably give us the most rain in our forecast.
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we haven't had a ton of rain in april so far. >> congratulations in order for one of our own tonight. they have earned the lifetime achievement award. they're making the presentation, it's the biggest media event on long island and recognizes the best in news as chosen by the don' t let dust and allergies get between you and life' s beautiful moments.
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a right we with the mets and mart matt harvey on the mound tonight. still looking for the win of the young season. it's a slow start for harvey. he came in tonight with three starts, zero wins. compare that to last year he was 3 - 0 at this time. look at the difference in the strikeouts. tonight they were in atlanta. the mets issue was mechanical. they looks pretty good earlier on. he's swinging right there.
10:54 pm
night. the mets gave them plenty of support. curtis unloads to the right with the bases loaded. the first grand slam for the mets. his third for his career. that took the game five to his out point. right now the mets lead 6 - 3 as they play on. they are in the bottom of the eighth. they have a 3 - 2 game. he slides in and he is safe. the big night for them. he comes in with the releasing
10:55 pm
the yankees win. 6 - 3 was the final. the gonna take the ice tomorrow looking to keep their season alive. they trail the penguins three games. they've come back from a deficit in each of the past playoffs. they get on the board first. in the first. it was a scoreless period. he puts the initial shot and nielsen has the rebound. he puts at home. right now it's a 1 - 1 game as they get ready to kick off overtime. tiger woods could be back on the gulf course. there's a report coming out that he is ready to return possibly as early as two weeks from that third back surgery. there is video from yesterday surfaced on the internet.
10:56 pm
carolina hitting full shots, hitting drivers and wedges. the report said he's coming back for the wells fargo in two weeks. his agent says no timetable has been set for tigers return. there is derek jeter hosting his annual golf tournament. it includes celebrities, athletes and others playing for charity. johnny you have to hit the pot, right. he misses the pot. it's all for good cause of course. that's for the turn to foundation for derek jeter. lots of fun out there for those guys. >> thank you. >> somebody posted this video. take a look. i was going to see the video or not see the video quest market
10:57 pm
couple seconds, there we go, a golden retriever in a self driving tesla as the car slowly pulls out of the driveway. before you get any bright ideas, the car actually drives itself like kitt from knight rider. as you can see technology, dare i say, going to the dog. >> take care everybody. >> tonight. fox 5 news is in order over. if you want to connect to great stories and people, engage our facebook, twitter make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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