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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this investigation can be described as willful and flagrant. the mayor says he's suspicious the report may be politically motivated. >> when you see something done in this fashion, when you see an inappropriate leak, when you see the law being misconstrued in such an obvious fashion, it begs the question motivation. >> the issue is in the hands of cy vance who confirmed that his office is investigating, but denied to give any update. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks. a lot of people i respect greatly and have worked with for years. that's not right. that's not fair. >> reporter: this is the latest in what appears to be multiple state and federal investigations into the mayor involving his non-profit, campaign for one new york, the horse carriage industry and more. through it all, the mayor maintains he's done nothing wrong. ernie: a lot going on. thank you for that. joining me right now, let's talk
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this is the political editor crains new york magazine. how serious do you see this in terms of the fundraising scandal? scandal? >> it's a pretty serious problem with the manhattan district attorney and the federal prosecutor, u.s. attorney looking into this. they've shown a willingness to go after the people at the top of politics. he's the guy that got shelly silver and dean skelos and he's signalled he's ready to go after executives. he means two people. governor cuomo and mayor bill de blasio. we know he's looking carefully at de blasio's campaign fundraising activities. he's looking for two things. one, he's looking for violations of the law by which they used loopholes and maybe walk a little over that line.
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gone up to the line. we haven't crossed it. his interpretation may be different. they'll look for quid pro quos. i give a donation and i get something back for that. you're not supposed to get anything back. we looked at the mayor's list of donors and almost all of them we found had some kind of business before the city. so these people are not giving out of the goodness of their hearts. they're making business transactions. ernie: we heard the attorney for de blasio, de blasio himself, that this is politically motivated, inappropriate leaks and so forth. what do you make of that? >> it's good public relations ploy to say these aren't real charges. this is politically motivated. that's very thinly veiled accusation against governor cuomo. they're saying that the board of elections investigator, who is causing all this trouble, was appointed by cuomo and, therefore, the whole thing is motivated by cuomo. the governor's people say we have nothing to do with this. all we know is what we've read
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i will say this in defense of the board of elections, for years they've been criticized for doing nothing, for letting everything go. and finally they're doing something. so someone says it's political. ernie: thank you for joining us. come back again for more updates. more stories to tell you about. republican rivals are teaming up to stop donald trump. ted cruz and john kasich are hoping to deny trump the required 1237 delegates for the republican presidential nomination by splitting the votes in the remaining primary states. they hope that would force an open convention this summer. as you can imagine, that's not sitting well with the frontrunner frontrunner. >> ladies and gentlemen, our new nominee is john kasich. he's won one state out of 50 and he's -- how do you do that 1234 >> trump is the only candidate who mathematically has a chance of getting the republican nomination on the first ballot. more american troops are
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president obama says up to 250 u.s. military personnel will help in the fight against isis, mostly in an advisory role. last week the u.s. announced it was sending more than 200 additional special forces to iraq. >> charter communications is a step closer to becoming the no. 2 home internet provider. the justice department and the fcc chairman have approved its bid to buy time warner cable. the deal needs fcc approval and the okay of california's utility regulator. that's what's happening in the news right now. it is monday, starting off a nice week. it's a nice day out there. nick: very nice. very comfortable. we've been in the upper 60s, somebody hitting 70 today. we like that. this week, kind of up and down. good days, bad days. ernie: a little variety coming up. rain tomorrow. >> reporter: there will be showers tomorrow, most in the afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. i can't rule out a shower or two in the morning.
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get into showers, even a couple of thunderstorms. some of those might have a little hail with them. today not bad. 68 and 50 for the high and the low. a bit above average two for this time of year. no real extremes coming our way in temperatures. 91 and 29 in the records. sunrise 6:00. down at 7:46. won't see a lot tomorrow. 66 now. high clouds in the sky. humidity increasing at 45 percent. winds southeast. the pressure is falling off a bit at 29.89. let's take a look at the highs for the day. we found readings that did top 70 at belmar. allentown, 75. then upper 60s. the city northward, about 60 or so on long island. cooler on the east end where they were at 58. mid 50s there now. 55 for montauk. 57 bridgeport. low 60s up in sullivan county. mid 60s around town. belmar is coming in at 68. we're hanging on to 73 at allentown. the cooler readings along the
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the ocean. we'll see that southeast to an easterly wind overnight averaging at 10 miles an hour. let's look at the radar. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian now. nothing for the next several hours. you should be fine if you're heading out this evening. no problem there. as we look at the satellite and radar picture, the showers are in upstate new york moving into new england and back through here. that's where our weather system is found. a couple of light showers popping up as you head to lake erie. you'll find the storm center is up in here spinning through wisconsin. this warm front has to get through the area. it will struggle a lot of tomorrow. there could be a very wide range in temperatures in the area tomorrow, maybe in the 50s to the north. about 60 or 62 or 3 in the city. and may pop into the high 70s across south jersey tomorrow. this cold front will come through. that's where the bulk of the shower activity may get at us. that's tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night.
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we'll be hovering around the middle and upper 50s. as we head through the day, our futurecast will show a break in the action for a bit and scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm popping up from mainly mid-afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. the question is going to be where does the warm front end up? that will be the edge to the forecast as far as temperatures go for tomorrow. by wednesday, that system is off to the east. the front to our south, looks like a nice day. a little sunshine. cooler. we'll hold in the lower 60s on wednesday. there's more moisture building off to the west. we'll see that arrive likely thursday afternoon into thursday night, maybe into the early part of friday morning, the risk of showers at that point. a lot of clouds tonight. can't rule out a shower and thunderstorm past the midnight hour. 54 the low in the city. about 50 out in the suburbs tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms, but most of the action in the afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. if the warm front passes, we'll get into the lower 60s. may stay in the 50s up north. those in central and south
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pop into the 70s. wednesday, 62. lots of sun comes back. sun and clouds on thursday. showers afternoon into the nighttime. they may end early friday morning. around 60 those days. saturday, lots of sun, 63. clouds on sunday. i think the showers may hold off until nighttime. we'll see. they'll be around on monday. we'll hold the temperatures -- ernie: there's just enough to keep you busy? nick: always something that keeps me busy. ernie: not a bad forecast. thank you very much. >> coming up next, a lot has changed in america in the past 100 years. and a lot that was sparked by world war i. we'll take a closer look at new york's key role in the war and how the ripple effect led to huge changes we feel today. tomorrow, dealing with stressful times in our lives. we know it's a common problem. but there is some help. we'll talk live to the author of a new book that claims our own change in attitude can really do the trick.
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be something new.
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we're back right ernie: welcome back to our special feature. 99 years ago this month, the u.s. changed the course of history by entering world war i. in the years that followed, a lot of things changed that have
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antwan lewis begins our look back in time. >> reporter: world war i is sometimes called the forgotten year, a four-year period where countries saw opposing alliances form and regimes fall. this is the director of the world war i centennial committee for new york city. >> in many ways, it was not only the first sort of global war, but the first global event. you can look at that as the start of the modern era. there's a clear distinction between before and after. >> reporter: the war lasted until 1918. the united states didn't enter until 1917 and entry many don't know has ties to new york city. >> the lieus ucitania was sunk by the germans. there's a number of examples of how new york was impacted by and participated in the events. >> reporter: there's a statue called the eternal light
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years after the war ended. it's a tribute to the dough boys who defended the country's honor on a global stage. >> this is the location where many of the welcome home parades for units started after the war. it continues today as the starting point for new york city's annual veterans day parade, america's parade, produced by the war veterans council. it's the largest in the country. >> reporter: as the country continues to pay tribute to all the vets who protect her, it's more important to remember the great war when america first showed the world what we're made of. >> the events and impacts of world war i continue to be felt today in the modern world even with some of the things the united states is involved in dealing with overseas in the middle east and so forth. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much for that report. joining me, a cultural historian associated with the history channel. wonderful to have you back. >> thank you.
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this history and everything. even -- you've been appointed by the president to form a committee to celebrate the 100th anniversary? >> the president appointed me to the united states commission for world war i centennial. that's at the national level. i'm one of nine commissioners. in new york city, we have formed our own committee because so much of the history took place here. ernie: tell us about that. we'll be hearing more about it. it's changed everything. jazz you were talking about started here. >> they have wonderful stories. first you should know during the war a lot of things changed. we had tanks for the first time. you had aircraft in war for the first time. airplanes were brand new. ernie: tanks. yeah. >> it was all different. things were really changing. but history has changed and war accelerates that change. new york city was at the forefront. we see changes in the civil rights movement, in women's
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changing. it's a really -- ernie: a lot of people don't realize that. you mentioned civil rights and talked about women. elaborate on that. >> there was a national guard unit, primarily african-americans. it was re-formed as the 369th regimen. a lot of guys from harlem. the army was segregated. this is an all black unit. and they ended up serving under france officers. they were heroic. a lot of them won the awards, great reputation. when they come home, there's a wonderful parade for them. ernie: great parade for them. >> they ended up being the leaders of the civil rights movement in the united states at an early stage. ernie: a lot of history starting with world war i. tell me about some of the events we can look forward to. >> we're going to have workshops for teachers that reinvigorate the teaching of world war i. we hope to have concerts.
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was james reese. he introduced jazz to paris. people weren't happy during world war i. when they heard this music from america, it hit big time. ernie: concerts and so forth and educational programs? >> we're going to honor, educate and commemorate. we're going to involve veterans as well. it's important they know they won't be -- that today's veterans will not be forgotten. ernie: it's so important to be remembered. i want you to come back and share the stories. >> it's a deal. thanks. ernie: thank you. all right. tonight, stay with me. we know that live entertainment can be very powerful. i've got a question about that. here it is. do you like music? is there a concert you wish you had seen? ernie: your answers are coming up. are you frustrated as a pet owner struggling to find a place to live without of rules against your cat or your dog? coming up on wednesday, we'll
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treated fairly and what legal rights you have.
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here to talk about the ernie: russ is here. a big time win for the islanders. what a game. russ: you know what? it was perfect, especially for the islander fans. the reason it was perfect, listen, they have a chance to clinch on their home ice, which this year became the barclay center. they're led by their captain.
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russ: double over time. it doesn't get any -- it doesn't get better. ernie: you can see the excitement. russ: he scored the tying goal with less than a minute left in regulation. it was a lot of fun. ernie: a long time coming for the islanders. russ: the last one was '93 when they won a playoff game. know why i'm happy for the islanders? i'm happy for the fans, in particular those fans coming from long island. i never feel the islanders get their due. ernie: exactly. russ: we're talking about a team that won four consecutive stanley cups and went to the stanley cup final five years in a row. they lost the fifth one to edmonton. had the rangers ever done that, they'd be the greatest hockey team of all time. ernie: what's going to happen to the islanders? russ: because i say this about
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counterparts, the knicks at the garden, i call them squatter rights. they were here first. they're the no. 1 hockey team. and the knicks, the no. 1 basketball team. but right now the islanders are riding high. ernie: tom brady. deflategate. russ: deflategate is back for another run. i don't think this time it's going to be a long run. i said this all along. i'm not bragging about it. i thought the appeals court would over turn turn judge berman's decision to say that he didn't have to serve out the suspension. now he's got to serve out the suspension. he's going to miss the first four games of the season. i don't think they're going to appeal this. first of all, if they try to go to the supreme court, i don't think the supreme court is going to hear it and every other lawyer -- ernie: a lot of people said let it go.
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misunderstanding about this, people say why does goodell have it in for brady? that's never been the case. they had to prove a point. the point was we can't have, every time i make a decision, a player taking me to court. that's why you have a commissioner. so be it. i think -- listen -- ernie: he's out four games. russ: he will be out four games. ernie: thanks a lot. do you love music? well, concerts are certainly great. is there one regret that you missed something? see what people had to say right after the break.
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on
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go to anastos. check it out. you can answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: let's talk about music. what concert do you wish you had seen? >> bruce springsteen. ernie: how did you miss out? the boss. >> i know. the boss. >> david bowie. and i wish i had seen the beatles. ernie: who have you missed? >> coldplay. ernie: what happened? >> i just -- i haven't been because i had homework to do. ernie: how come you didn't see coldplay? >> tickets were sold out in three minutes. >> celine dion. ernie: a great performer. you missed her? >> yes. ernie: wouldn't it be nice to see her? what do you like? >> her voice, her attitude, her personality. >> barbra streisand. ernie: extraordinary.
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ernie: but you didn't see her. never seen her live. ernie: disappointed? maybe you'll see her. she still performs. >> you never know. things. ernie: barbra streisand. get those tickets. >> david bowie was amazing. musician. great singer. ernie: sorry you missed him? >> he lives on. ernie: beyonce. you haven't seen her? you've got to go. >> elvis. that would have been fun. ernie: a lot of people missed that. elvis is great. ernie: thank you very much. take care. bye-bye. i didn't see elvis either. that would have been nice. what did you miss? go to my facebook page and let me know. you can catch my positive words every day on wor 710 am radio. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us, our control room, big john is back, give us a wave. thanks for joining us and being
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i remember when time warner cable was just on tv. now i can watch it live anywhere. if time warner cable can change, then so can i. changing for good.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: beyonce again is making kind of veiled references to jay-z having side chicks. call becky with the good hair >> i really always said he was cheating with rachel roy, the designer. is he really going to go after rachel roy, who's 42 years old until harvey: sounds so much like rachael ray. >> i love the idea of rachael ray and jay-z. having sex with jay-z in 30 minutes or less. i love it. >> kanye west back to his old interruptive ways. >> i will let him finish.


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