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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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oh boy! what a day! it's 5:00 and there's been a lot of drama. ben: you had some drama. >> had some house drama at 2:30 am. duke was stuck in an elevator elevator . >> is understanding. >> bring your umbrella. i don't even know where mine is. we are looking at a cloudy and rainy day. mike has the details in the forecast. hillary clinton and donald trump are on the attack when they get ready for today's primary. she doesn't like that term because it covers the rest
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connecticut and pennsylvania. they are the frontrunners. >> police say they arrested a mother on the elderly. find out what is here has to do with the capture. this happened on 287 yesterday. we will show you more about what happened. >> despite all the drama in the chaos today, i am excited. there is an actor by the name of kim coates. if you watch sons of anarchy you know who he is. he please take on the show later on today . >> i really hope i am around for that because he is my favorite ! >> we can try to arrange that. >> let me ask you. did you ask the game of thrones? >> i have not watched it yet. >> i am waiting for my boyfriend to catch up. >> he is not caught up?
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know, i might just have to watch it. >> not happening . >> i went back and rewatch homeland and i could not believe how much i have forgotten. >> that's the thing i haven't started watching empire this season. i was thinking that i could start all over again. >> usually watch reality t.v. >> little to nothing. >> house hunters! >> exactly. what are you going to do. it's b3 . mike: it's over the city with lightning and thunder that came through town. now, it moves to the east of the eastern and central sections of long island. it's heading towards long island and it's a good amount of rain with small hail.
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we have light moderate showers with a few pockets of heavy rain. it's mainly the thundershowers that we are dealing with here this morning. it will go on for a little bit here at 510. it's a break from the rainfall. 59 in philadelphia and it's in williamsport with heavier showers in the first round making its way through. in the east end of long island. it's not the end of it . it's the beginning with this disturbance that will go through. this is the main area of low pressure which will have a little bit more cake. by the time he gets here, we will have to deal with stronger storms and maybe some severe weather with it . we will keep an eye on it as the day goes on.expect
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with showers and storms throughout the day . we catch a break in the middle of the day. temperatures will come out in a mild way and it's 640 by 11:00 am. a high of 670 with thunderstorms coming at you for the evening commute . we come through the next seven days with a sunny day again with a high of 620. more showers rolling on thursday. rainfall will slide back to the south with lighter rain on the latter half of your thursday. friday and saturday look good with a few showers out there going into monday. the weekend is still looking pretty good. let's bring in ines and we had rain in the area. good morning. had to be careful out there but the commute is looking good. no problems on the lie in the northern state parkway.
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doing good at 287. it's in the garden state parkway. let's go to the camera and take a look at the commute. the verizon bridge looks fine with restrictions on the outerbridge because of the weather at 35 miles per hour. the bronx is moving on the alexander hamilton bridge with no issues in either direction. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> thank you. >> it's 5:05 am and mayor don't bill de blasio is denying any wrongdoing when it comes to his campaign fund. >> he spoke out yesterday with teresa for yellow tell us what they have to say. i am guessing that he seems pretty irritated. >> he was. that was a good way of describing it. he denied any wrongdoing and bristled yesterday allegations that he had circumvented campaign
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he claims it's nothing more than an attempt to undermine him. >> it is outrageous and i don't know what's motivating it. >> he stacks the statehouse with legislators that help him push his progressive agenda.>> it's a lot of very good people having their names dragged through the mud over these last few weeks. it's a lot of great people that i respect greatly . it's not right and it's not fair. >> the issue came to light after this memo was late to the press. it's marissa sugarman, a cuomo appointee . sugarman suggest team deblasio committed willful and frequent violation of the state election law that once criminal prosecution. they say this explains how. >> and his people did fundraising for state
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this is in which contributions are sent through a committee. if there was direct communication between the donors and the campaigns. >> sugarman referred to the manhattan da cyrus vance. the mayor never denied exploiting a loophole that he claims that's the way politics works. he says it's nothing more than a political hit job. >> it's an obvious question leaked to the press. there is real questions about motivation and huge questions about accuracy in terms of a lock. >> this latest scandal is one of four . the city, state and the feds are reportedly investigating the allegations of quick broke quote as well as campaign finance laws. as with the scandal, the
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and has promised to cooperate fully with all of these investigations. >> it's 5:07 am. $20 million offered up to the city's board of elections. they have to pay them to clean up their act. >> it's like they are rewarding him. >> think you very much. >> bill de blasio is promising the cash in exchange for changes to hire a outside consultant and improve the training. why don't they order them to do this? >> i don't understand. >> someone enlighten me. this move comes after major voting problems. i don't know if you recall this. 100 brooklyn voters are mysteriously removed from voting was. they are found eligible. the city comptroller are investigating. >> it's primary day across parts of the northeast. don't call it the primaries.
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it's not . >> hillary clinton and donald trump are expected to sweep all five states. >> let's go to robert moses in stamford connecticut. >> i don't think so. >> it's a polling location. all the other sites across connecticut are in about an hour or so. this could be the day where they consolidate their grip on the respective nomination. >> voters in connecticut , pennsylvania, delaware and long island had two poles. donald trump spent much of the day criticizing the alliance between ted cruz and john kasich which the camp say are designed to deny trenton nomination.
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man he calls lying ted and 1/38 kasich. that's a record for the number of states he won. >> in politics you are allowed to collude so they did and i was happy because it shows how weak they are . >> under the agreement, kasich steps aside so crews can compete and cruise steps aside and or alone in new mexico so kasich can pick up as many delegates there. >> is trump upset? >> he is going to scream and yell and curse and insult and probably cry and whine . that's been his pattern. >> kasich says the pack with cruises all about beating trump and in return, beating hillary clinton. >> i want to be able to go to resources where i can
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>> what is the big deal? >> clinton is hoping for a big day. she enjoys a commanding lead in pennsylvania with a big prize holding a rally yesterday. >> this election is really one with high-stakes. there are different visions in america. >> bernie sanders rallied in hartford. >> now is the time to not allow the donald trump's of this world and the other demagogues who are trying to divide us . >> back to the republicans. big news from the fox news channel. megyn kelly will interview donald trump during a primetime special which will air on may 17th. you'll recall that she and trump famously collapsed during a debate last summer. they will sit down for that
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airing on the 17th and more extended version of appearing on may 18. >> robert moses, and think you very much. >> we have a lot still to come including johnny manziel looking at a possible year in jail. he was allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend. >> mike is keeping track of the rainy forecast. >> we have had showers and storms roll through the tri-state and they continue to come at us as a move throughout the day with a mainly curry sky. we have more action here 510 and it will be a wet one. the rain will come down heavily so that the weather app that has a live interactive radar.
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maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. welcome back. we have storms out there and it's mainly for the east end of long island. it's in the central sections down to hartford and out near london county. strong storms out there moving to the east and there is a lot of them
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now we are focused to the north and west. we are near scant with storms in that region moving through the tri-state. everyone is at risk. we have 510 at central park and the same thing in bridgeport. 50 in poughkeepsie and 50 in montauk. the winds are all over the place but they are trying to come in from the northeast at five 16 miles per hour. we have a few disturbances coming through and one is right now kicking up the storms earlier. it's coming through for the east end of long island at this point with more to the west as it's a pretty potent area of low pressure coming through and that brings us the next round of storms coming through on the tri-state perhaps with stronger storms around the mid afternoon around two or 3:00. round one will move on with an area of low pressure kicking up with a line of storms coming in around 3:00 in the afternoon. that's where the future
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it might have a little bit of a kick to it so keep it in mind. they come in and out very quickly and we had throughout evening commute with a lot of it shutting down giving us a break as we get into the peak and the height of the evening commute . you had into thursday with more showers coming in. a lot of the action comes to the south but it looks a little bit wet. shower chances are 60%. it goes up to noon and it's in the mid afternoon hours by 3:00 backing down by the evening. we have it up again and down again in terms of the shower chances throughout the day. some of the storms could be on the severe side.the high is 670 and sunny
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rain chance late in the day. it's dry for a little bit. on sunday some showers could show up on monday. let's get over to ines. coming from nassau county with more on the eastbound side.driving into the city with the lincoln tunnel off to a start. same goes for the holland and the george washington bridge. >> thank you. the man is accused of a string of mugging behind bars thanks to a tip and fast act in . they arrested him at lincoln place in brooklyn. he was wanting for mugging eight elderly vic adams. they were able to catch the suspect with his distinct silver hair. it's within
5:19 am
receiving the tip .think of the time frame. jones spent 14 years in prison for a series of robberies in the 90s. >> police have released a road rage incident on the upper east side that leads to a stabbing. police say two drivers got into a fight on saturday night on east 61st street. the attacker stabbed the victim 11 times and drove away. the victim tried to drive to the hospital but crashed into the park car and he is in stable condition. police are still searching for the other driver. call crime stoppers. 12 1-800-577-tips police
5:20 am
jumping off a bridge and they caught the entire thing on dash cam video. >> send me another unit. >> hey, what's up man?>> don't! don't do it! >> that happened on route 287 in riverdale. they were responding to multiple 9-1-1 calls of a man who was walking on the highway into traffic . the sergeant tried to calm the man down . sergeant got there and just the neck of time. he was taken to a local hospital where he is now being treated . >> hotels stocking saga is now over. the sportscaster has settled her lawsuit against two hotel companies. in 2008, the stocker took nude pictures of andrews at the national marriott. the jury
5:21 am
million last month . has to be paid by the stocker and the other by the hotel . the other companies appeal in the amount of the settlement is confidential . >> lawyers are watching two big court cases involving nfl player nfl players. this comes after a big write up a new nfl times. they say they are treated like livestock. this includes johnny manziel. >> johnny manziel has been reported by the dallas county grand jury on a misdemeanor charge.for a formal announcement, it's expected today. the case is expected on thursday. the browns quarterback and heisman winner is accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend so hard that it ruptured your . lawyers watching the case say they had incentive to make a deal instead of
5:22 am
for manzella, avoiding a tribal could help his chances to return to the nfl. they are questioning crawley's accountability . manzella wasn't arrested at the time it could be a bedside that there are problems in the case. >> tom brady's suspension is back on. a federal appeals court say the patriots quarterback as a four-game suspension by the nfl. the judge's ruling sides with the lead . is the second circuit court of appeals ruling here and it will fuel a fresh round of debate over what role, if any, brady spent by using uninflated footballs in 2015. we've heard a lot about this case. some people think that it won't happen.
5:23 am
it could go to the supreme court. if that happened what a waste of taxpayer dollars. >> it's taken a long time! >> this is not the end of it. >> we knew 16 seconds later . >> the balls were deflated. >> no guy likes to hear that. we have a lot more to come
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>> welcome back. charter communications will become a country's number two home internet provider. the justice department is predicted to buy time warner cable. the deal is worth 78 million. that's under the agreement with the fcc. it will be prohibited from producing for seven years. it will expand it to 2 million more. the company says it will hire 20 thousand people replacing the overseas customer service reps. >> goldman sachs is opening the doors to everyone opening an online savings account for regular americans, not just the wealthy . they will open for just as little as a dollar. deposits will be fdic insured getting a
5:27 am
rate . it's better than the brick-and-mortar bank and online with other online banks. they were to discover new sources. >> it's fascinating. top stories, when you come
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from fox 5 this is "good day early call" >> thunderstorms are moving across the tri-state. lightning and thunder with severe storms possible throughout the morning. the rain system moves through. mike will tell us what to expect. juliet: we need the rain to get rid of the pollen . >> everything is booming. >> it's killing me. mayor dylan bill de blasio speaking out and he says he did not dissipate in any nonsense but i don't know. there is lots of accusations and allegations. we will have a live report. >> hillary clinton donald trump expect it to speak today in pennsylvania.
5:31 am
five states across the northeast heading to the polls and will have the latest on the race for the white house. >> whenever we hear about the police chase out in california, we have all imagined it but this time it's a bear and it took california by storm. >> it did! it's a little bit over exaggerated if you ask me. >> no one has to. >> one of my first stories and television was where i was out chasing a bear. >> the bear climbed the tranquilizer. >> harrisburg pennsylvania. >> first job. >> i was a young whippersnapper . i pronounce the name of the town wrong. it was a township called upper lake caulk and i called it peacock. michael, take it away.
5:32 am
juliet get your mind out of the gutter . mike: wow! we still make the top story here. it happens in new jersey all the time. we do have a helicopter. okay. >> i knew the jokes would begin. >> i find it very french. >> that's not what you find funny. showers and storms are coming at you. they've already rolled through dusty hell as possible. looks like the rain will end tonight . it's coming in together
5:33 am
. the fox five is showing the last of the showers pushing to the east. it's out near the twins and it's in the ham diamonds. there are breaks in between in the city. cloudy sky here. there are some showers out there. it will continue to come and go into the day. 51 right now in islip and 51 in bridgeport. cloudy skies here with the first wave of low pressure kicking off the showers here this morning. we got a little bit of a breakthrough with patchy showers and more to the west for the main event coming across the great lakes. that is one to look out for. we could have a few more isolated severe storms. keep an eye on the sky and we will let you know what's going on.
5:34 am
and storms and 670 and again, the action continues into the afternoon but starts to back down as you head into the evening commute. the denies are high on thursday. showers are expected late on thursday and we have a little bit of a dry spell is a get into sunday and monday. get over to our nose . >> the commute is off to a good start. the lie and nassau heading into queens. no issues in the southern state parkway. morris county is doing fine at 287. 80 in rockaway. let's go to the camera. traffic is moving fine and as for the bqe, heading for the brooklyn bridge reports of an accident on the westbound side by the
5:35 am
>> breaking news with an overnight assault on the uptown six train. one man is being stabbed on his hand. >> police say two men got into a fight on the train between 14th and 42nd street. one of the men wound up with a cut defending himself by grabbing a knife or being attacked with it . both men got off the train and the victim was treated at the hospital. no description yet of the suspect . we will try to have information for you in a few moments. >> mayor bill de blasio speaking out against new allegations that he misused campaign funds. we were talking about allegations , for in total. >> these are part of the initial four investigations that we were hearing of. >> think you teresa from fox 5. >> the mayor has his dukes up .
5:36 am
he is on the defense over allegations that he circumvented the finance laws in order to stack the statehouse with legislators that would help them push the agenda. this issue came to light after this memo was leaked . a cuomo appointee to the state board suggests that team diblasio , as she calls them, committed willful and flagrant violations of the state election law. these are violations that she believes warrant criminal prosecution. she says the mayor helps facilitate very large donations to senate democratic candidates back in 2014. the are backdoor channels as a way to avoid the nation's . she referred to the matter who confirmed that he is investigating the issue and has been for months. he says he has been investigating long before the memo was leaked to the press. take a listen.
5:37 am
i don't know what's motivating it. >> a lot of big people are having their names dragged through the mud . these are a lot of people that i respect lately and i've worked with them for years. it's not fair. >> the mayor says everything was done by the books and he says it's nothing more than a political hit job. the lawyer claimed on sunday that governor cuomo is behind the leaked memo. the daily news reached out to the governor and the governor spoke and said the leak did not, from the governor. >> we had been hearing that the mayor and the governor did not like each other. we did not know that the vendetta would extend the start.
5:38 am
very sure of himself that wrong. >> i think time will tell . >> teresa, thank you for that.>> it's primary day across parts of the northeast. hillary clinton and donald states. >> we decided to send robert to go to the pool areas. this is one of the polling sites. is the kt murphy school . this is like the other polling site across the state. it opens at 6:00 am. candidates have been very busy visiting , not only connecticut but the other states . these states are pennsylvania, rhode island, maryland and delaware. donald trump spent much of
5:39 am
his opponents 10 cruz and john kasich for forming the alliance to beat him. under the agreement, kasich steps aside in indiana so chris can pick up as many delegates as possible there. in return, cruise doesn't compete in oregon and new mexico to maximize casings delegate all there. the goal is to prevent trump from reaching the 1037 delegates that he needs to win the nomination outright. surprisingly, trump had a very strong reaction and he called cruise in kasich pathetic . >> in politics you are allowed to collude so they colluded and i was happy because it shows how weak they are .it shows how pathetic they are. >> i feel that it's very fair for me to be able to go to areas where i can spend my resources most effectively in the same is true for senator cruise. what is the big deal? >> the democrats are busy
5:40 am
clinton rallying in pennsylvania. bernie sanders was not too far away in hartford. now, this is expected to be another good day for hillary clinton and donald trump. polls are open here in connecticut at 6:00 am and they will stay open until 8:00 tonight.then we sit at home and watch the results. that is the latest. >> robert, thank you. >> let's go over to mike. >> hello. we have bigger storms coming through in the overnight hours so hopefully ellen did was give you a little bit of a rumble of under. hopefully it's out of here before you have to get up and deal with it . we have storms in the central sections of long island that they have definitely simmered down.
5:41 am
the hudson valley and we are looking at a dryer sky it's mostly cloudy with a potential of rain. it's not happening in most locations. 500 in central park and there is round one.we are in a low right now but that's not to say it's not completely clear with more showers coming into the low pressure area driving up the storms. we head into the mid afternoon so watch out for more to fire off for many of us in the tri-state. the extreme pollen is a bigger problem out there. lots of clouds out there with showers and storms scattering into the area. the high temperature out to the west and there is a cooler air at 670. it's dryer tomorrow with a chance on doesn't look like as much
5:42 am
the weather app has a live interactive radar at the itunes store. download it for free. that spring and nine as and see if we had backups happening. >> good morning. backups don't really cause any problems there. the merritt parkway looking good. let's look at the cameras and see how we are moving. it's eastbound and westbound side moving at the speed limit. the lincoln tunnel is heading into the city and we will see a pick up in volume. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue
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checking your headlines at 5:45 am. a better look at a man that tried to sexually assault a woman on the lower east side on saturday. he followed the woman into an elevator and began to grow per. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. >> a man accused of rubbing mugging eight elderly victims is behind bars thanks to a tip . it's thanks to facts acting fast acting police.they arrested him 20 minutes after someone called crimestoppers.
5:46 am
ukraine remembers the disaster. 31 people died after the initial blast at the nuclear reactor on this day back in 1986. some estimates say 4000 people might lose their lives as a result of a fallout that spread throughout eastern europe . >> if you would like to sleep tight while avoiding the bedbugs, get rid of red sheets. they reveal the parasites are attracted to darker colors like red and black. the insects wish take those shapes for bugs that offer protection from predators. i don't understand who sleeps in red sheets. >> people that are into porn you said. >> we actually have video . >> i think you are perhaps defaming me. what happens at 4:30 a.m. stays at 4:30 a.m. >> there you go.
5:47 am
not see a car but we did see a big bear. there you go. the large bear was spotted on the campus of mission college up in the hills. students and teachers took shelter and the bear made its way back into a backyard in the neighborhood . >> is it nice? >> i'm not going to say it's not nice. it's a big town. >> it was tracked by a television news camera where it was knocked out with a tranquilizer. fish and wildlife say he is two or three years old. >> looks pretty big to me. i would not mess with a bear. >> i think you are supposed to stand still and not move.>> you are supposed to punch in the nose! >> that's a sharp you make noise. >> duke, you don't have red
5:48 am
>> i don't even know. whatever my wife puts on. >> i've never thought about it. >> you show up and go to bed. >> he is colorblind. >> i got stuck in the elevator this morning for 10 minutes. >> ruined your whole day! >> the mets are coming up down in atlanta. they are back at home taking on the reds. looking for the third win of the year. say something juliet. >> in the first inning , a strikeout with zach getting the start. he labored a big win with 6 2/3. he struck out not factoring up the decision. it's a game tie at one. he loves the number one spot . it's a two run homer here. at the bottom of the seventh is there anyone hotter?
5:49 am
the two run homer with eight home runs in the month of april with 26 homeruns. it's 5/3 with the mets. they went for the final score. >> there was some bad news last night . travis left the game with a sore throwing shoulder and he will be examined today for special surgery. >> the yankees kicked off a nine-game road trip out in texas. third game with a stolen base. maybe that will come up . >> the yankees are up 1/0. mark on the right side and he comes into score with the yankees up 2/0. the story on this one with nathan having a great game. he looks terrific . he took a no-hitter into the second. seven shutout innings with two runs. the yankees when and maybe it's the best start of the
5:50 am
the federal appeals ruled that tom brady must serve a four-game suspension . >> it overturns a lower judge siding with the league. it's the second circuit court of appeals . the take away is that the four-game suspension is back into effect. there could be a deal and he will probably appeal the ruling. who knows. this could go all the way . >> can you imagine? he did. what did he use the deflated footballs? >> that would be a lot of pressure. it could be a good thing. >> interesting point. they let him play because of the second court of
5:51 am
that the super bowl that he wanted somehow tainted? >> 100%! >> of course it is! the balls were deflated! it was 2/1. >> to your point, the championship game that they want it was a blowout . >> with they probably still have one? if the balls had been deflated? >> canisters go away? >> can we stop talking about deflated and inflated? >> i'd rather talk about that in deflated footballs. >> my my mind, we are finding out so much about you . >> will color are your sheets? >> minor white .
5:52 am
what mine are? >> silky and shiny something. >> lake gray i have those two. >> have a little bit of a teal accent . >> keep it classy. >> you are saying red is not glassy? >> well satin red sheets? it does you know, put some things in your head. this is what we have out there. i don't care. do whatever you want. big storms rolling in. no severe weather but we did have a special marine warning over the waters. we were all right. you might have seen some small hail and heavy rain. more of the action is to come in this is round one. be prepared for more of the wet weather to come . >> i think this thing died
5:53 am
>> 520 in glencoe and 49 in tarrytown. same thing and then bury. it's a pretty mild start. this is round one. two is there with an area of low pressure. all of that stuff will swing by . high temperature goes up to 640. it's dry tomorrow with another round of them late on thursday. >> let's bring in ines and see what's going on. >> good morning. not bad. the commute is doing great . more problems on westchester county.both sides of the bridge are doing fine. in the bronx or parkway in the new england freeway all moving fine. let's check outside and look at the cameras over route 80. it's over by union
5:54 am
traffic is moving fine in both directions. we are dealing with wet roads . nothing of a big issue. in the bqe , no delays at the moment. a lot of kids are at spring break and that at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of " bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags,
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! time for entertainment. princes lawyers speaking out and says he lived a clean and healthy lifestyle disputing any drug addictions >> the princes relatives are scrambling to figure out what to do with his music empire.
5:57 am
apparently. >> they loved his music and his brilliance. what i was told by various professionals is that he was a terrible businessman. he was very impulsive , even with concerts. >> not exactly typical if you have creative juices and just these eccentric people. not exactly the best with business but amazing at art . anyway, according to minnesota law, his six siblings are in line to split his massive estate . his paisley park mansion will be turned into a museum according to his brother-in-law. >> once-in-a-lifetime meeting . >> the baywatch star took a brief break to meet the fan named ryan after they showed up to the set unannounced. he wrote they were willing to wait all day so he just walk across the beach.
5:58 am
coolest guy.
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>> he kind of does. what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> good morning, one world trade on a rainy, consequential home dramas today. flooded the elevator. it. juliet: it didn't nearly floods lies everywhere. ben: the fire department can. juliet: storms are rolling throughout the area, things


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