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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> this is a quarter of a kilo of raw heroin. >> reporter: the combination leading to 17 overdoses, five deaths, including a mother and son. the dealer was ian dunn. his distributor, a mother who investigators believe often made deals while bringing along her two-year-old child. her family and attorneys say that is not true. >> we're not going to rush to judgment. >> she's innocent. you will see that. >> reporter: a second pair arrested allegedly operating out of the brentwood area. the d.a. saying the two transported the drugs from queens to the island. >> in the course of one month, he sold over half a kilo of heroin, the equivalent of about 12,000 individual doses of heroin which would hit the streets of new york. >> reporter: interesting note. police tracked one of the key
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his repeated order at a chinese food restaurant. even though one of the crews is linked to five overdose deaths, the way the laws are written in new york, murder charges cannot be filed. back to you. ernie: all right. thank you very much. joining me to talk more about this is brigette brennan, thanks for being here. this is a brutal, a deadly problem. you know a lot about this. tell me how you feel about the breakup of this heroin network. >> well, i really couldn't be happier. i think that they made a big dent in heroin trafficking in suffolk county. and it's critically important. they've had a huge problem with overdose deaths there. and it seems to be getting worse. ernie: they ran a two-month wiretap investigation on this. a lot of people have applauded what's happened, like you have just now. then they say it's not enough. >> no, it's never enough. right now in new york city,
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overdose deaths. it's the biggest source of accidental deaths here in new york city. the death rate went up by about 10% and the biggest increase is in the age group 15 to 24. ernie: that's so painful, isn't it? when you think about families and young people, this is awful. >> it's just tragic. it's tragic for the young people. it's tragic for their parents, for their friends, for their loved ones. and the problem is that to the extent drug use continues, it just expands. ernie: you have said it. you've said it. warning people that there are drugs in your own home. this is what you have to watch for, the center of your own house. it starts there. >> absolutely. what we find is that most young people begin their drug use with a medicine cabinet. maybe they go into their parents' medicine cabinet, take out the leftover percocet or maybe their friends come over and hit the medicine cabinet.
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they're spread out in the streets. what we really need to do is to limit the access of people to these medications. and that's going to help us start reining in this epidemic. ernie: thank you so much for joining us. come back with more positive news. thank you so much. other stories to report. in the world of politics, donald trump has nearly an insurmountable lead after taking all five primaries last night. ted cruz is turning to carly fiorina to spark his campaign, naming her his running mate should he win the nomination. she joined him earlier today in indianapolis. >> ted cruz could not be more right in what he says. there is a lot at stake and, in fact, this is a fight. this is a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. nation. ernie: democratic hopeful bernie sanders was campaigning in
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frontrunner hillary clinton took a rest after winning four of the five primaries last night. >> uber finally has a deal to operate at newark-liberty airport. the ride hailing company will pay newark $3 million up front as part of a $10 million, 10 year deal to make pickups and deliveries. but it prohibits uber drivers from waiting in designated taxi areas for riders. and that's the latest. that's what's happening right now in the news. and nick is joining us again. you know, i was worried this morning. i looked out the window. it was cloudy. i said this is supposed to be a nice day. but it turn out to be sunny and nice. nice. nick: you know, the clouds did stay in central and southern new jersey. it affected the temperatures there. they were only in the low 50s. rather chilly air there. we were only 62 in the city. that's a little bit below average. but at least we did get into -- ernie: will it warm up more? nick: not a great deal over the next couple of days.
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lower 60s range, it looks like as clouds will sort of threaten from time to time and showers will come along with the clouds. all right. 65, 48. that's where we should be. the record high, 92. that was in 1915. it was 36 in 1932. some areas north and west of the city tonight, you're headed into the low and middle 30s. sunrise, 5:58. we'll see more of the sun tomorrow morning. right now, there are some clouds, but we should go clear through the night. 58 now. humidity dry, 55 percent. light south-southeast wind. and the pressure 29.87. it is on the rise. while we found temperatures a little below average, did manage 65 at poughkeepsie. it was 50s for long island. 51 on the east end. notice the jersey shore, only 52 there. 60 at newark. 62 in sussex. you'll find a lot of 50s. upper 50s in the city. lower 50s at the shore. montauk into the upper 40s. poughkeepsie, 65. generally a south wind that will
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night goes along and back off at 5, 10 miles an hour with a mainly clear sky. that's going to set up for chilly temperatures. we have a frost advisory much of new jersey. sussex county, including western passaic county and we're talking about that extending into rockland and westchester and fairfield county in connecticut and eastern suffolk county on long island, orange and putnam and interior connecticut has the freeze warning tonight. fox 5 sky guardian showing a few showers off the southeast coast of new jersey. that's with that cloud cover. it's been persistent. clear off to the north. this system causing some rain and snow and thunderstorms with severe weather through the south. that's coming back our way. the clouds will come back here after morning sun. we'll be in the 40s out the door. 54 lunchtime. after mid-afternoon into the evening hours or so, we'll start to see the threat of showers. the high in the upper 50s tomorrow. you see on futurecast the
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friday, the system doesn't move that far to the south as we were originally thinking. the wind will be onshore. it will be cool, in the middle and upper 50s, light rain and drizzle. it gets better for saturday. a few clouds tonight. frosty north and west. 44 in the city. closer to the freezing mark in the colder suburbs. sun and clouds and the showers mid to late afternoon. we'll stop in the upper 50s. 56 for friday. light rain and drizzle. lots of sun saturday, 62. the clouds will be back now quicker on sunday. i think the rain comes in mid to late afternoon at 60. occasional showers monday, 56. ending tuesday morning. by wednesday, the sun comes back. we'll find temperatures closer to 70. ernie: very nice. we look for the nice weather. thank you. coming up next for you tonight, new york city is chock full of dogs and cats. but that can make it tough for pet owners. so what are your rights when you're moving into a new apartment or live somewhere and get hassled about owning a pet? an expert will join me.
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very new york. but have you ever wondered how much it costs to run one? we found out. we have an inside look at the food cart business tomorrow at 6:00. we'll be right back after the break here on fox 5. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico . fifteen minutes could save you
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feature story. estimates show there are more than a million dogs and cats in new york city or about one pet in every three households. lots of pets. with each building seemingly having its own rules for owning a pet, your legal rights might be a little confusing. we want to help you out. we sent stacey delikat out to sort it out for us. watch. >> reporter: new york is a city of animal lovers, but sometimes the city's apartment buildings aren't as pet friendly as the people. many landlords or boards don't allow pets and when they do, there can be size or breed restrictions. >> if you're a couple and you sold your house and your dream apartment is one of those towers on 57th street, you go and find out your golden doodle is 65 pounds and he's not welcome in that building and you can't live there. >> reporter: hal runs pet friendly realty nyc which helps clients get around rules like that. >> the tag line for the company is we help keep people and their pets together.
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moment. first, what are pet owners' rights? this is an attorney and advisor to the mayor's alliance for nyc animals and says many new yorkers are unaware of the pet law. >> it says if you've had your pet for three or more months with the knowledge of any on site of employees at your building or kept openly and they should know, any no pet clause that might exist is considered unenforceable if a lawsuit wasn't started within the three months. >> reporter: as long as you haven't been hiding your pet and a building staff member has seen it, you can keep it if building management doesn't take action within the first three months you have the animal. if you have a disability, you're protected by antidiscrimination laws and entitled to have a service animal or an emotional support dog regardless of a building's no pet clause. >> an emotional support dog is equally helpful.
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conditions such as anxiety, agoraphobe ia agoraphobia. they can help people get out and work. >> reporter: to qualify for an emotional support animal, a person must provide proof of disability from a healthcare provider. >> the law is that you have to have a disability. it has to be more than an impairment. it has to interfere with the major life function. the animal has to be the best modality of treatment. >> pet friendly reality connects people with clinictions to see if they qualify. if you're having issues and you feel you might be the victim of discrimination, there are resources out there. you can contact the mayor's alliance for animals or get in touch with representatives from the federal, state or local housing agency. in madison square park, i'm stacey delikat, back to you. ernie: thank you very much. let's continue to talk about a great subject. adam bailey is joining me, a
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buildings, co-ops and condos. thanks for being here. should have brought your little dog. >> she would have loved it. ernie: this is a big subject for new york. we know this. talk about the rights that owners have when it comes to pets in the building for all three buildings. >> for rental buildings and cooperatives, most of the time in their leases or bylaws, there's a provision that says you're not allowed to have pets. so the people that are bringing in pets are disobeying the rules of the building. ernie: there are ways of doing that. is that the pet law? >> the pet law says if you can sneak the dog in for 90 days or the cat in for 90 days and the owner or an agent of the owner knows about it, it gets to stay for life. ernie: you're protected. they were saying in the story a lot of new yorkers don't know about this. >> right. this is why we have to watch your show. so on my side, when you're the
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manhattan to get into court and sue before the 90 days are up to evict the person for bringing in the animal without permission. ernie: there are people who need dogs for disability reasons and for emotional, for support. >> correct. so the one that every landowner allows, if you're blind and need a seeing eye dog, that's permissible. the other is if you have a disability or handicap. for example, you came back from the military and you have post-traumatic stress syndrome. they're going to allow that dog in. what about the person that orders it on the internet that says they need a service dog and they've only been to a doctor once and they have anxiety. is that a handicap disability? ernie: do you get cases like that? >> tons. tons. ernie: how do they come out in a nutshell?
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pretty good at them, but the answer is a lot of work goes into them. a lot of money is spent. for what reason? ernie: a lot of questions. you've got a lot of answers. people have resources to go to. thank you so much. it's a good subject. affects a lot of people. >> thank you for having me on. ernie: all right. my question of the day is coming up. it has to do with your sleeping habits. watch. when you wake up in the morning, do you make your bed or leave it? what do you do? ernie: what do you do? see what people said. you might be forgetting one of the most important things when it comes to staying healthy. friday, why knowing your family's medical history is necessary for your own health. well, it's what you need to know
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. >> it was really interesting for me as a boss before i became news director, i didn't get "good day". i didn't understand it. since i've become the news director, i get it but i don't understand what "good day" is about. >> we look like mr. and mrs. superman. >> anything can happen. you're so crazy. >> you cannot define "good day new york". it changes every day. >> there's a method to our madness. it is madness. >> you're playing the sax? >> in addition to your comedic skills and the talent, one of the things that sets you apart is your range and how you can pivot. >> police divers will resume their search. >> if you live and work in new york, you know you have to move
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direction at any given moment, in a new york minute. we do that on our show. >> we turn on a dime if we have to. ernie: russ is here now. that was some mets win last night. wow. russ: they're rolling. it's still very early in the season, but you can't get a better scenario. ernie: like a movie. russ: you've got your best hitter on the bench with a bruised eye. there he is dragging his leg up to the pitch. first pitch, all of a sudden the game is tied at 3 apiece. from there the mets win. ernie: he energized everybody. the fans, the team. incredible. russ: more importantly, even his teammates. everybody is energized. that was their 10th win in 12 games. they're really rocking and rolling.
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russ: here's an interesting point. i don't know if you remember it because it was back on april 13th, this is the triple that granderson hit last night, the winning run. on april 13th, if you recall, the mets beat the marlins 2 to 1 following a four-game losing streak. myself and the guys in the sports office were saying what's everybody complaining about? the post-game show, the papers, everybody, talk radio the next day, because terry collins said after the game he viewed it as a must win because he wanted to -- ernie: sure. russ: everybody was killing him for panicking. why are you panicking? here's the story. since he did that, including that victory, the team is 10 and 2. ernie: got a message out there. russ: lit a fire under everybody and they've been rolling. ernie: keep it going. what's this with the sacramento kings?
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what's the story? russ: it's real simple. they have a new logo, the sacramento kings. there was talk they might be leaving. long story short, the sacramento kings are offering for a limited time to x amount of fans, they'll pay for a tattoo if you get the kings tattoo. i think it's five different tattoo parlors in the area. ernie: they'll pay for it? russ: you know what struck me when i saw this? i think you ought to start paying for people to get positively ernie tattoos, on their arms, the chest. maybe with the big face and everything. ernie: you start it. russ: positively ernie. ernie: the producer says i'm in. okay. we'll be right back. we have a morning routine, but does yours involve making up the bed?
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coming ernie: here's my personal question. do you make up your bed in the morning, or do you leave it? >> i leave it. ernie: why do you do that? >> i'm lazy. i get back in bed. i just hop back in. ernie: you never make the bed. >> maybe once a week. maybe during the weekend. >> i have breakfast first. read my paper. ernie: then you go back and make the bed? so you make your bed every day? >> absolutely. ernie: why do you do that? why do you do that? >> i was brought up that way. >> i make my bed. ernie: you do? every day? >> yes. ernie: every day? some people, they leave it for a while.
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comfortable when i come home. do you make the bed or leave it? >> i have to make the bed. i can't leave the house. ernie: have to make the bed. why? >> i like to come home to a bed made. it feels good. ernie: still asking the question. what do you do? >> i always make my bed before i leave the house. their beds aren't made. half and half. ernie: you ever make the bed? >> no. >> no. ernie: anybody ever make the bed? you don't? >> no. ernie: what's your routine? >> we make our beds religiously every day. >> every day. ernie: can't stand it if it's not made? >> my wife can't. i couldn't care less. ernie: it works all right for you. >> 25 years. ernie: it's doing well. >> have a great day. ernie: nice seeing you. bye-bye. all right. tell me what you think. go to facebook. i want to read your comments. that's it for now. i thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos here in studio 5 and our control room staff up there, great team, john, give us a big wave. thanks for being a part of the broadcast.
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see you tomorrow. you make the bed? russ: in your next life, you're coming back as a chambermaid. all across new york families are coming back to time warner cable. join them, and switch right now. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump is on a roll. notwithstanding all of the controversial things he said, there's something extremely troublesome that he embraces. and it could hurt him. >> what's a tv show you're still watching? what's a show on your d.v.r.? >> only "tmz." >> first i just disagreed with him. now i think he's a monster. [laughter] >> the beahive is going crazy on jay-z right now. calling him a big cheater. he's sitting in miami, smoking a cigar, looking like he's got no problems in the world. >> the whole thing, one big tidal push. >> and also how much is everyone looking forward to his next album now? harvey: how about 98 problems but she's also one? >> 99 problems. you have to get to the 100. >> ryan leslie, producer,


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