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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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five hello, everybody. the last friday in april. rosanna: another cloudy day. a little rain later. mostly this evening. mike woods has all the details so you can play around your weekend. donald trump was not home last night. someone said this suspicious white powder to his residence. protesters went crazy with police last night. rosanna: we had a non-threat at the fox station in baltimore. a man dressed in a panda issue
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costing you more to visit the beach this more. the beach passes are going up. one of the most extensive beach passes in the city's history. >> i like that. complex. >> it is complex. greg: the sick if you vertigo? rosanna: he did it with a white shirt and solid tie. you know what is going on here. it is a crime against fashion.
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should i go home and change? teen yes. not so great weather coming up for us here. this morning, we're starting off mostly in the 40s and 50s. one spot sitting in the 30s. we have 51 out at newark. it is used, northeast wind.
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three-14 miles per hour. a little bit of a breeze. southern westchester and the bronx. looks like they have a little white rain. more coming up for us later on in the day. it will help to enhance some of the shower action. not until later on this evening. a quick little light shower. sixty-one is your high tomorrow. it looks like it will stay cloudy and cool throughout the day. some of the brain does go into monday as well.
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we have a couple of things going on. we have these lingering issue still with us. we are dealing with an overturned car. the westbound lane will be closed down until further notice. now, let's go outside. i will bring you to the southern state. no delay, really. now, it is the george washington bridge. we're getting some type of report that that car was driving with no license plate across the bridge. we are starting to see at least a 20-dirty minute delay for the
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something to keep in mind. here is 495 moving toward the helix. we do have to laze on the arch rain. signal problems out prospect avenue. elsewhere, things looking good. alternate side is suspended. you still have to put money in the meters. greg: central park. bizarre and frightening. a young man was offered 282 ernest for sex. rosanna: teresa priolo is live with more. reporter: we are not far from bo bridge. we have some video to show you inside the part. it is quite beautiful. if you would please you quite
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a witness called police saying he was approached by someone inside the park. offered sex with a young boy for $300. do spoil was 11 years old. apparently, he declined the offer. police had given have given us a description of the suspect. we are giving it to you in hopes that maybe you solve this person. the adult happens to be a white nail. thirty-five years old. dark hair. clean-shaven. blue jeans. the boy was 11 years old. a light jacket and the color red or orange. we spoke to some people and they were appalled at this.
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>> is shocking. i think that it is appalling. >> we see people going about their daily lives this morning. this is something that they are really thinking about. that witness was questioned by police. we are told that questioning has stopped and the person is heading back to california today. if you have any information on this, please call crime stoppers. 1-800-577-tips. back to you. greg: , job. somebody said white powder to his office. it happens to be where he works and lives. trump tower. right there in mid town. rosanna: a huge rally.
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greg: back to that white powder. we start worrying about anthrax. rosanna: hold of those, the white powder sent to eric and mister trump turned out to be nothing. greg: robert. >> reporter: good morning. that letter came to the fifth floor. a campaign office. the letter that was received by eric trump last night. marianne who is a federal judge. all of these incidents, they did not turn out to be anything serious, anything sinister, they really target with this has
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officer were evaluated. police have not yet set with the substance was. this drama unfolded. >> crooked hillary. >> protests erupted out side. the orange county sheriff's department reported that about 20 people were arrested. trump appears to have a stranglehold on the nomination. ted cruz attempts to make a final stand in indiana on tuesday. [inaudible] crews seemed surprised to hear what boehner said. >> i have met him two or three
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every one of them has consisted of pleasantries. >> to stay in the race after consulting with his wife. >> she said simple words because she is not a politician. she said that people need a choice. if you do not give them a choice, who will. a sanders nomination is a long shot. he insists that he is the best person to take on trial. >> we are defeating donald trump with much greater margins than hillary clinton. >> police tell me they have not
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greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you very much. just so many homeless people are on the streets of new york city. rosanna: we see a lot were homeless and it breaks our heart. greg: it has dropped by double digits. rosanna: a new survey released by the mayor's office. 12% fewer than the count taken in february of last year. 36% band back in 2005. mary brosnahan. she says doing the survey up on one of the coldest winter nights does not produce accurate numbers. even she is touting the city's
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critics also say it does not count younger homeless were more like the to stay on couches or spend nights in coffee shops. i have seen the same group. park. it breaks my heart. there they are regularly. >> it is very, very sad. a guy showed up in a panda suit. he threatened to blow himself up. >> the man said his coat on fire. he had a device attached to him
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he turned a threat to the community and the officers. they were forced to use their real guns to shoot the suspect. rosanna: explosives right up to the man. he is now in the hospital. his father says that the man is mentally unstable. police shot at him a few times. greg: bill de blasio and his administration. rosanna: three of his closest allies have been subpoenaed in connection to the probe neared the mayor himself has not been served. he insists no laws were broken.
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hard-pressed to find any previous mayor. five different investigations going on. >> oh, boy. randy maestro. he will be here. it is kind of a tangled web. >> the empire state building. not the tallest in town. (business may one. >> here is the opening ceremony,
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president herbert hoover. he threw a switch. kind of cool. >> you can pick the colors. >> what a dazzling display. they moved into a lighting system a couple of years ago. look at the. >> you have a chance to suggest what colors you want until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow. i think that they should do the colors of your outfit. >> take a look at this picture one more time. and interesting moment in city history, i think.
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pointed it at the empire state building for like 10 hours. you go in there and all you see is this. >> i think that you also have the taking something. understand that. >> jesse you know, we mean that. seriously. >> a kaleidoscope thing going on. that was kind of nice. greg, you still have that app? greg: the pink of the america building. >> i have been with you when you've done that.
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>> we have a cloudy sky. just a little spot here and there. not a big deal at all. this weekend. saturday does not look too bad at all. we have body sky with rain coming through. we're kind of stuck in the same rut. 51 degrees that new work. again, cloudy skies. sprinkles. light showers. not a big heal. we have this upper-level low that will pass by to the north of us. we will have a little better
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they get in and out fairly quickly. it is not a ton of rainfall, just a little bit. also, keep in mind, a partly sunny skies. pretty much hanging through the day. it sounds like a somewhat miserable sunday at this point in time. hyatt 56 today. some light showers here and there. another chance of showers comes to you on thursday as well. miles, loves to check out the traffic and the weather this morning. you are kind of busy out there today. >> a lot going on.
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away pretty quick. also, 202, 206 southbound. you are just going to need to stay away from the spot until further notice. a pretty nice ride out there. we did have an accident. we have a lot of emergency act 70. you can see traffic moving across your screen. you will see two lays over the span. we're going to see a better ride on the gwb. it is clear then things are
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moving across the span. it is going to be 20-30 inbound at the lincoln and holland. northbound trains, because the signal problems. right now, they are running on or close. you still have to put money in the meters. greg: both go outside. it is a soccer field at yankee stadium. how does it work? >> they pick up the whole field. greg: left field to the first. greg: since when, rosanna?
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it is baseball season. >> airplane, i believe, tomorrow afternoon. they put solid in to cover up the infield or her. rosanna: there you go. makes perfect sense. the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. where should you
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greg: show us a little bit more they are. yes. you can see it. lou gehrig's right behind aggie stadium there. go back to the courthouse. >> make a wrong turn. boy, oh boy. greg: the whole city was talking about it. go back to the courthouse. a wrong turn. rosanna: that book was so great. oh, my goodness. greg: look at his wardrobe.
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>> signature look. gentleman from the 1890s. anyway, how is he doing? >> seems like he is good. let's talk about some news happening around the country. san bernardino shooting our facing marriage fraud charges. >> prosecutors say one participated in a sham marriage. the other two lied under oath. we will see where it goes from here. rosanna: you may find it works and for. long beach, they are proposing the most expensive beach past in
7:26 am
$15. go up $15 to $80. rosanna: for the whole season? daily visit passengers would go up $4 to $16. visitors should foot more of the bill. they are worried in the increase will drive away customers. >> i do not want the residents to be raised. >> a lot of customers. looking for cheaper rates. rosanna: the varied east end. a few hundred dollars for a beach pass for the year. greg: i prefer the pool. the water is always too cold. i do come from a beach family.
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raise, it would go towards cleaning the beach. police and lifeguards. greg: lipstick a quick peek outside, if we can. rosanna: good day is coming
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greg: the fountain in central park. right, jim? >> that is correct. it is so pretty in central park. greg: what is the last book you actually read? we are so blessed. we have so many great writers on our show. i have to say, i literally have the new york public library in my bedroom. >> i am telling you, no. >> mike woods has
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has sold an audio book. >> we started reading to kill a mockingbird. we already the great gatsby as a group. that was fine. >> what do we got? >> a john collins both. something like that. >> they are not easy. twenty-four and a half hours. >> walking?
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audio book. >> you are very judge you this morning. [laughter] >> let's get you up and rolling out the door here. it is going to be cool and damp around the tri-state region. let's take a look at the maps and tell you what is happening out there. date east, northeast around five-15 miles per hour. temperature starting off this morning. it does make it feel a little bit cooler than it actually is. we could use some warmer temperatures. we have some scattered lighter
7:33 am
northern tier of the tri-state. temperatures will be moving a whole lot here. we have enough going on within upper-level low. that will help trigger some more significant showers later on this evening. this area of low pressure passes by. only for a short while. we will see a partly sunny skies. it is sunday that we have the next as turbines. that one will linger for a little while. light to moderate rainfall. things are not looking so good for your sunday. sixty-one is your high tomorrow.
7:34 am
we dry out tuesday and wednesday at. let's get you back over to christina stoffo. >> we're doing a little bit better. we do have one new incident to talk about. the westbound side after the sheridan. twenty-two westbound. the westbound side. we're still seeing those southbound lanes close. places that you will want to avoid. lakeville road in both directions.
7:35 am
using out the car towed off. very congested. definitely something to keep in mind. right now, with our train, northbound trains moving along with the latest. metro-north, new jersey transit, past trends are moving on or close to schedule. you still have to put money in those meters. back to you. the man is under fire right now. rosanna: money appears to be at the center of each investigation.
7:36 am
>> the highest standards of integrity. legal and appropriate. >> what does this mean? nice to have you back on "good day new york." have we ever seen a mayor that is surrounded by so many investigations? we do not know for sure where it will lead. we have not seen these kinds of series of investigations.
7:37 am
criminality. this is out as this is done in politics. >> that document of a piece with multiple explanation. it is not politics as usual for a mayor and city hall to involve themselves in upstate senate races and use committees as they pass through. it is not politics as usual for a mayor and city hall to set up a nonprofit. and then go to people that do business with the city to give money in a way that is not transparent.
7:38 am
finally, it is not politics as usual. a scandal which reaches such high levels in the new york city police department. >> there are so many different investigations. let's break it down a little. his closest allies. not the mayor. let's talk about these people up on the screen. they are very close. they are accused of what? >> aeronaut accused of anything yet. let's not jump to conclusions. an investigation, joint investigation and the manhattan das office. greg: you are personally subpoenaed. that is not the end of the world.
7:39 am
deblasio. it looks bad for mayor deblasio. on the federal side, it does not mean that because you got a subpoena. >> i am not jumping to any conclusions about anyone. there will be investigations. where you call mangle, government business. there will be inquiries. trying to get around campaign finance laws. where you have these kinds of scandals going on in the police department. >> let's talk about that. some high ranking officials have
7:40 am
transferred. given new jobs. we have not heard anything about former. what do we know about that investigation? >> supporters of the mayor. also involved in the scandals of the police department. the connections between them, the ways in which they show, they will all. investigated. no one should rush to judgment. these are not just storm clouds. this is like a sunol me.
7:41 am
can withstand this? staying in the office and trying to do the job of the city. >> the mayor has to continue to do the job. it is not business as usual. this will be a huge distraction. the mayor has to continue to do that job. >> good luck raising money for next year's reelection fight. cool right a check to the reelection campaign? that seems to be part of all of this. >> fundraising practice that got them into this level in the >> i spoke to someone that is
7:42 am
change. the public advocate. a special election. that was done during the bloomberg administration. city for sale. never personally obligated or charge with anything. great respect and renowned in the city. these are very serious elevations. they will get to the bottom of it. randy mastro.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: what do we have here?
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a whale? >> it is like a little fountain. it is a lovely little walk around the reservoir. governor eliot's bits are. >> let's talk with her right now. >> at least it is not raining at this very moment. that is not to say that we will not see a quick few showers or rein in that area. cloudy skies around the tri-state region. keeping it cloudy. your temperatures are not going up much. having a hard time getting through. i do not think we are getting too much out of it.
7:47 am
tri-state. between the hours of 6:00 o'clock in the evening. by the way, that our jeep alert is treat and tree pollen. still could be a lot worse. air quality still in pretty good shape. high temperature making it up to 56 degrees. going into monday as well. a break on tuesday and wednesday. we also have that they, too. you can text the word whether. we will send the forecast text every day. we have the weather app. the live interactive radar. here comes christina. she has the latest with the
7:48 am
>> let me give you an update on some things going on here it that world really mess things up for you. still looking at these two issues in new jersey. a downed pole across the roadway. also involving a downed pole and wires. you can see that names are looking very good for you. now, let's go to the belt parkway. things are moving here. here is the van wyck. no incidents to report at this time.
7:49 am
on the r train. until the further notice, just be mindful of that. alternate side is suspended. rosanna and great, back to you. you and i are in charge. >> we can handle it. brian fitzpatrick. contractor gauche nations. reportedly, at a bit of a standstill. >> rather not play football. rosanna: taking it for
7:50 am
>> making the phone calls to the college. some speed with ohio state linebacker. >> 12 sacks. an aggressive out linebacker. characterize them as an inside linebacker. multiple spots on defense. >> the giants going all out to fix their defense. >> the new york giants. >> that team. picking in the first round last night. jerry maguire.
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rosanna: they are talking about prince. dying from an overdose. if the doctor was on the plane when he made an emergency landing in eleanor a one week before he died. his family is fighting over the money. sources tell tmz have got so tense that since his sister stormed out of the meeting. prince, i cannot believe it, does not have a will. all six of the siblings will share equally in his estate. >> there in adoption ceremony. very cool. >> now it will air on hbo this weekend. greg: that is a cheap trick. >> so much fun.
7:55 am
steve miller. there will also be a tribute to friends on this hbo special. that is prince playing george harrison. can we listen a second more? what an incredible musician. talking briefly about his music. there will be added tribute to david beaulieu. it airs tomorrow night on hbo.
7:56 am
welding. greg: there he is. rosanna: a coproducer despite their public feuds. >> they fight over the color of their jacket or sneakers. >> future will go on to her this summer. it is expected to do really well. >> let's go to our facebook fan of the hour. darnell williams.
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greg: it is friday. rosanna: iem rosanna scotto. cloudy, as you can see. kind of on the cold side. somebody said a white powdery substance. police are saying it is not a
8:00 am
the mail, it is scary. this is not anthrax. there he is. ted cruz. very nasty. ted cruz says, i do not know what he is talking about. a very nice cordial relationship . what is going on with the popularity? and all time low. >> all right. a push to cut down on disposable bags.
8:01 am
nickel and diming us every which way. somehow, their pocketbooks keep getting fatter. we do without out on long island on that you stand. they fall apart in two seconds. by the time you walk to, half a block. >> daybreak before. the same problem. same problem. okay. okay. you live on long island. now we will deal with it in the city.
8:02 am
oh four row. >> i am not running for office. greg: how about this. i think that we should have a moment of mourning. greg: he died, he is in his 90s. this song actually has we are asked. actually has words.
8:03 am
>> never even heard of the word. >> eddie murphy had a great bid on this back in the day. ninety-four years old. god bless him. >> they still do. i do, too. >> it is not its ackley ice cream weather. we are getting there. our temperatures actually took a step back here in the last hour. 49 degrees out at central park.
8:04 am
much today. that is the air conditioner from mother nature or kind of kicking in. just imagine that. very little sunshine coming up today. rockland county. that is not possible. getting into the day. our fast chance of rain will come through later on this evening. it will help give it a little additional lift to the atmosphere. the prime time for that is around 9:00 o'clock this
8:05 am
it is only here a couple hours. they will put a much hanging in the tri-state region. sixty-five. seven day forecast. it does get a little bit better. let's bring back gristina. >> that is right. blocking the center lanes. heavy due lays moving into that spot. these two closures are still left there. we are dealing with an overturned car. at least two lanes are blocked off still. you want to stay away from this spot.
8:06 am
southbound side. that is also because of an accident involving a downed pole. a couple new incidents in new jersey. 280. also that used outside of 80. coalitions that are at least taking out one lane. now we will go to the staten island expressway. not looking bad for us today. really has no delay in either direction. we also have the long island expressway. westbound side. there really is not too much going on. route three looks good. we do have a couple minor issues. signal problems at prospect avenue. signal problems at 103rd street. alternate side is suspended today. you still have to put money in
8:07 am
greg: thank you very much. a man allegedly tried to sell a young boy for sexual purposes. rosanna: it happened near the boat bridge. teresa, what are police saying? >> reporter: they are still on if you have ever been to the bridge, you know that it is beautiful. very woodsy and very secluded. this is reportedly worth happened. a man was approached just before midnight by someone in the park walking with an 11-year-old boy. sex was offered with that young boy for $300. he declined and immediately called police and gave them the details of that encounter. this is the description.
8:08 am
thirty-five years old. dark hair. clean shaven. wearing a black jacket with a fur collar or hood and blue jeans. that young boy wearing some type of spring jacket. red or orange in color. we spoke to some people on the upper west side. they are appalled by this information. >> you do not date that it will happen in your neighborhood. i think that it is appalling. reporter: police tell us they have absolutely no reason to believe that this was a hoax in any way. they are looking into the investigation.
8:09 am
call crime stoppers. greg: across town. donald trump head quarters. somebody send a suspicious white powder to donald trump. turns out, the white powder would not kill anybody. it was not anthrax. his son eric had the same problem about one month ago. greg: trump tower was down under lockdown. rosanna: donald trump was not even there. outside that rally, there were some protesters. it got crazy on the streets of california. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police. they tell me that this is still an open investigation.
8:10 am
in this post recent investigation. a fifth floor campaign office. this is the latest in a string of targeted attacks against the trump campaign. police were called to trump tower at about 7:30 p.m. last night. the powdery substance was harmless. police have not yet said what it was. donald trump was in california for a rally in costa mesa. protests erupted outside. trump supporters clashed with demonstrators. about 20 people were arrested. trump appears to have a
8:11 am
boehner did not have kind words. >> i have never worked -- >> ted cruz seemed surprised. >> if i could say 50 words in and my life, i would be surprised. everyone of those have consisted of pleasantries. >> i said, what do you think, sweetie? i am inclined to keep going. she said simple words. she said the people need a choice. if you do not give them a choice, who will? >> reporter: bernie sanders has promised to stick it out. sanders insists he is the best
8:12 am
>> we are defeating donald trump by much greater margins than hillary clinton. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in the city today. she will give a keynote address at a fund-raising breakfast. that is the latest live from outside trump tower this morning. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: what does it all mean? let's bring in chris wallace. host of fox news sunday. first of all, congratulations for that growing profile in the new york times. rosanna: a big article on you. greg: they like you a lot. >> that was so nice and so big. it even embarrassed me. rosanna: saying something nasty
8:13 am
there was nothing there. it was all positive. >> there is nothing nasty to say about me. greg: anyways. congratulations. there is no turning back. or is there? >> the 20th anniversary of fox news sunday this week. our exclusive guest on sunday will be donald trump. apolitical jumping. a true clinton race. indiana is important. if cruz cannot be trump and indiana, where it is now a one-on-one race, i really do think that it is over.
8:14 am
race is over. greg: wild. you did not see it coming last summer. >> no. i absolutely admitted. he made comments about criminals. john mccain not being a war hero. i thought that he was dead yet i absolutely admitted. heard how he was kind of tapping in to people's anger. i came on the show the next day. this guy could get elected president. everyone looked at me like i was nuts. i am not so nuts. rosanna: i know the pundits always talk about donald trump
8:15 am
not smart. >> i think a lot of them are pro- immigration rights. there are a lot of bernie sanders supporters. those folks were never going to vote for donald trump or any republican. they actually help them in the republican primary. greg: if you look closely at that video, i saw one guy taking a selfie in front of a police car. when you sit down with donald trump, you sit down with him. just makes a phone call. were you doing that? >> we will not be face-to-face.
8:16 am
i will be in washington. he will appear on camera. none of this phoning in. we refuse to do that. greg: he will be on camera. not on the phone. rosanna: right here at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. have a good weekend, chris. greg: who is your publicist? >> i will give you the name of camera. >> he does all the shows. all right. only appointed on sunday. >> governor chris christie. seeing behind donald trump and number of times. a new poll shows that his popularity is at an all-time
8:17 am
>> 26% among registered voters. voters who were unfavorable called him dishonest and untrustworthy. he does not need a 70% approval rating to do what he needs to do. greg: all right. i will leave them alone for now. greg: what is up, mike? >> we have some changes coming up for us here. we are trying to work our way towards summer. we are not doing it today. the weekend looks so-so for us. the temperatures will be running cool for quite a while. it looks like temperatures are at or below normal.
8:18 am
showers are not a big deal. the only brain that we have seen has been in the northern tier of the tri-state. fairly consistently popping up in that same region. it is not all that impressive yet. we will have another upper-level low. a better chance that showers coming to the tri-state. during the day, cloudy skies and maybe a few quick sprinkles. this evening looks a little more widespread rainfall. the five boroughs get it, too. in and out so quick. a few hours is all we are dealing with. sunday, another disturbance coming in. it will take a little while to get through. it hangs out through the day on sunday.
8:19 am
cloudy skies. just a few showers out there. tomorrow will be drier. a little leftover rain for you on monday. the fox5 weather app is that the apple itunes and google play store. let's bring you into christina right now and show you what is going on. >> is getting a little quieter. it was pretty busy this morning. we are dealing with this crash in the center lane. traffic is congested back to the area. then we have these two issues in new jersey. multiple lanes blocked off over here.
8:20 am
because of another accident. places that you will want to stay away from. fdr drive. looking at a crash. real heavy for you moving into that spot. fdr not looking good. go-go on us. looking really good for us right now. traffic moving away from me. nothing going on on the gowanus expressway right now. southbound one trains. delays. trains are running on or close to schedule today. alternate side is suspended today. you still have to put money in the meters. rosanna: coming up.
8:21 am
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hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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8:24 am
1980s, anybody? >> this expose . you could not turn on the radio in 1989 and not hear this. >> i have enough they for you in this verizon strike. walking off the job more than two weeks ago. they have reject it for rison's latest offer. the best final offer. basically, offering a seven and a half increase in their wages
8:25 am
relocation of workers. yes, we will relocate you. it will be much closer to home. you can move back at the end of the day. it seems like a union is more concerned about the outsourcing of jobs. most of them remaining on the ticket line. >> we know that bernie sanders was supporting the workers on strike. wanting apple to make their products right here in the u.s., two. keep american workers employee. >> for rison seems to be making a billion dollars a month profit. >> a month, i am not sure, but they make a lot of money. the landline businesses kind of
8:26 am
rosanna: they make it up with the wireless. greg: i have a landline. greg: i cannot remember my own phone number. thanks a lot, lauren. rosanna: i have a landline. the service in my apartment is not great. greg: you are full of complaints this morning. what else has been on your mind? rosanna: i have no problems with
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
ba da ba ba ba up in harlem, down on broadway broadway -- >> yes! you know when you hear this song, what it means, greg. >> you should be conditioned.
8:30 am
by the way, nicki, didn't think much of the sports or the weather or, quite frankly, the news, but she loves this segment. [laughter] >> she does, because we celebrate native new yorkers, we sing along to the song -- ah -- when he dropped you off on east 83rd. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> can't really call that singing, can we? [laughter] anyway, what else is happening? it's friday. >> what are your plans for this weekend? how's your vacation to cancun? >> it's going to be awesome. >> it's a little late for spring break. [laughter] >> don't you worry about it. i'll show you -- >> do you have a mankini? >> leave me alone. [laughter] those ridiculous bathing suits? >> yeah, like a borat bathing suit. [laughter] >> mikey, what's going on? >> no, i don't. [laughter] ah -- >> anyway -- >> the weekend is here.
8:31 am
we're playing native new yorker, and we're getting ready for a weekend. coming into town. >> oh, you do? >> yeah. >> what was the fraternity? >>fy kappa alpha. >> so what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> toga party! toga! toga! >> you've got any suggestions? >> he's going to be in cancun. >> he's in cancun with the thing. >> i'm not going to cancun. >> you're not? >> you're taking a whole week off, aren't you? >> no, i'll be back on tuesday. what else is going on, man? >> not a bad -- >> seriously, you were in a fraternity? >> i was. >> did you live in the house? >> the last year. it was wild. >> animal house was accurate? >> not too far off the mark. there was definitely some situationings. i'm glad they're not here right now. they'd be ratting me out. my nickname was daddy. >> oh! big daddy. >> that's right. 'cuz i was running the show. anyway -- i should not divulge all this -- >> yeah, please. >> too much.
8:32 am
looking friday, it's always good looking, it's friday. gray skies, temps are on the cool, gray side. okay, it's not the prettiest of days, at least it's not downpour oring rain. it's now 49 degrees at central park, same thing for you out in islip, same thing in bridgeport, 48 in poughkeepsie and 43 in monticello. temps on the slightly cooler side, some places it's a little bit warmer. more or less similar to yesterday. it is the exact same number yesterday at the same time, as far as your temp goes in central park. just a few showers in westchester and rockland county, also up around the bronx, but it's not a big deal at all. we do have an upper level low that wants to come through the tristate region, and when that guy comes by, it's going to help to kick up a few more showers, but it's just a quick round that we will have to deal with. not a big deal at all. the computer models are picking up on it, they've been doing so for the last couple of days.
8:33 am
out of here between 6-9:00 this evening, into tonight, and then it should shut down after that. saturday looks okay with a partly sunny sky but sunday cloudy again with showers starting early in the morning and going through the entire day, light to moderate rainfall coming at you. be prepared for that. maybe a quiet sunday. today's high up to 56, high of 61 tomorrow with a partly sunny sky, better looking day for the weekend. sunday looks wet and on the cool side, high of 55, a few leftover showers on monday. that may actually intensify a little bit. we'll have to wait and see, but still starting off the workweek on a wet note. speaking of a workweek, this is not, this is spring break for new york city kids -- >> i don't know, it's been kind of busy this morning. >> yeah, you think so? >> as far as volume, it hasn't been bad, but there's a lot of incidents. >> keeping you awake. good morning, christina. >> good morning, mike, good
8:34 am
we still have a couple things, new situation southern state west exit 28, that's a crash, one lane is blocked off and on the cross bronx expressway westbound by the sheraton, it's really jammed up into that spot. be aware of that. now let's take a look at the fdr because the southbound side past the area of 79th, we do have an accident in the left lane, we're looking at a lot of volume as you're passing that spot, and let's take a look at the tappan zee bridge. rock ronald/westchester county bound looking great. tonight starting at 9:00, rockland county bound is going to have construction because of some work they're doing with the structure of the new bridge, so rockland county-bound is going to be affected, definitely going to be heavy. goes from 9 p.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow and again tomorrow night, 9 p.m. to 2 p.m. on sunday. so if you travel late night, definitely something to keep in mind.
8:35 am
because we're still seeing delays, r trains northbound with signal problems and southbound 1 trains with signal problems at 103rd street. alternate side is suspended, but meters. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> okay. so when you go to the grocery store in new york city, pretty soon you could be paying a five cent tax for a paper or plastic bag. >> the city council is considering that. it's already been done in the east end of long island. >> they want you to stop using paper and plastic bags. they want you to bring a heavy canvas bag from home -- >> right. so they're going to tax you so that you remember to bring your bag from home. >> ultimately, they say it's about helping the environment. we'll see about that. >> it has nothing to do with their pockets, right? juliet huddy outside a fareway supermarket in chelsea. what kind of reaction are you getting, juliet? >> interestingly, it's actually mixed.
8:36 am
be for it because of the whole environment aspect and the fact there are, you know, the reusable bags we'll talk about in a second. i was a little distracted, sorry, there was a road rage incident going on 26th and avenue of the americas, we're outside of the fareway. and, you know, when you walk down the street, brenda and i, our photographer, were here and just in the last 20 minutes i've seen a couple plastic bags floating by. they get stuck in the subway grates, they clog up our landfills, it's kind of a disaster. looks like the days of these plastic bags that you get at the grocery stores may be over. sounds like it's pretty much guaranteed. the council speaker is in favor of this now, she'd been a holdout. she hadn't liked the idea at all, but now she says she's for it. political observers say this is basically a touch of gold. her approval essentially guarantees that this legislation will be passed.
8:37 am
look, these plastic bags, as i said, are flying everywhere, they're clogging up the landfills, they cost about 12 million a year to dispose of these things. it's a lot of money. so you're not only talking about, obviously, the environmental factor, but you're talking about saving some money. opponents, of course, say this burden is going to fall, the five cents per plastic bag burden, is going to fall on, obviously, all of us who are going out and buying stuff, but it's really going to be particularly hard for the poor of this community who really need to save every single penny that they possibly can, and five cents definitely adds up. i did talk to a couple of folks here. listen to what they have to say. >> no, i think it's okay. you know, environment is always a big thing. >> and you could always bring the -- >> you could always bring, i always carry my backpack, so -- >> oh, okay. >> or another bag. you always see people in new york carrying their bags, so i think, you know, i think it's a good step. >> be i really would rather not have to deal with that.
8:38 am
>> they want to clean up the environment. >> well, is there an alternative then to plastic bags so that, you know, you don't have to, you know, pay for, like, having a bottle deposit, you know, when you go back your 24-pack of poland spring? i'd rather not have it. come up with an they were. >> all right, once again there is the alternative of using the cloth bags that are reusable. you know, this thing is you obviously have to think, you have to plan things out, you have to be a little smarter, a little bit more efficient when you're planning your grocery/market outings because you're not going to be able to scrunch them all up. these are a little bit harder to deal with. there is an exception though, there are some exceptions to fee. those include people who are paying, making purchases with food stamps, also when you go to the pharmacy and you have a plastic bag and they give you your medicine and things like that. so you can look at the legislation, it actually is going to be voted on next week,
8:39 am
results, obviously, when they happen. we're live out here in chelsea, back to you. >> all right, juliet. people are already weighing in, okay? because this is already in effect on some towns on long island. agnes says on my facebook page, you are correct, because i'm against this. you are correct regarding plastic bags on the east end. i liver in river held, shop at stop and shop, and the bag is ripped before i even get to my car. >> that's agnes. >> carlos says you're right about the plastic bags, i ask them to double them, and they look at me like i'm asking for a benjamin. >> keep going. [laughter] >> why, did you write something? >> i'm listening, i'm listening. keep going. >> no. and then other people say, well, why don't you bring your own bag? if i remember, i will try to bring hem. and a lot of times when i go shopping i go for my whole family and, hence, it's a lot of bags. >> i don't want you to get all worked up about this.
8:40 am
i won't feel quite so bad. i'll just pay it, and it's not coming out of my pocket. >> whatever i can do to kind of calm you down -- [laughter] i'm all over it. >> thank you. all right. shall we talk about the homeless situation? because that's another topic that gets me -- >> all fired up. all right -- >> yeah, you see them all over the streets. it's so sad. >> allow me, rosanna. >> okay. >> yes, we have seen, even the mayor has acknowledged more homeless on the streets. it's undeniable. however, there is a new report that says the number of homeless on the streets has actually dropped by double digits. a new survey released by the mayor's office found nearly 2800 homeless people were living on the streets in february, february 9th. that's 12% fewer than the count taken in february of last year and 36% fewer than the first count taken back in 2005. however, a lot of people are discounting these results. >> yeah, including the president of the coalition for the
8:41 am
respected person in this field. she says doing the survey on one of the cold winter nights does not produce accurate numbers since people are more likely to find shelters indoors. critics also say it doesn't count younger homeless who are more likely to spend nights on couches or coffee shops. anyway, it's a sad situation and, hopefully, we can address this properly. >> all right. can we take a quick peek outside? what is happening weather wise? >> well, it's arbor day. you should hugging a tree, greg. >> seriously? what does that actually mean? >> it means you have to be a treehugger today. >> no, it doesn't. [laughter] what does it actually mean? >> i'm not sure. we'll ask one of the leaders in the world of food, he's written several cookbooks, including america's best breakfasts.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:44 am
>> all right. you can make it out there, the empire state building in the middle. a major anniversary coming up may 1st. it'll be 85 years old. >> and you can help pick the colors that will light up the big day. >> sunday, by the way. >> yeah. by the way, president herbert hoover dedicated the building. he wasn't in new york, he was in d.c., but he pushed a button that turned out the lights for the first time.
8:45 am
there's the lobby of the building that has not changed in 85 years. >> i love that. anyway, you can help choose the colors, but you have until 4:00 on sunday. basically, go on social media and vote. >> okay. happy anniversary to the empire state building. great building. >> all right, tourists, by the way, will be going to the beaches. of course, long beach one of those great beaches. but, obviously, there's some incredible video, long beach, did you know there are whales out on long beach? >> you hear about that every now and then. tell me more. >> well, they spotted this this week, cleaner waters in our area have led to an increase in the number of fish. >> i don't see any whales right now. >> you just missed the whale, it came up -- look, right there. >> that could be anything. >> it's a whale. >> it could be abu by. >> no, it's a whale. >> the blow hoel, could be a dolphin too. >> it's a whale. >> how do you know for sure? i just see water.
8:46 am
knows it's a whale, okay? >> did he get -- >> look, look, look! that's a whale. >> it's no moby dick, i don't know, rosanna. >> all right. maybe this'll amaze you. something happened at the metro richmond zoo in richmond, virginia. they announced the arrival of 13 cheetah cubs. >> now, they are cool. they can run 90 miles per hour and turn on a dime. >> three mother cheetahs gave birth to 16 cubs, three of those cubs died in the past two and a half years 36 cubs have been born at the richmond zoo. cheetahs are considered endangered -- >> can't we have something like that at the bronx zoo? these look great. >> all right. so you want a cheetah. >> the cheetahs -- actually, the bronx zoo has all kinds of displays. cheetahs are amazing when they grow up, i think they're the fastest mammal out this. >> yeah. they look beautiful when they're young.
8:47 am
very special person happy birthday, dom galetta. may it be a wonderful year for you, and today is arbor day, greg. go hug a tree. today is the day we celebrate trees, the importance in the environment. >> you don't seem too sincere. take a look outside -- >> fear the walking dead, how about that? >> rosanna duds not seem -- does not seem too sincere. look at that fancy dog. look at that. with the italian haircut. >> mercedes mason will be here, walking dead." good day is coming right back. unless you have allergies. differently. p flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve pboth itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> all right. shia labeouf, he's the actor, he's a little bizarre lately, kind of controversial. and if you hook like him, you might be in trouble. somebody said you look like shia labeouf and punched him out. >> this is mario, that was him before and after. he looks like shia. last weekend he was attacked in
8:51 am
he told cosmopolitan that shia actually called him and left him a very long message recently. he said shia told him he read the article in the post and said if he was in new york, he'd bring him some soup. that was nice of him. all right, let's talk about the fist authorized documentary on the life of whitney houston. it has gotten the green light. kevin mcdonald has been authorized by the superstar's estate to make this movie. it's expected to feature unprecedented access to those closest to whitney including arista records founderrer clive davis. mr. mcdonald wants to tell the story of how brilliant whitney was and how she changed pop music. >> okay. there's a new film about, let's see, a couple's first date. and we're expecting it this summer. it's called south side with you. it centers on the life of president obama and his wife michelle. >> huh. we're getting a first look at the trailer. >> thought it wasn't a date.
8:52 am
>> going to an awful lot of trouble for just another sport talking brother. >> he's the summer associate i told y'all about, the one from harvard law. you invited me to a community event. >> what's this boy's name? >> barack obama. >> isn't that kind of of wild? i would like to see this. 1992, they were married. i don't know,1992 he was just two guys away from being the next president of the united states. >> wow. it's a fictionalized story, it portrays how mr. obama met michelle. >> didn't she say he's the guy from harvard law? she's the woman from harvard law. >> by the way, she was his boss. who finally gave in to his constant requests for a date. he was a pest. >> really? probably today he'd be reported to human resources. that would be actionable. >> anyway, it should be fun. this movie aired at sundance, and it's going to hit theaters in our area in august.
8:53 am
got a navy seal in the house. rourke denver, he's taking part in the new fox show, american grit, he's got a new book out, and we're going to talk to him,
8:54 am
shia labeouf," and punched him smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above
8:57 am
>> nyc, our pick of the morning, thank you for using the hashtag fox 5ny. you know her from e! she's going to talk about spring makeup trends coming up. and from the hit show "fear of the walking dead," actress mercedes mason. and greg is getting ready for after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> is this song a classic or what? >> yes. i feel like i'm at a wedding right now. i want to get up and start doing break dancing. on good day it is friday, and of course, they say people are considerably happier on a friday. >> 10% happier, they say. by the way, kool and the gang, the guy singing right now is not kool, it's somebody else. >> he's the gang? >> no, he left. listen to it. let's all celebrate and have a good time. >> i don't think i even know the names of the people in the band. should i know them? >> give me one second.


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