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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thursday, january 7th. thanks for waking here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- a man accused of stabbing a young couple in their ormond beach home... is due in court today. police arrested the suspect last night. coming up... how the suspect's own father helped in his arrest. plus-- a convicted murderer is scheduled to be executed tonight at florida state prison. but for almost 30 years-- he has claimed he is
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details. in about 90 minutes... the first race of the annual "disney marathon" will kick off at walt disney world. hundreds of runners are taking part in the big event today-- including our very own john brown. more on that still ahead.
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developing in volusia county-- the man accused of couple -- at their home in ormond beach-- will appear before a judge for the first time today. police released a sketch of the suspect--after interviewing the couple who survived. 19-year-old michael phillips was arrested last night-- charged with 2 counts of attempted murder.
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police-- the suspect's own father --saw the sketch-- and called authorities. fox 35's tracy jacim has the details.
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ocala police are on the hunt for a missing and endangered man. authorities say 50- year-old robert allen baker last spoke to his family over the phone yesterday afternoon. he made statements that have them concerned for his well-being. authorities say baker may be heading towards the "ocala national forest' area-- in a 2001 red dodge caravan with the florida tag 8-6-5- 3-p-r. baker has been known to have weapons .. and may be armed and dangerous. if you see him-- do not approach him -- just call 9-1-1. the man accused of orlando police officer will be in court today. was arrested yesterday-- after recognized his truck from a prior arrest. morgan is accused richard fink --during
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alongside the truck. it happened early yesterday morning along kaley and division avenue. police found the truck abandoned-- and traced it back to morgan. morgan is charged with fleeing and eluding an officer. officer fink has been diagnosed with a concussion. happening today-- a convicted serial killer is scheduled to be executed this evening. oscar ray bolin is scheduled to die by lethal injection at florida state prison. bolin was convicted by 10 different juries... for the murders of three young women in the tampa bay area. but for nearly 30 years... bolin has claimed he is innocent. he says he was framed by investigators and a discredited f-b-i agent. yesterday-- our sister station in tampa sat down with bolin-- for an exclusive interview.
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tonight. meanwhile, in volusia county-- the man accused of killing his wife and her two kids will face a judge today. a hearing is set for luis toledo at 10 o'clock this morning. several motions by the prosecution and the defense are expected. last month-- a judge granted a request to move the location of toledo's trial to saint augustine. toledo is accused of killing his wife yessenia suarez and her two young children back in 20- 13. their bodies have never been found. developing at this hour-- we have an update on the texas state trooper-- who arrested a woman- who later died in jail. brian encinia has been charged with a misdemeanor- and
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arrested sandra bland -- after a traffic stop last summer. he is charged with perjury for allegedly lying about the confrontation with bland. there is a new chapter in the fight over the keystone "x-l pipeline." the canadian company-- that proposed the project-- is suing the obama administration. "trans-canada" is fighting the administration's decision to reject the pipeline. it would have taken canadian oil to refineries on the gulf coast. house republicans passed a bill to repeal 'obamacare'. it was already approved by the senate. the bill aims to repeal obamacare and defund "planned parenthood." but it probably will not survive. president obama is expected to veto it... and the house does not have enough votes to override that veto. disney marathon weekend kicks off today. right now-- runners are getting ready for the 5-k. today's race is the shortest of the weekend.
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through epcot's then into showcase" for the finish. the race starts at 6 today also starts the "dopey challenge." people participating in that run-- not only but the 10-k tomorrow ..the half marathon on saturday.. and the marathon on sunday. and if you are just waking up this bad news. night's powerball jackpot...and neither did i. no one matched all the numbers to collect the jackpot worth an estimated 524-million dollars. so-- saturday night's drawing will be worth an estimated 675-million dollars! that would be the largest in history. coming up next-- the united nations is now stepping in... following north's korea's claims of testing a hydrogen bomb. plus-- vice president
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out now... about his for president. why he says-- he "regrets his decision everyday."
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after trying brookside chocolate, about it online. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? about chocolate?
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considering imposing further sanctions on north korea-- after it announced it carried out a nuclear test wednesday! the announcement triggered swift international condemnation-- but also skepticism that north korea actually set off a hydrogen bomb. time to take a look at your names to know this morning. those names are joe biden and janet jackson... but we begin with bill cosby. los angeles county prosecutors have decided not to file charges against bill cosby-- in two more alleged sexual assault cases. one involved a woman-- who claimed cosby drugged her drink at a party seven years ago.
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not even at that party. the other alleged encounter happened back in 19-65... so the case had expired. by california law-- the deadline for prosecuting rape cases is 10 years. your next name is joe biden. the vice president says he regrets not running for president "every day." but-- he added-- he made the right decision for himself and his family. biden's 46-year-old son died in may. biden announced his decision not to run-- in october. the vice president says he still plans to stay involved in the presidential campaign. your final name is janet jackson. rumors have been swirling about the surgery-- that postponed the singer's world tour. sources are reporting jackson is at-risk for cancer. in a twitter post yesterday-- jackson said, quote-- "the rumors are untrue... i do not have cancer." jackson said she is
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the postponed shows will be rescheduled soon. coming up-- a big shake-up for the tampa bay bucs! the team has officially fired their head coach. more details coming up. plus-- deputies in volusia county say thieves have stolen thousands of dollars in a debit card scheme. coming up... the warning signs you need to look out
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explosion. that story kicks off our morning rush. orange county firefighters say a gas line blew -up inside a home on wittenburg way yesterday. paramedics took the worker to the hospital, and crews secured the gas line. no one lives at the home ..and no one else was hurt. a mother-- accused h9*jn her daughter in 20-14-- has rejected a plea deal. yesterday-- sujatha guduru had the
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years in prison. she says she wants to go to prison for the rest of her life investigators say guduru told them she killed her 17- year-old daughter in their oviedo home. then-- she tried to kill herself. the judge ordered another mental evaluation. but the plea deal is off the table. a crime alert now-- there is a scheme targeting elderly people in volusia county. thieves have taken thousands of dollars from at least three seniors in new smyrna beach. say it starts with a phone call to an elderly person. the caller claims to be from "wells fargo" bank. "11the victim they need to replace their bank cards. they ask for the victim's information .. and tell the victim it is okay to leave their old cards in their mailbox. the suspects pick-up the cards.. and spend thousands of dollars. we spoke with someone who knows a victim.
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!q8"=5remember-- you personal information over the phone. officers want you to reach-out to your friends .. relatives.. and them know this is if you have any information on who might be doing this-- call new smyrna
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turning now to sports-- a lot of buccaneers fans are waking up to surprising news turning now to sports-- a lot of buccaneers fans are waking up to surprising news this morning. tampa bay fired head coach lovie smith, late last night.
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to many -- because he be on the hot seat-- after his second team. the buccaneers but they went 6- season-- winning than last year. jameis winston had a bucs chairman --joel glazer-- says the team is committed to giving fans the winning team they deserve. resident-- ken going into baseball's hall of fame. he got elected with the highest voting percentage ever. griffey junior got 437 votes out of the 440 ballots-- in his first appearance on the ballot. the sluggler-- slammed 630 home runs in his career. he lives in winter garden. mike piazza was also elected. he will join griffey in cooperstown this summer. the magic are still less in 20-16.
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orlando, 95 to 86, at the amway center last night. the guys at fox sports florida have the breakdown. coming up next--
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furious-- after his young daughter was frisked by security
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because of a juice box. we'll tell you how the t-s-a is responding. plus-- a florida couple is under arrest... for tying their daughter up ..and keeping her in a playhouse! still ahead-- why the parents say they did
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wars: the force awakens" has reached yet another milestone. the film is now the highest-grossing movie of all time "star wars" surpassed avatar's 760-million dollar record in just 20 days. the movie also holds the records for biggest opening day, biggest opening weekend, and biggest imax opening. trending now-- a california dad is livid --after his daughter was airport-- when they juice box in her carry-on bag. the father caught the whole ordeal on camera....saying it took t-s-a agents more than two minutes to frisk the 10-year-old girl. you can see a female employee repeadlty touching the girls back-side, chest, and pelvic areas. airport security told the man he would be arrested if he interfered with the pat-down.
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says they followed procedure, and the employee did nothing wrong. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a sarasota doctor-- and his wife-- are now behind bars... accused of keeping their own child zip- tied inside a playhouse! the coupleturned themselves in yesterday. deputies say they kept their 12-year- old special needs child tied-up inside the playhouse-- because she was "violent and a danger" to her siblings. the couple admitted to doing this on several occasions. deputies discovered what was happening-- after the child escaped-- and went to a neighbors house. the couple is being held without bail-- on charges of aggravated child abuse. a polk county man is in critical condition-- after he was struck by a train. it happened around 6 o'clock tuesday night...along the tracks near u-s 92 in lakeland. deputies say the conductor saw 45- year-old sheldon
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he blew the horn-- but sharpe had headphones in his ears. sharpe was taken to the hospital ..and has had surgery. coming up on good day orlando. the man accused of stabbing a young couple in their home is expected to be in court today. that suspect was arrested in ormond beach last night at 5--find out how his own father helped put him behind bars. i get out of workpand i go to the store, around, "mmm! i smell cookies."
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i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." i say "don' t eat me now." after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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