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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  January 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> right now on fox 35 news at 5. >> breaking news now at 5, you're looking live at the scene of a fire in daytona beach. this is the former ymca building we're going to have a live report on the very latest on this breaking story coming up in just a moment. >> right now at five, a mammoth snow storm rocks the eastern u.s.
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>> i wish it didn't come. >> it's slippery, i almost fell once, buts i'm doing all right. >> we prepare for another cold night. >> well thank goodness no snow for us. despite parts of the eastern sea board seeing so much of the white stuff, those drifts are huge in some places vmentd. we are seeing some cold temps rolling in tonight. >> yes, we are. let's get to brooks tomlin for the very latest. another chill down tonight. >> absolutely. it look like the freezing conditions are going to stay well north and west of the corridor. sumter county, putnam county, but right here, areas in white, and that includes volusia all the way through seminole, orange, osceola and lake counties, frost advisory so protect your plants once again. it doesn't look like temperatures will be below
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florida overnight. this afternoon a lot of folks much warmer than this time yesterday. temperatures at this hour in the mid-50s with tons of sun and light winds vmentd the forecast. if you're headed out this evening, it will be chilly, definitely by central florida standards. low temperatures down into the 30s overnight tonight but again staying above freezing, ton of sun on tap for tomorrow and we'll have the full 7-day forecast coming up. >> to the blizzard of 2016, what a difference a day makes. check with this live picture from times square, quite a different scene than yesterday. streets look fairly clean at the moment. and here's a picture of the white house covered in the white stuff. joel waldman is in d. c. tonight with the latest on the storm. >> the big day begins after 17.8-inches of the white stuff fell on washington, tieing the record for the fourth greatest
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more than 30 imps piling up in some nearby suburbs. the city's transit system remains shut down until at least monday. >> today we're not only digging out, but we're asking all the residents of the district of columbia and we're asking d. c. businesses to dig out as well. >> forecasters missed the mark in new york city in a big way. when the clueds clouds cleared 26.8-inches of snow filled central park, tripling what's was originally predicted second most for a storm in the city's history. a travel ban was imposed by the governor and broadway shows were given it green light to lift the curtains once again after being closed saturday. >> do not drive if you don't have to, ubless it's really urgent. we want people to stay off the streets. >> from tennessee to pennsylvania, driving was treacherous with cars slipping
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road wrecks shoveling in hypothermia, exposing of the storm which claimed at least 20 lives. creating an accumulation of passengers at airports across the nation with more than 11,000 flights canceled. flying also turned out to be difficult for the vice president and the defense secretary who had to wait in florida to wait out the storm. fox news. >> and more trouble today in and out of orlando international airport. i was out there friday night, it's been a long weekend f this. at last check, 136 flights have been delayed or canceled today. if you're supposed to head on over to oia, be sure to call the airline directly to check on the status of your flight before you head to the airport or if you're picking someone up. thousands of flights canceled in and out of the east coast and hawaii at the honolulu international airport.
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make it to paradise to escape the winter weather. bridget with more. >> the vans celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in hawaii. it's their last day but a huge blizzard has crippled the east coast. >> back home we had 16-inches of snow and everybody is digging out today and i'm hoping by the time i get back everybody has dug out and maybe they've helped me get back. i won't have to dig any. >> for now they are stuck at the airport. one of many flight delays and cancellations. >> this is a good place to be stuck. i'm telling you what, it is gorgeous. rirnt beautiful. i'd stay here forever if i could. >> here in honolulu the weather is nothing to cry about which sta definite breath of fresh air for those flying in from the east coast. former nfl running back chris warren played for the seahawks, the cowboys and the eagles and
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washington d.c. for the pro bowl. blizzard. >> i did. i actually had to leave thursday morning, 6:30 a.m. was the last flight out then i had to fly to knoxville tennessee stay there overnight and got the flight out this morning. you know, it's pretty bad back there, you know, i guess it's two feet of snow within 24 hours straight. >> hawaii resident aaron landry wasn't able to get out of washington d.c. he sent us this photo of his view from dupont circle and says he's excited to come back. >> with the blizzard, all my work stuff got delayed so i am stuck here in dvment c. until things get done. the whole district is shut down right now. >> all right, you can stay up to date on the blizzard of 2016 with the weather on air and online, easiest way download our weather app, go to the app store or text iphone or android to
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back home t the seminole county sheriff's office investigating a fatal shooting at a sanford bar. this one happened that cool breeze bar on sykes avenue just before midnight on saturday, a deputy was in the area patrolling when gun shots were fired from inside the bar. the deputy saw people running. floor. deputies say a private party was shooting. no arrests smed. anybody with info should call crime line. >> off to brevard county, two people are dead after fleeing from cocoa police during a traffic shop. miller and his passenger 27 year old michelle jenkins were killed. officers say miller refused to pull over and went through a red light at clear lake road where another car had the right of way. sending miller's car into a nier hydrant. >> we heard this really, really loud boom. i thought that maybe they ran 92 a building or something then
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sounded like a sonic boom of a rocket or something. >> luckily the driver and passenger inside the car that was hit only suffered minor wounds. fire fitters say tawz difficult evacuating more than three dozen residents living in an assisted living facility and dealing with the massive fire. jackie orozco as has much more from lakeland. fire chief says the biggest challenge evacuating 41 disabled and elderly people living here at the bella vista manner while dealing with the intense smoke and flames from the fourth floor. this what's left behind after a massive fire broke out at the bella vista manner and villas, a charred floor water and heavy smoke damage all visible from the fourth floor. one person was killed in the fire. three others were treated for smoke inhalation. >> we have had incidences here
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magnitude. >> firefighters say the fire started in two rooms around 4:30 a.m. this morning. michael williams says the building is so old it pre-dates the required fire sprinklers so the fire spread quickly. extra crews were called into help residence evacuate. >> this was all hands on deck for awhile. looking at about 30 firefighters from lakeland, four units from polk fire county rescue, this was an active scene for about 20 minutes. >> that's because firefighters had to help residents go down two to five flights of stairs. >> - - or not, this is worst case scenario for us. >> - - lived right across the streeted. >> i heard a popping noise and i thought it was animal or something, and i opened the shades. >> they couldn't believe what they saw next. >> we saw the flames. the flames were just coming right out and it just lit up the
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and the flames are going up over to the fourth floor. >> i said call 911 they have a fire across the street. >> for now, the bella vista manner residents are temporarily housed in an adjacent building. the exact cause of that fire is still under investigation. reporting here in lakeland, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> jackie, thank you. we did contact the managers of that building however they refused to answer our questions. >> his kids are driving off with a florida highway patrol trooping hanging off his car and today he went before a judge. marcus dallas pulled over just before mid friday night on state road 46, dallas got out of the car and when the trooper tried to take the keys out of the ignition, dallas hopped back in and drove away. while the trooper's arm was still inside the car. the trooper fell to the ground but thankfully will be okay. dallas is in the orange county jail facing several charges. >> a trending story that just keeps getting better.
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you might remember officer bobby from gainesville. last friday he responded to a noise complaint that some kids were playing basketball a little too loud. instead of getting on the kids officer white decided to join them. he played with them for just a few minutes but before he left he promised the kids he would bring back up next time so they could get a real game going. boy, did he bring the big guns to the rematch. >> [inaudible] >> this is the best story. that is right, that is shakeel o'neil right there. you saw the viral video online and decided he wanted to play some b-ball too. he spent some one-on-one time with all of the kids. >> that's unbelievable. those kids probably couldn't believe shaq was playing with them. >> i'd be willing to drive up to gainesville for a few hoops with shaq. >> we are focused on the road to the white house. >> what the presidential
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campaign trail today. >> and watching a shore from what's believed to be malaysia airlines flight mh-370, where
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>> we're taking you out to some breaking news now here at 5:00 p.m. you can see several emergency crews on the scene looking live at scene of a fire happening right now in daytona beach. the former side of a ymca building and the future site of a mosque. so we've got crews on the way there right now and we've got a camera man right now getting some video for you as we speak you can see a number of people there coming up later on in the hour with this particular breaking story so stay with us.
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smart and you know what else they say about my people? they say i have the most loyal people, did you see that? >> it's down to the wire for the republican and democratic candidates jockeying for position in the polls ahead of iowa. they're just days to go before the iowa caucuses and right now it look like a toss up on the democratic side. >> oh, yeah, and for the very latest on the road to the white house we have this report from fox's james rosen. >> with just a week to go before the iowa caucus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat with sanders enjoying a one point lead over clinton. he holds a 19-point lead over the former secretary of state in new hampshire. almost as big as the 22-point lead that clinton maintains in south carolina, that's all according to a cbs news u-gov poll. on the republican side donald trump's polarizing campaign made fresh head lines when he claimed he could shoot someone on fifth
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and rejected another heckler. >> he wasn't wearing one of those hats, was he? >> the latest fox news poll in iowa shows trump surging past texas snl senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio erasing cruz's lead from earlier in the month. chris christie assailed rubio for welcoming the weekend blizzard. christ irks e pointed out at least 15 people lost their lives tin the storm. left the campaign trail to return to the garden state. >> that would be like friday me saying i really don't like being governor anymore. and i really prefer running for president to being governor so i know that my state's going to be hit with two feet of snow. you know what? i'm not going back, it's not really going to matter. >> rubio shot back that christy only returned to new jersey he was quote unquote shamed into it
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for the gop. casting a weary eye on this is former mayor michael bloomberg, to explore whether he could mount a viable third party campaign in the general election. >> jay, thank you. on to a news alert now, iran's supreme leader met with members of the revolutionary guard who - - persian gulf earlier this month, the video showing the meeting was posted on his website today. praidzed him for doing a perfect job, quote unquote. on january 12, the iranian navy detained 10 u.s. navy personnel after they drift under to enemy waters after a technical failure on the boat. more debris found from what could be missing malaysia airline flight mh-370. showed up on a beach in southern thailand, the large piece of
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reported it to the authorities. french prosecutors confirmed in september a wing part pound on a remote indian ocean island was from that missing flight. the flight disappeared with 230 people on board back in march of 2014. and a strong 7.1 earthquake hitting southern alaska centered 30-miles east of pedro bay, the earthquake was felt by residents of anchorage and there are reports of scattered power outages a tsunami however not expected. >> pretty good-size one out there. the big thing everybody talking about those cold temps. >> yeah. >> been three or four days now, ready for a little warm up after we can get through tonight. >> are the gators wearing sweaters? >> the gators are hiding right now. >> looked over lake jes p, i couldn't find a thing when i was driving across lake jessop, and normally you count the alligators ch the cold weather's been around for a few days and
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the day we start to warm up. today high of 55-degrees. that's 17-degrees below normal in orlando. had a morning low of 34 here in o orlando. we did have below freezing conditions in daytona beach, villages well below freezing in ocala and gainesville where we had the hard freeze warnings. thankfully a lot of folks didn't get down below freezing and if you did it was a couple of hours and maybe one or two degrees at best. tonight foe freeze warnings. everywhere in white, that's from flagler county through volusia, seminole, lake, orange, osceola we have frost advisories. i think we'll ee even see frost in brevard county. clear skies, calm winds, and very let's go chilly air that's starting to moisten. i want to show you the visible satellite, look at the clouds the strat o cumulus deck some of that low level moisture seep in
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calm winds might be a nice little view early tomorrow morning with frost overnight tonight. graj wlg warming through tuesday and then another soggy system maybe a stormy system coming in wednesday and thursday. outside right now, what a nice view. looking good. 54-degrees north west winds at six, live view from our visit orlando tower cam on the hyatt regency in orlando. here we go, north west winds at six miles an hour, that's in orlando yesterday remember yesterday we had winds even at this hour dusting over 25-miles an hour. now we have light winds throughout variable at three and seminole county, north west at 7, and marion county. so light winds, tons of sun, much more bearable than yesterday. temperatures right now in the 50s. we'll start dropping overnight tonight but again not as cold as we have seen. now here's what's going on around the eastern part of the united states. still cold there. a warm up back to the west. go ahead and show you what
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the cold pressure cold dome of high moves again. that's going to help increase the moisture and the frost. no big changes until wednesday and thursday. we do start to warm up, but take a look at all the rain coming in late wednesday afternoon, ask then another storm system over the gulf will bring us some rain on thursday. we'll keep an eye out on the soakers coming in our direction. 37-degrees overnight tonight with wide spread frost. a high of 71 tomorrow, so a chilly start and a very pleasant afternoon. we stay in the 70s through thursday, but again we'll keep an eye on the rain coming mid-week. >> thanks, brooks. this week's marking the 30th anniversary since the explosion of space shuttle challenger, and hollywood's biggest stars will be walking long the red carp. tom johnson with a look at your week ahead. >> thursday, lucky number 7,
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candidates face off in iowa for the seventh round of debate. it's the last meeting of gop contenders before the iowa caucus. in order to make the primetime stage, candidates have to place in the top six and an average of the five most recent national polls or make the top five in an average of iowa or new hampshire candidates with at least 1 percent tin the five most recent polls will appear in the under cart. catch both debates at 7 and 9:00 p.m. eastern only on fox news. also on thursday, the 30th anniversary of the challenger explosion. three decades ago, the space shuttle challenger blew apart 73 seconds into flight. the explosion killed the seven astronauts on board, including the first teacher headed for space. memorial events take place at arlington national cemetery, and in central florida at kennedy space center to honor the lost crew. and saturday, hollywood's biggest stars come out for the 22nd annual screen actors guild awards a night when actors honor
5:23 pm
the awards show celebrates the best of both film and tv. tom johnson, fox 35 news. >> just follow the yellow brick road, going to take you to the new wizard of oz exhibit in orlando. >> and we're continuing to follow the blizzard of 2016. coming up, a look at how new jersey is handling this massive storm. >> back home the search for jennifer continues ten years after her disappearance. a full decade. we'll tell you what the missing woman might look like today when
5:24 pm
>> the state fire martial investigating two fires less than eight hours apart. both happening in lake county. the second one was at this
5:25 pm
on hill side drive and twilight trail. firefighters said no one was home except for a dog who was able to escape the home said to be a total loss. >> a number of local organizations coming together and forminga group called detroit for flint. the group is also reaching out to other organizations in detroit who might want to help with the water crisis in flint but don't have the necessary transportation to get bottled water up north to flint. josh landon with more. >> it started at 8:00 a.m. on saturday near wayne state university's campus at the corner of large and warren. >> if you can help, help. everybody want to sit around and say oh my gosh, but a dollar, a people. >> the organization, detroit for flint, went to the city in crisis on tuesday and say they saw certain needs immediately. >> during the process of us going up there, we noticed the day care centers did a lot of things for the children were being neglected.
5:26 pm
asking for other items such as diapers and baby wipes to be donated as well. trrn had cost of gas transportation to make the trip is straight out of the pocket of the organization. they don't care about that they're just happy to see people give what they can. >> helping out flint when they're dealing with this is important. being from detroit we have some rivers there and knowing that you can help in any way possible is great, and then the super market here is doing a really good deal for people donating to flint for the water cases. as much as you can get, you know, and send is important to help. >> the group is also reaching out to other organizations in detroit who may want to help but don't have the necessary transportation to get the donated items to flint. detroit for flint is here to help. >> thank you, ladies. >> that was fox's josh landon reporting for us this evening.
5:27 pm
jennifer kesse disappear without a trace. >> just unbelievable. see what police are saying about the search to find jennifer inin t thihis s lilinene o of f woworkrk ononlyly t thehe f frereshshesest t iningrgrededieientntss mamakeke t thehe c cutut itit's's i impmporortatantnt t to o meme t to o knknowow eveverery y didishsh i i s sererveve isis t thehe b besest t itit c canan b be.e. esespepecicialallyly f foror t thihis s fofoodod c crirititic.c. pupublblixix b bakakerery y scscraratctchh mamadede b brereadad wewe b bakake e itit i in n ststorore e evevereryy daday y wiwithth p priridede soso y youou c canan s sererveve i itt wiwithth s somomee
5:28 pm
>> the orlando police department releasing this age-progressed photo of jennifer kesse who vanished 10 years ago. the photo on the left shows how she looked when she disappeared and on the right what she might
5:29 pm
long, painful decade for her parents she was just 24 years old when she disappeared. >> police with on going efts to find her, and ten years later, jennifer jennifer's parents are still pressing for answers. >> we honestly need your help so bad. >> drew and joyce met with the media and orlando police friday and cannot believe their daughter has been missing for a decade. >> someone saw something. and it's just it's so past time to have closure. >> the 24 year old was living at the mosaic condos near the mall of millenia, she left her condo but never made it to work that day and no one has heard from her since. police found jennifer's car two days later at an apartment complex near where she lived.
5:30 pm
best clue detectives have. >> identifying a person of interest on surveillance video on the day we believe she disappeared is paramount in solving this case. >> more than 1,000 tips have poured in over the last 10 years ones. they're also having evidence examined again. >> concentrating on jennifer's vehicle we think the answers probably lie there. some of the things they have tested and i've been successful with, we want to resubmit to them based on evolving technology. >> jennifer would be 34 now. drew admits his missing daughter might not be alive. >> if someone knows what happened to jennifer, and it's not for the good, it's okay. >> tell us. >> we just need to know. >> our hearts go out to her family, what a long road it has been. call orlando police if you have even the smallest clue in the disappearance of jennifer kesse. an update right now on breaking
5:31 pm
fire as we speak in daytona beach. >> that building recently bought by the islamic center of daytona beach is being turn under to a mosque. tiffany teasely joining us live in daytona beach. what's the very latest? >> we can see volusia county fire officials still here on this scene here off of derbyshire road here in daytona beach after they say the fire broke out around 3:40 p.m. this afternoon. at this point we're told a juvenile set the building on fire. we're told the fire was very active when crews arrived on this scene. we have confirmed that the islamic center of daytona beach purchased this old ymca building back in october, but at this point fire officials tell us they are not investigating this as a hate crime. still, the central florida council on american islamic relations released a statement saying, quote, with the heightened anti--islamic rhetoric and islam o phobic hate
5:32 pm
is taking this incident very seriously. we are in the process of reaching out to the mosque leaders and are waiting for the result of this investigation. obviously, fortunately this building was vacant so there were no injuries. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. reporting live, tiffany teasely, fox 35 news. >> all right, thanks, tiffany. the blizzard of 2016 has come and gone. we didn't see any snow right here, but we did see some freezing temps for a couple of days. >> yes, brooks tomlin right over there with the very latest. >> good afternoon, everybody. i hope you had a good weekend. for a lot of central florida pes we stayed in doors. yesterday, just a blustery day, today tons of sun, less wind, but still chris outside. tapt we still have a lot of advisories. the light blue freeze warnings, marion county, alachua county, sumpter county, not looking for any hard freezes tonight.
5:33 pm
the way down ta osceola counties, we're looking for frost. it look like we could be seeing wide spread frost early tomorrow morning. temperature-wise, we're much warmer than this time yesterday, jacksonville checking in at 16-degrees warmer than this time yesterday. temperature-wise, there we are. we're in the 50s right now, chilly by central florida standards, but it's going to be short-lived. let's get through this evening, temperatures falling into the 40s and eventually the 30s but most of us stay above freezing frost being being the only issue tonight. we'll have the full 7-day forecast coming up. >> brooks, thank you. check out this cool perspective on the massive blizzard of 2016. a lot of people talking about this amazing picture today. astronaut scott kelly tweeting from space. he puts out amazing pics like this pretty much every day. if you want it see some more of them. head to wofl our facebook page. you can stay up to date with weather on air and online,
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our weather app, it is super cool. dproarn to the app store or text iphone or android to 87057. >> marion county man is dead after a fight with his girlfriend in an ocala neighborhood overnight. deputies say ratlif and his wife got into a fight, turned physical, he ran to the neighbor's house to return with help. the two men got into a fight, during that fight, deputies say the nairn shot and killed ratlif. >> in sumpter county, a former university of florida football player was arrested after troopers pulled him over during a traffic stop and allegedly found marijuana inside his truck. derek of jacksonville was stopped on i-75 at the intersection of the florida turn pike friday afternoon. troopers say they pulled him over for an illegal window tint and the fact he wasn't staying in his lane. they say they notice ad strong
5:35 pm
troopers found the drug and other paraphernalia. >> well, the devil can take a vacation, where do you think he might go? >> interesting question, keying. the devil says goodbye to his thrown and heads to los angeles. we're going to give you a sneak peek at the series, coming up. >> soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder getting some much-needed help from furry and loveable friends. >> if you're about to hit the road and need to fuel up, 1.65 on the speedway on turkey and lake road, can you believe these prices? that's in orlando. and it's also 1.65 at the speedway on south kirkman road
5:36 pm
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>> following the yellow brick road all the way down to the orlando science center. >> the wizard of oz opening the exhibit inspired by the adventures of dorothy and all of her friends the interactive exhibit travels to places scene in the film from the gale farm to mertch kn land, emerald city and much more. >> the kids had the opportunity to climb a wall, get eggs from
5:38 pm
lokes - - looks like. >> the wizard of oz exhibit at the orlando science center runs through may 1. >> a texas group is giving veteran as chance to feel like they're flying. >> they're also getting set up with a new furry friend. jennifer kindle has the story. >> steven boyd, a disabled veteran who served with the 508th air born has had a military service ended. >> i was literally moments away from taking my own life. >> it's freedom. >> but now. >> it's freedom. >> he's all smiles. >> it's freedom. for those few moments that i'm in the tunnel few moments i'm underneath canopy, there's nothing in the world that matters. >> he finds comfort in the wind tunnel at i fly. leern found a
5:39 pm
>> i got this worthless 75-dollar rescue dog, wasn't even looking for a dog and he saved my life. >> to have a veteran that's committing suicide every 65 minutes, 22 veteran as day, we have a dog that's euthanized every three seconds, that's nearly 29,000 a day. why not connect the two and lower the numbers of both. >> when steven met brian will cox, he realized he wasn't the only vet saved by puppy love. >> my dog was an emotional dog for my ptsd. i had her 16 years, and i lost her last year to pneumonia. i got her when she was four
5:40 pm
everybody used to tell me you did a good thing rescuing that dog. i didn't rescue that dog. that dog rescued me. >> >: that's why steven started rescue for warriors, an organization that sets up trained rescue dogs with veterans that are struggling. to help connect veterans who felt lost after military life. >> as an american it makes me mad because we're not taking care of our veterans ch. we shouldn't be losing 22 a day. and it breaks my heart because they're my brothers and sister. >> it's a rush. it's like the first time you step out of a plane at 2,000 feet. >> when they return home, they aren't left with just their thoughts anymore because there's always a furry friend nearby. >> i'm not saying a dog's going to save everybody, but i know a dog saved me. >> never under estimate the power of four paws, that's for sure. that's jennifer kindle,
5:41 pm
>> so the devil ditches his throne and heads straight to l.a., give you the sneak peek at
5:42 pm
up next.
5:43 pm
in l.a. in the new fox show lucifer. >> where else but los angeles? a sneak peak at the new series. >> the fallen angel ons fox's new tv series lucifer. >> it's fun and it's entertaining and we're not trying to teach people anything or - - . >> or change beliefs. >> we're trying to tell a story about someone who's perceived as ir redeemable on the path of redemption. >> the return to the under world requested. >> actor tom ellis praise said the prince of darkness but instead he finds himself on the right side of the law, helping lapd punish criminals. >> we say quite liberally he's bored offed hell, but as the series progresses you see it's much more than that. >> the human side become more visible when he befriends detective chloe decker played
5:44 pm
>> she sees that he's magnetic and women love him, men want to be him, he can get people to tell the truth. he can ask someone something and they will open up to them. also in a way they use lucifer not use lucifer, but ask him to help me with his skills and with his powers so at this point in time within the way we're shooting our show, i have not - - i don't know he's the devil or i don't believe it. though he says it all the time. >> the devilish game doesn't stop when the cameras do. >> we like to have fun, and we like to, you know, do on set gags. we are. rern we're like little demons bult we're fun, good-hearted demon. >> you're coming with me. >> pleasure. >> hollywood, adam housely, fox news. >> all right, that's going to be interesting and we're interested in our forecast for tonight. >> i admit, i finally turned the heat on for the first time for
5:45 pm
the place from 54 to 65. >> it was only two ask a half weeks ago you were coming in saying it said 90 on my car thermometer. >> i know. >> central florida. up north they've had a lot of snow. tomorrow morning we might be seeing some white on the lawns across central florida due to frost. clear skies, light winds, chilly conditions, gorgeous view outside. high today once again 55-degrees. folks, yesterday and today, even though the temperatures were similar, these are two of the most polar opposite chilly days in florida. yesterday a lot of folks stay with cloudy skies skies and windy conditions. today, crisp, sunny conditions. morning low of 34 in orlando, a lot of folks below freezing or at freezing, seminole county, volusia, flagler, lake, marion, and even a bone chilling 25-degrees was the overnight low in gainesville. tonight not as cold and that's why we do have some frost advisories in the white areas. flagler, volusia, lake, orange,
5:46 pm
counties, it wouldn't surprise me if we had some frost as well in brevard and even marion counties. where marion and alachua county you have freeze warnings but not as cold as last night. then we start to warm up through tuesday. tomorrow we're going to be at 70 degrees. impressive. and a soggy storm system coming mid to late week. outside live view from the amway camera where they've had the heaters on the last couple of nights. north west winds at 6-miles an hour, and again yebs yesterday at this time, it was still so windy, blustery outside and this afternoon, very light winds. east northeast at 8 in melbourne, calm in deland, south south east at 5 right now in lake county. what we are going to see is a little more moisture coming in off the atlantic with chilly skies, calm winds, tonight that's going to allow the frost to form. temperatures right now in the 50s, we'll be in the 40s probably in next hour or so. warm up back to the west, that
5:47 pm
high pressure moves off shore so tomorrow morning chilly by tomorrow afternoon back into the 70s. and then all eyes on a couple of systems this week, one wednesday and maybe one on thursday as well. the one wednesday looks like it could be stormy, very wet, and then as the model goes a little bit further, stops early thursday morning. there's the beginnings of it in the gulf of mexico. a couple of rapid fire systems to keep an eye on as we go through the week. no rain tonight, just chilly with the frost outside. tomorrow morning bundle up, tomorrow afternoon short sleeves. flip flops. we're in florida. 71-degrees the high tomorrow, stay in the 70s through thursday. we'll keep an eye, jamie king will be in tomorrow morning as well on what could be an active weather pattern especially wednesday into thursday and then clearing skies for next weekend. >> well, football fans getting a taste of the nfl right here in central florida, 12 former nfl players joining fan at the regal
5:48 pm
to enjoy the afc and nfc championship games. the nfl alumni and local chefs partnered up to create the best game day dishes. i bet you that was some good eating. >> yum. >> no doubt. attendees hanging out with their favorite former pros, watching the game cheering them on as they prep those winning dishes all for a great cause. >> anything that can help people is important to me, and they're helping people. i've always tried to give back to my community in miami. >> so football, fantastic food, and the proceeds from today will benefit the nfl alumni. cfl caring for kids mission and one heart for women and children. plus, it's football. >> exactly. >> speaking of which, time now for sport and nfl sunday. >> here's adam shadoff. hey, adam. >> hey, guys. brek shea talking soccer says orlando city's going to go init
5:49 pm
an automatic up grade for the team, plus ucf hoping to move on to 500 this weekend. highlights from tulsa and more, coming up next. at longhorn steak like this doesn' t need anything else. which is why we don' t just add, anything else. longhorn steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the new smoky bacon sirloin. the new spicy grilled jalapeno sirloin. and the parmesan
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all with hand chopped salad & unlimited bread for $12.99. tonight only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. and bacon cheddar melt. starting at $7. >> ucf had a nice opportunity saturday with a win the knights would move to 5 in 1 in conference play and go to 500 on
5:51 pm
early on, looked like the knights big men would dominate yet again, tall, 10 rebounds that just four points, two of them on that slam. ucf down five at the break. justin mcbride off the bench was terrific, seven rebounds and the only knight scoring double figures. game high 18 points out of james woodard. tulsa goes on to win big, 75-60. in the next seven games the magic only play one team that's not currently in the playoffs. their stretch includes road games at western conference powers memphis, san antonio, okc and the clippers and orlando's lost nine of the last ten. head coach scott has been great and seemingly very patient during this slump but at sh some point the players have to step up. >> he's been very positive, very sutd supportive of us, talking about the mistakes we've been doing, paying attention to the details.
5:52 pm
and there's stuff with practices us players to understand how we have to in the game where we play the right way. that's the only way we're going to win it. >> orlando city star brek shea used his off-season wisely. lean rested as much as you can with a new born babe eavment. recuperated from his late-season sports season surgery. with things kicking off on the field monday, shea says the entire organization having a full year in the books now will give the lions an edge this season. >> everything was brand new. from the coaching staff to the players for the organization and obviously we've been through the year and we know what's expected of us and how to get through situations, good and bad. so i think that's going to give us a bigger edge than last year. >> carolina knocked off arizona in the playoffs last year. carson palmer watched that one from the bench. he was out injured.
5:53 pm
nfc championship at 640 here on fox 35 with a spot in the super bowl on the line palmer reflected on how moving this season has been. >> so emotional. i'm not an emotional person, i got emotional last year. this year's been emotional to be where we are. um, but it's been an absolute blast. >> so how do you make 100 unforced errors and a grand slam and still win your match? i guess it help fz your name is djokovic. he made 100 unforced errors on sunday and still beat - - to advance to the quarter finals. those 100 unforced errors were 22 more than djokovic had in his first sets combined. coming up tonight at 11, the fox 35 sports zone, all of your nfl highlights, plus the sports zone spot light with magic ceo alex
5:54 pm
for most of central florida, uh, a couple of spots could be below freezing up in alachua and marion counties. might be a nice little pretty scene early tomorrow morning, and then we warm up look at that highs in the 70s through thursday, soaking system, wednesday into thursday. we'll fine tune that forecast as we get through the week. >> going to feel great tomorrow. >> yeah, a thaw out. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam
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