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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- the people of iowa have spoken-- h|republican ted cruz is the winner of iowa caucus. but-- there's still no winner on the democratic side! coming up-- we'll have the breakdown of last night's results. plus-- grief counselors will be on hand at one high school in brevard county-- after a popular teacher dies in a murder- suicide. we'll have the latest details on the investigation. and-- the hunt is on for a man... accused of trying to
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woman in kissimmee. the details on what happpened-- coming up. toss to jayme our top story-- a big win for republican ted cruz
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for the democrats. $re waiting to find out caucus. fox's joel waldman has the latest from
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primary will held on february 9th. keep it here to fox 35 for complete coverage of election 2016. remember, you can get instant updates on our web site - fox 35 orlando dot com. developing in brevard county-- grief counselors will be on hand at "rockledge high school" this morning-- after a math teacher is found dead inside a home. 1ourne police are calling the
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fox 35's valerie boey is there with the latest. meanwhile-- in
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students at "deland high school" are going to class today-- one day after police say a student made threats toward the school. police say a student was taken-in for a mental evaluation--after he threatened to harm other students yesterday. he told police it was a joke-- and he did not mean it. no real threat was found. in osceola county -- bunt is on for the man who is accused of trying to sexually assault a woman! kissimmee police released this sketch of the man. it happened saturday morning near bible baptist church on vine street. police say the man lured the victim into his car.. and threatened to stab her if she didn't do what he said. fortunately, the victim was able to get away. the suspect was driving a small red car with a very loud exhaust. authorities in orange county need your help finding a missing 17-year-old girl. kaylee posey was reported missing last monday -- after she never got on the school bus. police believe posey is a runaway....but
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they have not heard from her-- and she has gone silent on social media. police say posey could be in west virginia--where she has family and friends. *gty-- a daycare worker is behind bars--accused of beating a child. we have learned -- that this is not the first time she has been in trouble with the law. this is video from inside "the children's place learning center" in clermont. police say the video shows daycare director-- kimberly reid-- hitting a 4- year-old with stuffed animals and then throwing the child down on a cot. the video was taken by another day care worker...who told police this isn't the first time. according to police--the woman told them reid has been rough with kids for about 3 weeks. reid was on probabtion after pleading guilty to charges of grand theft, welfare fraud and organized fraud
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court friday-- on her probabtion. florida lawmakers will review several bills in tallhassee. controversial measures-- focus on carrying guns. the florida house will review two bills today. one-- allows people with concealed- weapons permits to openly carry firearms in florida. while the other-- with concealed- weapons permits to carry guns on college and a house education subcommitee will also consider a bill-- requiring 20 minutes every day in elementary schools. the proposal also says recess can not be taken away from a child for of disciplinary or academic reasons. the bill affects students in kindergarten through 5th grade. lawmakers say although students are in school to learn...we have to let kids be kids. finally-- the house criminal justice take up a proposal-- that would re-vamp the way florida death. huk:jsupreme court found that the state's death-
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ngqutional. justices say florida's system improperly gives giving judges --- not juries --- the power to impose death sentences. happening today-- america's most famous-- and furry-- weather man will predict when spring will come. "punxsutawney phil" will come out of his burrow in pennsylvania... with the whole country watching. the superstition is-- if phil sees his shadow and goes back into his hole-- we will have six more weeks of winter. if he does not see his shadow -- spring will come early. but phil has been wrong more than half the time. the event will happen at sunrise-- just before 7-30 a-m. we will let you know what the groundhog predicts. coming up-- president obama facing some growing controversy-- just before his visit to an american mosque. more on why people
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plus-- as concerns grow over the zika virus... ...local officials are working to prevent it! more on how orange county is making sure the virus does not
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn.
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first-ever presidential visit to a u-s mosque. the controversy centers on one of the baltimore mosque's former leaders... who has ties to a known terrorist. "mohamad adam el- sheikh" headed up an islamic center where the radical "anwar al-awlaki" preached... before becoming a top al- qaeda operative over the last decade. el-sheikh was also the regional director of a relief agency whose parent organization was cited for connections to not only al-qaeda... but the taliban as well.
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"go-ahead" to edit the genetic code in human embryos. approval-- by the country's fertility regulator -- gives scientists permission to analyze the first week of an embryo's growth... in hopes of better understanding the genes embryos need to develop successfully... and improve in-vitro fertilization success rates. and... the teacher arrested for helping three inmates escape from a california prison ... will not be charged. investigators say one of the inmates cultivated a relationship with the woman... and eventually convinced her to provide him a map of the entire prison complex. but the d-a has determined there isn't enough evidence to hold her. on the health watch-- local health officials are now taking action-- a global health emergency is declared. it is because of the mosquito born-- zika virus. *nge county mosquito control" is busy trying to prevent the virus. the virus is spread by two different kinds of mosquitos.
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of mosquito control says --that there is a low level of the those types of mosquitos here. but has some advice for homeowners with standing wateron their property. the only way to know if you are infected is to be tested. 31 cases have been confirmed in the u-s. three of those are in florida. coming up-- a lover's spat... turns into a lawsuit! and it is all over a scratch-off lottery r(9 j plus-- a really cool cafe at u-c-f... is helping people with disabilities. we will tell you
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thousands of dollars-- for winning a scratch- off lottery ticket! lynne poirer won a million dollars in 20-07. her then-boyfriend, howard browning, says the pair had an oral agreement... that if either won the lotto, they'd
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poirer won a previous judgment in 20-12, but after the supreme court said to appeal, the case is back in court. the trial is expected to last all week. a sad story out of volusia county-- we're learning more about the good samaritan... who was killed by just trying to do the right thing. the mother of three -- was trying to help a motorcyclist who crashed on u-s one early sunday morning. fox 35's tiffany teasley has the
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central florida" is helping people with traumatic brain injuries. diana tafur works at the cafe. she was hit by a drunk driver almost 10 years ago. a traumatic brain injury left her in a coma for 4 and a half months. now-- the left side of her body is semi- paralyzed... but the cafe gives
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a "body weight harness system" helps her--and others--move around the cafe. but to diana... this is more than physical therapy. diana and others will work two hour shifts-- twice a week-- in the "on the go" cafe. the orlando magic might not have won last night's game in
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considering who they were up against... you might consider it a "moral victory". taking on a team of future hall-of- famers... the much younger magic were actually able to @lnpp``p`as@t@wt@n@j@j(@h@ out-score the spurs in two-quarters.
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but san antonio was too much in the end... beating orlando 107 to 92. orlando's schedule doesn't get any easier from here. their next game is against the thunder in oklahoma city... a team that's right behind the spurs at the top of the western conference standings. one of the denver broncos' team buses was involved in a minor fender-bender following practice for super bowl 50... in santa clara, california eay. a team spokes- person says everyone is okay... and that they were on their way to make their first public appearances at media day when it happened. and while the super bowl itself will be played in california... a coin shipping from right here in central florida... will determine who gets the ball first. "highland mint" in melbourne designed the coin that will be flipped this coming sunday. employees there just made 10- thousand gold and silver plated super bowl coins... featuring the broncos and the panthers... most of which will end up in jfans. we're told based on where the pre- orders that have been placed so far... the majority of people favor the
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coming up-- some exciting news-- for all of you die- hard harry potter fans. the author is announcing some new details about the books--that have never heard before. plus-- a group of drivers in hillsborough county being called heroes... after rescuing a man from a burning car. more on how they jumped into action to save his life.
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there is stillmore to explore. author j-k rowling revealed on the website "potter- more"... hogwarts is just one of 11 wizarding schools in the world. the two other european schools... appeared in the "harry potter" books and movies. but now we know of schools in brazil... africa... japan... and even here in the u-s. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. in tampa-- federal agents arrest a man-- after finding several pipe bombs --and bomb-making materials-- in his home. agents from the "bureau of alcohol, firearms" released these pictures-- raid of micheal they were called... after ramos' friend called in a tip. during that raid-- a- t-f agents found 8 grenades, tear gas, they also found an
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according to reports-- ramos told detectives he was "unhappy with the government." no word yet-- if ramos will face any charges. d*tjen in hillsborough county being hailed as heroes... for saving a man from a burning truck on i-4! on sunday-- nick derosa was about to merge onto his exit... ... when he saw a truck lose control, crash, and catch on fire in front of him! derosa says he and two other men pulled over-- and were able to pull the driver--micheal kennedy-- to safety. kennedy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. f-h-p says alcohol was a factor in the crash--charges against kennedy are pending. police have now identified the miami- dade county police officer-- who was pulled over by a woman for speeding. authorities say daniel fonticiella is the officer captured in this cellphone video. claudia castillo says she pulled him over--because he was going almost 90 miles an hour without any emergency lights.
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department is launching an internal investigation into the incident. coming up next-- we have a g-o-p winner in the iowa caucus... but bernie sanders and hillary clinton are still neck in neck. e details on who came out victorious last night. plus-- counselors will be on hand at rockledge high school after a popular teacher dies in a murder- suicide. still ahead --the latest details on the investigation into her shocking death. meet martha, a beluga of a thousand faces. like her happy-to-see-you face. her dancing face. and her coaster face. how do you say no to a face like that? you don't have to. with an annual pass from seaworld that gives you rides, shows and events, and that face all year long for just $14 a month. and the
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