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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 2, 2016 8:00am-8:57am EST

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>> we finished second and i want to tell you so, i'm just honored. >> a g.o.p. upset in iowa, ted cruz beat out donald trump and breaking news and appears the democrats may have a winner. we'll have details coming up. >> john: our top local story, a high school in brevard county is remembering a teacher who was killed in what appears to be a murder-suicide. grief counselors on campus, the latest coming up. >> and, a zika alert, the virus considered an international emergency. a local health official will join us live in the studio to talk about what is being done to keep everyone here safe. >> john: first, we have a weather alert in central florida. look at that. i-4 at colonial and the fog is hanging thick and really all over central florida. you are seeing the issues, and jayme king stemmed outside -- good. >> jayme: once you leave the weather deck it is a different ballgame, we are live now on
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facebook. live and the words of bill o'reilly we'll do it live! here's your graphic. a dense fog advisory continues. as we head through the morning hours, and 10:00 a.m. and continue with the advisory for pretty much the entire viewing area. everyone socked in. will it get better? it will the next hour or two, should see visibility improving. but now it is awful visibility. temperatures now, we have r50s and 60s, orlando now in the low and mid 60s, melbourne is upwards of almost 70. a little bit of difference, separation, but overall everyone on an equal playing field and the exception is the immediate beachfront with 70s there. looking for 80s west of i-95. a blend of sun and clouds. isolated rain risk up and down the eastern side of the state, 10, 20% of us see raindrops and the next big weather maker moving toward us and i think by around late wednesday, into thursday, we see those weather changes, as told by our 7-day
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chances at 70%. for you by thursday, and the weekend looks great. at least the first part of it. 64 on friday and breezy, wake-up temps by that time, down into the 40s, that's your forecast. over to you. >> gina: happy tuesday, a couple of new crashes this morning. this first one here, we have on cimarron and aloma avenue, intersection. all directions there, be aware and careful. and not far down the road, another crash, also on cimarron and hoeffner, causing significant delays there. and again be careful, give yourself xa -- extra time and we have another crash, colonial and st. nicholas avenue, in christmas. good news, not causing significant delays and looking at your drive times, everything is really slow, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, takes you 36 minutes, and i-4 eastbound from those attractions to downtown, about 24 minutes
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417 to downtown will take you 20 minutes, right now, that's it for live drive traffic. back to you. >> john: back to the breaking news, 2016 election, appears democrats have now declared a winner in the iowa caucus. >> amy: and, joining us with the latest, ryan. >> ryan: an unexpected battle sanders and fox news reports clinton is this winner and her campaign says there is no way sanders can win, however sanders' campaign saying they'll challenge the results. one extra delegate and clinton one more than sanders. clinton has been awarded 699 of the delegate equivalent and sanders 695 and there is one more precinct to be counted, worth only 2 delegates, and a very, very close race. many saying, sanders considering clinton, once polled more than 40 points ahead of him, the big winner, still a victory for her and appears last night both candidates thanking iowa voters.
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claim victory last night. >> i think about tonight, we are sending a profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment around by the way to the media establishment. [cheers and applause]. >> it is rare, it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now. to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for, and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive. we'll get things done. >> by the way, there are only two democrats standing on stage, martin o'malley did not register at all with voters throughout the process and dropped out of the race after receiving less than 1% of the vote last night.
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winning iowa, beating donald trump. of course the billionaire g.o.p. front-runner had a slight lead in the polling and they thought it would be tough to win iowa and, marco rubio a big winner, coming in third, just a percentage point behind trump. here's reaction now from the candidates in iowa. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something... i am just honored. i am really honored and i want to congratulate ted. >> the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after 7 years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. [cheers and applause]. >> trump was humble in the defeat and former arkansas governor mike huckabee dropping out of the race and he won iowa 8 years ago. but did not do well last night and rick santorum struggling and
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christie below that. it separated the field but it is just iowa and people may not overreact. >> amy: the black sharpy cover up the check on mark o'malley. >> yes. >> get that off -- >> and check off all the third place winners. >> we checked first and third. >> amy: interesting. >> the new thing. >> john: people don't know. >> amy: what the heck! the candidates now moving to new hampshire where the primary will be held february 9th. next tuesday. keep it here on fox 35 for complete coverage and you can get the information on our web site, >> john: 8:06. on good day, developing in brevard county, grief counselors will be on hand at rockledge high school. >> amy: after a teacher was killed. 54-year-old sandra cook was killed in what melbourne police are calling a murder-suicide. her body was found yesterday at
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dana jay has the latest. >> reporter: the principal called sandra cook one of the finest people ever to walk the halls here and based on the conversations we had yesterday, it will be another tough day for both students and staff. sandra cook, just 54 years old, a long time employee here in the brevard county school system. she had been at rockledge since 2013. she taught math and led the gifted program here. we spoke to a student who said cook touched a lot of people and the news yesterday as you would expect was both sad and shocking. >> she was a great teacher. she always cared about her students, and put her students first and made sure they were okay, in a great environment to learn. >> reporter: cook and her estranged husband, ricky wayne cook were found dead yesterday in a home on chaparrel drive in melbourne. police don't believe anyone else was involved in their deaths. grief counselors on hand this morning, for students and the school district is encouraging
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give the high school a call if you think your kids need to spend some time with those counselors. reporting in brevard county, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> john: also new, surveillance video from brevard county here, fighting back against a man with a gun who was trying to rob the place, the clerk, a u.s. military veteran took the money's gun away and the -- man's gun away and he got into a getaway car and deputies are looking for the person. >> amy: the zika virus is now considered and international emergency. >> john: the mosquito borne virus is linked to birth defects in children, coming up we are learning who local leaders are doing to make sure it does not come here to central florida. plus, gordon, david martin. >> reporter: john, amy, good morning from the oviedo mall, looking for the best in bath saturday and candles and soap and jewelry you have to follow the red arrow, to a place called angel's light foundation. we'll tell you why it is a terrific operation on the 8
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roll my window down >> amy: welcome back, it is 8:11 rand -- and we're giving away a
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daytona 500. along with tickets to the races. all you have to do, go to fox 35 on facebook where you can enter for a chance to win one per day and we have all the information at the top of the page there. should say contest and ten winners will be selected february 15 and we wish you the best of luck. >> john: a news alert. the world health organization is now declaring an international emergency over the rapid spread of the zika virus. >> amy: it linked to birth defects in children and leaders across the nation including hear in central florida are now taking every precaution possible to make sure the virus does not spread. luanne joins us with more on that. >> luanne: joining me this morning is the director of health and public safety for orange county. and we also have carrie who works for orange county and is also pregnant. thank you both for coming in. we appreciate it. doctor, i want to start with you. do you think it is just inevitable that zika will
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>> yes, i think it is... when you consider the fact the virus that is being carried with the mosquito in south america, is similar to dengue which is the same mosquito and the virus has made it into florida. so you have to assume that over time we would see that here. >> what is orange county doing to prevent that virus from coming here and if it does reach us, from spreading? >> the good news is, the same mosquito that carries dengue which we are suppressing as part of the natural mosquito control efforts, the same mosquito we are seeing being issued with zika, and the same efforts we put into suppressing the mosquito populations in central florida we do every year, will go lang with this scenario as well. >> most importantly telling people to dump out the water if you have it handing around your home, right. >> yes, they are unique in that and live around people and
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a mile and dump the pales and make sure all the standing water is gone. >> i want to talk with you. most people, if they have zika will not notice it. maybe a rash and flu-like symptoms. the big concern here are pregnant women like yourself, because the virus can cause birth defects. are you worried at all? >> i think it at the current level and threat we are monitoring now, i think we are more concerned for the other expectant mother around the globe, we are fortunate in this community, to have access to experienced physicians, resources and health care so it gives me a better sense of comfort. but it is something, like my traditional prenatal care. something i need to be acare of. something i need to talk to my ob about and certainly something i need to monitor. >> luanne: what advice do you have to pregnant women who are listening this morning. >> be knowledgeable and informed and have good communication with your obstetrician and know what the concerns are in parts of the globe and how you can best take care of yourself so you can take
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>> the county has a cool lab that tests for zika and other viruses. tell us about that. >> orange county has a mosquito control lab. we trap mosquitoes and look at the population. the work that is done by the florida department of health. we're one of the states in the country that is ash signed the responsibility to do that. so it a partnership between county and state government. >> luanne: so far, no zika. >> so far, we have not seen any but are actively monitoring the situation around the globe. we have a lot of experience with this mosquito. we suppress it every year for, you know, diseases that are more clearly risky than zika when it comes to the general population. so we're in a good position now. >> luanne: doctor, and carrie, thanks for coming in. 8:15. let's send things over to jayme king. good morning. >> jayme: good morning, good so eyour smiling face, it is about
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locally dense. orange avenue, downtown orlando, one of the spots. live look, the morning commute, lack thereof on this stretch. quiet there. overall we have been covering the fog, gina has traffic and we'll update you now with a live look at at your forecast. good morning, 8:15. watching gdo, here on the one and only fox 35. you see the advisory going again to 10:00 a.m slow it down. we should be peeling the advisory out of here toward 10:00 a.m., it has been slow going and current live weather data coming into the weather center. visibility is down, zero and a lot of areas, i want you to be mindful of that. a look of what is normally a pretty shot and with the fog the beach is gorgeous. the sea shore along cape canaveral's beaches, the east side of the e cape. socked and locked. 636. light southeast winds at a mile per hour.
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high atop the hyatt regency in orlando. we're in a wait-and-see. 63 toward i-drive. temperatures again 63, orlando, 64 leesburg. gainesville, palm coast, ocala, sitting pretty in the 50s. upper 50s, nice blend of sun and clouds, after you get out of the foggy scene and isolated p.m. shower. i think merely 10 or 20% of us that is it. i'll draw the line there and mainly over the far eastern side of the state, closer to the beach front. calm scene today, foggy to start things off, 60s going into the 70s, around the lower 80s mark. as we take you toward 3:00. should remain fairly dry, west of i-95. if you are golfing and blessing up the ocean view, while you are golfing, you could see a couple of isolated showers. big, big round of severe weather developing here. on the northern canopy, a snowy mess. from the suburbs of chicago and
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for us, slim chances for showers today. over the eastern side of the state. by late tonight and tomorrow we bring in another cold front. it will change our weather world. big time. as we get into wednesday, late in the day tomorrow and thursday. line of showers and a few isolated storms. at this point, i don't think anything severe, any damaging winds or tornadoes or anything like that. beneficial rain, i'll keep you posted on the progress. today, 81 degrees at gainesville, compared to 80 melbourne, 82 winter haven and polk county and kiss -- kissimmee, 68 and ocala, 67, palm coast, hammock beach, down to the mid 60s, gainesville 66. here's your forecast. the next 7. windy, wetter weather, near thursday, chance of rain at 70%. like magic we clear out, friday look good like the cold front we had last week and saw it peel out of here early friday morning. friday a cool day.
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around. 64, breezy and by saturday, mixed sky, high of 70. 20% chance of an isolated passing shower. here's gina. >> happy tuesday, i want to tell you about an incident, a traffic signal failure at ivanhoe boulevard and magnolia, causing delays there. use caution. be aware if you are there. no significant crashes there. down the road we still have a crash on cimarron and aloma, causing delays on cimarron. it is clearing up just a little bit. and down the road, we do have the other crash on cimarron, also is starting to clear. not causing many significant delays. but give yourself extra time, and, very, very foggy out there. i-4 is picking up. i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown, 7 minutes. i-4 westbound from the 434 to fairbanks, 14 minutes. 408, rouse road to downtown, 14
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patrol, saving money. regular gas is $1.64 at the speedway on south kirkman road in metro west boulevard in orlando. you can always go to our web site, click on traffic for those gas saving tips. >> john: thank you, ma'am. 8:19. today we're checking out a cool store that sells hand-made candles, all for a good cause, david martin joins us live at the oviedo mall. i smell a good valentine's day gift. >> reporter: you took the words out of my mouth. this is a valentine's day gift. you need a candle, soap or bath balm, and, tell me, what is angel's light. >> it is a store based on raising awareness and funds for
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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there. >> amy: and we are shopping for a good cause. the angel light foundation sells hand crafted candles that are creatively packaged. >> proceeds go to the cystic fibrosis research and fox 35's david martin is live at their store at the oviedo mall to tell us more about this. i bet it smells good there. >> reporter: it does, and i'll buy the whole store out. good morning, john, hi, amy. and it is run and founded by jovanna, tell us why you started this. >> so we could raise awareness for cystic fibrosis in general, a permanent disease not a lot of people know about, and it a you feek for you to give back by purchasing something in the e store and all of our proceeds go back to local cystic fibrosis patients and their families. >> reporter: and you have a personal connection, your daughter has cystic fibrosis.
8:24 am
they take over 40 pills a day through 6 treatments and go to the doctors every three weeks. so, if you looked at someone with cystic fibrosis you wouldn't know there was something wrong with them and it's not what you can physically see but they suffer every day, the thing about pinching your nose and breathing through a straw, how they run their lives. >> and can you show the audience the items you have? >> bath salts, my friend. how are you? what is your name again? >> crystal. >> what do you have in the corner. >> bath salts and a diy bath salt bar and it is good for you and i put this together for you. actually just salt and we put together our flowers and smells great and made with coconut oil and we have it in several sizes, make your own. >> reporter: make your own. over here, soap i never heard of. flavors like grass. how are you. >> good. >> reporter: hand-made. >> yes, an up cycled alcohol bottle. and we put a candle in it. >> reporter: all kind of
8:25 am
we'll talk about how to make >> reporter: what are you standing by. >> our recycle and anybody that wants to come in and -- they can choose from one of these items to pour a candle or bring in their own coffee cup or wine candle. over 120 different scents. how are you? >> you make your own jewelry and >> yes. we sell the jewelry we make. >> reporter: and classes are taught. >> and we teach fused glass jewelry, 3-4 different techniques and the name of my company is kiss my glass. >> reporter: you got it. got it? thank you very much. dana, what are you standing in front of. >> our valentine's area. the best of both worlds. we have pre-made stained glass, you can place a tea cup inside, and -- tea light and a great gift to package yourself in the do it
8:26 am
all the proceeds from store, 80% goes to cystic fibrosis foundation, and angel's life and 20% goes back to replenishing the store. you are open on the weekends and look for people to volunteer. all the help you can get you will take. >> we take bright futures students and anyone looking for community service hours, come by and go to our web site, angels and e-mail, facebook, instagram... >> reporter: no stranger to tough times, in 2012 lost her son in afghanistan. he would have loved the store. >> he wanted so much for there to be a better life for his sister and, this is -- why he's in the store with us, 2012 changed my life forever, he lost his life fighting in afghanistan. in the 173rd and he was my best friend, very close to me and i miss him every day but him being in here, i feel like is part of
8:27 am
through all of us and watches over us. >> reporter: amen, round of applause. a great woman! what is the web site? >> and if you want to look at our calendar go to community calendar. >> reporter: join the store and fund here on the weekend. the next hour we'll make or own candles! >> we are. >> reporter: you have to think of a flavor or scent that you want to wash up with tomorrow. we'll make it coming up. >> all right, thanks. >> amy: coming up, iowa, the
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>> amy: we're back, 8:31 on this tuesday, ground hog day, it feels like ground hog day around here. glad you are with us, i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, jayme king is outside on the ground hog day for a look at your forecast. >> amy: looking for his shadow. did you find it? >> jayme: not so much! i'm trying. >> john: what does it mean, one more day of winter? >> jayme: yes. exactly. in though 80s, go figure. good morning, the fog situation here in seminole county is getting a little better overall. i can see the cars now, here back of our weather deck along i-4. but, outside of that, the advisory continues, many spots now, enduring thick ground fog and look at the graphics you can see it goes until 10:00 a.m. and we'll peel it off by that time and visibilities are beginning to improve during the time. if you are leaving the house, do know we are subject to ground fog out there. it is locally dense and you can see now visibility is way low. you see zero at orlando and the map is red.
8:30 am
i want you to be mindful as to what is playing out. a live look at the gorgeous shores of cape canaveral. i take it back, our tower cam high atop the hyatt regency orlando. you can see things are locked in. our 7-day forecast shows 84 tomorrow. what! and now by friday, it continues, a strong front sweeps through and cools us down and a big rain chance, and i'll talk about that and full weather in 10 minutes, over to you. >> hi there, happy tuesday, and, roads are looking good despite all of the dense fog but there are a couple of crashes. the first one here at goldenrod and colonial. causing a bit of delays, nothing too sath. no word of any roadblocks. nothing too serious in that area. there is a partial roadblock, on conroy and vineland road on i-4. use caution and be aware if you are getting on the roadways.
8:31 am
things are slow and picking up. i-4 westbound will take you half an hour and i-4 eastbound, from those attractions to downtown, will take you about 18 minutes and the 408, the 417 to downtown, will take you 14 minutes. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you. >> all right. thank you. you decide 2016. the big surprise for some in iowa. at least for republicans. looks like hillary clinton is going to win the democratic race, and, iowa's democratic party says clinton has an insurmountable lead over senator bernie sanders but stopped short of officially declaring her the winner, they are in a virtual tie. martin o'malley unable to register with voters and dropped out and clinton is declared the winner by fox news and the republican side, ted cruz won in iowa and beat out donald trump. the billionaire -- why is there a check mark next to marco rubio. we are trying to fix that. and the g.o.p. front-runner was projected to win, however he came in second.
8:32 am
the red check mark and jeb bush >> john: now that the caucuses are over, we move on to the next state and the big question for a lot of people is why do we put so much stock in iowa when it is not representative of the rest of the country? orlando sentinel's scott maxwell joins me to talk about it. you had an article over the weekend discussing the exact issue. why is iowa so important? and should it be? >> you're exactly right and the answer is, i don't have a good answer and i think a growing question. it is not representative of the u.s. at large, demographically it is 90% white. and they caucus in strange ways, just as importantly, they get it wrong, not just compared to what i think or you think but the rest of the nation. they've put the republicans, for instance in the last two campaigns, they said rick santorum was number one. and mike huckabee.
8:33 am
the top. a lot of people are looking at iowa and going why. >> john: we had a political analyst who said in most cases they get it right. my point was, yeah, because if somebody gets so much attention the rest of the country says they won in iowa, maybe it is the right choice and have an abnormal amount of influence over the rest of the votes cast here in the primaries. >> i very much agree. and i think the phrase i used is it is an outside, oversized influence they have. and a lot of people don't know the way they go about it is strange. and in fact a lot of iowans don't participate in their caucuses. the democrats, for instance gather in high school gymnasiums and each candidate gets a corner and surrogates scream and yell at the other ones, like a game of red rover. from elementary school to try to get them into their corner and the clocks goes off and they count who is there. and that is how they assign
8:34 am
and since it can take an hour or good. these things. >> john: like the same reason we vote on tuesdays. an outdated agricultural model, with all the technology we have and importance now on these, there has to be a better way, for example you pointed out rotating it, where florida is this first or why not everybody go on the same day and we know? >> right. that's a great point, about tuesdays as well. i think the argument against letting some states go first, the notion that you shouldn't have a billion dollars to run for president. and one couldn't effectively run for president unless they had a billion dollars for the country. reality is all these guys get a ton of money. however you could accomplish both goals by having different states go first, one year, florida, oklahoma and illinois and another year, i washing new hampshire, south carolina.
8:35 am
parts of the country, globally representative and you still have to campaign around the nation and get and in person appeal but more representative and doesn't put the out-size attention on iowa, which, by the way, continues the corn subsidy every year because every candidate for president goes there and has to program them yet. >> john: and next week is new hampshire, for representative of the country -- not! >> and the maple syrup subsidy. >> john: check out his column in the orlando thanks, talk to you soon. >> my pleasure, thanks. >> amy: we're now learning more about the good samaritan hit and killed while trying to help a motorcycle crash victim, the story kicks off or morning rush. 33-year-old tina martin was a mother of three. she was hit and killed on u.s. 1 in volusia county early sunday morning while trying to help a man, troopers say martin was kneeling over the motorcyclist who crashed when they were both
8:36 am
martin's brother says he's not surprised that she was trying to help someone in her last moments. >> if she saw someone in need, she'd help them, without thinking would jump out and help someone, that is who she was. i love and miss her. >> amy: a go fund my page is set up for martin's funeral expenses. today the trial continues for a former couple, locked in a legal battle over a winning lottery ticket. howard browning is suing his ex-girlfriend, for half of her $1 million prize, that she won in 2007. he said he had a deal with here more than ten years if they ever won they'd share the winnings but instead, browning says that she walked away from their relationship. >> a convicted killer could have his sentence reduced if an appeals court gets its way. he was originally senated to 45 years in prison for second degree murder after killing an
8:37 am
now an appeals court out of datona beach says the charge should be reduced to manslaughterer because he didn't act out of malice or ill will. investigators say he was defending his brother at the time of the fatal stabbing. coming up adele versus donald trump? >> john: the message he has for him and any other candidates who want to use her music, coming up. >> amy: also this morning it was on this day in history, february 2nd, 1981, shena easton released "morning train" and got her start on a british reality show. making her one of the first reality tv success stories, before kill elly clarkson, what was the name of the show?
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my baby takes the morning train ... >> amy: if your baby is on sun rail this morning you are digging the tune. on this day in history, february 2nd, 1981, shena easton released train. easton got her start on the british reality show, making her one of the first reality tv success stories, what was the name of that tv show? was it called rising star? red-hot? or the big time? what was the name of the tv show, the reality show, in britain, where she got her big start? this is interesting, because this is -- we would think, "american idol," breaking ground, kelly clarkson, turns out this show is breaking ground because that is where she was found. and, david martin, first, what do you think, the brits love reality tv over there. >> they sure do and we thought maybe it was benny hill. but no.
8:42 am
your answer. >> rising star. [applause]. >> yea! >> was that a question mark? >> amy: rising star is what they are saying. gina and jayme. >> it is rare we are picked before lu. >> rising star. >> gina: sounds good. >> and we think luanne and -- and you guys didn't watch a lot of '80s british tv -- >> i like shena easton and i remember... >> and, big names over there. >> the big time. the big time. >> rising star. >> i'll go with rising star. and i think we should stay it with an exclamation mark. >> rising star. >> okay. they are saying rising star. >> john: i thought rising star was here.
8:43 am
you are correct, sir! >> amy: no. that was star search. >> john: i think rising star was here first. i'll go with the big time. >> amy: feeling confident? >> john: the big time. >> amy: red-hot? here's your answer. it was the big time! >> amy: shena easton was in school, going to a music an drama school and the producers called and said, anybody that can work for our show and they were like, yeah, she could work and they loved her and they thought she was beautiful and could sing and hit the big time! i don't know where she is now but she was a lopping time anyway -- a long time anyway. sorry, david, the big time. >> time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: for that -- 106.7, who put the question mark in the
8:44 am
it is ray's fault. >> what? hey, guys! >> amy: it comes up every election cycle. people who sing don't want the candidates using their songs and this time it is adele, right? yes. to push rallies, too. and aerosmith, tried to use the dream on song and steven tyler's lawyer sent him a cease an use this song. we did not give you permission an adele find out he's using her rolling in the deep song and so she's getting tweets from followers, saying, listen, you need to put a stop to this because adele has made it known since 2011 that she was not going to have her music endorse any political campaigning. and is putting a stop to it right now. and you better stop using her music and anybody else for that,
8:45 am
asking them, he's playing it. >> john: you don't want one side and one side -- you like donald trump and we will not listen to your music. but she credits sarah palin with making her famous, remember, they appeared on the same night, one of the shows, the same nights on, it got her all the attention and she said sarah palin made her career. >> amy: i didn't know that. >> yes. that is what she said before and she said i don't want this to be out there anymore, because she doesn't want to look like she's endorsing them like you said. but sarah palin does have to credit her a little for how he came out and became popular. >> john: and christina aguilera is speaking up for moms. >> she is, she'll be on the cover of the march issue of women's health, and she's being this voice of all of the women out there saying there is a long list of things we have to do, being a mother and all the pressures from society, i'm not
8:46 am
is very long. you have to get pregnant and have the baby and breast feed and take care of them. a long list and then, you have to keep your mate happy and possibly bounce back as fast as you can. she's saying that she uses yoga to calm her down. and you have to find your inner peace and take time out for yourself. and, of course, those very expensive spa packages probably help! >> amy: right, she can afford! and a trainer and personal chef! all that help. >> exactly! yep! it is good she's speaking out, making it known the list is very long for women. to take care of a child. >> amy: all right, someday, ray. someday. we'll talk to you soon. from xl 106.7. >> john: here's jayme king with your accu-weather forecast. >> jayme: good morning. let's talk about things now. we're seeing temperatures now
8:47 am
locations, we've had some long hanging 50s now over north central florida, otherwise everybody, this great equalizer has proven to be dense ground fog in place. and, overall the visibility still very, very low, improving forth of palm coast and i think as we go toward 10:00 we'll see the advisory lifted but i want you to take your time, slow it down, thick out there. along our interstates and i-495 and areas south. temperatures now statewide showing us nice blend of 50s, 60s, the tropical side of the state, the keys, 75, key west and close to that now lauderdale and miami and temperatures, again as i said to you, through the 50s and 60s and some spots closer to 70. as you look ahead to the day ahead, sun and clouds and isolated risk of brief passing shower and not a big deal and not everyone sees raindrops, isolated 10 the 20% closer to
8:48 am
night and thursday, this thing gets closer to the region and we'll see a line of showers and storms draped south of the main area of low pressure. good grief, look at the snow moving toward minneapolis and southern wisconsin and jantsville and rockford and chicago land and lines of showers, ominous looking scene taking shape, a potential for severe weather and enhanced severe weather potential over the gulf south and the modeling shows shower activity along the east coast and as we go into wednesday night, tomorrow night and thursday, when we see the big front load up and the rain chances to ensue, through thursday morning and the day time hours, and by friday feel back the rain chance and bring back the sun and bring in the much cooler air mass, as told by the 7-day forecast. as we show the winds increasing and rain chances dropping as
8:49 am
high, ample sun, 64. that's your forecast, we have a little weather baby. are you kidding me? amy kaufeldt. look at that! >> amy: i love those eyes. >> mom and dad, gorgeous boy. thank you very much. is the place for your fox 35 gdo weather babies. check us out today. here's gina. >> happy tuesday, roads are not looking bad. we do have a couple of crashes, the first one, this one on maitland avenue in orlando, causing delays there. both directions. we have a crash at goldenrod and colonial and these are more significant. a lot of people on the roadways, a lot of fog and looking at the drive times, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 25 minutes right now but i-4
8:50 am
those attractions to downtown will take you 15 minutes, and on the 408, 417 to downtown, will take you 13 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic, back to you. . >> amy: coming up, facebook making more changes now.
8:51 am
will >> john: time to check this out, facebook news feed is about to make a change. >> amy: luanne is on top of all of this and is here to tell us how we'll see the changes. >> luanne: good morning, guys, they are at it gape. facebook is switching things up. the company announced they'll be filling your feed with posts that you are more likely to enjoy instead of just this ones that are popular out there on
8:52 am
now, facebook has been surveying thousands of users about the posts on their news feedings and wanted to know who posts users liked seeing and facebook has made it easier for people to ignore posts they don't care about and now want to feature the coasts that are the most meaningful to you and that means a post won't necessarily make it to the top of your feed, just because it is going viral than changes willing not affect how your news feed looks and will stay like this but you could see posts that you like more right there, at the top. guys? >> john: i don't understand why some of my posts, from other people -- there are people i like to follow and i don't see stuff from them. >> amy: and you say, i wonder why i haven't seen anything and they posted stuff but it isn't popping up. a lot more coming up on "good day orlando" at nine. >> john: punxsutawney phil made his prediction but we have our own ground dog day forecaster.
8:53 am
morning, may be the dumbest tv of all time! >> who knows! wait until you see how he predicts it here. >> amy: we can't predict what will happen. >> john: and a new trend in schools, better for kids to stand while learning, we'll take a look. >> amy: and stubborn now, stubborn for life, how your kids' stubbornness could help them later down the road and david martin. >> a reminder, amy, we have been live all morning, home to angels life foundation, a boutique where everything in the store, candles and bath salts made by hand by these lovely women but you, too, can learn to make them, taking classes here, one class, one craft at a time. my friend, the founder, what is
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>> reporter: helps fight the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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