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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bob: coming up mmmmmmmmm >> right now on fox 35 news at six... . bob: a would be robber picks the wrong store, the wrong clerk. some suspect enter as aggravates station thinking he would leavem with cash. sonni: instead he would run out
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derrol nail has more on the suspect. the specced walks in on the sugar creek convenience store in mims a week ago. according to the sheriff's office, he orders the clerk apparently at gun point to put all the cash in the bag he's holding. at first dave, the clerk complies. >> i was scared for dave at first. reporter: david may is a regular customers of the sugar shack where dave the clerk works and knows him well. >> nice guy and down to earthr but the cruck, who is also former military didn't appreciate the suspect allegedly store. as the bad guy leaned too far over the register, the former marine jumped into action grabbing the robber's weapon. at one point the clerk throws several blows to the suspect's face. >> he told me, dave, he goes, i
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because i had the gun, do you know what i am saying? after that he said i just wailed him. reporter: watch again as the vet pommels the thief who suddenly find himself overwhelmed and over matched by the clerk. the spec then decides to turn tail and run with the clerk who now has his gun right behind him. >> dave let him have it, i mean big time. reporter: you saw the images of the clerk coming around the corner now, with the suspect's weapon. in fact he pulled the trigger on it twice, but that's when he realized that was not a real gun. it was an airsoft gun. >> to me it would be armed robbie, whatever gun, you know what i am saying? i hope they catch the guy. reporter: the suspect described as a white male 5'8" with medium build jumped into a older large four-door car similar to a lincoln town car. if you have information about the spec, please call crime line.
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bob: the city of orlando is committed to a $75 million investment in the ucf downtown campus. the university needed the money. they had been struggling to raise that capital for the new campus they want. the deal includes $20 million in land. taxpayers would also pay millions for infrastructure and parking improvements to handle the thousands of students expected once the campus is built and operational. orlando city commissioners will discuss that deal on monday. awl developing tonight the florida department of health is reporting six new cases of the zika virus in florida. officials say the virus is believed to have been brought in from out of state. the total number in florida is now nine. so far the cdc hasn't identified... our state as an area of risk. sonni: new tonight a hit-and-run is tracked down. a woman appearing to be under
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and the victim tracks down the suspect. valerie boey explains how he stopped her from hurting anyone else. reporter: troopers charge that suspect of leaving the scene of the crash and d u i. as it turns out the biker who caught her is a law enforcement, too from south florida. here at glen brook resort vacationers enjoy the peace and quiet. on friday night anabolic 7:30 it was anything but peaceful. >> they come rolling in and they are great guys. a group of of men with motorcycles are staying a few doors down. according to investigators the men suddenly saw a jetta swerving to the center of the street. we talked to kevin via phone who was guiding his six friends into the driveway with their motorcycles as the jetta approach. >> i saw the lady strike the motorcycle and then continue on. luckily for arrack and the his passenger, that she didn't come up another... if had been
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probably would have crushed his legs. he went after her. reporter: troopers arrested 56-year-old lorry johnson. the motorcyclist who was hit followed johnson and then took her keys. kelvin said two other friends helped stop her. >> the lady had her stopped in the street and fire rescue was there. reporter: but they weren't the only rescuers there. kelvin was once a law enforcement officer from virginia. >> i am retired and mr. brown is active law enforcement. every year they head to glen rook for rest and relaxation, but this time it took a different turn. >> at this time you deal with the situation as it is. you don't like think about those things when you are on vacation. >> it's a shame something like that had to happen to them while they were here. reporter: he's glad no one else got hurt. >> they jumped into action and
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out and hurt somebody else. reporter: troopers say johnson was cursing and screaming at them during the arrest. meanwhile she's out of jail on a $2500 bond. valerie boey, fox 35 news. bob: in tonight's evening rush a grand jury detailed stephen dux bury on several charges including first-degree murderer. he a security guard accused of killing sasha in her downtown apartment last year. new information on the shooting death of an altamont teenager. detectives say the car crashed into a light pole and harris is found lying on the ground next to it. tonight we will hear from concerned neighbors as they called 911 shortly after those shots were fired. >> there's been a shooting out here in the neighborhood.
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>> i didn't see them, i heard four shots. >> if you shots. >> people are running. >> there are gunshots right at my house. >> sir, how many shots did you hear? about eight or nine. oh, jesus. we got a kid bleeding out on the ground. >> somebody was shot? >> yes, there's a kid bleeding out on the ground, hurry up, now! bob: harris unfortunately died at the hospital. investigators are still looking for his shooter. a shooting suspect is caught on camera, the seminole county sheriff's office releasing this video shows a man walking down drivers. one person was shot in the arm during this incident. it happened on friday. it remains unclear who fired that shot. tonight the suspect remains sonni: now at six lawmaker are trying to make sure that kids in
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it might surprise you to know that not all schools currently have recess. mike has more to explain. reporter: the fight is being led by a former orange county teacher turned state rep and the orange county schools oppose it. several mothers showed up in tallahassee to tell the state to give their playgrounds back. >> most schools have playgrounds anyway. reporter: recesses don't like cost taxpayers anything extra. >> to say it would be disadvantage because there are not enough minutes in the day is engine wide receiver. reporter: the bill mandates 100 minutes of recess every week broken to a mandatory of 20 minutes every day. orange county is against it. >> we support the concept of recess and we agree with the
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we know the research supports it. reporter: the school day may or may not be longer and other subjects could suffer. >> when making that decision, there's something they may not be able to do. it may be five minutes from science. reporter: with all those mom looks on the bill passed the committee easily. we will continue to watch as it makes its way to the legislator. sonni: with iowa in the rear view mirror the candidates turn their attention to new hampshire. bob: including marker. we will talk it gretta van susven about how the results will affect the race going forward. glenn: forecast in central florida calling for more rain. showers out to the north and west of us, all of that is moving north.
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sonni: fresh off a strong showing in iowa, presidential hopeful and florida senator marco rubio has his eyes on the granite state. he met with voters in new hampshire today after that strong third finish in iowa. >> here's the bottom line, this country cannot afford hillary clinton or bernie sanders and not only am i principled and a strong conservative, but i can grow the conservative movement. i can take our message to people who haven't voted to us before and bring them on to the conservative movement. that means we win the election and we win the future. sonni: rubio is one of several big surprises of last night as the field starts to narrow.
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o'malley and mike huckabee are both suspending their campaigns. let's check in with fox news anchor greta van susteren with what last night's results mean for the candidates moving forward. i want to stop with donald trump if he doesn't skip more debates and call more voters stupid, do you think he has a good chance of winning in new hampshire? >> you can believe the polls, he's got a commanding lead, 33 points he's up in the most recent, new hampshire poll. it's his to lose. he lost iowa because he didn't have a ground game. i don't think he understood the way iowa works. you need people on the ground and getting people and bringing them to the caulk. i think he thought his celebrity power would dawessal everybody. bob: ted cruz certainly appeals to the evangelicals in iowa.
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new hampshire? >> in 2008 governor huckabee won the evangelical vote in iowa. a week later he didn't win the new hampshire primary. it was senator john mccain. the voters in iowa and new hampshire have a different appetite for who did want in the white house. buzz he won iowa, it doesn't mean he's clear sailing in new hampshire by any means and has the problem that donald trump has such a commanding lead right now. >> marco rubio has to be the more energized campaign out there right now. >> he's thrilled. he will get a lot of campaign donations in the next few days because he got the win behind him. remember when he gets to new hampshire not only is trump leading, he has to front the three governors and they will get a lot of that moderate vote he hopes to get that he picked up in iowa. it's a whole new race for him.
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sanders, narrow victory for hillary, bernie going to do well in new hampshire, but will he do well after that? >> people don't like think so. she needed to win big in iowa. she got lucky because it was so close. senator sanders is winning in new hampshire by a huge margin. the problem he phase when they go on to south carolina i think secretary clinton will have a stronger campaign there and she's even got former attorney general eric holder running ads for her in south carolina and he's popular there. bernie sanders will have a hard time in south carolina and that's the next one on the calendar. bob: who benefits from mike huckabee dropping out?
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nobody because he wasn't very poet want this time around. i don't think he hearse or helps anybody, one less person on the stage. bob: thank you so much. >> nice talking to you. sonni: another hot day out of the. glenn: normally temperatures should be 72, we were around 80 and 84. warm weather and it will stick with us for a bit longer. cloud cover across the area, moist in the area to produce fog. the moisture sticks with us later in the day and works its way up above where it's colder and turns into clouds. live radar is currently rain free. 74 in sanford, 76 in leesburg. temperatures one to two degrees warmer tonight than last night. east-seriously wind, eventually
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the day tomorrow because of approaching storm system, blizzard to the north and cold front for us on thursday it happened humidity levels are high, 80 ian williams%. live picture downtown 75 degrees east wind currently at 14 miles-per-hour. it will another warm evening. high of 84. early morning low was 13 degrees warmer than normal due to extra holiday hanging around. warmer than normal for two more days. more dense fog expected also and then the rain shows up mainly thursday. 76 in tampa, 73 in jacksonville. there's the big storm blizzard like conditions, heavy snow, up to a foot in western wisconsin and minnesota, also a trailing cold front that is currently very potent and is currently pricing severe weather. by the time the front shows up here it will be knocking on the door on thursday. thursday 5:00 a.m. rain showers
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the showers continue through the morning and the showers continue through the afternoon, not expecting anything heavy, no big thunderstorms. this will just produce rain. clearing temporarily on friday and then more rain showers on saturday. bob: there's a chance tat tony stewart may have run his last race ever at daytona. the three time sprint cup champion is in the hospital tonight after hurting his back in an atv accident. he's awake and can move his arms and legs. the accident happened on sunday somewhere on the west coast. the 44-year-old is due to report to daytona international speedway next week to start prepping for the 500. he already announced this will be his last season. the legendary steve spurrier has
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the old ball coach teed up with the ladies ot lpga tour. i caught up with spurrier to talk about life an football, his golf game and gators and more. >> playing more, not playing as well as i used to. >> coach spurrier's golf game should come back around. he's got more time to play since stepping away as the head coach in carolina in october. he doesn't have to deal with the recruiting craziness at a time like right now with deadline is wednesday. >> i don't like the recruiting the way they do it now. the coaches are working their tails off pretty much year round. it's full time job now. i am sorglad i am out of it. >> there are things the coach will miss. >> i miss the games. they are the most fun for me.
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when you have good teams and players that really play their hearts out, that's the fun part of it. >> although he's still a paid employee at south carolina, it's clear the gators still hold a special place in spurrier's heart and he thinks coach mackle wane has a bright future. >> [indiscernible] so yeah, i think the coach has done a super job of what he did last year, win ten games with not all that freight a team really. good team, but i think they will get stronger as they keep going. >> spurrier can still hit the golf ball. you can hear more from him on sunday night. he's the focus on our sport zone spotlight feature interview at the fox 35 sports zone. bob: tough news waiting to get their hands on tesla's latest suv. sonni: one celebrity is already
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we will talk live with tmz how jaydon smith got his hands on this still to be released to the public ride. bob: you can fill up your tesla at $1.64 if you go to the speedway on metro west boulevard in orlando. >> here's what brewing tonight on fox 35, brought to you by dunkin' donuts. tonight on fox 35, check out two
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>> fox 35 news is brought to you in part by toyota of orlando and the all new toyota of claire metropolitan. bob: he's barely old enough to drive. tmz's producer gary is out there iphollywood. when i got my license i got a beat up old volkswagen bug. >> your dad is not will smith i don't care. jaden smith, he got one of those brand new tesla model xs. these r suvs everybody wants. they push it back over a year. it's bit waiting to be released. jaydon was able to snag one of the first ones. goes to to 0 to 60 in 0.23 seconds.
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bob: my volkswagen bug had a racing stripe on it. >> nice. bob: i know, right? got all the girls with that ride. >> pretty good. sonni: when it worked. bob: they had to push it down the hill.
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