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we go further, so you can. captioned by
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ps >> announcer: now on fox 35 news -- >> his eyes got really, really big. >> a bet turns the tables on an armed robber. why he decided to risk his own life and take down that suspect. new tonight, teachers in one central florida county demanding a raise. why they say the negotiations are not fair. i'm keith landry in osceola county working on the catfish capper. the question why would anyone put a catfish in this mailbox right here? >> announcer: right now on fox 35 news at 10:00. >> he took the gun off of me was able top thep >> hep just seconds. we're talking to the gas
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accused robber. but this isn't any ordinary clerk. >> no, he's an army veteran who has already seen his fair share of danger. tiffany teasley joining us live to explain what went down. >> reporter: the bad guy was in for quite a surprise when the clerk/veteran quickly turned the tables sending the suspect running away. this surveillance video from the brevard county sheriff's office shows an armed robber pointing a gun at the clerk demanding money. it happened last tuesday here at the b.p. gas station in mims. >> he was using a lot of profanity. just telling me fought money in the bag. >> reporter: but things didn't go as planned for the robber that is. >> i kind of went into my training mode. i had to get the gun away as fast easy could and to inflict as much damage as i could. >> reporter: you see the clerk 34-year-old david dick isn't just any clerk, he's an army veteran who did five tours in iraq as a specialist.
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end well for the robber. >> he made the first mistake he took the begun off of me for that split second and i was able to take control of the situation. >> reporter: even though the gun was fake at the time david didn't know that. he was able to grab the gun and put` the suspect in a chokehold. you can see` him punching him multiple times. >> he was standing like a little bit right here. so he was close enough to me. whenever that's when i knew i had a chance as soon as i got him to look away. >> reporter: dropping the money the robber eventually runs out of the store as fast as possible. >> trying to get away from me as fast as any way he possibly could. >> reporter: tonight the robber is still on the run and this husband and father of five hopes he's caught. >> are having a gunpointed at your face it changes you. over $60 this man wanted to ruin somebody's life. >> reporter: while david acted off his instincts he
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especially when they're arm. anyone with information on crime line. in the studio,tive any teasley, fox 35 news. >> enough is enough. enough is enough. >> protestors demanding a new contract. hundreds were at tonight's school board meeting where some are complaining they're being treat the unfairly. fox 35's keith landry has the whole story. the district has reached an impasse in contract talks but the school board says it is ready to go back to the negotiating table. we don'tx feel we are a priority. a half hour before school leaders met. teachers lined up along the street outside the seminole county school district building in sanford holding up signs and chanting. inside a sea of red shirts, teachers and their supporters demanding raises. the school district says teachers received a 2.4% increase for 2015.
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district offered a raise of 2.25% some teachers claim the negotiating process is not fair. >> our four marking unit have put contract language in that you want to say was negotiated it was simply struck pages and pages word for word struck. striking. i don't find that to be bargaining i find that to be scolding. >> reporter: on a fact sheet released to the public before a meeting the school district said we're ready to bargain or take whatever steps will most expeditiously bring bargaining to a conclusion as we always have been. right now the average teacher in seminole county makes just under $47,600 a year. in the satellite center, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> keith, thank you. teachers in volusia county held their own protest last week. tonight vurkt schools say it's -- volusia county schools say it's
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reached an impasse. its offer of a more than 3% pay raise was rejected. >> developing tonight, the city of orlando is planting $75 million worth of land and infrastructure to help fund the university of central florida's downtown campus. u can cf wants to build that campus near the amway arena. the city would give $42 million worth of land to u.c.f. they would also pay for construction on the roads, suers and parking. school officials then hope to get $20 million approved by the state legislature. if all goes well the downtown campus could open as early as the fall of 2018. in orange county, skyfox over a crash involving a deputy's patrol car this afternoon. it happened on orange blossom trail near west oakridge road. the car pulled into the path of an oncoming deputy and the two vehicles collided. the deputy was taken to the hospital with just minor injuries. charges are pending against the other driver.
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a grand jury has indicted a downtown orlando apartment security guard in the first-degree murder and sexual battery charge of one of the residents that he was hired to protect. stephen duxbury is accused of killing 27-year-old sasha at her uptown place apartment back in october. he has been in the orange county jail on bond. bond. after investigators say she was raped, strangled and her body doused in bleach. another man charged with first-degree murder went before a judge today 62-year-old david payne was indicted in the death of 25-year-old jas ja jasmine samuel. authorities were able to track him down after three damon hunt led them to a sam's club near the blossom trail.
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woman's side of a he said she said battle over a winning lottery ticket. len took the stand today giving her side of the story. it was her ex-boyfriend who is suing her for half of a $1 million scratchoff prize from 2007. now he says that the two had a deal going for more than 10 years that if either one of them won that they would share the prize money. instead browning said she walked away from the relationship. i had to show identification. >> the trial is expected to last through the rest of the week. sunny. >> you decide 2016 now focusing on new hampshire. these costs have a lot of
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the poll here surveyed more than 1400 voters on the republican side donald trump has a 24-point lead over ted cruz who as you know won the iowa caucus last night. marco rubio is in third with 10%. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders has a 33-point lead. over hillary clinton. the former secretary of state made her face to voters in new hampshire tonight. >> to lead with my heart combined with my experience and judgment and my commitment and determination to serve you will win your support. police come out and support me next tuesday. >> thank you all very much. >> tonight donald trump is also courting voters in new hampshire by saying the other candidates are influenced by special interests. >> they all have money and it's all from drought, it's from oil it's from different things. now those people are 100%
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they're going to take care of those interests. with me, i have just want to take care of you i just want to do the right thing. >> here's the got line this country cannot afford hillary clinton or bernie sanders and president only am i principled but i can grow the conservative union. i can take our message to people that have not voted for us before and bring them on and into the conservative movement and that means we win the election and we win the future. >> looking ahead now with our political power panel in house we have frank taurus and carol cox talking a night. as we look ahead what to expect from the candidates. on g.o.p. side we saw an incredible performance from what do you expect from him
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as opposed to more the evangelical conservatives in iowa. there have been other can candidates who have focused their do you see them benefiting from any of that push that they've been trying to do in that state. ivl for them probably not could have had more of an opportunity but as frank just said i think they will take the establishment supporters and he will run with it now. he is starting to claim a bigger part of the pie already. is there any way any other way that this could go in new hampshire for him. you| know, he will be the favoritex going into new hampshire. hillary clinton does have a large financial after. maybe she can can close the
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she's really moving into bernie sanders country now. >> do you think she was scared at all by the performance last night. it was pretty close but you have to think she sweeting a little bit toward the -- sweating a little bit toward the end of the night. >> i think she was hoping to eke out a win and she just barely did thatch i think shields it was going to be a close race going into iowa. knowing she's not going win it then very quickly set her sights on south carolina. >> okay, carol good to see you. frank, good city you we'll bring you back, thank you. fox 35 is your source for politics. keep it right here for expert coverage and analysis you can't get anywhere else. and to the people keeping track florida's presidential primary just a month and a half away march 15th. bob. >> well, from what in the world department here a family in hosht went out to get the mail and discovered a dead catfish stuffed in the mailbox.
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something a little more serious. holy anaconda a woman discovers a snake in her backyard. hear what it took to snap that slithery serpent. let's call it an on-line executor. a new bill that would allow you to put someone in charge of all of your social media and digital accounts after
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a new case inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd a a ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... ..... . yoyou'u'llll o onlnly y gegett frfromom a a s steteakakbuburgrgerer.. ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, hohomeme o of f ththe e ororigigininalal
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is it a prank or a problem? >> they find that in their mailbox it's actually on the right hand portion. yeah, tonight they're wondering if that mystery could maybe lead to something a bit more sinister. fox 35's keith landry has the story.
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this creepy cat in your mail fox now trying to figure out why someone stuck a this all started monday morning when the mailman came up to the family front door and gave them the mail and told them that someone left a fish in the mailbox. madison took these photos then after she pulled it out and put it on ground. >> he was definitely slimy he was still wet for sure. and when i pulled him out he was about 12 inches she hasn't forget not about about what happened. claims her family keeps to themselves. madison and her husband hope this is a prank that will not become a problem. the fish in my mailbox now is somebody going to throw
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eventually. >> reporter: in osceola county, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> the family does plan to report the catfish incident to st. cloud police. new at 10:00 from flagler county a former homeowner's president has been arrested in palm day awuds -- accused of stealing organization. the florida department of law enforcement says 53-year-old alonzo used to be the president as well as the property manager for the palm bay club condominiums. he stole all of that money over a period of about four years. tonight he's charged withing oned scheme to defraud. -- charged with organized scheme to defraud. hit-and-run usually ends after a run part. but when a suspected drunk driver clipped a remember forecop on his motorcycle it turned into a hit-and-run and chase and then arrest. here's valerie boy. >> reporter: while florida highway patrol troopers say they've charged the suspect with leaving the scene of a crash and d.u.i. but it turns out they had some
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>> investigators say 56-year-old lori johnson hit a motorcycle then took. on it happened on glen brook boulvard in claremont. troopers say the motorcyclist followed the driver along with two other friends. investigators say the men took johnson's keys and called for help. we talked to one of the victim's friends via phone. he says the person hit is a law enforcement officer out of south florida. troopers say johnson was cursing and screaming at them during the arrest. out of jail on a $2,500 bond. cops going under cover to find out what's going on with the people living under the cover of tents at the volusia county administration building. he's kelly joyce. >> reporter: police chief mike chitwood told us today he had two undercover officers sleeping with the homeless out here for street. they were embedded with the homeless and according to the police chief there was a lot of criminal activity going on, including sales of drugs, beating of one man, and even prostitution. the chief says this will not be tolerated. he knows there are some homeless that are chronic homeless that really need a criminal element that has
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and he wants it to stop. he's removed them from beach street here says if they come back they refuse to leave he will arrest them again. >> his friends aren't sure why he ran from police but whatever the reason that chase cost a young man his life. david williams with the story. >> reporter: 28-year-old vincent foster is dead after authorities say he crashed his car right here in the ocala anthony area. bits and pieces of car parts and a broken street sign. evidence of last night's violent crash along west anthony road in ocala. rewind to about 11:10 last night, ocala police say an officer saw a silver dodge neon speeding. the officer chased for a short while but wasn't able to catch up to the car. the vehicle lost control and went onto the shoulder. the violent impact snapped both a utility pole and a tree in half. foster died on scene. and for more on that story and the rest of today's
10:20 pm gina benefit tez here i have a couple clorgs to tell you about the first one here is on i-4 eastbound from par all the way can down to princeton. we're going to have two right lanes closed all week long during the overnight hours. so just be aware of that. i do want to tell you about something else two left lanes closed all the way from colonial down to the 408 exit. this work is actually going on until monday morning. this is also during the overnight hours just be careful and be aware if this is part of your normal commute. remember you can actually check out traffic and construction updates on your own smartphone. to download the fox 35 weather and traffic app text the word keyword iphone or android. beautiful weather for today big changes on the way later in the week. a new cold front means rain and cooler temperatures.
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>> also ahead the slithering surprise in a central florida backyard. later help for men who want to look their best.
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clothes. well, we're having a bit of a heat wave right now
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>> no, it's not. another cold front is on the way for thursday but it's not going to be a severe front. >> perfect. >> that's great news. >> that's always good. >> forecast here looking pretty good. right now this groundhogs day. did you know? >> i did know. >> bob knew. yeah. spring is coming it's just around the corner but we never really have winter 71 in sanford that is your normal high temperature for this time of the year in sanford. it's your current temperature right now at 72 in melbourne, 72 in the villages. our temperatures are running still about four to nine degrees warmer tonight compared to last night. last night was warm. but the humidity still very high running around 85 to 90% there will be a few pockets of fog around. but because it's going to be warmer tonight the fog will not be quite as dense nor widespread. 70 degrees currently downtown. very comfortable night so still more warm weather for the next two days. still some locally dense fog. a few pockets especially
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then rain is now likely as we go through the day on thursday. computer models continue run after run of new data still saying the same thing pretty much. rain right in the middle of the day on thursday. 74 in tampa, 76 in miami, 68 in jacksonville. where's the storm? there's the storm. this is a big one, too. it's spread out. currently the low is located right now in southern minnesota. some desent snow to the north of it they just got hit real hard through iowa and wisconsin with heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions. a line of severe weather right now extending from just west of new orleans still extend thing up through portionses of tennessee and also eastern kentucky but it looks like this front is in fact weakening a little bit. for us what we will get with this front is a weakened cold front on thursday morning this is at 5:00 a.m. some rainshowers moving through ocala and gainesville. then eventually by later on in the morning they start to move into metro orlando. 10:00 a.m. just beginning to move on through.
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thursday definitely will be rainy as we get into late thursday afternoon and early evening could be a few areas of heavier showers forming as the winds begin to switch around to the north and west. so again the timing of the rain on thursday basically mid to late morning through about early evening. then as we get into friday 2:00 in the afternoon beautiful day. lots of sunshine. looks good. but unfortunately, that will fade because moisture returns as we get into saturday and sunday. we'll throw a lot chance for rainshowers in our forecast for this upcoming weekend. won't be anything real heavy but definitely still some showers on the way. seven-day forecast zero for tomorrow, 84 very balmy day. 77 with rain likely on thursday. beautiful weather on friday. cooler high of 68 . there's your chance for more showers this weekend. >> i'm amy coming up tomorrow morning on good day orlando the country's top doctor just endorsed a new version of a controversial vaccine for kids.
10:26 pm
h.p.v. vaccine. that story is coming up tomorrow morning on good day orlando where pediatrician will explain some of those changes and why doctors are now suggesting that kids even younger should be vaccinated. that story plus, your overnight news, weather and traffic it all starts right here 4:30 to 10:00 a.m. on good day orlando. we'll see you then. we all know that a last will and testament determines who gets all your stuff after you pass. digital property? >> coming up after the break putting someone in charge of all your social media and digital accounts well, for after you die. the pump patrol $1.64 at the speedway on turkey lake road and production plaza in orlando. a couple pennies more in owe veto. like us on facebook at fox 35 news and follow us on
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hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new ways to save money. pwell today, i'm going to share with you pa simple tip that could help you stretch your budget when it comes to your grocery shopping. not bad. pit's easy: bogos from other stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. orlando, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $15.95 in this week's basket - that's 12% including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> announcer: right now on fox live news. >> well, it's time to start making plans in the social media age. what happens to your facebook, your twitter, your instagram accounts and more if you become incapacity
10:30 pm
incapacitated or you die. >> a new bill will allow a custodian. >> fox's hayley heinz explains it's needed now actually more than ever. >> reporter: we tweet, we facebook, we instagram, every single post increases our digital assets. they have no cash value but when we die who gets them? >> it's a very strange topic. >> reporter: a very 2016 kind of topic. >> i feel like it would just like go away. the florida state legislature is there's a bill making its way through the house and senate that would allow floridaians to designate an on-line custodian a caretaker e-mail, bank and even healthcare accounts. >> for some people i would want them to have my bank account but then some people have my facebook. i wouldn't want to share everything. >> i prefer that my social media just be deleted completely. >> reporter: a similar bill was dropped last year because internet service provider worried it would force them to violate privacy agreements with customers. the updated version now requires account owners to
10:31 pm
has control of their passports. >> digital assets will be distributed as stated in the separate writing in the will. >> reporter: attorney updated the wordest of his bill. >> we put language in the will that organizes for all the passwords to be used by the personal representative. >> reporter: he's pleased to see this bill moving along so that as a password will be one less worry. >> we had a number of people that died that did all their banking on-line and nobody knows their password much less to their accounts it's very important to give someone the wad word and the power to use it. >> reporter: hayley heinz, fox 35 news. sites like facebook they have the option to choose a legacy contact someone who can oversee your profile without being able to post as you or to access all your messages. now this bill would give custodians full control. today it passed unanimously in the state senate. a companion bill is now on its way through the florida house.
10:32 pm
brevard county a scary surprise in one woman's backyard. a dangerous snake. darryl nail reports from mel born. -- melbourne. >> there are very few places where you can find a green anaconda snake but one melbourne woman found one in backyard. >> just another day her next door neighbor came running over to her house looking white as a ghost telling her she had a green anaconda in her backyard. one of the largest snakes in the world. this one probably only a year or two old just a baby anaconda but even so she asked for help and her neighbor sent her father-in-law over with a shovel and he was able to corral the snake and get it to wind around the shovel handle until animal control was called to take it away. this snake can be deadly and so it did put quite a scare
10:33 pm
next door neighbor. >> the look the eyes and everything i'll never forget it. it's something you will never forget. so i was just telling my son and my niece is like don't go in the backyard i'm nervous don't go back there there could be babies. they said it was a female. so we don't really know. >> the snake was brought to a local exotic pet store here in melbourne. they held onto it until the florida fish and wildlife commissioner could check it out. the snake will be put down. in melbourne, darryl nail, fox 35 news. and developing tonight the florida supreme court has put an execution plan for next week on hold. kerry michael was convicted of killing two people back in 1983. today lawyers asked the state's highest court to spare him and every other florida death row inmate. citing a u.s. supreme court ruling from last month that found florida's death penalty be unconstitutional. because the judge is the one
10:34 pm
decision not the juries. 390 people right now sitting on florida's death row. earlier tonight i got a chance to speak with are a nay sussman. >> the debate before court today was far broader than his case. there was an assistant attorney general for the state of florida who argued that the interpretation should be a narrow one and that there should not be some sort of blanket you should be saying all people should be given life prison sentences it's an open question as to what the court will do. clearly, two of the justices today express misgivings about the way the state has implemented its death penalty in the past. says it's problematic it's an outlier. chief justice fred lewis said he struggled with this issue. but not all five justices who were involved in this case made clear where they
10:35 pm
>> kerry michael was scheduled to die next thursday february 11th. the florida supreme court said that it would be delayed until it issued another order. the court did not provide any further details. so keep it tuned right here to fox 35 we'll have the latest. in tallahassee a house panel voted 8-1 today in favor of a proposal that would change the state's death penalty law. the measure would require at least nine out of 12 jurors a vote for the death penalty putting the power back basically in the jury's hands. >> to me, that is exactly what the american jury system is about. >> if a jury is opposed to the death penalty or has a specific equal remain they don't believe they could impose the death penalty they are excused from the jury. >> 31 states have the death penalty. florida obviously is one of three states though that do not require unanimous jury decisions about imposing death sentences. right now florida law only requires a simple majority of the jury to recommend death.
10:36 pm
things to do in apopka. after the break what merchants have already expressed interest in a new center city. tonight at 11:00 a disturbing new development zika virus. how a person became sick from the mosquito-borne illness without being bitten bay mosquito. we're asking our doctor how that's possible. will the manager of one local city be forced out? hear the city commission's
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news at 11:00. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you
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when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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plans to build a new any center apopka. >> the center would be located near the highland manor venue. tracy jacim reports are from orange county's second largest city. >> reporter: it's been talked about for years and now it looks like it's very close to finally happening. a high end 50 city center the likes of which apopka has never seen according to city manager glen irby it. >> brings something to apopka that it's never had before. people have to go into orlando winter park, winter garden to experience the things that tourists will bring to us. >> reporter: mateland-based developer is poised to purchase fiscal cliff acres on u.s. highway 441 and state road 436 from the city of apopka for $5 million to build a mixed use development the city bought the landd years ago for
10:40 pm
but believes the potential growth will more than make up the difference, especially due to the with a king 5a parkway. >> we believe that within five years we will be at over 50,000 people population. >> reporter: where are you at now? >> about 46,000. >> reporter: the hotel, starbucks, first watch restaurants and other potential tenants have expressed interest netting is up shop. irby says this is just the beginning. that not going to be the only city center in apop call. i'm at the corner of park avenue and main street there are plans for this area, too. that square businesses right behind me across the street being eyed by the city's development agency for a second city center. the tourist southern deal could be finalized within the next can couple months. highland manner is part of the -- manor is part of the acreage. they may possibly move it depending on the develop's final plans for all of this. the deal allows for 10 years
10:41 pm
irbj says if the deal is inked it would likely be completed in just two. in apopka, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. you know when you look good you feel good and now there's an easier way for guys to look their best. >> most men would prefer if they never ever had to think about clothes or shopping again but still look great. so we thought what would a magic button look like. >> it's better to look good than to feel good my friends that's what i'm thinking about. after the break the new app that makes it easy to look like a sharp dressed man. glen you look flawless. >> thank you. forecast in central florida
10:42 pm
inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd a a ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... ..... . yoyou'u'llll o onlnly y gegett frfromom a a s steteakakbuburgrgerer.. ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, hohomeme o of f ththe e ororigigininalal ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. >> how many money can do you have for clothes. what would happen to your feet. >> oh, the 407s can i see them? >> yeah. these offer a lot. >> well, come on. what are you in a fraternity are you in a fraternity. you could have hit somebody. i'm asking you a question are you in a fraternity. no. are you steve jobs?
10:43 pm
-- you're gonna take advice from a guy who looks like that. >> you would take advice. who looks like. >> you know clothes can really make the man. >> well, now there's a new app to help these guys co-ordinate the perfect outfit. very basically fox reports. >> reporter: the fashion industry is growing yet so many men still find it challenging to put together the perfect outfit. well, help may be on the way in the palm of your hand. . >> reporter: cher's closet in clueless may have been a fantasy now inventory the items in your closet and enter your occasion and the weather and milo does the rest.
10:44 pm
clothing that can create surprisingly as many as 45,000 outfits for you. >> reporter: milo's founder striving to free people of the burden they face every morning. figuring out what to wear. >> most men would prefer if they never ever had to think about clothes again, if they never have to think about shopping again but still look great. we thought what would a magic button look like. >> reporter: the men we spoke with tonight certainly seemed like good candidates. >> i like my jeans to be skinny but it's hard to they're too skinny. >> for me it's probably never really feeling have you enough of the right essentials. >> it takes me a really long time to pick shoes. >> reporter: in addition to styling with you your existing wardrobe milo also offers a cure rated selections of basics to supplement your existing inventory should the need arise. >> no matter what type of guy you are you're going to be able to get outfitted for whatever you're up to. >> but style expert and author george brucia is not sold. >> i think there's an elementers that missing because i think the best
10:45 pm
making suggestions and not really seeing the person try it on and seeing how those proportions work can be problematic. >> i do it in person and we can see what it looks like in person and then we take the photo of it. so when you start getting into putting a whole look together head to toe it just gets a little tricky especially doing it on-line. >> reporter: fox news. >> they're assuming my closet looks anything like that. by the way, you can get the milo app in the app store. trending now the ultimate photo bomb. check this out. dan moser took this picture of his wife atlantic beach in jacksonville on saturday. and who's that in the background? yeah, a dolphin again. like we said the ultimate photo bomb it's leaping out of the water. the couple, by the way, expecting a baby boy any day now so they were excited to document this moment in their pregnancy. they say they haven't picked a name yet but dad has already nicknamed him
10:46 pm
if you would like to share this just go to our facebook and share it right from the wall. glen. >> i'll do it sunny forecast here in central florida looking pretty good. live radar is currently rain free. temperatures way above normal. our normal high temperature should be around 72 but instead today we're hitting highs in the lows to mid-80s. 80 in melbourne today, 79 over in daytona beach. we'll bump it up a couple degrees. temperature right now in the villages bushnell, leesberg at 70, 72 out towards melbourne and our winds right now mainly light coming in out of the east southeast a little breezy for today. but overall looking much lighter from later tonight and once again a little bit of fog is expected. 70 still right now in downtown almost 11:00 at night. got to like it. 76 at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. 83 at two can:00 p.m.
10:47 pm
they do pick up out of the south at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. a few more clouds beginning to build. first big storm moving out of the great lakes up into canada next couple days. that pulls down some cooler weather for us after we get our wave of rain down here during the day on thursday. late friday night early saturday morning. notice in the blue basically drier air cooler temperatures. overall pretty nice. but then watch what happens as we go through saturday. it's not a huge deal but we start to see right here an area of low pressure begin to form. this will be late saturday early sunday yet a little low here a little low down here. thinking the time ofing of this is still a little bit in question whether we'll see more on saturday or more on sunday. but this is basically overnight saturday night. rainshowers will begin and then a big low forms moves away and that pulls down another shot of cooler drier weather on the back end again of that next wave of low pressure. here's a look at our seven-day forecast in the metro area.
10:48 pm
days, 77 on thursday, that's the best chance of rain. notice we'll clear it out looks good for friday 68 the high. then as we get into saturday and sunday another wave of showers. will begin to take shape nothing big. here's the coastal area 83 for tomorrow. 78 on thursday also 50% chance for rain. friday showing a 70% chance of raven. we'll remember this is a computer. it's generating this data right here. i didn't make it the computer did it. the computers aren't always that smart. our robotic camera they're the same way sometimes they don't think. here's our seven-day forecast also looking good for thursday. best chance of rain this one did a nice job. 59 and the weekend right now again a little chance of showers especially during the day on sunday. you can always get my updated planner and seven-day forecast the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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in top's o-town countdown. number three. >> zip car. a zippy way to get around central florida. now you can rent a car by the hour. the zip car has partnered with the city of orlando, the city of winter park and the florida department of transportation. a ribbon cutting event happens tomorrow in downtown orlando. >> number two. >> madam few swords has unmadame tussauds is located on i-drive at the i-drive 360 attractions. number one. >> and congratulations to the four seasons resort orlando at disney world resort. the four seasons ranks number 34 on u.s. news and world reports best hotels in the u.s.a. for 2016.p it's also the only local hotel to make it into the
10:52 pm
and that's tonight's o-town countdown. a mother with just an unforgettable moment. how this woman was reconnected through her son
10:53 pm
after hisx >> one arizona mother gets to hear her child's heart in another child. heather clark made the brave decision to donate her son's organs when he died at just seven months old. her son's heart is now
10:54 pm
in a very emotional reunion with jordan and her mother, clark heard her son's heartbeat for the first time. >> i can't save my own son why not save somebody else's. why not save somebody else's child because i can't do anything with them. >> the mothers say they instantly bonded and became friends upon meeting one another. next at 11:00, incredible video a small plane crashes into the ocean in south florida. bob? >> well, new at 11:00, a man putting a child in danger when he is caught shoplifting at a wal-mart. how police say he risked that child's life. plus,. >> it changes you. plus, we are hearing how an army vet turned the tables on a suspected armed robber inside of a central florida gas station. >> announcer: right now on fox 35 news at 11:00 --. >> right now a central florida army vet is speaking out about how he was able to
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