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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on jorning. first-- the c-d-c is now confirming more florida cases of the zika virus. they now say the virus can be spread in other ways... not just by mosquito bites. etails coming up. $ two people in orlando recovering this morning-- after being shot at an apartment complex. we'll have the latest on the investigation. a gas station clerk takes matters into his own hands... when an armed suspect points a gun at his head. and it was all caught on video. how he was able to fight the bad
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we begin with a news alert now-- zika concerns grow as health officials say a person in texas aquired the zika virus through sexual contact. this is the first time health officials believe this has ever happend. the c-d-c says the man from dallas was infected-- after having sexual contact with returned from a country where the virus was present. here in florida-- health officials say there are six new travel-related cases of the zika virus. florida has reported a total of nine travel- associated cases. none of them
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morning-- recovering this morning-- after being shot orlando. this happened just after 10-30 last night-- at an apartment complex on cypress woods drive. that is just off conway-- near kirkman. this is video from the scene. at this point-- we do not know if the victims were shot inside or outside the apartment complex. orlando police say the two victims were taken to the hospital-- but no word on their conditions this morning. police say they are looking for several possible suspects. as soon as we get any more information-- we will let you know. new from orange county-- two teens plead < guilty in an armed carjacking and kidnapping of a federal agent. could spend up to 25 years in prison. the orlando sentintel reports--19-year-old dante askins and 18- year-old gregory mcdonald pleaded guilty yesterday. back in august--the teens kidnapped a federal agent from texas who was vacationing in orlando and held him for two hours. both teens are in the orange county jail waiting to be
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a security guard has been indicted in the murder of a woman at an orlando apartment complex. stephen duxbury is charged with first degree murder and sexual battery. he's accused of killing 27-year-old sasha samsudean at her uptown place apartment back in october. duxbury is in the orange county jail on no bond. another grand jury indictment for murder. 62-year-old david payne is accused killing 25-year-old jasmine samuel. police say he kidnapping her... stuffed her in the trunk of her car.. and killed her in december. njq%m were able to track him down-- after a three-day manhunt. he is also in the orange county jail without bond. in brevard county-- an army vet is speaking out... after he turns the tables on an armed suspect inside a gas @ station. this is surveillance video of the encounter. it happened last tuesday at the bp gas station in mims. the clerk--david dick--did 5 tours in iraq as a specialist. so when a gun was pointed at his head...he jumped into
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.gun ended up being an airsoft mut dick didn't know that at the time. he grabbed it and started punching the suspect... who ran out of the store as fast as possible. that suspect is still on the run this morning. an update on story we told you about yesterday morning. a math teacher-- from "rockledge high school" --who was shot to death by her estranged husband...had filed for divorce last month "florida today" reports---that sandra cook told a brevard county judge she was scared of her husband. she said he had anger management issues. sandra's body was found in her home monday morning-- in what police are calling -- a murder- suicide. the school district x has reached an impasse-- in contract talks -- with the
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district leaders met with teachers last night... in a heated debate over better pay. fox 35's keith landry has the details. kk9 volusia county... the school district
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`|p says negotiations there have also reached an impasse. the district says its offer --of a more than 3-percent pay raise -- was rejected. last week--teachers there also protested their unfair treatment. developing this morning-- the city of orlando is pledging 75-million dollars to help fund the "university of central florida's" downtown campus. the money would go to buy land and pay for infrastructure u-c-f wants to build the campus on the edge of the creative village project, near the old amway arena. the plan is expected to be presented on monday to city council members. the city would give 42-million dollars worth of land to u- c-f, and also pay for construction on roads... sewers and parking. school officials then hope to get 20-million approved by the state legislature. if all goes well-- the campus could open as early as the fall of 20-18. coming up-- big changes could be coming to the united states military! why a new proposal... could soon allow women to be drafted. plus-- a brevard county woman makes
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discovery in her yard. this green anaconda... was coiled up on her lawn. the details behind
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hour-- some of the remains of the 12 marines --who were killed after 2 helicopters crashed near hawaii last month-- may have been recovered. the marine corps says "trace elements of d-n-a" from the 2 crews have been discovered. but the corps does not have further details at this time. we've also learned that the commander of those marines was fired just three days before the crash. right now the cause of the crash remains stigation. women may one day be required to register for the draft. two senior military leaders made the recommendation at a senate hearing yesterday... saying it makes sense --now that the pentagon has opened all combat roles to women. they also said the move would be largely symbolic-- as the draft has not been used since the
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the house failed to over-ride president obama's veto of legislation aimed at repealing obamacare... and defunding planned parenthood. while the defeat was expected... as it needed support from the democrats to succeed... republicans say the close vote shows a repeal is all but certain if they win back the white house next year. a brevard county u*.n found a scary surprise in her backyard. a green anaconda was coiled-up in her lawn! it is one of the largest snakes in the world... but this one was only a baby. regina boyett lives next to the woman in melbourne. she sent her father-in-law over to help her neighbor out. he was able to get the snake to wind around a shovel handle-- until animal control could take it away. the snake can be deadly-- so it was quite a scare. the snake was brought to the
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wildlife center"-- if the owner of the snake is not found-- it will be put down. rext-- phil may have seen his shadow... but the midwest is still experiencing harsh winter weather. and now-- forecasters say the storm is headed to the northeast. rplus-- pop singer lady gaga just landed a major gig! she's slated to sing @0 at a very big event. we'll tell you @0 where-- after the break.
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it's ??? outside. we're now hearing from the ex- girlfriend of a man... who is suing her over a winning lottery ticket. that story kicks off the morning rush. lynn poirer took the stand in seminole county yesterday-- to give her side of the story. her ex-boyfriend --- howard browning ---
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of a one-million- dollar scratch-off prize from 2007. he says the two had a deal for more than 10 years-- that if they ever won-- they would share the prize money. but in her testimony--poirer says she walked away from the relationship. the trial is expected to last through the rest of the week. we're waiting to ) driver will face charges... after crashing into an orange county deputy's patrol car. skyfox flew over the scene yesterday-- it happened on orange blossom trail near west oak ridge road in orlando. deputies say the other driver pulled into the path of the on-coming deputy, and the two cars collided. the deputy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the florida supreme court has put an execution --planned for next week-- on hold. cary michael lambrix was convicted of killing 2 people in 1983. yesterday, lawyers asked the state's highest court to spare lambrix, and every other florida death row inmate. they are citing a u.s. supreme court
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that found florida's unconstitutional-- because the judge decision...not juries. now-- blizzard @?`??x8@xw@b conditions-- bringing heavy snowfall and strong winds-- across the midwest. but now, the powerful storm system is moving to the northeast. fox's jackie ibanez york. blizzard conditions across the snowfall and strong
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x|| rsq"=take a look at your names to know this morning. those names are martin shkreli... and lady gaga... but we begin with bill cosby. in a hearing yesterday-- a key witness in cosby's sexual assault case-- had mixed things to say about him. the former district-attorney testified-- saying cosby legally can not be prosecuted in this case. cosby's legal team is arguing-- the case is based on a testimony-- that was supposed to stay sealed. they want the case thrown out. but the witness
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added-- he believes sexual assault... even though there is not much evidence. your next name is a government committee is investigating the former chief executive's drug company... for price gouging. the committee released new documents that seem to show-- the company's priority was profit... and not tpu*9ts. in one email-- shkreli suggests sky- rocketing the prices of drugs... saying it would increase profit by millions. your final name is lady gaga. she will have the p0 the national anthem bowl game in 0 california. she joins big names p like cold-play and beyonce-- who will time show. turning now to it is national signing high school seniors college they will play for. florida will be in what you see across the college football land-scape next year. we've got "jachai
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mainland" likely going to the gators.... along with "stone forsythe" from "west orange". while they're staying in-state... others like "parker boudreaux" and "zander zimmer" from "bishop moore" are heading to notre dame and wake forest. fox 35 will be covering the latest singings all day long on social media... and on fox 35 news tonight. 3-time nascar sprint cup series champion "tony stewart" is under-going treatment for an unspecified back injury. this all steams from a crash last sunday near san diego. stewart's racing team says he is in the hospital right now... and they are not revealing any more details about the xp crash at this time. they are planning to release new information `` tomorrow... including whether the injury will keep stewart from @ competing in future events. @| coming up-- the push to grow medical marijuana in
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could be coming to a halt. why three nurseries -- that grow marijuana--are suing to have florida's medical marijuana process delayed altogether. plus-- a passenger on a florida bound flight is subdued by four people... all while they were in the air. what he did...that had other travelers restraining him with zip ties. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] everyone's life. that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting
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delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night... or all day. caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours.
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this missing bigfoot! the sheriff's office posted this picture to their facebook page. deputies say someone trespassed onto a homeowner's yard, and stole this 9-foot-tall silouette of "sasquatch." this bigfoot is made of plywood, and was swiped near lake tropicana. if you have any information on his whereabouts, call the sheriff's office. time to take a look stories making headlines around florida. three marijuana nurseries are filing a lawsuit against the florida department of health... after they did not receive licenses to operate in the state. those nurseries,
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gainesville, eustis, and ruskin-- filed the lawsuit in tallahassee yesterday. the suit is asking jn injunction-- to delay florida's medical marijuana process altogether. back in october-- the health department approved 5 marijuana growers, out of 12 applicants. despite the lawsuit-- officials from those approved nurseries say..they will continue to grow and distribute medical marijuana. the flight crew --and passengers-- on a florida-bound flight are forced to action. an un-ruly flight to jacksonville on sunday-- after he got into an argument passengers say the man was drunk-- and put another passenger in a chokehold. four passengers sprung into action - subduing the man so the flight attendant could restrain him with zip ties. federal charges are pending. coming up on good day orlando at 5-- 2 people recovering right now... after being shot at an apartment complex in orlando. we have a live report on the investigation--straig ht ahead. all new at 5--
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hitting the ground in new hampshire-- 8 preparing for tuesday's primary. but bernie sanders says-- he may refuse wd0d`p xp88 yws
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