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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. |first-- the search is on for a gunman who shot two people at an apartment complex in orlando. we are live on the scene with the latest details. plus-- ea gas station clerk takes matters into his own hands... when an armed suspect points a gun at his head. and it was all caught on video. we'll give you a look.
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teachers in two central florida counties say they are not being treated fairly. the school districts-- and teacher's unions-- can not come to an agreement on contracts. why the latest deal was struck down. but first, let's get
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developing this morning-- the search is on for a gunman-- after two
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people are shot at an orlando apartment complex.
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"good morning orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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@h0 patrol-- regular gas is 1-64 at the speedway on turkey lake road and production plaza in orlando. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. first we had cobras being found in dryers... ple are finding anacondas. straight ahead-- c1tell you where
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was coiled-up on her lawn. it is one of the largest snakes in the world... but this one was only a baby. regina boyett lives next to the woman in melbourne. she sent her father-in-law over to help her neighbor out. he was able to get the snake to wind around a shovel handle-- until animal control could take it away. the snake can be it was quite a scare for boyett and her neighbor. c1h|"florida fish and wildlife" says if the owner is not found-- the snake will be put down. coming up in our
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concerns over the zika virus... as the c- d-c confirms it can be spread through sexual contact! plus--2 people recovering right now... after being shot at an apartment complex in orlando. we have a live report on the investigation--straig
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welcome back... i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- two people in orlando are recovering this morning-- after 9g shot at an apartment complex. we have the latest on the search for the shooter. plus-- the c-d-c is now confirming more florida cases of the xxx zika virus. they now say the virus can be spread in other ways... not just by mosquito bites. the details coming up. then-- orlando makes the list for the best football cities in the country. find out how the city beautiful ranks...and which other florida cities made the cut. but first, let's get
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developing this the search is on for a gunman-- who shot two people at an apartment complex in orlando. after 10-30 last night-- at an apartment complex on cypress woods drive. fox 35's jackie orozco is live at the apartment complex with the details.
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what do we know right now? e on the health watch-- health officials say a person in texas got the zika virus through sexual contact. this is the first time
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happend. the c-d-c says the man from dallas was infected-- after having sexual contact with a person who returned from a country where the virus was present. we spoke to dr. jamin brahmbhatt yesterday about the risks. here in florida-- health officials say there are six new travel-related cases of the zika virus. that pushes the total -- of travel- associated cases in the state-- to 9. in your morning rush-- the ex-girlfriend of a man... who is suing her over a winning lottery ticket takes the stand to tell her side of the story. lynn poirer won 1-million dollars from a scratch-off ticket back in 2007. her ex-boyfriend --- howard browning --- is now suing her for half the money. he says the two had a verbal agreement --for more than 10 years--- that if they ever won, they
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but poirer said on the stand that she walked away from the relationship. the trial is expected to last through the rest of the week. we're waiting to hear if a driver will face charges... after crashing into an orange county deputy's patrol car. skyfox flew over the scene yesterday-- it happened on orange blossom trail near west oak ridge road in orlando. deputies say the other driver pulled into the path of the on-coming deputy, and the two cars collided. the deputy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the florida supreme court has put an execution --planned for next week -- on hold. cary michael lambrix was convicted of killing 2 people in 1983. yesterday, lawyers asked the state's highest court to spare lambrix, and every other florida death row inmate. they are citing a u.s. supreme court ruling last month that found florida's death penalty to be unconstitutional. meanwhile-- z"eath penalty law could be changing. a house panel voted 8 to 1 yesterday in favor of a proposal to change it. the measure would
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vote for the death penalty...putting the power back in the jury's hands. florida is one of only three states that do not require unanimous jury decisions about imposing death sentences. right now florida law only requires a simple majority of the jury to recommend death. today the house will vote on a bill that would allow lawmakers to carry guns on the chamber floor. but the weapon would have to be concealed. if passed...the bill will go to the senate for approval. and a bill that place more regulations on abortion clinics passed in the house. it would also address issues such as public funding of women's health care and sale or donation of fetal tissue. the bill's sponsor says it's intended to safeguard women's health. on the business hc1u*wq is recalling 320-thousand vehicles. this time-- it is because of defective air-bags-- that can inflate when they shouldn't. toyota says there is t:%q! the
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air-bag control computer. the bag could potentially inflate... even if you aren't in a crash. dealers will replace the computer --for free-- if you are affected. the recall covers older-model toyota tundras and sequoias... as well as the land cruiser and 4-runner. anyone who is affected should be getting a letter in the mail. zip-cars are coming ral florida. this morning-- orlando mayor buddy dyer will join the city in welcoming the new car-share program. zip-car has already been introduced at the university of central florida. it allows people to rent a car fast-- and for a short amount of time. you can check a car out -- with the swipe of a card. also-- keep an eye ut for special "zip- car only" parking spots around the city. some pro-sports team in florida receive state sales tax rebates... and now the daytona international speedway might be added to that list.
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florida state department determined the sports stadium qualified for the funding plan. the speedway is asking for 90 million dollars total-- that would be 3 million dollars over the course of 30 years. while the speedway is just one of the stadiums that qualified... state legislators still need to approve the plan by the end of next month. it's national signing day... and as usual... florida will be 9g a major role in what you see e college football land-scape next year. it's big day fro florida and fsu and scott frost at ucf... here are some of the local expected signings.. dozens of central florida players will sign commitments today.... not just in football fox 35 will be covering the latest singings all day long on social media... and on fox 35 news tonight. 3-time nascar sprint cup series champion "tony stewart" is
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treatment for an unspecified back injury. this all steams from a crash last sunday near san diego. stewart's racing team says he's in the hospital right now... and they're not revealing any more details about the crash at this time. they're planning to release new information tomorrow... including whether the injury will keep stewart from competing in future events. orlando may not have a n-f-l franchise... but we're a better city for football fans than some that do. according to a new study by "wallet hub"... orlando ranks 42nd on best cities for football fans. that's higher than jacksonville at 63rd... and tampa at 117th. "wallet hub" looked at a number of factors to determine these rankings... ...including the number of football teams in each city... both professional and amateur... as well as how much tickets cost. coming up--
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gaga just landed a major gig! find out which big even she's slated to sing at. plus-- gine opening your mailbox and that's what osceola county family. but is it a prank...or a bigger problem?
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picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. family finds a slimy fish in their mailbox. but now they're wondering if it's just a prank -- or will it be a bigger problem? on monday morning--- the mailman knocked on "maddison fertic's" door--- warning the
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their mailbox. she says the dead fish was about a foot long and still wet-- so she could tell he wasn't there for long. "fertic" and her husband live in a quiet neighborhood in saint cloud--- and have no idea who would do this. but now --they are worried if this joke could be something worse. "fertic" posted pictures on facebook and kkv|@ discovered other families in osceola county wnked-- just like she was. she plans on filing a report with the police. time to take a look at your names to know this morning. those names are martin shkreli... and lady gaga... but we begin with bill cosby. in a hearing yesterday-- a key witness in cosby's sexual assault case-- had mixed things to say about him. the former district-attorney testified... cosby
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prosecuted in this case. cosby's legal team is arguing-- the case is based on a testimony-- that was supposed to stay sealed. they want the case thrown out. but the witness added-- he believes cosby is guilty of sexual assault... @9 even though there is not much evidence. your next name is martin shkreli. a government committee is investigating the former chief executive's drug company... for price gouging. the committee released new documents that seem to show-- the company's priority was profit... and not patients. in one email-- shkreli suggests sky- of drugs... saying it would increase profit by millions. your final name is lady gaga. she will have the 0 m zsinging the national anthem at sunday's super @0 bowl game in california. she joins big names like cold-play and p` beyonce... who will headline the half-
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mark- no location toss to john at the wall p 0 your first headline comes from "the daily mail." your first headline comes from "the daily mail." it reads--- "french high schools allow students to smoke on the premises... so extremists can't try and convert them when they go outside."
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administrators originally asked the government to let students smoke on campus-- just days after the paris attacks. they believe extremists won't be able to recruit the teens... if they don't leave the school grounds for a smoke break. the health ministry denied the request... saying they were trying to cut down the number of teens in france who smoke. despite the ruling, many schools are allowing it anyway. your next headline comes from "fox news." it reads-- " hamas new tank rollout draws social media snickers." the tank rolled out during a funeral. the israeli prime minister poked fun at the picture on twitter... highlighting one little detail. there were two
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half-tracks-- which is odd because tanks usually don't have the post claims the terror group took the tank from israeli forces and made it their own. but not everyone on twitter is buying it. and finally your last headline comes from "the new daily dot com." of a dirty brown potato fetched how much?" irish artist-- "kevin abosch"--- created this piece of art. the image is just a plain brown potato on a black back drop. but the artwork caught the attention of one german business-- who shelled out more than 1 point 5 million dollars for the piece. making it the 15th
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coming up-- the push to grow medical marijuana in the sunshine state could be coming to a halt. why three weed nurseries are actually suing to have florida's rijuana process delayed altogether. plus-- a passenger on a is subdued by four ple... all while they were in the air. what he did...that had other travelers zip ties. time for the "job of the day"... brought to you by "career florida." today's opening is human service to view the requirements for this job-- go to our website-- "fox 35
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time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. three marijuana nurseries are filing a lawsuit against the florida department of health... after they did not receive licenses to operate in the state. those nurseries, ased in gainesville, eustis, and ruskin-- filed the lawsuit in ullahassee yesterday. the suit is asking for an injunction-- to delay florida's medical marijuana process altogether. back in october--
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approved 5 marijuana growers. officials from those approved nurseries say..they will continue to grow and distribute medical marijuana. people onboard a flight-- headed to florida-- were forced to take some quick action. passengers say a man was drunk-- and put another passenger in a chokehold. four passengers sprung into action - subduing the man so the flight attendant could restrain him with zip ties. when the plane landed in jacksonville-- f-b-i agents removed the un-ruly passenger. federal charges are pending. in south florida-- the n-t-s-b is investigating... after a small plane crashes into the ocean. it happened just before noon yesterday-- just north of miami beach. there were two student pilots onboard the plane, but they were able to escape un- harmed. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. john and amy are
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the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. two people are injured in a double- shooting at an orlando apartment complex overnight. and we're live at the scene... bringing you the very latest. then-- teachers across central florida say they are not being treated fairly. but school districts-- and teacher's unions-- just struck down new deals. why one side says there's no moving forward. .9 all new: one of the largest 9e retailers is going offline. still ahead on good day orlando at six... why amazon wants to be in a mall near
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