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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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i'll explain what happens next, coming up. >> i think i would have done probably a little bit better in iowa had i not. >> john: had i not what? donald trump admitted that he made a mistake. what he said about coming in no. two, straight ahead. >> his eyes got really, really big and trying to get away as fast and in any way he possibly could. >> amy: a veteran who turned the tables. let's check in with jayme king. >> jayme: we're here, we're doing the show, we're feeling good. good morning to you. 6 30s and 70s. a nice warm morning. we have a lot of cloud cover that's moved in during the overnight hours and also some fog setting up around sanford and eastern and northern
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and volusia county. a tranquil scene. a lot better than the big fog burst we had yesterday morning. and temperatures are up and up. approaching record territory later today. mostly cloudy, stray afternoon hour, 20%. the chances higher up in ocala and gainesville for the afternoon and the evening. and then tomorrow ebb gets a taste of something. and we'll have more in the full weather in just a bit. >> gina: a live look at i-4 westbound past maitland. just past the sign. it's off to the shoulder.` causing pretty significan t delays.`` a lot of pack-up there. for the most part, i-4 is looking okay. a couple of problem areas. the first one here at hiawassee
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marredel court -- mar dell court. and until bithlo, this just cleared at chuluoto. cause caution in the areas. and i-4 westbound is slow. lake mary to colonial, 22 minutes. i tractions to downtown, 15 minutes. the 408 is pretty much up to speed. that's it for the live drive traffic. >> amy: developing this morning, the search is on for a gunman after two people are shot at an orlando complex stion two people shot at the apartment complex on cypress woods drive. jackie orozco has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. police are looking for several suspects involved. two people were shot at the apartment complex that you see behind me, summer gate condominiums. they were taken to the hospital. as of right now, we still don't
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victims. officers surrounded the apartment complex. they are working to figure out the motive for the shooting. it's unclear if the shooting happened in the parking lot or in someone's apartment. a neighbor told us he did see a body of a man lying in the parking lot. >> i heard five gunshots, two to four weapons. i am a former marine. i know the sound of gunfire. immediately after wards, i heard a woman screaming. i didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: yeah. and those screams could have been here in this apartment complex behind me. we're still waiting to get a description of the suspects that they are looking for from orlando police. once we have that, we'll let you know. >> amy: a principal at a local middle school is re-assuring parents after some threats were made.
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learned of the threats of violence at the middle school last weekend. the threats posted on instagram. the principal started to send messages home to parents. and last night the school's principal told them that measures are in place to keep the children safe. >> it's not a random problem. they will continue to investigate the threats. a math teacher shot 20 death had filed for divorce last month. sandra cook told a brevard county judge that she was frightened of her husband. they cited that he had anger
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police say it was a murder suicide. >> john: two teens pled guilty of a carjacking. they could spend up to 25 years in prison. the 19-year-old and 18-year-old pled guilty yesterday. back in august, the two along with two other teens kidnapped a federal agent from texas here on vacation from orlando. the agent was pistol whipped and held for hours. when the onstar went off, the teens escaped but were able to be captured. stephen duxbury is charged with first degree murder and sexual battery. accused of killing 27-year-old sasha samsudean at her uptown place apartment. stephen duxbury is in jail with no bound. and 62-year-old david payne is accused in the death of
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he is accused of kidnapping her and killing her and stuffing her in the back of a car. he is being held without bond. >> amy: before school leaders met last night, teachers met outside of the meeting at sanford and held up signs and chanting. they said they were not treated fairly and deserve higher wages. the district said that the teachers received a 2-point 4% increase last year, and the latest offer was 2.25%. some teachers claimed that the negotiating process is unfair. >> our four bargaining units put contract language in that you want to say was negotiated, it was simply struck. pages for pages word for word stwruk. no response. no counter, striking. i don't find that to be bargaining. i find that to be scolding. >> amy: on a fact sheet released to the public before that
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said we are ready to bargain or take whatever steps will most expeditiously bring bargaining to a conclusion, as we always have been. >> john: and a district said that the offer of a pay raise of 3% was rejected. teachers in volusia county protested what they are calling unfair treatment. >> john: you decide 2016. the candidates hitting the ground in new hampshire getting ready for the primary next week. >> amy: ryan has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: a loss in new hampshire for trump would be stunning considering he led by a huge margin in the granite state. trump said that the media was praising marco rubio too much. and for the first time he admitted he made a mistake by skipping the last debate.
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done a bit better if iowa if i had not skipped it and gone to do the event for the vets. but >> reporter: u.s. senator tim scott is endorsing rubio for president. he said he's the best to lead because of his foreign experience. he chairs in the u.s. senate. false claimed made about another candidate. a member of the stf told caucus attendees that ben carson was going to drop out of the race. he said it was not a awhat i to steal support. >> a cnn report said that ben was not continuing on to new hampshire or south carolina but instead going to florida. our political team forwarded to the members of our team. but, unfortunately, they did not then forward the subsequent story. so i apologize to ben for that.
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upset about this. accepts cruz's apology but believes that the campaign staffer who leaked that story should be fired. jeb bush off a sixth place finish in iowa. senator gray hamm who endorsed bush recently introduced bush. >> if you look at their records, they're gifted in how they speak, but what about their life experience? is there something in their past that would suggest they have the capability of making a tough decision? >> reporter: on the other side of the aisle, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in new hampshire. sanders is refusing to participate in the debate. he wants clinton to agree -- he said that the major hold up is
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him in new york. they're calling his finish in iowa a major comeback. >> last night we took on the most powerful political organization in the country. last night we came back from a 50-point deficit in the polls. and last night we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. >> reporter: sanders refusing to concede in iowa. his team wants a closer look at the narrow win by hi, which was, of course, razor thin. there was some noise that delegates were chosen by a flip of a coin. that's the dispute. but six different coin toss did go her way. >> amy: that's pretty lucky. >> amy: should women be allowed
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>> john: there's no draft but the role that women to play in times of war. >> he made the first mistake. he took the gun off of meypb for a second. i was able to control the situation. >> john: we showed you the video yesterday, and today hear from the veteran who took the matter into his old hands. >> john: old, crocky. where this guy was sunning himself. >> jayme: i think crocky was supposed to be accented. >> john: i don't have a good accent. >> jayme: not a good australian accent? >> john: british maybe.
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>> amy: 7:15 right now. the marine corps said they have recovered trace elements of dna during their search for 12 missing marines who were killed when two helicopters crashed in 9 hawaiian waters. the discovery was made last night. the commander was fired three days before the crash happened, and the crash happened last month.
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investigation. >> amy: women could be required to register for the draft if ever there was a draft brought back. in a senate hearing they said it makes sense a now that the pentagon has opened rules for women. they said it would be largely symbolic since the draft has not been in place since the vietnam war. >> amy: a winter storm with far. an army veteran is speaking out after he turned the tables on an armed thief. >> john: luanne has the story. >> reporter: good morning. this crook defini with the wrong guy. no, it's not. do we have the surveillance video of this guy? there it is. david dick was the clerk at the store that
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he was deployed to iraq five times. he said that a man entered the store at the bp gas station and demanded money. when he pointed a gun at dick's kicked in. >> i kind of went into the training mode. i had to get the gunback as fast as i could. he made the first mistake. split second. >> reporter: the gun ended up being an air gun but dick didn't know that at the time. and he started to punch the crook and then the suspect ran off. the coming up, the army vet will join us live in the studio to talk more about the experience. be sure to stick around for that. >> amy: thanks, luanne. a new video. we hear about gators in florida
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a crocodile showed up at an apartment complex. you don't hear of crocs in cape coral. they did not take action to remove the crock. so he's still out there. >> john: out there somewhere. >> amy: just hanging out. sending it over to jayme to see how things are going. >> jayme: i do love that, crikey. and we did not see appreciable cooling. that's the case for another 24 hours or so. the visibility map is looking fine. but one thing, sanford, heads up, you have ground fog. the vast majority of us seeing stratus cloud cover up above the surface. that is. >> john: ground fog day. >> jayme: yes. i got it john. 82 by 2.
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close to record high territory. 86 was the record set back in 2014, so not very longstanding. here's the weather maker. the clouds increasing. i brought in a slim little sliver of rain chance, 20%. i think it's a little bit higher up in ocala and gainesville. but everybody sees a higher threat through very early tomorrow morning and through much of the day. in fact, 60% chance of rain. and like friday, poof, it's gone, it's out and december returns. by saturday and sunday we feature yet another evolving rain chance. the front drops in. the majority of rainfall will be behind the front. kind of like a cool rain taking shape tomorrow. pushing the highs into the 70s. you can see beneficial rain. nothing severe. we have separated from the main
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the parent low, main low, drags across and is up across the u.s. by this time tomorrow. and we see the threat of severe weather subside subside late today and we're not going to be severe tomorrow. today, record high territory, or close to that. and tonight, widespread 6 30s if not at 70. widespread 60s. and rain chances on friday are out, and then saturday and sunday it's back in. >> gina: happy wednesday, everyone. for the most part, roads are looking good. the first one on university boulevard is partially blocked at the 417. not causing too many significant delays but be aware if you are in the area. and another crash at the 417 at
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the green is moving nicely in both directions. not causing too many hangups in the area. these are your short drive times. i-4 eastbound, 5 minutes. and i-4 westbound, 434 to fairbanks, 13 minutes. and the 408 is up to speed. regular gas is 1 dwhrars 64 at the speedway on turkey lake and production plaza. check out gas saving tips on our website at and click on traffic. >> amy: as the country continues to debate a controversial vaccine for kids, the country's top doctors just endorsed a new version of it. >> john: coming up, a new vaccine for hpv. follow us on twitter. let us know what you might see out and about. dos #gdo, and we want to hear
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dana from palm bay. you are the fox 35 friend of the day. there's a new friend of the day each and every day. find us by going to facebook and searching for fox 35. amy? >> amy: on the health watch, the cdc has endorsed a more effective hpv vaccine to try to prevent cancer in children. the hpv nine vaccine. for children ages 11 and 12 but the cdc is recommending that younger kids get the new vaccine. joining us is doctor alex kasler with physicians associates. thanks for up coming in. break down what hpv is? >> a very common viral infection that can lead to multiple forms of cancer, cervical is the most well known, but multiple other forms of cancer. >> a lot of people think this is just for little girls but that's
7:24 am
>> saab be absolutely. it's for boying and girls. the routine renls is 11 or 12, when they get their tetanus shot for seven grade. >> amy: now the recommendations come out for the younger children. >> the new concept is very similar to what we knew with the pneumo caulkal vaccine. we cover what we can and then they cover more species. it covers more of the cancer causers. in terms of immunizing young children, the vaccine has been licensed for # 9 and up from beginning. the key is, children
7:25 am
are in much increased of physician some people are concerned about vaccines. >> compared to the vaccine that we have, it's amongst the safest. >> amy: they just schedule with the routine. >> absolutely. today we want you to get three vaccine. meningitis, hpv, and tdap and that's it. >> amy: thank you. >> john: coming up, open carry in florida. today lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that says that gun owners don't need to conceal in public. that's just one of the proposals they are taking up today. at 7:27, and there's our overhead creeper cam, as we call
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good morning to you. 7:30. "good day orlando." i'm john brown.
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temperatures keep going up. >> amy: zika has spread from one person to another in the united states but in a way you might not have expected. we'll tell you about that. >> john: are new way to get around orlando. a new zip car service coming to the city today. so how does this one work? >> amy: someone left a box of puppies on the side of a busy road. the search is on to find the person who abandoned them. and the puppies are in pretty bad shape. and first we'll check in with jayme king. it's a warm one. >> jayme: yes. hope your ac unit is working. you will use it tonight, and in the car, and then we're turning it off by friday. and widespread 70s right now. and sanford, mile visibility. clearly, much, much better situation overall when you look
7:28 am
this time yesterday, in the world of fog. it's certainly a lot less this morning. stray p.m. shower chance at 20%. we're enduring transition. this monstrosity is coming in late tonight and through tomorrow morning. the severe weather threat is pronounced and prominent over portions of the deep south. and for us tomorrow, not so much. beneficial rain drops. the clouds are coming in and 84 today. record high for orlando is 86. so it would be this close today. and tomorrow, no rain and then friday no rainfall. and then rain for the when at 40%. >> gina: university westbound here at the 417. delays. it looks to be off in the shoulder.
7:29 am
i have a couple of new crashes to tell you about. the first one at econtrail, valencia college lane. and we have yet another crash at curry ford road and dean road. there are some delays, a little bit of delays in the area, so be aware of that. i-4 is a bit slow.h-x i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial. on the 408, 417 to downtown, 15 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. >> amy: developing this morning, the search is on for a gunman after two people were shot at an orlando panter complex. apartment complex. >> john: it happened around 10:30 last night. fox 35's jackie orozco is live outside of the apartment complex with details. >> reporter: still at this hour, the orlando police are releasing very little information.
7:30 am
apartment complex, called summer gate condominiums. we were able to speak with a neighbor and he gave us a lot of information about what he heard last night. as of right now though, we don't know the conditions of the two people at this time. the detectives are investigating. it's un-career if it happened in a -- it's unclear if the shoot be happened in the parking lot or in the apartment. the neighbor told us this. >> five gunshots from two to four weapons. i'm a former marine so i know the sound of gunfire. i heard a woman screaming not long after and i didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: they were looking for several suspects involved in the shooting. once we have a good description of them, we'll let you know. jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> john: a woman being sued by her ex-boyfriend takes her
7:31 am
>> amy: over a winning lottery ticket. she won $1 million from a lottery ticket in 2007. her ex-boyfriend, howard browning, is suing foe half of the winnings. he said he gave her the money to buy the ticket and that the two of them had a verbal agreement that either of won that they would split the money. on the stand, she said she paid for the ticket herself and that the couple broke up before she knew she won. the trial is expected to last through the end of the week. >> john: a driver crashed into an orange county deputy's patrol car. sky fox was over the scene. ridge. the other driver pulled into the cars collided. the deputy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> amy: florida supreme court has put an execution plan for
7:32 am
accused of killing two people in 1993. they asked the highest court to spare him and every other death row inmate. they are questioning the ruling that found the death penalty unconstitutional. >> john: are look inside the homeless camp set up outside of the administration building. two undercover officers disguised themselves as homeless and slept at the camp for two days. over 100 people were there after they closed a local park which had bathrooms. they found criming but they said it was sprinkle around those. >> a 62-year-old came to the aid of a 19-year-old in the camp that was getting shooken down for money he owed for buying drugs. his reward for that was he got knocked out.
7:33 am
homeless camp after the salvation army finally put together enough beds for those that were living there. >> amy: ryan has the capital update. >> reporter: they have a lot on that i have plate. carrying a gun without concealing could become law in florida. open carry is up for a vote today. if the bill is passed, people with condition sealed weapons permits would be able to carry. lawmakers could carry in legislative meetings and the open house floor and those with permits could carry on college campuses. it's not likely that part of the bill would be approved by the senate. a house panel voted 8-1 yesterday in favor of a proposal that would change. it would require 9 of 12 jurors to vote.
7:34 am
that does not require you a -- unanimous juror votes. if passing the committee, the proposal is spearheaded by a group of moms in central florida. opponents say one down fall is that the school day could get longer and recess time could get taken away from class. an issue that continues to take >> john: today is national signing day. this is the day when high school athletes can make college choice official. schools are scrambling to finalize the 2016 recruiting classes and once again central florida is the prime recruiting area for top-notch colleges across the country. ucf's new coach scott frost is doing his best to attract new players. why frost could be a keep to
7:35 am
>> you look at the program he was working with as offensive coordinator in oregon. up tempo, a lot of speed and athleticism. a lot of kids have gone on to play in the nfl. you want to be able to play for a guy like that. >> john: fox 35 will cover the latest signings all day long on social media. auburn, alabama, florida, florida state, all of the other schools come here, and you realize how big it is here. >> amy: we play football all year long. >> john: that's a good point. >> amy: zika virus has spread from one person to another in a rather odd way. >> john: and the fears of it spreading. >> john: rent a car for an hour. we're talking about the new zip
7:36 am
a health alert. the first case of the zika virus been corn firmed. >> amy: the case is out of dallas, texas, and it was spread threw sexual contact. >> reporter: health officials believe this is the first time this has happened. the cdc said that the man was infected after having sexual contact with a person that returned from central america. they believe that it can cause birth defects.
7:37 am
from those that have traveled to the effected countries. health officials said there thub no reason to panic. >> they should not be concerned about sexual contact. he said that's very isolated and we are not going to see a sustained spread. >> reporter: new cases in zika virus. cases believed to have been brought in from out of state to florida. the number of cases here in the state of florida now stands at nine. >> john: local business headlines. florida department of economic opportunity has determined that the daytona speedway can receive millions of tax dollars. a part of a program setting aside sales tax money to help speedways across the state. they're asking for $90 million paid over the course of 30 years.
7:38 am
the city of orlando is pledging $75 million to help fund the university of central florida's downtown campus. the money would go to buy land and pay for infrastructure. ucf wants to build on the edge of the creative village project near the old amway arena. the plan is expected to be presented to city council members. orlando is welcoming the new car share program zip car. it's been introduced at the university of central florida. allowing people to rent a car fast and for a short amount of time. you can check the car out with a special card and and look for special parking spots around of the county. a surprise in the back yard. >> a green anaconda. one of the largest snakes in the world. but this one was only a baby, it
7:39 am
a 9-foot baby. regina lives next door and sent her dad to help the neighbor. he was able to get the snake to coil around a shovel handle and he could take it away. ed snakes can be deadly. it was scary. >> the look in the eyes and everything. something you will never forget. yard. there could be babies. they said it was a female. we don't really know. >> the snake was taken to florida fish and wildlife. we'll have much more coming up on "good day orlando" at 8:00. i don't know why it said that.
7:40 am
the teleprom ter. >> jayme: and we were still in the low 70s at this time. mostly cloudy. a stray p.m. shower. and that means, again, not everyone seeing rain. the showers floating around. the 20% chance. 82 by 2 74 by 5. and 74 by 8:00. i wouldn't call it unchartered territory but a close call with possible records for the day today, especially orlando. forecast high of 84. the record for the day is 86, in 2014. not longstanding. daytona and melbourne longer standing. i don't think we come near that, lower 80s registering. but a warm day none the less. and prepare yourself for that too. the flow of moisture 1 increasing out of the south and the west. the rain chances go up and up. and that is going to be the case real late tonight through
7:41 am
through much of the day tomorrow. on the wetter side. we go 60% on the chances. florida stunt. pulling out the rain, bringing back the sun and fun, and a cooler day. mid-60s for highs for the progressive system. we're going to be in the southern end. separating from the main area of low pressure. us. i don't think we see damaging winds or a risk of tornadoes. clearly, that's not the case. just beneficial rain drops. locally heavy at times, and breezy. as it kicks to the east, we scour out the clouds and bring back in the sunshine and cooler temps in time for the weekend. then more changes, go figure, for saturday and sunday. better rain chances in the
7:42 am
a chance of showers. 20 to 30%, a little less coming down south to the orlando metro. more of the same? volusia county. slim slight rain chances and in the 80s along the shore line. the wind is not necessarily on the atlantic it's a side shore wind. and we'll have decent warming at all locales and emphasis on the i-4 corridor, deeper in the interior. solid low and mid-it's a for today. low and mid-80s today. and muggy, and temperatures not dropping much below 70 overnight. and tomorrow, we see the transitional factor, the rainfall. 60% for the chances. we scour out and bring back a sunday.
7:43 am
clearing yet again by monday with a high of 65. that's your forecast, central florida. this is snap the sun from carol in orlando. i know. we have received some insane photos as of late. she does know what she's doing. we feature you and your photography here on "good day orlando." are you kidding me? this guy is going to work, baby. he has on his suit and sigh. that's so cute. eating that birthday cake. that's a wall hanger. put it on a poster. that kid is cute. go to for our weather baby segment. >> gina: taking you out to
7:44 am
crash out in cocoa. 520 at north range road. that red just popped up and causing significant delays. use caution if you are in the area. an earlier crash at curry ford causing significant delays in the area. just be aware, and definitely use caution if you are there. i-4 is pretty slow right now. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 34 minutes. and i-4 eastbound, 24 minutes. and on the 408, it'll take 15 minutes. >> john: 7:51. coming up next, puppies abandoned on the side of the road. >> amy: rescuers found the litter in a box. we take you live on a search for the person who left them there to die.
7:45 am
room on this wednesday morning. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. all new at 7:00. looking for the person who left a box of puppies on the side of the road. >> amy: they said that the puppies were in terrible condition. they are trying to clean them up. and shayla reaves has the story. it's heartbreaking. they are so precious. >> reporter: i know. all eight of them. and fortunately, they'll be able to make a full recovery. that information comes to us from the folks at the humane society of tampa bay. when the puppies arrived, they told us they were in serious
7:48 am
sores, infection, hair loss, and just some of the problems that they've been dealing with. these pups arrives at the humane society after a good samaritan found them on the side of the
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