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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. >> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> it is 8 o'clock here on good day, welcome back, i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us on this wednesday morning and here's the stories we're working on right now. first, developing this morning, the search is on for a gunman who shot two people at an apartment complex in orlando. we are live on the scene with the latest. plus... >> it got really big and tried to get away from me as fast, any way he thought he could. >> amy: a veteran turns the tables after a gunman comes charging into his store, he will join us live here in the studio at 8:00, to discuss what happened. and we're getting a sneak peek at super bowl commercial, about social media plays a big role leading up to the big game. >> and, amy, john, good morning to you, we parked our beautiful
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kaley and fern creek south of downtown. what do you get when you combine two passions, flowers and coffee? i'll tell you! you get the coffee garden brew tea! i'll take you there, this gorgeous place, on the 8 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! >> we need some of that! yeah, i tell you. i get it! i get it! >> remember, here, my parents had one of those. the percolater, plugged it in top. a little lid, and you could see the coffee go up into the little percolater. >> jayme: no. >> amy: i'll google it for you. >> jayme: awesome. strong. >> amy: grounds are in there,
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i don't know, i never drank anything out of this percolater. but... >> jayme: weather updates, your accu-weather forecast, 8:01, the current time, a decent morning overall, we are starting to experience now a little bit of transition, in the local weather atmosphere. clouds are coming up and the temperature is certainly coming up, we're talking about near record highs today, looking for 84, in orlando, and record happens to be 86, back in 2014. so not too longstanding and, of course, we are already up and up with 70 orlando, kissimmee, 70, 72 melbourne and 70 in north central florida, gainesville and ocala, a warm start for everybody. so, mostly cloudy, a straight p.m. shower chance at about 20% and i think it is a touch higher, a scosh higher, gainesville and ocala, 30, 40% and we increase the chances deeper into the night and first thing com, welcoming in the front and increasing clouds and overall, will change our weather world, big time. by tomorrow. talk about a rain chance, a
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and then like magic. the rain is out and sun returns, 65 on friday and another round of rain, low pressure approaches our area out of the gulf. we'll track all of it for you in your full forecast, coming up in 10 minutes. here's gina. >> happy wednesday, everyone. "sky fox" over a new crash, on oak ridge. you can see a couple of vehicles involved, i believe there is also a school bus involved in that crash. partially blocking the intersection there. just beware of that if you are in the area. and i want to take you out to eustis, on state road 484, partially blocked at orange avenue and causing significant delays, both directions, in that area. be aware of that. another crash, this one on lake underhill. at the spring island way and no word of roadblocks there. but be aware through there as well. looking at your drive times, i-4 is slow right now, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 28 minutes, i-4 eastbound from
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25 minutes and -- attractions to downtown and the 417 to downtown, 18 minutes. drive traffic. >> amy: thanks. developing this morning the search is on for a gunman after two people were shot at an orlando apartment complex. >> john: it happened just after 10:30 at the apartment complex on cypress wood drive. fox 35's jackie orozco joins us live with the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: a lot of families live in this area and some neighbors telling me that they have heard gun shots here in the past but last night this is where they heard several gun shots at the condominiums here. a lot of folks coming out and we know two people were shot here. we still don't know the condition of those two victims here, officers surrounded the complex, last night, as it conducted their investigation. and detectives are still working to figure out the motive for the shooting and it is unclear if it happened in the parking lot or some of the apartments. a neighbor we spoke with said
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lying in the parking lot. and this is what he said: >> i heard five gun shots,. i'm a former marine and i know the sound of gunfire. so i heard a woman screaming and i didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: those screams were coming from this apartment complex behind me. a lot of officers out here. last night, and we are still working with opd trying to update the description of the suspect. they are looking for and once we have it we'll let you know. now, reporting live, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> thank you, also new the principal at a local middle school is reassuring parents their kids are safe after some threats were made. luanne joins us, here in the studio with this latest. >> luanne: good morning, maitland police learned of these threats of violence to maitland middle school last weekend. investigators say the threats were posted on social media and on monday, the school's
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home addressing those safety concerns. last night parents packed a parent-teacher meeting where the school's principal told them measures are in place to keep their children safe. >> it is not a random problem. [inaudible]. >> reporter: this morning, police continue to investigate those threats. over to you. >> amy: thanks, now, an update on the star we told you about yesterday morning, a rockledge high school math teacher shot to death by her estranged husband had filed for divorce last month. reports say she told a brevard county judge she was scared of her husband. she said he had anger management issues. her body was found in her home monday morning along with the body of her husband in what police say was a murder-suicide. >> john: you decide 2016, the candidates didn't take long getting out of iowa.
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>> amy: moving right along. >> john: in new hampshire, getting ready for the primary next tuesday. >> donald trump is looking to regroup following the second place finish in iowa and ryan joins us now with the latest from the campaign trail. >> ryan: i looked at the average of the poll in new hampshire, donald trump ahead by 21 points, anything but a win would be stunning and the polls also have trump leading in iowa but it was a much smaller margin. for the first time, though, trump admitting he made a mistake by skipping the last g.o.p. debate in iowa. >> i think i would have done a little better in the iowa had i not, you know, gone out and wanted to do that event for the vets. but, you know, i'm very happy with second place finish. >> ryan: who would guess you'd hear him say that. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are also in new hampshire, and bernie sanders is leading much like trump, big in these polls, refusing to participate in tomorrow's presidential debate. his campaign saying major hold-up now is that clinton has yet to agree to debate him in
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bernie sanders refusing, saying they want to look closer at clinton's very narrow victory there. and, his supporters are upset over news not only degs were determined by a coin flip and the ways they counted votes. will they go back and look at it? who knows, but at this point is not conceding the race. guys? >> john: coming up next, get ready for the super bowl ads. >> amy: from tear jerkers to funny ones, the ads that you won't just be seeing on t.v. you will be seeing it on social media, too and how it will play a big role in the game's commercial. david martin? >> reporter: good morning to you, once again we are live in soto, south of downtown. an adorable spot you must check out. for valentine's day, lots of events, they combine coffee and flowers and a lot of treats.
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social media strategist and ceo of creative web concepts, u.s.a. joins us this morning and has a book to the, an amazon international best seller and co-wrote global voice of social media, 25 women share stories of strength and love and triumph. and she has the inside scoop on the ads this year. good to see you and appreciate you being here. we'll get bombarded. it is a new thing, over the past few years, not only do you see the ads on tv but social media. how effective is that? >> well the advertisers know the people on social, they know the power of the mobile device during the game. and, they know people are going to want to connect with the super bowl. and with the advertisers and do a good job of bombarding social media, and making sure that the people are engaging. >> is that how they judge effectiveness in this day and age. >> i think it does. >> part of the overall equation? >> it is a marketing thing. marketing. hitting the consumer. that is all this is about. if you are spending $5 million
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touch the heart and soul of that consumer. and engage them on social media. that is where the audience is. >> and you get more play on them and you spend this much you on on the 30 second ad and the play on social media is better and who are the big advertisers this year. >> amazon really is doing great. and bringing on dan marino know is huge. >> john: especially down here. >> and with the ads you have celebrity-driven ads that bring in the celebrities. like the bud light with amy schumer and dan marino in the amazon ads and amazon is one of my favorites and big giants, tech giants that came on the scene. >> john: we have that up first. here it is. >> kind of small. >> it isn't the stadium, daniel. turn on the lights... >> okay. >> holy... >> okay. but that is one of those ads, co get what they are advertising. is that good or bad?
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of stars but what? >> a friend this week told me, these ads are either a total true. that is advertising the speaker -- it was a great -- the speaker talks to you, like siri and it is a great product but they actually are advertising a product and talking about the speaker, dan marino know, discussing the speaker and a snack tower and it is crazy. i don't get it. >> john: not our demo, maybe. bud light. let's look at this one. elbows. >> there is no middle. >> ready? >> you know it!
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>> you know it! >> okay, this one actually came out a couple of weeks ago during one of the football games, and, it didn't make me want bud light. it made me sick to my stomach back and what are your thoughts on that one? >> i see, a great ad for election year. you see they are running for a party, it looks like a campaign. with the campaign button. and, called the bud light party. >> john: did it work for you. >> no, all of the dressing and the putting the powder... >> john: the back -- really? i want a beer after that? >> but i connected it to the election with the bud light party, their party with the campaign button. >> john: i don't know, couldn't get past that. and one more here. doritos doritos. let's look at what they are doing. >> and there is your beautiful baby! >> any day now! >> really?
8:15 am
on my ultrasound? >> i know. give me that! >> okay. i like that one! funniest. >> a great ad. >> and it will be the entertainment factor, i believe. but, remember, doritos has three ads and the one that is winning, the winning ad will be running tloorg the super bowl and they let filmmakers in orlando and all over, they select one of the three to run during the super bowl and they win a big sum of money. >> here's what is interesting. people say why would you air the ad early, and they released these things. >> they are already out. >> and what is the benefit of releasing them early for a country. >> to get 24e78 people engaged and the buzz going and it is about the buzz and people talking about bud light before the game.
8:16 am
saw the great commercials. >> gosh. what web site can people check you out. >> creative web concepts >> john: appreciate your time today. let's find out what is go on weather-wise. what do you think of the ads? >> jayme: you know... yeah. >> amy: that was hilarious. >> jayme: what am i thinking? can't wait for sunday. let's talk about your pollen count today. it is juniper and elm of all things, exotic! showing us a 3 today, 4 tomorrow and 3 friday. kind of in the medium, lower end range of the pollen count now and, temperatures right now are on the rise. here we go. key west to broward county and palm beach, 76, panhandle as well. everybody enduring a warmer situation early this morning and day time highs, and as we look now, current live and local, 60s and 70s, for you, lower end 70s through the space coast and the
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the day ahead, no big shock here, no surprises, we've been in a warm phase, 82 by 2:00. record high for orlando today is 86 and back in 2014. not longstanding. when we come close, i think so, probably, but again, wait and see situation with all of the extra clouds piling in, will be a warm day, no doubt. all right. let's talk about our visit orlando tower cam, high atop the hyatt regency in orlando. nice scenic look at the i-drive area. the eye to your right and overall a hazy scene, blending with the sunshine. high clouds now, have increased. you see the front here, and here comes the clouds, up and out of the gulf, this guy gets in here late tonight through tomorrow morning. the chance of rain goes up. thinking about 60% chances for our thursday and slowly increasing chances, big boom in chance comes again tomorrow. through much of the day and by friday, out of here. central florida sunshine is back
8:18 am
as we head toward your friday afternoon. highs in the low and mid 60s, again front drops southbound and here comes the rain, filling in late tonight and early tomorrow morning and the big surge here, by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, rockin' and rollin'. severe weather, i don't think so. beneficial raindrops coming to a neighbor near you and that should be that. you can see by around midday, we scour out the moisture and bring back the sunshine. as shown by our 7-day forecast. highs again on friday of 65 or so. sunshine returns and area of low pressure may develop in the southern gulf by saturday and sunday. moves solidly toward our region. could enhance a rain chance. drag another front through. we're cooler on sunday afternoon. high super bowl sunday around 62. that's your forecast. here's gina. good morning. >> gina: happy wednesday. "sky fox" still over the accident on har court and oak ridge drive. no longer a roadblock. good news. the crash is starting to clear.
8:19 am
a couple things, though, first one on vineland road. a stalled vehicle at vineland and conroy. causing delays. backup there. i want to bring you back out to eustis. causing significant delays all directions at the intersection. at state road 44-b, partially blocked there. at orange avenue. be aware of that. use caution if you are there. looking the at your drive times. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 24 minutes. i-4 eastbound, attractions to downtown, 24 minutes, the 408, the 417 to downtown, about 16 minutes. time now for your fox 35 pump patrol, saving money, regular gas is $1.66 at the wawa on university boulevard and collegiate way in orlando, remember you can always check out gas saving chips on our -- tips on our web site, go to and click on traffic. >> amy: coming up, love is in the air.
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you shop for valentine's day and found something unique at a coffee shop. good morning, david. >> reporter: a coffee shop and flower shop called the coffee garden here in -- south of downtown orlando. look, this one for the guys, i have something you have to check out tomorrow night here in the beautiful shop, we'll shop for you so that you can give your loved ones something special this valentine's day, i'll give
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it involves this >> time to wake up and win, today we're giving away the family four pack of tickets to see the harlem globetrotters at the amway center on february 27th. go to the fox 35 facebook page to enter, you can enter once each day through sunday, and we'll pick one lucky winner on monday. good luck to you! all right, stop stressing about buying the perfect valentine's day gift. >> amy: there is a store in orlando that is putting a fun spin on finding the perfect gift and fox 35's david martin is joining us live. the place is called the coffee garden. i love the concept. a great idea! >> reporter: it is owned by joyce adams joyce. joyce!
8:22 am
>> great. >> reporter: you run the coffee garden, why did you combine coffee and flowers? >> my coffee addiction, more for wedding an event planners because they didn't have retail space, a great place to bring their clients. and have coffee. >> reporter: a good idea. tomorrow night, big event for dudes and the guys in our audience. >> we have guys night. a low stress -- no stress, one stop shop, 7 to 9:00 p.m., and guys come out and we have everything for shopping, jewelry, pre-order flowers at a discount. paint night, all kinds of goodies. >> reporter: let's show a couple of vendors. mary jo? you are with origami custom jewelers. and guys come tomorrow and make a custom necklace for their wives are girlfriends. >> right. everything is unique. it is totally unique for your
8:23 am
charms in and it tells your story, because we tell stories with our jewelry, and you tell stories with words and we tell stories with our jewelry. so, it is a lot of fun, unique and specific and personal and of course, has the bling and the beauty! >> reporter: origami owl custom jewelry and another thing customized is my friend, paul. paul, how are you, friend? >> quite well, actually finished a poem for john. >> reporter: okay. >> paul's poem, pick a topic and get a poem. the fascinating part about paul, he has funded his entire college education through paul's poems. right? >> i'm halfway there! >> you sell your poem, right. >> they are priceless. i have yet to charge a dime for them. >> reporter: i see how that works. smart. john, what we have done, paul create a poem that you can read to your wife or a gift to his wife. paul will read it for you live on "good day orlando."
8:24 am
>> this is for theresa. you don't need to look too carefully to see her gorgeous glow, for 17 years john has been married to the nicest person he knows. i know you won't believe me, theresa, but for whatever it could be worth, your husband swears you only become more beautiful, each day you walk the earth. [applause]. >> that is adorable, paul. you made john brown's life so easy. he doesn't have to do anything else. okay. nice meeting you. what is the web site for people to get information? >> it is coffee garden and from there go on our facebook page which gives
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>> now 8:30 on this wednesday morning, glad you are with us, i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, let's find out what is going on weather-wise today on this wednesday morning. jamie, it is 70 degrees already. >> jayme: hey, baby, that's good news about living in florida. temperature fluctuations that will blow your mind, this morning no exception. 70 at orlando, gainesville, ocala, to the villages, lakeland, tampa, everybody, pretty much around 70 degrees, and, on the plus side of that, here's a day ahead, everybody, mostly cloudy and stray p.m. shower, stray meaning kind of floating about. 20% means not everyone sees raindrops, the case today. but not necessarily for
8:28 am
let's look at what is going on again, as we look at the orlando tower cam high atop the height reagency, looking good and epcot, thank you, ann for pointing that out, ann in the control room doing a great job. i spy the epcot ball. look at that, 70 and we are looking nice overall. a little hazy. how it goes, early sometimes around these parts and if we watch the next system, now moving toward the state, enhancing the clouds, rain chances, fire up tonight and through the morning an afternoon tomorrow and 60% of us seeing decent beneficial rains and cool down and warm up and cool down and, bring back a rain chance, more in our detailed forecast in 10 minutes. >> happy wednesday, the most part looking okay. eustis, state road 44 b and partially blocked on orange avenue causing delays at that intersection, in all directions. be aware of that.
8:29 am
the stalled vehicle at rhineland and conroy road. doesn't seem to be causing significant delays there. be aware. and looking now at your drive times, everything is starting to get a little better. i-4 from lake mary to colonial, 22 minutes and i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, about 23 minutes and the 408, clearing up, pretty much up to speed. guys, back to you. >> this morning the search is on for a gunman after who people are shot at an orlando apartment complex. >> john: happened 10:30 last night on cypress woods drive and fox 35's jackie orozco has the latest from the scene. >> police are looking for several suspects involved in a shooing, two people were shot and their conditions are unknown at this time. and, it happened at the summer gate apartment complex, 10:30, now, detectives are working to figure out the motive for the shooting and unclear if it
8:30 am
apartment and we spoke with a maybe and this is what he said. >> i heard five gun shots, and i'm a former marine and i know the sound of the gunfire. and, immediately after i heard a woman screaming, and i didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: if you have information you are asked to call crime line, reporting in orlando, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> also, a woman being sued by her ex-boyfriend over a winning lottery ticket takes the stand to tell her side of the story. >> it tops the morning rush. she won a million drars ollars from a scratch off lottery ticket and her ex-boyfriend is suing her for half and he says he gave her this money to buy the ticket and the two had a verbal agreement for more than ten years if they ever won they'd split the money. on the stand, she says she paid for the ticket and the couple broke up before she won the money. the trial is expected to last through the rest of the week. >> also waiting to hear if a
8:31 am
after crashing into an orange "sky fox," you can see was over this the scene yesterday and happened on orange blossom trail near west oak ridge road. deputies say the other driver pulled into the path of the deputy and the cars collided. the deputy had to be taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> amy: the florida supreme court put an execution on hold. convicted of killing two people in 1983. and yesterday lawyers asked the him and every other florida death row inmate. citing a u.s. supreme court ruling last month that found florida's death penalty is unconstitutional. >> john: also a would be robber picked the wrong gas station. surveillance video from the sugar creek gas station on highway 46. last tuesday night, january 26th, a man tried to rob the place and the clerk is a u.s. military veteran, david dick was able to get the gun away from the suspect and the suspect took
8:32 am
>> the hero clerk is here with us this morning, we're glad to be joined by david dick. nice to have you, thanks for being here. take us back to the night. did you notice when he walked in something was not right. >> when we walked in, i recognized what was going on, it was actually aggravating. i was about to get off work and, i looked at the weapon and kind of -- looked off to me and there were two rounds loaded into it. and that -- i thought it was a live weapon. >> john: what was your thought? we read the story, he made a mistake and you noticed that. take us through that. what did he do to allow you to be the hero and take control of the situation? >> when i walked up to the counter i didn't play stupid, i was at the register and he threw the bag at me and i asked if he wanted the change.
8:33 am
soon as he took the weapon off of me and eyes off of me, that was his mistake. >> john: did you think about it? >> instinct. >> john: training. >> training. all muscle memory. >> amy: you are literally beating the tar out of the guy, and he got out of there and he came home with you a bunch of bruises on his face. >> someone will notice that. >> amy: you didn't recognize him? he's not somebody who had been there before. >> he had a bandanna over half his face and the eyes looked familiar to me but i was kind of concentrating on causing as much damage as i could. >> amy: you did good. >> john: looking back on the moment, you have had a lot of time to reflect now. would you do it again? the way it happened? >> honestly, i would. i would do everything exactly, probably a little more so. i was concentrating on getting the weapon away from him and at
8:34 am
air gun i would have held him there. >> amy: what about your military training? how much did it play a role? >> the whole thing. as soon as i noticed the situation, automatically kicked in. i went right into military mode. i started call calculating what he was doing, listening to what he was saying. paying attention to his movements and he was erratic and that is the only reason why i made the move. if he would have been polite, honestly... put the money in the bag and i'm gone, but he was erratic and yelling and he was nervous. and that is a very dangerous combination. >> john: we've had people on the same couch who said after a situation like this, they've had moments to sit back and think how thankful they are for life. have you had those moments? >> absolutely. the tours in iraq and my beautiful kids and my beautiful wife. it makes you appreciate every one of those moments so much more. >> amy: especially when you
8:35 am
something terrible happen to you here is scary. >> actually that made me mad, too, i'm not about to get shot at the convenience store. after making it through iraq. >> amy: god bless you, david! there? still looking for him. >> john: what is your word to him? he has probably seen the video. >> if he gets caught i hope they do everything possible to, you know, throw the book at him and if he doesn't get caught, make something out of himself, he could have made more money pawning the gun than i rad in the drawer and i hope if he doesn't get caught, get a job! >> amy: that you say. >> john: nice to meet you. a hero, there on the couch this morning. thanks, david. 5:39. more coming up on "good day orlando." the debate about the titanic, the movie lovers debated for years. kate winslett dishing on what
8:36 am
of the movie. why she says maybe she could have saved leo dicaprio, on this day in history, february 3rd, 1973, elton john had his first number one hit in the u.s., crocodile rock and 1990 he actually had his first hit as a solo artist in his home country, what was his first british number one hit? candle in the wind? circle of life? or sacrifice? the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl
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8:40 am
it wasn't until 1990 that he had his first hit as a solo artist in his home country of britain. what was the song that brought him to number one in britain, not until 1990, a long time! was it candle in the wind... >> good-bye norma jean though i never knew you at all you had the grace to hold yourself... >> the circle of life the wheel of fortune ... >> amy: or was it sacrifice? >> something better baby just passing through ... >> amy: it was one of these three, candle in the wind, circle of life or sacrifice, out to david martin first, he's joining us at the coffee garden in orlando. hi, david!
8:41 am
owner of the coffee garden, joyce adams play center square, joyce, you heard the question and heard the answers, tell the camera what your answer is: >> sacrifice? >> so pretty. isn't it? and the folks in the coffee garden are going with sacrifice. >> luanne and ryan. >> ryan: great songs. >> i think it was from the lion king movie. the movie was popular, maybe that is where he got it. >> and, candle in the wind. such a big song, they are all huge. >> got it. a and b, and over to gina and jayme. why are you pointing at her? >> i'm going to go with candle
8:42 am
i feel like the lion king song may have come later. candle in the wind. >> jayme: i like your rationale. what he said. >> candle in the wind. john brown? >> john: i was going to go with candle in the wind but lu brought up the date an circle of life was 1990. i think so. i was a young kid in 1990, and i remember watching this, and i was three... >> amy: whatever. >> jayme: you were not. >> amy: here's your answer... >> amy: sacrifice! i thought was the least likely of these three to be his first number one in britain. but it was sacrifice, and it is funny, david, tell the folks at coffee garden, good job! [applause]. >> and, he could not want to be remembered for crocodile rock. and he said it was a one-timer thing and i don't want to be remembered for that one. elton john, a legend. thanks, guys, thanks for
8:43 am
>> check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: jenna castillo has scoops, good morning! >> good morning! loving the story, for today. so fun, just cracks me up. i saw this yesterday. and i almost spit out my coffee. kate winslett says, well, about that last scene... so funny. >> can you believe it, it has been 20 years almost, i mean, pretty much. i was just like, wow! it seems like yesterday. how many of us have thought that jack could have fit on the on? times! rob the scene when rose was going down in the boat and --
8:44 am
souped, souped stupid, rose, and people said that, why didn't you let him get on the wood and he's laughing about it -- she's laughing about it and loved seeing them together and they had a great time. i love the movie, of course! if you can tell. >> amy: john wants to demonstrate what really happened when she let go of his hand. >> john: here's -- >> what really happened. >> john: the part never made sense, i want her exact line. right, he's hanging on, right and she says, i'll never let go... and what does she do? she pushes him off and lets go! you pushed my hand off. >> amy: true. >> she said jack! jack! >> amy: oops, sorry! >> tried to wake him up! >> john: wow. >> i love it. it makes me want to watch it again! >> john: people would watch it again and see, was there really
8:45 am
>> amy: there was plenty of room. >> john: jenny, great to see you, jenny castillo from rumba 100.3. >> thank you, guys! >> john: see you soon! jayme king. >> jayme: good morning, everybody, 60s and 70s in most spots, clouds are continuing to increase and we'll call the day today mostly cloudy, a stray afternoon shower. i don't think we find any storms today. and that chance of 20% as we? >> ramp up for 1:00, 2:00 or 3:00, a category or two, 30, 40% blend towards ocala and gainesville today for the late afternoon and early evening hours. possible records today. looks like melbourne and datona beach and low '80s and orlando will get close, the forecast high today is 84. the record for the day today, is 86 set in 2014. hardly longstanding. our golf forecast, 60s for us, as we head in toward the 9 o'clock timeframe.
8:46 am
and looks like 82 by 3:00. isolated shower activity during that time. again, everybody seeing raindrops in the coming hours and days, as the cold front draws closer to the region. it will happen late, late tonight through the wee early morning hours of our thursday. the uptick in rain chance will be sharp and pronounced and will come down here on thursday for us at 60%. and the system kick to the east and heads over the distant atlantic and we scour out the moisture and sunshine returns and no chance of rain, cool, dry air friday. the modeling showing us again, watch the time stamp through the day today. rain chances are slight, and late, late tonight through tomorrow morning we ramp them up, everybody starts cashing in, the morning commute, might be dry but again might not be. depend on the forward speed of the system. will produce quite a bit of rainfall out there. so again, it will clear things out by friday, we're looking good and ample sunshine and nice, cool dry air mass descending upon north central florida and east central florida. the next 7 days, offering up
8:47 am
and clear things out and bring back low pressure and attendant cold front south of the low moving off the gulf of mexico. and, will have to cool us done and raise the rain stakes, 40%. by midday saturday and sunday. that's your forecast. here's the weather baby! emerson. emerson looks good. modeling great fall fashions and is a good looking kid. i appreciate it. gorgeous girl there. emerson, our weather baby of the moment. visit our web site for more weather baby pictures, we love to see your kids and you can get directions how to get those pictures to us, at here's gina. good morning. >> happy wednesday, everybody. "sky fox" cruising the city beautiful right now, everything looking nice on all of our major roadways. good news there. i do have a new crash, however, this one here is on county highway 434, apopka vineland road, partially blocked at lake drive. be aware of that, use caution
8:48 am
at your drive times, i-4 starting to clear up. lake mary to colonial and i-4 will take you 19 minutes this morning on i-4 eastbound, those arks traditions -- attractions to downtown, 20 minutes and the 408, up to speed. guys back to you. >> john: still to come, if you hate getting out of bed in the morning it may not be your fault. >> amy: it affects a lot of people. how your genes influence how man times you hit the snooze button.
8:49 am
watching "good day o the best day of my life. >> john: we want to say
8:50 am
you are our student of the week! she's' straight a student and volunteers at her church in summers as well and has a lot going on. congratulations, student of the week is brought to you by hudson's furniture and you can nominate a high school student for student of the week and it look good on their resume heading into college. log onto and, go to the good day tab and see student of the week and maybe your student will be next. >> amy: cool. >> it's not easy to wake up and be happy in the morning. >> amy: if you are more avenue a night owl you -- of a night owl you may have a genetic excuse, luanne is with us this morning. >> luanne: it explains so much. a study suggests whether you are a night person or prefer morning, it may come down to your genes. researchers at the genetics company have linked 15 regions
8:51 am
feel in the morning. all plants and answer mal have a preference for day or night and humans are no exception. experts put the theory to the test and took 90,000 people and studied their sleep habits and discovered specific genes that influence our natural rhythms. but scientists say the research is not perfect and plan to push it further. to see if there are any medical benefits that could come from it. that explains so much, because you meet people who can stay up all night and then people who get up at 5:00 in the morning and they are just fine. >> amy: and they are like, i'm a person. i am. i struggle all the time. >> i'm sure you see when we come in early, you see people exercising and at the gym. >> amy: how do they do that. sleep. up at 2:00 a.m., jogging. still to come at 9:00 the
8:52 am
many that means new year's resolutions, are starting to slip away. >> amy: true! we'll tell you how to get your weight loss and money goals back on track. coming up. plus, david martin is with us this morning. >> reporter: a reminder, i have a beautiful valentine's day spot you must check out called the coffee garden, home to beautiful flowers you can buy and great coffee, oh, and a poem creator, amy, i'm making one more you now. in the 9 o'clock hour, called coffee garden, check it out, a big announcement in the 9 o'clock hour from the owner, joyce adams. you don't want to miss it the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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