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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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local stars will be >> derrol nail is on the ground tonight with what we know so far. derrol? >> reporter: they're painting a
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believed to be with a customer inside this tax office here on clear lake avenue, and the owner of the tax business. as you can see here, it's still an active scene and we've got sheriffs' deputies here. around 1:30 this afternoon, and they got a call through 911 that shots had been fired, and the location just south of the coco campus of houston, florida, state. after the shooting, one of the men drove away from the scene but only got about a block away before stopping to get medical help. the owner was as well, and detectives, again, on scene, interviewing witnesses and crime scene techs still gathering evidence. just minutes ago, we spoke to an employee of the tax office who is outside of the time when the owner who was also his cousin yelled for help with the gunman. >> that was outside did work every -- i was outside smoking a
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and shot at my cousin three times. >> and both of them flown here to area hospitals and -- and -- it was right next door to the tax center. he, luckily, only suffered a mild wound his leg. he got a bandage on it there. two bullets came through the wall and he was fortunate to only be grazed by one of them. of course, more details are continuing to emerge and we'll have more information for you later tonight on fox 35 at 10:00. for now we're live in coco, derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> derrol, thanks. developing tonight, shoplifting turned violent on camera. >> one of them even pulling a knife on a security guard who was trying to stop her. hollow -- holly bristow has got the very latest. holly? >> reporter: this incident happened sunday night around 9:00 right inside the entrance
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but investigators just released the surveillance video today in hopes that somebody recognizes these two female suspects. >> watch as orlando police say two suspected shoplifters up the ante and turned this into an armed robbery when one of the women pulled a weapon. take another look. at first, the two women looked to be casually walking out of the wal-mart. when they're confronted by store security, the woman in the purple shirt grabbed a folding knife out of her pants, whips it open and then starts -- her arms at the two security employees. >> an hour before that, the internal security folks at wal-mart had seen two women who were going through the store and taking things and putting them in their purses. >> according to the incident report, one security officer kept an eye on the surveillance cameras while another secretly followed the two suspected shoplifters. michelle guido is a spokesperson for the orlando police department. >> they followed them throughout the store.
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stratgizing how the suspected shoplifters would go out of a particular entrance. one moment you see one lady trying to go out the door. wal-mart security employees back off as soon as the suspect in purple pulled out the knife and then you can see the women store. they ran across the parking lot and into the sterling crest apartments. the women stole around $100 and got themselves into a whole lot of other trouble when the suspect in purple threatened security with that knife. >> it's not a serious of crime as armed robbery with a deadly weapon and this is what they're facing because they made a really bad decision as they walked out the store. >> orlando police do really want to catch these women. you're asked to call the orlando police department tonight or crime line. that number: for now reporting live from orlando, holly bristow fox 35 news. >> the orange county sheriff's
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wearing a batman suit. the suspect is caught on kam recall, entering the 1, 2, 3- dollar store and he demanded some money and an hour and a half later, the dollar store was description. anyone with information with call. in tonight's evening rush, new information on a body found in a vacback yard in paisley two weeks ago. sheriff's office confirms that it belongs to jones. the sheriff's office believes that that jones' body was in that backyard since late november. >> now we can understand what happened and we can try to find out if there was any foul play so we can look at some different things now. >> investigators say they hope that identifying the body will give them a better idea of the timeline. the junk man arrested again. the seminole county sheriff's
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davis gained notoriety last year for having more than 30 tons of trash in his yard. last september, the seminole code enforcement unit led a clean-upality his home and today the 61-year-old was booked for nell knee, littering and misdemeanor nuisance charges. he'll be in court tomorrow. governor rick scott declares a health emergency in four florida counties due to the zika virus. it shows you the locations that the governor's -- governors are concerned about. at least nine cases that found in the state. health officials believe all the cases are from people who contracted the disease, while traveling to affected countries. and the fox alert tonight, the family of a florida man killed by an undercover officer is fighting for a bill that would regulate the use of police body cameras. corey jones by a former palm beach garden police officer back in october. his car had been broken down and he was waiting for help when the officer arrived.
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shooting and killing jones, and jones' family is now backing that bill. that would require law enforcement agencies use body cameras to properly use and maintain the cameras in the video. it would apply only to police agencies that decide, of course, to use cameras. if there were body cameras, they would have access. we all would have answers as to why a church drama broke down at 3:00 in the morning on october 18th last year with confronted by ununiformed officer in his -- >> as a result of jones' death, palm beach garden police department has decided to buy body cameras for the whole department. the officer involved, though, has since been fired. new at 6:00 and new to orlando, the zip cars. fox 35 mike synan explains how the car sharing service works. >> reporter: zip cars will be
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around downtown orlando, four at disney springs. >> we're just one community. we're really not orlando and win ne park. we're really one area -- big area it and makes things more accessible. >> reporter: they're rented by the hour or by the day. >> and we just get a zip car in the mail. just get this car in the mail and just wipe it right here, and press toe, you're in. -- presto. >> mayor buddy dwyer says -- >> more advertisement and more notoriety. >> i don't think people knew we had and with the no tighter -- notoriety of zip cars. >> winter park say they have -- >> it has to be there, so it has to be in your community, it has to be in education and transportation, and the more choices we have, the better the community will be.
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our -- on our website on fox 35 mike synan, fox 35 news. >> this may never be found. a florida bride has her dress stolen right off her porch. >> the crew convinces ups that he's the owner, and takes off. coming up, you're going to hear from the family that theyiest want the dress back and find out what police say you can do to avoid becoming a victim. glenn? >> forecast in central florida right now where it's nice and warm, but it's going to change. rain and cooler temperatures. more on that coming up. >> plus high school football players across the country putting pen to paper as they decide when they're going to play college ball. where some local stars will be playing this next fall. for the dow finishing up to 83 points.
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the green while >> yeah, it's a very -- thanks to a fee for not -- not thanks to the fee, she may never see that again. aaron mesmer explains why. >> tiffany and -- wedding photos were stunning. her gown, as beautiful as she imagined it. >> my mom and dad spent two or three weeks just going around to the different bridal shops in the area and we finally found them and there's a lot of emotion attached to that. >> their wedding was in october and tiffany did what many brides do afterwards. she sent her dress out to get dry-cleaned, and now she's
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all because of a cruel criminal. >> it's really sad about it, you know. a wedding dress is something that has a lot of sten every sentimental value. >> ups stopped by to deliver the gown on monday but no one was home >> a gold suv, either an azuzu rodeo or a honda passport has pulled up in our circular drive. >> yes, i live here and i've been waiting for you and yeah, he's -- and then he drove off. >> all they know is he signed for the package, using the name jose. really replace that, it's just a one-time thing. >> people are looking for jose and say it's unfortunate the lengths people have to stop package thieves like him. >> clearly this case, taking the extra step of the -- we need to go to even a further step which is don't have things delivered to your home when you're not there. >> now the master pass is -- a mixture of joy that disappointment. they're saying -- staying
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has a change of heart. >> drive by and throwing the box with the box in it. just in the driveway. we just want the dress back. >> we just want the dress back. >> in tampa, aaron mesmer, fox 35 news. >> do you feel a little guilty this time of year, my mom, 17 inches of snow out there, and rub it in -- >> yeah -- >> and we're doing 84 degrees, and it's nice outside >> and things are about to change. >> and if you don't like it muggy, just wait, by friday, it will be sunny and in the 60s. we get a live picture right no and no rain on radar but there it is. heavy rain, and now fortunately, a few tornado warnings right here, and out in south carolina, a line continues against a pretty vicious line of storms extending out to the panhandle
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that is weakening more and more computer models don't want worry about it. it's just going to come down and give us some rain. still 76 in melbourne and 82 in sanford, and 77 right now back over towards palm coast. our humidity levels are back up and our dew points are back up and our temperatures right now are even runing about two to five degrees warmer compared to last night at the same time. here are the dew points and mid to upper 60s, almost late spring early summer-like conditions. 81 degrees right now, downtown southeasterly winds currently at about 11 miles per hour. high temperature today, hit 84 and the record, 86. we were close, 68 degrees. our early morning low, 51 degrees, and if it's where we should be at the record, set back in 1817, hit 24 degrees, and we were nowhere near. light showers possible later on tonight. good chance of rain, on and off all day for tomorrow. cool air moves in on friday and it's going ooh hang around for a good chunk.
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towards the western end of the panhandle. you can see in our 3 d satellite the thunderstorms and all the moisture coming up from the gulf of m example co, kind of streaming to the north and east. remember, the apparent low pressure center that's connected to this cold front is up in canada and this front is losing steam rapidly. here is tomorrow at about noon, 1:00 pm and scattered showers moving through the morning and there could be some rain and there won't be too much, and it mainly looks like the afternoon. it could be a few bursts of heavier rain, late afternoon early evening and this is 10:00 tomorrow evening. still, some scattered showers, and eventually the showers come to an end, probably around 1:00, to 2:00 in the morning, back along the east coast. here is my seven-day forecast. a 70% chance for showers and tomorrow still warm, and friday, a beautiful day. lots of sunshine. 64. more showers on saturday and cool weather settles in sundays into next week.
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about as big in the state of florida as anywhere else in the country and by almost any standard, cru, f -- ucf, and -- and it included a handful of south florida athletes for the first time in years, plus a few central florida stars like dr. phillips -- and daytona beach adrian killins. >> our percentage is really high almost every kid that we got in contact with was interested in this place. that's what really attracted me to this job and i think that's just what's going to attract players today, and down the road to this place. >> florida had a school record 12 early and already on campus going through off season conditioning and depending on which ranking you look at, the gators cracked the top ten nationally and florida loaded on more than 202 dozen players and beat up major schools to get some four and five star kids. >> when you look at it from the
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back sided, you know, i think we've got some really good talent there, and it'll be fun to watch him, because, you know, the majority here are here already, so we'll get a good feel with that this spring. >> and florida state absolutely cleaned up. the so many knowles -- seminoles are ranked at either the best or the second best class in the country. every player was at least ranked as a four-star athlete and the head coach says he filled every position on the floor and with great depth. meanwhile, a huge day with central florida high schools as well, more than two dozen players signed on to play football and the major wah division one level in the orlando area and that doesn't even count, and kids that sign to play on in other sports and college. a couple of schools, in particular, had huge days, and we start with west orange high school. enormous group of signings that left orange high school with a crowd to match. the big name here and the receivers signing with michigan
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when he visited ann arbor. >> the coaches, they've all been to the next level round, and people are great. >> woody barrett hopes to earn the quarterback job as a freshman. >> you know, just stay around and -- big stone for sight, and everything florida had to offer, so he'll ab gator. >> just on -- and florida gators and -- >> nolan will head to chapel hill and university of north carolina, and bollinger, colorado springs, and samuels and he's on the courtesy state and jeffrey kennedy will go to southeastern university. they had a large -- eight sign innings total work headlined by polite.
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[ undiscernible ] >> reporter: he'll get to play once a year. signed up with tennessee. >> that's -- no matter what, it's good competition. >> reporter: and a big local signing for ucf, and adrian will be a night. >> it's like a dream come true -- true. i don't got to go to play in the best football offense. i can just go one hour off the road. >> reporter: so rivals -- scott first ever class at ucf at 50th in the nation apretty good day for him and obviously all the florida schools did well as well. florida state number one in the nation, and recruiting florida in the top ten, a big day on signing day. for now, from ucf, adam shadoff, fox 35 news. having a public viewing party but not of his new show. >> instead he's been seen partying up and down the streets of new york.
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simpson premiered to solid numbers and it looks like the show's star is already celebrating. let's go out there in hollywood and a cuba gooding junior is having a good old party in the streets of new york about this. ain't he? >> reporter: some stars have a nice little viewing party at home and he's in a restaurant with close friends and family. cuba gooding, junior, apparently got pretty hammered. he went out in new york city. this guy is the life of the party. i mean, we always see him -- he's running around the streets and he's kiss can cops. he's taking pictures of people, signing autographs, having a really, really great time and he's definitely basking in the afterglow that was part of this show and it's going to be on for ten weeks -- >> yeah. >> he's got a lot of partying to do. >> pace yourself. pace yourself. cause we've got a long way to go here. >> great to talk to you and
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>> hey, nice work out for tomorrow night, very nice. >> and about 82, and -- but we will have some rain and it looks like the clouds will be building up tonight. and good chance for rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. nothing bad, though, and we're back to sunshine as we get into sunday and then the cool weather
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