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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- a marion county deputy is shot in the leg--during a shoot-out at an ocala gas station. we are live on the scene-- with the latest. - the governor declares a :"health emergency" in four florida counties... over the zika virus. how he plans to address the growing threat... today. then-- the homeless problem is back at the fore-front of volusia county leaders minds. how they plan to address the problem at today's "state of
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but first, let's get over to jayme king. developing in marion county-- a sheriff's
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after he's shot in the leg. it happened during a shoot-out at the "kangaroo marathon gas station" on northeast 20th street. fox 35's jackie orozco is live in ocala with the latest. $
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planning to address the "zika virus" threat today... after declaring a health emergency in four counties. fox 35's andrea jackson joins us in the studio with more. the goveror
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after at least nine cases of the zika illness were found in four florida counties... those counties include miami-dade, lee, hillsborough and santa rosa-- where all nine cases were detected. the governor's order allows the state's agriculture department to use mosquito spray in those counties. it also directs the florida department of health to make its own decisions about what's needed from the state and the c- d-c the zika virus- primarily spread through mosquitos- has some scary consequences- causing babies to be born with a birth defects associated with abnormal shrinking of the brain- zika has no cure and there is no known vaccine- which is why prevention at this stage of the game is so important... fox medical expert doctor jo explains... all nine cases in florida involve people who were
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the u-s in affected countries. the governor will be holding a press conference this afternoon in tampa starting at 1:30 to discuss the state's current and future plans to fight the zika virus... in brevard county -- witnesses say a dispute over taxes led to a shooting that injured three people in cocoa. this all happened yesterday afternoon at the "t- t-c tax" refund clearlake road. deputies say two men were shot inside struggled over a gun. bullets went through a wall-- where the owner of door was grazed. fox 35 talked to the cousin of the man who owns the tax business-- who says-- dispute.
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condition. deputies have not identified the men.. and no arrests have been made. in seminole county -- the so-called "junk man" is scheduled to face a judge today on littering charges. seminole county deputies arrested alan davis at his altamonte springs home yesterday. davis has made the news over the past years, for having more than 30 tons of trash in his yard. last september, the seminole code enforcement unit led a clean-up at his home. yesterday, deputies the 61-year- old on felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance charges. \=unty man will not face charges for a deadly arson that killed a child. investigators says "luis cruz" used gasoline to start the fire at his home in oakland last july. cruz's 5-year-old stepson died in the fire... and his three- year-old son was injured. the state attorney's office said cruz will not be prosecuted... pu:zlack of evidence. now to a crime alert in orlando. for two dangerous shoplifters-- who
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security guards at a walmart. at the store on south kirkman road. police say the women were spotted putting merchandise into their purses. security guards confronted them at the door. this surveillance video shows one of the women pulling a knife. police say the women ran into the "sterling crest apartments" on kirkman road. ]*7 county... we expect to hear about the daytona beach homeless problem during the "state of the county" address today. the homeless problem came to a boiling point earlier this week, when police broke up a homeless camp outside a county building. now, the county is committing four million dollars to build 'safe harbor', a 250-bed facility, to temporarily house the homeless. daytona beach police chief mike chitwood says the problem is complex and requires a leader with a plan to help each individual case. even though the county has offered to help fund "safe
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city's responsibility to find the money to operate the facility. the city has until march to do that. as democratic candidates are preparing for tonight's debate... a new poll doesn't point to a very close race plus-- the fued between donald trump --and ted cruz --continues to grow. cruz is speaking out... after being accused of fraud. why donald trump says -- the results from the iowa
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julian assange could soon be spending time behind bars. he has been living at the ecuadorian embassy in london since 2012.. to avoid extradition to sweden in a rape case. the united nations says it will rule whether or not the embassy can legally hold assange. if they rule against him, assange says he will turn himself into police tomorrow. a weather alert-- in parts of the southeast. severe storms hit columbia, south carolina, yesterday. the capital city got a lot of heavy rain. other parts of the state were hit even 1 tornado touched down in lexington county.
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several cars.. brought down trees.. and damaged a church. you decide 2016-- donald trump is looking like he could be the winner of the new hampshire primary. a new poll shows trump ahead of ted cruz... and jeb bush third place. the "u-mass lowell tracking poll" shows trump with 38 percent... while cruz has 12 percent. john kasich and jeb bush follow with 9 percent each...and marco rubio rounds out the top five with 8 percent. the democrats could also have a big winner. bernie sanders more than doubles hillary clinton. sanders has 61 percent...and clinton only has 30 percent. clinton and sanders will square-off one-on-one in tonight's debate in new hampshire... following yesterday's town hall. even after a close race in iowa... bernie sanders still says he is not the
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clinton is now disputing claims by sanders that she is only a "progressive" when it's convenient. xxx meanwhile-- trump is demanding a "do-over" in iowa... accusing cruz of voter fraud. trump says the cruz campaign cheated by sending out letters to iowa voters... which closely resembled official notices. he also blames cruz for the false rumor about ben carson dropping out of the race... while voting was underway. cruz wasted little time in responding to
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bud hedinger of "good morning joins us live to talk about it. bud... a lot of drama on the campaign trump taking to twitter.. these are new overnight...from the billionaire says cruz stole the election. so, bud... what's your take.. and who hurts the most from this? trump or cruz?
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next up, jeb bush having an embarrassing moment while campaigning in new hampshire.. take a having an
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campaigning in new hampshire.. take a look ((sot)) trt: oc:
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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0 coming up-- ou are getting married... look no further than orlando! striaght ahead-- where the city beautiful ranks on the best places to "tie the knot". plus-- honda motors is expanding its recall for defective airbags. find out if your car is on the list. pppp but first-- time for the "job of the day"... brought to you by "career source central florida." today's opening is for a "medical biller and office
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between 2005 to 20-16. an inflator mal- function in takata airbags has been linked to several deaths. honda's takata recall alone includes over 8 and a =9 u-s vehicles. orlando is the best city to get married in-- according to a new survey from "wallet-hub." they looked at p which cities offered the most wedding amenities-- at the best price. they also factored in nearby attractions. number-2 on the list `xx`|`|`|`|`|`|`|@|@|@x@|@| is las vegas. tampa is in 4th @|@|xxxxxxxx place... and miami is in 8th. orlando and miami both scored big in "number of bridal shops." they also tied for first place in "number of flower p shops." coming up in our next half hour-- a deputy is shot while responding to a call at an ocala gas station. straight ahead-- we have a live report on exactly
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coming this summer. only here, only at seaworld. uj=5e back... ryan elijah. pa i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning.
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deputy is shot in the leg --during a shoot-out at an ocala gas station. we are live on the scene with more. plus-- the governor declares a state of emergency in four florida counties... over the zika virus. how he plans to address the growing threat... later today. then--- the orlando magic put up a good fight :z9e of the best teams in the n- ```xuxxehu+h`x@``@ b-a last night. they took on the @` l0x`@|x'& okalhoma city thunder. but could they pull out a win? we take a look.
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developing in marion
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deputy is recovering after he's shot in the leg. it happened during a shoot-out at the "kangaroo marathon gas station" on northeast 20th street. fox 35's jackie orozco is live in ocala with the latest. jackie--what do deputies say happened?
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scott is planning to address the "zika virus" threat today-- after declaring a "health emergency" in four counties. at least nine cases of the mosquito- borne illness have been reported in florida-- including in hillsborough county. health officials believe all of the
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people who contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries. fox's shayla reaves
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batman. they released this surveillance video of the robbery as the superhero. s our morning rush. robbed the dollar general store on north semoran about a half hour with a similar description targeted the dollar general store on south goldenrod road. if you recognize him call crimeline. the lake county sheriff's office identified the body-- found in a backyard in paisley-- two weeks ago. it is dennis jones. he owned the home on pennsylvania street-- where he was found. deputies think his body had been in the backyard since late november. the investigation into his cause of death continues. h|cocoa police are looking for car burglars. a homeowner's security camera recorded this video, in a north cocoa neighborhood. police say one of the suspects can be
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unlocked door rummaging through the vehicle before leaving with the other two suspects. if you have information, call crimeline . open carry of weapons on college campuses is one stop closer to becoming law. the florida house passed two gun bills yesterday. one of the bills woudld allow licensed gun owners to openly carry their weapons in public ... and take them onto college campuses.. the other would lawmakers to carry concealed weapons onto the chamber floor and in committee meetings. both bills now move to the senate. the family of a man-- shot and killed by a police officer-- is backing a bill that would regulate how law enforcement uses body cameras. the bill would require police to properly use and maintain cameras and video. but...the bill would only apply to agencies that decide to use the cameras. the pastor protection bill will go before a house subcommittee today.
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protect pastors from having to perform ceremonies for same sex couples. the bill is aimed at guaranteeing freedom of religion-- so that clergy members have discretion over who
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making headlines around florida. a father is caught on camera stealing from a winter haven walmart... and his young daughter was in on it. the guy in the pictures is tommy amador jr -- and his daughter. police say amador's was trying to leave without paying for anything in his cart. police say he told his daughter to claim she threw the receipt and change away... so there was no paper trail. but tips and good surveillance shots helped track him down. he's held on no bond for grand theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. a pizza delivery man in key west helps save a pregnant woman. deputies say taurean roberts broke into his estranged wife's house monday night and began
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her children with a her children with a knife. when the family tried to call for help...roberts attacked them. that's when a pizza delivery man arrived at the house...and robert's wife whispered for him to call 9-1-1. deputies were able to catch up with roberts and arrest him. he's being held on no bond. the largest american regatta --since relations were restored between the united states and cuba last year-- began its final leg yesterday. almost 500 american sailors took off from havana's historic "marina hemingway"-- heading for key west. the regatta began last weekend --and ends this saturday. john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. first: developing overnight. the florida department of law t is looking into a shootout involving marion county deputies. one deputy was hit in the leg. we will tell you what lead up to the shooting. plus: new at six. bad timing. in the middle of "tax season," the i-r-s is having computer problems. find out what it means for you, if you
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also new at six. wildlife sighting. we will explain why this video of a wild jaguar in the u-s is so rare. plus your weather and traffic updates. it is all coming up at 6 o'clock on good
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