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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> john: it's 7:00 here on your thursday morning. february 4. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here's are the stories we're working for you right now. we start with jackie orozco. >> reporter: a marion county sheriff's deputy is recovering at the hospital after he was shot outside this gas station. i'll explain what exactly happened last night, coming up in a live report. >> john: governor governor rick scott declaring a health emergency. why he's concerned for the state of florida. >> listen, it's no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like, another trumper tantrum. >> amy: what is fueling the latest beef between the two candidates. in the meantime, where is the beef, with jayme king. >> jayme: got none. remember those commercials? >> amy: where is the rain?
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between the cameras here. and it's a glorious scene. but slowly but surely clouds returning. and rain chances will begin to rise. we're about 70 now across the area. some in the upper 6 30s. clouds advancing steadily and rapidly. and there's a little bit of thunder in some of this. i am not looking at any crazy wacky stuff today, but you will notice the clouds increase and rain chances rising by late mid-morning. those in brevard will see the rain in the afternoon. tomorrow after the rain, 60. and through the 60s for the next several days. no big switch-up here. it's all about the cool down. lows in the 40s. no chance of rain. that's the good news there. we'll look at the weekend closer in full weather in about 10 minutes.
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everybody. we'll give you a live look. i-4 eastbound. a crash not causing significant hangups or delays. use caution in the area. the earlier crash at epcot center drive, there's a roadblock at buena vista drive that is starting to clear up, but use caution heading to the theme parks this morning. lake mary to colonial, 18 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, 12 minutes. well. >> john: it's 7:03. developing in marion county, a deputy is recovering after he is shoot-out. >> amy: a suspected opened fire. the kangaroo marathon gas 20th street. fox 35's jackie orozco has been live there all morning.
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good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning. we're still working trying to get the name of the suspect expect he's in critical -- he's in critical condition after times. they said that he opened fire first. and the sheriff got a 911 call from a man coming out of the car here at the kangaroo gas station with multiple guns in his hand. they saw the gunman, a white male, put a gun to his head. and they tried to get him to put it down, and then he pointed the other gun at the deputies. during the exchange of gunfire that ensued, the officer was hit. he is expected to be okay. and this shut down the lanes well into the early morning hours. the fdle is investigating the shooting.
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information about exact my what the gunman was thinking when he had the two guns in his hands. once we have that, we'll let you know. reporting live here in ocala. fox 35 news. >> john: a news alert this morning. governor rick scott is planning to discuss the zika virus threat after declaring a health emergency in four florida counties. >> amy: the governor declaring the emergency after nine cases of zik a virus. miami dade, lees, hillsborough, and sanity a rosa. allowing the state's agriculture department to use mosquito spray in the counties and directs the florida department of health to direct what they need is necessary from the state and the cdc. the zika virus spreads primarily
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there is abnormal shrinking of the brain for babies. the governor will be in tampa at 1:30 to discuss the current and future plans to fight the zika virus. we want to bring beth galvin in to talk about this. >> good morning, amy. >> how dangerous is this? we know it's a serious concern for pregnant women. what about everyone else? >> for the vast majority of us it's not really going to be a major concern, at least right now. most of the symptoms are very mild. and about -- they're so mild, in fact, 80% of the people affected by the zika virus don't know it because they don't become symptomatic. when you do develop symptom, you have fever, rash, joint pain. some people have conjunctionitis, the redness of the eyes.
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days after infected by the mosquito and clears up after about a week. >> amy: then we heard a case out of texas that the zika virus was transmitted sexually. and that's pretty scary to people. >> we should point out this is an old case. it goes back to 2008. a researcher was doing some work in senegal, and returned home with and had sexual intercourse with his wife, and they believe he was able to transmit the virus to his wife and she had not traveled. s this the first time it happened in the united states. it needs to be pointed out that it's the mosquito that is in the vast majority of the cases, of what we see with the zika virus, what is spreading. it's not sexually transmitted. this is a real anomaly we're seeing.
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we have to learn about the virus. >> amy: yeah, we have a long ways to go. beth galvin live from atlanta this morning. thank you. >> john: the so-called junkman has bonded out of jail. he was arrested a the his home in altamonte springs. he has made news for having more than 30 tons of trash in his yard. they came to clean up his yard. they booked him on felony littering and misdemeanor charges. >> amy: ttt tax refund business at south clear lake. two men were shot inside of the office as they struggled over a gun. investigators said that bullets went through a wall where the owner of the palm shop next door was grazed by a bullet. no arrests have been made so
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>> amy: the sheriff's office is warning about skimming devices at three 7-elevens in kissimmee. champions gate, irlow bronson, and a second one on irlo bronson sp two are on west irlo bronson and champions gate. no one has reported credit card fraud. but if you did go to one of the gas stations, keep an eye on your bank statement. >> john: donald trump is shown to be way ahead of the pack. >> reporter: it's the umass tracking poll showing trump way ahead. 38%. cruz is 12%. john kasich and jeb bush polling well in the granite state. and democrats could have a big winner. not even close on that side.
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heading into next tuesday. and blaming cruz for a false rumor of ben carson dropping out of the race. it's clearly showing that carson has a big announcement. that has carson's camp upset. >> it's no surprise that dond is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, another trumper tantrum. it seems that his reaction to everything is engage in insults and throw a fit are squaring off on a one on one debate for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. despite a huge lead, bernie sanders says he is not a favorite. >> of course we're the underdog. we're taking on the most powerful organization in the country, and that's the clinton organization. >> reporter: by the way, clinton finds herself having to dispute claims by bernie sanders that she's only a progress
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>> i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. i was somewhat amused that senator sanders has set himself up on who it on the gatekeeper as to who is a progressive. >> reporter: we take an in-depth look to the presidential race. saturday morning on my 65 and saturday night here at 11:00 p.m. on fox 35. >> john: more troubles at the i.r.s. >> amy: why today may not be the day to file your return online. and jayme king. >> jayme: tracking live weather radar. it's all about the rain chances on the rise.
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but slinging on . >> john: that's amazing. >> amy: ah. did you say, please clap? >> john: yes. i was. you can see jayme's an
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any time we can see that big word. if you missed that story, you can check on facebook and see what happened last night with jeb bush. >> john:enus alert. you may need to wait longer to file your tax return. >> amy: this is a mess. the i.r.s. computer systems are having a problem. but the agency said it's only a minor setback. don't worry, you still have to pay. they've stopped filing e file returns because of a hardware failure. they're still getting a handle on the scope of the outage and working to fix it. there could be some technical issues today but most taxpayers should get refunds in 21 days. >> john: luanne joins us live in studio with a look ahead. >> reporter: we expect to hear more about the issue during the state of the county address taking place later this morning. the homeless problem came to a
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week when the daytona beach broke up a area. the city needs to find the money to operate a facility for the homeless. the police chief said that the homeless problem is very complex. it requires a plan to look at >> you have folks that have substance abuse, that have mental ill, they're not taken care of and then you have the criminal element and not to mention veterans and everybody else. it's a rubics cube. >> reporter: the city of daytona has until march to find the money to operate the homeless shelter. we'll bring you more on fox 35 tonight. >> jayme: good morning. good to see you guys. let's look at our sunrise right now as you look eastbound with the clouds continuing to increase. as you look out to the west.
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hardly any cloud cover at this time. pleasantries in the local weather atmosphere. yes, a heck of a morning for you. let's take a look. come on back live and look at what's doing at the gorgeous shores of cape canaveral. we have 70 for you. the social a little tussled as we see a south, southeast wind at 15 miles per hour. overall, it's a state of transition here in east central florida. 60s and 70s dotting the map. good morning. good to see you, good to see me. 67 orlando. and 68 in melbourne at 7 to. we have southerly air flow. ahead of this thing,s this the front closing in and whipping up the skies. rain chance increases in the panhandle. through tallahassee, getting into jacksonville, orange parking middle burg. and dropping down the spine of the peninsula. the rain chance goes up. 90% coverage for the day today. clouds, rising rain chance.
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and of 67 by 8:00 p.m. and a ongoing chance of rainfall for the evening and good during of the early overnight hours. we should wrap things up by 3:00 to 4:00 a.m. and then partly to mostly cloudy, and then 8:00 a.m.. gusty day tomorrow. and 60s for highs. and rain chances continuing to rise for today. and there for a portion of the night. you into friday. changes. winds veering more northeasterly off the atlantic. brings the rain chances back up to saturday for 30%. and isolated passing showers. point. if i think it'll be a big deal, we'll refine the forecast. if we're not on the air, we're all on line for you at and on
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join the conversation. lows dropping down to 43 by sunday morning. >> gina: happy thursday everyone. sky fox over sand lake and demand arin. we have a -- mandarin. we have a crash that is blocking the westbound lanes. we have the fire engine. quite a mess earlier. but it's still slow in the area, so use caution. at narcoossee exit, we have a crash. another new crash at old winter garden at hiawassee. there's a roadblock. use caution. i-4 is starting to slow. i-4 westbound 21 minutes. fownchts eastbound looks good. the attractions to downtown, 14 minutes. the 408 is pretty much up to speed.
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regular gas is $1.64 at the speedway on turkey lake road and production plaza. go to and click on traffic. >> amy: thank you, gina. look at that. it's beautiful out there. coming up, a manatee is swimming in a local lake. >> john: andrea is on the story. good morning, a the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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we want to say good morning to amanda, you are our fox 35 friend of the day. great to have you along. there's a new friend of the day each and every day. find us by going to facebook and searching for fox 35. >> amy: comcast confirming they paid $130 million for land near universal studio, according to orlando -- along i-drive and universal boulevard. it's not clear what universal will use the land for. >> amy: more jobs coming to the sunshine state. home depot is hiring 4100 workers. at least 675 of those workers will be hired here in central
7:20 am
sales, cashiers, and online orders. the openings are in anticipation of its busiest season, which will be the spring. >> amy: orlando is the best city to get married in. a new survey at wallet hub. factored in attractions. and las vegas, and tampa, and orlando and miami were big in the number of bridal shops. tied in the first place for the number of flower shops. >> john: and weather. where else would you get married right now? >> amy: look at this. it's beautiful. >> amy: a sea cow is attracting{{5qi (*jttj inhs eustis. >> john: it's hanging out in lake trout. wouldn't you know it, andrea jackson has found her way to lake trout to give us more information on where she is, and two, have you seen the manatee
7:21 am
>> reporter: i trout in eustis. and i am looking for the manatee, and i have not seen him or her. we hear there may be two manatees. it's a perfect lake for them. not a lot of boat action. >> as far as i have` heard, there's never beeni a manatee before in trout lake. this is the first time in recent history it's happened. >> reporter: the manatee has no name yet but el nino could be the reason why it's made its way here. >> the man keys usually head toosheds the spring where there's warmer waters to hang out. so far, they must be finding some sight with the cool weather. they are fairly healthy from what we can tell. not exhibiting signs of cold stress or anything like that.
7:22 am
they likely abe lived through the chain. >> with the rains they were able in. i don't know if the locks open or close how easily they can get out. >> reporter: fwc believes there are two manatee here in lake trout. normally, they head south for the warmer winter. because of el nino and the warmer water, they found their way through lake trout to various channels. a difficult task if you ask the residents here. if you come out here, and don't see them, there's plenty of other wildlife, including gators, snakes, and birds. i'm andrea jackson fox 35 news. >> john: beautiful. >> amy: i like the fish and the birds. a modern day bonnie and clyde.
7:23 am
of doing across the south, and why investigators think they're headed for the sunshine state. there's your live look downtown. the flags flapping in the breeze on this beautiful thursday morning. we're at introducing longhorn' that sizzle for $12.99. bacon sirloin.
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welcome back to "good day orlando." i would love to be outside. maybe where andrea jackson is today. it's gorgeous. welcome back. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. a shoot out involving marion county deputies. a deputy was shot. and we have the details that are new from overnight. >> john: i wake up every day and laugh the the latest thing that donald has tweeted. >> donald trump blasting ted cruz on twitter. wait until you hear how cruz is now responding. >> amy: congress tearing apart nasa es a mission to mars. what lawmakers say has to happen for that to work. big changes are heading our way. i like the way it's starting. >> jayme: isn't that nice? the clouds will rush on in.
7:27 am
sharp uptick in rain chances. increasing a rain chance over north central florida. spreading out over gainesville, ocala, and everybody will be fashion. we go through the late morning and afternoon and beyond that. we show you the day ahead, or look ahead. the hour-by-hour forecast, accuweather times and temp, close to 80. as soon as the cloud cover moves in and the rain ensues, temperatures coming down into the low 70s. and 72 we'll call it. and some of you in the northern tier a lot cooler. behind the front is the rain chance diminishes, the sunshine potential increases. notice the highs only in the 60s through the course of the next several days. it'll be a cool one for us. and a chilly night. we'll have more in the forecast coming up. >> gina: happy thursday, each. we have a couple new crashes i
7:28 am
the first one at good homes road and colonial. doesn't appear to be causing too many hangups. be aware as you are driving there this morning. at sand lake and mandarin drive we had a crash. that road is still partiallyx use caution and be aware of that as another new crash at centralx floridax parkway at satellite boulevard. i am told that the road is partially blocked there as well. so use some caution. i-4 is slowing. 28 minutes. and attractions to downtown, 19 minutes. on the 408, 417 to downtown, 28 take you about 12 minutes right now. >> amy: news alert now. fox 35 has learned an allegiant airplane from sanford blew two tires while landing in pennsylvania. it happened last night as it
7:29 am
when it landed. the plane was evacuated, and air allegiancant air is investigating. >> john: a deputy was shot in the leg during a shoot out. >> amy: officers responded to a gas station in ocala. kangaroo on northeast 20th street. fox 35's jackie orozco has been there live all morning and is bringing us the latest. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, amy. sergeant dan trammel was shot in the leg after the deputies said that the shoot-out broke out here last night here around 7:00 p.m. deputies responded to a 911 call. a man was coming out of his parked car and he had multiple guns no his hands. when deputies arrived, they said that the man pointed the gun to his head. they tried to negotiate with him and try to put down the weapon
7:30 am
them and started to shoot. the deputies responded and shot the man self-times. he's in critical condition right now. and the sergeant was shot in the leg during the exchange. a neighbor heard loud noises and thought it was a car crash. >> i am going to start locking my doors. it's very, very scary. it really is. i don't -- i never figured anything like that could happen around here. >> reporter: now deputies have no of the gunman. we're working to see if there's any surveillance video as well and try to get our hands on the 911 call. as soon as we do, we'll let you know. jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> john: they're searching for batman, this surveillance video
7:31 am
he robbed the dollar general, and then a half hour later a person with a similar description targeted the dollar general at south goldenrod. if you know anyone with an outfit like this, you might want to call police. >> john: a body of dennis jones. the owner of the home on pennsylvania street. and deputies think his body was in the back yard since late november. the investigation of his death continues. >> john: looking for burglars. they captured this video in a neighborhood in north cocoa. one of the suspects can be seen opening an unlocked door, and rummaging through the vehicle and trying to leave with the other two suspects. >> amy: you decide 2016. some changes in the presidential race. two candidates drop out. and a twitter feud grows between trump and ted cruz.
7:32 am
more hiss hysterical the more upset he gets. i wake up every day and laugh at the latest things that he has tweeted. >> amy: jeb bush has to ask for applause. >> the next president needs -- to be prepared to act in the national security of the country, to get back to creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [ applause ] >> amy: oh, boy. political analyst frank torres is joining us now. it's painful. it hurts. we were talking about this in the commercial break. when they go out to the campaign stops they have a handler that prompts the audience to clap? >> that's right. they have a person in the back of the room to instigate the applause. they clap and shout and try to inspire the crowd, sort of a
7:33 am
and clearly, a staffer was asleep in the campaign. >> a should jeb have prompted it a himself? >> you kno w i a don't think he a should have. a but sometimes you`` are on the`` stump and these things sort of take over.hphp i thought it was poorly thought out move by jeb, especially a veteran who has been doing this for as long as he has. but he knees positive -- he needed positive pop in new hampshire which is really his last stand. >> amy: he's not posing bad. could this hurt him? >> it looks a little arrogant. it's one of the unforced errors. things you don't need that damage your campaign. and instead of talking about the issues with jeb, we're talking about the clapping cues. >> amy: talk about the twitter war. cruz and trump. saying they need twitter rehab. this whole brouhaha of the letter sent out and ben carson. it's kind of a mess.
7:34 am
right now it's political noise. everyone in mid-season form here. the thing about trump, there's no filter with donald trump on twitter. he has gotten him in trouble several times. regarding everything from immigration, muslims and jeb bush's wife. and it's a liability. i know it has to be giving him staffers headaches that he has such extreme control on twitter when none of the other candidates do. >> amy: saying they're going to support rubio? >> i don't think it's monumental. but evangelicals stick to the social conservative issues that really trust rick santorum. he doesn't have a the lot of followers, but the ones he has are loyal.
7:35 am
>> amy: we heard from hillary and bernie. there's a lot of hubbub over the word progressive. >> who is the real disweel who is not. there's been a lot of questions over hillary clinton's progressive street cred, if you will, and bernie sanders chose to roll that out last night. basically, his home tougher, neck to his -- home turf, next to his home state of vermont. you will see him continue to throw down throughout the democratic primary. >> amy: it's interesting, because he's basically saying, hillary, you are not a real progressive. going through a list of things. why are we using the word progressive and not the word licial? has liberal become a bad word? >> it's like conservative. progressive. all of these terms and slang thrown out by supporters and politicos as a seal of approval.
7:36 am
she loses a group of people that identify as progressives and it hurts her in the polls. it's part strategic, part pop culturish, if you will, but a way to be offensive without alienating people that may not be behind him. >> amy: she called it a low blow last night. >> orlando >> john: a modern day bonnie and clyde. signs that the couple may be headed to florida after a violent crime spree across the u.s. wait until you hear some of the things they're accused of doing. there's a live look in the control room. producer amanda on the left. and producer david on the right sitting there.
7:37 am
i knew he was. getaway. >> amy: yeah, do you. it's just an hour away. hop in the car and get away. >> john: not even that. there's your live look in the attractions area. a beautiful start to your thursday. we're at 68 degrees. you might want to go early. jayme king will explain, coming up. >> amy: a couple in a crime spree out of missouri to the deep south have their eyes set on florida. >> john: luanne has more. >> reporter: they are searching for blake fitzgerald and britney harper. they are from joplin, missouri. they're being called a modern day bonnie and clyde. linked to crimes. people are robbed, kidnapped and let go unharmed. usually a car is stolen as well.
7:38 am
they robbed and kidnapped a store clerk from a gas station in georgia. they dropped her off on at exit ramp at interstate 75. police believe they're likely headed for the georgia/florida state line. >> they are from missouri, joplin, missouri, and apparently are traveling across country and have committed several crimes. they're being sought by different agencies in missouri, alabama, and here in perry. task force is involved in trying to locate them. >> amy: in a robbery, a group said they were trying to get to panama city florida and wanted to get married and start a life together. there's a $10,000 award for information leading to their arrest. >> amy: all new at 7:00, it could be a while longer before we head to mars. i know i won't be going for a
7:39 am
>> john: i probably won't. and the journey to mars initiative. the members of the science, space, technology committee, said that the program need as lot more planning and a lot more money. they cited the massive amount of money needed, half a trillion dollars, which they don't have. they cited a lack of strategy, a lack of hardware for a trip it to marsers and a lack of a launch system to for a return voyage. some said that the roarses would be -- the resources would be better spent heading to a trip to the moon. >> john: the orion, when completed,le it'll take astronauts beyond the moon. 14 months ago it orbited the earth and slashed down in the pacific. the next manned flight is slated
7:40 am
>> jayme: in the panhandle, in escambia and mobile bay in pensacola. 56 in tallahassee. very balmy weather. duval county, jacksonville, and into the space coast, a blend of upper 60s if not lower and middle 70s. like yesterday, we endured a day of transition. everything tied obviously to the approach of yet another front and a series that's continued for days on end. this one is not as potent as the last couple we have seen. hearken back to the last few the tampa area. we have been under the gun at times, but today we've mere beneficial rain drops. we may hear have burst of
7:41 am
occasional but it doesn't look severe. the time stamp here, maybe portions of orlando metro won't be until later today. and atlantic high pressure off shore has slowed the roll of the system as it continues to trying to get through the central portion of the peninsula. a lot of rainfall on the back side. and it's a unique situation. you can see 70% coverage today. none tomorrow. tomorrow just kind of an easy, breezy type of day. highs near 60. we get the sunshine. winds more northeasterly by saturday. low pressure pass east of the shore. that could bring ocean blown showers. and the same for saturday morning. we're looking good. and then the trough swings on
7:42 am
the punchts of northeast winds. and an odd low here. now the modeling refining the overall inthensty and the forecast tracking on this keeping it south. the back end of this is offering up a cyclonic, or counterclockwise rotation. it'll sit in the euter banks of north carolina and infuse the area with cool temperatures tomorrow and through next week. we'll have light rain but that's the exception around the rule. st. louis at 25. and the forecast for the next seven days. highs in the 60s. rain chance slight and light saturday and sunday. i advise you to keep it here to 35 and we'll keep you abreast of any changes in the forecast, because we all want a a dry weekend. we hope to plan on that.
7:43 am
snap the sun. this, of course, is from margaret ann from afta actuala. and lake water and the gorgeous palm on the left hand side. thank you. a weather baby, mr. bronson is ready for some tricker treating, it looks like. a halloween hold over, i call them. make sure to get your pictures in at for more on the weather baby segment. >> gina: happy thursday, everybody. we do have a new crash pretty much the same place. births low, and chuluoto road. not causing too many delays. no word of roadblock but i will keep my eye on it and keep you updated. at old winter garden and hiawassee, the road is partially blocked and causing minor delays. the crash at sand lake and mandarin here.
7:44 am
clearing up and moving in the area. and i-4 is slow. i-4 eastbound from john young to downtown, 10 minutes. i-4 westbound, 4 # 4 to fairbanks. 15 minutes. 408, rouse road to downtown, 14 minutes. >> john: florida plaw makers talking about gun laws once again. >> amy: what they have decided on open carry and back yard gun ranges. that's coming up next. here's a live studio view. a birds eye view, you could say. a great start to your day. 68 degrees. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: 7:54.
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>> amy: several bills moving through tallahassee aimed at making changes to the gun laws here in florida. ryan has the details on that. >> reporter: another busy day in the state capital for sure. the house passing two bills yesterday. a three-hour debate on the house floor on this. one bill to allow concealed weapons permits to carry on college campuses and permit holders to openly carry their guns. they need to move on to the senate where the bill is not that bright. a bill approved by the house and the senate would make it a misdemeanor crime if you fired your gun outdoors in a residential area. the pastor protection bill going before a subcommittee. to protect pastors from having to perform ceremonies for same sex couples. the bill is aimed at guaranteeing freedom of religion so clergy members have discretion over who they would
7:47 am
the proposal is spearheaded by a local pastor. the bill still needs to be heard in the full house. >> amy: four counties under health emergencies because of the zika virus. >> john: find out what governor gfer is doing today as the state responds to the problem. >> amy: another surgery for peyton manning. he said he will need an operation in the next few years. we'll tell you what doctors say he needs to work on -- that they need to work on.
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weeks from today >> announcer: this is "good day orlando." >> happy 8 o'clock hour to you. brown. >> amy: we made it! kaufeldt.
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