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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. y of rain yesterday-- we are expecting some chilly temperatures today. grab a jacket-- before you head out the door. jayme king has the details in your full forecast. plus-- palm bay city ders shoot down a measure... that would have ended discrimination in the l-g-b-t community. a very passionate debate went on late into the night...we'll have the details on what happened. u-c-f is sending out letters today-- to all the victims of a major computer hack.
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can find out -- if your social security number was stolen. toss to jayme new this morning--
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ordinance to put an end to discrimination against the l-g-b-t community is shot down in palm bay. it was voted down-- after hours of debate. the meeting lasted until after 1 o'clock this morning. hundreds of people ded the city council meeting-- some actually started lining-up outside council chambers as early as 2 o'clock in the afternoon. here is the jist of the ordinance-- its intention is to protect the rights
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community --when it comes to work.. housing and public establishments. one benefit would have allowed transgender people to use the restroom they most identify with. schools and churches were exempt from the ordinance. residents spoke for hours during the public discussion. one city council ner simply put it this way- the ordinance was written like a "solution-- in search of a problem." new this morning -- orlando police are looking for several people who shot a man after an argument. it happened last night... at the "southbrook condos" on south semoran boulevard. police say the suspects opened fire from the parking lot... shooting bullets into the victim's condo. one of those bullets hit the
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he was rushed to the hospital. no word on how serious he was hurt this morning -- an 11 year old brevard county boy is the @ hospital .. after he's hit by a truck! it happened yesterday afternoon... in the nine hundred block wiq! carpenter road. fox 35 was there moments after police and paramedics arrived on scene. a witness tells us he heard the crash outside his home... and rushed outside to help. according to titusville police the the scene. authorities are still investigating. now -- u-c-f students and learn if their stolen. the university is sending out letters today.. notifying victims. 63-thousand students and staff security numbers stolen. u-c-f officials say they are in the process of-- not
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this-- but also preventing this from happening again. the school has a website --and phone number-- set up for those affected. school officials say... they are also taking extra measures to tighten security on their computer network. a news alert now-- growing fears about the zika outbreak-- is prompting florida governor rick scott--to step-up efforts to fight the virus. latin american countries are already combating the outbreak. fox's patricia stark :"!e latest.
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county will hold a special meeting today-- to talk about rq::jmsue. at yesterday's "state of the county" address...chairman jason davis says progress is being made. the issue came to a boiling point earlier this week-- when daytona beach police broke up a homeless camp outside a county building. now-- the county is committing 4-million dollars to build a facility, to temporarily house the homeless.. but the city needs to find the money to operate it. a crime alert in orange county. three teens are arrested-- accused in a rash of car break-ins across central florida. an undercover sting...helped take the suspects down. raymond rhodes, craig blunt jr and buddy quinton montgomery were all arrested yesterday morning. orlando police say an unmarked car was driving through the area...when a suspicious vehicle sped off. the officer pulled the car over and found the three men covered in glass. down the street--10 bar had just been burglarized. the teens were arrested...but have
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in seminole county-- a man who sued his ex-girlfriend for his share of a 1-million dollar scratch off tx ticket won his case. yesterday-- a judge ruled howard browning will be awarded almost 300- thousand dollars. according to browning... he and his ex lynn poirier had a deal --that if they won...he would get half. but poirier moved out shortly after winning. an employee at a brevard county tax collector's office is charged with fraud... after she's accused of helping people get drivers license without taking the required tests. authorities say misty dawn ziminsky--worked arabic interpreter ahmad alhayajneh to help people of "middle eastern ehtnicity" get their driver's licenses illegally. both were arrested in an undercover investigation. on the space coast, crews hope the weather is good enough for a rocket launch this morning. the air force says there is a 60 percent chance mother nature will not cooperate. a "united launch alliance" atlas five rocket is supposed
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if all goes well... we will have it for you live on good day orlando and "fox 35 orlando dot com." coming up next-- in the wake of the shootings at san bernardino-- city officials are now pushing for more guns! more on one proposal-- that would allow residents to be voluntarily armed. plus-- two democrats face off-- in the last debate --before the primary f` elections in new hampshire. will break down
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authorities in new york city say a man who shot two police officers, later killed himself. the officers survived last night's shooting-- in the bronx. they were on patrol
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publix housing complex-- when the gunman targeted them. police arrested a second man --who was with the gunman. a california official is pushing for more guns-- after the terror attack in san bernardino. first district supervisor- "robert lovingood" --wants county workers --especially those with military experience - to be armed-- if they want to be, he also wants to place weapons in stratigic locations. and he wants to encourage people to apply for concealed weapons permits. his plan still has to be approved by the board of supervisors. you decide 20-16-- hillary clinton and bernie sanders pjin the first one-on-one democratic debate of the election cycle.. they met for the final debate-- before voters in the granite state head to the polls next week. fox's trace gallagher has more.
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police are looking who has stolen thousands of dollars worth of designer sunglasses. the suspect has hit multiple stores in the area. the details coming up. plus-- nascar driver tony stewart makes a major announcement... following a back injury. why he says he'll be sitting out of some races. fll welcome back--
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white-- has passed away. white passed away on wednesday at his home in los angeles-- after battling parkinson's disease. he stopped touring with the band in 1995 because of health problems... ...and then left the public eye while the band continued performing. white was 74 years old. the orange county s office's "chase helicopter" helped deputies find a suspect in a garbage can. this story tops our morning rush.
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january 22nd, in apopka. deputies arrested 18-year-old anquavis preston-- after a chase. they found him in the trash can-- at a home near south central avenue and west 18th street. he is accused of stealing a car along with two juveniles. we are waiting for tate troopers to update us on a fire truck crash in orlando. the engine collided with a car, yesterday, around 5-30 p-m, at curry ford road and bahia avenue. florida highway patrol tells us, there are injuries. they have not said how many people are hurt, or how severe the injuries are. daytona beach police need your help finding a thief-- who has stolen 10- thousand dollars worth of merchandise from huts." police say the man in this sureveillance video-- hit two locations 3 times last month-- including the store on a-1-a... and another on international speedway boulevard.
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store.. put several pairs of designer shades into his pockets.. and took off. if you recognize him-- call daytona beach police.
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been selected-- for the farewell season of american idol. local fans were really pulling for 16-year old michelle marie from daytona beach. here's a look at the judges' decision: people are being really supportive of
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media. susan tweets-- idol, you got rid of michelle marie? that girl is another dolly parton, keep singing girl, you got something going on!" david tweets-- "sorry to see michelle marie leave idol farewell season, but she handled it with grace and class of a champion!" and "di" tweets-- "thank you michelle marie, for being such a fine example of good floridians! grace and maturity, good luck!"
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another opportunity to beat a good western conference team. orlando hosts the l-a clippers tonight at the amway center. the magic lost on the road to san antonio, and ` oklahoma city, this week --- after `@ beating boston sunday night. 8::ip@q@a l-a is in fourth place in the western `@a`dt@pphh`h h` conference, lead by chris paul and deandre jordan. f0`v blake griffin is out, another two to four @43kjhi weeks. he hurt his hand in a fight with an assistant equipment manager last month. tonight's game tips off at seven o clock. if you are not going, you can see it on fox sports florida. three-time nascar sprint cup series champion "tony stewart"... will miss "speedweeks" at daytona. that includes the daytona 500. the 44 year old underwent back surgery wednesday. he was hurt in an a- t-v accident last weekend. but he is expected to make a "full recovery" and return to the number 14 car sometime this px season. xp we are just two days away from super bowl 50. reporters say peyton manning was
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yesterday. the broncos will hold their final full practice later this morning at stanford university. the panthers practiced at san jose state university yesterday. the panthers seem to be healthy again... the teams go into seclusion for the weekend ahead of sunday's game. luanne? coming up next-- a florida couple now suing three different agencies-- including the sheriff's office-- after their young son is killed outside the state fair. plus-- this pair of robbers broke the glass of a store's door... and just took off! why police say they
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and enjoy living well. at the stories making headlines around florida. in hillsborough county-- the parents of a teen are suing the sheriff's office.. the state fair.. and the school district-- after their son is hit and killed. two years ago-- 14- year-old andrew joseph was struck by a car along i-4... after he was kicked out of the florida state fair. deputies say hundreds of rowdy teens caused a stampede on < "student day." according to his parents-- andrew was not involved. they say deputies made an unjustified arrest-- and released their son --without letting them know. the couple says the lawsuit will hold all three agenices
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andrew's death. the "florida state fair authority".. and the sheriff's office have made changes they have increased security--and they now require teens to be accompanied by an adult after dark. the pinellas county sheriff's office is suspects... who tried to rob a store, but deputies released this surveillance video. they say the pair came up to the business and smashed the glass door with a rock. one of them jumped inside to raid the register, but there wasn't any money in it. the two took off with nothing-- but deputies believe they hit another store in the area. the palm bay city council just shot down an ordinance... that would have ended discrimination among the l-g-b-t community. the details on a very heated debate. plus-- u-c-f is sending out letters today-- to all the victims of a major
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can find out -- if your social security
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