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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- a measure that would have ended discrimination in the l-g-b-t community is shot down. a very passionate debate went on late into the night... but palm bay city leaders voted against it.
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then-- tens of thousands current and former u-c-f student's social security information is stolen... after the university is hit with a data breach. how you can find out if your information is in the hands of criminals. plus-- the gloves came off during last night's democratic debate in new hampshire we take a look at how it could impact the candidate's support...heading into the new and it's a chilly morning outside. you may want to grab a coat before you head out the door.
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x` new this morning-- a proposed ordinance to put an end to discrimination against the l-g-b-t @o@`0 new this morning-- a proposed ordinance aimed at putting an end to discrimination against the l-g-b-t community is shot down in palm bay. it was voted down after hours of debate.
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end until after 1 o'clock this morning. andrea jackson joins us in the studio with more. the meeting drew a passionate crowd... more than 500 palm bay residents showed up to voice their opinion on a "proposed human rights ordinance" intended to protect the l-g-b-t community. here's the jist of the ordinance... it's intention was to protect the rights of the lgbt community at work - in housing and at public establishments... the 25-page ordinance detailed specifics about jj9g transgender to use the restroom they most identify with... schools and churches would dd have been exempt from the ordinance we caught up with community leaders following the ordinance being voted down... it was very helming to see so many people come out- but i was happy
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are passionate in the city and they care and they wanted to make sure they voiced their opinion it was about the reality in trying to do something good what they were actually doing was putting at risk all the business owners of faith- and so my reaction is just extremely thankful 2;33;50-2;34;01 the time for human rights and moving forward is now- so we failed tonight but the movement moves on goes forward ncil mber simply put it is way- the dinance was itten like lion isrch aroblem" ter more th six urs of sssn... the mayor and three uncil mbers votedgainst it new this morning -- orlando police are looking for several people who shot a man after an argument. it happened last "southbrook semoran boulevard. police say the suspects opened parking lot-- shooting bullets into the victim's condo. one of those bullets hit the victim. he was rushed to no word on his condition this morning..
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oy is the hospital .. after being hit by a truck! happened yesterday afternoon... in the 900 block of north carpenter road in titusville. fox 35 was there 5ents after titusville police and paramedics arrived on scene. a witness tells us he heard the crash outside his home... and rushed outside to help the boy. titusville police say the driver remained at the scene. the boy was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the crash is under investigation. developing now... u-c-f students and staff will soon find out if their identities have been stolen. the university is sending out letters today.. notifying 63- thousand students and staff that hackers stole their social security numbers. the university says they first found out about the hack last month. they announced the data breach
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it affected more people than initially thought. the f-b-i is now investigating.. and warning other colleges.. in an effort to identify other potential victims. u-c-f says they are working to prevent this from happening again. people whose information was compromised will receive one year of free credit j9g and identity-protection services. this morning -- deputies have busted three men -- they believe are behind a rash of car break- ins across central florida investigators say, they were caught.. covered in evidence. in the last month there have been dozens of car j9 popular tourist areas across central florida at the country inn and suites near universal.. 50 cars have been broken into since sunday. police were investigating 10 new
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hotel yesterday morning, when they spotted a car speeding off. officers pulled the car over.. and say jen inside were covered in glass. all three suspects were arrested, but have since bonded out of jail. police hope yesterday's arrests.. will put an end to the trend. away from a rocket canaveral . a "united launch alliance" atlas five to blast off at 8-38. the rocket is carrying a g-p-s satellite for the air force. you can watch the launch live on good 35 orlando dot com.
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daytona beach and volusia county will hold a special meeting today... to talk about the homeless issue. at yesterday's "state of the county" address...chairman jason davis said progress is being made. earlier this week daytona beach police broke up a homeless camp outside a county building. now, the county is committing four b build a facility, to the homeless. volusia county is no longer insisting the shelter be built near the jail west of daytona... which is helping move the deal forward. an employee at a brevard county tax collector's office is charged with fraud... after she's accused of helping people get drivers license without taking the required tests. authorities say misty dawn ziminsky--worked arabic interpreter ahmad alhayajneh to help people of "middle eastern ehtnicity" get their driver's licenses illegally. both were arrested in an undercover
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news alert... senator bill nelson is asking president obama to appoint a "zika czar"... as the number of confirmed cases across florida continues to grow. just yesterday-- a 12th case was reported... and broward county was added to the "public health emergency" list. it joins four other counties... including hillsborough county. governor rick scott is working with the "centers for disease control" to provide additonal testing kits... to catch the virus early on... and prevent further spreading. the governor also says there are ways you can help out. according to the c- d-c... only 1 in about 5 people infected with the virus actually show symptoms... most of which are mild. pregnant women are at the highest risk... because of the danger of birth defects.
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featuring just hillary clinton and bernie sanders... and it did not disappoint. rndidates did not hold back in their attacks. straight ahead -- details on what clinton said, that prompted "boos" from the audience. plus.. how the debate turned into m an argument over the definition of a single word. 8p
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this weekend--
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"mount dora arts festival" kicks off tomorrow morning. the family-friendly event features art, food, and music-- all just blocks away from lake dora. the festival will be open tomorrow and sunday... from 10 am till 5 pm the gloves came off during last night's democratic debate in new hampshire hillary clinton and bernie sanders.. trading blows over a whole range of issues. from who's more progressive... to who's best fit to take on wall street. here's a look at some of the most heated moments... from last night. trt: 217 oc:it will be
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orlando" on "w-f-l-a"
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bud, what was your take on last night's debate.. it was pretty fiery.. especially when they debated over who us more progressive... 8 ;ttt
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you can listen to bud --on his show @8 ;ttf "good morning
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morning from 6 a.m.
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pppppppp`````````````pp`0 valentines day is creeping up on us... but it turns out-- the best place details, next. plus-- new details about what caused a hole to suddenly open up on a jetliner-- sucking out a passenger. more.. on what officials now say
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so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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entine's day-- pen-table" has made a list of the 25 most romantic cities for dining out. ad for us... not one florida city made the list! topping the list was "virginia beach," virginia... then newport, rhode island... and milwaukee, wisconsin. these cities had the most "romantic" restaurants... and had the most residents dining out for valentine's day last year. developing at this hour. authorities in new york city say a man who shot two police officers, later killed himself. the officers survived last night's shooting, in the bronx. they were on patrol in the stairwell of a public housing complex-- when the gunman targeted them. police arrested a second man-- who was with the gunman. we have an update e the plane
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explosion shortly after takeoff from somalia. the head of the airline says investigators found what appears to be residue from explosives, on board. it adds to the possiblity that a bomb caused the blast earlier this week. one passenger is unaccounted for. coming up in our next half hour- social security information for tens of thousands of former and current u-c-f students is stolen. coming up-- we will tell you-- how you can find out if you were affected by the security
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i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- a data breach at u- j-hu9s of thousands of current and former students had their information stolen. we are live with more on what you need to know. --hlw'e11nce video catches a man stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a sunglass hut. now police need your help putting the thief behind bars. then-- the biggest football game of the year--is just 2 days away. "b b " " " ""0"a\z@9
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central florida is mailing out letters to victims this morning-- following a major security breach. 63-thousand students and staff had their social security numbers stolen. fox 35's jackie orozco is live at u- c-f with the latest good morning jackie.
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the orange county sheriff's office helicopter helps deputies track down a suspect... hiding in a garbage can. take a look at this. this video is from january 22nd, in apopka. deputies arrested 18-year-old anquavis preston after a chase. they found him in the trash can at a home near south central avenue and west 18th street. he is accused of stealing a car along with two juveniles. we are waiting for state troopers to update us on a fire truck crash in orlando. the engine collided with a car, yesterday, around 5-30 p-m, at curry ford road and bahia avenue. florida highway patrol says there are injuries... but aren't releasing how many or how severe they are. daytona beach
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help finding a thief-- who stole 10- thousand dollars worth of merchandise from multiple "sunglass huts"! police say the man in this sureveillance video hit two locations 3 times last month-- .including the store on a-1-a... and another on international speedway boulevard. police say the man walked into the stores .. put several pair of designer shades into his pockets.. and took off. if you recognize him-- call daytona beach police. new at five... for the fourth time this week... a credit-card skimmer has been discovered at a 7-11 in kissimmee. this is what an employee found during a routine inspection of a gas pump at the west vine street location. kissimmee police are urging anyone who got gas from that 7- 11 recently to keep a close-eye on your credit card statements. so far no fraudulent transactions have been reported in connection to any of the four locations that skimmers were found. kissimmee police recommend drivers use gas pumps that are closest to the door of gas stations whenever possible... as criminals are much less likely to
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you decide 20-16... marco rubio continues to climb --as the competition narrows-- in the presidential race. according to the latest c-n-n poll -- rubio is in second place in new hampshire right now... with 18- percent support. but donald trump still has a double- digit lead... with 29- percent. iowa caucus winner --ted cruz-- rounds out the top three... with 13-percent. meanwhile ben carson-- who comes in 8th on this poll-- still insists cruz sabotaged him in iowa. despite carson's accusations... he still got 9-percent of the votes in iowa. that's 6-points better than what he
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in a pre-caucus poll. qrust a few days out from the superbowl... but can peyton manning hold off cam newton? orlando sentinel sports columnist mike bianchi.. and host of "open mike" on the new f-m, ninety-six-nine, the game ... joins us live to talk about it. super bowl: can the old man peyton manning keep it close or will cam and carolina blow { out the broncos? tony stewart is out of the daytona 500 after another
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was driving a non- nascar vehicle. this was supposed to be his final season, but i don't he drives at all this year or ever again. magic's aaron gordon is in the dunk contest. are you excited? you can catch mike bianchi on "open
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ninety-six-nine, the game. coming up-- a shocking story out of washington-- wgling mother says she's losing her public assistance-- after she set up a "go fund me" account for her sick child.
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if you use a fitness tracker -- when you work out-- your personal information could be in danger.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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16-year-old michelle marie-- from daytona beach-- did not make the top 24 last night. really supportive on social media.
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"really american idol--you got rid of michelle marie? that girl is another dolly parton. keep singing girl--you got something going on!" david tweets-- "sorry to see michelle marie leave idol farewell season--but she handled it with grace and class of a champion!" and "di" tweets-- "thank you michelle marie-- for being such a fine example of good floridians! grace and maturity. good luck!" on the business watch-- fitness trackers .rage right now... but they could be leaking your personal data. a new study finds-- a lot of these devices... fail a basic security test. the "unviersty of toronto" tested 8 popular fitness trackers-- including the apple watch and
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7 out of the 8 devices were vulnerable to hacking. the only one that did not fail... was the apple watch. hackers can steal usernames and passwords... and possibly even edit your fitness data, number-7 on a list of the top cities for job growth. the "career builder" study found... orlando added over 50-thousand jobs from 2014 to 2015. but orlando was only projected to get about 23- thousand new jobs-- based on previous years' data. the number-one city for job growth... is dallas texas. miami also made the list-- it ranks above
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toss to john at the wall first up.. from the new york post. it reads... "retired cop allowed to keep his k-9 partner for 1 dollar." people have been fighting for a recently retired police officer in ohio... to be able to keep his k-9 partner. the two worked and ived together-- for 3 years. but by city law-- when a cop retires.. he forefeits his k-9. ajax is still fit to
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up for auction. the dog is worth an estimated 34- hundred dollars. but-- city officials found a legal loophole... to let the officer keep ajax-- for the price of just one dollar. next up... from fox it reads.. "when go- woman faced losing state assistance after raising money for daughter with aggressive cancer." this woman.. demicka gilmore.. went online to ask for some help for her demicka started the go fund me campaign.. to raise 10-thousand dollars for a party for her daughter's upcoming "make a wish" trip. her daughter was found has an aggressive cancer of the bone. by the way... at the time the fund was started.. the family was homeless. the problem is-- the money she raised is considered "gifts".... thus, income... by the federal government... which means she would lose her government assistance. bottom line... be careful of when people give you money.. because it could impact you from a tax
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still ahead-- a couple's son is hit and killed... and now they're turning to the law for justice. find out why they are suing the sheriff's office..the state fair .. and the school district. plus--it is a smash and grab -- without the grab. find out why these robbers broke into a store... but left empty handed. but first-- it is time for the "job of the day"--brought to you by "career source central florida." today's opening is for an "estimator." to view the requirements for this job-- go to our website-- "fox 35
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around florida. in hillsborough kkthe parents of a teen are suing the sheriff's office, the ufair, and the school district-- after their son is hit and killed. two years ago-- 14- year-old andrew joseph was struck by a car along i-4... after he was kicked out of the florida state fair. deputies say hundreds of rowdy teens caused a stampede on "student day." according to his parents, andrew was not involved. they say deputies made an unjustified arrest, and released their son without letting them know. the couple says the lawsuit will hold all three agenices accountable for their son's death. the florida state fair authority have since increased security, and required teens to be accompanied by an adult after dark, the pinellas county sheriff's office is looking for two suspects-- who tried to rob a store-- but left empty-handed. deputies say the pair came up to the business and smashed the glass door with a rock. one of them jumped
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register-- but there was not any money in it. they took off with nothing-- but deputies believe they hit another store-- where they stole money.. beer.. and cigarettes. an american airlines flight from orlando to charlotte, made a safe emergency landing in jacksonville. pilots had to land after crew members reported smoke in the cockpit, yesterday. flight 608 left orlando just before 10-30 in the morning. the plane made it to the gate safely, in jacksonville, and crews are checking it out. american says it was working to get the passengers to charlotte. john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. an alert for the u- c-f community. we have the details about a massive data breach impacting tens of thousands of students and staff. and: the final countdown. we are getting closer to a rocket launch on the space coast. it is supposed to take off later this morning. we have the details of the mission. plus: new at six. a freak accident outside of a
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a man got his head stuck between his car and the wall. find out how it happened, and how first responders were able to rescue him. plus your weather and traffic updates.
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