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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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mosquitos. in addition to osceola, it has been detected in hillsboro, miami-dade, lee, santa rosa, browered and saint john's county. the governor is cause calling for a czar to cord nature the response to this virus >> we had a successful approach to the ebola crisis by doing exactly this. calling an ebola czar or a point person. likewise, in the case of this, if it is going to become a big problem, and what we need to do is get ahead of it. >> reporter: just two days ago governor rick scott issued a health emergency for affected areas. all of the cases of zika virus in florida have been travel related. the virus is relatively mild in
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defects if contracted in pregnant women. >> bob: a mother accused of a terrible crime and police say she became so upset while folding laundry she repeatedly beat her child. >> she has been charged with child abuse according to the police. holly bristow is live with more. >> reporter: the police said they commend the witness who called 911 on behalf of the child too small to defend themselves. this 23-year-old mother is in jail charged with child abuse. this woman was arrested in a sanford laundry matt after police say she beat her toddler. >> the sanford police department received a call from a person who observed what appeared to be the caregiver of a young toddler striking the child, and speaking to the child and treating the child in what that person perceived in a manner that wasn't okay >> according to witnesses they
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walked up crying reaching up to be picked up. the arrest av ffidavit said she cursed at the child and told him to shut up before striking him with a closed first in the leg, mouth and chest and continuing to curse at him >> that is horrible. >> reporter: behavior that got folks in the parking lot upset. >> being beat and hungry? >> reporter: jacky johnson has two kids and she is glad the bystander called 911. a worker in the laundry matt pulled up the video to show the investigator and police say she struck the child 10-12 times quote mainly in the butt and she was shown throwing the child to the ground and hitting him with her knee causing him to fall down. the sanford police commend the person who called 911.
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believe is illegal or criminal call 911. we can come out and police will do their job to determine whether or not that was in fact something that should have been reported and is criminal. >> reporter: tonight the little boy is in the custody of child protective services and his mom is being held on an $8,000 bond and the judge ordered no contact with her child or any of the witnesses in the case. she is not allowed to go back to that laundry matt also. orlando police say the brutal rape of an ohio state student was solved five years later after the suspect turned up here in central florida. >> and valerie boy is live from the orlando police department with all of the details on this one. >> reporter: hi, bob. orlando police say it was dna evidence that connected a burglarly suspect here to a sexual battery base in columbus, ohio.
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this body shop on orange blossom trail in november. an off-duty officer notice the man inside. >> he heard a sound that sounded like a bang. >> reporter: he broke the door and side windows of the shop that are boarded up now. the police discovered hiem him between the cars. >> there was blood on him and the business burglarized. >> reporter: the orlando prius say officers tested the blood and because of that investigators discovered something else. >> our csi's connected blood evidence that was submitted into the fdle and their database and then ohio was able to connect him to a rape that occurred five years ago. >> reporter: police say he alleged attacked an ohio state student. >> it was a kidnapping, rape and burglary and this is a great example of how technology has
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fantastic that we are able to solve something. when it happened in a different state that is amazing. >> reporter: officers are trying to determine if he could be responsible for other sexually batteries in the orlando-area. >> we are definitely looking into that. >> reporter: and police say mimi was still in jail on a burglary charge when they made the dna connection. >> bob: a man suspected of being in the death of two year old lonzi barton pled guilty to a number of charges. ebrom took a plea deal in the case. prosecutors say ebrom led prosecutors to the remain and among the charges are aggri aggruivated manslaughter.
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>> we have the details on the launch that almost didn't happen. >> reporter: the wind had them dancing the line of go and no-go for launch. but at 8:38 am came around the winds died down just enough to get this launch off. united launch alliance atlas v rocket roared off the pad on time with a cargo of a gps satellite bound for space. the rocket with 860,000 pounds of thrust pushed the satellite into orbit as it joined a fleet of satellites that has been upgraded over the past 12 that have been put up. the air force says these satellites are an upgrade at a the previous jen generation that allows them to be vibrant against attacks and jamming and it will help digital devices be more precise and have better location tracking.
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and other potentially hostile activity is important as the military goes forward with developing these satellites. >> in terms of jamming you go any day and by a gps jam and i don't recommend that. however the u.s. military continues to develop strategies to operate in a contested and congested environment. >> reporter: this is the first of 15 launches they have planned for this year. at the cape canaveral air force station, darryl nail, fox35 news. >> bob: ucf is sending out letters to 63,000 current and former students whose private information may have been stolen by hackers. we have an update from the ucf campus. >> all of these students are talking about stolen numbers and i was like wait, that means maybe me and i got the e-mail
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protect your fasfa information and other stuff. >> reporter: the recent data breach at ucf is all of the buzz after the university confirmed hackers stole the social security numbers of 63,000 students and staff. >> i wasn't too surprised. we have a lot of issues with cyber terrorism and things happening. but here it happened at ucf and that is surprising because you figure the school has their right hat on. we have to double up n. >> reporter: some students called the hotline to find out if they were affected but others were turned off by the long wait times with some reporting waiting over an hour and decided to wait and see if the university reaches out to them. today ucf will send out letters to all 63,000 people affected. many affected are staff members, current and former, and student athletes. >> i was really surprised. i heard many student athletes were affected.
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was communicate with them and ask them what is going on. >> reporter: this man is on the ucf tennis team. as an italian citizen without a social he wasn't affected but said some of his teammates were. >> they don't know what to do now. they are wait forking ing for the next step. >> reporter: ucf will provide one year of free credit monitoring to everyone affected. the bad news? that goes without saying. >> bob: we got this statement from the fbi today. as previously stated the fbi is investigating the possibility of similar computer intrusions at other private and public universities across the country. the investigation is active and ongoing so additional details cannot be confirmed at this time. hillary clinton and bernie level.
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smear that you and your campaign has been carrying out. >> sanders said clinton is sitting in the pocket of her donors. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me as exlimpifying the establish. >> i want a strategy so the democrat party isn't just a part party of 25 stants states. >> there were fireworks and i think people expected it to be calmer. but they got stuck with the banks, wall street and the establishment discussion we heard a lot about. >> the first face to face one-on-one debate and we got fireworks. bernie sanders said hillary clinton connection to the banks and attacked her progressiveness and things he said behind the scenes but never to her face.
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>> were you surprised there wasn't more focus on national security? and the issue of terrorism given how that particular issue has dominated things on the gop side when the debates happened? >> i was. but there is strategy involved. hillary clinton, former secretary of state, foreign policy is her strong suit and bernie sanders is more domestic and civil rights and on the ground community lawmaker. so we probably didn't hear as much is senator sanders was steering that away because he didn't want to give hillary clinton that wide field to accelerate on >> do you think either picked up more support? >> it was in bernie sanders backyard. i will be surprised if he disease doesn't take new hampshire but it will be up to him to keep the momentum going forward. >> do you think she did a good job of trying to overturn that establishment comment me made
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did she succeed or is she prer perceive perceives as the establishment candidate? >> she can go from a calculated answer to getting too angry. i thought she did a good job. >> what do you think sanders needs to do moving forward? any issues he should address? >> he needs to address how he will pay for the platform. people love the ideas but give more details and explain the method or plan. and address his age. he is the oldest to be elected if elected. >> bob: president obama says our nation's economy is strong. the president addressed the media at the white house today pointing to a falling unemployment rate and higher wages as signs of progress. >> over the past six years our businesses have added 14 million new jobs. 71 straight months of private sector job growth extends the longest streak on record.
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and 2015, our businesses added more jobs than any time since the 1990s. >> and the unemployment rate currently sits at 4.9%. the lowest level since 2008. the stage is set for one of the most exciting political battles in history. we are over a month away from the florida primary and this week kicks off our new political show. count to the florida primaries. >> i think people want him out of the race. >> we have assembled our political power panel to give you local insight and analysis every step of the way. join us saturday morninging s at 7:30 and saturday night after the fox35 news at ten. rough weather tosses around a house boat and crashes it into a sea wall. >> bob: we have the details on the rescue of the elderly couple
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>> glenn: clear skies in central florida. beautiful day. but it is going to get chilly for tonight. we will talk about the cold temperatures through the weekend and the chance of rain for tomorrow next. and a massive crane comes crashing down on to a busy new york city street.
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ththisis w womomanan t thahat t woworkrks s ththereree cocomemes s ovoverer a andnd a askskss cacan n i i hehelplp y youou?? anand d hehe w wasas s so o hahappppy,y, t to o dodo i itt amamazazining g ririghght?t? i i nenevever r wowoululd d hahaveve exexpepectcteded wowoululd d hahaveve t thohougughtht ththatat a anynyonone e wowoululd d fifindnd t thahatt dodo t thahat.t. mamakeke t thahatt gogo o outut o of f ththeieir r waway y fofor r meme.. ririghght t ththenen, , ririghght t ththereree i i cocoululdndn't't b belelieieveve i itt hehe w wasas s so o hehelplpfufull i i knknowow i it't's s susuchch a a smsmalall l ththiningg lilittttlele t thihingng.. sisimpmplele t thihingng bubut t itit m madade e meme s smimilele mamadede m me e hahappppyy mamadede m my y dadayy shsharare e yoyourur s stotoryry.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. >> bob: this is live breaking news in orange county. a milk truck crashed into a building at bumby near robinson. we are getting reports of injuries but have heard they are not severe. we will keep sky fox over the scene and bring you more information as it comes in. a dramatic rescue after a house
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two elderly passengers get injured. >> sonni: we are learning more about what it took to bring them to safety. darryl nail reports from melbourne. >> reporter: jouk you can see the debris that came from a house boat thereat that ed here in melbourne and all that is left is this. the boat completely destroyed. once 42 feet long but it is now in pieces and this is nothing more than a salvage operation. around 1:15 this morning officers responded to a 911 call of a house boat crashing into the sea wall in the area of this causeway. because the seas were so rough the boat was rocking and crashing into the wall. officers were told by witnesses there were two people in the boat.
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their cars and with the help of five officers they tied off the boat, smashed out a window and got the two elderly citizens off the boat. they pulled them to safety. both of them were taken to hol holmes regional medical center for minor injuries and exposure to elements. the 76-year-old female's condition is made more difficult by the fact she has alzheimer's. if this was the couple's only home the red cross will provide assistance for the next few nights. >> sonni: a tragedy in manhattan as a giant construction crane collapses and kills one person on the ground. officials recall trying to lower the crane safely when the crane toppled over. dozen of firefighters had to
5:19 pm
hurt. >> bob: the affluenza teen and his mom are now in the came jail. ethan couch killed four people after a drunk and driving crash but he was only given probation after his lawyers claimed he was too spoiled to know better than to commit the crime. >> glenn: we have been spoiled with the warm temperatures but had chilly weather moved in and it will stick around for many days. live radar is rain-free. 54 and back toward daytona beach, 59 in melbourne, 57 in ocala. these numbers are running well below normal. and much colder than yesterday. compared to yesterday we were 22 degrees colder right now. winds again are the main reason
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north winds at 10-15 and gusting at times over 25. we saw are the rocket launch and the sea boat banging into the causeway causeway. north wind at 21 miles per hour in the metro. temperatures in the 50s. tonight mid to upper 40s and because of the clouds thickening before sunup we are not going to get too cold tonight. no frost or freeze but chilly. clouds and a few showers during the day tomorrow. back to sunshine for sunday. and once again this period of cooler temperatures is going to stay with us now through a good chunk of next week. mainly clear skies and wind flow from the north and northeast but keeping the low clouds just offshore for the most part. lurking to the south there is nothing. but eventually the models say this moisture will gain strength
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pressure that is the reason for a few showers tomorrow. one o'clock in the afternoon, notice the breeze. the morning and early afternoon are dry. but as we go through the afternoon showers will form. this is 7:30 tomorrow and a few sprinkles and showers around from lake county east. if you are further out to the west, lake, sumpter, marion the chance of showers is with you. late tomorrow night the showers move offshore and the skies clear as we get into our day on sunday. so back to the sunshine. it will be chilly tonight. 35 in gainesville, 53 in melbourne, 47 tomorrow starting out in daytona beach and upper 40s around the metro. here is my seven-day forecast. it is a cool one. after a cool start tomorrow up to 70 and that is below normal because the normal high is 73. 58 for a high on sunday. look at all of next week? temperatures running below
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>> bob: the growing presence of drones is creating problems at airports all across the country. >> sonni: after the break the proposed changes aimed to protect air travelers from the remote control devices. >> bob: a so call bonnie and clyde and details on how the two were brought down. first, an experience to the daytona 500. along with tickets visit fox35 on facebook where you be enter
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>> bob: officials at airports all across the state of florida are warning drones have potential to be a big threat. >> bill nelson joined others today for the call for tougher drone laws. dana jay has more. >> reporter: the senator said advance advances in software could keep drones out of restricted area and we will work on funding the research. the director of air force from across the state joined together
5:26 pm
airports and drone safety is top of mind after so many received them for christmas. the fear is they will collide damage. the group is calling for uniform national drone laws. >> you need a uniform standard to be around and one teeth in it so that people realize that this is not funny business. this is deadly serious because it could be deadly. >> reporter: the faa says you cannot fly a drone within five miles of an airport without permission but there is no penalty if you do and it is difficult for authorities to owners. >> sonni: we have a crime alert. a grim ending for a couple known
5:27 pm
officers killed fitzgerald and injured harper. the police caught up with them after two car chases and a foot chase orlando leaders have big plans for a new project. >> it will not be cheap. new details on whether the city can afford it. >> sonni: and the honor for school crossing stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you
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whenever i want you
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``` >> sonni: the city of orlando wants big changes downtown and they found the cash to get started. >> bob: the city finished
5:30 pm
fox35 mike synan is watching to see if they can afford those changes. >> reporter: the city of orlando is pouring almost five million into project dto. >> there is a lot of great recommendations from dto that are going to end up costing more than five million. >> reporter: three and a half million was taken right off the top to save constitution green leaving the city with one and a half million. the city of orlando is hoping a cash infusion will help their efforts to kickstart the implement implement implementation. 1.5 million doesn't get you a lot. the money is used to study the big ideas. >> idea eye comes to mind. >> reporter: the city is hoping state and federal money from the ultimate i-4 reconstruction helps them pay. >> the road we will like to put on robinson is another major one that comes to mind. >> reporter: we watched over and over as people crossed robinson without a crosswalk to
5:31 pm
there is flow crosswalk. it would take robinson down to three lanes and add bike lanes and crosswalks >> making that road on the north enhance the experience of everybody downtown not just the folks driving. >> reporter: the city would love to take the cars off magnolia to make a pedestrian walkway. businesses see little foot traffic there, though. >> sonni: orange county deputies are looking for suspects who mot stander. there was an argument and later several gunmen opened fire outside. bullets hit two people who are expected to survive and the
5:32 pm
>> bob: check out the video of four people jumping from a car and running off. the sheriff's helicopter tracked the suspects as they were trying to hide out in a sanford complex. the police officers located the suspected driver and he has been challenged with fleeing and alluding. >> sonni: in marion, three suspects have been arrested for burglarizing 20 unlocked vehicles. investigators got a tip in del web of a burglary happening in the moment. all three suspects had stolen property on them when arrested. the three face multiple charges of vehicle burglarly y and criminal
5:33 pm
mischief. school crossing guards are honorable honoreded today and jackie orozco explains how. >> reporter: a lot of these crossing guards are protecting over 400 crossings. they are vital here because they are protecting our little ones. >> all right. you may cross. go ahead. have a great day. >> reporter: many call it thankless job but not today. >> good to know i'm going recognized for the work i do. >> reporter: charles sledge has >> reporter: charles sledge has been a crossing guard for four years and many students know him by name and he likes being a teacher to them outside of the classroom. >> mentoring the kids and teaching them right and wrong as far as looking both ways. >> reporter: the orange county sheriff's office is in charge of recruiting them. they need help >> we are 22 short of guards. the intersections are coverered and we have to pull from patrol
5:34 pm
-- covered. >> reporter: their biggest obstacle is distracted drivers. >> the guard is in the middle of by. >> reporter: these crossing guards risk their lives to keep your kids safe. whistle. >> reporter: their advice is simple: >> observe the 20 mile per hour speed limit and don't text and drive coming through the crossing because it is unsafe. >> bob: if you want to become a crossing guard it pays more than $10 an hour and you get state benefits. if you are interested in applying we posted a link on our website. >> sonni: gas has been getting cheaper but a new plan from the president could mean the prices could go back up. >> bob: we talk to fox business about the proposal that would
5:35 pm
much it would affect you to fill up. >> sonni: and how much apple will pay you for damaged and cracked phones.
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>> bob: the white house wants a $10 tax on every barrel of oil. that money would go towards what they call transportation improvement and the drivers would feel the punch. geri willis here. the administration never met a low gas price they like. $10 a barrel for oil. what will that do to my low gas price right now? >> well, it will go up about 25 cents a gallon because the expectation is that these oil companies will pass to through to you. they will not pay any of this and maybe you will get more. this is just a gas tax by another name; right? we pay the federal gas tax already and that money goes into the a special pot for highways and transportation. they are not saying that is what
5:39 pm
money which by the way may be as much as $20 billion. it is not ear marked for a specific place. the president wants clean transportation. here is the problem with this idea. it hurts the very people the president would report it to help. people living at the margins and don't have a lot in the budget to mess around with. those folks have a hard time paying this. people who make a lot it will not matter much. but if you are on a wage or salary that is at the low end of the scale, or if you are a senior and living you know on social security, this is going to be more difficult to deal with. >> bob: we will see if that goes through with this republican congress. >> reporter: i don't think so. >> bob: great talking to you as always. thanks. >> sonni: a new study is showing 7-8 fitness trackers have weak
5:40 pm
insurance companies can be vulnerable as well. only the apple watch did not give up the information out of the eight products tested. apple wants to help you out if you crack your i-phone screen. i have been there six or seven times. customers can trade them in for credit for a near bodal ranging from $50 to $250 depending on the model. i cracked mine yesterday. >> bob: we need to put padding around you. many people committing minor crimes get points on their drivers license. >> sonni: depite despite the infaction wasn't driving related
5:41 pm
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state leaders are crushing the working poor fallling behind in payments and loosing their drivers license. >> sonni: but the debt or infraction has little to do with their driving record. we found out why that is the case. >> reporter: stella is four years old and loves her book of fairy tales and her parents love her. they want to make her happy, and their 9 yoo -- year old son and their new child they are welcoming. but their lives fell apart. ricardo owed money and agreed to pay it off in small claims court. he fell behind and the state
5:45 pm
then he could not find work and his kids paid for it. >> we could not provide presents for it kids. >> christmas is the main one. kids get excited. >> that is dismissed. >> reporter: he met him in traffic court and watched him beg for his license. >> i have no criminal record, an associates degree, and it is painful to want to provide and not be able to it is difficult. >> i am going to take it out of collections. >> reporter: the state also defended smith's license because he could not afford to fees and court cost for improper tag and no insurance. he is a veteran and was a commercial truck driver until they took his license. >> no one wants to hire you without a license. >> reporter: he lost his job and lost his health. >> i was in the hospital with a stomach full of blood. >> reporter: and lost his home.
5:46 pm
to eat. >> reporter: this court house is filled with similar stories of people that struggled and lost their job as a result. state representative said florida should be a shamed. >> this has become a way to fund the court system. that is what i find horrible about what happened. >> reporter: state records show florida suspended more than a million licenses and more than 578,000 for failing to pay fines. >> they thought the court needs to be funded so let them raise the fines and fees. the people who can pay the fines and fees just do it and get on their license. it is affecting the very poor. >> reporter: many times it has nothing to do with driving at all. last year the state yanked
5:47 pm
students for skipping school or po possescing possescing possescing -- possesing tobacco. senator brandon is trying to change the law. license back still. >> anything that is going on with small claims, child support, or anything i cannot touch or deal with. fair. news. >> >> sonni: the reform bill is set to go the committee next week. we will have the full report on if you would like to see it. >> glenn: we are feeling the chilly temperatures. temperatures started out in the mid-40s across the area. the skies are nice and clear so
5:48 pm
41 in palm coast, 45 around the metro. 42-43 in lake and upper 30s in gainesville also back over toward ocala. once again, quite quite strong that cold front that came through yesterday. 58 degrees was the high. 61 in leesburg. everyone is running 10-12 warmer. 56 out toward gainesville. nice dry air settled in. the dew points are dropping off and 32 is the dew point in kissimmee. it was a day and a half ago when we had dew points of 70. so there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. whether the air is dry you get this: great visibility. you can see the visit orlando cam on top of the hyatt looking back at downtown orlando. the metro doesn't usually get
5:49 pm
time of the year and definitely not in the summer months. we mean take -- we will take it. starting out in the 40s tomorrow but we will warm up to about 70. the breeze is coming in from the north. then northeast and rain showers begin to form a little later on in the day. with that area of low pressure, the one that is going to produce a few showers tomorrow, it is going to work its way along the east coast and merge with another low pressure coming from the upper great lakes. it is important because when this occurs it taps into colder air and pulls it south. we are not expecting any freezes for next week but a continuation of the chilly air and frigid arctic air begins to shift out of the arctic toward the northern plains. so this will be a continuation. this is the longest stretch we have for his winter season of below normal temperatures. it is here now, pretty much sticking with us through the entire week next week.
5:50 pm
74 tomorrow, chance of scattered showers. skies clear sunday and high of 58. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s through friday of next week. >> bob: thank you, sir. all of the caffeine of a cup of coffee without taking a sip. >> sonni: an accessory you can wear to help get the extra buzz approved by the fda.
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>> bob: trending now. need a caffeine kick? >> sonni: put down the coffee and put on a bracelet. it creates a constant flow of caffeine over the course of four hours. the secret lies in a replaceable patch that is inside the bracelet. it has been approved by the fda and it can be ordered online for $20. >> bob: meet the robut -- robot as good as tiger woods. this robot hit a hole in one in arizona just like tiger did in 1997. it is youlgs usually used test out new clubs. tiger did it in one shot and the robot did take five tries. looking for something fun to do this weekend?
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we have a >> sonni: a very exciting weekend in mount dora. their art festival is happening. >> bob: and andrea jackson shows us what is in store when more town. >> reporter: the mount dora festival is bigger than every. this is the official mount dora arts festival guide and you will want one when you get to the festival this weekend. i am joined by the pr marketing manager. what can everyone expect at the arts festival this weekend? >> there is a lot to do from food vendors, live
5:54 pm
talent entertainer here, we have 300 exhibiting artist and a free free art. everyone. >> reporter: not to mention art. how many artist are featured this weekend? >> roughly around 280 artist. not only do we have food here as food vendors but the merchants well. >> reporter: what times are you open this weekend? >> the festival is from 10-5 p.m. saturday and sunday. >> reporter: what about parking whether that is your car or boat or walking. what do you recommend? >> i recommend getting early to get parking and there is shuttle within the area. it is mount dora christian academy, we have mount dora high school and the triangle center which is a shuttle that is round-trip. i also recommend if you boat to
5:55 pm
>> reporter: boating into an art festival. this is going to be a terrific weekend this saturday and sunday 10-5 and close to 300,000 people are expected. head to our website if you need more information and don't forget to pick up one of these on your way. andrea jackson, fox35 news. >> sonni: a florida plan murders his wife and puts a picture of her body on facebook. >> bob: he is headed behind bars. you will hear from the victim's family who said the punishment doesn't bring back their loved one. >> sonni: and a behind the scene look at the airport security measures designed to keep you safe.
5:56 pm
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