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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> it is 7:00 o'clock. "good day orlando", i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. beautiful backdrop on this wednesday morning. we want to get to break being news. i-4 eastbound has reopened, cars are getting by headed towards downtown. this is in osceola county. we'll give you alternates in case you get caught up in the backup, that's coming up. plus, jackie? >> good morning, guys. i'm out here live in he stoneville where there's a water main break. i'll explain how this is affecting morning commuters, that's coming up. >> and this just in, a duo
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and an uber driver is pistol whipped. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and by the way torkts media establishment. >> so new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you, we'll be back a lot. bern and trump, details on how bernie sanders and donald trump wins in new hampshire could have a major impact for the race for the white house. >> look at that. those beautiful smokestacks behind us. isn't that pretty. >> doing their sthing. >> thing. >> another very cold morning out there. you can see those widespread 30s. we're 28 now out in marion county, ocala at 36, the same at longwood, then orlando 41, 42 mep
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from 3:00 a.m. till 9:00 a.m. this morning, currently right now ocala, gainesville, all of flagler county under a freeze warning with temperatures at or below subfreezing for 2-3 hours. obviously, we'll warm it up, but another night tonight possible freeze warnings and a free watch in sumter county. we'll effort that and bring you the late he have, but i bet the time that glenn richards has your forecast at 5:00 o'clock this evening, we'll be talking about a freeze warning for sumter county. widespread frost this morning, winds have been light, but enough to do damage to the windchill factor. another front coming through right now, so we have cloud cover shifting through the metro, that should reveal the clouds as we look at sunshine for the rest of the day, breeze and cool temps, 56 at 2-rbgs and then 52 at 5:00 o'clock. looking good through the
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we'll talk about that coming up. gina. >> this i-4 eastbound in osceola county before the 429. we have a vehicle accident causing some major backups there. the good news is, the road has reopened. it was shut down a few minutes ago, so it has reopened, but traffic moving very, very slowly. you can get off at u.s. 27, but we have another crash back there. is i-4 westbound at maitland. would have a couple of disabled vehicles blocking a left lane, causing a backup in seminole county. use caution. give yourself extra time n eatonville, we had the water main break, this is kennedy, shut down between gabriel and north college avenue. jackie is on scene, she's bringing us the very latest from there.
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>> good morning, genie. gina. traffic is forced to go around now that the morning commute has started, we're seeing traffic build up here as well. this water main break happened since last night since 7:00 p.m., it has not been fixed. crews are expected to be out here in the morning and the eastbound lanes we saw an offer earlier this morning open that side, but traffic is not allowed to go through the westbound lanes on kennedy boulevard. it's style quite a mess out here again. it's only affecting about a block between johnson street and@ north college avenue. again, they have plenty of signs out here so drivers won't be confused to go around. once the crews are on scene,
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>> two men are behind bars after police say they went on a wild crime scene. >> they say they robbed a tourist at a outlet mall, then pistol whipped a uber driver and then carjacked another driver. ryan is going to break it down. >> it was a lot. nat y'all woods and john powell at the orange county jail this morning. here's what police said started sunday. they robbed a man outside of the premium outlets on i-drive, police say the two then shoved the victim down because he didn't speak english, then stole his cell phone and backpack. ten minutes later, think pistol whipped a uber driver. then later that night, they spotted him in a car that was involved in a carjacking. they led them on a chase until they crashed in orlando. police telling us items that
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found inside of that car. >> deputies say a student had a gun in his backpack.@ that student was arrested yesterday. administrators say they got a tip about the gun from another student. the school was put on lockdown and the dplis sal was dismissal was delayed, all after school activities were can systemed and the student was arrested. we expect the st. paul catholic school in leesburg to reopen today. the diocese of orlando said classes were canceled yesterday because a high number of students and staff had the flu.` @ the department of health has@ been notified.```` officials are now disinfecting the school based upon the health department's wipe down procedures. >> daytona beach are say age turf war led to a teenager being stabbed on monday on sheridan road.
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started a fight, the victim stepped in to try to break it up and that's when he was stabbed. two other teenagers are facing felony charges.^ >> thank you, new hampshire! >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire, right, we love the people of new hampshire.p >> you decide 2016. donald trump and bernie sanders have won the new hampshire primary, beating their closest rivals by double digits. now the race for the white house is expected to get even more interesting. >> the other candidates who got berned or trumped are now looking to south carolina for a rebound and some are off to reevaluate their campaigns. here how it is in new hampshire on the republican side. trump received 35% of the votes, john kasich with 16%, that was a surprise to some, ted cruz coming in third with 12%, jeb bush and marco rubio in fourth
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bernie sanders got 60% of the votes in new hampshire to clinton's 38%. new hampshire officials believe that records were broke went a huge turnout, hours were extended in some polling locations, traffic of heavy and cars blocked up for several blocks. look at traffic. caroline shively is joining us live from manchester, new hampshire, with more on that. good to see you, caroline. it was interesting, but another blow to the clinton campaign, especially after barely squeaking by in iowa. >> it was tough. no one thought that clinton would win this one, but she was hoping to make it close and in the last few days, we saw polls that indicated she was closing the gap. maybe she would lose this by nine percent, by 10%, in the end, she lost by 22%, that hurts. sanders won with eight off of ten younger voters. he was close with women voters, with blue collar workers. clinton has no events scheduled today.
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how to reshape her campaign to appeal to more voters. it was a similar story on the republican side with the anti-establishment candidate taking home a win, same story in both parties. >> it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics. >> a big win for senator bernie sanders after his narrow loss in iowa, and a big blow to hilary clinton's campaign. >> i know i have some work to[`@r`) do, particularly with young. >> but analysts say the race is far from over for clinton. >> i would be very careful not to let this define the election. >> after a loss in iowa, donald trump got the comeback he was looking for. >> we are going now to south carolina, we're going to win in south carolina. >> senator marco rubio just couldn't recover after his poor debate performance. >> we did not wind up where we wanted to be, but that does not change where we'll wind up at
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finish. >> you just wait. let me tell you. there's so much going to happen. if you descront a seat belt, go get one. >> it may be difficult for kasich to build on his momentum. >> there's two guys that are actually won states so far, ted cruz and donald trump, everyone else has been engaged to spin second, third, fourth or fifth place finishes. the next states to vote are south carolina and nevada. >> thank you, chair line. the next big step is south carolina, republicans will vote there on saturday, february 20th, democrats will vote on february 27th, then as caroline mentioned, nevada will kickoff at the same time. democrats voting on february 20th, republicans weighing in on february 23rd. meanwhile, if you have not registered to vote here in florida to the primary, you have just one week left to get that done. florida's primary will be held
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you have to register by february 16th. fox 35 is your source for presidential race. you can find the latest information on our website, go to or you can download the fox 35 news app on john? >> also new this morning, and early morning rocket launch from california. it was beautiful. take a look at this. >> launch was perfect. took off at about 6:40 this morning. we don't know much about t it's a secret mission for the us government. we do know it's for national defense. the rocket is carrying a paid load for the national reconnaissance office. >> coming up, orlando city revealing the newest uniform. >> what lion also look like when they're away from home. good morning, jamye. >> good morning.
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a blend of 30s, 40s, even 20s, now ocala registering 28 degrees. another cold day, then going back up. we'll tell you the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> welcome back. 7:14 14 right now. beautiful sunrise. a health alert. hundreds of zika testing kits are headed for florida. >> luanne is here with more to the response. >> good morning to you both. the federal government sent florida an additional 950 kits to test for antibodies in people who are shown symptoms after traveling. governor rick scott has asked the cdc to train more hospital workers on how to identify those symptoms. on the federal level, democrats are pushing to approve president obama's nearly 2 billion-dollar zika funding package, but republicans say that new funding is not needed. mosquito control experts says that money could help researchers understand zika better. >> the truth is there's a lot to be learned about this particular virus and how it's spread. we don't know all of the answers to it, but we're trying to find out. >> well, republicans are meeting tomorrow to discuss their
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lawmakers should act now. we'll let you know what happens. for now, john, over to you. >> all new at 7:00 o'clock, the orlando city soccer team getting a new look this evening and they're keeping the purple home jersey. they released this picture of the new away jerseys last night. you like them? i like the white, they're any favorite because they're cooler. >> they'll get grass stains on them. >> even getting a makeover, the lion is in 3d they say. their first away game is on march 18th against new york city. jamye, over to you. >> good morning. accue weather forecast update it's now 7:16. look the this. this is from space, gay looking shot of lightning over europe i'm told from the space station. you can see some of the astronauts doing a great job in capturing that moment. thank you so very much, at nawts.
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they can't hear me. let's look at the pollen count. it's juniper and elm and the numbers are in the moderate range. you want po bundle up. twenty-eight ocala, 32 in gainesville, sanford at 36, and as you go south of that, ain't a whole lot better. tampa close to 50, melbourne 42, and titusville 35 now currently. freeze warning is active and alive and well, and probably not what you want to hear in gainesville and ocala. flagler county as well. this year for sumter is a freeze watch that we're watching again, go into effect, possibly a freeze warning about i this time tomorrow, so it looks like conditions are ripe for this and we'll continue to monitor the temperature trends because if model data suggest freezing or subfreezing, a warning will be issued and they expect them for
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hours and that should be that for tomorrow morning. windchills, you have to contend with that. gainesville at 26, 21 feels like at sanford and 40s out towards kissimmee st. cloud and the attraction and theme park areas. if you're visiting from out of town, a freak, freak cool down here. it's not typical. we've been below average for days on end. if you're in town for the weekend, lucky you as the front sweeps to the south, high pressure fills in and we'll keep the sunshine and high pressure will spin the winds around later today through tonight, allowing for a warm up in the coming today, but hardly today. sunshine and breeze, cool temps for you. looks like mid upper 50s for highs, down into the 40s by around 8:00 o'clock. as soon as that sun drops around the western horizon late there evening, if will drag the temperatures with it. with the clear skies, we call it
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heat of the day goes into outer space, then you have 40s not far after sundown. we have a lot of sun. uv index around 6, so protect your skin if you're out and about and protect your body tonight. it's going to be a chiller. thirties back in place by tomorrow morning, i think also scattered frost not far from downtown orlando, especially in the wind protected areas and the low lying area is in north central florida. another front comes marching through by saturday into sunday, this will take the temperatures down just a little bit by sunday, and then back up again like magic. a stunt only the state of florida can pull bark to the 70s for monday and tuesday, but we inherit a rain chance at about 30%, at least at this juncture. until then, no dry skies, pleasant testimony manies and a mild sun filled weekend. >> going to give you a live look
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we have an earlier crash, emergency vehicles are on scene off to the right hand lanes. traffic is moving, but it's moving very, very slowly, backups all the way to lake mary boulevard, so be aware of that. here's another live look at i-4 i-4 eastbound, before the 429, we have some emergency vehicles still on the side of the road from that earlier crash. this is all off to the shoulder, but those delays are still pretty far back as well. this is backed up all the way`````` until the u.s. 27 exit, so be aware of that, give yourself extra time traveling i-4 eastbound or westbound. another new crash on plymouth sorrento road, it doesn't seem to be causing significant delays new york backups or roadblocks there. drive times now, these are the short drive times. i-4 to john young and downtown, three minutes. i-4 westbound from the 434 to fairbanks about 27 minutes right now.
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that's it for your live drive traffic. now for the pump patrol, saving you money. $1.50 at the sun new coe in altamonte springs. you can check owp gas saving tips at and click on traffic. >> thank you. still ahead, a boost from beyonce. >> the local company celebrating big time thanks to her super bowl halftime show. it's 7:21 here on good day. you can follow us on twitter,
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>> welcome back to "good day orlando". wherever homer is, that's where i want to be right now. look at this picture. a big good morning of homer fish of spring hill. you're our fox 35 friend of the day. there's a new friend of the day everyday. you can be like homer by going to facebook, searching out fox 35, click like and your picture could end up here baaing in the in the glory of the sun. disney had record earnings in last quarter.
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stock went down. they're reporting the largest quarterly earnings ever at $2.8 billion. the company's business has been booming since star wars, the force awakens became a global box office success, but investors are having their doubts about espn. we spoke to lauren simonetti last hour about why that is. >> they're losing subscribers who are cutting the cable cord and the cost for programming are going up, so that's impacting disney this morning and why the shares are down. >> right now, disney is locking to add to espn to more cheaper systems and online systems like sling tv. florida's citrus is in big trouble. this season's new orange harvestlh@a@ah@a forecast is down 29%. grapefruit production is also down. we're on track to have the worse season for citrus since the 1960s. experts say the industry needs
7:23 am
they have a 10 billion-dollar impact on the state and creates thousands of jobs. the orlando basted restaurant chain red lobster gets a boost from beyonce. she mentioned red lobster's cheddar biscuit in her song, formation, that you saw at the super bowl. they said the sales started to spike the same day, up 30%. google searches for red lobster were way up on sunday. the company says it's thankful to have new fans because of`y`y` beyonce.ry@ i'm curious about those numbers. they say that the numbers went up, but this was late. how did red lobster's numbers increase 30% when the super bowl was on late. >> maybe on the west coast. >> something doesn't quite add up there. >> maybe in hawaii. >> overseas, i don't know. >> coming up, a crosswalk crack down this morning.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> good morning. your best > good morning. it's about putting your best foot forward today on the orlando police department will make sure you adhere to the crosswalks. they'll be handing out tickets to drivers. we have the latest coming up. plus. >> we are going now to south@ah*xcxc carolina, we're going to win in >6@>8@ south carolina. >> donald trump and bernie sanders win big in new hampshire. our power panel is here to breakdown what this means for the next phase of the election. plus this. >> this gave what he was trying to do. >> also, a local dog with a purple heart.``@` how endo became the most decorated k9 in the volusia county sheriff's office. clarification. red lob enter sales up 30% up this sunday over the previous year, so now we have clarification. >> i love the cheddar biscuits.
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>> it's 7:30. good morning, central florida. get a load of this, maybe not. maybe you want to run and hide, back to bed you go. ocala 28, 36 in sanford, orlando 41 and 42 now. we're live, local, these are the current temperatures and man oh mighty, when the wind picks up, look out. the feel like temperature is low, despite winds near 10 miles per hour, feeling like the middle 20s in alachua county. a cold start and cool day. fifty-four by 5:00 o'clock. this is our accue weather visit orlando tower cam in orlando, a cool shot right there down on i-drive. 41 degrees waking up bright and early, northwest winds at 5-10. next seven days, mild weekend, we warm it up. we'll have more coming up in ten minutes. >> happy wednesday, everybody.
7:28 am
this is i-4 eastbound just before the 429, we had the earlier crash, all of that is off to the right shoulder, but you can see still causing ays all eastbound lanes, there is in osceolappppp``` county before the 429 there, so give yourself extra time if you have to move through there this morning. looking at another crash, this one on colonial at river falcon way, both directions, so be aware of that in this area this morning. looking at drive times, i-4 westbound not looking good. lake mary to colonial about an hour right now, so definitely give yourself extra time if that is your only option. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to the downtown, looking good, 15 minutes right now. the 408 is up to speed. that's it for your live traffic. >> orlando police are stepping up enforcement to make the city's crosswalks safer. >> and i can't jackson joins us
7:29 am
are cracking down on drivers who fail to yield for pedestrians. good morning, a.j. >> curry ford road an south cimarron boulevard. this is a big undertaking here. >> yes, it is. our main goal is to educate might requests to yield to pedestrians. >> tell me about the set up here. >> we have an undercover officer in plain clothes and he's going to keep an eye out for vehicles and as they approach the intersection, he'll step into the crosswalk like a normal pedestrian would and see if the vehicle yields to them f they fail to yield to them, there's motor officers to stop the >> warnings or tickets? >> it's a combination to both. it's up to the officer's discretion. >> how much are we talking for a ticket? >> $164 moving violation in orange county. >> how many points on the license? >> three points. >> yikes.
7:30 am
>> it's important for motorists to be aware of surroundings and watch the sidewalks and look out for pedestrians, not only at crosswalks but any time they step into traffic. >> how many intersections today? >> six intersections in the city limits of orlando. >> as far as the motorists here, it's a tough city to be a pedestrian and one of the deadliest in the country. >> we're hoping with these enforcement details that we'll push out the education and curb the trend. >> and how long will you guys be here at this intersection? >> for about 45 minutes, each intersection throughout the day for about 45 minutes. >> sergeant, thank you so much. we'll be here throughout the morning and crosswalk safety is what it is all about today, putting best foot forward for pedestrians and also keeping those motorists alert to those crosswalks. we're live in orange county, and i can't jackson, fox 35 news. >> a 13-year-old boy accidentally shot over the weekend has died. >> that tops our morning rush.
7:31 am
on monday. deputies say that the teen was playing video games at a relative's house on sunday. the orlando sentinel is reporting that a older teen got ahold of a gun and playing with it on a however board. he lost his balance, causing the gun to fire, fisher getting hit in the head. they say that the gun that was the older teen was playing with belongs to this person. investigators says he's a convicted felon. he was not home at the time, he's now charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. investigators have not said whether anybody else will be facing charges in the case. >> university of florida police says they're looking for a man who has been exposing himself to female students. it's happened six times off campus and four times off campus. police are increasing patrols and dispog help to search for the man. >> kissimmee police have found several devices for the credit
7:32 am
they inspected all of the gas stations yesterday, came up with four devices. last week, one inspector found a bluetooth skimmer, meaning theyy can download the data without opening up the gas pump. the police say they plan to do sweeps like this routinely from@_@o@o now on. >> you decide 2016, trump and sanders win big in new hampshire. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. >> because of a huge voterx turnout, and i say huge, we won. >> while other candidates move up from the back of the pack. >> we need someone who has been tested and i'm that guy. >> tonight, the light overcame campaigning. >> and for others, they regroup fast as the race moves forward. >> we did not wind up where we wanted to be, but that doesn't change where we'll wind up at the end of this project.
7:33 am
nevada. >> and joining us this morning are political analysts eddie fernando and earnest deloach. earnest, your thoughts on last >> no real surprises. if you look at the demographics of new hampshire and who they are as a state, the state of new hampshire, 44% of all eligible voters are independent. new hampshire has a history of being somewhat of on guard infer enfert enfert tile grounds. bernie sanders of in familiar territory. no real shock whatsoever with the winners. i think there was a surprise with the margin of victory that hilary clinton should be concerned about. i think coming out of iowa, we
7:34 am
establishment candidate for the republican, we thought it was rubio. that was a surprise. >> i heard one analyst say last night that people now view rubio of unelectable because of his debate performance. >> i think the surprise was ted cruz. the fact that marco rubio didn't perform as well as expected didn't surprise me and that's probably why. this surprises ted cruz a conservative performing that well. the thing about marco rubio's statement in that dedate he gave the right answer. i think rush limbaugh said he should have doubled down and say it's not about barack obama not being experienced, it's the factp about not doing the right thing. i think that's what he meant to say, he didn't say it clearly enough. i think marco rubio had a tim tebow moment last night. he said this isn't going to happen again, i'm here to win this. >> you know, i find it interesting that when they're
7:35 am
and bernie are dominating the 40 and under age group and one analyst said and i love this, jeb resonates with the old rich guys, hillary resonates with the old, rich white women. these young people don't know what they'll do next, they're graph vaiting towards the so-called independents, which they aren't, but going to candidates you wouldn't see in the past. do you think that's true? >> i think it's true. the numbers are bearing it out, certainly with bernie sanders. that's who he is going after. he's been honest and unfront that he's going after young voters. he's talking about things that are relevant to them. it's not to suggest that counterterrorism and other efforts and other challenges this country faces aren't serious challenges, but when you talk about the demographic, the economy is a strong consideration, how to pay for college is a huge consideration, where jobs are, economic equality, criminal justice reform, these are thing that resonate on a day-to-day basis with that age block and he's
7:36 am
that he's possibly the candidate not just now but historically throughout his career that has done the most with regard to those issues that are important and resonating for that demographic right now. >> eddie, with he had iowa with the caucus, new hampshire with the primary, and the outsiders have made waves. do you think it will impact down the road that people will look more into that or is it a flash in the pan, go back to the establishment after this. >> we talk about this time and time again and i think it's an outsiders year, i think that's what people want. there's elected officials, senators like ted cruz and marco rubio that are viewed as outsiders even though they're apart of the u.s. senate, so i think they have a fighting chance. the question is folks like jeb bush can pull through and overcome the insider title that they have. the south is coming. the south is coming quickly, south carolina is coming up and that will be crucial territory to see if jeb bush has to win that to stay viable in this election.
7:37 am
deloach, thanks, guys, have a great wednesday. 7:40 on good day. amy, over to you. >> thanks. up next, a proposal to protect hunters, how that bill is really about safety and second amendment. plus, a mother and baby right whale moving into deeper waters now after we had whale watch here on "good day orlando" yesterday morning. we'll tell you what it took to get them moving back in the right direction. that was fun to watch, but we're glad they're safe now. 7:41 right now.
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it's cold >> welcome back to "good day orlando". it is time to wake up and win. we're giving away a vip experience to the daytona 500
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at the daytona international speedway. you can enter once per day until sunday and find the official rules on our facebook page. to enter, you have to click more page. look to more, then click on that week. >> the next time a bear hunt happens in florida, hunters could have more protection. >> in this case, it's all about gun owner privacy and ryan is here with more on that story. >> good morning. it's a proposal at this point, also in reaction to the info`` that was last year during the` bear hunt. moving through the state house would shield the personalhh information of hunters who apply for licenses from the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. under the bill, names, social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers would be@ blocked from public rofd. they say the bill would actually protect gun owners. >> hunting license owners usually have weapons then is a way of preking that
7:40 am
information. when you publish the address, you're inviting people who might have evil deeds in mind to say we're going to raid that house or that house. >> if approved, it would go into effect on july 1st. >> blue jeans are in the clear following another tense school board meeting in volusia county last night. the daytona beach news journal reports that school officials voted against a proposal that would have made jeans against the rules as apart of the district's new school uniform policy. in addition to jeans, it reports that the students will be allowed to wear khakis, shorts, skirts or jumpers. the new policy goes into effect next school year. >> a fox follow-up. the endangered right whale and her baby spotted in the sebastian inlet this week are now back out in the open waters. the mom and baby were hanging out in the shallow waters of the inlet for a day, having florida fish and wildlife worried. the water was shut down to boaters, they were hoping that
7:41 am
out to sea. eventually she did yesterday afternoon after they swam under the bridge and back out into the atlantic. authorities believe people who were standing on a lower tbrirks may have scared the whales from swimming home sooner. you're supposed to stay at least 500 feet away from right whales or face a fine. they cleared out the people and she said i'll go back now. it was fun to watch. >> dana jay did a great job, so kudos to her. cool temperatures on the day today. currently around 40ish out of the airport, a painfully slow rise through the 50s into noon, around 2:00 o'clock, 3:00 o'clock, 4:00 o'clock, at 5:00 o'clock low and mid 50s for us. looking now, 28 in ocala degrees. it's dropped big time. cold front secondary system worked through this morning, it's far down in south florida right now so the clouds are out.
7:42 am
at least we've got that on our side today, but the winds now slowly increasing in some spots, so we're parting to pepper in in a bit of a feels like temperature or windchill factor scenario, feeling like the 30s virtually in all spots for orlando metro a little better, clermont feels like 43, but proof right there that it's a chilly one with the windchill factor, feels like temp, solid 20s in gainesville and ocala where there's an active freeze warning in place until 9:00 a.m. a watch for sumter county. the national weather service has the ultimate say in what does what and i feel like they'll upgrade that watch to a warning through the wee early mornings of thursday, our friday eve into 8:00 o'clock or 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we expect it. 'tis the season. cold front, there it goes. look there. this water vapor shows a big pocket of dry, stable air in place. high pressure migrates into the region, keeping us clear and
7:43 am
down to the 30s we go between tonight and tomorrow morning. bundle up the kiddies, i'm sure you did this morning dodge it again tomorrow morning. it's going to be especially cold, same at the golf scene. windy and chilly, about you we've got that bright central florida sunshine that everyone comes to enjoy and you can enjoy that today, just with a sweater or light jacket on. next front over the weekends, probably around early saturday, midday saturday, winds goes back to the north and west and this will keep us cool, not necessarily cold, as we see the numbers slowly come up for the weekend. good looking temps, nice sky conditions and no chance of rain through at least sunday. i think late sunday, clouds begin to amass, the chance of rain will come up as we have another switching of winds out there and a front that will get close, that will draw the rain chance to about 30% and keep temperatures by monday and tuesday in the low # 0s, but a sun filled weekend. enjoy that.
7:44 am
housekeeping, we call the weather baby secretary. this is elsa looking good in her red dress. that's a cute picture right there. i see a lot of these like theme pictures, where the parents dress the kids up nice. that's gorgeous. mom and dad, good. it's for valentine's day. thank you. that's right, thanks for reminding me. all righty, visit o website, for more on the weather baby segment and i'm sure valentine's day as well. here's gina. >> hi, everybody, happy wednesday. i do want to give you another live look, this is i-4 eastbound before the 429. we still have that crash off to the shoulder, but still causing a lot of backups, a lot of delays, so use caution, be aware if you're driving through there. taking a look now, we have a couple of new crashes. this first one here is on heritage boulevard, causing significant delays in that intersection. the road there partially blocked. be aware of that. then just down the road here we
7:45 am
on colonial at goldenrod causing some delays in all directions on either street there. be aware of that as well. looking at your drive times. i-4 westbound is still really slow from the earlier crash at maitland, to lake mary b.j. 37 minutes. i-4 eastbound, the attractions to downtown about 17 minutes, the 408 will take you about 14 minutes to downtown. that's it for live drive traffic. >> a local k9 deputy earning a top honor. >> this dog did what it was
7:46 am
>> coming up, how e february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each...
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>> check this out this morning. nasa created this 360-degree view of mars. nasa sends images of the dunes together. the pictures were taken by the curiosity which was launched back in 2012. >> does that make you want to move there? >> i don't know what i'm looking at quite frankly. >> it looks like a desert. >> it does. it looks like rec cage of star wars. >> a dog named epilepsy do is making the volusia county sheriff's office very proud. >> he was at it again after hours of receiving it. >> this is a hard working dog. we're talking about endo here. he took a bullet to the neck three months ago in the line of duty and yesterday, he received a purple heart and kept on working. two hours after endo was honored, he chased down a suspect. let me tell you how amazing this dog is. three months ago, endo and his
7:48 am
was responding to a domestic disturbance call. one of the suspects ran away, shot endo in the neck before taking his own life. well, deputy woodson said that endo did everything he was trained to do. >> endo was sent to apprehend him, he did as he was supposed to do. he caught the guy and did physically apprehend the guy and that's when he was shot, we believe when he was on the apprehension, on the bad guy's leg. >> definitely saved lives. >> they say endo's fearlessness in the face of gunfire makes him as deserves at his human counterparts. the sheriff gave outstanding citizenship award to the staff at the lands animal hospital for treating endoe. the volusia county sheriff's office posted about the ceremony on the facebook page. they said despite being the center of attention, endo clearly appeared unfazed and even a little distracted at his award ceremony because he probably would have preferred a
7:49 am
>> maybe a party. >> hopefully somebody gave him one or a slice of bacon or something.
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