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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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frigid central florida, temperatures taking a big dip, putting our entire viewing area under a freeze or frost advisory . temperatures are getting colder. north of orlando, you will have a light freeze. temperatures continue to drop off. the skies are mainly clear. right now, 43 in daytona, temperature dropped down in bushnell. 39 degrees toward gainesville. we've got ourselves a frost advisory. it goes down to near west palm beach. nearly everybody is going to have frost. the villages, leesburg, daytona, flagler county, and areas north and west, toward
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you will get 28 to 32. 33 in daytona. 35 in melbourne. mid to upper 30s in metro we'll talk about the outlook for the weekend, all coming up. >> you can track the weather 24/7. go to a corrections deputy is off the job. authorities have accused him of having sex with an inmate. tiffany teasley has why the deputy is being held there tonight. >> reporter: investigators say that brevard county deputy was aroasted and taken here to the seminole county jail, accused of having sex with a brevard county inmate. this is barr taylor when he
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year after helping arrest a violent shoplifter. there was a report that there was inappropriate contact twice inside the jail. the sheriff announced the deputy's arrest and firing. >> i can't tell you how much it angers me. as you know, we work hard every day to protect our professionalism, to protect our citizens, and something like this sevedz to -- serves to take that away. deputy taylor was arrested for sexual misconduct. reporting live tonight from seminole county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. cruise passengers are back on dry land after a nightmare at sea. the royal caribbean ship
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winds as they headed actually from new jersey to port canaveral. their ship turned back. >> reporter: chaotic scene out here as passengers arrived here in bayonne, new jersey. we're outside the terminal, as many of them continue to exit, you can see them with bags in hand, ready to go home. we encountered many weary faces, but most just happy to be home. >> he got us home. that's all that counts. >> when you see the crew praying on rosary beads and crying -- it was so scarey. were safe. >> reporter: they're just arriving a little after 8:00 tonight after a hectic cruise. they left new jersey on saturday for a cruise to the bahamas but encountered a very bad storm on sunday that battered the ship. passengers said they were
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sliding around on the ship. they had to turn around, cut the trip short, and come back. they are just arriving back. many of the passengers making plans on how to get home. some are staying another night on the ship, the anthem of the sea, here in new jersey, because, as you can imagine, many of them didn't expect to be back so early. they're trying to arrange to get back home. that will likely happen tomorrow. these passengers just mostly happy to be home, never made it to the bahamas, but no injuries to report on this cruise that did not happen. and new tonight at 11:00, a pest control worker is accused of stealing $10,000 worth of jewelry from a woman's home. matthew blake faces charges of grand theft, stealing in stolen property, and possession of cocaine. he was working at a pest
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homeowner realized several pieces of her jewelry were gone. police found cocaine in his work van, and they found her jewelry at several locations. >> they went to the pawn shops, photographed them, and showed them to the victim where she positively identified several of them. >> the company said: we're learning more about the man troopers say was behind the wheel of a car when it slammed into an orange county home. the 27-year-old driver was arrested for a previous hit-and-run crash. his name has not been released. for some reason, he lost control, crashed into that home, going at quite a clip, too, but luckily, nobody inside the home was injured.
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field of republican presidential candidates shrinking. the rest of the field turning their attention now to south carolina. after spending more than 70 days campaigning in new hampshire and placing only 6th, chris christie says he's out, calling it quits. campaign spokesperson says he broke his news to his staff in morristown, new jersey. and carly fiorina also dropping out. she made the announcement on twitter. the former hewlett-packard executive placed 7th in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up to debate stage tomorrow night in wisconsin. sanders handily defeating clinton last night. the debate takes place at the university of wisconsin milwaukee. a big scare on a florida school bus after a student says he saw another student
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sonni abatta taking us everywhere at 11:00. >> reporter: that teenager is under arrest. the 18-year-old was arrested after another student reported seeing him load a handgun on the bus, on the way to an alternative school. the student texted a relative about the gun, who called 911. the student is face twog weapons charges as well as a marijuana. he is the most highly decorated canine ever in volusia county, but it hasn't gone to his head. endothe canine and his human were back on the job making arrests an hour after receiving the honor. endohelped track down a man
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endotook a -- endo took a bullet to the neck but recovered. a boil-water alert is in effect until at least saturday. >> thank you, sonni. new tonight, you already pay a toll, but would you be willing to pay another to go faster? seminole county is trying to put the brakes on that idea. it would be forcing extra lanes and the optional toll for the drivers. it's not working as hoped. >> reporter: the whole idea of building a toll road inside of a toll road is getting a lot of opposition. one county commissioner planning to blow the whole plan up. the state owns the 417 in seminole county and want to add four express lanes. those lanes would end at the orange county line near university.
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an area that has more congestion and doesn't have an express lane, so we're asking you to pay additional money to get faster, go faster to a place that you're going to be slowing down. that's ludicrous. >> reporter: as long as the state continues to own the 417 in seminole, they plan to build the toll lane. the express lane authority owns the 417 in orange county, and they want to buy out the state. the state doesn't want to. they want to trade the road for part of the beach line. >> both counties want to move forward, but they're not sitting down in good faith to get something done. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: so far, no deal. bob has a warning: >> i will not stand for anyone putting a toll on a toll here in central florida. it's ludicrous. >> reporter: if the 417 is taken off the priority list, the state's deal to build the extra toll lanes is finished. they'll talk again next
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what toll leaders believe adds insult to injury, they're doing this right in the middle of i-4 construction. the case of some expensive stolen art in florida is narrowing tonight. the man on video here, police say, may hold the key to figuring out who dropped off the $25,000 piece of art two days after it got stolen. something new at burger king. the radical change. plus: >> it's awesome that every time i come here and run a race. >> jamie mcmurray getting the checkered flag nearly ten years ago. hear how he is getting ready for speed week. a church in detroit is making sure their followers can follow lent. there is drive-through ashes for ash wednesday.
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people to stay in their cars, get a cross made of ashes on
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father chris >> stolen art worth thousands of dollars swiped right out of a museum, but
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police are looking closely at a surveillance video. >> reporter: we'll call him limo man. he was standing outside a limo after midnight on tuesday. he may have just gotten a ride to the state theater. >> our suspect is walking away from the scene. he turns back around at this point and engages in conversation with this gentleman. >> reporter: the encounter lasts ten seconds, and police have no clue what they talked about. what limo man doesn't know was he was face to face with someone who just left a box containing blown-glass artwork worth $25,000 at the doorstep of the art center. limo man saw the face, which was blocked as the suspect made the drop-off. >> we want him to come in so identifying. >> reporter: even without limo man, police have made
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video may show the same man acting suspiciously. they are also analyzing dna, and they do have a suspect's name. it could even be an inside job. >> it seems interesting that the person would take it from the museum and drop it off at another, because usually to know that those two are connected is just something we're trying to figure out. >> reporter: limo man turned and walked away as the suspect did. he was out of frame but very much a part of their investigation, as he may be finding out right now. >> our district is huge. it's great for our city, it brings a lot of population here, good for tourists, good for our economy. we need whoever did this brought to justice. trending across america, the federal government is taking ferguson, missouri, to court. the justice department says because the city failed to accept an agreement improving the way police in courts treat poor people and
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ferguson has been under scrutiny since michael brown was shot by white officer darren wilson 18 months ago. wilson was not prosecuted. tonight we are learning about a central florida connection concerning a man authorities say killed two deputies in a lunchtime gun battle in maryland, in abington. david evans is wanted in orange county for assault on a police officer. witnesses say one deputy who tried to calm evans was shot in the head. evans was killed in a gun battle nearby. 3, 2, 1, and lift-off of the united launch alliance delta iv rocket. >> the air force successfully sending off a spy satellite, at vandenberg air force, in california. details are classified,
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>> there is no quiet way to get a rocket up. >> you can't be sneaky with that. >> everybody is going to know. >> nothing to see here, folks! pay no attention. >> we would like to have a nice big flame outside to warm us up. no rockets going up, viz -- visibility is good. temperatures dropping off fast. frost advisory. first thing in the morning, it will be cold there. will be frost on top of the cars outside, a little bit out in the grass to be had. temperatures colder as you go farther north with a freeze warning, in the light blue, including the volusia area, as well as ocala and gainesville. manage that pool pump. make sure it kicks in later in the morning after things
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wear extra layers. and be careful with the space heater first thing in the morning when the house is chilly. 42 in pierson. when you're heading out to work and school, these will be the numbers. around the metro area, leesburg, frigid and frosty. back along the coastline, temperatures still holding mainly in the low to mid-40s. a cold start. temperature right now is 40 in palm coast. 45 downtown. 43 in melbourne. 37 towards ocala. temperatures are running 10 to 18 degrees colder tonight, compared to last night, because the humidity has dropped off. last night we still had some clouds around. no clouds tonight. 61 degrees was the high temperature for tonight. 41, our early-morning low, both of those running well below the norm. everybody will get at least some frost. then the warmup begins
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the wind gets out of here. so it looks like much calmer, lots of sunshine, really a good day. 58 in miami, only 34 right now in jacksonville. big spin across the nation. heavy snows coming off lake michigan, lake superior, lake ontario, lake ontario. the cold northwesterly wind continues. the forecast will remain on the cold side. and we won't warm things up pretty quickly. high pressure moves in. lots of sunshine. here comes the next little baby cold front, during the day saturday. just going to produce a few clouds. it will reinf cold air as we get into the second half of the weekend. sunday will be a little bit cooler compared to what we'll have saturday. 38 tonight. tomorrow's high, back up to 64 degrees. northwest wind at only 5 miles per hour.
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seven-day forecast, nice for friday. 74. saturday, 72. even next week, we'll stay cool, but it will be comfortable, with highs, bob, in the low 70s. >> thank you, sir. it's been six years since jamie mcmurray won the big race in daytona, but the driver of the no. 1 car is back in town. >> reporter: former daytona 500 champ jamie mcmurray is back in town just before speed week kicks off. the speedway holds a very special place in his sneert jamie mcmurray. >> it's awesome that every time i come here and run a race, it's pretty special. >> reporter: obviously a special race as well. drivers call it the super bowl of nascar, and it seems to only get larger. >> just crazy how much bigger it s how many more people are in town, the amount of motor homes that show up.
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the year. >> reporter: and the biggest buildup to match, with nearly two weeks' worth of practice and qualifying and events before the 500 itself, all making up speed week. >> we run unlimited the saturday night before, and then qualifying for the daytona 500, then the 150 on thursday, then more practice. by the time the 500 gets here, you've been racing for ten days, and there's a lot of buildup. biggest race of the year. >> reporter: his chip ganassi team had a few issues in their last race. hoping to shake that off. there's going to be something new at the home of the whopper. what's coming to the menu at
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>> trending tonight, this poor guy finished last in his fantasy football league, dead last. here is his punishment. super bowl sunday, he was
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