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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm ryan elijah. i'm gina benitez thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. if you plan on driving through maitland today-- you'll probably hit a major detour! parts of 17-92 are closed for construction until monday. we'll tell you what areas you should avoid. plus-- orange county deputies are giving people the chance to turn in un-wanted guns, no questions asked! %uon their effort... to help stop gun violence. with the nevada caucuses a little more than a week away-- hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the latest democratic debate. we'll review the major talking points
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toss to kristin
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traveling through orange county today-- you may have to take a detour! f-dot is closing parts of 17-92 in maitland until monday morning. all southbound lanes on us 17-92-- from park avenue to monroe avenue-- will be closed to all traffic. the lanes closed last night at 7 o'clock... and won't re-open until about 6 o'clock on monday. f-dot officials are closing the road... while crews work under the railroad bridge there.
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all the alternate routes you can take if you plan on traveling in the area. in osceola county-- a man is dead after crashing into an s- u-v last night in kissimmee. florida highway patrol tells us "julio cerda's" motorcycle t-boned the s-u-v at pleasant hill road and brighton lakes boulevard. the 41-year-old died at the scene. the s-u-v's driver was not injured. no charges have been filed. developing right now-- local law enforcement will be wearing blue today... and holding a moment of silence in honor of the deputies killed in maryland. this comes as we are learning more about the gunman's local connection. evans is accused of gunning down a deputy that approached him at a panera...and then eg another that pursued him. evans was on the run after being
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new candidate.. and a new idea. greg eisenberg ` wants to stop arresting people when they are caught with less than 20 grams of marijuana. instead--he wants people to be fined first... and only arrested if they are multiple offenders. his opponent...tim mckinney agrees. p both men say that it would save the county and taxpayers time and
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p ted edwards holds the current seat and running for re- @o election. he declined to comment on the topic. turning to sports-- for the first time this racing season, the big names will hit the track in daytona. he cars will be on the track at five o clock today. they will be practicing for tomorrow night's "sprint unlimited." it is a "non-points" race, but the sport's top drivers will be there for the first contest of the season. it is also the first time the drivers will race in the rennovated speedway. driver, carl edwards, will be there. he visited the kennedy space center yesterday. he met with astronaut jerry ross, and checked out space shuttle atlantis. fox 35 sports anchor, adam
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if you are not going to watch the "sprint unlimited" at the track, tomorrow night, you can see it on fox 35. coverage starts at eight. three magic players are up in toronto for "all star weekend." tonight, mario ` hezonja and elfrid payton will play in @| p8 the "rising stars challenge." 8 `$` h @`xp they will play on tjqteams because it is a "u-s-a vs the world" format. then tomorrow night, aaron gordon @ `7@``v@p is taking part in the "slam dunk contest." coming up-- a florida man is behind bars... for threatening an 11- year-old girl. why deputies are calling this a case of "sex-tortion." plus-- a video of this manatee is going viral! it's one of hundreds in crystal river right now. coming up... why wildlife experts say these manatees
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you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's @
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@drunk-driving case. "fox wisconsin" reports-- 76-year-old john
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breath... when he was pulled over in 20-14. he told police-- he had just eaten beer-battered fish. but-- his blood- alcohol level was "point 0-4-2"... way higher than any food can give you. przybyla was convicted on monday. this is his 10th drunk driving offense. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a cape coral man is behind bars-- accused of trying to blackmail underage girls into sending him inappropriate photos. polk county deputies say lucas bales used the communication app "kik" to contact two 11-year-old girls. they say bales used the whitepages to find out personal information about one of those girls... ... then tried to force her into sending him nude pictures. bales threatened to post her address on the internet, and even threatened to burn her house down. investigatpors were able to track him down through his i-p address. he's facing multple charges including stalking. federal investigators are launching a second
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wreckage from "el faro". the freight ship sank near the bahamas last october. authorities with the the national transportation safety board are still hoping to recover the ship's black box to determine what caused the ship to sink. el faro sank after losing engine power and getting caught in a category 4 hurricane. the two week expedition is set to begin in april. check out this viral video from crystal river-- a manatee is captured coming out of the water-- for a quick snack of spanish moss! officials say the manatees flock to the crystal river ujgets too cold. @ in fact... sometimes 5-hundred or more x can be seen in the water. x the video was captured by a volunteer and has xv been seen more than 250-thousand times f@|
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the newest addition to the marvel universe hits the box office this weekend. plus-- there's a film for all the single people this valentine's day. fox's julie banderas takes a look at what's new in
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```@ ||ppp`@ maitland this morning-- you might run into some detours! we'll tell you about the major road closures this morning. plus-- could donald trump changing his ways. what the presidential candidate says he will no longer be
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i'm ryan elijah. here is a look at this morning's top stories. the morning commute through maitland and winter park will take a lot longer than usual - we'll tell you how to get around the 17-92 road closure. plus this: trt:06 oc:democratic nomination ` the democrats take center stage in a debate - we have all the highlights -- and our analyst picks a winner.. and loser.


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