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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm ryan elijah. here is a look at this morning's top stories. the morning commute through maitland and winter park will take a lot longer than usual - we'll tell you how to get around the 17-92 road closure. plus this: trt:06 oc:democratic nomination ` the democrats take center stage in a debate - we have all the highlights -- and our analyst picks a winner.. and loser.
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why the world health organization says it could be a year and half before we see any kind of vaccine for the zika virus. but first, let's get over to jayme king. fox 35's andrea
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u=1 county--
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e u-v last night in kissimmee. florida highway patrol tells us "julio cerda's" motorcycle t-boned the s-u-v at the intersection of pleasant hill road and brighton lakes boulevard. the 41-year-old died at the scene. the s-u-v's driver was not injured. no charges have been filed. you decide 2016. the democratic candidates go head to head in the first debate since new hampshire. fox's patricia stark has a look at the big moments of the
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xxxxxxx presidential race. you can get the latest updates on our website fox 35 you can also download the fox 35 news app on your phone. developing right now-- the national sheriffs' association is encouraging everyone to wear blue today and hold a moment of silence in honor of the deputies killed in maryland. this comes as we are learning more about the gunman's local connection. david evans is accused of gunning down a deputy that t**ched him at a panera outside ju9....and then killing another that pursued him. evans was on the run after being stopped by a maitland lieutenant 10 months ago. the lieutenant says he approached evans...who was
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that looked suspicious. when the officer started asking questions, evans took off. z utenant says he did not pursue evans.. instead, put a warrant out for his | arrest. new this morning-- today... the orange county sheriff's office is giving people a chance to turn in their un- wanted firearms. they're hosting a gun buyback event. from 7 am to 7 pm... people can turn in ff their firearms-- in exchange for a 50- dollar gift card. deputies say the event is completely anonymous. it's all part of a campaign to end gun violence-- and reduce the amount of stolen guns on :uqm. today's event will be held at the orange blossom trail development board in orlando. guns that are being dropped off must be un-loaded, and stored in a plastic bag inside your car. a deputy will remove the gun from
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in orange county-- a local grocery store is busted... after deputies say it was home to an illegal gambling operation! "latinos food and grocery" looks like a typical business on the outside-- but investigators say it was being used as a gambling house-- using slot machines and conducting sports betting. agents arrested three people who run the store... & they're being charged with rackateering and book-making. a 4th suspect-- charlie trinidad-- is still on the run this morning. customers who shop there say they had no idea. 8? agents seized computer and g equipment from the store. they are hoping to find out how much money was bet, and how many people particpated. in marion county-- deputies make a big drug bust... all thanks to a traffic stop. n according to the sheriff's office-- felipe rodriguez and his wife stephanie were pulled over iay... for having illegally tinted windows.
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found a pound-and- along with marijuana... and several guns. the largest heroin bust marion county has ever seen in a both suspects face several charges. hour. the world health possible zika vaccines are at least 18 months away from large-scale trials. the news comes as the number of confirmed cases in florida continues to grow... rising to 18 yesterday. none were contracted inside the state. we are also learning about a new concern. a study published in the "journal of the american medical association" suggests zika could lead to blindness in newborns. the standoff in oregon is over, but the danger might not be. the last four protesters surrendered yesterday. and they told law enforcement they left "booby traps" at the refuge. those four, and 12 other occupiers, face federal charges. secretary of state, john kerry, says more work needs to be done to reach a permanent "cease fire" in syria. last night, diplomats from the
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powers agreed to a temporary break in fighting. they also decided to step up humanitarian aid to syrian communities. as a community remembers a fallen orange county deputy... a new bill moves forward in tallahassee. how the "scott pine law"-- will help the widows of fallen first responders. plus-- after catching flack for swearing during a rally... donald trump says--he's cleaning
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welcome back-- a gun shop in deland is offering up their controversial offer again! the "downtown goldsmith & engraving" and "2nd amendment firearms" has a valentine's day buy one get one free special. if you get a piece of jewelry out of two designated cases... you get a free shotgun. the sale ends today. a bill honoring a )*9 orange county deputy passed in the senate. deputy scott pine was shot and killed two years ago during a shooting while investigating car break-ins.. in windermere. *9ds and family came together for a candle light vigil last night in orlando. this week "scott pine law" passed in the senate. it would guarantee that the surviving spouse of a first responder... gets 100 percent of their spouse's pay for the rest of the their life.
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you decide 20-16.. and the two democratic candidates took center stage last. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud - who won in your book last night? interesting that there was no mention of the clinton email scandal?
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side: who has the most to prove in `` p```
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you can listen to {9 his show
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. donald trump is drumming up support in tampa tonght. this comes after catching heat for using profanities during other rallies. trump responded on fox news last night... claiming we won't hear as many curse words from him moving forward. trump's rally begins at 7 tonight at the
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watch-- "at&t" is taking their wireless game to a new level. the carrier has announced-- they are going to field testing "5-g" wireless. at&t says it is ready to start testing the "fifth generation" of wireless. 5-g is anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than the current "4g l-t-e" technology. for example-- downloading t-v shows takes only seconds-- instead of minutes. verizon announced in september-- they
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better late than never-- sunrail is working on getting satellite technology that would prevent future collissions and de-railments. the orlando l reports-- federal officials want commuter trains to get a new kind of train control system... to be installed by 20-18. but sun-rail got permission to put it off for 2 years. they are now working on getting |x contractors. the project is expected to cost 35-million dollars. whole foods is going way beyond groceries now. the company is looking for vendors to set up shop outside its stores. the vendors will ttt@ include record shops... tattoo h@x parlors... and body- care product sellers. this is all in an `@pe`eg`gg@`gg@d effort to attract a younger audience-- d`gew since millennials are now leaning @g towards cheaper grocery stores. ge the first of these whole-foods markets... is set to open in los angeles. hers are planned to open this year in oregon and washington. ` `````` coming up in our next half hour-- guns for cash. where you can drop off your guns in exchange for gift cards...
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plus-- the search guj.wm for a misisng gainesville woman... but police say they're looking for her body. why they now believe this woman is dead. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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i'm ryan elijah. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- if you plan on driving through maitland today-- you'll probably hit a ff major detour! parts of 17-92 are closed for construction until monday. we'll tell you what areas you should avoid. plus-- one of the candidates running for orange county commission has a new idea. stop arresting people for pot! what he would like
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start your engines. today, nascar's top drivers will hit the p track, for the first time since the "daytona rising" project was finished. we will preview the start of "speedweeks." but first, let's get over to jayme king. fox 35's andrea jackson is live on
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new this morning...
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` kills at least one person overnight. this happened around 11-25 in palm coast... at the intersection of forest grove drive and palm harbor parkway according to florida highway patrol. a witness at the scene says the dump-truck you see in this video was involved in the accident... and that there may be a second victim. we've reached out to f-h-p for additional details. and alachua county deputies now think a missing woman is dead. *]. 23 year old hannah brim was last seen more than three weeks ago. authorities are now searching for her body. investigators released this video, of the last time she was seen.
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the passenger seat, of a car driven by 28-year old nelson armas. and he was the last person to see her alive. he is considered a he is in the alachua county jail on an unrelated charge. this man is accused battering a 17 year old boy. now, marion county deputies think there may be more victims. authorities arrested 61-year old charles elder earlier this month. deputies say he sexually battered a 17 year old in march of 2015. elder admitted to it, but claims it was consensual. no one was hurt when an s-u-v slammed into a dentist office in brevard county. appened yesterday morning, along "u-s one" in cocoa. state troopers say yer accidently hit the gas. the s-u-v went right into two exam rooms. thankfully, the patients that would have been in those chairs cancelled their appointments. new this morning-- today... the orange county sheriff's office is giving people a chance to turn in their un- wanted firearms.
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gun buyback event. r fox 35's jackie orozco is live in orlando with more. good morning jackie. a local candidate unts people caught with pot to pay up.. instead of go to
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jail. greg eisenberg is running for orange county commission. he wants to stop arresting people when they are caught with less than 20 grams of marijuana. p first... they are habitual offenders. his opponent...tim mckinney agrees. both men say that it county and money. p ted edwards holds the current seat and
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@o he declined to comment on the topic. a bill to make student recess mandatory in the state of florida is in trouble. the bill moved quickly through the house... but is now hitting a roadblock in the senate. the bill would require elementary schools to give students 20 minutes of recess every day. so far the bill has not been put on the .te agenda. state lawmakers in the house approved a nearly 1 billion dollar tax cut 0 package in tallahassee. , the cuts include a one year sales tax exemption on college textbooks, a 10-day sales tax @1(x11ppb holiday on back-to- school items and a 1 @7nnfn@*ju**(pr``` day tax holiday in computers and accessories next april. the senate has not said how high they are willing to go on tax cuts. turning to sports-- )"!e first time this season, the big names will hit the track in daytona. the cars will be on the track at five o clock today. they will be practicing for tomorrow night's "sprint unlimited."
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top drivers will be for the first contest of the season. it is also the first time the drivers will race in the renovated speedway. driver, carl edwards, will be there. he visited the kennedy space center yesterday. he met with astronaut jerry ross, and checked out space shuttle atlantis. fox 35 sports anchor, adam shadoff, caught up with him. if you are not going to watch the "sprint unlimited" at the track, tomorrow night, you can see it on fox 35. coverage starts at eight. ` three magic players are up in toronto for "all star weekend." b@h@| p88 `$` h @`xp tonight, mario hezonja and elfrid payton will play in the "rising stars challenge." @ `7@``
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opposite teams because it is a "u-s-a pprtyyhx vs the world" format. then tomorrow night, aaron gordon is taking part in the "slam dunk contest." harrison ford's production crew is in a lot of trouble this morning. find out what happened on the set of "star wars" that has them facing criminal charges. plus-- with the nevada caucuses a little more than a week away-- hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the latest democratic debate. we'll review the major talking points of last night.
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you decide 2016-- with critical contests in nevada and south carolina at stake, hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off last night milwaukee. it was their first ce new hampshire. fox's doug luzader is live in washington d-c with more. good morning doug. *"!ink won last night's debate? the candidates were really on the
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let's take a listen. what do you make of this back and forth on the historical impact each candidate could have? thanks doug. time for you names to know. we have harrison ford and beyonce... but we start with el the infamous drug lord could be
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journal reports-- senior justice department officials are planning on sending el chapo to "=face drug trafficking charges. that's if he's extradited from mexico. el chapo has asked for the transfer to be denied. next is martin shkreli. e business man received national attention after he raised the price of an aids drug by 3 thousand percent. according to u-s-a today... he's now asking rapper kanye west to sell his new album to him for 10 million dollars. under the terms...kanye would release the album to shkreli alone. kanye has not responded to the request. finally we have harrison ford. criminal charges have been brought against the producers of star wars.. after ford broke his leg over an on- set accident. ford has hit by a hydraulic door on the set of the millennium falcon and had to have surgery. the production company has been charged with
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new way to see deeper into space... and possibly even see into black holes. one scientist explained it as being blind... and suddenly being able to see. next up... from news . man caught drunk driving blames it on his beer-battered fish 76-year-old john przybyla... had alcohol on his breath... when he ps `@) was pulled over. he told police... that he had just eaten beer-battered fish. but... his blood- alcohol level was ".042"... which is much higher than food can give you. the legal limit for wisconsin residents with three or more drunken driving convictions is 0.02 percent. ps pryzbyla wasn't even supposed to be `@) driving in the first place... since he has 9 prior d-u-i convictions... and a revoked driver's license.
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convicted for this monday. next up... from fox "sarasota goodwill says donate your ex's stuff this ps `@) ).s day." in the tampa area... is taking an intersting day this year. they're saying--- instead of throwing away all of your ex's stuff... just donate it all to them. fox 13 talked with people dropping things off. one woman was donating a teddy bear that reminds her of her ex. goodwill employees ]y it's all about turning your baggage... into something good for someone else. the hunt for "el
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a second search is now in the works. we have the details. plus-- a manatee out of water. it sounds ridiculous... but it's true.
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time for valentine's day. people are talking about the big movies online right now. aaron says-- "just saw deadpool. one word: amazing." emily says-- "wow. 'how to be single' was a lot more real than i was anticipating. i loved every second of it.
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"opening showing of "opening showing of "zoolander 2" with brother... will be well worth being tired at work tomorrow." time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a cape coral man is behind bars-- accused of trying to blackmail underage girls into sending him inappropriate photos. polk county deputies say lucas bales used the communication app "kik" to contact two 11-year-old girls. they say he used personal information against one of the girls to try to force her into sending him nude pictures. bales threatened to post her address on the internet, and even threatened to burn her house down. investigatpors were able to track him down through his i-p address. federal investigators are launching a second search of the wreckage from "el faro". the ship sank near the bahamas last october. authorities with the national transportation
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recover the ship's black box to determine what caused the ship to sink. the two week expedition is set to begin in april. check out this viral video from crystal river-- a manatee is captured coming out of the water-- for a quick snack of spanish moss! officials say the manatees flock to @ the crystal river when the gulf gets too cold. in fact... sometimes x 5-hundred or more can be seen in the x water. the video was vf@|
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and.. the low gas wre feuling a new trend in vehicles. the new models ford just announced. plus your weather and traffic updates. it is all coming up at 6 o'clock on good
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. and we're back. it's now 6:00 a.m. on this friday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. >> amy: a commute could be tricky for you, especially if you drive through maitland and winter park. we'll tell you how to get around the 1792 road closure this morning. plus this ... the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders i don't expect from someone running from the nomination. what hillary clinton did to try to get momentum back on her side. why the world health organization said it could be at least a year and a half before
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