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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. and we're back. it's now 6:00 a.m. on this friday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. >> amy: a commute could be tricky for you, especially if you drive through maitland and winter park. we'll tell you how to get around the 1792 road closure this morning. plus this ... the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders i don't expect from someone running from the nomination. what hillary clinton did to try to get momentum back on her side. why the world health organization said it could be at least a year and a half before
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it's a chilly friday morning, but not as cold as yesterday. >> jayme: we have 40s for you this morning. cool, dry, a perfect p.m. it'll be glorious. highs today, low mid-70s. right now the cool spot, one of them at least, happens to be, go figure, orlando. yes. the coolest values i have. because mainly we have seen a south, southwest wind i can night early yesterday evening in gainesville and the north central florida area. boosting the temperatures. gainesville. state. sector. front. the temperatures come down, and
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please tell me it's not going back to 20s and 30s, it's not. we'll make is clear now, but we'll soo a distinct drop in temperatures. and highs in the low to mid-70s. 64 for 8:00 p.m. tonight. next seven days no problem. we have a rain chance that's p.m. based, after 3:00 p.m. generally speak, into monday and tuesday morning. outside of that, perfect out there. >> gina: happy friday, everybody. roads for the most part looking really good. we do have some metal on the road at 414. westbound. just be aware of that if you are traveling through that area this morning. out in maitland we have a road closure. 1792 closed in both directions between park and monroe avenue. here are some detours. you can take i-4 and the 436 if you need to travel through the
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we actually have a crew there right now. fox 35's andrea jackson is live at the scene. she'll tell us what is going on out there and when the road is set to open. >> reporter: it's all about construction. the construction crews have stopped on this side for just a moment. they're tearing up the road work. look at that. and tearing up the asphalt and repairing the concrete slab. this is the section of 1792 where you approach the railroad bridge. this section will be shut down all weekend long. and the southbound side of 1792 to park avenue. they have traffic control folks here to help the commuters get used to it. i see a couple drivers coming this week. this happens all weekend long until monday morning at 6:00 a.m. there's a little bit of confusion. you have traffic coming from the northbound side, as they get
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well. it'll be tricky to navigate. take your alternative routes and we'll keep you posted on alternatives this morning. >> amy: also new this morning. after a six month search orlando police have arrested a man that they were looking for. >> john: he is accused of murdering a man. is he charged with first degree murder in this case. police say he shot devin littles through the sliding glass door of an apartment in pine hills in august. they think that it was in ration for a home -- retaliation for a home invasion. two others are in jail. >> amy: florida highway patrol said that a man's truck got stuck driving through a muddy construction zone.
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him out but they were not successful. they asked a driver of the a dump truck for assistance and he accidentally backed over a man and woman and killed both of them. we're still waiting to hear if charges could be filed. a man is dead after crashing into an suv in kissimmee. florida highway patrol tells us that the man's motorcycle ted. and the 41-year-old died at the scene, and the suv driver was not hurt. >> amy: the candidates got a chance to go head to head. the first debate since new hampshire. >> john: ryan has a look at . >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to get some footing after a huge win by new hampshire. she's polling way ahead, but the polls are older and don't show
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they touched on everything from national defense to obama care. >> secretary clinton has been going around the country saying that bernie sanders wants to dismantled affordable care act. >> i want to say we both share the goal of universal healthcare coverage. before it was called obama care, it was called hillary care. >> reporter: she scored an endorsement from the professional black caucus. and sanders won the endorsement fountainay. and saturday, february 20 south carolina. >> john: the republicans have a debate tomorrow. instead of campaigning there, donald trump will be in tampa tonight.
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profanities during other rallies. and jeb bush is on the ground as well. and trump said we won't hear as many going forward. >> we're too politically direct. as i get closer and closer to the goal, it's different. once you get to a certain level. it changes. i will be changing very rapidly. i am very capable to changing to anything i want to. >> that was an interesting sound byte. that begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. marco rubio is going after jeb bush. >> i am an incredible admirer of his family. but governor jeb bush has no foreign policy experience. >> rubio is calling out ted cruz
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they say that his campaign is robo-calling with fake sawrvies that bash cruz's opponent. you can get the latest at and you can download our free fox news app. encouraging everyone to wear blue today and hold a moment of silence in honor of the men killed in maryland. >>ive david evans is accused of gunning down a deputy, and then killing another deputy. the lieutenant from maitland said he approached evans who was actually sleeping in a car that looked suspicious. when the officer started to ask questions, evans took off.
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giving different information on where he worked. he left the scene. and erratically left the city. >> amy: the lieutenant said he ended up not pursuing evans but instead put out a warrant for his arrest. >> amy: giving a chance to turn backfire arms. from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. turn in firearms for a $50 gift card. it's anonymous. to reduce the number of stolen guns on the streets. it's on obt near michigan. guns must be unloaded and stored in a plastic bag in your car. the deputy will remove the gun from your vehicle. >> amy: ford is coming out with four new suvs. joining us from the fox business
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happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday. we made it. >> amy: yes, we did. >> reporter: it'll be like 2 degrees here in new york. >> amy: i'm sorry. it's finally warming up down here. time to get a florida vacation, hey, get your big ole ford and drive down. >> reporter: could ford be bringing back the bronco. a executive said that suvs are huge. by far the best category. gas is cheap. millennials and boomers love suvs and there will be four new suvs. we might see the return of a bronco, maybe a china specific type vehicle. not sure, but they're coming in the next four years. if gas stays cheap, and the demand for suvs remains big, ford may have four new best sellers on their hands. >> i wonder f they should
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i think of one thing only when i hear that. >> reporter: i do too. but maybe that's the sell. everybody will think of oj. >> amy: however you feel about that. the movie is churning things up again. interesting. good stuff. happy friday. we love you. >> reporter: see you later. >> you can catch lauren on the fox big network. it starts at 5:00 in the morning. go to fox slash channel finder. >> john: sunrail getting new technology to make your ride safer. >> amy: what will help collisions and derailments. >> jayme: friday has arrived. tgif. the bus stop forecast. 40s.
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>> amy: sung rail is working on getting satellite technology. they want commuters trains to
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system to be installed by 2018. sunrail is work on getting contractors. the project is expected to cost $35 million. >> john: are a bill honoring a fallen orange county deputy passed in the senate. >> amy: deputy scott pine was shot and killed when investigating a series of car break-ins in wind windermere. the law would guarantee the surviving spouse of a first responder gets 100% of the spouse's pay for the rest of their life. deputy pine's widow said she is fighting for others so they don't need to go through the financial burden that she has had to go through. >> they're out there protecting us. when we call them, they're there for us. they should have that sense of
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be okay if something happens to them. >> amy: the bill will now go to the house. >> john: in orange county, a local grocery store is busted after they said that it was home toh a illegal gambling operation. investigator said it was used as a gambling house, slot machines and conducting sports betting. agents arrested three people who run the store who are now charged with racket earring and book making. customers had no idea what was going on. >> outgoing family, very nice, didn't expect anything like that. >> john: agencies, computer, and gaming equipment from the store. they are hoping to find out how much money was bet and how how many were participating. jayme king's forecast has us in a great mood this morning.
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good morning. pensacola is the warmest spot. and 62 in key west harbor. you can see the winds of change. more of a south and southwesterly wind flow over the western portion of the panhandle where we have a pool-like pocket of cool air. the blue shading, lakeland, 43. gainesville over the far distant north florida,ality 50. it's all about the winds. everything is coming together overall to make for a great looking day for us. the winds are up and up. and nonexistent in some areas over the central peninsula. we have the front working in tandem of high pressure. the sweet spot begins to warm up. it'll be locally breezy at times.
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and the warm p.m. temperatures. west, southwest, 15 to 20 at 2:00 p.m. and drive home is more of the same. we move on down through the 50s. and sitting pretty by 8:00 a.m. on saturday morning. temperatures around that time, 56. ample sunshine all day long on saturday and for the most part on sunday.e front comes through late tonight, early tomorrow morning. we'll see a very marginal rise in temperatures. capping highs in the mid-upper 60s. good solid mid-60s on sunday. no rain or cloud cover. we find decent boating conditions today, like right now, under 4 feet, 2 to 4 feet. and great interval. great for small craft. but building seas into saturday. the wind will be whipping back
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and surging up to 25 knots and sees up to 6 feet. not the best of boating days. choppy and rough allweekend long. and we're 10: 19 at port canaveral. an hour separation between the departure. both high and low for the locations. daytona, melbeach, water temperatures from the 50s to low 60s. we have 70s and sunshine for you today. and tonight, clear, and on the coolish side. around 50ish or so. 48 at gainesville. so the upper 40s i think we'll find over interior volusia county. a quick dip towards sunrise tomorrow. and then we're back to 68. locally breezy. a nice day, pleasant day tomorrow.
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next best chance of rain 60% on monday >> gina: we have a crash at 535. we have a couple of emergency vehicles on scene. it appears to be off on the side on the shoulder.|o there's|o still quite a few people.|o and going to the airport, we we|o have|o a crash partially blocked at tradesport. taking a look at your drive times, everything is still looking nice on i-4. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, about 13. the and 4018 looking good, it's up to speed as well. s a always, saving you money, regular gas $1.58 on central florida parkway and sea harbor drive in orlando. can you check out gas saving tips on our website at and click on traffic.
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in the fight against the zika virus. >> amy: the world health organization released a timeline for the vaccine trials and we're learning about a new concern related to the virus as well. we're looking live this morning out on international drive. the orlando eye is a rainbow of pretty colors on this friday morning. it's a chilly friday this morning.
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morning anyway, and they breaking news out of new jersey. and we're learning that a firefighter has been injured in this fire. no reports of other injuries so far. the epa is on the scene monitoring air quality for those who may live nearby. they don't know what's burn you go in there, but they are obviously concerned about what it is. >> john: paying a fine instead of going to jail. >> amy: greg isenberg wants to stop arrested for less than 20 grams of marijuana. he ants to see them fined and then arrested if they're
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they said that it it would save time and money. >> i think there are bigger issues facing orange county that our brave men and women and blue can be spending their time attending to. >> amy: edwards holds the current seat. he's running for re-election but declined to comment on the topic. >> john: the possible zika vaccines are 18 months away if large scale trials. >> amy: this comes as the number of confirmed cases in florida continues to rise. it's now at 18. none of those cases were from people who were contracted here in the state. it all happened elsie. then they came home. we're learning of a new concern. a study published that zika could lead to blindness in new borne. >> john: the standoff in oregon might be over but the danger
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the last four protesters left, but they apparently told police they left behind booby traps at the refuge. >> amy: foreign powers agreed to a temporary break in the fighting and agreed that they would step up humanitarian efforts to syrian communities. >> amy: unwarranted firearms are being collected. you get something out of it too. that's coming up here on "good day orlando." a live view looking down on the city beautiful. it's a chilly friday morning.
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bundle up before you head out.
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we start with a traffic alert in orange county. part of 1792 is now shut down for construction. we'll have the information you need to know.
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promises we can't keep. >> every proposal that i have introduced has been fateful. >> john: the democrats go head to head. find out how hillary clinton tried to grab the momentum back again. >> amy: nascar drivers will hit the track for the first times since the daytona rising project was completed. we'll have a preview of speed week. >> john: jayme king has temperatures that are all over the place. >> jayme: interesting thing we were just talking about during the break. the pocket of cooler air, orlando air south. 42 orlando, and 50 at gainesville. a lot has to do where we stand to the vicinity that lies to the north and the switching of winds. it's 21 degrees warmer now
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at this time yesterday the northern tier communities and counties were down into the upper 20s. widespread 30s and right around 40 for orlando metro. everybody is seeing the warmer winds of change. and that's the case again today. and we have the warm sector of the system. developing a south, southwest wind flow. and temperatures that will knock your socks off. and 73 to 74 between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. 71 even and 64 by 8:00 p.m. tonight. a nice night. get out and enjoy. you can leave the heavy, heavy jacket at home, and wring something light to cover up. and breezy weather for saturday. and the p.m. rain chance developing on monday. and that's about 60% of us seeing rain drops monday night
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>> gina: hi there, everybody. happy friday. sky fox over a crash at i-4 westbound near the 535. the crash happened in the westbound lanes. but emergency lanes are in the eastbound lanes. if you travel through, in either direction, make sure you are aware to use caution. everything is off to the shoulder, but just be aware of that. i-4 at ivanhoe, i-4 ultimate work is finally starting to wrap up. no mainly delays. but just be aware in the area. another road closure will be going on for several days. 1792 and maitland. closed between park and monroe. we have fox 35's andrea jackson live on the scene there. she'll show us what's going on there and when the road is expected to reopen. >> reporter: good morning. between park and monroe it's
6:33 am
traffic is being rerouted on to park avenue. traffic control is out right now. the challenge, the northbound lanes of 1792 are open. traffic trying to navigate across through the detour that's been set up. it's all because of construction. they're tearing up the road underneath the railroad bridge. tearing up the asphalt. repairing some concrete slabs. and if you travel this thorough fare on 1792 through maitland park. this will be going on through the weekend. and the nightmare has just imun. it'll wrap up monday morning at 6:00 a.m. and then start back over again on next friday and going through the weekend until the following monday morning. and i want to let you know too that the businesses here in the stretch are open. detours are set up.
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patience if you travel through. sunrail might be a good idea. >> john: a chance to turn in unwanted firearms. >> amy: hosting a gun buyback event. fox 35's jackie orozco has more on how you can get in on this. hey there, jackie. guys. the event starts in about 30 minutes. no idea. no questions asked. bring your unloaded, unwanted gun here to 2719 south obt. you get a $50 gift card. a lot of deputies starting to show up. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and it is part of a responsible gun ownership campaign. they have launched this campaign. covering it for the past few years. last year deputies collected more than 200 firearms and 32 pellet guns during the gun
6:35 am
the sheriff said that the whole point of this is to get rid of unwanted guns because a lot of criminals steal the guns and commit crimes. from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 fm. at 2719 south orange blossom trail. and it starts in 27 minutes. >> john: you decide 2016. hillary clinton is fighting for an edge after bernie sanders had a convincing win in new hampshire. >> amy: she has a little bit more than a week too build up momentum. they squared off in a debate last night in milwaukee. fox's doug luzader is in washington, d.c. with more on that. good morning. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. the next states in play are very different from iowa and new hampshire. the debate last night showed the shifts that the candidates are making. hillary clinton and bernie sanders did not shake hands as
6:36 am
>> the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that was a low blow. >> reporter: trying to stop the rise of sanders and not alienate many of his supporters. and they're looking to south carolina where the minority vote plays a bigger role. >> i want to tackle those barriers that stand in the way of americans right now. african-americans who face discrimination in the job market, education, housing, and the criminal justice system. >> today a male african-american baby boy born today stands a one
6:37 am
jail. that is beyond unthinkable. >> reporter: he has -- deep ties to wall street and clinton tries to play up the foreign policy credentials. >> journalists ask who you -- on foreign policy, and we have yed yet to know. >> reporter: the final democratic debate before the contest in nevada and south carolina. it's the last before super tuesday. >> . >> they'll be very busy in the weeks ahead. fox 35 is your source for coverage of the presidential race. you can get the updates at or download the fox 35 news app, which is free on your phone. >> john: for the first time this season big names will hit the track. >> amy: ryan has morning sports stories.
6:38 am
drivers will be on the track at 5:00. and sprint unlimited. it's an all-star race. the first time that nascar drivers and fans will get to experience the new daytona. carl edwards found out his car was not really that fast. he met with astronaut jerry ross. >> i got my pilots license, and the dream to be in the air force and to be possibly part of this. so to be here and able to speak with mr. ross, this is cool. >> reporter: really cool to see those guys together. you can see sprint unlimited tomorrow night. and the big part of it is the debut of jeff gordon. looking forward@ to seeing him for the sprint unlimited as he makes his debut in the broadcast@ booth. p
6:39 am
the rising stars challenge. tomorrow night aaron gordon in the slam-dunk contest. and israel izon rch ia will play. >> it'll be good to see jeff gordon. >> amy: a new role for him. >> reporter: i think it would it'll be great. >> amy: an suv plowed into a central florida dentist's office. can you imagine? >> john: wow. take a look at that. you saw the forecast. mid-70s here in central florida. this is a great way to start
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>> amy: appear gainesville police now think that a missing woman is actually dead. >> john: that starts the morning rush. she was last seen more than three weeks ago and authorities are searching for her body. they released a information on when she was last seen. in the passenger seat of a car and he was the last person to see her alive. is he considered a person of interest. he's in jail on an unrelated charge. >> amy: accused of battering a 17-year-old boy. now they believe that more victims are out there. they said that he sexually
6:43 am
year. elder admitted to it, but he claimed it was consensual. >> john: no one was hurt after someone slammed into a dentist office in cocoa. the driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the break. the suv went into two exam rooms. thankfully, the patients who would have been in those rooms canceled their appointments. >> amy: thank goodness. >> amy: what is holding up a vote in the florida senate in tallahassee. >> amy: and find out what happened after the man tried to steal this woman's purse. wow.
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impressive. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam
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when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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caught on camera. a woman refuses to become a victim. >> amy: las vegas police released security video out of a fast food restaurant. a man tried to grab a woman's purse and she tackled him. a bystander after a few minutes stepped in to help her out. he shgrabbed his purse out of his hands and he he ran away. they think he may be connected to other crimes.
6:47 am
recess mandatory is in a bit of trouble. it's hitting a roadblock in the florida senate. it would require elementary schools to give students 20 minutes of recess every day. so far the bill has not even been put on the senate agenda. >> amy: 6:46. it's going to get better? >> jayme: a lot better. you notice the blue shading, that's a colder color than we have with the greens now. that sets up essentially around orlando and a little bit of hue for the palm coast and the beach front. 50 at gainesville. a lot of despairsty. we typically run colder. but we have seen a switch up in contrast in the 24-hour
6:48 am
over the last several hours. all tied to the winds that have been cranking up out of the south, southwest. about 10 miles per hour. it's a shifting atmosphere. the thin, wispy cirrus clouds. the warm front here, and cold front back through here, and wee drawing in the south, southwest air flow. the temperature is responding in an upwards direction, which is nice, considering we've been so chilly lately. between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., we'll probably hit a high around 73, as high as 75 in some locations. tonight, clear, nowhere near as cool. and 50s in place. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, it sets the stage in overall tone
6:49 am
get in saturday and sunday. and ample sun and good looking temperatures. the front flows through, a surge of northerly winds. the trough of low pressure, elongated low around jack's beach. a distinct focal point for rain chance during the afternoon and evening. monday night into tuesday. a 60% chance on that area wide. count on rain drops early next week. until then, today, saturday, sunday, i have got nothing for you. mostly sunny conditions and good looking temperatures in the 60s. and solid mid-to low 70s on the day today. and much of the nation is an ice box. we expect that was we course through nearly mid-february. chicago, 19. and above normal temperatures from the phoenix deserts up to coastal california. 70s for you today. and winds a little touch of a
6:50 am
after the noon hour. tonight, not bad at all. 48 gainesville. 51 sanford. and polk county, in the 50s. so over the next seven day, and valentine's day on sunday, 65 degrees for the big day on sunday. i hope you celebrate with the ones you love. and, of course, rain chances moving up sunday and monday. and temperatures through the 70s. and lows around 50. >> gina: happy friday. sky fox flying over fawvment right now. i-4. and everything is looking good on the major roadways. i have a couple new crashes. gatlin avenue. at conway road a partial block. there's a little bit of back up in the northbound lanes. use caution in that area. and we have another crash at
6:51 am
be aware if you are traveling through there. taking a look at your drive times. i-4 is still looking nice. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, about 12. and the 408 is looking good, it's up to speed as well. >> john: time to take a look at trending online headlines. the first one from the washington post. a historic number of college freshman expect to protest this year. researchers at ucla that do this base their annual freshman survey. they said that more student also protest political issues this year. almost one in ten students surveyed expects to participate in some type of protest. the highest number in the 50 years that the survey was been given. most of the students saying they will participate are african-american.
6:52 am
tensions of recent shootings of unarmed black men. >> john: a museum recreated van gogh's bedroom and now you can rent on air b and b. this may be the room for you. the art institute of chicago recreated vincent van gogh's bedroom. now it's available for represent on air b and b. the room follows the painting almost exactly painting from 1888. it costs only $14 for the room. you can expect the spots to fill up fast. >> amy: a steal. does it have running water? >> john: good question. does it have ac and heat? running water? >> amy: as long as i can brush my teeth. >> amy: a rare sight. what made this manatee get out of the water. we're giving away a vip
6:53 am
and the speed week races.
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6:55 am
each day. >> john: 6:55 here on "good day orlando." time to look at the stories
6:56 am
>> a man from cape coral accused of blackmailing young girls to send him inappropriate photos. >> john: he used the communication app kick to contact two 11-year-old girls. he used the white pages to find out personal information on one of the girls and tried to force her to send him inappropriate pictures. he threatened her and threaten to burn her house down. they were able to track him down. he is facing multiple charges. they are hoping that they will recover the ship's black box for the el faro. they sank after losing engine power and were caught up in a category four hurricane.
6:57 am
>> john: a manatee shown coming out of the water for a kick snack of the moss. the video has been seen more than 250,000 times already.p if you` are a fan, check it out on our facebook page. slash fox 35 news. there's the rest of them all huddled together. >> amy: that's amazing to see. >> john: we're keeping it local. >> amy: the search for a local feunltive on the run for -- a local fugitive on the run for 20 years. he stole a deadman's identity and could do it again. >> amy: you only have until tuesday to register to vote for` the primary. we have answers to the questions
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it is 7:00 a.m. here on "good day orlando." i'm john brown. amy will be right back. here are the stories we're working on. you can expect delays heading through maitland and winter park. construction will be tied up on 1792 all weekend long. we'll show you how to get around it all.


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