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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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ps >> now on fox 35 news. >> a missing florida boy found safe. we have reaction from his over joyed grand parents. >> we're going to win all the time. >> donald trump brings his campaign to florida. hear his message for the parked house in tampa. >> and we're all going to be proud once again to be citizen of this incredible country. >> i'm tracy jacim, here in lake county, not just in front of a fire truck. i'm with this beautiful little girl, but last summer something happened where she almost wouldn't be here. plus, tonight she's meeting the lake county firefighters that saved her life. is it cool? >> yes. >> yes. tune in, your groaring to love
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>> right now on fox 35 news at 10. >> and great news tonight, missing central florida boy xander quigley found safe more than 800-miles away from home. the florida department issuing - - . >> vanished with his mother after she took off from - - cutting off his angs ankle monitor and walking away from his work relief center. today the young boy, his mother, and that boyfriend all found in flemingsburg, kentucky. kirsten delgado live with more on the good news he was found safe. kirsten. >> good evening, sonni and bob. they were found safe and i spoke to frank carr today, that is natassia quigley's father. he tells me that he is so grateful to know that his daughter and his grandson are safe and alive tonight. he has this message for his
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>> i love her. i always loved her. i'm just sorry that it had to end this way. i wish she would have came to me before she did this. >> after three weeks on the run, escaped prisoner gary bullock, his girlfriend natassia quigley and her 3 year old son xander quigley were found safe in flemingsburg, kentucky. xander's paternal grand mother is on the way to pick up her grandson. >> kudos to the u.s. martial. i knew they would catch them, i just, um, you know the waiting was horrific. >> today we spoke to natassia's father, frank carr. he's relieved to know his daughter and grand child are safe before leaving three week ago natassia and xander were living with. he says he and his wife were gone for a day to the theme parks in orlando. they came back to their palm coast home to find natassia was gone. >> it was a nightmare.
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can't explain it. i hope no one ever goes through it. i was once on the couch watching people going through these horrific thing in their life, wondering how they deal with it. now cr i know. >> the volusia county sheriff's office says natassia stole money, checks and a gun from her parents and picked up her convicted felon boyfriend at a work release job then took off with her toddler. >> this is something that you never dream your child would ever do, violate your trust and to violate your house like that. i would have given her anything. >> now bullock faces charges of escape d instruction of an electronic monitor and criminal mischief. quigley face as charge of aiding escape, she could face even more charges and maybe even jail time. >> sad. very sad about that. but maybe some time you have to hit bawtd m before you start coming back up. we all gotta be accountable for
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>> now frank tell me he's not sure what the first conversation with his daughter will be, but he's hoping his family can now begin to heal. kirsten delgado, fox 35 news. >> we have thousand of people outside, so something's happening. something's happening. [cheers] >> unbelievable. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump rally a large crowd in tampa tonight. thousands of people gathering at the university of south florida to hear donald trump talk about his vision for america. >> he talked about jobs, immigration, trade, and strengthening the military, among other things. keith landry listened to that trump speech. leerp joins us qa closer look. there was a lot of cheering go on on in that crowd. >> donald trump reminding his tampa supporters that he won support from a broad coalition of new hampshire voters and he talked about his business ties to florida, also stressing a theme he speaks about very often.
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often but says he will make our country win again. >> we're going to start winning with our military, we're going to win with health care, we're going to terminate obama care, we're going to terminate it. we're going to replace it. [cheers] we're going to get rid of common core, which is a total disaster. >> mr. trump taking a few verbal jabs at former florida governor jeb bush saying he spent millions and millions but bush still trails in the polls. >> jeb, he's asleep. he's rur sleep at the wheel, folks. no, seriously. can you imagine jeb negotiating with china? >> mr. trump also promising to create jobs to get tough in trade negotiations to build a tall wall at the mexican border and to empower the government to negotiate lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.
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>> keith, thank you. not everyone was excited to see donald trump tonight. dozens of people protesting in tampa this afternoon. some even attacking donald trump pinata. >> i think he's out-spokane lot of people gravitate towards that but what he's speaking is completely daichg dangerous. it's taking a turn to the past. >> they had a lot to say but no protesters were arrested. >> trump and the rest of the republican presidential candidates will debate in south carolina tomorrow night. ben carson attended a faith and family leadership forum in greenville today where he stressed the importance of voting. >> those people who don't vote and last election cycle 93 million who could have voted did not vote, 25 to 30 million evangelicals who could have voted did not vote. are. you probably know some of those people. make sure you tell them that
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but you're voting for the other side. >> carson came in second to last place in new hampshire. in the mean time, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton attended a town hall meeting in south carolina today, one day after debating bernie sanders. today, she didn't hold back. >> i will not make promises i know i cannot keep. 80 don't need anymore of that. what we need is a commitment and a determination to follow through. i will also build on the progress that president obama has made for our country. [cheers] [ pause ] this is one of the big differences in my campaign with senator sanders. as i pointed out last night, he
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disappointment, he tried to get am attention to attract a candidate to actually run against the president when he was running for reelection. he does not support the way i do building on the progress that the president has made. >> clinton also released a 125-dollar plan that she says would expand jobs and housing in struggling communities. pleern time, sanders attended the black america forum in minneapolis tonight where he praised president obama and attacked republicans. fluption. >> what every person in this room knows, although apparently our republican friends do not know, is that this country economically has come a very long way on the president obama and vice president biden in the last seven years.
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now, we shouldn't be too hard on our republican friends because they suffer from a very serious illness called amnesia. they just can't remember where we were seven years ago when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. >> now on monday will be one month away from the florida primary, that's march 15. tomorrow be sure to catch our weekly political show, count down to the florida primary. >> the florida guys, i mean, they may be becoming too big. >> yup. >> again, we've assembled our political power panel to git give you insight and indepth analysis every step of the way. watch count down to the primary tomorrow morning on my 65 and saturday nights at 11:00 p.m. after fox 35 news. >> and developing tonight, the most powerful democrat in the united states senate is calling
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the u.s. senate race. in a statement senate minority leader harry reed said that allen grayson has no moral campus and that, quote, his actions aren't just disgraceful to the democratic party, they disgrace the halls of congress. grayson's business activities have come under scrutiny over the past several months. on thursday reported hedge hunt while on international tripswith congressional delegations. grayson of course running in the democratic primary to replace u.s. senator marco rubio. in a statement, mr. grayson said, quote, the reason why harry reed is making such an absurd statement at all is that he knows i'm well ahead of the polls and heading for a strong primary victory. >> crime alert, a suspect believed to be involved in a mass shooting at a popular orlando night club last weekend is now free on bond. orlando police say jose lopez is charged with carrying a concealed weapon and tampering
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shooting at the glits ultra lounge that left two people dead and eight others hurt. lopez running out a back door on universal boulevard with a gun and then throwing it on the roof. detectives are looking into whether the shooting was gang related and if any retaliation could possibly happen. five of the people who were shot were innocent by standers. >> and a fox 35 health alert two more reported cases of the zika virus in florida brings the total count to 20. this map showing the eight counties now affected, santa rosa, hillsboro, osceola, miami dade, broward, st. john's and alachua county just got added today m. the florida department of health says that all 20 cases are travel related meaning the people - - mosquito born virus somewhere else before they come back to florida. zika virus can cause a minor
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none of the confirmed cases in florida involve pregnant women. florida has more than 100 specialty license plates. you might get a real kick out of the newest proposal. orlando city is working with state law maker ons a bill that would create a specialty license plate. attendance at the lions gamesis strong and he believes support for a specialty tag would be as well. >> very confident that it will pass this year. representative miller is the miller is the sponsor in the house, we expect some big events this summer to promote the plate but also see how the fans may participate. >> so if state law makers approve the lions license plated idea you could have one for your car after july 1. >> a young girl gets to meet her real-life hero tonight. fox 35 is there for the heart warming mo wha local fire fight sr reunited with a girl he pulled from the bottom of a pool.
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who like to go fast. we'll take you inside the sport of drone racing. >> daytona international
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> how many people can say they have saved another person's life? >> tonight the lake county firefighter got to meet the young girl he pull from the bottom of a pool. tracy jacim reports. >> this is probably the fifth hug or so today 4 year old taylor washburn has given shannon bush, and you can bet there will be plenty more going both ways. >> already sh? >> yes, already. we haven't seen anything, did anything, just to give him a hug. >> the washburn family arrived in central florida today from columbus ohio.
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haven't seen shannon since last may when they were staying in an orlando resort celebrating tail lr's fourth birthday. it was a celebration that took a very scary turn when taylor ended up at the bottom of a pool nearly drowning. another man pulled her out, and that's when shannon, who happened to be there on vacation with his family, jumped into action. >> ran over there and saw what was going on. we initiated cpr on her after i felt she didn't have a pulse or she wasn't breathing. >> no pulse. >> no pulse. >> i think i was standing behind him holding him tight while he was trying to get her to breathe and stuff and instantly became family from right then and there. >> like shannon's relative, this family created through circumstance wanted to be here tonight to celebrate as shannon received the 2015 fire officer of the year award. >> her mom asked her memory thing and her mom teared up and she said she was trying to pull
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little braided in her hair, to try to pull herself to the top there. >> she keeps holding your hand. >> oh, yeah, the whole time. we've been face timing and stuff like that the whole time. it's pretty awesome. >> awesome enough to receive this award. and awesome enough to win the love of the little girl he saved. in mount dora, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. >> the fight continues for an increased minimum wage in the state, and today child care workers, parents and kids, rallied in tallahassee to fight for higher wages, especially those who care for the state's youngest residents. people at the office of early learning spent the afternoon discussing how to split up federal child care funds. state representative victor torres is sponsoring a bill that would set the state's minimum wage to 15-dollars per hour. he says those who care for children do important work and
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>> this is their development stages. this is when the trial starts to develop their abcs, their learning, their ability to know their names, their parents. i mean, these are things that we need to continue. >> the current minimum wage in the state is eight dollars and five cents. those pushing for the higher pay and in the child care industry say more money is needed needed to hire better employees and have less turn over among workers. >> a fox 35 consumer alert now that it's tax seasons, criminals are trying to steal your personal information. flagler county sheriff's office has received at least 30 report of people getting fake calls from the internal revenue service. one series of involved an oo automated caller saying the irs is filing a lawsuit, call this number immediately. keep in mind, the irs does not call people to demand money like that.
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legitimate letter in the mail. if you suspect a phoney has called you, contact the police and then call the real irs. >> a big racing day at day tone ainternational speedway, the sprint unlimited is happening this weekend. the race actually starts at 8:15 p.m. tomorrow night. here's adam shadoff. >> speedway officially under way here at daytona international speedway, we began the evening with some strint sprint unlimited practice agood time for drivers just to get back in the car and deal with some of the changes inside the cockpit. >> it's pretty valuable. honestly, just working out the kinks of the new dash. so we have a new dash with a digital dash inside the car, something very different from what we've run in the past. really we've been working through that mostly and also worrying about how the car drives too. >> well, it's important for the sprint unlimited to get this practice for sure, to refresh. i haven't been in a car since
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important for the 500. it's nice for us drivers that are in the unlimited to be able to get this practice, to get used to whether you have new team members, we have a new digital dash and things like that. >> that sprint unlimed race, 8:15 p.m. on fox 35 on saturday night. should be a good one. however, interesting to note the last time a winner of the sprint unlimited race went on to win the daytona 500, you gotta go all the way back to the year 2000, so maybe not the best of omens if you win saturday night. if now, from daytona, adam shadoff, fox 35 sports. >> fox 35 has you covered with racing all weekend, 8:00 p.m. saturday watch the sprint unlimited at daytona followed by fox 35 news at 10. then at 1:00 p.m. on sunday, the daytona 500 qualifier, and watch the daytona 500 race on sunday, february 21 right here on fox
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>> after a day in the 70s, the weekend will cool down just a bit, but it's nothing like what they're going stee in the northeast. we'll have the full details in our forecast coming up. >> a central florida school superintendent forced to step down. the sexually charged comment she's accused of making about an employee. >> and later we'll take you into the wild world of drone racing. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> all kind of stuff going on
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got a lot of racing going on now at daytona. >> a lot of out door activities and it looks like a dpornlg ows weekend on tap. temperatures will be a hair cooler than today. take you outside, what it looks like. had of 76-degrees today. it's the first time we've been in the 70s for the month of february. the first four days we were in the 80s and of course since then we were in the deep freeze. central florida winter average high 74-degrees. the next couple of days will be a little bit cooler with highs in the 60s and then i think your groaring you're going to lining next week's forecast. temperatures right now, 60 in orlando, 61 melbourne, 61 the swamp in gainesville, and here's the forecast. here's the weather head lines, see seasonal temperatures prevailing. i don't see any extreme heat. i don't see any extreme chill. we'll stay within 5 or 10-degrees of normal high temperatures. weekend, sunny and mild highs in the 60s. looks like more rain coming late monday into tuesday.
10:25 pm
be just an overnight event. outside right now i just love this view, don't you? this is our visit orlando tower cam on top of the hyatt regency orlando where it's 60-degrees south west winds at 8-miles an hour. tourist district looking a-okay, and somebody just went on the sling shot right there. winds, yeah, we had some winds earlier, gusting at times over 20-miles an. now they're sedated a lit bit, south west between 5 and 10, we'll continue with the breezes overnight tonight so i don't think there's any risk of fog as we go through the overnight hours. upper 50s and low 60s right now bottom down in the upper 40s and low 50s. there's a weak little front that's just to the north of us folks that front's going to just slink on through. no rain, no clouds with it. it's just going to turn the winds northerly, and cool us down a little bit. but it's nothing like what they're going to see up north. hudson bay, wind chills 30 to 40-degrees below 0. look at these sunday morning
10:26 pm
not wind chills, temperatures. boston 5 below, new york 4 below, rochester 8 below, wind chills 30 degrees below 0 in parts of the northeast, sunday morning. around here, no dramas. sunny skies today, sunny skies tomorrow, and it looks like we might see a couple of dlowds on sunday. 52-degrees overnight, a little cooler north and west. tomorrow, saturday, looking spectacular. north winds and high temperatures mid to upper 60s. same thing on sunday adding a few more clouds. this would go into next week. high temperatures return to where they should be in the 70s. >> all right, well thanks. coming up next on fox 35 news at 10, something seemed off and boy, they were right. >> wait until you hear how ordinary workers stumbled upon a home fill would more than 100 marijuana plants. >> first, though, the pump patrol finding cheaper gas prices around town. 1.58 for regular at the speedway in castlebury.
10:27 pm
going rate of 1.58 at the speedway on 1792 and north griffin drive. you're watching fox 35 news at 10.
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10:30 pm >> right now on fox 35 news. >> a big shake-up in the polk county school district tonight. the superintendent has submitted her resignation. >> catherine leroy decided to step down after a month's long investigation following a sexually charged comment she allegedly made about a male employee. josh casio explains what happened. >> rather than face what could have been a literal firing squad, polk county superintendent catherine leroy resigned friday afternoon, much to the delight of some light jay galdman ateacher at south west middle school. >> absolutely the right move. we need to move forward as a district. we need to move forward as teachers. uh, we need to change where we've been. >> to the chagrin of others like edwina hall, leroy's executive assistant.
10:31 pm
prog mrams to elevate the success of students, tbiewt enhance their quality of life and prepare them to be prosperous adults. >> leroy under fire after associate superintendent greg rivers filed nine misconduct claims against her, including sexual harassment, and creating a hostile work environment. an independent invest gaigdz cleared her of misconduct, but did say she may have crossed professional lines. she responded earlier this week. >> please allow me to apologize for any failure of my part to an ineffectively manage a relationship with a senior staff member. i take responsibility for that and i have learned from it. >> but it wasn't enough. the damage already done. friday evening rather than voting voting to terminate, board members voted unanimously to accept leroy's resignation, which includes compensation of 233,317-dollars including 30,000 in lawyer fees. >> i would just really love for
10:32 pm
we need to heal as a community. >> based on some of the rhetoric, however, that may be a way's off. >> basically, that's what i saw, is a lynch mob. >> josh casio, fox fox 35 news. >> three lives lost in a tragic crash, two lives just getting started, and one that had pt yet begun. here's kelly joyce. >> family and friends are grieving tonight after two lost their lives here at this construction site in palm coast last night. according to florida highway patrol trooper as dump truck driver was trying to help a guy named kevin walsh pull his pick-up truck out f the mud here in this construction site. when that happened, it didn't work, he end up backing over walsh, killing him as well as his friend jessica darby who pregnant. right now highway patrol is investigating but at this point they say this seems to be a horrible accident slun the grades are in and at least in seminole county the new test
10:33 pm
mike synan with why schools are cautiously opt mtsic. >> after all the hand wringing and complaining over the new fsaa test, school grade said in central florida really not that bad. in fact, all districts in our area were either rated a or b. now, there were some troubles in fact five elementary schools in orange county rated an f, and orange county called these test oofs limited valley. the reason why is they didn't measure learning aids. nobody knows how much a student learned more than they did last year. seminole county is an a district and all high schools there were as, but the district's high school director gave me a little bit of a warning in fact about next year. he says because they're not really sure how they're going to measure the tests for this year, that the grades next year may be a little lower than that were this year. >> polk county, two people arrested in an illegal marijuana grow house operation inside a home on dixie drive and
10:34 pm
the grow house was discovered after electrical workers noticed unusual wiring near the home. besides the drugs and the paraphernalia, investigators estimate the total cost of stolen electricity to be more than 3,500-dollars. for more on that story and the rest of today's local head line go to >> fans of marco rubio hope he has a bet dr bait performance in south carolina tomorrow night. >> to memorize a 30 second speech where you talk about great americans at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for this person. >> this notion of - - . >> there it is, the memorized 20 second speech. >> after the break, political editor craig patrick has a funny look back at those robotic answers for rubio. >> and coming up on fox 35 news tonight at 11ic we have cases of the zika virus on the rise. the cdc is struggling to come up with a vaccine.
10:35 pm
vaccine is going to be ready. bilge - - big changes coming to disney's animal kingdom. the details about their new avatar ride. coming up on fox 35 news at 11. >> gina benitez here with your i-4 forecast, work does die down, but it picks back up sunday night and this first project i want to tell you about is on i-4 west bound, lee road down to fairbanks avenue. one right lane closed all week long. this starts next week every night from 8:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. just be aware of that. then just down the road here on winter park street, from hairm oas uh to date avenue, intermittent closures knowing to last for two weeks. this starts next monday and goes on until friday, february 26 from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every single morning.
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traffic and construction updates on your own smart phone to download the fox 35 weather and traffic app, text the key ed word iphone or android the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> jim gilmore ended his long shot bid for the republican presidential nomination. the former virginia governor saying he plans to support his party's nominee, whoever that may be. in the mean time, marco rubio is
10:39 pm
performance in south carolina tomorrow night. >> critics of course you probably heard say he sounded like a robot in new hampshire last weekend. here's craig patrick. >> okay, let's start with marco rubio's reaction to the results in new hampshire. >> inaccurate, does not compute. >> yup, rubio is paying for one bad night he'll never dpor forget. >> let's dispel with this fiction barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. i would add with this, let's despell this fikdz that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> the memorize 30 second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. >> he knows exactly hot he's doing. >> there it is, everybody. >> marco rubio is not a robot, but he played one on tv. >> go, marco. barack obama knows exactly hot he's doing. barack obama knows exactly what
10:40 pm
>> and he could not live that down. and when your campaign literally has to fight off a robot invasion. >> we love you, marco. >> it just does not look good. rubio is trying to move past his humiliation in new hampshire, and he keeps saying he's focused on the next two weeks. but it didn't help when they caught him trying to sneak out of new hampshire in disguise. >> have you brought any fruits or vegetable on to the planet? >> [inaudible] >> ex ciewdz me? excuse me? >> [inaudible] too weak. >> when you recycle canned statements and your opponent makes fun of you for it and you respond by recycling the same kaed statements again, your opponents can make you look robotic. >> the single greatest nation in the history of all man kind. >> single greatest nation. >> the single greatest nation in all man kind.
10:41 pm
rubio the notion that he could deflect the heat just be repeating unrelated canned statements and still expect to win. >> don't you think it was a problem to have on duty law enforcement there. >> i'm very appreciative of their support. >> you didn't answer the qegdz. should there be discipline? >> i'm appreciative of everyone who comes to my events. >> i guess rubio learned what may pass in florida won't fly when you're running for president. but he did, and he knows it. >> i know many people disappointed, i'm disappointed. it's on me. >> i did not do well on saturday night. that will never happen again. that will never happen again. happen again. happen again. again. >> we added those last few, but remember, rick parry only totally blanked out one time. and howard dean only screamed
10:42 pm
(music behind screaming). >> so now marco rubio is on thin ice because he looked silly and fed a narrative that he's programmed at a time when voters crave authenticity. >> i lost my last page of the speech. >> unlike his water gap, rubio cannot laugh this off, even if he claims all the water shorted out his circuit. [applause] >> i think i just drank clint eastwood's water. thank you. >> all right. good stuff, everybody. i hope you had a good, uh, what is it now? friday evening. friday evening in the big town.
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money. orlando, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $22.55 in this week's basket - that's 19% including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today. you'll be glad you did. >> there's a new kind of racing that's gaining traction right here in orlando. >> we're talking about drone racing. >> we are. >> fox 35 tom johnson shows us. >> 1, 2, 3. 4. 5. >> chances are pretty good you've seen a drone before. >> my battery's going to fall out. >> but you've likely never seen
10:46 pm
>> turn my hand first that way it's not in the air. >> like these guys do it. this is no simple hobby. thris this is drone racing. >> ready, set go. (whirring). >> souped up quad copters that really fly. 60 to 70-mile per hour as they navigate through gates just a few feet off the ground, hair pin turns, and high rise obstacles. racers wear goggles that give them a first person view from on board the drones. this is what that looks like. >> you put on a set of goggles, and you see what the air craft sees. >> chris thomas discovered fpv flying a couple of year ago. >> i immediately fell in love with the out of body experience of put og thn goggles and feeling like you become the air craft. >> in april 2015 he founded the multi-gp drone racing league in
10:47 pm
less than a year later. >> there's over 300 chapters throughout the world. >> and he says there are two new chapters almost every day. most racers are attracted to the adrenaline rush. the need for speed. the thrill of victory and even the agony of defeat. (whirring stops) abel works with jet airplane in real life. >> the feeling you get when you're there, locked in with two or three other guys is just changing positions is just like racing. you know? >> side by side racing action is great. >> joel brown raced motorcycles for years. now he's u dibilitied to drone racing. >> it's the same thing as a bike, but you get to go up and down and through obstacles, go places and feel things you could never come close to imagining on the ground. >> the best racers out here have sponsors that provide them equipment. but for now mument multi-g prkts
10:48 pm
of taking the sport to the masses. as many people as possible can hear the buzz. >> miewsesic to my ears when i hear them. >> feel the rush sun going through the turns and chasing your opponent. >> of an apparently addicting sport. whose popularity. is soaring. >> just a great time. >> tom johnson. >> i love it. >> fox 35 news. >> trending tonight on social media, things lincoln didn't say. today is abraham lincoln's birthday and people are having some fun online with the 16th president of the united states, tweeting out some things that, uh, well, we thought were kind funny. here are some quotes on the internet from twitter this one is from cn twitter saying no, no, that's not... if you read it on the internet it must be true, hash tag things lincoln didn't say. of course he didn't. next up is another tweet from sharon who says of course
10:49 pm
wore it better me or pharrell. you did, lincoln, you were first. next one was from... there it is. from saying those who deny pizza to others deserve it not for themselves. next one is from rob says may the force be with you, and obviously a doctored up picture as well, and another tweet coming from josh who says four square and seven groupons ago. one more, i want to show you too. this one from ryan saying i want my face on the lowest denomination of u.s. currency. something to aspire to. that's for sure. with the hash tag, things lincoln didn't say. if you'd like to see more, just search that hash tag on twitter. brooks. >> i just noticed that penny is 100 years ole, 1916. he might have wanted to be on the penny. good evening, everybody shts it's friday night. we made it through the week,
10:50 pm
what will be the coldest week of the winter 2015-16. outside right now, temperatures, upper 50s, low 60s. it feel nice outside. compared to where we have been. seasonal temperatures prevail and that began today and will linger all the way into and through next week. the weekend a little cooler than today. sunny but mild outside. rain likely as we head through monday into tuesday. outside right now this is, what, friday night in the big city, i want to show you this, how many we are. 60-degrees downtown orlando and the heaters the on amway center, roof top bar, heaters are on full blast. 60-degrees. yeah. can you imagine heaters right now in boston? just loving that 60. outside we have some breezes outside this evening, so we're not go oog see any fog. that's good news. no visibility issues, clear skies, great star gazing out there, temperatures again right now upper 50s and low 60s. a little cool front's going to slink on through tonight, and
10:51 pm
cold front's just going to slide on through tomorrow. basically what's going to happen is the winds will go north tomorrow. we're going to keep the sunny sky, cool it down just a tad. sunday, high temperatures stay in the 60s as well, and then we look towards monday because monday it looks like we could be seeing some rain developing with this system. this front will bring some rain late monday into tuesday more than likely. so just enjoy the next few days. temperature-wise, no big chill in the forecast. 52-degrees overnight tonight. tomorrow 67-degrees, so about four, five, six degrees below normal. but still ton of sun shine, 68 on sunday, and then we're warm into the 70s all next week and right now the only fly in the
10:52 pm
we'll be right back. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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countdown,. >> number 3. >> help the needy with your sweety this weekend. habitat for humanity of greater orlando is hosting their inaugural couples build in celebration of valentine's day. couples will help build a home at the butlers preserve community in the malibu groves area. the event runs from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. saturday. >> number two. >> oh, you've got to do is move your feet. >> the empress of soul, gladys knight will be performing at band, brew and barbecue this weekend. the concert set for 4:00 p.m. sunday. >> number one. >> dozens of guns off the streets of orlando program. fifty-dollar gift cards for fire arms. that's tonight's o-town countdown. >> well, the candidates are gone, movie on to other states. but the signs remain. after the break, we'll show you how those old campaign sign in
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> now the new hampshire primary is over, question a lot f people are asking is what do we do about these left over campaign signs? well, one college pro professor had an idea, they're recycling them and helping people with disabilities. the items are cheap, durable, and light weight.
10:57 pm
didn't have the use of his hands and he wanted to be able to eat independently, so we had to come up with something very simple so we took corrogated plastic election signs, and made a little spring clip. that just rest ons there. we started with sandwiches but we found you can put vegetables in there because when cow bite on it it provides just enough tension. >> wow, the professor says her students have created 78 items to help people with discts. good for them. next at 11, hunt for a dangerous suspect. we'll show you the sketch of a suspect accused of attacking a woman in her own driveway. next. >> missing for three weekses, a florida boy found safe tonight. find out how far police had to go to track him down, and hear from his family who's just glat that he's okay. calls for a florida congressman to drop out of the u.s. senate race. more on the accusations he mixed personal and professional business.
10:58 pm
voters in florida. coming down we're going to break down tonight's tampa rally. >> right now on fox 35 news at 11. >> it was three weeks ago xander quigley was reported missing out of central florida. xander was with his mom, who took off with her boyfriend. >> relief for one central florida family tonight as frank carr tell me he's so grateful to know that his daughter and grandson are alive and safe. he told me he has this message for his daughter. >> that i love her. i always loved her. sorry that it had to end this way. i wish she would have came to me before she did this. >> after three weeks on the run, escaped prisoner gary bullock, his girlfriend natassia quigley and her 3 year old son xander quigley were found safe by u.s.
10:59 pm


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