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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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relief, john carlos ortiz turning himself in. he ran down sergeant marcy pierce as she was trying to take him into custody. ortiz called police from his mother's home about 1:15 this afternoon. sheriff's went to that house to pick him up. he was transferred to the juvenile assessment center. he turned himself in peacefully. >> i'm very grateful that my deputy sheriff is going to be okay, and that this young man turned himself in and that we did not have to use force to bring him in. >> reporter: we just heard from sergeant marcy pierce yesterday, for the first time since friday's accident. she is badly bruised, she
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she had very high spirits. we are told that ortiz zpod an attorney and he he's not making any statements to police. he is charged with attempted murder of a police officer, and grand theft, because the vehicle that was in the situation friday with the sergeant, the vehicle was found saturday, and he may face stolen-vehicle charges, grand theft, in that case. a news alert: a father and his 13-year-old daughter found dead inside their home in merritt island. >> police believe the father killed himself, but they're waiting on the medical examiner to determine what happened to the young girl. derrol nail has the latest. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago the deceased
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home to gather personal effects of her brother, and she told us he recently expressed a desire to go back to thailand. she says he was a skilled sushi chef and had a 13-year-old daughter, but yesterday both were found inside this home deceased, and now investigators are trying to determine why. >> i could not sleep at all just trying to figure out, you know, what's the reasoning behind it? >> reporter: wanda craig is in complete death over the -- complete shock over the deaths of her neighbors. >> he was anx excellent father. he always made sure she had her little helmet, knee pads, everything. he did everything with her. >> reporter: the sheriff's office received a 911 call yesterday from a family friend who said the father and daughter had not been heard from for almost a week. late last night, deputies forced their way inside and
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and his teenage daughter dead inside the home. no cause of death has been reached, but the sheriff's office says they're not actively looking for any suspects. >> it's traumatizing, just totally traumatizing. you can't believe it. you would never believe in a million years something like that would do it. >> reporter: the 13-year-old is described as a straight-a student at tropical elementary. flew interest in three languages, she off -- fluent in three languages, she often translated for her father. the mother was not here at the time; she is living in thailand. according to an immigration attorney, she was not el zwroibl come here to this country. at 6:00, i'll have more from the sister. -- the sister of the deceased father. we will have that at 5:00. >> thank you.
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case of zika virus to report in orange county, two tote until that county and 28 statewide. so far, all of the cases in florida are travel-related. we can tell you employees at orlando international airport now have access to fliers with information about the mosquito-borne illness, and they're spraying for mosquitoes around the airport. there is no sign of baby willow. it's believed a mother abandoned her baby last week. they did find a plas ento in a parking lot. the pond is just east of there. the baby's mother remains in jail on $50,000 bond. she is still not telling police anything about the location of the baby girl, willow.
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bars after police say he sexually assaulted a woman behind a building. this is a truck that backed into a business in melbourne. fire rescue officials say that the crash happened on north u.s. 1 a little earlier today. we're told one person was hurt but it's unclear how badly. no word if that driver is going to be facing charges. taking out the trash in orlando. homeowners say garbage pickup is working great, but the recycling bins are overflowing. tonight, a possible solution to the issue. >> reporter: trash pickup in orlando is once a week, with recycling pickup every other week. but now it will be both be once a week. the change came straight from community feedback from
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lot more recycling than garbage. >> it's an important service. i go to an h.o.a. meeting, and people say i love your fill it up. >> reporter: buddy dyer heard the same. >> how many people would like more recycling but less garbage collection. it was a tremendous response in the positive. >> reporter: people think the switch will save money. add . >> adding two times of recycling in a month and removing four times of garbage, we might have the savings of three or four drivers in salary, and then some fuel savings. >> reporter: so the pilot program is now underway. everyone we talked with in baldwin park had the same reaction as sharon fuller. >> i think it's great. i could never remember which week was the recycling part of it. now i just have to remember mondays and thursdays.
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the next six months during the test. >> i anticipate its being perfect. a big donation tonight to ucf's planned downtown campus, the hospital pledging $1.5 million. the gift will help fund construction of a new academic building that will be the centerpiece of campus. pending approval, it will be open in fall, 2018. americans still buzzing about the photo finish of the daytona 500, four inches! even the winner didn't know he won until someone told him. his childhood dream came true. he wrote an essay in second grade. he wrote that he loves
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the 500 on february 14, 1988. hamlin is okay with the fact that it took longer. >> [ yelling ] >> reporter: he shocked the crowd, won the race, and made daytona history. how do you celebrate? >> round up all the friends and family, went to dinner h a few cocktails. that was about it. >> reporter: surely he recounted the last seconds of the race. >> didn't have time to think about what it would mean to me or anything like that. you never think about that unless you're leading with ten laps to go and you're outfront and lead the whole way, but we led for only like the last hundred feet or so, so didn't have time to think about it, definitely took a while to sink in, for sure, and it probably still hasn't. really, when i walk in the front door here and see my car here, it's surreal.
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certainly in the moment after the race. sha. >> reporter: since you're so good at predicting the future, what's the next goal? >> the championships. i don't know if i've ever written a letter or essay about a championship, but i do actually remember writing that essay about the daytona 500. i was always a huge fan growing up, and i remember i was -- 1987, so i was in 2nd grade, and it just -- it's crazy, you know, i was 18 years off on my prediction, but it all worked out anyway. >> reporter: it sure did. good luck in atlanta, denny. david martin, fox 35 news. only on fox tonight, a woman aoaccused of abusing
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had it all wrong, and she's getting her pet back. >> the leash was not hard at all. it's not what they're making it to be. beautiful weather today, temperatures nice and warm. but things will change tomorrow. chance for storms, and then cooler temperatures. more on that coming up. the uber driver accused of killing random people in the hauled into court.
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>> an uber driver went on a killing rampage. he is charged with six counts of murder. >> police arrested him sunday morning. they believe he chose his victims at random. >> reporter: random shootings leaving at least six people dead in kalamazoo, michigan, saturday night. 45-year-old jason dalton making his first court appearance. there is no apparent motive. authorities are trying to put together the exact time line of the rampage. one couple says they were passengers in his car in between shootings. >> i would never expect someone that had just been out killing people to come and pick me up. >> we feel really lucky that we came out of this unharmed. obviously our thoughts are with the people who weren't so lucky. >> reporter: they're looking into his employment record to see if there is any connection to the shootings.
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limousine services, things of that nature, so whether or not they have the proper procedures in place to vet out their potential drivers, i don't know that. >> earlier this year, i took some steps that will make it harder for an individual like this to get a gun, but we need to do more to keep americans safe. >> reporter: for now, much of the community remains in sock, -- in shock, a community prayer service was held. >> you see san bernardino and these other communities, sandy hook and what have you, and you think are they that much different than us? >> reporter: police say dalton was in contact with several people during the rampage, but they're not looking for other suspects. >> the prosecutor says a search warrant was executed at his home, and investigators found a bunch
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only on fox tonight, charges dropped against a woman arrested in a case of animal cruelty. we told you about this last month. it stirred up a lot of emotion. tonight for the first time, the daytona beach woman is peak speaking out. kelly joyce has the story. >> reporter: this is sky, a pit bull puppy. her owner spent the night in jail accused of animal cruelty. she bonded out, hired a lawyer, and now, several weeks after her arrest, told weeks after her arrest, told us in an exclusive interview all charges have been dropped. >> you can't judge a situation unless you're in it. >> reporter: last month a neighbor called police after take ing pictures of james with her leash and leaving sky crated on the balcony. >> the leash was soft. they just made it more than
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>> reporter: she is a student and hopes to one day own an animal daycare. her lawyer says police never shuft have arrested -- should have arrested james. >> there is nothing here to show that any discipline that she was doing with sky was excessive at all. >> reporter: officers didn't notice any signs of abuse or neglect. the animal shelter said the same thing, which is why james was able to get the animal back. >> the comments didn't make me or break me. i'm still going to succeed. >> reporter: james is looking at a possible civil suit against the daytona beach police department. kelly joyce, fox 35 news. another warm day, but changes are in the forecast. >> maybe some severe weather
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live radar, looks good for this evening f. you're making plans for later on tonight, just a few extra clouds. temperatures very warm, mainly in the upper 70s to about 80. a very warm evening underway. winds are out of the south-southeast. we'll continue to pop up the humidity, keep the temperatures on the high side. that combination will set the stage for showers later tonight. a better chance for rain as we go through the day tomorrow. looks like basically late tomorrow afternoon and evening, that will be the first wave of showers. our main line of thunderstorms starts to move in as we get into the day on wednesday. for this evening, temperatures very warm, mainly still in the 70s. late tonight, down to about 65 to 66, which is very warm for this time of year. just a few showers and storms on the way. the skies will be clearing as we go through thursday. much cooler weather is moving back in, as we go
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highs in the 60s, and lows in the 40s, so some chilly weather. a little bit of everything. 77 in miami, 76 in tampa, 79 degrees for us. we're inland, so we're continuing to warm things up. cooler water is surrounding us, keeping the west and east coasts a little bit cooler than what we have here inland. here's the storm system to the north, very disorganized right now, mainly just a big shield of rain stretching from north carolina, south carolina, georgia, all the way back down toward new orleans, but you start to see one of the ingredients for severe weather. we call this a v-notch, where the upper-level winds diverge, and that produces potential for severe weather, it aids in the lift. but you have severe weather, you have to get these ingredients just right, then you can get winds, rains,
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tomorrow, 5:00, 6:00, scattered showers, possibly a brief thundershower. nothing bad for tomorrow. as we get into the day on wednesday, we start to see early in the day the area of storms out to the west. in the afternoon, temperatures will be in the 80s. upper-level winds. the jem jet stream running over us, southwesterly, very moist wind flow. a slight risk of severe weather from daytona to leesburg and up to the north. in that zone, expecting the potential for -hail-producing storms. as we get into wednesday afternoon and evening, the possibility of severe weather. looking good jove all, stray shower or thundershower late afternoon and evening tomorrow. 83 for tomorrow. 81 wednesday with that 60 percent chance for that line of thunderstorms coming through. then the cooler weather moves in.
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thursday through sunday. >> thank you, sir. it is your money. great day on wall street. up nearly 229. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also up. >> here's the good news. we're in a good rally. the bad news is overall we've been in a bear market for many months. i'm not so sure it ends here. good news, i think we're farther along in this bearish market, and we don't have to worry too much. you do have central bank flooding the world with money, which helps, so we're closer to the all clear, but not there just yet. donald trump being called unstoppable after his big win in the south carolina primary. >> gaining more momentum heading into super tuesday. >> the people of our country are amazing, amazing people, and we're going to win again.
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developing tonight, the fbi doing all it can to try
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an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. >> but tim cook says he's standing on principle, and not ready to give up his fight. jonathan hunt shows you us. >> reporter: apple is refusing to budge, the tech giant still fighting a court order to help the fbi recover data from an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. fbi director james comey fired back at critics who said forcing apple to preserve the data is a slippery slope, writing: > >> reporter: those victims and their families are now jumping into the legal battle, filing a brief on behalf of the government. >> i personally feel very upset that they're not cooperating with the fbi. >> the bigger picture is there might be some information in that phone. >> reporter: but legal experts say apple is digging in for a long fight, and it
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government to get everything it wants in this case. >> if apple had in its possession information the government wants, it would have to turn it over, but the government is asking it to create access. >> reporter: the justice compares apple's response to a "brand marketing strategy". most apple fans, still divided on their own response. >> they need to assist the fbi. it's a national security matter. >> invading this privacy is wrong. >> reporter: apple floated the idea of creating a panel to resolve this standoff and others like it in the future. jonathan hunt, fox 35 news. the g.o.p. candidates heading west, gearing up for their next showdown in nevada.
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coming up with a big win in south carolina, and now marco rubio joins ted cruz in trump's cross-hairs. trump says he isn't sure that rubio is even eligible to run, and he says the lawyers will to have figure that out. >> i'm going to get the democrats to come over to me, a lot of independents, i'll win michigan, which nobody else could even think about winning. >> we cannot win if we're divided. even october -- if we're still fighting in july, august, and september, we're going to lose. we have to come together here at some point or we will lose, and i can bring us together faster than anyone running. >> craig patrick, two big questions: should rubio worry about his eligibility to be president?
5:27 pm
was born march 28, 1971, in miami, florida. he went through no naturalization process, he was a natural-born citizen and therefore eligible to be president. what he should be worried about is that he has a target on his back. as he rises, his stock is going up. there will be other questions and many other attacks. >> reporter: florida, the first winner take all state march 13th. who has the advantage on the republican side? >> right now it's clearly donald trump. he is leeding big in all the florida polls. the thing about florida, polls can turn on a dime, they have time and time again. florida tends to follow national events and trends, and with that, we look more closely at march, and with jeb bush dropping out, that can shake up the dynamics and perhaps work to marco rubio's advantage.
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new tonight at 5:30, the fight to protect florida pastors from being forced to perform same-sex marriages. >> the law must be clear. >> we've seen some concerns of pastors and religious organizations, and we're making sure that we codify a law that they will be protected. >> what's being done to shield the clergy. plus, $3 million for a junkie old bowling alley?
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@ >> new tonight, we're learning more about the driver accused in a deadly hit-and-run accident. >> he didn't get far before troopers busted him. they say he had no license.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: right now at the request of state troopers, he is being held here without bond as he awaits his first appearance before a judge tomorrow morning. this is what's left of an acura that police say a drunk driver was behind the wheel of when he caused a fatal wreck. >> the sound was like an explosion. >> reporter: valentin slammed right into the back car, causing a chain-reaction car involving four vehicles total. adams was killed. this woman noticed valentin driving erratically seconds before the crash. >> he was hunched over his wheel, he sped up, he had a white jacket on, it was a silver civic. when he came to the light, he hit the car, and it went up like this and down. >> reporter: troopers say instead of stopping, he took off. the driver of the truck that
5:32 pm
even know how the driver could see to get away. he says the airbag deployed on impact. the sergeant says a short time later a deputy found the car not far from the scene. under any circumstance, he had no business driving this morning. >> we now know that this guy has never had a drivers license, he's from guatemala, he has been here for seven years, should never have been behind the wheel, and did admit to leaving the scene of a crash. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the sergeant. they have been trying to find out from immigration, customs enforcement if he is here legally. that's one of the reasons they're asking that he be held without bond. if he is not here legally, they're afraid he could flee back to guatemala. >> thanks.
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the crime, and deputies are pulling double duty. extra security and patrols in holden heights and azalea park. tom johnson shows us. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says holden heights on orlando's west side has a violent-crime problem, and that's why it's one half of this pilot program. azalea park on the city's east side is quite a different story, but still a place where extra security is welcomed. people in azalea park say it is a tranquil, quiet neighborhood. people like roberta angel. >> i'm just concerned about my safety. >> reporter: she has lived here 50 years, but she says there are a few problems. >> there's been a lot of, you know, break-ins, and i'm not so concerned with that; i'm just concerned they won't realize i'm there. >> we have a can-do attitude. >> reporter: a new program brings in a private security
5:34 pm
park and holden heights. they'll drive marked vehicles, and they carry guns. >> they're not here to replace law enforcement but to act as an extension and be our eyes and ears here in this neighborhood when we cannot be here, perhaps. >> reporter: the cost, up to $150,000 for the 60-90-day test run. the money is coming from seized contraband. >> we're taking bad money and turning it into something good. >> this is needed. >> reporter: needed and now here. they're also working with university of central florida researchers. they surveyed people here, asked them how they felt about their security. at the end of this pilot program, they'll do the same survey again and see what's changed.
5:35 pm
johnson, fox 35 news. the florida senate set to talk about pastor protection tomorrow. the discussion is whether pastors should have to perform marriages they won't believe in. apparently there is no real concern because the first amendment covers them. >> but one simple lawsuit can wipe out a religious organization that depends on donations. concern tonight about laminate floors and cancer. the cdc wants all homeowners to know something. and never see your friends again in real life?
5:36 pm
all about to be sucked into some kind of virtual reality. are $3 million for this bowling alley. what are they going to do with it? big changes are on the way, looks like a line of thunderstorms. how much rain will you get? i'll show you in the forecast.
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@p'p' it's hitting their bottom line in a big way, but it's a big deal. health could be at risk. >> reporter: that's right. it's the cdc saying this time the report that we put out earlier this month was actually inaccurate, and the risk of cancer from this formaldehyde contained in certain laminate flooring is three times higher risk than we thought. that has hit the bottom line
5:40 pm
they thought this issue had gone away, but it hasn't. >> are they advising customers that have this material in their homes to do anything in particular? >> when it surfaced last year after a 60 minutes report, they stopped importing this from china. but this isn't just chinese wood. this is the type of laminate being used. the company believes the cdc is overestimating in its calculation, and they believe the cdc which said it's going to expand its investigation, they said if you want to bring new products back, you can do that, but they're not exactly putting the hands up and saying, okay, we're wrong, here; they believe more investigation is needed. >> did the company bounce back from a controversy like this? >> it's very difficult. they were hit hard last year when this story first surfaced, the c.e.o. resigned.
5:41 pm
behind them. now it brings it back to the forefront. it's a huge p.r. nightmare. question is, what happens from here, and what further tests reveal about their laminate flooring. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed. >> thank you. reuters reporting tonight as many as 90 million more takata airbags will be recalled, and an expanded recall could cost the company billions and add years to the replacement process. the company says it is cooperating with regulators. facebook thinks friendships will be virtual reality. facebook is making good on a two billion dollar purchase
5:42 pm
to increase virtual reality. the american kennel club releasing its rankings. labrador retriever now has the longest streak of any breed. >> the lab is so popular because of its temperament. it's easy to socialize and super smart, so a novice can successfully train it, it comes in three fun colors, it can swim, so it checked all the boxes when you're looking for a dog to add to your family. >> she called called me a novice. did she hear that? >> second place is a sherm -- second place is a german shepherd followed by golden retriever. three million dollars
5:43 pm
>> all of us look to add to green space in the city of winter park, and we always have.
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worth it or wasted? nearly three million dollars for a rundown bowling alley. >> mike synan reports. >> reporter: the city of winter park has two big questions they need to answer: first of all, how will they pay for this $2.9 million old bowling alley, and what are they going to do with the property? >> all in favor. >> aye. >> reporter: the taxing district called the c.r. a. is chipping in a million bucks, just 1.9 million to go. >> we do have a parks acquisition fund, accumulated over the years, to add green space to the community. the second is our reserves. >> reporter: the city will need to spend about $1.3 million in taxpayer reserves to complete buying the old bowling alley. what happens after? there is a park across the street. >> as a landscape architect, i'm leaning to park. you seldom get an
5:47 pm
this is a once in a generation opportunity. >> reporter: music to the ears of commissioner sarah sprinkle. >> all of us look to add to green space in winter park, and we always have. >> reporter: the city is putting off a decision on the last 1.9 million dollars and what to do with the bowling alley until march. mike synan, fox 35 news. a chance for some rain here in central florida. right now, we do not have any rain for this evening. we'll have an increase chance for a shower or thunderstorm. we should be picking up a half inch of rain as we go through wednesday evening. this takes us up to midnight wednesday night. about half an inch in orlando, less south, more north and west, where you get better dynamics, lifting in the atmosphere, near the
5:48 pm
front up to the north. way above normal temperatures. 80 degrees in metro orlando, very mild afternoon. 77 in sanford. 72 out near bushnell. 79 degrees, this is a live picture from the south look toward the north with our towercam, which is on top of the hyatt regency, orlando. there is more moisture in the atmosphere, more haziness out there. that's the moisture needed to produce the rain. we start out tomorrow in the 60s, get up to 83 in the afternoon, to 84. a chance of showers, not until late afternoon. most of the day tomorrow is going to be rain-free, even though we have about a 50 percent chance for some showers. 60 percent chance on wednesday. temperatures will cool down. this is for the metro area sofr the next several days.
5:49 pm
temperatures late week, mid-60s. how does that compare to the coast in brevard, volusia, and flagler counties. look at the difference. look how this contrasts to the ocala-gainesville area, upper 70s, maybe even mid-70s on wednesday, with thunderstorms. and friday, you'll be struggling to hit highs in the upper 50s to about 60. overnight lows will be cold, getting down into the 30s for the end of the week. the best chance of any severe weather will be daytona to leesburg, just a slight risk of severe weather. we're talking about severe weather, here's what we're talking about. in the ocala area, a possible tornado out there. also some wind gusts, up to
5:50 pm
in the metro area, mostly wind. cocoa beach, wind and rain, the main threat. heads up. that cold front will be moving through. >> thanks, glenn. hard weekend of partying may be behind you. maybe black coffee can protect your liver. >> a new study says promising results about reversing liver damage. and the holy book, the only thing to survive a big car explosion.
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
denying god after this. can your morning coffee save your liver after naib maybe last night's parrying? a new study showing promise ing results. dr. jo, you drink too much, you stress your liver, you can get cirrhosis, right? is that right? that's what happens if you drink too much. >> that is true. >> but they're saying if you drink enough coffee, you will sober up, and also thwart the cirrhosis effect? >> you may reduce your risk of developing alcoholic cirrhosis. they've gone back and looked at nine different studies
5:54 pm
those individuals who drank usually two cups of coffee or more reduced their risk from 44 percent at two cups to 65 percent if they drank four cups, observational studies and case control, where they looked at people with liver disease and without. it adds to information from the past where they think it may be protective for the liver. >> and this isn't a post-drinking session, it's just drinking coffee in general, and there is no indication that drinking coffee sobers you up, it just actually speeds things up. >> it absolutely does not, no, and -- >> but it is just drinking coffee in general; right? >> it is, just drinking coffee. and it absolutely does not sober you up. but i think that what people need to know about cirrhosis is people don't understand what it is very much. it's a scarring in the
5:55 pm
so your liver gets insults over and over and over again and responds by scarring. how they think the coffee may benefit is there's anti-inflammatory components or chemicals in it, in some cases maybe the caffeine blocks those cells which cause the scarring. what's interesting, they also found there was a benefit to drinking decaffeinated coffee, so they're not really sure, and, once again, we don't know cause and effect and we can't say for sure it was the coffee that was the benefit, burr it's intriguing and interesting. >> dr. jo, thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> thanks. the car crashes and burns, but the one thing that is unscathed as people talking.
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5:58 pm
trending tonight, everything burned except the word of the lord when a vehicle exploded and burned. everything was torched except the bible. good samaritans saved the driver before it exploded. people say if that doesn't make you believe in god, they don't know what will. taylor swift was made of honor for her childhood friend, both wearing dresses by a high-end lebanese designer. she went back to her hometown for the big celebration. this is kim kardashian and kanye west's baby, saint west, making his first appearance at a birthday bash.
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