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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first, breaking news-- orlando police are looking for 3 men-- who they say-- shot a man in the stomach. officers say the suspects spoke to the victim before the shooting. we will tell you what they said. plus-- a convicted felon in orange county will get out of jail sooner. more on how a court error... cut the man's sentence in half! and-- new details surrounding the zika virus outbreak.
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they want to launch a new tests for the virus-- among women and children. toss to kristin breaking overnight-- orlando police are
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three suspects... in the shooting of a man in pine hills. it happened just before 11-30 last night... at the "pine view apartments" on north pine hills (jeing to *j5- the three suspects knocked on the victim's door. when he answered-- police say one of the suspects told him to quote "give it up." that is when one of the suspects shot the man in the :u*.ch. all three suspects then ran off.
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took anything from the victim. he is recovering at the hospital in serious-- but stable-- condition. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you a live report--coming up at 5 o'clock. happening today-- the teenager-- accused of running down an orange county deputy-- will be in court for his first appearance. sergeant marcy will be in court !en 15-year-old jan carlos ortiz makes ortiz is facing an attempted murder charge... after investigators say he ran down pearce friday... while she was trying to bring him into custody. sergeant pearce continues to recover this morning from her injuries. in brevard county -- students will return to tropical elementary school for the first time today.. since learning that one of their classmates was found dead inside a home. um "sit-ah- kai boon-kin" and his 13-year-old daughter "an-an-ya" were found dead inside their merritt island home on sunday. investigators believe the father's death was a suicide--
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investigators say they are not looking for any suspects. neighbors say they are in shock, neighbors describe ananya as a straight-a student -- who would often translate for her father-- who worked as a chef at local thai restaurants. the girl's mother was out of the country at the time of the deaths. "florida today" reports greif counselors will be at "tropical y today." the search for baby willow continues this morning... after another search turns up empty. orlando police found no sign of the missing newborn after draining a pond near the willow bend apartments on silver star road. police believe susan richardson delivered and then immediately abandoned her baby girl last week. richardson remains in jail... but is not cooperating with investigators. also new this morning... a winter park man convicted
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women... will spend less time behind bars... thanks to a rror. in 20-12, police say "farley curry junior" carjacked two women at gun point and robbed them. he was sentenced to 60 years in prison. but the orlando sentinel reports... jurors weren't given a written definition of "reasonable doubt". curry has now accepted a plea deal... which will reduce his sentence to 30 years. today-- the florida senate is preparing to take-up a controversial proposal--that would prevent clergy from being sued-- if they refuse to perform same sex arriages. g-ing about the "pastor protection act." some groups are arguing the bill is unnecessary because the first amendment already protects pastors. but supporters say it is needed. today-- the bill will ted on by the
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lawyers-- for bill cosby -- are back at the drawing board today. cosby's wife--camille-- started her deposition yesterday in his civil trial. .after a last-minute attempt to block her testimony. fox's kelly wright has more from new
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the uber driver-- accused of going on a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan-- admits to
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fox news reports... "jason dalton" has admitted to police.. to killing 6 people saturday night.. and zq!ers. dalton was formally charged with murder yesterday. police believe the victims were randomly targeted. nited states and russia -- have agreed to a truce in the fighting in syria. the white house says... president obama sealed the deal in a phone call to russian president vladimir putin. the truce-- calls for a cease-fire on saturday-- aimed at ending the five-year civil war in syria. developing this morning... space-x says it is ready for tomorrow's rocket the cape. the company.. is looking to send a communications satellite into space tomorrow night. space-x received the green light -- after a successful rocket engine test after the launch-- the company will attempt to land the rocket booster on a barge. back in december-- the company successfully did it on land-- at cape canaveral .. but sea- based landings are more difficult. the last three times
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land the rocket on a barge-- it ended in failure. launch is set for 6- 46 tomorrow night. coming up next-- a long-time controversy over a closed golf course in seminole county... could be coming to end. we will tell you about a new deal from developers. plus this-- republican candidate-- ted cruz-- facing some new controversy. how one of his staff members... made a false statement
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outbreak. starting today --- scientists will take blood samples from hundreds of brazilian women and their children. the mosquito-born virus has been linked
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the big question scientist want answers is... do women experience any symptoms of zika infection during their pregnancies. this all comes as a second case of zika is reported here in orange county. right now, there are 28 cases of zika in florida. so far, all of the florida cases are travel-related. in seminole county-- a decade--long battle over what to do with a defunct golf course... could soon be coming to an end! developers want to reach a compromise with homeowners in the area. fox 35's keith landry explains. today, donald trump
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his winning streak.. with a win in the nevada caucus. the g-o-p frontrunner is expected to win-- so the real battle -- will be for second place. in the latest "gravis poll"-- 39 percent of republican voters in nevada say they support trump. ted cruz is in second-- with 23 percent support.. and marco rubio is close behind in third-- with 19 percent. john kasich and ben carson have 9 percent and 5 percent respectively. cqcruz is going into today's contest.. facing new controversy for what critics call...
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national spokesman to resign ... after he re-tweeted a false news story about j-he story included a video that mis- quoted rubio... making it appear that he was trash talking the bible. trt: oc: the cruz campaign has found itself in the middle of a number of controversies-- starting from the first presidential contest in iowa. before winning the caucuses, the senator's campaign circulated information that suggested ben carson might be leaving the presidential race. meantime, the democrats are turning their focus to south carolina, which holds its
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bernie sanders --is looking to regain ground after a five- point loss to hillary clinton in the nevada /m. coming up next-- florida lawmakers are expected to debate a bill... that would expand medical marijuana use across the state. we are talking about charlotte's web. but--some people say lawmakers are not acting fast enough. why one local family says they are leaving the state-- to get the medical help they need. but before we go to break-- fans are posting to social media... as they mourn the loss of a country legend this morning. "sonny james" died yesterday-- at a nashville hospice facility. he was 87-years- old. the singer dominated county music for more than 20 years... and had 16 number 1 country records in his career. you can join the social media tribute to "james" by using
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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down in the heart and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above d to have his first appearance today. that story kicks off our morning rush. florida highway patrol says valentin sis-sis was driving drunk on orange blossom trail when he ran a red light and caused four cars to crash. 42-year-old brett adams was killed. troopers say sis-sis should never have been behind the wheel in the first place...because he didn't have a license. he was later found
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nearby apartment complex. a woman suspected of robbing a cab driver is in jail this morning -- after a week on the run. devine lovett is accused of pointing a gun at a mears cab driver .. robbing him .. and then running away. it happened in orlando last monday. lovett now faces charges of armed robbery with a firearm .. and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. a woman convicted of murdering a 15- year-old boy will be sentenced today. amber wright was found guilty of first degree murder for her part in the 20-11 killing of seath jackson. prosecutors say wright lured her ex-boyfriend away from his summerfield home through text messages... and then four men beat and shot jackson...killing him. three of those men are facing life is facing the death penalty.
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will debate a bill that would expand the use of medical marijuana in florida. the only form of medical marijuana that is legal in florida right now is called "charlotte's web." it is a low-t-h-c form of marijuana--that does not get you high... but many patients who need it can't get it -- because of court challenges. the new "right to try act" would let terminally ill patients try cannabis-- or other experminental medical treatments. several other bills are working their way through the state legislature... and a constitutional amendent will be back on the ballot in november. t-- that could be too long for one marion county family. they have decided they are leaving florida to get
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shawn zuzio has chronic lung disease, epilepsy, a hole in his heart.. and autism. they are moving to colorado to get charlotte's web. lawmakers say the slow legislative process is not fair to families who need the treatment. several florida businesses have been given permission to grow marijuana for "charlotte's web"-- but it has not been decided how it will distributed. turning now to sports-- the orlando magic hit the hardwood tonight...after losing 2 of their last 3 games. the team has played better recently, but still sits at 11th place... with a 24 and
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the philadelphia 76ers. that game starts at 7. ff` the new york yankees are turning to the n-f-l to teach its players how to phxp@_`@(gp8
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it is another case --of what some are calling -- animal abuse-- all for a photo. more on why one video is causing a lot of controversy this morning. plus this-- a tampa girl is fighting for her life-- after she is injured in a freak accident in columbia. coming up... more on what happened... ... and how her community is helping in her recovery. you're watching fox
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we're getting a first look at the new "star wars experience" coming to walt disney world. disney released new concept art yesterday. fans will get to see the millennium falcon... meet characters.. and even sit in the driver's seat of some of the famous ships from the films. disney will open two star wars experiences... both in orlando and california. no word yet on when they are set to open. time now to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a college student from tampa-- is back in florida this morning... after she was critically injured in a freak accident in south america. schulyer arakawa
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program. on friday-- she and her friend-- were swimming in a river...when a boulder fell from 30-feet above. the rock crushed her skull-- and she was rushed to a local hospital. a medical helicopter flew her back to florida last night. she is now in a medically-induced coma. despite the accident-- her family is optimistic. her grandfather says she is a fighter . as schuyler recovers-- her community is coming together to help her heal. the prep school she attended is collecting donations for her medical expenses. so far-- they have raised more than 140-thousand dollars. |a viral video --from south florida-- is brewing up a lot of controversy. captured in palm beach-- it shows an man yanking a shark out of the water, and then posing to take a photo with it. the man eventually pushes the shark back in... where it swims away. this video comes after a dolphin in south amerca died...
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ocean to take selfies with it. many critics say the shark should have never been taken from the ocean... while others are calling it a simple 1se." coming up at 5-- breaking news... a pine hills man is recovering... after he was shot in the stomach by three men. those three suspects are on the run right now. we are live from orange county-- with the latest details on the investigation. and all new-- we told you about how police in tampa and miami...are refusing to work concerts for beyonce's "formation" concert tour. but now... one religious group says... they will come to her aid if she needs it. more on that story...straight
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