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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. we're going to tell you what you can expect this morning and what time. >> plus, by the year 2050,
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be nearsighted. why half the world's population they say is going to need glasses. plus, holy traffic. people will be flocking to the holy land experience and their pilgrimage can cause issues on the roads this morning. plus, david martin. >> john, good morning to you from blustery but beautiful winter garden. we've parked our live truck on story road to take you to a family farm where you pick your own strawberries from a vertical tower, something i've never seen and you probably haven't, either. we'll take you there live. >> i hope the weather doesn't blow all the strawberries away. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> right? doesn't that look fun? >> let's bring you up to date now, take you outside. i'm assuming for the obligatory downtown shot and it shows the
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chances will slowly begin to move on up. and our exec stfb producer josh, thank you for the info. schools are simply monitoring the latest weather situations so no change to the school's schedule for today. sorry, kiddos. looks like the tornado watch again until 10:00 a.m. including in our viewing area. if you get fox 35, here we go. alachua, marion, and sumpter. they've also extended the watch through the tampa metro and interreaves just north of the fort meyers area in anticipation for a pretty big ramp up coming out of the gulf right now. here's what i'm talking about again, highlights the overall positioning and storm movement. what i'm watching for us here in orlando, not the stuff to the north but getting in towards tampa and tampa oncethet gets through, it turns a whole heck of a lot better like later this afternoon, tonight, for the rest of the week and the weekend, looking
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i'm tracking the latest clust for affecting done ellen. ia guys are getting pounded on top of your general area and for ocala, about 28 minutes out, winding up in orange springs and a good solid 51 minutes. i'm also watching this area in southwestern area now on the velocity scan when the reds and cumbrians get a little closer on the approach together. that signifies a little bit of rotation. that's the case within that no surprise. that can go severe at any moment and also spawn a tornado at any moment. i'll continue to update you on that. temperatures just fine, around 70. a mild start to the morning and that's not surprising either in this whole equation of the weather system moving in and the effects of before and after hand. and before, stormy times ahead. after, we really start to calm things down. by 8:00 tonight, 64 and we start the clearing process by tomorrow morning. bright central florida sunshine,
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40s in place by friday, saturday, and sunday morning. a little storminess and then a great looking week. thank you so much. people across the southeast, including right here in florida, in the panhandle will be assessing damage today. >> this from pensacola where that storm line of storms spawned tornadoes. the same storm hitting louisiana, this is video from that state. the hardest hit area was an rv park. two people died there and more than 30 others are injured this morning, seven of them in
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this morning, crews sifting through all the rubble looking for people who may be trapped under that debris. there are reports that baker county in northeast florida has canceled school today to insure students there are not caught in the storm. you can track the weather conditions 24/7 by downloading our free weather app. go to the app store or the google play store >> you can also text iphone or android to 87057. 8:05 here on good day. time for traffic. hi, good morning everybody. here's a live look. i-4 eastbound, a minor crash off to the right shoulder. not causing any significant delays. the real problems are on i-4 westbound and there are no crashes, just a lot of backup and congestion. we have a new crash on silver star and pine hills road.
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i'll keep my eye on that and keep you updated. another new crash in volusia on 415, partially blocked at alligator ranch road, seems to be clearing, not causing any delays there. taking a look at drive times, i-4 westbound still pretty slow. lake mary to colonial, about 24 minutes. i-4 eastbound, attractions to downtown, 21 minutes. and 408 westbound from 417 to downtown, about 13 minutes. also developing right now, a shootling investigation now underway in daytona beach. >> right now, the gunman could still be on the run. police are now investigating two crime scenes, one at a house on sherton drive, the other down the street. it is at cypress park. started about 11:00 last night. there may be two people shot. police are still collecting evidence from this car, the one they believe the shooter was driving at the time.
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we'll continue to bring you updates all morning. a woman accused of murdering her adult son will be in front of a judge today. according to investigators, she shot and killed her son yesterday morning as he was taking a shower. at this point, ortega is cooperating with the investigation. >> it is official. donald trump has another win under his belt in the race for the white house. >> ryan has more details on the nevada caucus. >> this caucus taking place in the gaming capital of the u.s. it was a very bad bet to go against donald trump last night. it was only a question of how big this win would be, trump finishing with 46 %. marco rubio beat out ted cruz for second, but he was 22 points behind. kasich and carson, even farther off the trend. trump won across the board for
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voters going out donald trump. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, highly educated, old, we won with poorly educated. >> trump's real test will come six days from now, super tuesday, 11 states mostly in the bible belt vote and it's really a test of conservative republicans, but when you look tea polls, donald trump is winning, in some cases by double digits. the company is going to try to land the falcon nine booster on a floating barge in the atlantic. the last time they tried, the rocket fell over and exploded. this rocket is going to be carrying a european satellite. the company tweeted out yesterday, the weather is at a 60 % go for today's launch at 6:46.
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then, the weather system should be out of here by the afternoon. be sure to see the live coverage. >> also, today is the day you can enjoy the holyland experience for free. here's video from years past. admission is on a first-come, first-serve base. the park usually reaches full capacity very early, so you want to get there very early. the religious themed park is required to offer one day of free admission every year to qualify for a property tax exemption. the gates open at 10:00 this morning, but we've seen in previous years where the traffic just gets backed up onto i-4 and it's tough to get in. >> the weather might change things a little bit. we'll have to see. coming up, our vision is on the frit. >> why more people are needing glasses at a faster pace. plus, we talk to a local eye doctor about what you can do to limit the frances that you would ruin your eyes, coming up. plus, david martin. amy, i don't need any
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. 8:12 here on good day. by the year 2050, smiths estimated that nearly half the planet will be near siteed. >> according to a new study published just last week. in the u.s., we're well on our way there. nearsighted numbers have doubled over the last 50 years in this country. it's specially high in eastern asia, 96 % of 19 -year-old men in china are now nearsighted. what happened to the other 4 %? and according to these researchers, it's often because of a mistake that most of us are making every day. >> local optometrist is joining us. what's the problem sph. >> well, technology is the problem. we're starting kids early. you know, ads young as 3 years old, you see kids coming with an ipad, walking in and so they're locked into this close up vision. what people don't realize, you don't have to be genetically predisposed to be nearsighted.
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nearsighted, mommy's nearsighted, my child's going to be nearsighted. that's not the case. you can induce nearsightedness. it's a muscle thing. when you look to focus up close, your muscle's lined up to focus. when you look far away, your muscle's relaxed. we're inducing this nearsightedness by getting kids to focus on computers, close up, college, people on their cell phones constantly. we're not getting away from this close up. i always joke now and say when do you use your far vision anymore? to drive the car. and so you can do things the prevent it. there's a thing we call the 20 -20 -20 rule. so think every 20 minutes, you need to look 20 feet away from you for 20 sarcodes. you need to relax the muscles in your eyes. it's like when you go to the gym to work out.
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i want to just tone. they'll tell you, lift ten times, take a break. so the muscles need to relax. same thing with your eye muscles. they need to relax. so even encouraging your children to go outside and play in the park or play outside. get their vision to relax far away. take away the technology from them for a few hours every night. everything in modivation. adults have to do that, too. we're creating nearsighted for adults, not only children, any age. >> also, we're not getting enough outdoor sunlight which is a problem, too. >> you're just in essence thinking of relaxing your eyes, looking far away because of the sunlight. it's about relaxing your eyes, looking far away. >> got you. which is why when driveling that helps us. >> correct. >> once you eyesight starts to go because of this, can it get better if you start looking further? will you correct your own problem sph. >> you can. we get a lot of children who come in, warning signs you need
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at the end of the school day? more abnormally tired, are they getting headaches at school, complaining, are their grades dropping? are they saying, i can read but i can't say the board. we get a lot of children who come in and say i can't see the board. but they don't have a problem with the board. they're having problems reading and their muscles are having so much work to do when they look far away, their eyes can't relax to see the board. if you ask them, just take a few minutes and the board clears up. then it's not nearsightedness because nearsightedness would be blurry all the time. it's here that's creating an issue here. >> what's your website? >> fruci eye thank you for having me. we are compiling the information now, cristen and myself, executive producer josh
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battle plan as we see two distinct clusters of gather intense gulf rainfall now crossing over the west side of the peninsula and heading to an area near you. we have a tornado watch for the shaded counties until 10:00 a.m. in our viewing area, alachua, marion and sumpter counties included in that, that continues out along the sea shore of our fine portion of the state, along the gulf. and again, you can see why. so what concerns me now is for you guys in marion county is cluster number one. here's number two. that is likely drawing a bead on metro orlando. the stuff that is of a media sea now is the stuff moving into ocala. we told you about arrival between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. current time, 8:17. spot on with the modeling. the rough stuff increasing and starting to load up around the tampa area.
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and i'm watching what's happening offshore here. we're seeing in some of these, real discrete rotation a little spin as the stuff continue to to approach the mouth of tampa bay and once that gets on shore, it's a full on ball game. anything competent to proceed. so what i'm watching for is the rotational component, with a tornado threat if we see that and that's why we have a watch in that mentional area. a lot going on within that clust storms. hope everything's okay with done ellen. you can see the east side of town getting beat up pretty good. from there, it jumps i 75 and continues working to the northeast at a good solid 45 miles per hour. so again, timing, we've confirmed ocala, 8 to 9:00 a.m. mount dora, heads up lake county, all of lake county within the vicinity, 9 to 9:30.
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impactful and very concentrated rainfall, the roughest stuff within that cluster moving through. also of note, i-4 corridor, orlando, the stuff i showed you in tampa should be moving and in knocking on the door between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. we'll see it speeds up sloeshgss down, we'll update you accordingly and you can see cocoa beach, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and once we get through this, it's looking really nice. and by tomorrow, the front sweeping the area clean and dry. sunshine prevailed all weekend long. pleasant temperatures, cool warnings, pleasant afternoons. happy wednesday, everybody. i have something to tell you. it's a fuel spillage at obt and caly street. you can see we are seeing significant delays both directions there. so definitely just be aware of that if you have to travel through that area this morning. taking a look right now at your short drive times, which are pretty long right now.
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i-4 westbound from the 434 to fairbanks, about 13 minutes. the 408 is looking good, up to speed. time now for your fox 35 pump patrol. 157 at the speedway on east cimarron and willsure in casselberry. you can always check out gas saving tips on your website at fox 35 and click on traffic. thank you. coming up, forget the grocery store. >> david is helping you pick your own produce. this is a new way to do it, david. >> let me ask you a quick question. how many different varieties of strawberries do you know? how many can you name? >> one. the strawberry. >> i just learned there are more than one. there are seven here on this farm. the beckonmier family farm where you can pick all seven varieties. and here's what's great. bring the kids out. they're going to have a great time stuffing them strawberries
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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. 8:23. skip the grocery store and pick your own strawberries right out of the field. >> yeah, this was fun.
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>> they're not in the field, either. >> right. if you're wondering what that is, david martin is showing us this morning. >> you know, i love history. behind me, look at that beautiful house. that's on old house. julie here, julie grew up in that house. were you born in that house? >> no, i was not. >> my dad was. >> and this farm here used to be a citrus farm. >> it was a citrus farm as far back as 1920 and then the greening disease took care of all the trees and they sky died and we had to repurpose it. >> and you've done that with these beautiful red strawberries. you're now a you-pick-it strawberry farm. let's talk strawberries with jason walker. >> thanks for inviting us out here this morning. i love this. bring the family out for a couple hours and you entertain them and you feed them.
8:25 am
and they get beautiful, precious and delicious strawberries. it's awesome. >> i should have worn red. >> i'm looking at this hydroponic systems. this is very interesting. what is the advantage of going furthical? >> so the vertical, we don't use dirt as a medium to grow the plants so we use something called coconut core as the primary medium. so we don't have the weeds, the seeds of other plants in there, not fighting weeds with this and it's very clean and very nutrition, very organic and snoofrm in that white box is coconut core? >> coconut core. it's the husk of coconuts that's been ground up and dehydrated and we get it and hydrated it and itects pands and we phot in here. >> and the water drips from the stoptop of the system. >> brings the nutrients with it, drops into the top pot and it goes all the way, trickles all the way down through the pots and into the bottom pot which is growing other vegetable. >> what is that right there?
8:26 am
>> you said there's seven varieties of strawberries. can you name them? >> we've got six here. there are more. we've got festivals, radiants, sweet sensation, albeon, san an dray is, and red myrtles. >> i had no idea. so the website is basically facebook. you're on facebook. we can find you where? >> and we're your bff's since 1920. >> and you're only open what days of the week? >> friday and saturday at this point. friday, 10:30 to 3:00. and saturday, 9:00 to 3:00. and if people are coming, you we stay open. you pay by weight of the bucket for the strawberries. and we'll pick the other vegetables fresh for them.
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we're back in the 9:00 hour w some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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. welcome back. here it comes. what we've been telling you about all morning, live look out the skies, live look orlando this morning and you can see the storm clouds are moving in. jayme says in a couple more hours, we're going to be rocking and rolling so you want to keep it here to see when the storms will arrive. so glad you're with us on a busy wednesday. >> let's check in with jayme, see what the time table is so people can get prepared. good morning, jayme. good to see you. i've got great news for viewers and residents in alachua. you guys have been removed from the tornado watch. continues for marion, sumpter,
8:31 am
metro, tampa bay areas and south of that to far south western florida. so we're still under the gun here. i'm watching a couple distinct clusters now, moving in. this is the one that concerns me now. we told you between 8 and 9:00 a.m., arrival in ocala where they're now south of that. this next cluster genning up, some rotation over the eastern gulf of mexico. so if that maintains and these things roll on shore, becomes rather telling as to where we may be headed weather wise to the next 2 or 3 hours. now, of immediate concern for our marion county viewers and residents, i want you to find your safe place right now. the big cluster move toing into ocala, right now rbis experiencing high winds on the west side of your community, back across i 75 and through and east of the done ellen area. that's pretty nasty stuff right there. get out of the way of that and you can see more springs at the end of that line at about 22 minutes, racing rapidly north and east at 45 miles per hour.
8:32 am
ocala, the arrival between 8 and 9:00 a.m., mount dora looks like 9, 930. areas southwest and northeast of that city center point there, i-4 corridor, metro orlando, 10:00 a.m. to the noon hour and cocoa beach to brevard, and such, probably between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. as the system continues, literally plowing through the eastern gulf and becomes rather impactful across the interior and the east side beaches here before the noon hour. again, you can see the numbers strictly through the 70s, a warm, muggy morning, storms on the way. good news, by 5:00, rain chances slowly begin to peel back. a gradual baby step type process, but delivers a shock around the front and delightful area. we'll talk about that straight ahead. people cress the southeast, including here on florida, will be assessing damage today. >> we have video from pensacola where the strong line of storms already spun tornadoes and that's the one heading our direction.
8:33 am
>> good morning again. three people have been killed and more than 30 others are injured right now in louisiana and mississippi. so far, 22 tornadoes have already been reported along the gulf coast. now, this is video out of pensacola where a confirmed tornado did touch down there yesterday. at least one home there was destroyed and at least three apartment buildings were also heavy damaged. this morning, we're getting a closer look at all the damage. chris sent us photos of the devastation up in pensacola and he joins us now, live on the phone. chris, good morning. thanks so much for being with us. >> good morning. >> well, we understand that you actually went out in the storm to help some people last night. is that right? >> yes, ma'am, we did. i had just gotten off the phone with one of my assistants. we were commenting that well, it didn't seem that bad. looked like we ducked this one.
8:34 am
we had to run to the bathroom. heard our trees starting to crack, maybe five minutes after that, phones started ringing, a lot of our scouts that live in a neighborhood we call north point, trees in the roof, houses with no roof. so we made our way into the neighborhoods to try to help as much as we could, going from house to house. i believe your porch and your news later on will tell you it's a lot more than one house. >> thank you for going out and risking your own life last night. we're taking a look at some of these amazing photos you sent to us. it looks like an rv or is that a home was flipped over? there's debris everywhere. looks like you shot maybe a funnel cloud. it looks like a lot of damage. are you hearing of any injuries this morning? >> last night, we did by some of the first responders, but doing search and rescue stuff in my
8:35 am
we spent more time just trying to help people get out of the houses, beat the next rain cloud and walked them down to the buses. our city did a great job of getting transportation down there to help some of the apartment buildings evacuate. >> well now that the sun has come up, have you gotten a chance to go outside and see how things are looking this morning? >> it has been a overwhelming blessing realizing that it started pretty much in our back yard school down the street. >> well, we appreciate you being live with us this morning. we're happy to hear that you are safe and no reports of any deaths there in pensacola. we appreciate it. thank you. >> yes, ma'am. >> well, the same storm hitting louisiana, as well. this is video from that state. the hardest hit area was an rv park. two people died there and more than 30 other people are injured and recovering in the hospital this morning. we understand seven of them are
8:36 am
this morning, crews are out sifting through all the rubble, looking for people who may be trapped under that debris. and that storm is now heading to the east coast. flooding is expected in the carolinas. john, over to you. >> you can track the weather 24/7 by downloading our free weather app. make sure you get this today before you go. you get the alerts you need. do it from the app store or the google play store. you can text i phone or andrew. we're on it all the time. be ready. >> yeah, it's a great app it. really is. let's see how things are on the roads. i-4 was kind of messy earlier. it's a bit messy again, this time on osceola county. this is i-4 westbound at the 192. we see a lot of emergency vehicles right now. we have a crash on the westbound, off to the shoulder. we have an ambulance here in the eastbound lanes, a fire truck, lots of emergency vehicles on scene there. so either way, you're going on i-4.
8:37 am
you. looks like we're seeing a lot more congestion, the eastbound lanes, actually. be aware of that if you're traveling through there this morning. taking a look at another crash, on avlawn road, partially blocked at the 192, not causing any significant delays and another crash here. this one on colonial, that looks to be clearing up, as well, everything looking all right. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 westbound from lake mary to cleanly, about 24 minutes now from those attractions to downtown. about 22 minutes, but looking good. pretty much up to speed. that's it for your traffic. back to you. developing this morning in seminole, a mother from altmont springs acaused of killing her own son will be in front of a judge. >> she shot and killed her son while he was taking a shower sxhchlt fox 35's dana jay is joining us live outside the jail with the latest on that. >> good morning, amy and john.
8:38 am
this jail on premeditated murder charges. >> investigators with the police department worked the crime scene at the home of ortega shared with her son into tuesday evening. they got a call late morning from someone who knew blake howard who was concerned he might be in trouble. >> we made entry into that residence where virginia ortega confronted one of the officers with a handgun in hands. officers searched the house and found howard dead. >> throughout the investigation, we learned many things. what i can tell you is that ms. ortega planned the murder of her son blake howard. and again, shot him multiple times while he was in the shower. >> police say don't know what prompted ortega to allegedly kill her son. mother and son lived together in the home in this gated community. neighbors we talked to told us they didn't know ortega but they saw howard from the. >> just walking arnold, but just in the last couple years. i don't even know how long they've lived here, to tell you the truth.
8:39 am
get you the latest on this investigation. virginia ortega is due in court this afternoon. reporting live, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> thank you, dana. in local business news this morning, florida realtors reported that the number of home sales in greater orlando hpincreased by over 4 %. meanwhile, as we've been telling you, home prices are also in the rise. the median price jumped over 14 % last month. the median price is now $202,000 for a home. it should be easier to drive around and park at the florida mall. the mall's owner announced plans for a pilot program yesterday. they're going to set up outdoor lighting systems to count how many cars are in their parking lot and how many open spaces there are. they're going to use that information to then manage traffic and parking. it could eventually partner with an app that will let you find the best spots. >> yeah. as you're pulling in, there are five spots this way, ten spots this way, and that way, you
8:40 am
i love it. and it makes it easier for everybody. >> or just go to the fancy parking garage. >> still to come, beyonce gaining new support following her controversial video. >> who is volunteering to provide security if police officers refuse to show off. also on this day in history, 1981, prince charles anounlsed he was engaged to lady diana. diana was working at the time of their engagement. what was her job before she married charles?
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
seamstress, .
8:44 am
history february 24th, 1981, that britain's prince charles announced he was engageed to lady diana spencer. >> diana was working at the time of her engagement. what was her job before she married charles and filled her regal duties? do you remember, she did have a job before she became the princess. was she a dance instructor a seamstress or a kindergarten teacher? that's our question this morning. this is the day lady di and prince charles became engaged. let's send it out to david martin right now. what was lady di's job? what do you think, david? >> it's a terrific question. and my friend nancy raised her hand. she thinks she knows it. look in that camera, tell us what your answer is. >> kindergarten teacher. >> she seems confident.
8:45 am
let's send it over to gina and jayme and see what they think. >> i'm going to have to agree. this is my royal wave. >> semperify right here. >> i'm going to have to go to c, too. i think that sounds right. do you agree? >> i agree. >> what do you think, ryan and luann? >> seamstress seems too much like out of a disney movie. >> i think they nailed it. i think it's a teacher. >> i think they did, too. and nancy sounded very, very confident. >> when she comes on with that much confidence, you gotta stick with her. >> yeah, you guys all agree? here's your answer. yes, you guys are so good. she was a kindergarten teacher. i thought this was interesting. good job, davidfelt tell your friends out there they did great. >> they know. >> good. she had to take cooking classes and she was thinking about being a chef.
8:46 am
she said she took dance classes for a little while, but it was a kindergarten teacher. so anyways, thanks for playing. good job. . all right. time to check out what's hot in hollywood today. >> jenny is joining us this morning with the scoop on that. >> hi, guys. i'm doing great. thank you. >> all right. so across the country, we've been hearing from these law enforcement officers, many in the police union saying, look, we don't like beyonce's latest song. we feel like she's against us and we're not going to go out and provide security for her. what's happening now? >> this is even happening here in central florida. tampa, you're coming and it's already been rumors that they're talking about the same thing, boycotting. and miami, it happened, as well. and some leaders are saying why should she have to pay or suffer for saying the truth,
8:47 am
leader, minister lewis baracan. i believe i'm pronouncing it correctly. >> yeah. >> he said, you know what, if they're not going to provide the security for her, we will. and it was a huge deal. they were just extremely upset at the whole idea that the police and even in new york, how everybody's been talking about beyonce and the way that she did everything, they didn't like it. and he's like, tough cookie. we've gone through worse. so whenever we say the truth, why do you react this way? 921 more story here very quickly. jessica simpson catching heat for a post she made about her daughter. what's going on there? >> i really don't think she did it with bad intentions, but why would you put a picture, adorable picture of your almost 4 -year-old daughter and put the captions of my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like, it's better than yours. you remember that song?
8:48 am
milk shake. it's a very explicit song. >> do you think she knows that? >> she really did think chicken of the sea was chicken, remember? >> exactly. so that's why i'm thinking she didn't do it with those intentions. she just did it with the milk shake part and didn't realize the rest. has she heard the whole song? maybe. i don't know. it's jessica simpson. >> well, you never know. jenny, the guys on the staff think you look fantastic today. >> thank you. thank you so much. now i got that song stuck in my head. >> thanks, jenny. we'll see you later. 8:48. jayme king. all right. good to see y'all rfrment let's take a look, tornado watch, we've dropped gainesville and alachua county from the watch now. april remainder, everyone south of that in our viewing area, ocala, marion, and out toward
8:49 am
good morning to you along i 75. we continue again with the watch until 10:00 a.m. i wouldn't be shocked to see them peel this back a little earlier as this stuff is racing through right now, but i'm concerned with the stuff going on around ocala, through the national forest. very heavy rainfall rates, but look behind that, already got clearing now. looks like our timeline, matching nicely with arrival times and all sectors now, another batch of moderate to heavy rain moving your way. but overall, the severe threat in these areas, slowly beginning to diminish and that's the good news in all of this. this is the stuff that concerns me about orlando tampa getting slammed right now. very heavy rainfall. there's been some rotation in some of the storms now over the eastern gulf. crist and i monitoring that and much more from the weather center. we'll continue to update you, but you can see six minutes out of the timeline from the heaviest, most sequential rain here from ocala, six minutes in eureka, about 28 minutes out.
8:50 am
stuff, moving up towards the four corners area out of polk, out of the lake lunary and tampa bay region. here you go. you can see the timing at 1:52. on top of orlando metro, cruising very slowly toward the eastern side of the state. the east coast beaches stop it here for you and show you as we again? joy the timeframe about 6, 7, 8:00. everything is beginning to shift to the east. all clear, cooling conditions overnight, a gradual clearing process into your thursday and friday. the winds tell the story nicely. that's a stable air mass. a lot cooler and way dryer than we are now. again, watching it all. again, very latest from the weather center. ocala, arrival times we're spot on with that. mount dora, lake county. 9, 930ish. orlando metro and the surrounding areas, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and kicking off our eastern shores, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for cocoa beach and a lot of the great beach communities along the barrier
8:51 am
indian river county. here's your forecast. bright sunshine, highs in the 60s a little breezy at times, winds should lay down by saturday into sunday, featuring a high sunday afternoon. delightful, 71. we build on the warmth. looks like monday and tuesday and again, no chance of rain through the extended period. enjoy it all and enjoy this gorgeous weather baby. oh, my goodness. oh, my. zoe, zoe, zoe, breaking hearts. this is a gorgeous kid. all our weather babies are fantastic. zoe's one of them and visit our website for more info. i can't juggle all the kids in the studio at one time, but zoe, of course the weather baby. visit our website for more fox 35 check us out today. happy wednesday. here's a live look. this is i-4 at the 192. it is off to the shoulder there, but it is causing significant
8:52 am
that's where everybody's coming through, definitely caution either way if you're coming through this area. taking a look at another new crash i want to tell you about. this is here on alfaya and colonial. it is partially blocked. here we have back to back crashes causing significant delays. just be aware if you're going through there, as well. taking a look at your drive times. everything is starting to clear slightly. i-4 westbound, taking about 24 minutes, i-4 eastbound a little better. the attractions to downtown takes you about 22 minutes and on the 408 westbound, 417 to downtown, about 14 minutes. that's if for your traffic. back to you. coming up here, a gainesville police officer has another slam dunk for neighborhood kids. >> how the police officer who went viral is now helping the kids to improve their game once again. and something new to the p
8:53 am
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. good morning to marissa strickland. you're our student of the week. she's a freshman, goes to north marion high school. has already got an 2 -year college scholarship. student of the week brought to you by hudson's furniture and if you'd like to nominate a student, go to fox 35, go to the good day tab and click on students of the congloats. a fox 35 update now. a gainesville police officer who went viral is now giving back again to some neighborhood kids. >> back in january, officer white was called after a neighbor submitted a noise complaint, but of course you know the story by now. instead of sending the kids home, he joined in on the game. the officer says that that viral
8:57 am
point, that these kids needed a safe place to play. so he pulled strings, got a new court built for the teens right behind their house. gets better. look who showed up. harlem globetrotters anthony stopped by with an important message for the kids. >> i'm hoping they walk away with the fact that when they get older, they'll have the opportunity to help somebody one day and hopefully, you know, they see that. somebody looked outthem. >> later this morning, buckets is going to join us in studio to talk about why he made the these kids. also coming up, if you have a short fuse, it may not be your fault. >> why your dna may be to blame for that short temper. plus, david martin. >> hey, just a reminder. we've been live all morning in winter garden at a hydroponic
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