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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. >> amy: thank you so much for being with us on this thursday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. >> amy: a desperate search is under way for a missing boater in orange county. his family said he didn't come home after a fishing trip.
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halted after a worker dies in a freak accident. >> amy: three pregnant woman in florida are infected by the zika virus. why health officials are not revealing everything about these ladies. big changes this morning, it's chilly. >> jayme: yes. the winds were laying down pretty good. and higher pressure fills in. brought foul weather into the region yesterday. it's out. mr. sunshine is returning today. it's a nice day, but a cool start. we have 40s and 50s in spots. when the wind picks up it feels like 40s in a lot of locales. 60s all day. gusty winds, 25, as high as 30 out of the west, not. the coming seven, delightful. slow ramp up in temps. another system on the back end
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temps around 80ish. and lows closer to 06 at that time. >> it's windy on the 408 and i-4. the good news, there's no accidents. one minor issue in orange county. a crash at at aloma avenue. some oranges are there. it's causing a few backups. heading over to volusia county, we have an issue, a crash on international speedway boulevard at indian lake road. not causing any backups. looking at drive times, eastbound i-4 from john young parkway to downtown, 3 minutes. the 434 to fairbanks, westbound, and on the 408 from rouse road
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>> amy: police looking for suspects after a carjacking in orange county. >> john: it happened at a gas station in orlando. the car jabbing -- carjack at circle k in orlando. a man, women, and friend were filling up on gas. the man and woman got out of the car. they were then attacked by an armed suspect. the victim's friend jumped into the front seat of the car and took off. the suspect took off shortly after. a hispanic male. driving a silver dodge charger. happening today, search crews will be back out today at an orange county like to continue a search for a missing boater. west of highway 441. 76-year-old william robo-went out on his boat yesterday but did not come home. they then spotted his lake
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in circles. no one was on board. >> john: at a home on kingco boulevard last night. still no word on possible suspects at this time. >> john: a deadly accident involving a construction worker on i-4. today crews will reveal the safety procedures of the i-4 ultimate project. >> amy: a dump truck ran over a worker and killed him. 34-year-old marvin franklin was killed as the truck backed up over him. officials say that franklin worked for sgl constructers, the lead contractor of the multibillion dollars i-4 project. project manager said that the work has been put on hold as the officials review safety procedures. >> we felt it was extremely
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review our plans and review protocols and our access. >> they will ask the workers to give input on the safety rules. 650 workers are working at the i-4 i-4 ultimate project. >> reporter: governor rick scott declared a state of emergency up in the panhandle for the escambia and santa rosa counties. no deaths but three people are recovering from minor injuries this morning. officials are working to assess the damage. emergency crews are helping those in need. governor rick scott toured the damage yesterday. >> we've been told so far we believe there's 70 plus homes damaged. we have about 2700 homes without power. >> reporter: now that storm that hit florida is the same system
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virginia, louisiana, and mississippi. >> amy: in semi-snoal county, a mom accused of killing her son before trying to kill herself is behind bars. she killed hire son while taking her shower and tries to kill herself when officers forced their way into the home. according to reports, she had been struggling from depressing. >> she looks healthy and sturdy but before christmas she looked very, invest thin, and i was worried about her. i was thinking she was seriously ill. >> amy: she is under suicide watch. >> john: three pregnant women from florida have been infected with the zika virus. all were infected when they
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they are not saying where they live or names in order to protect their identities. there are 32 confirmed cases of zika here in florida. >> amy: apple engineers have developed new procedures to make it impossible to lock into a phone. and new ways to like your friend's status on facebook. joining us is lauren simonetti. how are you? >> reporter: i am so wonderful thinking i have one more alarm clock to get through. >> amy: i hear you. trust me. talk about the apple phones. and the big battle of how for get in them. they're going to work to make it harder? >> reporter: this is a story in "the new york times" ." they're is a they're saying that the solution for apple would be to have
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security system so tight, so secure, that even apple can never break it. that would be the solution. end it right there, that's what they say. for the consumer, the harder the phone to get into, the more stuff you have running on it, it sometimes makes the phone slow down. it's something to keep in mind. we love to use our phone, and we don't like it when they don't work perfectly. maybe we would see a slow down in some of the speeds and that's something to think of as security gets tighter. >> amy: . >> and facebook, the new emojis. >> reporter: i'm over it already. but this is the news. facebook has five different emotions you can feel. love, what what, wow, sad, and ang ray. love and ha ha. you want to show you respect a
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have a feeling about a post or liking it. now you can just like it with the thumbs up and using the other emotions. people said you forget the meh. the so-so feeling. they could come up with 70 million emotions. but they came up with these five. >> amy: all right. it's going to take me a while. >> reporter: i'm going to go with meh. >> amy: i hear you. that's how i feel. you can catch lauren simonetti on the fox business network. >> john: a serious threat in maitland turns out to be nothing more than a prank. >> amy: we'll have more on the joke that had police surrounding a home. donald trump sat out of a town hall meeting.
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trump is the wrong choice for the republican ticket. >> jayme: we low 50s in spots. and wind on (vo) making the most out of
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impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> amy: 6:12. a crime alert out the brevard
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a prank call led to a swat situation at an innocent m >> john: this all started when someone called 911 awd threatened to go on a shooting spree. >> i want $10,000 to my front door or i am going to [bleep] kill you. >> john: someone calls 911. they listed the man's home address as the place he was calling from. he surrounded the home. and told them to come out with his hands up. and realized that he was the victim here. >> it put me in a lot of pain. and emotional tears. >> officers are trying to follow up on leads to try to find the person who made the call in the first place. >> john: republican candidates are gearing up for a debate
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>> amy: another one. donald trump was not at the town hall. and ryan has a look at what'sing if on there. >> reporter: scheduling conflict. he was not at thetown hall. he cited a kofn flicting campaign event in virginia. he attack mitt mitt romney went after trump for not releasing. and trump went after romney. all taking advantage of trump's absence. and going on the attack against donald trump last night. >> if you look nationally in the head to head polls, donald consistently loses to hillary been i consistently beat hillary. and the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a
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election, or if donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he would do as president. >> reporter: and mitt romney said that there was a bombshell coming up in donald trump's tax returns. and florida senator marco rubio took an opportunity to take a shot. >> we're not going to let the conservative movement be defined by a nominee who is not a kerchtive. who is not a conservative. >> reporter: the republican candidates face off in the next debate on the university of houston campus. coming days just before the super important, super tuesday primaries. governor scott said that his focus will be on creating jobs
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house after rumors came out clinton picking up a big political endorsement for senate majority leader harry reid. he didn't weigh in for a while. he is supporting hillary clinton. both candidates are gearing up for super tuesday. they'll hold primaries in various states. >> john:{v' and spacex is going ix rocket. >> amy: space exmp said they stopped the count in an abundance of caution to make sure that the liquid fuel was cool enough to operate safely. the falcon 9 is carrying a european satellite. they'll try to land a segment of on a barge. today's launch is set for 6:49. the weather looks good but it'll
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>> jayme: winds will be a big factor today as the cold front kicks down to the south. high pressure fills in. what happens now is that the atmosphere gets squeezed between the departing front. the low to the north and the high over the border of texas and mainland mexico. you can see everything phasing in. bringing us good looking air and fantastic temperatures. if you like it cool, the forecast is for you. what a world of difference. big temperature swings in a downward direction. gusty winds out of the west and the northwest. adding a extra nip, extra chill to the air, but blowing all over the place today. sunny, school, breezy, and locally breezy at times. the drive home should be good looking again with low to mid-60s again. and clear and colder. 2:00 a.m. down to 50 we go.
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and winds relax a little bit. hopefully, fingers crossed, we get falcon rocket up. the rain chance is absolutely zero. and a little bit of a breeze early, but overall conditions are a lot better than we had just yesterday. you can see that the front driving south has reduced the rain chances to absolutely zero. we wried ride that ul to the i with a to the weekend. big high pressure moseying across the gulf south. it'll be with us over the weekend. eventually the high move it's off the eastern shores. sunday morning on its way. and we'll have spinning winds, south, southeast in advance of another system that tries to get going. it'll boost temperatures and bring up the rain chances on the back end of next week.
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from fort mccoy to dunnellon. looking good after yesterday's nasty weather. 66 and 65. and volusia county, the i-4 corridor to the coastal sector, looking just fine. widespread 60s and ample sun in place. it looks like 66 and 65 very popular values for highs today. ample sun. tonight, down we go. back to the 40s. 30s over north central florida, gainesville and ocala. checking in, in the upper 30s, i think. outside of that it wills like each and every morning cool and crisp with a glorious day ahead, especially saturday and sunday. so darn nice. ample sunshine. and highs near 70 on both days. no rain chance. sunshine and pleasant weather continues. here's kristin i meant to tell you this
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>> amy: aw. >> are those orange and blue colorses, gator colors. anyway, sky fox is flying over i-4. fawfntle i-4 is accident free. traffic is flowing in beth trekses. in brevard, we have an accident at i-95 northbound. exit 220 near titusville. keep that in mind. it's causing a few backups. in orange, county, here on aloma, near oak reserve lane, we have some accidents. traffic is slowing down just a little bit. give yourself extra time heading in that direction. westbound on i-4 from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. if you are on the 408 heading west from the 417 to downtown, that will take you just 11 minutes.
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money here on fox 35 with pump patrol. you will pay just $1.57 at the speedway on turkey lake and production plaza in orlando. you can check out gas-saving tips any time at and click on traffic. >> john: american citizen jailed in iran this morning. >> amy: still ahead, why he's behind bars for simply being an american. >> amy: isis puts a target on top of two tech giants.
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during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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>> amy: nascar released the 20 nominees for the hall of fame class for 2017. rick rush, rooked. five inductees will be elected in may. >> amy: the white house is considering nevada governor brian sandoval to replace late supreme court justice antonio scalia. >> john: g.o.p. leaders remain firm on not holding hearing on president obama's chosen
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they said it should be up to his successior. >> john: a u.s. citizen is in custody. he was taken into custody yesterday. he was returning to iran to visit his son who was detained for the past four months. they are both dual citizens but they don't recognize dual citizenry. they have not been able to contact the father. but the son is being held for cooperating with the u.s. government. eyes sis is report -- isis is reportedly making threats against facebook ceo, and twitter ceo. a bill requiring law enforcement agencies to set policies for body cameras. creating uniform standards own the use of body cameras and make
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be stored. the bill will be voted on today. a house version of the bill is chamber. a bill may have a harder time getting approved this session. the bill is created to protect families like fallen orange county deputy scott pines into a much broader package facing heavy opposition in the senate. a similar bill was on its way but it died in the standoff. recreational use of firearms on residential property is banned in neighborhoods where there are less than 1.5 acres of land. why p|
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in trouble but the individuals are not. it's going to be a gorgeous sunrise. when the temperatures turn cooler, we seem to get the
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the i-4 ultimate project on hold after a construction worker was run over on the job. coming up, the details on what happened and what's being done to prevent it from happening again. >> john: the search is on for a missing boating in orange county. the disturbing discovery, and where they are focusing efforts to find him. >> amy: robbery suspects leading police on a chase all the way down i-4. how it got started and how three of the suspects managed to get away from police. >> john: it's a big change. >> amy: yes, it is. >> john: 20 degrees colder. >> amy: it's interesting, because we hear that all the way up to the northeast.
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>> jayme: be a absolutely. it's the cold front. the spots we expect to be cold, in new york state. the squall line brought tornadoes to virginia. severe weather alerts as far away as maine and vermont. a dynamic sy the trough and the low pressure swings through. allowing the high pressure to move on in. and the gates of great weather will move in. and a good looking run. and for the weekend it's fantastic. 40s and 50s. and winds are getting a little breezy right now. it'll be cranking out of the northwest. we're seeing gusts, kristin and i, gusts at 20 to 30. and mid-60s today. certainly a cool day. a run of them actually as we get
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chilly start, clear, cool, crisp and ample sunshine and highs in the 70s by sunday afternoon. >> kristin: we're looking a the sky fox right now. they're flying over i-4 heading westbound over the fairbanks curve. you can see traffic is flowing beautifully in both `` directions. no issues on i-4 this morning. i have a crash out here -- we're going to aloma in orange county. near oak reserve lane. it's getting cleared up right now. keep that in mind heading in that direction. and brevard county, ivanhoe 95 northbound, we have we an accident at 22 220, garden street. and if you where on i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. from the attractions to downtown, heading eastbound, that's just 12 minutes. it'll take you 10 minutes on westbound i-4 from the 417 to
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>> amy: thank you, kristin. crews will develop safety procedures after a deadly accident involving a construction worker on || i-4. >> john: || a dump truck ran over a worker and killed him. fox 35's jackie orozco has the latest on the story. >> reporter: good morning. this morning grief counselors will be on duty to help those employees. right here is where the construction worker was killed yesterday morning. but, again, the i-4 ultimate project is suspended until safety procedures are reviewed again. the i-4 ultimate project is placed on hold until further notice. this comes after a construction worker, 34-year-old marvin franklin, was killed wednesday morning. the florida highway patrol said that a dump truck backed over him while making a delivery in a work zone. >> it was a tragic loss for us
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we're deeply saddened by this. >> reporter: a nurse driving by stopped to see if she could help but it was too late. >> i feel bad for the family. i have them in my thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: had happened on the shoulder near maitland. he works for sgl constructer, the lead contractor of the i-4 i-4 ultimate project. work has been put on hold as they review safety preers. >> we felt it was extremely important to stop the work, review our plans and protocols and review the site and our access. >> reporter: their focus now is to support the family and families affected by this tragic loss. there are 650 workers and supervisors working on the i-4 ultimate project. manage dorse not want them back
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time to deal with the tragic event. >> john: also happening today, search crews are back out at a lake in orange county searching for a missing boater. >> amy: the family members said he went out on the water but did not come home. it happened on lake west bow claire. and we have more from gina benitez. >> reporter: i just spoke with orange county deputies and an official with fwc. the orange county sheriff's office tells me they will pick up the search again shortly after the sun rises. take a look at video we have from yesterday. it started after 76-year-old william robo-came here to the park at 7:30 in the morning. he got on the boat and took off on the lake. his family 2k3w09 worried when
6:36 am
and they called authorities. officials spotted his boat going in circle around the lake. they found no one on board. they searched the area by helicopter and boat all day yesterday. but mr. robeel was not found. crews should start the search shortly after sunrise. we'll be here all morning long keeping you updatedded on anything that happens. gina benitez,er fox 35 news. >> amy: daytona beach police are on the hunt for a man wanted in multiple shootings. >> john: that story kicks off the morning rush. rakeem wilson shot four people, including two teenagers outside of a home on sheridan. he is the main suspect of a murder of a man on mother's day. no witnesses are cooperating in the case, police say. >> amy: a contracted janitor is
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coworker. he said that he and cooper were working at the park when koorp forced himself on him. the disney spokesperson said that the company no longer works with the contract company. >> john: a fraternity now suspended accused of performing a hazing ritual. back in 2013 reports that they were forced to participate in a drinking game called old south. forced to act as slaves. and > amy: better than the chicago bulls in the '80s? that good. >> reporter: 51-5. 56 games in.
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schedule. the most expensive tick yets i have seen no a magic game, in terms 22 of resale. nearly $300 for a lower bowl seat to see steph curry. a 43 point night last night in miami. and meanwhile the magic come in looking r@ to go above .500. they are 15-had at the amway center. if they pull off a win tonight, it would be a huge win. tiger woods on the mend. it shows him with a 9 iron in a golf simulator. likely brought on business his agent, to rebutt that he had taken a turn for the worse. it started with a twitter
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most days in a chair and that shows otherwise. and report referenced his severely injured hand. he had a fireworks accident in south florida. the lawsuit claims that reported privacy violations were violated here. florida medical records law. he said they published, and he didn't like that. a slippery slope. >> amy: his career is based on his health. >> john: i remember the argument here, ryan. you can sue the hospital, or whoever it was, they released him, but the reporter. >> reporter: he's just putting it out there. >> john: it's not the same rules. >> reporter: they clear he had fingers missing. >> amy: it was awful. two players in the same year. >> john: thanks, ryan. >> amy: a big surprise on american idol. the judges calling a last minute audible.
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in picking the contest yeantants moving in the top 10. >> amy: a a fire with a 600-pound man inside and how
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>> john: here's my suggestion for today. it's going to be a beautiful sunrise. stay inside and look at it. >> amy: watch it here.
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>> john: yes, we will. it's chilly. 54 degrees. and the winds are whipping around. the kids will need the coats once again. we're back in a bit of a cool pattern for a bit. a scientist in france has taken the art world into the it 21st century. >> amy: a robot that critiques art. programmed to gather the reactions of the museum's visitors and then uses that data to develop it's own taste by smiling or frowning. that's weird. what the heck? how can you tell if that thing is smiling or frowning. even the opinions are not original, they're developed based on the environment. that's its lips? oh, that's so weird. how freaked out would you you be? >> john: we should get that on the show?
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>> john: no, smile. a man was immobile in a house, he had not left his bed in four years and then the fire broke out. they had to abandon dousing the flames in order to rescue the man. it took six firefighters to pull him on a tarp and get him to safety. >> amy: a woman bit into her seafood and found a rare pearl. it turns out it's a gem-quality pearl. experts say you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than finding one of these. the diner doesn't want to sell it though. she said she's going to turn it into a next las. i wonder how much it's worth? >> john: about $600. >> amy: find out why one business owner is requiring his
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the first person that we felt you a nan muss about was la
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they pick 4 of the top 14. they were supposed to pick 5. they said they were too divided. and they ended up with only 4. america got to vote for their favorite singers. we'll find out who made the cut. a man walking down the street was jumped and pushed into a car and robbed. >> john: it happened outside of the steak and shake. the victim was walking behind the restaurant. four men grabbed him, took his shoe, and cellphone. then the suspects drove off and smashed into other cars there. they drove off to lake mary and they crashed. >> there's a lot of cops chasing them. police arrested one of the suspects at the scene. three others are on the run this morning. it's 6:48. there's some big changes.
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>> jayme: oh, my goodness. state of emergency. it's a cool one. sumter, the village, 48. you can see 40s peppering in. by tomorrow morning, the 40s will be rather dominant and certainly rule the roost weather-wise all the way through to sunday morning. water vapor tells the tell. clearing things out. all the way up to eastern seaboard we have cooled things down and made for a stormy scene, especially up in new york state, as far north asw hampshire, and vermont. everyone getting rocked and socked pretty good. and high pressure comes in. and winds whippy today. locally windy, gusts with 2025 and 30 at times. and moonlit sky, and delightful and not a spec of rain on the radar. and tomorrow, friday, into saturday, sunday, monday. maybe the back end of next week
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a couple of rain drops. but outside of that it's all about high pressure. mid-day saturday into sunday, a spinning of winds more easterly. it'll keep things pretty pleasant. not enough moisture. not picking up in the easterly flow to contribute to a rain chance. it's looking quite dry and nice. pretty schilly overall. and chilly on the sand. we continue with the long period easterly groundswell. i suppose waist high sets. water temperatures are down. and we expect that. and wave charts showing the prolonged east, northeast groundswell. it'll peter out a bit with seas laying down and the swell diminishing during saturday and sunday. and high tide, 10:15. and after
6:51 am
ponce, and 9:25 at canaveral. water temps in the 60s coastal volusia, flagler, and cape canaveral and brevard beaches. get out and enjoy. on facebook i am posting great weekend weather. what are your plans? let's talk about it. join the conversation at >> kristin: sky fox is flying over i-4. traffic moving beautifully in both directions. sky fox is headed towards john young parkway and obt. looking good there. we're seeing one minor accident here in orange county on the 426. aloma avenue. near oak reserve lane. the orange colors are causing a few slowdowns and back up. if you are heading eastbound
6:52 am
parkway to downtown orlando, it'll take you three minutes. westbound on i-4 takes you just 9 minutes from 434 to fairbanks. on the 408 heading westbound from rouse road to downtown orlando, that'll just take you 10 minutes. >> john: time now for your online trending headlines. 230gs that we want to get over to luanne. >> reporter: good morning. the first headline from the "orlando sentinel." it reads, disney world's first employee dies. phil smith helped paving the legalling patted for walt walt disney world. he had recently graduated from law school. one big accomplishment. disney world managing as its own city. he retired back in the '90s. he died on tuesday from kidney disease.
6:53 am
and the final headline. the verge. first motorcycle service. uber moto. lets people hail motor bikes and scooters instead of cars. the service launched yesterday in thailand only. the new service is aimed at easing traffic in markets where congestion is really a big problem. uber said thailand was a good first choice for the service because motor bikes are already popular there. i i don't know if it would fly in america. >> amy: i don't have the first scheu how to drive. >> reporter: you have to be a passenger, i think. >> amy: and you jimp on. >> reporter: you would have too trust the guy. >> john: a family in wisconsin loses their cat only to find it here in florida. >> amy: how they were able to track down the cat hundreds and hundreds of miles away.
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to visit anyway. >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." look at this. this could not be more beautiful. what a great way to start your thursday as we inch our way into
6:57 am
jayme has a beautiful forecast for you. we're holding him to it too. so don't change your forecast over there. thank you. >> amy: in south florida federal aviation officials investigating after a plane crashed into a neighborhood. the single engine cessna took off from north perry airport when the pilot started to have engine problems. the plane crashed into the driveway of the house. can you imagine comes out and seeing this? and the pile pilot had just minor injuries. no one on the ground was hurt. >> john: a cat from wisconsin makes an incredible journey. look at that map there. from sheboygan, wisconsin, to she made quite the trip. she vanished on christmas eve and was found wandering in the
6:58 am
they found a microchip with nadia's information. and the owner is looking for ways to bring her this time of year in she sheboygan. we're live this morning as rescuers search for a missing boater.
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female customers. what a start to the day.


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